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Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008
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1850 Deaths in Southport from Census Records

Persons who died during the year ending lst June 1850 In the Town of Southport in the County of Chemung, in the State of New York. 

Data includes name, age, gender, place born, month of death
Rebecca M. Sly 11 F NY Oct
Phoebe Cooper 57 F W NY May
Maria Sherwood 35 F M NY Jul
Mary Impson 12 F PA Mar
_______ Sherman 70 F M Unknown Apr
_______ Jones 1/12 M NY Aug
Ezekial Rhodes 104 M M NJ Aug Farmer
Mary E. Austin 27 F M CT Apr
Hannah Kenyon 4/12 F NY Sep
Frank Nichols 1 M PA Aug
Samuel Barnes 1 M NY Oct
Alexander Perry 9/12 M  NY Feb
Mary Kelly 3 F NY Jul
Lucy Kelly 1 F NY Jul
Sally Seley 35 F M Ny Jul
Mary Fitzsimmons 87 F M NJ Jan
Isaac Baldwin 31 M  NY Aug Mex.Vol.
Mary Miller 72 F W CT Nov
Charles H. Clark 1 M NY Aug
Ellen Bradshaw 73 F M RI Apr
Rebecca Credit 22 F M NY Feb
Gary (Gray?) Baker 3 M NY Dec
Charlotte Whitlock 14 F NY Jan
Simon Gilps 73 M M NJ May Carpenter
Grant G_ngy (?) 6/12 M NJ Feb
Samuel J. Rose 2 M NY Mar
Ezekial Bentley 64 M W VT Feb Laborer
Samuel Morley 21 M PA Feb Laborer
Obadiah Wells 73 M W NY Feb
Henry C. Wells 41 M W NY Jan Merchant
Abagail Dewy 22 F M NY Oct
David Brewer 53 M M NY Jan Farmer
Abby M. Brewer 23 F NY Jul
W.C. Evans 1 M NY Jun
Joseph Grover 77 M M CT Sep
Julia Brown 7/12 F NY Sep
Lois Clinton 1 F NY Jan
Calvin M. Miller 6/12 M NY Sep
Amasa Newton 49 M M NY Jan  Farmer
Hannah Pedrick 75 F W NY Nov
Delphine Andrus 3 F NY Feb
Charles H. Andrus 4 M NY Nov
Catherine Pedrick 7 F NY Jul
Harriet Credit 11 F PA Aug
Joseph B. Roy 22 M NY Sep Wagon maker
Samuel Kress 62 M W NY Oct Farmer
Martha Harden 4/12 F NY Jan
Arabel Hine 36 F M CT Sep