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The Scrapbook of Hazel Irene FRANKLIN "Potter"
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  1. Attached is a scrapbook from my great aunt who was born and raised in East Smithfield. Most of the names I've seen on your sites, I thought your readers may get some enjoyment and historical information from the local newspaper.
Brenda Robbins ( Hazel Irene Franklin Potter Scrapbook

Hazel Irene Franklin was born April 30, 1903 in East Smithfield, Bradford County, Pa. As long as I remember she lived in Johnson City, New York married to Gerald Potter on Custer Avenue. As a child I thought she was the tallest woman with the funniest red hair. They only had one child, so grandchildren came later in their lives. My mother and her siblings all stayed with Aunt Hazel at one point of their lives which later extended over to their children as well. Many family names are mentioned in this scrapbook including: Hoyt, Dubert, Wright, Davis, Phrang, Potter, Leonard, Sabin and Franklin.

Here is what she collected over the years related to East Smithfield. All were typed as seen, even the mistakes.

Class Song

We shall play life’s game and play it fairly,

We shall find the road to clearer skies,

For tonight life’s highway’s strewn with flowers

When to you High School we bid good bye.

It’s time to leave you, to say farewell

As on the hilltop and in the dell

The sun is shining no cloud appears

Though clouds may come to us inn life it’s the bluebird’s son we’ll hear

(Fond) memories of you upon us throng.

When ‘22 sings this farewell song,

We’ll seek the rainbow in each raindrop,

The roses filled with dew

Then at this hour we bid adieu to you

Vivian Jane Gay ‘22

Announcement Cards:

Miss Anna Depew Leslie E. Smith Miss Sarah Depew

Miss blanche Gates Alice E. Wittig Fred W. Wilcox

Miss Hester Bourdette Miss Hazel Franklin John H. Carpenter

Florence M. Kellogg Genie M. Herda Gladys G. Warren

The rest of the book has snippets and small articles clipped out of some newspaper from the local area of East Smithfield.

Newspaper clipping: One Marriage License The city clerk as issued a marriage license to Emile M Anthony of Rahway, N.J. and Leola M. Hall of East Smithfield, Pa. March 9, 1926

From the Beacon Lights Class, M.. E. Church: August 4, 1922 "Clubbing a Husband" in the Town Hall at East Smithfield, Pa.

Cast of Characters:

Mrs. Blanche Newmann Alice Wittig A Bride

Mrs. Henrietta Ashton Alice Shephard Her sister from Boston

Maud Ashton Alma Russell An overgrown Girl

Belle Florence Kellogg Mrs. Newman’s Colored Cook

Bridget O’Flanagan Hester Bourdette A "Wash-Lady"

Mrs. Ottaway Gertrude French An Old-Fashioned Grandmother

Mrs. Ferris Evelyn Bourdette Her daughter

Dr. Georgiana Jordan Hazel Franklin An Old Maid Suffragette

Mrs. Whitney Freda Smith Inclined to be Jealous

Mrs. Reynolds Leola Hall A Bargain Hunter

Mrs. Harry Hudson Lerena Brown Inclined to be Nervous

Mrs. Skylark Lila Jones A woman of Ideals

SCENE – A Country Town

TIME – The Present Day


Act I – Morning. Mrs. Newmann’s Living Room. "Planned"

Act II – Afternoon. Same Room. "Fanned"

Act III – Evening. Dr. Jordan’s Office. "Manned"


Riggs, Oct 4 – Mr. and Mrs. Clair Grenell and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Grant motored to Binghamton Thursday and attended the Fair.

A farewell party was given to Hazel Franklin Friday evening. Sunday she went to Elmira, where she entered the Meeker’s Business College.

A number from here was attended the show at Smithfield the past two weeks.

Alonzo Rich is assisting John Wittig with his apple picking.

Mrs. Plyn Phelps and daughter of Milan, spent a few days with her parents last week.

Herman Gate of Barton, N.Y., spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. T. Sherman.

Alvah Fassett and son, Owen called on the former’s mother on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Dickenson and son of Smithfield spend Sunday with the lady’s parents.

The Misses Leola Hall and Hazel Franklin were on a hike to Milan and other places of interest Thursday.

Claude Northrup is assisting Kirk and Phelps of Ulster for a while.

Mrs. Alonzo Rich and Mrs. Clifford Keir were business visitors at Ulster on Monday.

Frank Soper has moved back to his farm here.

Mrs. M. Thomas and daughter, Olive were in Towanda Saturday afternoon.

Clair Grenell had the misfortune to get his nose broken while playing ball in Smithfield Saturday.

There was quite a little excitement here Sunday when fire broke out in Dickenson and Mitchell’s woods. By the aid of a number of men it was soon under control.

Herman Nichols, Ephram Driesbraugh and Henry Kendall are building new silos.

Leland palmer and Francis Hall were in Towanda Friday night and attended "Bringing Up Father".


MARCUS A. FORREST, who built the Forrest House in Athens in 1884, and conducted it for four years, died at his home near Litchfield Station Tuesday. He was injured by an automobile about two years ago and never fully recovered. While his death was not believed to be directly due to the injuries received it is thought that it hastened the end. One daughter, Mrs. J. H. Chadwick, at home and two brothers, L. D. Forrest, Eugene Oregon, and W. B. Forrest of Ulster, survive. The funeral services will be held from his late home, Thursday afternoon at 1 o’clock, and interment will be made in Tioga Point Cemetery.


Dear friends of the Forum: We have been taking Pennsylvania Farmer for quite a number of years. Everyone one in the family is interested in the letters. We are twin girls, ten years old. We go to school and both of us are in the fifth grade. We like our teacher very much. Her name is Waterman. We will close for our first letter. Gladys and Grace Hunsinger, Endicott, N.Y.


The first marriage license issued in the office of Recorder and Register Voorhis during the past four days, was secured yesterday by a couple from Smithfield and Athens. The license was issued to Horace B. Rich a farmer of Smithfield township, and Nita Galusha, Athens borough.


Edward E FLETCHER and Clara Delphine FRENCH of East Smithfield were married at the Methodist parsonage by Rev. H. I. Andrews.


Mr. and Mrs. Raymond MITCHELL of Smithfield entertained at their home Saturday evening in honor of their wedding anniversary. They were presented with six beautiful cut glass sherbert glasses. After a delicious lunch was served by the hose and hostess the following guests departed wishing them many more bright and happy years of wedded life: Mr. and Mrs. Claude Elsbree and two sons, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Nichols and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gerould and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Nichols.


Mr. and Mrs. William WITTIG of 624 Pennsylvania avenue, Elmira, N.Y., formerly of East Smithfield, Pal, announce the marriage of their daughter, Helen Lola to Harold RENSHAW, son of Mrs. Elizabeth Renshaw of 517 West Second street, Elmira, which was solemnized in the Southside Baptist church parsonage February 17. The Rev. John Fletcher Hall performed the ceremony.


Into a farm home on one of Smithfield’s hills came a little daughter on Feb. 9, 1839,the fourth daughter and the eleventh of the thirteen children of Olmsted and Anna Watkins TRACY. She was name for her mother’s mother, who had been Lois JENNINGS, a member of the famous Jennings family of England that figures as Jarndyce in Dickens’ Bleak House, and in legal annals as contestants in a will case involving a large estate. On her father’s side she traced an ancestry to fine Mayflower Puritan stock, William BRADFORD among others, and inherited much of the sturdy character and firm adherence to the principles of New England. She received her education at the district school supported largely by her father and select schools at "the Center" as the village of East Smithfield is known in the township. At the age of fifteen she began teaching in the home school alternating terms as teacher and pupil. She taught very successfully for several years a part of the time in Athens township. Gradually the large family scattered to make new homes until after the parents’ death she and an older sister, Euphemia, and a brother were left alone on the farm. On the marriage of the brother in 1877 the sisters purchased a home in the village which became the family center and a home whose open door hospitality made it a frequent calling place for old and young. Never was there a more gentle and womanly presence to bless a home and mother the large family than "Aunt Phemie" nor a jollier, more companionable hostess than "Aunt Lois". Many were those who found their place at the bountiful board and in the well-ordered home, - at one time a jolly tableful of school boarders, at another "my preacher" and his family at the moving time, as well as a constant succession of always welcome guests. A wide and varied circle of friends was her’s. Among the most valued were many of "the preachers," all of whom ere her neighbors, and some little children to whom she was devotedly attached. At the age of twenty-six, though most of her family were members of attendants at the Congregational church, she united with the Methodist church, though she never lost interest in the church of her parents. One of the great sorrows of her life was the death in 1904, of a motherless grandniece, Edna DICKSON, who grew up as a daughter in her home. One by one the brothers and sisters died until all the large family circle only one was left beside herself, her devoted younger brother, Malie. For some years failing hearing and then failing strength had more and more limited her activities until at last she needed well-nigh constant care. The time of extreme weakness and almost helplessness, was mercifully short and she died quietly on Nov. 10, 1917. A second daughter, who had come into her home as a little child after her mother’s death. Anna BLAKESLEE, now Mrs .Ed WITHEY, cared for her while her brother, Mallie devoted himself to her, together with nieces and nephew. A month before her death she selected the text for her funeral sermon. "Yea, though I walk through the shadow of the valley of death I will fear no evil, for thou art with me, thy rod and they staff they comfort me." The service was held in the Methodist church and was a beautiful one. The sermon was preached by her pastor, Rev. T. J. Phillips, the other pastors taking part in the service. The songs were beautifully sung by Mrs. Jesse GEROULD and Miss Anna SMITH, and the casket was covered with a wealth of flora, gifts. A woman of strong character, of a good mind, ready wit, generous, a firm friend, of untiring industry, full of interest in those around her, and with an unselfish person’s keen appreciation of kindnesses received, "Aunt Lois’" going leaves a large place vacant, but she had her hospitable home will live in the memory of unnumbered friends. She sleeps on the hill overlooking her home and the town, beside her sister and niece at the rest after a long and useful life.

Susan R. PECK

East Smithfield, Pa.


Riggs, Pa., Dec. 27 – The Misses Hazel FRANKLIN and Leola HALL from Binghamton, were home for Christmas. Miss Eleanor WARNER came home with them to stay over the week end.

A Christmas party was given at Riggs school in honor of the Misses Hazel FRANKLIN and Leola HALL.

Mrs P M PALMER entertained on Christmas Day, the following guests; Mrs. BENNETT, Royal PRUYNE, John AUMICK, Herbert AUMICK, all from Athens and Robert PRUYNE from Vermont.

On account of the bad roads people should carry extra wish bones.

Miss Grace WITTIG and Amos WITTIG from Johnson City, spent Christmas with their parents, Mrs. And Mrs. John WITTIG.

Mr. and Mrs. A.B. KEIR had a family gathering Christmas Day. The guests were, Mr. and Mrs. Milton SHOEMAKER, William WILLIS and Miss Waneta SHOEMAKER from Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford KEIR and son, Carlton, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert KEIR In the afternoon a good many presents and jokes were exchanged.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford BARNER spend Christmas with the later’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ward FISH.

Lon RICH as purchased a valuable hen from Edward FRANKLIN.

Mr and Mrs. George BLOW and son, HARMON, spent Christmas Day with Mr. and Mrs. Percy BLOW.

The Misses Hazel FRANKLIN and Leola HALL have returned to their work in Binghamton after enjoying a good time at home.


Mr. and Mrs. Donald NICHOLS of East Smithfield announce the birth of a son Monday, May 16, at the Packer hospital in Sayre.


East Smithfield: Dec 29– The marriage of Paul G. FRENCH of Syracuse, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. W. FRENCH of East Smithfield, to Miss Marjory BORDEN of the same city on Christmas ever has been announced here by the bridegroom’s parents. Mr. and Mrs. FRENCH also announce the marriage of their daughter, Miss Gertrude of Beacon, N.Y., to Donald Nichols of East Smithfield at Harrison, N.Y. on Thanksgiving Day.


East Smithfield, June 1– At the conclusion of the Memorial Day service, the local D.A.R. members sponsored the setting of an elm on the village green, which was set by Stephen ANSELL, the only surviving Civil War veteran of Smithfield township. The tree will be known as the "Washington-Ansell Elm".


East Smithfield, Oct. 15 – President Hoover carried this village for more than two to one in the straw vote, obtaining 43 votes to 18 for Governor Roosevelt. Fifty-three of the 61 persons who voted in the straw poll cast ballots for Mr. Hoover in 1928, three of them were for former Governor Smith and fiver did not vote in that election. The drift to Governor Roosevelt was 21 percent, 13 persons voting for him int the straw canvass, who in 1928 voted for President Hoover.


Ruth Thomas Grant, wife of Gordon Grant, aged 44 years, died at the family home on Ulster R. D. 4 yesterday morning, following a lingering illness although she had been confined to her bed for only two weeks. She is survived by her husband and one son, Marvin Grant, her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. M.G. THOMAS; three sisters, Mrs. A. U. HUFF, Mrs. Clarence GRENELL, Mrs. Claude ELSBREE all of Smithfield township; three brothers, Floyd, of Smithfield, Lewis of Athens, and Harold, of Dushore. Funeral services will be held at the home Saturday afternoon at 1:30. Rev. Davis of the Community Church at Smithfield will officiate. Burial will be a t East Smithfield cemetery.


Mrs. Catherine Pearl SLATER, wife of Robert Slater of West Athens, died at the People’s hospital in Sayre late yesterday afternoon following an illness of about two weeks. She was 23 years of age. Mrs. Slater was prominent in church work in this section. She was a graduate of the Athens high school and a member of the Lady Griffin Rebekah lodge. Besides her husband she is survived by her mother Mrs. Julia PEARL of Athens, four children, two half brothers, Robert WATKINS of Athens and Guy Watkins of Binghamton; five half sisters, Mrs. James MOORE of Athens, Mrs. Phillip STOOKE of Rome, N.Y., Mrs. Arthur BROWN of Elmira Heights, N.Y., Mrs. Elizabeth MORLEY of Athens and Mrs. Maude REGEN of Sayre. Funeral services will be held at the home of her brother, Robert Watkins at 230 Maple street, Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock. The Rev. A. D. Finch of the Athens Methodist church will officiate . Burial will be made in the Tioga Point Cemetery.


East Smithfield, Jan. 4 – Prof. C. P. HOWLAND will sail from New York January 7 on the steamship Resolute of the Hamburg American Line for cruise around the world. The first stop will be at the Island of Madeira, then Gibralter and Spain, to Algiers, Africa, also Mont Carol, Morocco and France; Naples, Ital, where he will visit the Vesuvius Valcano. He will make a three day stop in Palestine and visit Haifa, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jordan, the Dead Sea and Sea of Gallilee; Cairo, Egypt, the Pyramids and Sphinx. Then through the Red Sea into the Judian Ocean. He will spend one day at Soncilland, East Africa, then to Bombay, India, where he will take a seven day excursion across India to Calcutta, Delhi, Benares and Fatehpiu, Lakri, then to Columbo Ceylon, East Siam, Rangoon, Burma, Sumatra, Java to Singapore and Johore in Maly; Farahan Borneo, Lulu, Manila Philippine Islands, Hong Kong, South China, Formosa, then Shanghai and Peking in North China. He will spend nine days in Japan and visit the principal cities. He will leave Hilo, Hawaii May 3, arriving in California May 11. After spending some time in San Francisco and Los Angeles, he will cross the continent by rail, making the trip in 140 days, visiting 30 countries, 63 cities and traveling 37,849 miles on land and sea.


Their Students Much in Demand

Monday is the next entrance date – two interesting letters just received – great penmanship or business writing course.

President B.C. Meeker of the Institute is spending the weekend with the Rotarians attending the convention at Montreal, Canada. Mr. Meeker is vice-president of the Elmira Club. The many friends of Miss Adria Drake, principal of the Shorthand Department, who recently underwent an operation at the St. Joseph’s Hospital has so far recovered that she was removed to her home on Euclid avenue Thursday. Miss Alice Synder of Ulster, Penna., is leaving the Institute to accept a position at Sayre, Penna. Miss Hazel Franklin is supplying as a typist in one of the large firms of Elmira. Mr. Bernard Morley is completing this course in shorthand and leave for a good position at Cranberry Lake Saturday. Bernard will be greatly missed about the Institute.


Animals Will be Weighed in Next Thursday Afternoon at One O’clock; Essays Written on ‘How I Grew My Pig’

At East Smithfield High School, Thursday, at 1 p.m. sharp there will occur the final shot for closing the Pig Feeding Contest of 8 boys and girls of the community. All the contestants are on their toes looking over the fences at the other member’s pig and wondering just what the scale beam will register on this occasion.

These pigs will be assembled at the School Building and will be weighed by a disinterested person. They will then be placed in a arena and judged from a standpoint of market type for butchering hogs. The gain per day, as well as the standing of the pig from a standpoint of body type are factors that will be considered for the ultimate score but in addition to that each contestant will turn in an essay of not over 150 words on "How I Grew My Pig" and the record book showing the amount of feed used, will also be considered in making up the final score. The principal of the High School has arranged a Program for this occasion and various school authorities have expressed their Intention of being present for this event which will consist of numerous other features aside from the closing of the Pig Feeding Contest.

The first contest of this kind was completed at Camptown sometime ago and proved to be a very interesting and enjoyable occasion for adults as well as school pupils. Anyone concerned in School maters or in any phase of Agricultural development is urged to be present for this occasion at East Smithfield on Thursday, October 19th.


People of East Smithfield and Vicinity Plan Big Time for Thursday.

The people of East Smithfield and the community for many miles around are going to have one big day on Thursday next when a "Rural Life Institute" is to be held beginning promptly at l p. m. The program given below is indicative of a good time for those who attend. After the end o f this perfect day is reached those who addend will feel as though they have been to a Chautauqua, a Fair, a commencement exercise, a Play Festival, and a Home Talent Play all combined into one, and they will also go to bed with the conviction that their community is a pretty good one after all.

The plan of activities is as follows: Afternoon program 1 P.M.

Community Singing

Greeting – Assistant Supt. R.W. Robinson.

Weighing in and awarding of Prizes in the Pig Feeding Contest, in charge of County Agent D.K., Sloan.

Essay Contest – Themes: "How I Grew my Pig" and "Value of Good Roads"

Spelling Contest

Evening Program in the Town Hall.

Community singing

Address of Welcome – Mr. C.P. Howland

Exercise – "Gifts of Autumn" – Grade Pupils.

Song – "The Soldier’s Chorus" – High School.

Sketch – "Please Pass the Cream" – Alma Russell, Harry Gerould.

Reading of Prize Essay

Address – Mr. W. V. Dennis, Professor of Rural Sociology, State College, Pa.

County Superintendent Morrow and others will also be present. This is the first of a series of such meetings to be held in the County. One the 27th Grover will have one and on the following day a good program is scheduled for LeRaysville. The last one of the year will be held at West Burlington November 4.

The aim of these Institutes is to bring out the latest values of rural life and discover leadership in worth while activities in the country sections.


Former North Towanda and Monroeton Pastor Passes Away.

The Rev. Roy N. Brague, pastor of the Pilgrim’s Congregational Church at Plymouth, Pa., died in the homeopathic hospital at Wilkes-Barre at 1 o’clock yesterday afternoon. He was taken ill Monday and operated upon at 5 o’clock that afternoon for appendicitis.

Rev. Brague is very well known in this section having been pastor of the North Towanda Methodist Church and later of the Monroeton Methodist Church, going from the latter place to Plymouth about two years ago.

He is survived by his wife; one sister, Mrs. E. H. Watkins of Roaring Branch; one brother, Charles Brague, of Los Angeles, California; and seven children, Edwin, Lucy, Foster, Florence, George, Gerald and Mary, all at home.

Funeral services will be held at the home in Plymouth at 10 o’clock Monday morning. It is about a four hours drive from there to Towanda where burial will be made in Oak hill cemetery.


Francis Henry Kendall, the last surviving member of the nine children born to Elam Kendall and his wife Deborah Knapp Kendall, died Sunday April 29th at 8:30 o’clock, p. m, after an illness of to weeks with pneumonia at this farm, which he has occupied nearly 50 years. His age registers 81 years, being born, April 18, 1842.

Three children, a daughter and two sons were born to his marriage to Sally HALL, all of whom preceded him to the great beyond, two of the children in infancy and Fred Kendall at the age of 28, died of cancer. Since his wife’s death Mr. Kendall had rented to tenants with whom he had lived. He leaves numerous relatives, nieces and nephews, children of his six brothers and one sister, Mrs. H. O. BURNS, J. W. Kendall of Warren, Pa., also R. Wilber Kendall of Ulster, Pa. and others numbering 20 or more are his kin. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 o’clock at his home. Services were conducted by Rev. Carter of BURLINGTON.

Obituary – Mrs. John HUFF

Again has the angel of Death entered a happy home and left it desolate; another wife and mother has been taken, leaving husband and children weeping and heart broken. Mrs. Ellen Hill Huff, wife of John Huff, died Monday morning, December 4. Her last sickness was brief from the first, there was not much hope of her recovery. All that loving hands and medical aid could do was done, but of no avail. Death claimed her for his own and took her home. By her ladylike manner and sweet disposition she won the love of a large circle of friends. Mrs. Huff was born at Swartwood, N. J., nearly 61 years ago, was the mother of 11 children all of whom are living and all but one are grown to manhood and womanhood. Mrs. Huff was a member of the M.E. church of Smithfield and her pastor, Rev. Mark SCHUYLER, conducted the funeral service at her home Thursday at 11 o’clock. In a beautiful casket with the choicest of flowers she was laid to rest in Tioga Point cemetery, at Athens.

Mother is gone, death has claimed her,

Now she lieth cold and still

In her home a chair is vacant

Which time can never fill.

Flowers, fit emblems for a love one

Now are withering ore her breast

She has gone, this loving mother,

To her long unending rest.

Mother is gone,, yes, gone forever,

Her bright smile no more we’ll see,

She has paid the best of nature

Now from pain and death she’s free.

She has gone to dwell in heaven.

With the angels up on high;

By and by we all can meet her,

There to live and never die.

Mother is gone from her earthly dwelling.

Where she never enter more,

She will be watching for her loved ones

On the bright and shining shore.

One last look upon her casket

For her spirit now has fled,

One more loving wife and mother

Now is sleeping with the dead.

You will miss dear mother, but above

You know her glorious spirit shine

Where all is joy, peace and love.

Angels chant their songs divine.

In her purse heart a perfect trust

Was by her maker richly given

And leaning on her savior just

She took her flight from earth to heaven.

We must bid her farewell, her labors are ore.

She rests now with loved ones on that beautiful shore;

Although you are lonely, yes lonely, each day

Our savior commands us to watch and pray,

Then when these earthly ties are riven

We may meet them, yes, meet our dear ones in heaven.

– A Friend


Irvin L. ERLE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel ERLE of Sayre, Pa., died in the Binghamton City Hospital Friday. He is survived by his wife, Ruth; a son Irvin Jr.; a daughter, Beatrice, and several brothers and sisters. Mr. ERLE had worked for the American Tea Co. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward FRANKLIN, Nichols, a son, October 7, at the Packer hospital. 1889, Raymond Edward Franklin


Riggs, July 9 – Miss Grace WITTIG, who has been teaching school at Morrisville, Pa., for the past year is spending her vacation at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Wittig.

Miss Olive THOMAS spent Thursday with her sister, Mrs. Gordon GRANT.

The Misses Leola HALL and Hazel FRANKLIN motored to Waverly on Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford KIER, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert KIER of this place, and Miss Ida JONES of Union, N.Y. spend the Fourth at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Adam KIER.

Miss Asa CRAWFORD of Laceyville is spending a few days with Miss Grace WITTIG.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman NICHOLS and son, Gerald, and the Misses Leola and Marion HALL, spent the Fourth in Troy.

The Riggs baseball team will play West Burlington at that place on Saturday.

Ed Franklin is beautifying his home by putting on a coat of paint.

Several of the young people from this vicinity enjoyed the dance at Ulster Tuesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Justin PHRANG of Athens were calling at the home of Edward FRANKLIN Sunday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude NORTHRUP and son, Clarence have returned to their home here after visiting at the homes of relatives in Lewistown.

Keith GRENELL is visiting at the home of Claire GRENELL

Mr. and Mrs. Edward FLETCHER were Sunday visitors at the home of Herman NICHOLS.

A number of farmers around here have begun their haying.

Mr. and Mrs. Abraham DRIESBAUGH and two sons and Mr. and Mrs. John DRIESBAUGH and children spent the Fourth at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim DRIESBAUGH of this place.


Riggs July 11. – Miss Mildred POLOCK, who is a stenographer in Elmira, is spending a week’s vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. POLOCK.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis THOMAS of Johnson City called on his parents, His sister, Olive THOMAS returned home with them to spend a few days.

Claire GRENELL had the misfortune recently to lose a horse.

Mr. and Mrs. Claud NORTHRUP and son, Clarence, brought home from Lewistown their niece, Miss Bessie CORSON to spend serval weeks with them.

Mrs. John WITTIG, daughter Grace and Miss Asa CRAWFORD were call on Miss Carrie FOSBURG Friday afternoon.

Saturday at 1 o’clock the sale of the White School House took place. The two chief bidders were Blake WRIGHT and Robert BALMER. In the end, Mr. BALMER won. We hear he is planning to build a bungalow with it.

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert KIER and cousin Miss JONES, motored to Nichols Sunday.

To get-acquainted party was held at the home of Miss Grace Wittig Friday evening for her former roommate at Normal, Miss Aza CRAWFORD of Laceyville.

The young folks played games on the lawn while the older ones played cards. After refreshments, the young folks danced.


Mrs. Ellen KELLY Celebrates Event at Home of Her Granddaughter.

ULSTER, Jan. 12. – Mrs. Ellen Kelly, who resides at the home of her grandaughter, Mrs. Leroy SMITH at Sheshequin, celebrated her 82nd birthday on Wednesday. Mrs. Kelley has been very poorly for a long time, son the affair was a small, quiet yet very enjoyable one. The daughter and granddaughter prepared a delicious dinner and invited Mrs. Kelley’s old friend and neighbor, Mrs. Angeline BROWN and Mrs. Charles REYNDERS to enjoy it with her. Among the gifts was a beautiful bouquet of roses, sent by another granddaughter Miss Grace WITTIG, who teaches at Morristown, Pa.


Riggs, Dec. 28 – Miss Florence KELLOGG of Elmira spent the Christmas night with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Levi KELLOGG.

Mr. and Mrs. John DAVIS and Miss Leola HALL, from East Smithfield spent Christmas Day at the home of Edward FRANKLIN.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude HOYT and daughter, Dorothy spent a few days at the home of Mrs. HOYT’s parents in Riggs.

Henry WITTIG, from Johnson City, spent his Christmas vacation in this vicinity.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman NICHOLS and son, Gerald spent Christmas Day with his mother, Mrs. Joel HARRIS at East Smithfield.

Delos BURLINGAME from East Smithfield spent a few days with his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas FOSBURG.

Harold Thomas from DUSHORE spent his vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. THOMAS.

Miss Hazel FRANKLIN, who is attending Meekers Business Institute, is home for the holidays.

Miss Mildred POLLOCK, who has a position in Elmira, was home for Christmas.

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert KIER and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford KIER visited at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adam KIER.

Mrs. Edward FLETCHER, from Codding is visiting at the home of Mrs. Herman NICHOLS.

Mr. and Mrs. Clare GRENELL and children spend Christmas Day at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence GRENELL.

Mrs. Gilbert KIER entertained at her home Sunday the following guests, Mr. and Mrs. George BLOW, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo RICH, Mr. and Mrs. Percy BALMER, and son, Robert.

Mrs. John WITTIG, and daughter was son was visiting at the home of Edward FRANKLIN, Wednesday.

Mr. Ephrian DRIESBAUGH was in Ulster, Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. John WITTIG gave a party Christmas night, in honor of their daughter, Grace, who is teaching school at Morrisville, Pa., and is home for the holidays.

The entire house was open for the entertainment of the guests and was beautifully decorated with Christmas trimmings and evergreens.

The evening was spent in dancing and playing cards. Mr. H. KENDALL and M. THOMAS furnished the music. Miss Roberta HUFF rendered a Christmas song.

Refreshments were served to about fifty guest, who were present from the following places: Johnson City, Elmira, Waverly, Dushore, Ulster and East Smithfield.

All extend their thanks to the hostess, who gave them such an enjoyable time.

Some of the younger people of this place motored to Towanda, Wednesday night and enjoyed the picture show. Afterwards they were entertained at the home of Silas MILLS, Packer avenue, Towanda with an oyster supper.


Riggs, Jan. 9 – Miss Grace WITTIG and Genevieve SANE have returned to their school at Morristown, Pa, after a week’s vacation with their parents.

Franklin SOPER was called to Luthers Mills Friday by the death of his mother.

Mr. and Mrs. E. P. WITTIG of Rochester are visiting relatives here.

Amos WITTIG is sick with a severe cold.

Ward FISH had the misfortune to lose a valuable cow last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford KEIR entertained the following for dinner Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. George BLOW and son, Harmon, Mr. and Mrs. Percy PALMER and son, Robert, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. WITTIG, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo RICH, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert KEIR, Mr. and Mrs. Percy BLOW and sons, Henry Robert and Floyd.

Alice CALIFF has been on the sick list for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon GRANT were shopping in Ulster Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert KEIR, Clarence NORTHRUP and Harman BLOW were calling at Clifford KIER’s Sunday evening.

Plinn PHELPS and family have been visiting at the home of Walter FOSBURG.

Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim DRIESBAUGH and son, Pat, visited Abraham DRIESBAUGH’s Sunday.

Mrs. H. B. RICH was calling on Mrs. Little RICH on Friday afternoon.

Enos HUBBARD and daughter, Grace were in Smithfield on Tuesday.

Harry WITTIG and Marion GRANT were on Shills’s pond skating Friday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert BROWN were calling at Gordon GRANT’s Friday.

Mitchell and DICKERSON have bought the Clinton CALIFF farm of Alden CALIFF and expect to cut the timber off this winter.


Riggs, April 23, – Howard HALL has purchased a new tractor.

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert KIER, Miss Margarite NIPPARD and Mr. Raymond McQUIRE attended the show at Smithfield, Friday evening.

Mr. Ralph GOODRICK and sister, who have been spending the past two weeks with their uncle, Ephran DRIESBAUGH, returned to their home in Pittsburgh, Saturday.

Mr. Clarence NORTHRUP has all dolled up for the summer. Now girls beware!

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert KIER has purchased a Ford touring car.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward FRANKLIN entertained the following guests at their home Sunday afternoon; Mr. and Mrs. Homer DAVIS, Mr. and Mrs. Justin PHRANG and daughter, Margaret of Athens, Mr. and Mrs. John WITTIG and Miss Leola HALL of this place.

Miss Hazel FRANKLIN, who is working in Elmira returned to her home Thursday. She will not be able to return to her work for several weeks on account of inflammatory rheumatism.

A very unusual occurrence happened in this neighborhood Saturday. An airplane was seen going over this vicinity and of course we farmers all had to view it.

Number of the young people of this vicinity attended the dance at Smithfield Wednesday evening. They reported a very good time.

Mrs. Herman NICHOLS and Mr. Francis HALL motored to Sayre on Thursday to do some shopping.

Mr. Edward FRANKLIN and Mr. Raymond McGUIRE motored to Sayre Sunday and took dinner with the former’s daughter, Mrs. Claud HOYT.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman NICHOLS and son, Gerald were shopping in Ulster, Saturday.

Gordon GRANT has purchased a new touring car.

Mrs. Mary HALL and family have returned to their home in this place after spending the winter in Smithfield.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward FRANKLIN and daughter, Hazel and Miss Leola HALL motored to Elmira, Monday.

Mr. Thomas POLLOCK and Miss Bessie WAKELY attended the show at Smithfield Friday evening.

A paper napkin: There is time a to eat, drink and be merry,

There is a time to be serious, too.

There is a time to e independent,

And a time to be happy all through.

So guard yourself and your family

With a snug little bank account

In the family bank; the one that is safe–

The bank that is kept for you.


East Smithfield Pennsylvania Hand written date: June 15, 1928 - Alumni Banquet


Miss Marion DUBERT Marries Manley Eugene WRIGHT

East Smithfield, July 8. – Miss Marion Augusta DuBert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. DuBert, and Manley Eugene Wright, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wright, were united in marriage on Friday July 8, at the Methodist parsonage in East Smithfield. The Rev. O. J. Steverson, pastor of the church performed the double ring ceremony.

The attendants were Miss Edith HIBBARD of Sayre and Gilbert WILCOX of East Smithfield. Following the ceremony, a delightful three course dinner was served at the Minaphe Inn in Sayre. Mr. and Mrs. Wright then left for the Thousand Islands and other points of interest in northern New York state and Canada. They will be at home at 604 Church street, Athens, after July 18.

Mrs. Wright graduated from East Smithfield High School and Athens High School. She is also a graduate of the Mansfield State Teachers College and has taught two successful terms of school. She will resume her teaching duties at the McDuffie street school in Athens this fall.

Mr. Wright is a graduate of the East Smithfield High School and of a Cleveland electrical school. He is now employed as an operator in the electric plant at Sayre by the Northern Pennsylvania Power Co.


The second annual reunion of the Davis family was held Monday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter DUBERT at East Smithfield. A picnic diner was held after which officers were elected as follows: President, Manley Wright of Athens; first vice president, George GRIPPEN of Candor, N. Y.; second vice-president, Mrs. Manley WRIGHT of Athens; table committee, Mrs. Genevieve GRIPPEN of Candor; entertainment committee, Mrs. Mildred PHRANG and Mrs. Lavina DAVIS of Milan. Guests from East Smithfield, Burlington, Milan, Sayre, Athens, Candor and Vestal, N. Y.


The fifteenth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim DRIESBAUGH was celebrated at their home at East Smithfield on Tuesday, Novermber 29th. The following guests were present.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry FRALEY, Mr. and Mrs. Roy ANDRUS, Mr. and Mrs. Ed KEELER, Miss Reta DEVOE, Rev. and Mrs. O. J. STEVENSON. A chicken supper was served. The table was decorated with a beautiful bouquet from the guests. Stories and games were enjoyed throughout the evening.


Two divorces were handed down by Judge Maxwell yesterday both being for couples of this county who had found married life uncongenial. Ella Smiley was granted a divorce from Burt R. SMILEY of Canton, on the ground of indignities. The second separation was that granted Agnes ROSENGRANT vs. Charles H. ROSENGRANT, of Smithfield township, on the grounds of force and coercion.

The second case is one of the most peculiar divorce cases ever handled in the local courts. In her statement the woman stated that she had never resided with the husband and that the original marriage had been the result of his coercion. The man, it is alleged, brought the young girl to Towanda and on the trip here "proposed" it is claimed. The girl declined but nevertheless the couple went to the office of the County Recorder where a marriage license was issued.

Further persuasion, it is set forth in the petition, brought the couple to the residence of the Rev. H. I. ANDREWS which they entered but there the girl refused to marry the man. They left the parsonage and walked down the street until they were in front of the office of Justice Meredith where the girl, it is alleged, sustained a "spell" or "shock" of some kind. When she regained knowledge of her actions, she alleges, the ceremony had been performed and the twain were one. The girl declined to recognize the marriage however, and returned to her home, refusing to live with the man.


Miss Hazel Irene FRANKLIN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. FRANKLIN of East Smithfield , and Gerald W. POTTER of Johnson City were united to marriage Monday, November 10, in the Boulevard Methodist church by the Rev. W. S. CRANDALL. They were attended by Miss Hilda BRYCE.

After a short wedding trip to New York City, they will reside at 25 Custard avenue, Johnson City.


Wednesday, February 28, Miss Susie E. VanWinkle and Edward N. Franklin, both of Windham, Pa. were united in marriage by Rev. A. T. Mercer of the Waverly Baptist church. Mr. and Mrs. Orin D. Elklor of Windham attended the couple.


Mr. and Mrs. Ray Franklin of Windham Center announce the marriage of their daughter, Viola, to John J. BRENNAN of Towanda on Saturday, April 30th.

The ceremony was performed by the very Rev. J. J McGuckin in the Church of St. Peter and Paul, Towanda, Miss Mary BRENNAN and Martin H. BRENNAN were the attendants.


Miss Genevieve Davis, daughter of Mrs. And Mrs. Hugh Davis of Nichols, N. Y., and Paul Maslin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Maslin of Sayre R. D. were married Friday evening in the Athens Calvary Baptist church by Rev. George McCAULEY in the double ring ceremony.

The bride was attired in a white brocaded satin gown with fingertip veil. She carried a white Bible topped with white gardenias with streamers of white satin and lilies of the valley.

She was attended by Miss Marguerite WANDELL, maid of honor, and Miss Grace Maslin as bridesmaid.

Miss Wandell wore yellow chiffon over satin and Miss Maslin wore blue chiffon over satin. Both carried bouquets of carnations and lily of the valley.

Ushers were Harriet and Vivian Maslin, who wore pink satin gowns trimmed with lace.

The best man was Roger Maslin

Music was provided by Mrs. Eugene LENT, pianist, and William ATKINSON, violinist. Mrs. George McCAULEY sang two vocal solos.

Following the ceremony a reception was held in the basement of the church and refreshments were served.


A nine-pound son, Robert Leonard, was born Wednesday to Mr. and Mrs Gerald W. POTTER, 71 Cleveland Avenue.


Edward L. Franklin died at the home of his daughter in Sayre, January 15, after an illness of about four weeks. He was sixty-one years of age and a resident of East Smithfield township for twenty-one years.

On account of his failing health the deceased rented his farm last March and moved to Sayre with his daughter. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. S. A. FRANKLIN of Lancaster, four brothers and sisters besides his wife, and two daughters; Mrs. Claud HOYT of Sayre and Mrs. Gerald POTTER of Johnson City. One son, Raymond of Nichols, also survives him.

Funeral services will be held at the home of his daughter in Sayre this afternoon at 2 o’clock. Burial will be in Tioga Point cemetery.


Dies at Home in East Smithfield Results of Gun Wound.

East Smithfield, Sept. 5 – Stephen E. Dibble aged 51, died at his home here Monday morning at 5 o’clock. He had shot himself Friday afternoon.

Besides his widow, he is survived by five children, Mrs. Guy FRENCH of Endioctt, Geraldine, Russell and Pearl, all at home; a grandson, Guy Walter French; three brothers, Charles Dibble of Athens, James of Sylvania, Max of Endicott; five sisters , Mrs. Herman McNEAL, Mrs. A. A. EASTMAN, both of Burlington; Mrs. H. S. HEMINGWAY of Newark, N. J.; Mrs. M. S. RENNIE and Mrs. Harold MORGAN, both of Endicott.

Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at 1 o’clock at the home of burial in the East Smithfield cemetery. The Rev. Steverson of the Methodist church there will officiate.


Mrs Claude Hoyte of Vestal, a former resident of Athens, died in a Binghamton hospital early this morning. She leave her husband and four children, Dorothy, Ellen, Manley and Shirley, also her mother, Mrs. Lida FRANKLIN, one sister, Mrs. Gerald POTTER of Binghamton and one brother Ray FRANKLIN of Nichols.


Mrs. Luella Van Nostrand aged 65 died at her home, 458 Waverly street, at 2 p. m. yesterday after a brief illness.

Mrs. Van Nostrand is survived by her mother, Mrs. Sarah FRANKLIN, Whitney Point, N.Y.; one son, Charles of Binghamton; one grandson, Robert Van Nostrand, Medina, N.Y.; two sisters, Mrs. Stella SPELLMAN, Summers, Conn.; Mrs. Rosy YOUNG, Warren Center, Pa.; four brothers, E. E. Franklin, Whitney Point; Burton Franklin, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Paul R. Franklin, El Paso, Tex.; and Charles A. Franklin, Whitney Point; several nieces and nephews.

Funeral services will be held Monday afternoon at 2 o’clock. Rev. W. Lunn of Grace Episcopal church will officiate and interment will be in Nichols.


Mrs. Sarah A. Franklin, 92 years old, died at her home in Whitney Point on Thursday night. She is survived by four sons, Burton of Signal Mount, Tenn., Paul of El Paso, Texas, Ertelle of Binghamton and Charles of Whitney Point; two daughters Mrs. Frank SPELLMAN of Springfield, Mass., and Mrs. Rosa YOUNG of Warren Center, Pa., and several grandchildren.


The funeral of Mrs. Lida E. FRANKLIN will be held at the J. F. Rice Funeral Home, 150 Main St., Johnson City, N. Y., Monday at 1:30 p. m. The Rev. William s. Crandall will officiate. Burial will be in Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens, Pa. Friends may call at the funeral home Saturday and Sunday afternoon and evening.


Mrs. Mary M. Hall, 89, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Herman NICHOLS of East Smithfield at 7:35 Monday morning after a six year illness.

She was born in Smithfield Township, the daughter of the late Sylvanus and Maria Markland FRENCH of Smithfield Township.

Her husband George W. HALL, died in 1917.

Mrs. Hall resided in Smithfield Township nearly her entire life and was a practical nurse and helped the late Dr. Williams R. CAMPBELL with his maternity cases.

She was a member of East Smithfield Methodist Church for 75 years, a member of the Lady Webb Rebekah lodge for 30 years.

She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Laura NICHOLS of East Smithfield; Mrs. Leola Anthony RAHWAY, N.J.; Mrs. Marian RENN of West New York, N.J.; three sons, Francis, Howard and Luke HALL, all of East Smithfield; one stepdaughter, Mrs. Nina JEWELL of Corry, Pa.,; one stepson, Ralph HALL of Clifton Springs, N.Y.; one sister, Mrs. Burt GUSTIN of Athens; one brother, Luke FRENCH of Elmira; nine grandchildren and several great grandchildren.

The body was taken to the Lowery Funeral Home 225 South Main St., Athens, where friends may call Wednesday from 1 to 5 p.m. and 7 and 9 p.m.. The body will be taken to the East Smithfield Methodist Church at 10 a.m. Thursday where friends may call at 11 a.m.

Funeral services will be held there at 2 p.m. Thursday wit the Rev. Owen Barrett of East Canton Methodist and the Rev. Orey CRIPPEN of the Roseville Baptist Church officiating, with burial in Union Cemetery at East Smithfield.


Riggs, July 14 – When Steve DIBBLE went after his cows, Thursday morning he found one of his cows had given birth to a fie legged calf. The calf is alive and walks on five feet. If anyone is interested in such a calf, Mr. Dibble would be glad to have him call and see it.

Mrs. Roy AUMICK and daughter of Johnson City have been spending a couple of days with her sister-in-law, Mrs. Percy BALMER.

Mr. and Mrs. Jennie BLOW and Lottie RICH were calling on Mrs. Laura FRENCH Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs. Phoebe BURLINGAME of Syracuse is spending some time at her home here.

Everett NICHOLS of East Smithfield have been roofing buildings in this vicinity. He put a new roof on E. DRIESBAUGH’s barn and also on Lon RICH’s home.

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon GRANT, Mrs. John WITTIG and daughter, Grace spent Wednesday in Elmira.

Carlton WITTIE spent the week end with his cousin, Leslie WITTIE.

Irving PHILLIPS and friend, Aleline CHILSON, of North Orwell spent Thursday evening with his cousin, Clifford KEIR and family.

Lura FRENCH attended a funeral of a relative in Canton Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford KEIR spent Sunday at the home of Walter WITTIE.

Ida FOSBURG spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. John WITTIG.

Mr. and Mrs. Percy BALMER and son, Robert, are up on their farm haying.

A number from this vicinity attended the dance at the "Elms" Wednesday evening.

Miss. Cuba Pearl DIBBLE has been spending a week with her sister, Mrs. Guy FRENCH in Towanda.

Mr. and Mrs. Harmon BLOW called at the hospital Thursday to see their daughter, Betty Jane.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford KEIR and son Carlton, spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert KEIR at Brown Mills.

Claude HOYTE and Mrs. Lida FRANKLIN wish to tank their friends for the acts of kindness during their recent bereavement. (1933 Laura HOYTE)


East Smithfield, Jan. 17 – The following young married people were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Louis THOMAS Saturday evening in their home at Athens; Mr. and Mrs. Clifford HARKNESS, Mr. and Mrs. George CAMPBELL, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton NICHOLS, Mr. and Mrs. Manley HARKNESS, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest DEVOE, Mr. and Mrs. Osie HUFF, Mr. and Mrs. Claude ELSBREE, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan HALL, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph NICHOLS, Mr. and Mrs. Harold DUNBAR, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond MITCHELL, Mr. and Mrs. Everett NICHOLS, Mrs. Earl TRACY, Mrs, Ted POTTER, Mrs. Harry GEROULD and Mr. and Mrs. Harold SCOTT of Athens, former East Smithfield people.


New Albany, Pa., Dec. 8 – Edward Lewis Nichols of East Smithfield and Miss Nellie Marguerite Lewis of New Albany were married at the home of the bride’s parents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Lewis, this morning at 10 o’clock. The Rev. W. W. STRITE, pastor of the M. E. Church here, officiated. They were attended by Eugene HORTON of East Smithfield and Miss Margaret ROBERTS of Elmira.

The ring ceremony was used. Mr. and Mrs. Nichols will be at home after the first of the year at East Smithfield, where Mr. Nichols is engaged in the hardware business. They are now on a honeymoon trip to Harrisburg and Washington.


Harry HANKISON of Newfield, N. Y. was calling on friends here Sunday.

The Men’s class of the Baptist church served their annual dinner last Thursday. Proceeds $42.15

Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Gross JEAN of Troy spent Friday with Mr. and Mrs. R. D. BEACH.

Mrs. Lida FRANKLIN of Binghamton is spending a week with friends and relatives.

Miss Hazel WILKINSON of Meeker’s Business College spent the week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wilkinson.

Mr. and Mrs. Forrest DEVOE spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Theron Devoe in Elmira.

Miss Marian KINGSLEY of Mansfield Teachers’ College spent the week end with Mrs. Ella BROWN.

Gilbert KINGSLEY of Masten spent a few day with his mother, Miss Louise Kingsley.

Mrs. Laura NICHOLS is visiting her sister, Mrs. Leola HALL ANTHONY in Rahway,

N. J.

Mr. and Mrs. S. T. DANTON and Mrs. TILLMAN of Sayre and Mrs. MOODY of Dundee were calling on Mrs. Jennie TRACY Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Roy ANDRUS, Mrs. Jennie TRACT, Gilbert KINGSLEY and Albert HALL were in Towanda Monday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. Homer DAVIS of Milan spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Dolly Davis.

The meeting of the Home and School League which was held on Tuesday night of last week was well attended. These meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday night of each month in the high school building.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. TUCK and children of Ithaca spent Sunday at the home of G. H. BENNETT, William Bennett went home with them for a few days’ visit.

Mrs. Ruth SUMNER entertained 20 members of the Friendly Bible class of the Federated church and invited friends on Wednesday of last week. As this was the first meeting of the year officers were elected for the coming year as follows; Mrs. May DAVIS, present; Mrs. Marie FRALEY, vice president; Mrs. Anna FRENCH, secretary; and Mrs. Bernice BEARDSLEE, treasurer.


Friends Help Mrs. and Mrs. Percy BALMER Celebrate

East Smithfield, Oct. 19 – Scores of friends and neighbors called upon Mr. and Mrs. Percy Balmer Sunday to help them celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. The couple received many beautiful gifts and congratulatory messages.

They held open house during the day at their home in East Smithfield township. The house was beautifully decorated with autumn leaves, the same as on their wedding day. Yellow dahlias and chrysanthemums added charm to the decorations.

The couple were married at the home of the bride’s parents, Mrs. and Mrs. Edward Aumick of Smithfield township, Oct. 15, 1894. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Frederick PERKINS.

Mr. and Mrs. Balmer have spent practically all their married life in Smithfield township where they own and operate a farm, except for a few years spent in Burlington. They have two daughters, Mrs. Edward WITTIG of Troy, Mrs. Gilbert KEIR at home and one son, Robert, at home.


Mrs. and Percy BALMER Are Given Pleasant Surprises

Riggs, Oct. 21 – Mr. and Mrs. Percy Balmer were surprised Tuesday evening, Oct 15, when a number of their friends and neighbors came to remind them it was their 41st wedding anniversary. Games and music were enjoyed during the evening. The music was furnished by William French and Irvin Rice on the violin, Fred WITTIG on the piano accordion and Manning RICE on the banjo. At a late hour, a bounteous lunch was served, after which all left for their homes wishing Mr. and Mrs. Balmer many more years of wedded bliss.

Those present were Mrs. and Mrs. Thomas FOSBURG and daughter Carrie, Mrs. and Mrs. Fred WITTIG and son Gilbert, Mr. and Mrs. Francis HALL and sons, Junior, Dale, Burton and George, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert BROWN, Mrs. and Mrs. Ward MARTZ, Mrs. and Mrs. Harmon BLOW, Mr. and Mrs. Evie DRIESBAUGH and daughter Betty, Mr. and Mrs. Adam KEIR, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo RICH, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Keir and son Carlton, Mr. and Mrs. Charles BURLINGAME, Alden CALIFF, Alice Califf, Keith GRENELL, Anie Grenell, Mary HALL, Addie MARSHALL, Mrs. Charles CLARK, Arthur FAUST Irvin RICE, Manning Rice, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Keir, Mrs. and Mrs. Percy BALMER and son Robert.


East Smithfield Feb. 7 – Funeral services for Stephen G. ANSELL, 90, one of the last Civil War veterans in Bradford county who died Wednesday night, will be held Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the Federated church with Rev. O. J. Severson officiating, following brief prayer services at his home.

Burial will be in Tioga Point cemetery.

He was born at Riga, near Churchville, N. Y., Nov. 14, 1845. His parents were Stephen and Jan Ansell, who came from York, England.

The family moved to Elmira, N Y. when he was a child. When a young lad he made his home with the late James Webb on the farm and remained there until he was about 18 years of age.

When the Civil War broke out he was anxious to join the ranks but being so young, he could not enlist. At last he and three of his companions went to Waverly and enlisted Jan. 14, 1864, as privates in Co, I 161st Regiment of New York Volunteer Infantry under Capt. Wallace and Col. William B. Kinsey. His regiment participated in engagements in many section in Tex. Luopisa Aanalbimaa Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida.

Mr. Ansell lived almost all of his life in and around East Smithfield.

In 1869 he married Sally CHAMBERLAIN of this place, and they lived happily together until nine years ago when she died. Surviving are three children, Ernest, Mrs. Nettie SWEET, Elmira, N.Y. and Mrs. W. C. DAVIES of this place; four grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.

Out f the 262 men who entered the war from this town, he was the last one to succumb. He also was the oldest member of Smithfield Masonic Lodge, being raised in 1869.

ANNIE M. GUSTIN (Contributed)

On the 21st day of October, 1929 sorrowing friends from far and near gathered at Woodlawn Chapel in Elmira to pay their last tribute of love and respect to a devoted other and much loved neighbor, Annie M. OVERPECK, wife of the late B. K. Gustin. The funeral services were brief. The reading of the 21st chapter of Revelations and the text from the 14th chapter and 13th verse, the consoling words of her loved pastor. Rev. J. V. DARROW, were very impressive. She was born August 19, 1845, and at the time of her death was 84 years and two months of age. She was married to B. K. Gustin January 24, 1866. To this union seven children were born, tow of whom died in infancy and the lamented C. C. Gustin, who died from injuries received in an automobile accident four years ago in September; Mrs. Homer Tuttle of Ithaca, Mrs. Lula Reynolds of Freehold, N. J.; B. W. Gustin of Burgon, Ohio and Blaine Gustin of Binghamton survive her.

Thirty-six years ago she and her family were converted under the labors of Rev. I. B. Hyde and united with the M. E. Church in East Smithfield. Her life was one of service. Her heart and hands were always ready to help in the church and Woman’s Relief Corps, of which she was a loyal member. Her home was a refuge especially of ministers and their families and her good cheer made them welcome. The memory of her good deeds will long be remembered by those who knew her but most dearly was it seen by her children. It was to them she poured out the full measure of her devotion and proved herself a loving, unselfish mother. Although many hearts are saddened by her departure, we have the blessed assurance that she is at rest in the heavenly mansion prepared for them that love God.


Endwell, July 1 – Miss Esther CHASE of Norwich, and Miss Grace WITTIG of Ulster, Pa, both teachers at Endwell, are in Los Angeles attending the National Education association convention. The joined the special party at Syracuse.

They are staying with Miss Wittig’s friends at Inglewood, Cal. While there they will take an ocean voyage out to Catalina Island.

The party then goes to San Francisco for two days, on to the Yellowstone Park for five days, then to Salt Lake City.

On the way home the party will take a side trip to Colorado Springs and Pikes Peck.

Miss Chase will return with the party while Miss Wittig will visit friends at Colorado Springs and later attend the second term of summer school at Boulder, Colorado.

Miss Eleanor BEILBY, teacher at Binghamton and sister of Superintendent K. E. Beilby will join Miss Wittig at Boulder to attend summer school.


Charles A. Franklin of Windham and Laura A. Merrill of Windham were married at the Me. E. parsonage at Windham April 17 by Rev. Halsey MORGAN.


One of East Smithfield’s Most Prominent Citizens

East Smithfield, July 12, – Prof. C. P. Howland, one of East Smithfield’s most prominent men, died at his home here late Friday night. He had been ill but a short time and his passing came as a great shock to a host of friends and admirers throughout the county.

Prof. Howland, known at one time as one of the county’s most active educators, had lived retired for some years past. However, he at one time was head of the schools here, being an instructor for a number of years as well as principal. Following the war he took a trip around the word and has often lectured on it since.

The funeral will be held in the Federated church here Monday afternoon at 2 o’clock, with burial at Marion, Massachusetts.

RACHEL CALVIN Oct. 1, 1958

Wyoming, Pa., died yesterday at Nesbet hospital, Kingston, Pa. She is survived by her husband, David; a daughter Mrs. Marjorie BRANNAKA, Wyoming, Pa. RD 3; three grandchildren, and a sister, Mrs. Arthur MacLENNAN of Binghamton. She is formerly of Binghamton and Leraysville, Pa. The body was taken to Polk Funeral Home, Kingston, Pa.


Mrs. Ida May Lampman, 86, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Carl S. ELDRED, 717 Windsor Avenue, Elmira, Sunday, Oct. 21.

The body is at the Steffen funeral home in Elmira where prayer services will be held at 1 p. m. Wednesday. Rev. C. W. CARTER will officiate. Further services will be at Burlington Methodist church at 3 p. m. Rev. Carter will be assisted by Rev. Leon NORTHROP. Burial will be in Burlington.

Mrs. Lampman was born at Mt. Lake, this county, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank BROWN.


Mrs. Gerald POTTER of 27 Custer Avenue, Johnson City, announces the marriage of her niece, Mrs. Ellen Hoyt, daughter of Claude Hoyt of 17 Kimble Road, Vestal, to Lt. Walter L. LANDON, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Landon of Vestal Center

The double ring rites were performed Dec. 13 at Hamilton Field Bass Chapel, San Rafael, Cal. Paul R. Lee, U. S. Chaplain’s Corps, officiated.

The bride appeared for her wedding in a teal blue sit with black accessories and corsage of white seat peas.

Lt. James Thornton was best man.


In a double ring ceremony performed Tuesday afternoon in the Rectory of the St. James Church, Miss Joan Brennan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brennan of 86 Bernice St., John son City, became the bride of PO 2c Manley HOYT, U. S. Navy, son of Claude Hoyt of Vestal.

The Rev. John TOOMEY solemnized the nuptials at 3:30 p.m.

Miss Blanche Brennan, sister of the bride and Peter Smetana, were the wedding attendants.

The former Miss Brennan chose for her wedding ensemble a pale blue suit with flowered hat. Gardenias formed her corsage.

An orchid suit with matching accessories was won by the attendant. Her corsage was also of gardenias.

Mrs. Brennan selected for her daughter’s wedding a beige dress and a corsage of white flowers. A graduate of Johnson City High School, the bride is employed at IBM. Her husband, a graduate of Union Endicott High School, has served four years in the armed forces.


Rahway, March 14, – Mr. and Mrs. Emil Anthony, of 1468 Fernote street, celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary Saturday night with about fifty relatives and friends. The affair was arranged by their daughters, Mrs. George CARHART, of Clark Town ship and Miss Imogene ANTHONY, at home.

A dinner and music were features of the event. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony received many gifts, cards, bouquets and personal greetings. A large anniversary cake occupied the center of the table.

Guests were present from Philadelphia, East Smithfield, Pa, Westfield, Garwood, Clark and Rahway. Silver and white decorations prevailed.

Mrs. Anthony is the form Miss Leola HALL and they were married in Binghamton, N.Y., having resided in Rahway since that time. Besides the daughters they have two grandchildren, Mark and Georgiann Carhart.


Meet the Seven Nichols brothers of East Smithfield., substantial, highly respected citizens all; seven boys who felt their home town was a good place to live in.

Bereaved by death of their father, V. R. Nichols, when the youngest of the seven was only 5 years old, they lost their mother in 1927, just 10 years later.

Thus handicapped, many a family might have scattered to different localities; some of them might well have found life discouraging. But there were no weaklings among the seven Nichols brothers. Each has worked hard, acquired some form of business and made himself an important factor in the civic and business life of their Bradford County village. All own their own homes.

V. R. Nichols had been a farm and cattle dealer and his death in 1917 was a severe blow. When he died Clayton N., the oldest, was 21 and Raymond D., the youngest, was five. When their mother died in 1927, Herman R., the second oldest, had married and it was his wife who came to the old Nichols homestead for a time, "mothered" the other six boys.

Today, Clayton and Everett are associated to form the firm of Nichols Brothers Hardware. Herman and Donald V. are on the old home, each with separate farms and working together to operate a cattle dealers business known as "the Nichols Bros. In East Smithfield, people will tell the visitor that this is the largest cattle business in Bradford county.

Ralph E. works at the East Smithfield Dairy Company, of which he is a director.

James E., next to the youngest of the brothers, is a partner in the East Smithfield grocery firm of Allen and Nichols. Raymond D. Nichols, the youngest, operates a prosperous, well kept


All of the brothers are now married. Clayton, the oldest brother, saw service in an aviation unit overseas during the World War.

Other Community honors have come to the Nichols brothers. Herman was township assessor for a number of years; James was cashier in the First National Bank of East Smithfield before going into business for himself and is now township tax collector, director of the local bank. Donald is a member of the Bradford County Republican committee.

Everett is a musician, playing in the Monroeton Samaritan Band. "Don’t forget to add that he’s a great fisherman," his brothers jestingly add.

All the brothers belong, or did at one time, to the Odd Fellows . Several are members of the Masonic order and the Grange. All are church goes, too. Each Thanksgiving Day they and their families get together. As Republicans, they have one abhorrence in common. What is the object of the united disgust of the seven Nichols brothers? "The New Deal," they chorus.


Mrs. Effie Wittig 87, of Smithfield Township, where she lived all her life, died Wednesday evening in the Robert Packer Hospital after an extended illness.

She was born April 6, 1893, in Smithfield Township, the daughter of Amos and Ellen Johnson Kelley. She was the widow of John Wittig.

Survivors are a son, Amos Wittig, at home, and several nieces and nephews.

The body is at the Farr Funeral home in Ulster where the funeral service will be held Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock, Rev. Owen Barrett of Canton, formerly of Smithfield, officiating Burial will be in the Ulster cemetery.

MRS. P. V. VANNESS DIES AT HOME HERE (Contributed)1949

Mabel RAMSDELL VAN NESS, wife of P. V. VanNess and daughter of the late William and Harriet Ramsdell of Tioga, Pa., died at her home, 23 Custer Avenue, Johnson City, December 8, 1949, after a short illness.

She leaves to mourn her loss besides her husband, two sisters, Mrs. Lula BURROWS, Tioga, Pa., and Mrs. Erna MEAKER, Mansfield, Pa., also five nieces, Mrs. Louise BRIGHAM, Endicott, N.Y., Mrs. Bettie CHILCOTE, Baltimore, Md., Mrs. Antoinette BENJAMIN, Wellsboro, Pa. Mrs. Donna STEBBINS, Johnsontown, Pa., Miss Gretta HUGHES, Wilmington, Del., also two nephews, William Wayne Burrows of Tioga, Pa.

She was a long time member of the Sarah Jane Johnson Memorial Methodist Church and her pastor Rev. FREEMAN, officiated at the service at the Barber Funeral Home . Burial was in the Van Ness Plot Oakwood Cemetery, Mansfield, Pa. Rev. Orey CRIPPEN, a long-time friend, conducted the service at the committal.

She was a kind and loving wife a thoughtful neighbor and endeared to all who knew her.

A useful life is ended

On earth her work is done.

Her life thread, not the longest

Was willingly, patient spun.

Doing kind deeds for others

Fulfilling God’s great plan.

Remembering friends and loved ones.

She beautifully lived her span.

GRINLIF PAGE DAVIS 1939 Candor, May 3 – Grinlif Page Davis, 81 died at his home in Candor Monday. Funeral services will be held at the late home tomorrow afternoon at 2:15 o’clock. Burial will be in the Candor cemetery. He was born at Mountain Lake, Aug. 24, 1858, and lived most of his life in Milan.Mr. Davis is survived by his wife, the former Justie PIERCE of Burlington, four children, Hugh of Windham, Mrs. L. A. PAINE of Weston, Ontario, Canada, Mrs. W. A. DUBERT of Milan, and Mrs. George GRIPPEN of Candor; one sister, Mrs. Lydia FRANKLIN of Vestal; two brothers, Homer of Milan and Ulysses of Burlington; eleven grandchildren and one great grandchild.


Mrs. Dolly M. Davis, seventy-two, of East Smithfield, died yesterday at 3:50 o’clock at her home. She is the widow of John Davis.

Surviving are two brothers, James and Paul CHAMBERLIAN of Milan, and several nieces and nephews.

The body is at the Soper funeral home in Troy, and will be brought to the late home Wednesday where funeral service will be held at 10 o’clock in the morning. Rev. H. A. SEABER will officiate, and burial will be in Tioga Point cemetery.


Mrs. Zalia M. Chadwick, 91 of Burlington died at the home of her cousin, Miss Ethelynn CAMPBELL, at 7:30 Friday evening, Jan. 14, after an illness of five weeks.

In addition to Miss Campbell, she is survived by two cousins, Harry FORREST of Ulster, Lee Forrest of Athens; and an uncle, Jay Forrest of Tioga.

The body is at the Soper and Vickery Funeral Home, Troy, and will be taken to the home of Miss CAMPBELL at Burlington Monday evening, where funeral services will e held Tuesday at 1:30 p. m., Rev. Leon NORTHROP officiating. Burial will be in Tioga Point Cemetery.


Mr. and Mrs. Homer Davis of Milan are celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary today at home.

They were to hold an open house for friends but their daughter, Mrs. Mildred PHRANG, is ill at the Robert Packer hospital and they are unable to do so.

Mr. Davis, who retired from the Ingersoll-Rann, and Mrs. Davis were married fifty years ago in the Methodist church of Waverly by Rev. C. D. Serdon. They have lived most of their married life in Milan.

The couple have one daughter, Mrs. Phrang, and one grandchild, Mrs. Myron PARK of East Smithfield.


Percy M. BALMER, 79 died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Gilbert KEIR, Smithfield Township, early Thursday morning after a long illness.

A retired farmer, Mr. BALMER had been a lifelong resident of the area. He was born Feb. 9, 1872 in Smithfield Township, the son of Matthew and Mary Lewis Balmer.

He was a member of the East Smithfield Federated Church. He and his wife would have observed their 57th wedding anniversary Nov. 15.

Besides his wife, Lucy Aumick Balmer, he is survived by one sister, Mrs. Addie SMITH of Ulster R. D.; one son Robert Balmer; and several nieces and nephews.

The body has been removed to the Farr Funeral Home, Ulster, where funeral services will be held Saturday at 2 p.m. Burial will be in East Smithfield cemetery.


Mrs. Hazel S. Thomas of Country Club Road, Johnson City, RD 2 died at 12:30 a.m. Tuesday at her home. She is survived by her husband, Louis B. Thomas; two daughters, the Misses Charlene and Shirley Thomas, all of Johnson City; her mother, Mrs. Susie HARKNESS; a sister, Mrs. Elizabeth NICHOLS; a brother Clifford Harkness, all of East Smithfield, Pa. She was a member of the First Baptist Church of Endicott, and the Round Hill Lodge, Chapter 104 OES. Friends may call at her home. Arrangements by the Allen Memorial Home, 511-513 East Main Street Endicott.


Funeral services for Walter A. Dubert, 80, of Burlington were held this afternoon at 2 o’clock at the Miller Funeral Home in Towanda. A Retired farmer, he was the father of Mrs. Manley Wright of Athens.

Rev. John BEERS of Burlington officiated and burial was in the Bradford County Memorial Park.

Surviving him besides his daughter are; a son, John of CASTILE, N. Y. A sister, Mrs. Sophrona WILLIAMS of Colombia Cross Roads; and granddaughter, Mrs. Neil EVERINGHAM of Castile, N.Y.; and several nieces and nephews. Mr. Dubert was born in Burlington and spent most of his life in Smithfield Township.

FEB, 1942

Homer H. D. Davis, 65 of Milan was taken to the Robert Packer Hospital yesterday afternoon after a bull at the Northern Tier Liverstock Market took after him, knocking him down several times and throwing him against a fence.

The bull attacked Mr. Davis as he was working in the stockyard. X-rays were made and several fractured ribs found. The bull extent of the injury is not yet known.

Mr. Davis, who is retired from the Ingersoll-Rand, helps out occasionally at the stockyard.


Homer D. Davis, 79, died at the home of his granddaughter, Mrs. Myron parks, Milan RD 1, yesterday afternoon after a brief illness. He was born in West Franklin and had lived in Milan for 35 years.

Mr. Davis was employed at the Ingersoll-Rand as a carpenter for 28 years before retiring 14 years ago.

He was a member of the Milan Methodist Church.

Surviving are his granddaughter, Mrs. Myron PARK of Milan RD 1, and several nieces, nephews and cousins.

The body is at the Jenkins Funeral Home, Athens, where friends may call tonight for 7:30 to 9 and Tuesday night from 7:30 to 9. Funeral services will be held there Wednesday at 2 o’clock with the Rev. Melvin SCHULTZ officiating. Burial will be in Tioga Point Cemetery.


Mrs. Jennie A. Davis, 75, of Milan died yesterday morning at 5 o’clock after a lingering illness.

Born in north Towanda she had been a resident of Milan for the past 30 years.

She was a member of the Methodist church and the True Blue Sunday school class of the Milan church.

Surviving are her husband Homer; one granddaughter, Mrs. Myron PARK of Milan; one brother, Francis SIMONS of Columbia Cross Roads; four sisters, Mrs. Aileen MANNING, Mrs. Edward QUINN, Mrs. Lena ELWOOD of Unadilla, N. U., several nieces, nephews and cousins.

The body is at the Jenkins Funeral Home, 111 So. Main street, Athens, where friends may call and from where funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock with Rev. Kenneth Stewart of Milan officiating.

Burial will be in Tioga Point cemetery.


Francis Simons, 79, of Columbia Cross Roads RD 2, Saturday, June 22, 1963. Survived by son, L. Albert of Columbia Cross Roads RD 2; stepdaughter, Mrs. Francis BROWN of Milan; sisters Mrs. Lena ELLWOOD of Unadilla, Mrs. Aileen MANNING, Mrs. Florence QUINN and Mrs. Mabel WHEELER, all of Buffalo; two grandchildren. Body at Vickery Funeral Home, Toy. Calling hours: today 7 to 9 p. m. Funeral there Tuesday at 2 p. m., the Rev. Owen Barrett. Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens.


Mrs. Lida E. Franklin, 91, of 27 Custer Avenue, Johnson City, died at 1:15 a.m. today at her home. She is survived by a daughter Mrs. Gerald POTTER of Johnson City; a son, Ray Franklin of Nichols; two brothers, Ulysses Davis of Burlington, Pa., and Homer D. Davis of Milan, Pa; nine grandchildren; 20 great grandchildren, and two great-great grandchildren. She was a member of East Smithfield, Pa., Methodist Church, and a member of the Home Department of Boulevard Methodist Church. The body was moved to the J. F. Rice Funeral Home, 150 Main Street Johnson City, where friends may call this evening and Sunday afternoon and evening.


Mrs. Mildred Davis PHRANG, wife of Justin Phrang and a highly regarded resident of Milan, died in the Packer Hospital at 1 o’clock Monday of two months. She was 49 years old.

Mrs. Phrang was born in Athens but moved to Milan at the age of nine and spent the rest of her life there. She attended Athens High School and was a member of the Milan Methodist Church and Diahoga Grange of East Athens.

Surviving in addition to her husband are a daughter, Mrs. Myron Parks of Milan and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Davis, also of Milan.

The body is at the Jenkins Funeral Home in Athens where friends may call after 2 p. m. today. Services will be held there Thursday at 2 p. m. with Rev. Robert Grover of the Athens Methodist Church officiating, assisted by Rev. Austin T. Ireland, Pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church, Athens. Interment will be in Tioga Point Cemetery.


Mrs. Bertha B. Davis of Milan, widow of Ulysses Davis, died Friday morning at the age of 89.

Mrs. Davis was born May 16, 1874, in Burlington Township, the daughter of Wilson and Flora Beach Burlingame. She was a member of the Burlington Methodist Church. Her husband died in February of 1959.

Surviving are : son, John W. Davis of Milan; two grandsons, Robert C. Davis of Milan and Irvin Burlingame of East Smithfield; a sister, Mrs. Flora Doerrer of Rochester, N. Y.; a brother, Owen Burlingame of Falls Church, Va.; four great grandchildren.

Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the Farr Funeral Home in Ulster. Rev. Jasper Smith will officiate. Burial will be in Tioga Point cemetery at a later date.


Mrs. Maude Davis Dubert, 79, of Burlington died Tuesday afternoon. She was the widow of Walter A. Dubert and spent most of her life in Burlington.

She is survived by one son John Dubert of Castile, N.Y.; one daughter, Mrs. Manley WRIGHT of Athens; two sisters Mrs. Martha PAINE of Ithaca, N.Y. and Mrs. Genevieve GRIPPEN of Candor, N.Y.; one brother, Hugh DAVIS of Warren Center; one granddaughter Joyce EVERINGHAM, and on great grandson, both of Montoursville, Pa.

Funeral services will be held at the Miller Funeral Home, Towanda, Friday at 2 p.m. Burial will be in Bradford County Memorial Park at the convenience of the family.


Clarence F. Grenell, 76, of 9 Baird Ave., died at 8:450 p.m. Thursday at Binghamton General Hospital.

Survived by his wife, Mrs. Elsie E. Grenell of Binghamton; two daughters, Miss Wilda I. Grenell and mrs. Vernon (Helen) WILLIAMS, both of Binghamton; a son, Merle A. Grenell of Binghamton; two sisters Miss Angeline E. Grenell and Miss Fanny E. Grenell both of East Smithfield, Pa.; five grandchildren, Sharlyn K. and Karen S. WILLIAMS, Norman C., Ronald D, and Lynne Netta Grenell, al of Binghamton.

Friends may call at the Hopler & Georgia Funeral Home 483 Chenango St. this evening from 7 to9 p.m. and tomorrow from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m.


Manley E. Wright, 56, 601 Wells Avenue, Athens, an employee of the Pennsylvania Electric Company for 34 years, died at the Robert Packer Hospital Monday night at 10:58 after being admitted about 9:30 o’clock.

Born in Smithfield Township, Mr. Wright lived in Athens most of his life and was employed by Penelec since May of 1929. He was chief dispatcher at Sayre for Penelec for 11 years and then took over as regional dispatcher at Towanda in May of 1959, a position he held until the time of his death.

Mr. Wright was a member of the I.O.O. F. Lodge No. 165, being a past grand; Rural Amity Lodge No. 70 F. and A.M.; Amity Rural Arch Chapter No 293; Northern Commandery Knights Templar No. 16 of Towanda; and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Surviving are his wife, Marian A, at home; a sister, Mrs. Charles AYERS of East Smithfield; a brother, James A. Wright of LeRaysville step-mother, Mrs. Linnie Wright of Waverly RD2; two nieces and several grand-nieces and nephews.

Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the Lowery Funeral Home, 225 South Main St. Athens. Rev. Owen R. Williams, pastor of the Ulster Methodist Church, will officiate and burial will be in the Bradford County Memorial Park.


Carroll E. Wright, 53, of Ulster died suddenly last evening at 6:45 o’clock. He had been suffering from a heart condition and was taken to the Robert Packer Hospital and was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Born in Smithfield Township he had been engaged in farming until his retirement four years ago. He moved to Ulster two years ago.

He was a member of the Ulster Methodist church and the Laurel Hill Grange and had been employed by G. L.Duggan Oil Company as a distributor.

Surviving are his wife, Herethel; one sister, Mrs Florence AYERS of East Smithfield; three brothers, Leon C. Wright of Athens RD, Manley E. Wright of Athens and James A. Wright of LeRaysville; step-mother, Mrs. Linnie Wright of Sayre; two step-sisters, Mrs. Paul Harris of Sayre, Mrs. Clair HARKNESS of Troy RD; two step-brothers, Merritt L.. KEELER of Nichols and Willard L. Keeler of Sayre; several nieces and nephews.

The body will be taken to the family home in Ulster where friends may call Saturday evening from 7 until 9 o’clock and Sunday from 3 to 5 and 7 until 9 and Monday morning until 10 o’clock when the body will be moved t the Lowery Funeral Home, 225 South Main street, Athens, where services will be held Monday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock with Rev. Harry S. Johnson of Clifton Springs, N.Y. and Rev. Kenneth Steward pastor of the Ulster Methodist church officiating.

Burial will be in Bradford County Memorial Park, Luthers Mill.


Paul O. May, 59, of Milan was found dead at this home yesterday afternoon. Mr. May had been in falling health for the past two years. Death was due to a self-inflicted bullet wound, Dr. C. H. DeWan, deputy county coroner said.

Mr. May was born in Ricketts, Pa., and had lived in Milan since 1915 where he was associated with his father, William May, in a coal business and which he has continued since his father’s death in 1949.

Mr. May was a member of the Milan Rod and Gun Club.

He is survived by his wife Miriam; three children, Wilfred, Paul and Rebecca, all at home; a brother, Guy May of Athens a sister Mrs. Josephine KEELER of Waverly, two nieces and one nephew, two uncles and several cousins.

The body is at the Lowery Funeral Home, 225 South Main Street, Athens where friends may call Thursday 7 to9 p.m. and Friday 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. and where services will be held Saturday at 2:30 p.m. with Rev. Kenneth Stewart of the Milan Methodist church officiating and burial in the Ulster Cemetery.


Mrs. Belle PHRANG, 85, of 768 South Main St., Athens, died early yesterday morning after a lingering illness. She was born in East Athens and lived in the Valley all of her life.

Mrs. Phrang worked at the Robert Packer Hospital as a seamstress for 21 years, retiring 10 years ago.

She was a member of the Athens First Baptist Church, where she taught Sunday School for a number of years.

Surviving are a daughter, Mrs Norman MACAFEE of Sayre RD1; a son, Justin N., of Athens; five grandchildren, 10great grandchildren and several nieces, nephews and cousins.

Funeral services will be held at the Jenkins Funeral Home, Athens, Saturday at 2 o’clock with the Rev. William S. HAMMOND officiating. Burial will be in Tioga Point Cemetery.


Levi Kellogg, 78, of East Smithfield, died May 8 at the Robert Packer Hospital after a long.

He was born in Milan Feb. 28, 1879, the son of Frank and Mary CORNEBY Kellogg.

He was a member of the East Smithfield Grange and the East Smithfield Methodist Church.

Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Florence BOOTH of Troy, N.Y., and Mrs.

Van ALSTINE of East Smithfield; four sons, Harold of Hammondsport, N.Y., Alfred of Laceyville, Frank of Torrance, Calif. And Ralph of Canton; 13 grandchildren, one sister, Mrs. Will GRACE of Wellsburg and four brothers. Will Font, Clarence and Amos, all of East Smithfield.

The body was removed to the Farr Funeral Home in Ulster and funeral services were held in the East Smithfield Methodist Church on Saturday. The Rev. harry Johnson, pastor, officiated.

Burial was in Bradford County Memorial Park.


Mrs. Emma Breese Kellogg, 75, a resident of East Smithfield all her life, died Saturday morning, May 25, at her home after an illness of a few weeks, and only 17 days following the death of her late husband, Levi Kellogg.

She was a member of the East Smithfield Methodist Church.

She is survived by four sons, Harold of Hammondsport, N.Y., Alfred of Laceyville, Frank of Torrance, Calif., and Ralph of Canton; two daughters, Mrs. Florence BOOTH of Troy, N.Y., and Mrs. Jean VanALSTINE of East Smithfield; 13 grandchildren, six great grandchildren and one sister, Mrs. Alice TRACY of East Smithfield.

Funeral services were held at the Methodist Church, East Smithfield, Monday at 2, with the Rev. Harry Johnson officiating. Burial was in Bradford Memorial Park.


Mrs. Mattie FRANKLIN, 75, wife of Ray Franklin of Nichols RD2, died at the Robert Packer Hospital Thursday morning at 1:55 o’clock after being a patient for one week.

Mrs. Franklin was born in Burlington Township, February 10, 1889, the daughter of Sanford and Martha Vosberg Brown.

Besides her husband, she is survived by two daughters, Hazel OLMSTEAD of Nichols and Mrs Viola SNYDER of Milan; two sons, Edward Franklin of Clifton Springs, N.Y, and Charles Franklin of East Smithfield; two sisters. Mrs. Ira LEWIS of Troy and Mrs. Rosella BUTTERS of Towanda; two brothers, Thomas BROWN of Columbia Cross Roads and Richard Brown of Elmira; 26 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren,

Funeral services will be held at the Sutfin Funeral Chapel in Nichols Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock wit the Rev. Henry J. Kessel of the Nichols Methodist Church officiating. Burial will be in Nichols Cemetery.

JOHN W. DAVIS Aug. 30, 1970

John W. Davis, 69, of Milan RD 1 died Saturday morning at the Robert Packer Hospital following a brief illness.

Born in Burlington, he had resided in this area for the past 50 years and was a retired Lehigh Valley employee having worked in the car repair shop with 48 years service.

He was a member of the Milan United Methodist Church and a member of the Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America.

Surviving are his wife, Lavina; a son Robert C. Davis of Milan; two nephews, Ervin Burlingame of Burlington; Owen Burlingame of Falls Church, Av.; and two grandchildren.

Friends may call at the Jenkins Funeral Home, 111 S. Main St., Athens, Tuesday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Funeral services will be held at the funeral home Wednesday at 2 p.m. with Rev. Daniel Long, pastor of the Milan United Methodist Church officiating. Burial will be in Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens.

Claude Manley Hoyt
My grandfather, born October 19, 1897 in Asylum, Pa., died September 20, 1979 in Bradenton, Florida. My grandfather was a wonderful person. His second wife would not and didn’t allow Grandpa to interact with his family for many years. Only after she died did we get to know him. What fun we had when we finally found our grandfather.


Mrs. Manley Hoyt, aged 72, died at her home in French Asylum at 10"45 o’clock Sunday evening following a long illness.

Mrs. Hoyt had resided in French Asylum for the past 32 years. She is survived by her husband at home and one daughter, Mrs. Charles SITES of North Towanda; five sons, Claude of Vestal, James of South Towanda; one brother, Fred CORDNER of Sayre; 23 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.

The remains are at the Miller Funeral Home here where services will be held Wednesday at 2 p. m. Burial will be in the Frenchtown cemetery.

HOYT July 2, 1962

Manley R. Hoyt, 86, died Sunday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Charles Sites, RD 2 Towanda, Pa. He was a farmer in Spencer, N. Y. and was a retired blacksmith. He is survived by his daughter, Mrs. Charles SITES; five sons, Claude M. Bradenton, Fla.; Rufus S. Watkins Glen, James E. Monroeton, Fred K. Binghamton, Kenneth W. South Waverly. Friends may cal at the Archer Funeral Home, Corner Chestnut and Third Sts. Towanda, Tuesday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p. m. The funeral will be held from the French Asylum Methodist Church, Frenchtown, Pa., Wednesday at 2 p.m. The Rev. Thomas M. McClelland will officiate. Burial will be in Frenchtown Cemetery.


Mrs. Lucille M Sabin, 62, of 107 S. Elmira St. Athens, died Saturday night at the Robert Packer Hospital following a brief illness.

Born in Honesdale, Pa., she was a resident of the Valley since 1937. She was a member of St. John Lutheran Church of Sayre and a member of the Ladies Society of B.L.F. and E. Lodge No. 36.

She is survived by her husband, Wells; one son, Harry P. DAGGER of Warrenton, Pa.; one daughter, Mrs. Frank HESTON of Hatboro, Pa.; on step-son Eugene K. Sabin of Clifton Springs, N. Y.; four step-daughters, Mrs. Blake DENNISTON of Corning, Mrs. Hazel HILL, Mrs. John HOLLOWELL and Mrs. Lidon JAMISON, Jr. all of Canisteo, N. Y.; 20 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Friends may call at the Jenkins Funeral Home, 111 S. Main St., Athens, Monday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9. Funeral services will be held at the funeral home Tuesday at 2 o’clock with Rev. John M. Scherch, pastor of St. John Lutheran Church, officiating. Burial will be in Tioga Point Cemetery.


Wells C. Sabin, 66 of Athens died at Bethesda Community Hospital in Hornell, N. Y., yesterday morning after a short illness. He was born in New Albany and was a resident of the Valley for 60 years.

Mr. Sabin worked for the Lehigh Valley Railroad for 48 years, being employed until January, 1963, as an engineer when he went on sick leave.

He was a member of St. John’s Lutheran Church of Sayre, the Sayre Elks Lodge No. 1148, Waverly American Legion. He was a veteran of World War I, a member of the 108th Infantry, 28th division.

Mr. Sabin is survived by a son, Eugene of Clifton Springs, N. Y.; four daughters, Mrs. Hazel HILL, Mrs. John HOLLOWELL and Mrs. Lidon JAMISON, of Canisteo, N. Y., and Mrs. Blake DENNISTON of Corning; a sister, Mrs. Margaret WHEELOCK of Syracuse; a brother Ralph of St. Petersburg, Fla.; 16 grandchildren; a half - sister, Glennia PEDRO of Owego and Mrs. Harry DONAHUE of Towanda; several nieces, nephews and cousins.

Funeral services will be held at the Jenkins Funeral Home, Athens, Friday at 2 o’clock with Rev. John Scherch officiating. Burial will be in Toga Point cemetery.


Mrs. Edward WHEELOCK of Syracuse, the former Margaret SABIN of Towanda, died Sunday, Nov. 10, at the University Hospital in Syracuse. For many years she has been an employee of the Rescue Mission in that city.

Mrs. Wheelock is survived by one brother, Ralph Sabin of St. Petersburg, Fla., and Mrs. Harry DONAHUE, sister, of Towanda. Funeral services will be held at Meecham’s Funeral home in Syracuse, with burial in that city.


Mrs. Alice SABIN, formerly of Athens, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Margaret WHEELOCK in Syracuse on Friday, Sept. 1. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Wheelock, with home she resided, and Mrs. Harry DONAHUE of Towanda; two sons, Wells of Athens and Ralph of St. Petersburg, Fl.

She was a member of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Syracuse. Funeral services were held in Syracuse with burial in Riverside cemetery, Towanda.


Howard T. LEONARD, 38, of 126 Hoover St., Sayre, the father of four children, died at the Robert Packer Hospital ten minutes after his arrival in the dispensary as the result of a one-car accident six miles east of Waverly on Rout 17 early Sunday morning.

Leonard was traveling toward Waverly when his car left the pavement. Troopers James Spencer and J. D. Johnson of the New York State Police of Waverly, who investigated, said that Leonard apparently tried to bring the car back onto the highway and in so doing hit his brakes. He went into a sideways skid for 240 feet, according to the marks on the highway, left the south side of the pavement and, taking out two guard rails, went through a grass field for 200 more feet, still sideways.

Here he hit a large sign which apparently straightened the car which then shot off the lip of a 20-foot gully, hit the far wall of the gully and dropped into it. The car ended up on its wheels with Leonard underneath the front of it. At first it was thought that he was pinned there and call was put through to the Waverly Fire Department emergency squad to aid in getting him loose. However, he was able to be moved without their help and was taken alive t the Packer Hospital. Death was caused, according to Trooper Spencer, from multiple head injuries and possible internal injuries. The accident occurred at 2:30 a.m.


Fred K. Hoyt, 73, of Colesville Rd. RD6 Binghamton, died suddenly Wednesday afternoon at home. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Marietta (HUNSINGER) Hoyt, Binghamton; 3 daughters, Mrs. James (Virginia) SPELLICY, Liverpool, Mrs. James (Dorlene) SHEDD, Windsor; Mrs, Gray (Margaret) BATES, Miami, Fl; 1 sister, Mrs. Charles (Mary) SITES, Towanda; 3 brothers, Claude Hoyt, Bradenton, Fla; James Hoyt, Towanda, Pa, Rufus Hoyt, Beaver Dam, N.Y.; 9 grandchildren; 3 great grandchildren; numerous nieces, nephews and cousins. He was a member of the Fairview United Methodist Church he was a retired IBM employee of 27 years of service; member of the IBM Quarter Century Club.

Funeral services will be held Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Thomas J. Shea Funeral Home, Inc. 137 Robinson St., Binghamton. The Rev. F. Porter Adams, pastor of the Fairview United Methodist Church and the Rev. Clayton W. Hoag, Sr. will co-officiate. Burial will be in Chenango Valley Cemetery. Friends are invited to call Friday from 7-9 p.m. at the funeral home. Contributions may be made to the Memorial Fund of the Fairview United Methodist Church, 254 Robinson St. Binghamton, N.Y. 13904


Mrs. Laura M. Nichols, 67 of East Smithfield died at the Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre Tuesday afternoon at 4 o’clock following an extended illness.

Mrs. Nichols was born in Smithfield Two. And spent her lifetime there. She was a member of the East Smithfield Methodist Church, serving as its secretary for 10 years, and was a member of Lady Webb Rebekah Lodge for 46 years.

Mrs. Nichols was very active in the Rebekahs and was a past noble grand of the local lodge as well as past district duty president of Pennsylvania lodges. She also served as president in 1946 and a conductor of the Pennsylvania State Rebekahs Assembly.

Mrs. Nichols was also secretary of the Ladies Auxiliary of Patriarch and Militant Lodge of which she was president in 1950-51.

She was also a charter member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the V.F.W. and past president of the S-R-U P.TA

Surviving are her husband, Herman; a son, Gerald Nichols; three grandchildren, Gary Nichols who is stationed with the Navy in Florida and Marion and Leslie Nichols at their home in Lockport; two sisters Leola Anthony of Rahway, N.J. and Marion Renn of West New York, N.J.; two brothers, Francis and Howard Hall, both of East Smithfield and several nieces and nephews.

Funeral services will be held at the Lowery Funeral Home, 225 South Main Street, Athens, Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock. Rev. Owen Barrett of Troy will officiate and burial will be in the Union cemetery, East Smithfield .


Mrs. Harry (Nettie) DONAHUE of 6 Weston Street, Towanda, died at her home early Friday morning. She had been ill but a short time.

Mrs. Donahue was born at Barclay, daughter of the late Morris and Ida Emery SABIN. She had resided in Towanda for the past 25 years, moving here from Binghamton.

Funeral services will be held at the Archer Funeral Home, 108 Chestnut Street, Monday morning at 11 o’clock. The Rev. Maurice J. Hart, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church here, will officiate and interment will be in Floral Avenue cemetery, Johnson City, N. Y.


Ray Edward Franklin, 79, of Nichols RD 2, died Sunday at 7:30 p. m. in Binghamton following an extended illness.

Born in Elmira, May 10, 1887, the son of Edward and Lida Davis Franklin, he had been employed as a carpenter for the Lehigh Valley Railroad prior to his retirement. He had been a resident of the area for 45 years.

His wife, Mattie VOSBURG Franklin, died September 3, 1964. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Edward (Hazel) OLMSTEAD of Nichols and Mrs. Viola SNYDER of Nichols; two sons, Edward of Clifton Springs, N.Y. and Charles of Genoa, N.Y.; 16 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren.

Funeral services will be held at the Sutfin Funeral Chapel in Nichols Wednesday at 2 p. m. Rev. William Bouton, pastor of the Nichols Methodist Church, will officiate and burial will be in the Nichols Cemetery.

George HOYT born Nov. 4, 1878 died May 14, 1943

T.G. DICKERMAN born 1856 died 1933

Mary Z. his wife born 1856 died 1907

Rufus S. HOYT born Dec. 6, 1830 died Aug 28, 1898

Enuice A. HOYT born Apr. 22, 1838 died Jan. 4 1908

Eugene DICKERMAN died Jan. 3, 1970


Jennie H. Dickerman, 91 of Spencer, on Saturday died August 5, 1967. Born in Candor, N.Y. February 24, 1876. Funeral Services at Allen Funeral Home Spencer, N. Y. August 8, 1967 at 2 o’clock. Rev. Charles W. Harman will be officiating. Burial will be at Evergreen Cemetery, Spencer, N.Y.

Mrs. Betty HOYT wife of James died 1958, 56 years old.


Rufus Eugene Dickerman, 91, of Huntsville, Alabama, formerly of Spencer, N.Y., Saturday, January 3, 1970 at Manor Rest Home in Huntsville. Friends may call at the Allen Funeral Home, Spencer, Tuesday 7 to 9 p.m. Funeral there Wednesday at 2 p.m. The Rev. Al. B. Jayne of the Federated Church of Spencer officiating. Evergreen Cemetery. Survived by daughter Mrs. Dayton (Etherl) SMITH of Huntsville; brother John Dickerman of Tucson, Arizona; three grandchildren, two great grandchildren; several nieces and nephews. He was a farmer and a millwright in Seeley Feed Mills, Spencer for several years.

HARRY DONAHUE May 24, 1972

Harry J. Donahue, 69, of 303 W. Seneca St. died at his home Wednesday, May 24, 1972 of an apparent heart attack.

He was born in Brooklyn. He had retired in 1969 after 30 years with Pennsylvania Light Co. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Burnice Van BERGER Donahue; and a nephew, Raymond L. HOYT of Ithaca.

Funeral services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at Bans Funeral Home. The Rev. John S. Maloney of Immaculate Conception Church will officiate . Burial will be in Floral Park Cemetery, Johnson City, N.Y. Friends may call from 7 to 9 p.m. Friday at the funeral home.


Kenneth W. Hoyt, 58 of 96 Division St. South Waverly, died Tuesday morning at his home . Death was unexpected. Mr. Hoyt was formerly of Towanda.

Born in Spencer, he was the son of the late Manley and Winnie Sabin Hoyt and had resided in South Waverly for the past 16 years. He had been employed as a trainman for the Lehigh Valley Railroad for the past 39 years.

Mr. Hoyt was a member of the Loyal Order of Moose No. 1490 of Waverly and the United Transportation Union Local 337.

Surviving are his wife, Nellie; three daughters, Mrs. Howard (Joanna) KINNEY, of Chemung,, Mrs. Dale (Charlotte) TRICK of Shoemakersville, and Miss Judy Hoyt at home; four sons, Claude of South Waverly, Richard of Middletown, Robert at home and Gerald, who is serving with the U.S. Navy in Morocco; 14 grandchildren, one great grandchild; a sister, Mrs. Charles (Mary) Sites of Towanda; four brothers, Claude of Bradenton, Fla., James of Monroeton, Fred of Binghamton and Rufus of Watkins Glen; and several nieces and nephews.

Funeral services will be held Friday at 2 p.m. at the Kolb-Allgeier Funeral Home, Waverly, N.Y. The Rev. Neale Bachman pastor of the Chemung United Methodist Church, will officiate. Burial will be in Toga Point cemetery, Athens.

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