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Mansfield Advertiser 1886 - one of two pages

Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume FIVE, 1983 .
Births, Deaths, and Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser, 1873 - 1887, by Mary Kingsley
Reprinted with permission [1997] of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator
1886 22-Sep D Mack, Miles d. Miles Mack died Troy Sep 14th of paralysis, age 72
1886 24-Feb D Marquart, Mrs. d. Mrs. Marquart, aged resident of East Point died Feb 13th
1886 10-Mar D Marvin infant d. infant daughter of David Marvin died Covington, burial in Gray Cemetery, Covington on Sun.
1886 20-Oct D McClelland, Mrs. A. J. d. Mrs. A. J. McClelland died at her sisters (Mrs. H. E. Smith) in Tioga Oct 12th
1886 24-Feb D McClelland, Mrs. Casper d. Mrs. Casper McClelland died Columbia X Roads, Feb 10th of cancer, age 45
1886 4-Aug D McDougall, Hattie d. Hattie McDougall died at B. F. Van Denmark's in Blossburg (no date) age 3 yrs
1886 3-Nov D McKean, Mrs. Powena Titus d. Mrs. Powena Titus McKean died on Pisgah Oct 27th of dropsy, age 77, widow of William McKean
1886 2-Jun D McKinney, Charles d. Charles McKinney died last Fri., on Armenia Mt. In log accident
1886 10-Feb D McNamara, John d. John McNamara of Blossburg died near Jackson Summit last Thur., railroad accident, age about 30, left several children
1886 31-Mar D Merrick, Mrs. Israel d. Mrs. Israel Merrick died Wellsboro last Thur., left 7 children; Major George W., Ellis J., Mrs. M. F. Elliott, Mrs. D. Herrington, Mrs. Wm. T. Mathers reside in Wellsboro
1886 23-Jun D Middaugh, Mrs. Benjamin d. Mrs. Benjamin Middaugh died Ogdensburg June 11th
1886 29-Sep D Miller, Miss d. Miss Miller died Osceola Sep 17th of consumption, daughter of John Miller
1886 11-Aug D Miller, Mrs. d. Mrs. Miller died Sullivan twp. Mon., at her son's (D.D.), age 82, after a fall
1886 24-Feb D Mills, Abram d. Abram Mills died Round Top, Feb 11th, nervous prostration
1886 31-Mar D Mitchell, Austin d. Austin Mitchell of Troy died Pittsburg Mar 22nd, age 36, son of Austin, buried Troy
1886 24-Feb D Mitchell, Helen R., d. Helen R. Mitchell died Crooked Creek, Feb 3rd, of consumption, age 39 yrs 10 mos 22 days, wife of William A. Mitchell
1886 6-Jan D Mitchell, Pomeroy d. Pomeroy Mitchell died Troy, Dec 27th, 1885 of diptheria, age 11, son of Hon. B. B. Mitchell
1886 29-Dec D Moffie, Eli d. Eli Moffie died Chatham twp., a few days ago, age 60
1886 14-Apr D Montgomery, Mrs. Eugene (Fanny M.) d. Mrs. Eugene (Fanny M.) Montgomery died Sullivan twp., yesterday (Apr 13th) of typhoid, age 32, daughter of late Mrs. Rebecca Rumsey, left children
1886 26-May D Moore, Mrs. Adelbert (Eleanor) d. Mrs. Adelbert (Eleanor) Moore died Delmar twp., May 21st, age 37 yrs 8 mos 20 days
1886 31-Mar D Morgan, Mrs. Caroline E. (William) d. Mrs. Caroline E. (William) Morgan died Troy Mar 21st, typhoid pneumonia, age 54
1886 23-Jun D Morris, Laura d. Laura Morris, infant daughter of James W. and Josephine R., died Mansfield Wed., of whooping cough, (Jun 23rd) was at Grandfather's
1886 28-Apr D Mott, Mrs. Caroline d. Mrs. Caroline Mott died Waverly NY Apr 20th, age 32, tumor, sister of Dr. E. G. Tracy of Troy
1886 22-Sep D Mrs. Jacob R. Miller d. Mrs. Jacob R. Miller died near Millerton Sep 14th. Sister of late O. D. Bly
1886 1-Sep D Newell, Alonzo d. Alonzo Newell died Mansfield Aug 28th, age 66, Bright's disease, came from Brookfield, Pa., 14 yrs ago; left 3 children, Lydia, George D. and Frank M., all of Mansfield
1886 15-Sep D Newell, Mrs. Wallace (Laura) d. Mrs. Wallace (Laura) Newell died Grover Sep 7th, age 21 yrs, resident of Troy
1886 23-Jun D Newell, Rev. Calvin d. Rev. Calvin Newell died Troy Jun 16th, age 75, cancer
1886 1-Dec D Nickel infant d. infant of Henry Nickel died Covington, funeral at Blossburg last Thur.
1886 15-Dec D Niles, Mrs. Anna d. Mrs. Anna Niles died at her son's in Tioga (A. E. Niles) the fore part of the week
1886 15-Dec D Noble, Mrs. J. G. d. Mrs. J. G. Noble of Groton, NY (nee Emeline Walker) died at her brothers in Covington (L. R. Walker) Dec 1st
1886 25-Aug D Ogden, Minnie A. d. Minnie A. Ogden died Leetonia Aug 16th, age 5 mos 12 days daughter of Marshall and Hannah M.
1886 6-Oct D Owen, Mrs. H. M. (May Kline) d. Mrs. H. M. Owen (May Kline) died at her mother's at Ellenton, Pa., Sep 27th. Her own residence Buffalo NY but formerly of Mansfield
1886 18-Aug D Parish, Mrs. Elizabeth C. d. Mrs. Elizabeth C. Parish died Delmar twp., Aug 10th, age 72 yrs 6 mos 20 das.
1886 6-Oct D Pearsall, Everett d. Everett Pearsall died Westfield twp., Sep 26th, age 19, diptheria, son of Mrs. Eliza Collins
1886 3-Nov D Pearsall, Mrs. Elmer (nee Lottie Case) d. Mrs. Elmer Pearsall (nee Lottie Case) died Troy twp., of consumption , age 26, on Oct 24th
1886 20-Oct D Pearshall, Everett d. Everett Pearshall died Chatham twp., of diptheria (no date)
1886 15-Dec D Peck, Lawrence d. Lawrence Peck died Troy Dec 9th of typhoid, age 20
1886 8-Dec D Pedrick, J. S. d. J. S. Pedrick died State Line, NY, Nov 25th, born Southport NY 1812
1886 1-Sep D Peters, Charles E. d. Charles E. Peters died in central Africa Jun 8th, age 18yrs and 11 mos.; a fever, son of ? Farmington twp.
1886 8-Dec D Peters, John d. John Peters died Farmington Nov 29th, son of James Peters and brother of late Charles Peters
1886 24-Mar D Peters, Mrs. d. Mrs. Peters died Mainesburg last week, about 80, mother of Stephen Peters
1886 21-Apr D Phelps, Mrs. O. H. (Mary Alice Miner) d. Mrs. O. H. Phelps (Mary Alice Miner) died at Mansfield Sun., age 88 yrs 4 mos 18 das. Born Orange Co., NY Dec 1st 1797, married 1818 and had 8 children. Been here 40 years. Children left: A. J. of Syracuse, NY., H. V. Phelps, Mrs. S. A. Dorsett and Mrs. M. A. Cook all of Mansfield
1886 15-Dec D Phillips, Capt. Sylvester d. Capt. Sylvester Phillips died Westfield Dec 8th, age 46, a veteran
1886 18-Aug D Phoenix, Jackson d. Jackson Phoenix died Elk twp., Pa., Aug 5th, age 56
1886 17-Nov D Plank, Mrs. C. H. d. Mrs. C. H. Plank died Sylvester (Pa?) Nov 7th, age 71 yrs 9 mos
1886 17-Nov D Playfoot, Charles L. d. Charles L. Playfoot died Wellsboro yesterday (Nov 15th), typhoid, left young wife
1886 13-Jan D Potter, Mrs. Henry H. d. Mrs. Henry H. Potter died last Fri. at Mrs. P. E. Brown's in Middlebury, age 78, paralysis of heart, left large family. Came to Tioga Co. 1823 and married 1825 Potter (as his 3rd wife) in Lawrenceville
1886 29-Dec D Pursing, Mrs. George d. Mrs. George Pursing died Knoxville Dec 22nd
1886 15-Sep D Putnam, Mrs. J. G. (nee Sophia Havens) d. Mrs. J. G. Putnam (nee Sophia Havens) died Tioga Sep 11th in 77th yr, mother of John H.
1886 7-Jul D Redfield, Mrs. Charles H. (nee Emma Williams) d. Mrs. Charles H. Redfield (nee Emma Williams) died Jun 25th, Lawrenceville of "nervous exhaustion", age 22, formerly of Troy
1886 28-Jul D Richards, Mrs. Isreal d. Mrs. Isreal Richards died Wellsboro last Tue., she was born Jan 1st 1800
1886 10-Nov D Richmond, Alice J. d. Alice J. Richmond died Mansfield Nov 5th of typhoid pneumonia, daughter of Ananias and Hannah Richmond. Born Dec 28th, 1871 at Changlersburg, buried Mainesburg
1886 1-Dec D Ridgway, Augusta d. Augusta died Cedar Point, Kansas last Wed., lung hemorrhage, sister of L. A. Ridgway of Mansfield
1886 25-Aug D Robb, Freddie d. Freddie Robb died Roseville died last Thur., age nearly 4, son of John
1886 21-Jul D Robertson, Calvin L. d. Calvin L. Robertson died Sabinsville May 17th, age 62 yrs and 1 day
1886 20-Oct D Robertson, Mrs. Agnes d. Mrs. Agnes Robertson died Delmar twp., Oct 14th, age 92, widow of William
1886 14-Jul D Robin, Joseph d. Joseph Robin died in New York State, burial at Mainesburg Jul 1st, former resident of Sullivan twp.
1886 26-May D Robison, Cal d. Cal Robison of Sabinsville died May 17th
1886 13-Oct D Rockwell, Mrs. Bingham L. (nee Abby Pierce) d. Mrs. Bingham L. Rockwell (nee Abby Pierce) died West Burlington Oct 1st of paralysis, age 65
1886 15-Sep D Ross d. child of Mrs. May Ross of Elmira died at her grandparents (S. L. Barber) Covington last week Tues.
1886 24-Feb D Ross, Edward W. d. Edward W. Ross died Jamestown NY, Feb 22nd, age about 66, left several children, brother of late A. J. Ross of Mansfield
1886 14-Jul D Rumsey, Aaron d. Aaron Rumsey died Rumsey Hill Jul 11th, age 83
1886 3-Mar D Rumsey, Mrs. Jessie d. Mrs. Jessie Rumsey died Mainesburg last Fri., "aged and respected."
1886 3-Nov D Rundell, Isaac d. Isaac Rundell died Canton Oct 20th of consumption age 63
1886 17-Mar D Sayles, David d. David Sayles died Granville Centre Mar 9th of paralysis
1886 29-Sep D Scallon, Stephen d. Stephen Scallo n died Osceola Sep 21st
1886 29-Sep D Schwanzenbach, John d. John Schwanzenback, formerly of Westfield died recently in Texas, railroad accident. Had a brother in Germania
1886 25-Aug D Sechrist, Mrs. Polly d. Mrs. Polly Sechrist died Liberty Aug 19th, age 79
1886 18-Aug D Seeley, Benjamin d. Benjamin Seeley died Wellsboro Aug 13th, age 77 yrs 8 mos 14 das
1886 25-Aug D Sellard, Capt. Calvin S. d. Capt. Calvin S. Sellard died Canton Aug 14th, age 84
1886 24-Nov D Shattuck, Ralph d. Ralph Shattuck died Savannah Ga., Fri of consumption, son of L. E. of Mansfield, funeral at Sylvania Pa
1886 2-Jun D Shaw, Russel d. Russel Shaw died Farmington Fri., May 28th in 80th yr. (age 79) been there 35 yrs. Of paralysis
1886 24-Nov D Shepard, H. D. d. H. D. Shepard of Mansfield, Nov 18th of pneumonia
1886 13-Oct D Sherwood, Daniel Lee d. Daniel Lee Sherwood died Northumberland, Pa., Oct 7 th in 77th yr., kidney ailment. Born Marathan, NY Dec 5th 1809 to Hon. Daniel Sherwood and Lee ?. He married Charoline Sharpe and had 11 children - 5 sons still living, Came Tioga County 1830 with family. Brothers Hiram and Albert still alive (long obit)
1886 17-Feb D Sherwood, John S. d. John S. Sherwood died Houston, Texas, Feb 10th, born near Elmira NY May 5 1833 to Hon. Daniel L. Sherwood, now of Northumberland, Pa. Married at Mansfield Miss L. A. Ramsdell and had son Myron
1886 10-Nov D Simons, Mrs. Sarah d. Mrs. Sarah Simons died Gaines Tannery, age 69 (no date)
1886 10-Feb D Simpkins, Mrs. Cora Lownsbury d. Mrs. Cora Lownsbury Simpkins died Mich. (no date) Funeral at Canoe Camp Feb 10th, Grand-daughter of Isaac Lownsbury of Canoe Camp
1886 29-Dec D Skelly, Peter d. Peter Skelly , bachelor, died Union twp., recently, age 77
1886 2-Jun D Slauson, Rev. Peter S. d. Rev. Peter S. Slauson died Seneca Co., NY., May 10th, age 75, formerly of Westfield
1886 10-Nov D Smith, Mrs. F. W. (Mahala) d. Mrs. F. W. Smith (Mahala) died Flushing Mich., Oct., age 57, formerly of Farmington twp.
1886 20-Oct D Smith, Mrs. Lewis d. Mrs. Lewis Smith died Charleston last Thur age 63
1886 23-Jun D Smith, Rufus d. Rufus Smith died Sullivan twp., Jun 19th, age 88
1886 3-Feb D Snyder, Daniel d. Daniel Snyder died Jackson twp., at residence of his grandson, John Snyder, last Wed., age 82. Dead in bed
1886 13-Oct D Soper d. child of William Soper of Roseville buried last week
1886 29-Dec D Soper, Jacob d. Jacob Soper formerly of Austinville died last week in Illinois
1886 29-Sep D Soper, Nathaniel d. Nathaniel Soper died Blossburg last Wed., age 35, left 4 children, former resident of Covington
1886 10-Feb D Sperry, Mrs. Louise Ashman d. Mrs. Louise Ashman Sperry died Jan 29th,, buried Jan 31st. Sullivan twp. Items, age 73, pleurisy
1886 22-Sep D Springstead d. son of Mrs. Henry Springstead of Florida and grandson of Hiram Inscho of Knoxville died, buried Knoxville. Shortly after her husband died in Florida
1886 31-Mar D Steinmann, Ed F. d. Ed. F. Steinmann buried at Mansfield Mon., found dead in woods, age about 45, unmarried, German, resident of Blossburg
1866 10-Mar D Stevens, Alwin A. d. Alwin A. Stevens died Millerton Feb 27th, consumption
1886 16-Jun D Stevenson, Sidney d. Sidney Stevenson died Cowanesque June 2nd, consumption
1886 3-Mar D Sunderlin, Fred d. Fred Sunderlin died near Westfield last week in log accident
1886 6-Jan D Swan, Charles F. d. Charles F. Swan died Elmira, Jan 4th, age 75, burial at Mansfield, son-in-law of Dr. J. P. Morris. (also see Jan. 20th)
1886 20-Jan D Swan, Charles F. d. Charles F. Swan born Aurora NY Jun 10th 1810 to Jonathan and Sarah Rochwell Swan, married 1859 Katherine, daughter of Dr. Joseph P. Morris of Mansfield. Left 2 sons, Charles J. and Alfred M., and 1 daughter Mary
1886 3-Mar D Tanner, Hannibal M. d. Hannibal M. Tanner died Roseville last Sun, Feb 28th, funeral there Wed. Brother of Mrs. Eliza Watkins of Roseville, in 26th yr., left infant son
1886 6-Oct D Tears, Zophar d. Zophar Tears died Sullivan twp Sep 25th, age 86. Born Orange Co., NY 1800, came here 1828, left 2 children; Mrs. George Smith and Nelson Tears
1886 1-Dec D Thomas C. E. d. C. E. Thomas died Union twp., Nov 20th of typhoid, age 29
1886 27-Jan D Thomas, Mrs. Elizabeth d. Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas died Erie, Pa., last Sat., age about 75. Mother of Prof. D. H. Thomas of Mansfield and Mrs. C. F. Weigel of Erie
1886 18-Aug D Thompson, H. M. d. H. M. Thom,pson died Thurston NY Jul 28th former resident of Crooked Creek
1886 17-Mar D Thompson, Mrs. Frank d. Mrs. Frank (Edith) Thompson died Groveland, Mass., Mar 11th in 39th yr., daughter of John Walters of Rutland twp., burial "here"
1886 8-Dec D Todd, Mrs. Elizabeth d. Mrs. Elizabeth Todd died at her daughter's in Wellsboro (Mrs. C. G. Osgood) Nov 28th, age 90
1886 14-Apr D Towner, K. J. d. K. J. Towner died Big Flats NY, last Thur., age 50, formerly of Canoe Camp, left several children
1886 12-May D Tubbs, Fredercik (sic) d. Fredercik (sic) Tubbs died Ward Twp., May 3rd of general debility, age 78
1886 21-Jul D Tubbs, Mrs. Charles d. Mrs. Charles Tubbs died Westfield, Jul 9th
1886 17-Mar D Van Keuren, Israel d. Israel Van Keuren died near Corning (Gibson) last Thur. (or day before) log accident or epileptic fit, age 60, left 2 sons
1886 8-Dec D Van Keuren, Mrs. E. (nee Sarah Hammond Baker) d. Mrs. E. Van Keuren (nee Sarah Hammond Baker) died Corning NY, Dec 3rd, age 63, bowel ailment. Born Pleasant Valley, Steuben Co., NY, Oct 27th 1823 to Samuel and Kate Baker (granddaughter of the Samuel Baker who settled Tioga Co., Pa.) Left 2 children : Mrs. S. J. McCullough of Kansas City, Mo. (Nellie B.) and Frank E. Van Keuren of Mansfield, also sister Mrs. C. D. Champlin, Hammondsport NY. Her mother was daughter of Judge Hammond of Hammondsport. She married E. Van Keuren Aug 20th, 1846, buried at Pleasant Valley cemetery
1886 16-Jun D Van Order, John d. John Van Order died Blossburg Sat., last of paralysis, left 2 daughters, Mrs. Josephine Utter of Blossburg and Mrs. Augusta Schenck of New York
1886 28-Apr D Van Zile d. Mrs. D. Van Zile died Burton Hill (no date), funeral last Sat., left 6 children (Roseville items)_
1886 13-Oct D Vincent, Mrs. G. W.  d. Mrs. G. W. Vincent (buried Towanda) died this morning (Oct 13th) at Wysox, mother of Mrs. J. W. Adams of Mansfield and other daughters, and a son in Nebraska
1886 30-Jun D Voorhess, Mrs. Charles d. Mrs. Charles Voorhess died Daggetts Mills, Jun 21st
1886 1-Dec D Voorhis, Mrs. d. Mrs. Voorhis died Springfield Nov 15th of dropsy, age 65
1886 21-Apr D Vradenburg, Mrs. Melinda d. Mrs. Melinda Vradenburg died Deerfield twp., Apr 11th, age 71, paralysis
1886 15-Dec D Ward, Floyd Earnest  d. Floyd Earnest Ward died at Theo. Kenyon's in Troy twp., (no date), age 14 yrs, 11 mos.
1886 5-May D Warriner, Clara Belle d. Clara Belle Warriner died Liberty May 2nd, age 10 yrs and 10 days, daughter of I. M. and H. Elizabeth Warriner
1886 22-Dec D Warters, Gracie d. Gracie Warters died Lambs Creek Sun. with lung trouble, age 2, daughter of Reuben
1886 6-Oct D Warters, Wallace E. d. Wallace E. Warters died Round Top Sep 22nd, of bilious fever, age 30 yrs 9 days
1886 23-Jun D Watkins, Mrs. Rebecca d. Mrs. Rebecca Watkins died Mansfield Jun 20th, age 73, at her son's S. S. Watkins
1886 12-May D Welch, Emma D. d. Emma D. Welch died Lawrenceville, Apr 18th, 2 yrs, daughter of Thomas and Eliza
1886 3-Feb D Welch, Freeman d. Freeman Welch did near Mansfield, Jan 27th of consumption, age about 28; left 1 child. Funeral at Chandlersburg
1886 15-Sep D Wells, Mrs. E. D. d. Mrs. E. D. Wells died Lawrenceville Sep 9th
1886 22-Sep D West d. youngest child of Joseph West died Sat. (at Crooked Creek)
1886 15-Sep D Wetherbee, Mrs. Wright (Olive) d. Mrs. Wright (Olive) Wetherbee died Charleston, Sep 12th, age 71, heart disease
1886 1-Dec D Wetmore, Lester d. Lester Wetmore died Charleston (no date) buried on Sun age 82
1886 22-Dec D Whillinier, Mrs. Sarah d. Mrs. Sarah Whillinier died upper Elk Run of typhoid recently
1886 29-Dec D Whiting d. daughter of W. H. Whiting of Wellsboro died, funeral Dec 27th
1886 11-Aug D Wilcox, Benajah d. Benajah Wilcox died Frost Settlement Aug 5th, age 68, buried South Oxford, Chenango Co., NY came here 1853, had 8 children - 5 living; heart disease
1886 20-Oct D Williams d. child of A. M. Williams of Fall Brook died Oct 9th, age 5
1886 13-Oct D Wilson, Arthur d. Arthur Wilson died in saw mill accident Oct 2nd, son of A. T. (Blossburg item)
1886 14-Jul D Wilson, Cora d. Cora Wilson died Richmond twp., Jul13th of gastric fever, age 3 years 6 mos, daughter of A. N. and Elizabeth Wilson
1886 7-Jul D Wilson, Sumner d. Sumner Wilson of Covington died at Joseph Bennetts' in Covington last Fri., came here with parents 1818 from Amherst, Mass. (apparently Mrs. Bennett was his sister)
1886 20-Oct D Wing, Mrs. L. A. d. Mrs. L. A. Wing died Centre Hill, Fla., recently, age 55, formerly of Blossburg
1886 8-Sep D Wolfe, Mrs. Anna M. d. Mrs. Anna M. Wolfe died Troy Aug 27th of purpura, age 75
1886 15-Dec D Wombough, W. H. d. W. H. Wombough, formerly of Westfield, died recently at Hornellsville NY
1886 28-Jul D Wood, Thomas d. Thomas Wood died last Wed., at Morris Run with bowel ailment, age 22
1886 1-Dec D Woodruff, Thomas d. Thomas Woodruff died Towanda Nov 23rd, age 72, choked while eating, father of Mrs. John A. Parsons of Troy
1886 23-Jun D Woodworth, Linus d. Linus Woodworth died Troy Jun 15th, age 61
1886 22-Sep D Wyant, Mrs. Jane d. Mrs. Jane Wyant died Nelson Sep 15th apoplexy
1886 15-Sep D Yerkes, James d. James Yerkes died Springfield Sep 7th, age about 56, bowel ailment
1886 13-Oct D Zimmers, Hiram d. Hiram Zimmers died Copp Hollow last Sun.

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