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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Compiled 1988 - Previously Unpublished, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1901-1905 by Mary Kingsley.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. 

Copies sent by James Streeter, Retyped by Pat Mott Gobea, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2011

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Note - Date is date of newspaper edition, NOT date of event.
1904 11-May D Hammond, Mrs. Nancy  d. in Nelson last week in 89th yr. Widow of John H. Hammond
1904 13-Jul D Harrison, Mrs. Wm. (Catherine) d. in Wellsboro last Wed. age 88 yrs. Had 2 ch. Widow of Wm. Harrison
1904 13-Jul D Harrison, Mrs. Wm. of Delmar d. Bloss Hospital last week, age 61. Left 2 ch.; Fruda of Delmar & Mrs. Geo. Day of Shippen
1904 28-Sep D Hazen, A. Bradley of Millerton d. last Wed. in Pine City, N.Y. age 60 yrs. Father of Mrs. Henry Friends
1904 6-Jan D Hickok, William L. d. Troy age 72 yrs. Recently. B. in Lawrenceville
1904 31-Aug D Hitchcock, Ezekiel d. Knoxville last wee, age 64 yrs. Father of Hon. A. B. Hitchcock
1904 23-Nov D Holcomb, Daniel L. d. Elmira, age 7 yrs., son of Mrs. Emma C. Holcomb of Sullivan Twp.
1904 15-Jun D Holden, Ralph K. d. Richmond Twp., last Sun. age 46 yrs. Left 2 ch. Bur. Mansfield. Son of Daniel & Betsy
1904 25-May D Holiday, Daniel d. Crooked Creek last week, age 94 yrs., b. Elkland. 8 ch.
1904 18-May D Holiday, Lynn d. Crooked Creek. Child of Geo. Holiday
1904 6-Apr D Horton, Wm. Funston d. Wellsboro, last week age 75 yrs. Came to Delmar in 1840 from Watkins, N.Y.
1904 23-Nov D Hotchkiss, Mrs. Arthur of Wellsboro d. 14 Nov. in Phila. Hospital
1904 27-Jan D House, Adelia d. Farmington 24 Jan. Bur. Peters Cem., Farmington, b. 28 July 1824 (nee Lee)
1904 14-Sep D Hughes, Mrs. Frederick of Mitchell Creek d. 14 Sep. 1904
1904 16-Mar D Hughes, Miss Kate d. Mitchell Creek Wed. age 60
1904 13-Apr D Hughes, Richard d. Bloss. Mon. age abt. 68, lst male white child born in that Boro to Joseph & Sarah Hughes
1904 24-Feb D Hunter, Mrs. Elizabeth d. Elkland, age 73 yrs. Bur. Holiday Cem.
1904 27-Jan D Hurley, Miss Mary d. Morris Twp., last Wed. age 35 yrs. Bur Catholic Cem., Wellsboro
1904 31-Aug D Ingerick, Alfred L. d. Stoney Fork 16 Aug. age 49 yrs. Left 2 ch., son of Rev. J. W. of Little March, b. E. Charleston
1904 28-Sep D Ives, Erskine d. Hammon. 2 daus. B. Lawrenceville 8 Mar 1822
1904 14-Dec D Jackson, Rev. Marcellus C. d. Lawrenceville last week. 7 ch.
1904 12-Oct D Jenkins, Anna d. Charleston age 82 yrs. B. in England. Wid. Of Richard. Left 2 adopted children
1904 13-Jan D Jennings, Mrs. Caroline d. West Covington age 90 yrs.
1904 17-Feb D Johnson, Electa A. C. d. Albany, N.Y. 2 Feb. age 63 yrs. She was dau. Of Joseph & Phoebe Ketchum. M. 1st Seth Clark of Richmond Twp., m. 2nd George W. Johnson. Bur. In Mansfield
1904 27-Jul D Johnson, Geo. d. Wellsboro last week, age 45. 1 dau.
1904 20-Apr D Johnson, Herbert d. Mon. age 19. Bur. Mansfield, son of Mrs. J. B. Clark
1904 16-Nov D Johnson, Dr. Lorenzo of Wellsboro d. Charleston Twp. Sun. last age 86 yrs.
1904 7-Dec D Johnson, Mrs. Louise P. d. last Sat. in Mansfield, b. 23 Jan 1845 Charleston, name was Catlin, wid. Of George of Cov. Bur. Covington, 1 son
1904 11-May D Jones, A. L. d. in Westfield
1904 16-Nov D Jones, Benjamin d. 12 Nov. at Elk Run, son of Ed Jones of Mumblerry, Wales b. 21 Feb. 1835. Came here age 7. M. Mary Elizabeth Smith, dau. Of D. T. Smith, has 5 ch.
1904 13-Apr D Kane, Mrs. John d. Stokesdale Wed. last age 67 yrs.
1904 16-Nov D Keating, Elizabeth of Blossburg d. N.Y.C. last week. Bur. Blossburg, dau. Of John F. Keating
1904 30-Nov D Kelley, Susan d. Mansfield last Thurs. age 86 yrs. Wid. Of Marcus. B. Conn. Thrice m. Bur. Mansfield. Son is John Daley
1904 14-Sep D Kelly, Sam of Millerton d. last Thurs. age 62 yrs.
1904 23-Nov D Kennedy, T. M. of Union Twp. d. last Wed.
1904 24-Feb D Kiser, Mrs. Henry of Chatham d. last week
1904 21-Sep D Knapp, John of Roseville d. Sat.
1904 5-Oct D Knapp, Mrs. Julia of Antrim d. age 61, wid. Of Andrew
1904 13-Apr D Knights, Henry  of Mill Creek d. 11 Apr. funeral in Lambs Creek, bur. Mansfield. B. in Troy, Pa. 12 June 1846 m. 1866 Jane Stage
1904 4-May D Knox, James d. last week at Academy Corners, age 21 yrs. Son of Menzo Knox, grandson of James Knox of Knoxville
1904 4-May D Krise, Mrs. Louis d. near Liberty
1904 20-Jul D Kuhl, Miss Grace of Knoxville d. Corning last week
1904 9-Nov D Labuski, Mrs. Albert of Morris Run d. recently age 77
1904 6-Apr D LaFrance, D.S.  d. Covington last week
1904 21-Sep D Landis, Catherine d. Liberty age 80 yrs. Had 9 ch. Son named William
1904 18-May D Landon, Alfred of Liberty d. Mon. age 50 yrs. Unm.
1904 7-Dec D Lawrence, Frank Frank Lawrence of Rutland d. Sun. age 49. Left 1 dau.
1904 30-Nov D Lay, James L. d. Elmira age 7 rs. Res. Of Gray's Valley, was son of Orrin Lay
1904 1-Jun D Leahy, Mrs. John of Blossburg d. Wed. last
1904 10-Feb D Lechner, John Joseph d. Tioga, son of Alva J. Lechner
1904 2-Mar D Leonard, Mrs. S. S. d. in Wells Twp. on Sun. She was dau. Of A. N. Wood
1904 8-Jan D Lewis, Mrs. J. W. d. Little Mash last week age 54 yrs. Left 3 sons
1904 21-Dec D Lewis, Simeon of Westfield d. last week. B. 1833 Lawrenceville, m. 19 Oct. 1853 Lucinia Losey. 1 son dec. grandson, Rush Lewis
1904 19-Oct D Lewis, Stockdale d. Wellsboro last week age 70 bur. Keeneyville. 1 adpoted dau.
1904 13-Apr D Libby, Robert d. Blossburg last week age 19 yrs. Formerly of Ridgeway
1904 2-Nov D Longbothum, Harriett D. d. Mansfield last Thurs. age 65 yrs 15 days., wid. Of Elbert C. Bur. Mansfield, left 3 sons. B. Crooked Creek, dau. Of Edsall Mitchell
1904 1-Jun D Loop, Dr. A. M. of Nelson d. Sat. Night
1904 11-May D Lucus, L. B. d. Mainesburg last Sat. 6 ch.
1904 21-Sep D Ludlow, Eva d. Charleston last week age 51 yrs.
1904 5-Oct D Lundquist, Andrew of Delmar d. last week age abt. 60. B. in Sweden, came here age 35
1904 24-Feb D Makely, Reuben d. Sullivan age 73 bur. Lawrence Corners
1904 4-May D Manning, George d. Cross Fork age 52 bur. Keeneyville
1904 15-Jun D Marvin, John formerly of Covington d. Wed. in Elmira, age 52. Funeral and bur. In Covington. Left 2 sons. He was son of Gilles Marvin
1904 4-May D Mascho, Francis L. d. in Sullivan. B. 22 Aug. 1829 in Elkland
1904 24-Aug D Masten, Ralph of Wellsboro d. age 14, son of Joseph Masten
1904 24-Feb D Mather, Lydia d. Wellsboro last week Tues. age 80. Widow of James H., had lived here since 1860
1904 14-Sep D Mathews, John d. last week in Luzerne, PA, formerly of Blossburg
1904 11-May D Matson, E. Sr. d. in Wellsboro on Sat. last, age nearly 90
1904 25-May D McCann, John of Little Marsh d. Sat. in Addison, N.Y.
1904 2-Mar D McConnell, Mrs. Allen d. last Sun. in Mansfield age 35. Bur. Oakwood Cem. Dau. Of Albert Cobb of Mill Creek
1904 13-Apr D McEntee son of Edward McEntee of Hills Creek d. this a.m. age 3
1904 8-Jun D McFall, Eli d. Westfield Twp. age 16
1904 2-Nov D McInroy, Lawrence  of Niles Valley d. Thur., age 14. Son of Samuel, 1 sis. 4 bros.
1904 27-Jul D McLean, Alexander A. 90 of Middlebury d. in Indiana. He came her in 1835. M. 1 Feb. 1838 to Jane Potter
1904 Feb D Meiner, Philip of Wellsboro d. Tues. last week at the county home
1904 8-Jun D Merrick, Charles d. in Deerfield Twp. last week. Was b. 20 Jun 1833 in Wellsboro. 3 ch.
1904 13-Jan D Merritt, Mrs. O. J. d. in Millerton age 64
1904 29-Apr D Metzger, Mrs. H. Fred (Belle Rundell) d. in N.J., bur. In Blossburg
1904 20-Jan D Miller, Mary  d. Wed., Millerton in her 85th yr. She was the wid. Of George K. Bur. Millerton
1904 27-Apr D Miller, Mrs. Stephen d. Tioga last week age 38. Maiden name Reynolds. Has dau. Norma
1904 3-Aug D Mold, Wlliam d. Elmira. Bur. Bloss
1904 9-Nov D Moshier, Mrs. Bert d. Elkland last week (nee Jennie Travis of Lawrenceville)
1904 25-May D Mott, Reuben d. Port Allegany last week. Bur. Knoxville
1904 13-Jul D Murphy, Levi Levi Murphy of Ogdensburg d. recently age 94
1904 30-Mar D Mutchler, Emmet d. Leetonia last Wed. age 30
1904 11-May D Neal, Mrs. Leroy d. Keeneyville last week
1904 2-Mar D Newberry, Bernice age 76, d. Elkland last week. Widow of John
1904 8-Jun D Nickerson, Hiram H. of Wellsboro age 68, d. last Thurs. Survived by 5 ch. Formerly of E. Charleston
1904 14-Sep D Nicholson, Jerry age 76, d. Tioga last week. His dau. Is Mrs. David Heck
1904 2-Nov D Niles, Leon of Niles Valley d. last week age 14, the son of Jasper Niles
1904 1-Jun D Nobles, George 42, of Delmar d. last week. Left several ch.
1904 26-Oct D Norman, Fred of Arnot d. Blossburg on Fri.
1904 27-Jul D Norton, Edward A. d. Elkland last week. Bur. Tioga. Left 6 ch.
1904 12-Oct D O'Connell, Jeremiah of Lawrenceville d. last week at Bath, N.Y. Bur. Canton, N.Y.
1904 6-Jan D O'Dea, Michael 19, d. Morris Run last Wed. Son of Simon O'Dea
1904 2-Mar D Odle, Abraham 30, of Farmington d. last week
1904 3-Feb D Ordway, Edward 35, d. Little Marsh last week
1904 4-May D Orsley, John d. Port Allegany. Bur. Wellsboro. Former res. Of Stokesdale
1904 31-Aug D Owen, Mrs. Phoebe of Millerton d. recently at Danville, PA
1904 4-May D Owens, Mrs. Wm. 37, of Antrim d. Left 8 ch.
1904 27-Apr D Packard, Nehemiah  of Mainesburg, d. last Wed., 20 Apr in Buffalo age 74 yrs., bur. Mainesburg, b. 24 May 1830 to Rebecca Packard, grandson of Russell Ball Rose, m. 1871 Lorinda Robinson
1904 21-Dec D Parker, John of Gaines, d. 4 Dec. age 43 yrs., b. 15 Dec. 1861 Tioga, no ch.
1904 5-Oct D Parks, Sarah Davis d. Mansfield, last Wed., Bur. Mansfield, dau. Of Mrs. Edward Burton
1904 10-Aug D Patchen, Christiana Putman d. Sylvania 5 Feb., born Cov. 21 Nov. 1818, m. 7 Sep. 1842. Bur. Covington
1904 13-Jan D Peake, Daniel of Wellsboro d. last Wed., age 55 yrs., b. in Wellsboro
1904 10-Feb D Peck, Sylvester formerly of Tioga, d. Sat. last in Watkins, N.Y. age 72 yrs.
1904 27-Apr D Phelps, Richard d. Buffalo last week. Bur. Tioga
1904 20-Jan D Phillips, Wilbur of Westfield, d. last Wed.
1904 23-Nov D Phippen, John of Lawrenceville d. last Wed., age 80 yrs., had 4 sis., 1 bro., He was a pioneer
1904 3-Feb D Precit, Helen Caroline d. 13 July age 5 mos., 2 wks., b. 27 Jan. to Albert Precit
1904 20-Jul D Priest, Francis of Union Twp., d. Tues. age 78 formerly of Morris Run
???? ???? D Mack, Myrtle age 50, Westfield, d. Lawrenceville. Bur. Riverview Ce., dau. Of Seth & Juliette Markan Harris m. James Mack sur. By hus., son, Elbridge, Westfield -In Volume 8, Mansfield Advertiser 1900-1905
???? ???? D Mack, Harry 24, d. accident at Eberle Tannery. Bur. Funeral at Baptist Chruch, Westfield. Sur. By wife, Ruth English Mack, bro. Allie, James, Leland, sis. Erma, Mrs. Wayne Bell
1904 14-Sep D Radeker, Samuel of Wellsboro d. Stokesdale age 15 yrs., son of Mrs. Mary J. Radeker
1904 2-Mar D Redfield, Augustus d. Bath, N.Y., Bur. Covington
1904 3-Feb D Reeder, Andrew of Antrim d. last week
1904 20-Apr D Reep, Valentine d. near Mansfield last Thurs., age 72 yrs., 6 mos. Son of Peter & Betsy Reep of Lawrenceville. Bur. There
1904 5-Oct D Reese, Mrs. Martha d. Charleston on Sat., bur. Welsh Settlement Cem., b. 8 Dec. 1825 Pontyberem, Wales, came here age 15 with parents, John & Mary Johnes, m. 1849 David T. Reese; left 2 sons, John & T. M.
1904 11-May D Retan, Mrs. M. K. d. Millerton Mon., age 73
1904 13-Apr D Reynolds, Emily Knox of Wellsboro d. Thur., age 78, wife of Rev. N. L. Reynolds
1904 13-Apr D Reynolds, Mary Beardsley of Sullivan Twp. d. on Easter, 27 yrs. Old, wife of Fred
1904 13-Apr D Rice, Orrin D. of Little Marsh, d. last week, age 73 yrs.
1904 13-Apr D Richmond, Menzo of Voltus d. 9 Apr. age 54. Bur. Mansfield
1904 28-Dec D Robean, Mrs. John of Blossburg d. last week age abt. 80; left 3 ch: Amos, John, Mrs. John Hanwell
1904 May D Roblyer, H. Louis d. last Wed., (May 4) near Mansfield age 79 yrs., 2 mos. Bur. Wood Cem., a native of N.Y. State
1904 30-Nov D Robers, Theodore Rosevelt d. last Fri. in Covington (boy to twin of Fred Rogers)
1904 16-Mar D Rogers, Mrs. C. H. d. Frost Settlement 14 Mar., age abt. 43 yrs., maiden name Cleveland
1904 11-May D Rose, Mrs. Enos d. Sullivan Twp., last Wed., nee Bailey
1904 24-Aug D Rosenbusch, Caroline d. Washington, D. C., recently, age 63 yrs., widow of William of Wellsboro
1904 30-Mar D Rowland, Salmon d. Westfield last week, b. 2 Jan. 1825 Onondaga Co., N.Y.
1904 23-Nov D Ryon, Michael of Morris Run d. last week age 75, left 4 ch.
1904 18-May D Saturca, Tony d. Ansonia Thur. Last, age 22
1904 3-Feb D Schanbacher, Miss Dossie d. Marshlands last week. Dau. Of Wm. T. Schanbacher
1904 12-Oct D Schimf, Charles d. Charleston last week age 56 yrs. A native of Ger., 4 daus.
1904 14-Sep D Scott, Esther charleston d. last 233k age 51 wife of Charles Scott. Nee, Francis
1904 10-Aug D Sears, Wm. d. Mansfield 5 Aug. age 45 yrs. 6 mos. B. Woodhull, N.Y. wife nee Lucy Gernert. Left 2 ch.
1904 7-Dec D Sexton, Mrs. John L. d. Blossburg last Wed., 75 yrs.
1904 13-Jul D Shaw, Mrs. Mellissa d. near Mainesburg last Sun. 9 July. B. 11 Dec. 1838 Delaware Co., N.Y. m. 29 Dec. 1859 wife of Milton Shaw. 6 ch.
1904 16-Mar D Shaw, Byron  d. Nelson. Funeral last Fri.
1904 12-Oct D Sheffer, Frank d. Millerton last week age 57 yrs. 2 ch.
1904 15-Jun D Sherman, Henry d. Rutland, 9 June age 18, son of H. A. Sherman
1904 11-Feb D Sherwood, Mrs. Henry d. 30 Jan. at Penn Yan, N.Y., left hus., 1 son, Harry L., 2 daus., dec. *da & Addie
1904 9-Sep D Sherwood, Mrs. Caroline d. 21 Aug. at Northumberland, Pa. age over 92, wid. Of Hon. Daniel L. Sherwood once res. Of Mansfield. Left: Mrs. Hannah Seeley of Northumberland, Henry of Penn Yan, Porter of Mt. Colm, Texas, Warren of Oswego, Geo. Of Rochester, Orville of Sunbury, 4 ch. alread desc.: John, Abel, Almira & Mrs. Mary Reed [Caroline Sharpe SRGP 86867]
1904 1-Jun D Smith, Laura E. d. Mansfield 27 May, age 84 yrs. 3 mos., 13 days. Wido. Of Jesse D. Smith. She was b. Franklin, N.Y. Bur. Mansfield
1904 25-May D Smith, Geo. d. Richmond Twp abt. 23 yrs., unm.
1904 31-Aug D Smith, Charles Wesley d. Rutland 25 Aug., age 54, b. 15 Jun 1850, m. 17 Feb. 1875 Lucy VanNess. 2 sons.
1904 3-Aug D Sours, Mrs. Charles d. last Sun. at Middletown, Pa. Bur. Mansfield
1904 6-Jul D Sours, William d. last Sat. at Coral, Pa. age abt. 47. Funeral & bur. Mansfield. A native of this county
1904 23-Mar D Spencer, Myrtle Louise d. Mansfield 17 Mar., age 6. Dau. Of Samuel & Grace Praessett Spencer. Bur. Sherwood Annex, Mansfield [Prospect - is this Grace Precit/]
1904 19-Oct D Starkey, Mary Emeline d. 8 Oct. in Richmond Twp. b. Edmeston, N.Y. 1836, came 1842 with her parents, Lewis & Amy Hammond, m. 4 July 1854 Henry M. Starkey, 3 ch.
1904 1-Jun D Stevens, Albert of Middlebury Twp., found dead Sat., bur. Keeneyville age 58
1904 25-May D Stevens, Daniel d. Jackson Twp. Mon. age 60 yrs., bur. Maple Hill Cem.
1904 11-May D Stevens, Hiram d. Osceola last week. 4 ch.
1904 16-Mar D Stevens, Wallace d. 14 Mar. in Mainesburg agera, Bungy abt. 40 yrs. Bur. Wood Hill Cem.
1904 1-Jun D Stock, Mrs. Philip d. Arnot Wed. last. 4 ch.
1904 18-May D Stone, Levi of Osceola d. Mon. last age 46 yrs.
1904 14-Dec D Stang, Benjamin Butler d. Westfield on Mon. b. 23 Sep. 1861 Sabinsville, m. 1890 Belle Losey, had 2 sons. Bur. Potter Brook Cem. He was son of Sen. B. B. & Betsy Strang
1904 3-Feb D Sumner, Lois Dyke d. Sat. in Schodac. Wid. Of Henry Sumner age 91 yrs., bur. Frost Settlement. B. 12 Jul. 1812 Sterling, Vt. Came here 1838. D. 30 Jan.
1904 11-May D Sweatland, Almira d. Mon. in Elmira, N.Y. age 85 yrs. Bur. Tioga. Wodow of George W. Sweatland
1904 26-Oct D Sweet, Maria d. Knoxville last week. Wido of Wm.
1904 2-Nov D Tipple, Mrs. Arthur d. Charleston last week age 42 yrs., left 2 ch.
1904 7-Sep D Van Horn, Mrs. Wm. B. d. Wellsboro on Mon., age 78 yrs., b. Charleston Twp., had 3 sons, 1 survives
1904 16-Nov D Vance, Mrs. Emma d. Marsh Creek Thurs., last wife of J. W. Vance of Roseville. Left 4 ch.
1904 21-Sep D Varner, Mrs. Joseph d. East Charleston last Fri., bur. Union Cem.
1904 2-Mar D Voorhees, John A. of Daggett, bur. Yesterday
1904 26-Dec D Walbridge, Luther of Delmar d. 12 Dec. at Blossburg Hospital age 12 yrs., son of L. P. Walbridge
1904 28-Dec D Walker, Delos Hazelton d. Mansfield on Mon. son of James & Eliza Walker, b. Covington 25 Nov. 1835. James came from N.H. in 1809 age 4
1904 31-Aug D Ward, Orlando of Blossburg d. Thurs. last at County Home age 75 yrs.
1904 5-Oct D Warren, Dr. Thomas d. Wed. last in Elkland, age 73, had also res. In Tioga. M. 1857 Catherine Losey of Nelson, 2 ch.
1904 9-Nov D Warters, Mrs. Henry d. Lambs Creek 3 Nov. (Lida Gould), b. Rutland 25 Sep. 1857, m. 3 Jul. 1877, 7 ch., bur. Mansfield
1904 18-May D Waters, Susan A. d. Sat. in Armot, age 59 yrs., wife of Dr. D. C. Waters. (nee Brown), Bur. Blossburg
1904 24-Feb D Watkins, John Rumsey d. Covington Twp. Mon.
1904 4-May D Watkins, Ethel d. last Thurs. in Mansfield, age 6 mos., bur. Blossburg, dau. of John & May Gaylord Watkins of Morris Run
1904 24-Feb D Wetsell, Scott d. Morris Run age 17, son of Daniel. Bur. Blossburg
1904 20-Jan D Whalen, Catherine d. Morris Run a few days ago age 6 yrs.
1904 5-Oct D Wheeler, Ann Eliza d. Delmar last week, age 74 yrs., wid. Of Alanson Wheeler, mother of Edgar A.
1904 20-Apr D Wheeler, Henry C. of Tioga d. Mon., age 61 yrs.
1904 5-Oct D Whitehead, Sarah d. Tioga age 18 yrs. Bur. Brandford (Pa. or NY), left 1 bro.
1904 24-Aug D Whiting, Joseph d. Frost Settlement 15 Aug., age 84 yrs., 7 mos., 10 days, b. Reedsboro, Vt., 5 Jan. 1820, cam to Bradford Co., 1827, to Covington 1849. Bur Frost Cem., 1 dau.
1904 13-Jul D Wickham, Mrs. T. A. d. Fri. last in Tioga
1904 24-Aug D Wilbur, Charles of Sabinsville d. 9 Aug., age 54 yrs., train accident
1904 6-Jan D Wilkins, Bradley d. Covington last Wed., age 73 yrs.
1904 16-Nov D Williams, Ellen Bailey d. last Sat. in Lincoln, Neb., Bur. Mansfield, widow of Philip. In 88th yr., dau. Of Roswell Bailey, b. in Charleston
1904 19-Oct D Williams, Mrs. Mary d. Wellsboro last week age 46 yrs., wid. Of Dr. Charles Williams
1904 30-Mar D Williams, Mrs. Albert of Westfield d. recently in Warren, Pa. age 47. Bur. Westfield
1904 18-May D Wilson, Adelbert  of Mansfield d. in same last Sun., bur. Wellsboro
1904 19-Oct D Wivell, Herbert d. Brooklyn, N.Y. last week age 37 yrs., left 2 ch., son of Mrs. Robert Wetter of Marsh Creek. Bur. Wellsboro
1904 28-Oct D Wood, Mrs. Jessie Sherman d. Savona, N.Y., Mon., of pneumonia age 47 yrs., wife of James Wood, sis. Of Mrs. Timothy Smith & Benjamin Sherman of Richmond Twp., a native of Rutland Twp. Funeral here
1904 7-Dec D Wood, Mrs. Early E. d. Mon. in Rutland. Left 1 dau., Bur. Roseville, dau. Of Daniel Watson
1904 24-Aug D Youmans, Irene d. Sun. age 4 yrs., dau. Of Fred Youmans. Bur. Gray Cem., Covington



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