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Mansfield Advertiser 1886 - one of two pages

Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume FIVE, 1983 .
Births, Deaths, and Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser, 1873 - 1887, by Mary Kingsley
Reprinted with permission [1997] of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator
1886 17-Mar D Abernathy, Robert d. Robert Abernathy died Mardin Mar 10th, buried last week Fri., age 55, cancer
1886 17-Nov D Adams, Mrs. James (nee Eliza Moshier) d. Mrs. James Adams (nee Eliza Moshier) died Troy Nov 5th, age 66
1886 30-Jun D Adams, Rev. Harvey d. Rev. Harvey Adams died East Charleston last night (item dated Jun 29th) age about 65, left 2 sons - Frank of Blossburg and Rev. Charles of Bradford Co.
1886 23-Jun D Ahearn, Daniel d. Daniel Ahearn died Millerton last Wed., of blood poisoning, result of railroad wreck, left 9 children
1886 10-Nov D Ahern d. youngest child of Mrs. Daniel Ahern of Pittsburgh (formerly of Millerton ) died last Fri.
1886 29-Dec D Anable, Samuel d. Samuel Anable died Canton Monday., suicide, age about 65
1886 13-Jan D Anderson, Mrs. Andrew d. Mrs. Andrew Anderson died Jan 3rd, left 3 children
1886 11-Aug D Atkins, Mrs. d. Mrs. Atkins died Westfield Jul 30th, an old resident
1886 14-Jul D Ayers, Mrs. Albert (Elizabeth) d. Mrs. Albert (Elizabeth) Ayers died Troy Jul 6th of nervous prostration, age 22
1886 2-Jun D Babb, Sampy d. Sampy Babb of Morris died May 26th, age 70
1886 24-Nov D Bacon, Rev. Hiram d. Rev. Hiram Bacon died Nov 11th, Brookfield twp., born in Rutland twp., Jul 18th, 1808
1886 19-May D Baker, Harry d. Harry Baker died West Lawrence May 10th, age 26
1886 23-Jun D Baldwin, Robert C. d. Robert C. Baldwin died Chemung, NY, age 73, June 14th, brother of Capt. Thomas B. of Troy and father of Vine and Will of Canton
1886 12-May D Ballard, Anna S,. d. Anna S. Ballard died Mansfield last Wed., of dropsy, age 14, daughter of Mrs. C. P. Ballard
1886 21-Apr D Ballard, Mrs. O. P. d. Mrs. O. P. Ballard died Troy last Fri., paralysis
1886 28-Apr D Bannon, Anna d. Miss Anna Bannon died Morris Run Apr 20th of consumption
1886 30-Jun D Batterson, Lewis d. Lewis Batterson died Troy Jun 18th, age 48, heart
1886 21-Apr D Bauer, William d. William Bauer died Arnot Apr 12th age 70
1886 24-Feb D Baxter, Calvin d. Calvin Baxter died Nelson, Feb 17th, age 64, lung hemorrhage
1886 6-Oct D Baxter, Duncan d. Duncan Baxter died at his son's (Col. Archie E. Baxter) in Elmira last Wed., age 84
1886 13-Oct D Baxter, Mrs. Smith d. Mrs. Smith Baxter died East Troy Oct 1st of cancer, age 74
1886 3-Mar D Beach, Mrs. Jesse d. Mrs. Jesse Beach died Wellsboro last Sat., rheumatism
1886 23-Jun D Beach, Nehemiah d. Nehemiah Beach died Chatham twp., Jun 16th
1886 24-Feb D Beatty d. Beatty died Little Marsh, Feb 13th, age 12, hurt her back, daughter of "widow" Beatty
1886 10-Feb D Benson, Will d. Will Benson died Roseville Sat., typhoid and stomach ulcer
1886 9-Jun D Birmingham, Thomas d. Thomas Birmingham died near Millerton Mon., in railroad accident, left 6 children
1886 17-Mar D Blackwell, John T. d. John T. Blackwell died East Canton Mar 11th of malaria, age about 35, resident of West Burlington
1886 5-May D Blanchard, William P. d. William P. Blanchard died Manchester, Dakota Apr 14th of pneumonia, age 28, son of O. H. Blanchard of Farmington twp.
1886 24-Feb D Bly, Mrs. O. D. d. Mrs. O. D. Bly died Wellsboro, Feb 20th, burial at Millerton, cancer, age about 50. Mother of Mrs. James Shanley of Wellsboro
1886 16-Jun D Bortle, Richard, d. Richard Bortle, aged resident of Caton twp., (NY)_is dead (Millerton items)
1886 7-Apr D Bostwick, Mrs. Mary d. Mrs. Mary Bostwick died Sylvania Mar 28th, age 80, widow of late Gen. Bostwick, buried Vineland, NY
1886 11-Aug D Bosworth, Rose  d. Rose Bosworth died county home last week, age 22, formerly of Mansfield
1886 10-Nov D Bovier, Mrs. d. Mrs. Bovier died Westfield at her son's (Rev. S. L. Bovier) burial at Troy, her former home (no date)
1886 24-Nov D Bowles, Seeley J. d. Seeley J. Bowles died Troy Nov 16th age 84
1886 21-Apr D Boyles, James d. James Boyles died Blossburg Apr 14th
1886 21-Jul D Brant, H. W. d. H. W. Brant died Jul 8th at Brant, P., father of Mrs. S. H. Moon of Elkland
1886 21-Apr D Brewster infant d. infant son of Lyman Brewster died Millerton (no date)
1886 4-Aug D Brewster, Melissa d. Miss Melissa Brewster died Mainesburg Jun 29th, age 37, left 3 sisters and 1 brother
1886 15-Dec D Brooks, Mrs. Charles d. Mrs. Charles Brooks died Nelson last week Monday age 38
1886 20-Oct D Broughton, Mrs. Sarah d. Mrs. Sarah Broughton died Morris Oct 3rd in 95th yr., widow of Nathaniel
1886 10-Nov D Broun, Charles d. Charles Broun of Charleston died at county home Fri., age 87 (colored)
1886 24-Nov D Brown, Job d. Job Brown, formerly of Indiana died at Crooked Creek Nov 10th. Father of late Mrs. B. C. Hymes, buried at Wellsboro
1886 2-Jun D Brownell, Rev. J. T. d. Rev. J. T. Brownell died May 26th at Mount Dora, Fla., formerly of Mansfield
1886 13-Jan D Bullock, V. A. d. V. A. Bullock died Columbia Twp., Bradford Co., Jan 2nd, born Dec 31st 1800
1886 28-Jul D Bunnell, Freddie d. Freddie Bunnell died Canisteo, NY last week, age 6, son of A. H. formerly of Tioga
1886 4-Aug D Burr d. child of J. D. Burr of Blossburg (no date) age 2 months
1886 14-Apr D Cady, Henry d. Henry Cady died Nelson Mar 31st of cholera infantum, age 6 mos, 2 das., son of George and Lyda
1886 20-Jan D Calvert, James d. James Calvert died Mansfield from effects of a fall last Fri.
1886 27-Jan D Campbell, Frank d. Frank Campbell buried at Fairview Cemetery, Osceola, last week. He died a few years ago at Grand Fork, Dakota - frozen to death
1886 15-Sep D Campbell, Mrs. Elvira d. Mrs. Elvira Campbell died Springfield Sep 3rd of general debility, age 57, daugher of late Lucas Guthrie
1886 8-Dec D Campbell, Norman d. Norman Campbell died Delmar twp., Nov 25th, typhoid, age 28 yrs 13 days
1886 1-Dec D Card, William d. William Card died Chatfield Minnesota, Nov 12th, son of H. G. Card, formerly of Mardin
1886 7-Apr D Carson, S. D. d. S. D. Carson died Wellsboro Wed. night, drowned, left 4 children
1886 18-Aug D Case infant d. infant son of T. D. Case died Elkland Aug 13th of cholera infantum
1886 8-Sep D Case, Mrs. A. d. Mrs. A. Case died Lawrenceville, Aug 31st
1886 21-Jul D Case, William d. William Case died near Corry, Pa., Jun 16th in railroad accident, son of William Case of Lawrenceville
1886 24-Nov D Cassidy, William d. William Cassidy of Corning died lat Wed., railroad accident, former resident of Lambs Creek, age 18
1886 18-Aug D Champlain, L. M. R. d. L. M. R. Champlain died Knoxville Aug 8th, age 24, typhoid
1886 1-Dec D Champlin d. son of James Champlin died last Thur of throat ailment, last of 4 to die in month
1886 17-Nov D Champlin, Harrison  d. Harrison Champlin died Westfield Nov 11th of diptheria, age 24, brother of late Sherman Champlin
1886 10-Nov D Champlin, Sherman d. Sherman Champlin died Westfield Thurs (Oct 28th) of tonsilitis, age 20
1886 30-Jun D Chappell, Mrs. O. (Phoebe) d. Mrs. O. (Phoebe) Chappell died Deerfield twp., Jun 19th, bowel ailment
1886 21-Apr D Charles, Mrs. Richard L. (Sabina M.) d. Mrs. Richard L. (Sabina M.) Charles died Brookfield twp., Apr 7th, age 81
1886 14-Jul D Chase, Godfrey S. d. Godfrey S. Chase of Keeneyville, found dead in woods, Monday, probably apoplexy, age 60
1886 4-Aug D Churchill, Mrs. Julia D. Mather d. Mrs. Julia D. Mather Churchill died Elmira NY last Wed., age 25, blood poisoning and kidney disease, left an infant and 1 daughter age 7. Sister of J. W. Mather, Wellsboro, buried Wellsboro
1886 14-Apr D Clark, Andrew J. d. Andrew J. Clark died Clymer twp., Mar 14th, age 53
1886 14-Apr D Clark, Colie M. d. Colie M. Clark died last Thur at Mansfield, age 18 yrs 9 mos., buried Mansfield, son of J. M.
1886 26-May D Clark, Emma Sophiah d. Emma Sophiah Clark died Sullivan twp., May 5th of diptheria, age 3 yrs 9 mos., daughter John C. and Estelle Clark
1886 17-Mar D Clark, William d. William Clark, formerly of Kelleytown died at Elkland last week, age about 72, left 4 daughters and 1 son, burial Rose Hill Cemetery
1886 16-Jun D Clarkson, George d. George Clarkson died Montana in mine accident, left Morris Run last Feb.
1886 1-Sep D Clavert, J. S. d. J. S. Clavert died Mansfield Aug 17th in 63rd yr
1886 12-May D Cleveland, Mrs. N. R. d. Mrs. N. R. Cleveland died Covington, May 10th, age about 30
1886 27-Oct D Coats, Daniel d. Daniel Coats died Nelson a few days since, caner
1886 27-Jan D Cobb, Archie Leroy m. Archie Leroy Cobb died Pike Mills, Pa., Jan 17th, age 8 mos, pneumonia. Only son Fred and Stella Cobb
1886 13-Oct D Cochran, Charles L. d. Charles L. Cochran died Blossburg Oct 12th, typhoid, formerly of Lambs Creek where parents reside, left 1 son
1886 29-Dec D Cole, Emma d. Emma Cole died Antrim Dec 21st, age 16, funeral at Stony Fork, daughter of John Cole
1886 21-Apr D Cole, John d. John Cole died at Nelson Mon., shot by Ed. Smith
1886 10-Mar D Cole, Lewis d. Lewis Cole of Sugar Valley, Pa. Died at Lock Haven, Pa., Feb 25th. Born near Towanda May 20th, 1825, apoplexy. Left 2 sons and 1 daughter and brother Dr. A. J. Cole of Mansfield
1886 29-Dec D Coles, Lyman d. Lyman Coles died Stony Fork Christmas morning, father of landlord J. S. Coles of Wellsboro and W. R. Coles of Tioga, age 80
1886 13-Jan D Colton, Eugene d. Eugene Colton died Millerton Jan 2nd, age 22, son-in-law of Frank Pixley
1886 15-Dec D Comfort, Dr. E. C. d. Dr. E. C. Comfort of Elmira NY died near Wellsburg NY last Thur., hit by train, former resident of Mansfield and brother of Mrs. Lyman Reynolds and Mrs. Ballard, both of Mansfield
1886 20-Jan D Cooley infant d. infant son of John Cooley, buried Lambs Creek last Fri.
1886 24-Mar D Cowley, Burt d. Burt Cowley died Wellsboro last Fri. as result of a fall., nephew of Patrick Cowley of Mansfield
1886 21-Apr D Cowley, Joe d. Joe Cowley died Wellsboro yesterday in saw mill accident, about 12, brother of late Cowley who died at Stokesdale a few weeks ago
1886 6-Oct D Crawford, Mr. d. Mr. Crawford died Blossburg Sep 26th, age 77
1886 15-Dec D Crittenden, Mrs. Charles N. (nee Josephine Slosson) d. Mrs. Charles N. Crittenden (nee Josephine Slosson) died New York City Fri., born at Lawrenceville
1886 19-May D Crossthwaite, George d. George Crossthwaite died Williamsport May 11th of consumption, age 32, wife nee Kate Viele of Troy
1886 14-Jul D Cummings, James d. James Cumming of Mitchell's Creek died (no date) on railroad tracks, run over
1886 12-May D Cunningham, Francis C. d. Francis C. Cunningham died Blossburg May 3rd
1886 26-May D Cunningham, Henry d. Henry Cunningham died Sylvania May 17th of paralysis, age 71
1886 17-Mar D Daggett, Allen d. Allen Daggett died Lawrenceville last Fri., at his dau's (Mrs. Fletcher), pneumonia, age 74. Born Tioga Co., burial at Tioga
1886 29-Sep D Dann, Harvey d. Harvey Dann died Canton Sep 14th, age 75
1886 17-Feb D Dartt, Major B. S. d. Major B. S. Dartt of Canton died last Fri., left 3 daughters, Mrs. R. A. Hazleton, Fanny and Belle
1886 8-Dec D Davidson Benjamin d. Benjamin Davidson died Towanda twp., on Thanksgiving Day _"old and respected".
1886 3-Nov D Davis, Mrs. C. L. d. Mrs. C. L. Davis died Wellsville NY Friday, age 82, step-mother of Mrs. John Holden and a resident of Mansfield 1852-58
1886 23-Jun D Davis, Mrs. Reuben d. Mrs. Reuben Davis died Morris Run Jun 15th
1886 15-Dec D Dean, Peter J. d. Peter J. Dean died South Creek twp., Bradford Co., last week Wed., age 55, bowel ailment, ex-sheriff
1886 24-Feb D Decker, Eunice d. Miss Eunice Decker died Millerton, Feb 11th, age 27, sister of Mrs. Charles Sheive
1886 23-Jun D Dewey, Mrs. J. B. d. Mrs. J. B. Dewey died Sullivan twp., Jun 11th, born Oct 13th 1806 and had 11 children - 7 left
1886 29-Sep D Dexter, Mrs. J. H. d. Mrs. J. H. Dexter died East Troy, Sep 17th, age 53
1886 17-Mar D Dickinson, Col. Samuel d. Col. Samuel Dickinson died Wellsboro Wed., last of pneumonia, left 3 sons and 2 daughters
1886 25-Aug D Dollaway, Daniel  d. Daniel Dollaway died Leetonia, Aug 1st, age 5 mos 5 days, son of Daniel and Alice
1886 8-Dec D Donaldson, Mrs. Diantha d. Mrs. Diantha Donaldson died at Ovid Asylum last Tue., burial at Wellsboro
1886 13-Oct D Downs, Mrs. P. M. d. Mrs. P. M. Downs died Centreville NY, age 74, Oct 4th, mother of O. F. Carley of Westfield
1886 17-Mar D Dyke, Asa d. Asa Dyke died Richmond twp., Mar 8th, age 86, born in Vermont married at age 19 and had 9 children, 4 left, wife died 1872
1886 6-Oct D Eldridge, Mrs. Benjamin d. Mrs. Benjamin Eldridge died Sabinsville Sep 17th, age 51
1886 14-Jul D Englis, Mrs. W. W. (nee Emma Howe) d. Mrs. W. W. English (nee Emma Howe) died Delmar twp., Jul 3rd, daughter of late William Howe
1886 1-Dec D Estes, Arthur d. Arthur Estes died Delmar twp., last Tue., age about 15, probably "a fit", son of Frank Estes of Shippen twp.
1886 13-Jan D Evereny, Charles d. Charles Ebereny drowned in Pine Creek (no date)_
1886 8-Sep D Fassett, Mrs. Luis B. d. Mrs. Luis Fassett, died Canton Aug 27th, a daughter of Capt. Straight of Troy
1886 17-Feb D Fenton, Luman d. Luman Fenton died Cherry Flats, Feb 10th
1886 3-Mar D Ferguson, James A. d. James A. Ferguson died Seeley Creek NY Feb 23rd, age 23
1886 10-Feb D Ferguson, Levi d. Levi Ferguson died Covington Sun.
1886 20-Oct D Fields d. child of Charles Fields of Mainesburg buried yesterday
1886 7-Apr D Fields, Mrs. George d. Mrs. George Fields died in Kansas last Thur. Daughter of Hiram Zimmer of Cherry Flats
1886 27-Oct D Fisher, Urban d. Urban Fisher died Marsh Creek Oct 21st, age 24, son of Charles
1886 14-Apr D Fitch, Mrs. Sarah d. Mrs. Sarah Fitch died Troy Apr 7th of pneumonia, age 69
1886 14-Jul D Fitch, Mrs. William d. Mrs. William Fitch died Union twp., Jun 30th of dropsy, age 57
1886 6-Oct D Flaitz, Flora d. Flora Flaitz died Wellsboro Sep 25th, age 2, daughter of Alexander and Georgiana Flaitz
1886 4-Aug D Fox, Mrs. George d. Mrs. George Fox died Harrison Valley, Jul 25th
1886 13-Jan D Freeman, Mrs. E. A. d. Mrs. E. A. Freeman died at R. B. Freeman's, Blossburg, Jan 4th, age about 70. "Mrs. Freeman's father came to this country with Lafayette." R. B. Freeman was her son
1886 7-Jul D Fuller, Goodwin d. Goodwin Fuller, age about 84, died Tue., at Canton, hit by train; "a pioneer" 
1886 9-Jun D Gamage, Mrs. Elnora d. Mrs. Elnora Gamage died Troy Jun 1st of apoplexy, age 52, widow of W. D. Gamage
1886 23-Jun D Gardner, Clark d. Clark Gardner died Mainesburg Jun 18th of Bright's Disease
1886 16-Jun D Garrison, Mrs. Benjamin d. Mrs. Benjamin Garrison died Millerton Jun 6th, age 16 yrs., 6 mos.
1886 17-Nov D Gates, Joseph d. Joseph Gates of Delmar twp., died county home on Fri., age 76
1886 3-Nov D Gehen, William d. William Gehen died Antrim Sunday of injuries in a fight, age about 40, left 1 child
1886 1-Sep D Gernon, James d. James Gernon died Buffalo, NY, Aug 20th, age 68, formerly of Blossburg
1886 24-Nov D Gerould, Lawrence d. Lawrence Gerould died Smithfield Nov 5th, age about 80
1886 28-Jul D Gibson, Mrs. William (Mary) d. Mrs. William (Mary) Gibson died Smithfield twp., Jun 23rd, age 70 yrs 7 mos and 11 das.
1886 29-Dec D Gifford, Mrs. H. d. Mrs. H. Gifford of Mitchells buried last week Monday, died of dropsy
1886 11-Aug D Gilbert infant d. infant of E. C. Gilbert of Williamsport died yesterday, former resident of Manfield
1886 17-Nov D Gilkie, Mrs. Charles (Laura) d. Mrs. Charles (Laura) Gilkie died Sylvania Nov 7th, age 17, bowel ailment
1886 3-Feb D Gillepsie, Luke d. Luke Gullepsie died Burlington, Pa., Jan 17th, age 102
1886 17-Nov D Gilmour d. son of George Gilmour died Troy Nov 9th, age 11 weeks
1886 25-Aug D Gleason, Solomon d. Solomon Gleason died Hornellsville NY, Aug 20th
1886 11-Aug D Goldmyer, Mrs. Louis J. (nee May Ramsdell) d. Mrs. Louis J. Goldmyer (nee May Ramsdell) died Mansfield last Fri., age 28, buried Hope Cemetery, Mansfield
1886 20-Oct D Goodall, Charles d. Charles Goodall died near Lawrenceville Sep 8th of typhoid, age 50
1886 24-Mar D Goodall, Mrs. Lucy d. Mrs. Lucy Goodall died at her nephew's (Edwin Pratt) near Mansfield last Fri., "aged"
1886 13-Oct D Goodenough, Mrs. d. Mrs. Goodenough died Towanda last week at her son's (Ben), he formerly of Mansfield
1886 3-Mar D Goodman, Estie d. Miss Estie Goodman died Elkland, Feb 22nd, of consumption, age 21
1886 22-Sep D Goodman, Mrs. Mary d. Mrs. Mary Goodman died Harrison Valley, Sep 14th of apoplexy
1886 21-Jul D Goodrich, Mrs. d. Mrs. Goodrich died Nelson Jul 18th, mother of James and Henry Goodrich
1886 7-Jul D Goodspeed, Mrs. Charles (Lucretia) d. Mrs. Charles (Lucretia) Goodspeed died Joliette, Ill., Jun 25th, age 57
1886 28-Apr D Gorton, Alonzo H. d. Alonzo H. Gorton died Corning NY Mon., nearly 58, supt. Of Fall Brook Railway Co., left 1 son
1886 20-Oct D Graham, Mrs. Joseph (Mintie Mitchell) d. Mrs. Joseph Graham (Mintie Mitchell) died near Mitchells Mills Oct 10th, age 19
1886 1-Dec D Graves, Rev. Frederick d. Rev. Frederick Graves died Tioga Nov 29th, age 76
1886 22-Dec D Green, John d. John Green died Center Village, Broome Co., NY Dec 4th in 91st yr at his daughters (Mrs. Abram Baker)
1886 16-Jun D Grenell, Nathan d. Nathan Grenell died Lawrenceville June 6th, left 2 sons - one may be Charles of Elkland
1886 13-Jan D Grinnell, Charles  d. Charles Grinnell died Jan 6th of pneumonia, resident of Marsh Creek (Lower Stokesdale)
1886 27-Jan D Gruver, Joseph d. Joseph Gruver died Union twp., Jan 4th, age 85, born Williamsport 1801 - a pioneer
1886 21-Jul D Haley, Miss Johanna d. Miss Johanna Haley died Blossburg Jul 16th
1886 25-Aug D Hall, Silas d. Silas Hall died near Mansfield Aug 23rd, age 74, left 4 children
1886 2-Jun D Hart, Mr. d. Mr.Hart died in Austria Sunday, father of Anton Hart of Wellsboro
1886 20-Oct D Hawthorne, Joseph  d. Joseph Hawthorne died Granville (Brad. Co.) Oct 10th, age 66
1886 7-Apr D Hazleton, R. A. d. R. A. Hazleton of Canton died at Marion, Kansas last week
1886 9-Jun D Higgins, Patrick d. Patrick Higgins died Fall Brook May 28th, age 60
1886 31-Mar D Hoagland, J. S. d. J. S. Hoagland died Covington Mar 26th, age 85
1886 12-May D Hoagland, Mrs. J. M. (Mina) d. Mrs. J. M. (Mina) Hoagland died Covington Monday, age 50
1886 10-Mar D Hodges, Hiram d. Hiram Hodges died Mansfield Tue., age 75., been in county 57 yrs., former resident Sullivan twp.
1886 7-Jul D Holden, Wardie d. Wardie Holden died Reed City, Mich., Jun 19th, age 7, of brain fever, son of R. N. and Elizabeth Holden
1886 22-Dec D Holiday, John d. John Holiday at his son's (Thomas) Dec 13th, age 79, brother of Daniel Holiday and Mrs. Daniel White of Crooked Creek
1886 26-May D Holiday, Tommy d. Tommy Holiday died Long Run Tue., age 2, burned in fire, son of William and Emma, buried District #2 Cemetery Middlebury twp.
1886 7-Jul D Hooker, Mrs. Thomas (Clarissa) d. Mrs. Thomas (Clarissa) Hooker died Nelson Jul 2nd, age 58, left 4 children: Mrs. George Davenport of Mansfield, Mrs. Lydia Churcher, Big Flats, NY; William and Freddie of Nelson. Funeral at Big Flats.
1886 6-Oct D Hoover, Jacob d. Jacob Hoover formerly of Wellsboro, died at county home Sep 26th, age 72
1886 18-Aug D Horton d. daughter of H. C. Horton of near Mansfield died Monday, age 7
1886 27-Jan D Horton, Allie d. Miss Allie Horton died Covington last Sat. in 21st yr. Burial at Mansfield
1886 13-Oct D Horton, I. M. d. I. M. Horton died Blossburg Oct 2nd, age 53, typhoid
1886 9-Jun D Hotchkiss, Berchard d. Berchard Hotchkiss died Benecia, Calif., May 11th - been there about 11 yrs., son of Harris Hotchkiss of Lambs Creek
1886 14-Jul D Howe, William d. William Howe died Delmar twp., Jun 23rd, age 80
1886 16-Jun D Hurlburt, Charles d. Charles Hurlburt died Nelson last Sat., age about 19, son of George, drowned
1886 30-Jun D Husted, Mrs. Frank W. d. Mrs. Frank W. Husted died Millerton Jun 13th, left 4 children
1886 5-May D Hymes, Mrs. B. C. (Retta D.) d. Mrs. B. C. (Retta D.) Hymes died Crooked Creek Sat., and infant son, burial at Wellsboro, daughter of Job Brown (formerly of Indiana)
1886 17-Mar D Innes, Adam d. Adam Innes died Granville Centre Mar 10th of apoplexy
1886 3-Feb D Inscho, Thomas d. Thomas Inscho died Corning NY, Jan 26th, age 86. Born in Lawrenceville, married 1835 Miss Eleanor Thompson
1886 27-Oct D Irelan, Cordelia L. d. Cordelia L. Irelan died Covington Oct 13th, age 40 yrs 4 mos and 11 days
1886 3-Nov D Irwin, Mrs. Sarah d. Mrs. Sarah Irwin died at her son's (H. P. Irwin, Esq.) at Blossburg Monday in 88th yr., came to Tioga Co., from Jersey Shore 1844. Sister of E. M. Bodine of Wellsboro and aunt of Mrs. D. H. Pitts Mansfield
1886 30-Jun D Jennings, Mrs. W. H. (May C) d. Mrs. W. H. (May C.) Jennings of Blossburg died in Elmira Jun 26th, age 33
1886 8-Sep D Jones, Mrs. D. L. d. Mrs. D. L. Jones died Cherry Flats, Sunday
1886 31-Mar D Karr infant d. infant daughter of William Karr died Wellsboro last Sun.
1886 6-Jan D Karr, James Lowrey d. James Lowrey Karr died Tarpon Springs, Fla., Dec 26th 1885 age 1 yr, 5 mos., 15 das. Son of Ralph E. and Louisa Karr of Wellsboro
1886 14-Apr D Keeney, Adalia d. Adalia Keeney died Ansonia Apr 6th, age 62., wife of Richard Keeney
1886 17-Mar D Keeney, Deacon I. P. d. Deacon I. P. Keeney died Holidaytown Mar 11th, age 84
1886 6-Oct D Kelley, Mrs. James (Sophronia) d. Mrs. James (Sophronia) Kelley died Wellsboro Sep 27th, age 72
1886 19-May D Kerrick, Bertha Louise d. Bertha Louise Kerrick died Troy May 11th of diptheria, age 14 yrs 4 mos., daughter of Nelson and Sarah Kerrick
1886 6-Oct D Kilbourne, Mrs. Solomon d. Mrs. Solomon Kilbourne died Brookfield twp., was buried Sep 19th, left 7 small children
1886 1-Dec D kilburn, Dr. Henry d. Dr. Henry Kilburn died Blossburg Thur., been in area over 40 yrs.
1886 24-Feb D Kimball, Clark d. Clark Kimball died Osceola Feb 10th, age 84, born Weare, NH
1886 22-Sep D King, May Aline d. May Aline King died Mansfield Sep 21st age 14 yrs 5 mos., daughter of Mart and Vesta C. King
1886 28-Apr D King, Miss d. Miss King of Mitchell's Creek buried in Tioga Cemetery (no date)
1886 29-Sep D Kirkendall, Mrs. H. P. d. Mrs. H. P. Kirkendall died Somers Lane Sep 15th, age 75, mother of S. E. Kirkendall of Millerton
1886 23-Jun D Knapp, Alfred M. d. Alfred M. Knapp died Somers Lane June 21st, age 80, father of Charles H. and Mrs. Andrew Sherwood, both of Mansfield
1886 9-Jun D Knapp, George d. George Knapp died Aspenivall last Sat., of blood poisoning
1886 15-Sep D Knickerbocker, Alvin d. Alvin Knickerbocker died Mansfield (no date), age 87, at his daughter's (Mrs. H. H. Burnham). He formerly of Franklindale, Pa.
1886 29-Sep D Kocher, Henrietta d. Miss Henrietta Kocher died Wellsboro Sep 20th of pneumonia, age 50, sister of Mrs. R. Pagan
1886 14-Apr D Kohler, Philip d. Philip Kohler died Liberty Apr 2nd, age 86
1886 3-Feb D Kohn, Ella d. Ella Kohn died State Line NY, Feb 2nd of typhoid, age 18; daughter of John Kohn formerly of Mansfield
1886 7-Jul D Kolb, William d. William Kolb died Potter Brook Jun 29th, age 45
1886 8-Sep D Lamb, Lorian d. Lorian died Mansfield Tues., was born Springfield, Mass., Jan 14th, 1789. Came to Lambs Creek Jul 4th, 1897; left 5 children - H. H. Lamb of Mansfield; Mrs. Philena Johnson of Harvard City, Mich.; A. D. of Chicago, Ill.; William H. of Herndon, Pa. And Miss Sophia M. of Mansfield
1886 21-Apr D Lamont, Archibald  d. Archibald Lamont died Round Top Apr 15th
1886 16-Jun D Lanigan, John d. John Lanigan died Lambs Creek, Jun 12th, in 52nd yr., left 6 daughters, burial at Corning NY
1886 20-Oct D Lanterman, Ethel d. Ethel Lanterman died Rutland twp., Oct 12th, age 5 mos and 12 days, daughter of Frank
1886 24-Feb D Lean, Mrs. J. T. (nee Lizzie Lewis) d. Mrs. J. T. Lean (nee Lizzie Lewis) of Hop Bottom, Pa., died Sat., the daughter Lewis of Covington
1886 15-Sep D Lee, Charles d. Charles Lee died Lawrenceville, Sep 7th of typhoid age about 15
1886 8-Sep D Leet, George W. d. George W. Leet died Hammond Aug 27th, age 22 yrs 1 mo and 12 das, son of Clark and Sallie M. Leet
1886 10-Feb D Leib, Phenie d. Miss Phenie Leib died Burlington, NJ, Jan 30th of typhoid, burial at former home - Wellsboro
1886 3-Feb D Leiby, Mr. d. Mr. Leiby buried on Sat at Topton, Lehigh Co., Pa. Father of Jonathan Leiby of Mainesburg
1886 13-Jan D Lewis, Dr. E. d. Dr. E. Lewis died Watkins NY, recently. Father of M. G. Lewis of Blossburg
1886 11-Aug D Lisenridge, Abram d. Abram Lisenridge died Wellsboro last Sun., at his daughters (Mrs. William Doolittle), age 75, after a fall, former resident of Covington
1886 20-Oct D Lloyd, Daniel d. Daniel Lloyd died at Blossburg last Fri., suicide, age about 55, no family in this country
1886 17-Mar D Loomis, Mrs. L. T. d. Mrs. L. T. Loomis died East Troy Mar 4th of throat ailment, age 63
1886 6-Jan D Losey, Oliver d. Oliver Losey died Sandstone, Jackson Co., Mich., Dec 14th 1885, age 78 yrs 18 das., former resident of Middlebury
1886 20-Oct D Louden, Mrs. James d. Mrs. James Louden died Delmar twp., Oct 8th, age 73
1886 14-Jul D Lovel, Mrs. Oliver d. Mrs. Oliver Lovel died Mainesburg Sun. of a stroke suffered last Fri.
1886 24-Feb D Loveland, Mrs. F. G. d. Mrs. F. G. Loveland died Elkland, Feb 16th, burial at Troy
1886 10-Mar D Lownsbery, Lester d. Lester Lownsbery died Canoe Camp (no date) buried there last Sat., age 82., son of Isaac Lownsbery who came 1818-19. Has 2 brothers left
1886 27-Oct D Lyman, Leroy d. Leroy Lyman died Roulette (Potter Co) Oct 16th of injuries received from a bull
1886 29-Sep D Lyman, M. J. d. M. J. Lyman of Coudersport died at Olean NY Sunday, heart, had been student at Mansfield

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