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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Compiled 1988 - Previously Unpublished, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1883, 1884, 1891, 1892 by Mary Kingsley.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. 

Copies sent by James Streeter, Retyped by Pat Mott Gobea, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2011

1884 Births 1884 Marriages 1884 Deaths one 1884 Deaths two Return to Volume Table of Contents
Note - Date is date of newspaper edition, NOT date of event.
1884 16-Jan D Neal, John d. East Charleston Jan. 10 in 86th yr. Been here 50 yrs., left children
1884 3-Dec D Nelson, John d. Fall Brook Monday, mine acc.
1884 3-Dec D Newberry, John d. Elkland Nov. 22, heart dis.
1884 30-Jan D Nichols, Miss Kate d. Wellsboro Tuesday, sister of Mrs. Judge Williams
1884 10-Dec D Nichols, Mr. d. at Gardner Longwell's in Mansfield last Friday of consumption
1884 1-Oct D Niles, Philander d. Niles Valley in 74th year last week
1884 5-Nov D Ordway, Mrs. Mahala d. Canoe Camp Creek Oct. 4, a pensioner of War of 1812
1884 20-Feb D Page, Mrs. Lucy d. Elkland Feb. 7 age 78
1884 12-Mar D Palen, Mrs. d. Letonia last week, mother of James F. Palen of Cedar Run tannery
1884 22-Oct D Palmer, Lester d. Austinville (no date), bu'd Wood Hill Cem.
1884 10-Dec D Parkhurst, Joel d. Elkland last Saturday in 87th yr., been there 50 yrs., left 1 son & 2 daus. (l Mrs. C. L. Pattison) all of Elkland
1884 17-Sep D Parsells, Mrs. George & dau. d. near Nelson Sunday, fire
1884 17-Dec D Perry, Miss Freelove d. Mansfield last Wed. in 59th yr.
1884 6-Feb D Plank, Sylvester d. Westfield recently, in 75th yr.
1884 13-Aug D Pope, Mrs. Florence  d. Little Marsh last Wednesday
1884 26-Nov D Preston, A. O. d. Elkland last week Thursday
1884 4-Apr D Rathbone, Mrs. William d. Ogdensburg March 14, pneumonia
1884 10-Sep D Rawson, Mrs. Susan L.  d. Tioga Aug. 31, age 75, widow of Rev. S. A. Rawson
1884 27-Feb D Reep, Mrs. Catherine d. West Lawrence Feb. 18, consumption
1884 8-Oct D Rice, Nathaniel of Whitneyville d. last Friday of typhoid, age 50, left 8 children
1884 3-Sep D Rietter, Mrs. George d. Brookfield Twp. last Sunday, apoplexy
1884 13-Feb D Robinson, Mrs. J. M. d. Wellsboro Feb. 2, age 32, dau. Of A. C. Crowl of Blossburg
1884 19-Mar D Robinson, Mrs. James d. Lawrenceville last Thursday
1884 26-Nov D Robinson, Thomas A. d. Charleston Nov. 15, pneumonia
1884 28-May D Roblyer, Mabel E. d. Rutland May 12, age 9 mos. & 9 days, dau. Of Raymond & Laura Roblyer
1884 4-Apr D Rockwell, Mrs. d. Lawrenceville last week Monday, mother of Major H. H. Rockwell of Elmira, N.Y.
1884 12-Mar D Rogers, Matthew  d. Troupsburg, N.Y. Feb. 19, b. Deerfield Twp. Tioga Co., PA Feb. 22, 1810
1884 21-May D Rose, Mrs. Elizabeth d. Rutland Twp. recently, a dau. Of Thomas Horton
1884 20-Feb D Rouen, John d. Tioga last Tuesday, bu'd at Wilkes-Barre
1884 13-Feb D Rumsey, Jesse C. D. Sullivan Twp. last Thursday, kidney ailment, left 1 child. (See also 2/20)
1884 4-Jun D Rumsey, Mrs. C.M. (Matilda) d. Sullivan Twp. last Saturday, age 43, dau of Mrs. Gifford of Mansfield & sister of Mrs. Pliny Davis, left 1 son
1884 1-Oct D Rushmore, Silas d. near Westfield Tuesday last, haying accident
1884 30-Jul D Sandine, Mr. d. Antrim last week Tuesday, mine accidetn
1884 3-Sep D Satterly, Samuel d. Tioga Junction last Tuesday, age 43
1884 15-Oct D Scheffer, Mrs. Ed. d. Liberty Oct. 7 age 31
1884 25-Jun D Schieffelin, Mrs. E. G. d. Stokesdale last Sunday, heart disease
1884 7-May D Schleffelin, Clinton d. California April 15, gun accident, bro. Of Jacob Schieffelin of Tioga
1884 28-May D Sebring, Robert d. Liberty Friday, age 65
1884 18-Jun D Seeley, Mrs. Lucien d. Blossburg Wednesday, consumption
1884 6-Feb D Seely, Mrs. Luman D. d. Brookfield last Thursday, apoplexy
1884 20-Feb D Seely, Mrs. Luman D. dau. Of Charles d. Elkland, diphtheria
1884 21-May D Seymour, George of Mainesburg d. yesterday
1884 13-Aug D Seymour, Mrs. Harry d. Mansfield Monday at an advanced age
1884 20-Aug D Seymour, Mrs. Sibyl d. Mansfield August 11 age 78 yrs. 4 mos. B. Otsego Co., N.Y. Mother of Mrs. Elvira Owen
1884 17-Sep D Shauers, Frank d. Bloss Twp. Thursday, log accident, bur'd Wellsbor
1884 7-May D Shaw, D. Merrill d. Sullivan Twp. last Wednesday, runaway accident, age 76, left 3 sons & 2 dau. (1 Mrs. Martha Brodrick), bu'd Mainesburg Cem.
1884 5-Nov D Sheffer, Mrs. Michael d. Liberty Oct. 24 age 59
1884 25-Jun D Shelton, Mrs. Mary H. d. Sullivan Twp., May 23, age 23, dau. Of Ira Scouten
1884 13-Aug D Simpson son of Al d. Monday, cholera infantum, Mansfield
1884 20-Aug D Simpson, Maud Amanda d. Mansfield Aug. 10 age 10 mos. 10 d. dau. Albert & Lucinda (see above 8/13)
1884 16-Jul D Sine, Mrs. Dr. d. Morris Monda: her brother age abt. 10-12 d. Tuesday, both of brain fever
1884 4-Apr D Slemons. Mrs. Charles L. d. Washington Sunday, age 52, funeral & burial at Wellsboro, left 4 children incl. Mrs. Job Locke of Wellsboro
1884 23-Jul D Slingerland, Freddie d. July 19 age 4 yrs. 8 mos, son of Dorrance & Eliza
1884 3-Dec D Small, Charles d. Arnot, mine acc.
1884 20-Aug D Smith son of Frank of Cherry Flats d. Monday, scalded
1884 17-Dec D Smith 2 sons of Warren of Austinville d. recently of diphtheria
1884 15-Oct D Smith, Florence d. Sullivan Twp. October 12 age 5, dau. of Mathew Smith, diphtheria
1884 22-Oct D Smith, Jasper d. Sullivan Twp. recently age 81
1884 27-Feb D Smith, Jonas H. d. Millerton last Wednesday, age 18, son of Rev. Paul Smith
1884 26-Nov D Smith, Mrs. Arthur d. Elkland Nov. 7
1884 11-Jun D Smith, Mrs. James d. Daggetts Mills recently, nee Nina Leffler of Rutland Twp.
1884 24-Sep D Smith, Mrs. S. (Maria) d. Mansfield Sunday, Sept. 21, in 46th yr., b. in Newmarket, Eng. Been here 12 years, had 3 sons, cancer
1884 18-Jun D Snover, Mrs. U. S.  (Jane E.) d. Mansfield June 14 in 54th yr., nee Nobles, b. Richmond Twp., left several children
1884 11-Jun D Soper, Horace  d. Rutland Twp. last Monday, age 40, consumption
1884 3-Sep D Stanborough, Charles d. Brookfield Twp. Tuesday
1884 11-Jun D Starr, Mrs. Frank d. Lawrenceville June 1
1884 3-Dec D Steele, Robert  d. De.mar Twp. last Satruday, heart dis.
1884 11-Jun D Stout, Willie d. Roseville last week, age 9
1884 14-May D Strange, Hon. B. B. d. Westfield Saturday, suicide, left 1 son, Ben
1884 13-Feb D Sweet, Mrs. Sarah d. Jackson Twp. recently, age 78
1884 22-Oct D Tears, Mrs. __ d. Sullivan Twp. recently age 81
1884 29-Oct D Thetge, Mr. A. d. Park Hotel (where?) on Oct. 28 of pneumonia in 51st year. (see 11/26) Andrew Theetge was born Bainbridge, N.Y. 19 Dec. 1833 to O. B. of Chemung, N.Y. who went there 1839; left wife & twin dau.
1884 16-Jan D Thomas Emery D. of Union Twp. d. last Wednesday, age 52
1884 16-Apr D Tipple, Andrew J. d. Wellsboro last Sunday
1884 31-Dec D Tomedy, George d. Antrim last week Monday, mine acc.
1884 12-Nov D Truwbridge, Samuel D. d. Sabinsville last week, wagon accident, left 2 daus.
1884 30-Jul D Unger son of Simon of Wellsboro d. (no date)
1884 15-Oct D Updyke, Mrs. Druzilla d. Elmira, N.Y. last Sunday, age abt. 79, bu'd Jobs Corners
1884 9-Apr D Van Order, Alonzo d. Penn Yan, N.Y. last week, bro. Of John of Blossburg
1884 17-Sep D Videan, Rev. Richard d. Sept. 10 (where?), b. Lenham, Kent, Eng., 23 Mar. 1825 to Richard Sr. Came US 1830, res. Covington, m. 3 Oct. 1846 Sylvia E. Simpson, had: Mrs. Rush Thompson & Mrs. J. Wesley Rogers
1884 26-Nov D Walker, William d. Antrim last week, pneumonia
1884 20-Aug D Warters, Hiram d. Lambs Creek Monday, Aug. 18 in 36th yr.
1884 23-Apr D Warters, Maude d. Lambs Creek, accident, dau. Of Hiram
1884 14-May D Warters, Stephen d. Lambs Creek last Saturday
1884 23-Jan D Welch, Mrs. William d. Mainesburg, consumption, (no date)
1884 27-Feb D Wells, Mrs. George d. Union Twp. Feb. 15, paralysis
1884 10-Dec D Wheeler, Fred d. Antrim last week Monday, an explosion
1884 3-Sep D Whitaker, Dr. J. C. d. Elmira recently, former res. Elkland
1884 9-Apr D White, Asa A. of Lawrenceville d. March 28 at W. C. Campbell's in Corning, N.Y., age 74, bu'd Lawrenceville
1884 13-Feb D Whitehead, Benjamin  d. Blossburg last week of paralysis, former res. Morris
1884 14-May D Willard, William d. at Mr. Whitcomb's, Lambs Creek, Monday, bu'd at Big Flats, N.Y.
1884 31-Dec D Williams, Daniel d. Blossburg Sunday, age abt. 55, suicide, left large family
1884 1-Oct D Wilson baby of Marion Wilson d. Keeneyville, one of twins, bur'd Monday
1884 14-May D Wilson, John d. near Covington last Friday, railroad acc., age abt. 62, left 1 son, bro. Of Capt. Dan Wilson of Covington
1884 6-Feb D Wolfe, Eli d. county home, Wellsboro, last week Monday, age 77, formerly of Farmington
1884 26-Nov D Wood, Mrs. Miriam  d. last Wednesday at dau.'s (Mrs. Abram Johnson),m Mansfield in 74th yr., apoplexy, bu'd Cherry Flats
1884 3-Sep D Woodruff, Mrs. Catherine d. Wellsboro last week, tumor
1884 25-Jun D Wynne, Daniel P. d. Union Twp. last week Sunday, son of Patrick Wynne
1884 2-Jan D Yonkin, Henry buried yesterday in Blossburg

Last Updated on 1/24/2011
By Joyce M. Tice