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Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008
Do You Know that you can search just the Death Records and  Death Clippings on the site by using the Deaths button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? Be aware that you will also find some death notices in the Clippings partition and the three county level Obituarysections.
Since the Canton Sentinel is one of the papers we check for current obituaries, all of these should already be on the site on the appropriate Obituary by Cemetery or Clippings pages.

Necrology for 2011
Wednesday January 4, 2012 = Canton Independent Sentinel
Adam, Carol A., Feb. 4
Ames, I. Hazel, June 24
Anderson, Robert J., Jan. 28
Andrus, Edith, Nov, 24
Andrus, Harold, Leonard, July 21
Andrus, Roy D., Oct. 1
Anstee, William Morris, April 25
Anthony, Cheryl L., March 4
Anthony, Josephine Julia, July 30
Arnold, Jacqueline, Aug. 21
Aurandt, Richard Carl, June 29
Avery, Mabell, June 1

Baker, Robert F. Sr., Aug. 6
Barlow, Carletta Rose, Mar. 26
Barrett, Janice E., June 21
Batchelor, Robert L. “Bib”, Aug. 29
Best, Amanda, Nov, 5
Bicknell, Norman, May 22
Billmeyer, Jane D, June 30
Binford, Theron L., April 2
Birdsall, Jesse Eugene, April 18
Birdsall, Shirley Jean Hughes, April 24
Blair, Agnes V., Oct. 5
Bond, Lois C., April 23
Botsford, Frank, June 1
Bourne, Barbara E., May 27
Bovier, Eudora D., June 26
Bowers, Alice Salmons, Feb. 5
Boyer, Eveline “Evie”, Mar. 10
Bradbury, Deborah, Sept. 13
Bradley, Ruth Allene, Jan, 21
Brass, Kenneth, Sept. 14
Brewer, LaVerna (Baker), Nov. 9
Brown, Aaron “John” June 6
Brown, Donald L., April 8
Brown, Joann, March 9
Brown, Thomas W., Nov.16
Brown, Welles “Al”, Aug. 21
Buck, Donald LeRoy, May 28
Buck, Mary Lou Woodward, Sept. 27

Calkins, Edna, March 21
Calkins, Theodore “Ted”, Feb. 24
Camp, Patricia, June 29
Cashdollar, James “Link”, Jan. 12
Castle, Frank W., March 29
Chadwick, Mary Lou Mott, April 18
Chappell, Gerald R., Jan. 9
Chilson, David, Sept. 4
Clegg, Allen, Nov. 28
Coats, Henry Sr., Oct. 16
Congdon, Shirley Ann, May 2
Cooke, Dorothy Brown, May 12
Crumbling, Harry Ammon, Nov. 21
Cummings, Duane, July 2
Cutting, Ava Elise, Jan. 4

Darrow, Marian B., Dec. 2
Davy, Helen, March 21
Davy. James, Sept. 24
Demech, Fred Jr., March 11
DeWalt, Charles Frederick, April 10
DeWitt, Williams F., April 24
Dodge, Bernice Elizabeth Potter, June 15
Dodge, Charlotte E., April 20
Doty, Madeline A. (Gernert) , July 30
Dreste, Robert C., May 25
Drislane, Maude Agnes, June 3
Dudwitt, Vicki D., Oct. 3
Dunham, J. David, Sept. 6

Eberly, Richard “Rick”, Feb. 12
Edwards, Daniel J., Feb 10
Ervay, Kathryn, Feb. 12
Evans, Elizabeth K., Nov. 19 (2010)

Fay, M. Duane, July 22
French, Esther Curren, Jan 26
Frey, Margaret, March 12
Fulkerson, Dale, Sept. 2
Fuller, Marshall Wilson, Aug. 11

Gee, June Marie Loomis, Nov, 7
Golden, Ruth Ann, June 6
Grace, Albert W., April 12
Guisewhite, Norman, Aug. 11
Guthrie, Kenneth L., Jan. 3

Hall, Mabel J., July 22
Hamilton, Linda M., May 7
Harer, Duane D., April 1
Hartford, Earl L., Aug. 30
Hartford, Reed W., April 19
Hatherill, Edith Merrick, Oct. 14
Heffner, John E. Jr., Jan. 3
Holmes, Edward, Feb. 24
Hoppaugh, Raymond L, July 11
Hurlburt, DeWayne Phillip “Herb”, Dec. 4
Hutter, Joseph Jr., Feb. 12

Isbell, Clarence L., March 6
Isbell, Lucille, E., May 11

Jeliff, Glen L., Feb. 1
Jelsma, Waltraut “Wally”, Sept. 1
Jenkins, Edward C. “Mike”, July 2
Johns. Phyllis A., July 30
Johnson, Isaac D. ”Ike”, Aug. 22
Johnson, RosaLee, May 2
Johnston, Wayne E., Jan. 21
Jones, James “Jake”, Jan. 31
Jones, Phyllis Keagle, Sept. 24
Joralemon, Ned L., May 2
Jordan, Alvin W. Jr., Feb. 5

Kennedy, Ester, Jan. 2
Kilmer, Geraldine (Allen) Mar. 25
Kinner, Stanley E., May 21
Kneller, Florence M., Jan. 3
Knowlden, Marjory E., July 12
Krause, Kyle K., May 21
Kutt, Chester M., Jan. 26

Lafferty, William “Bill”, Apr. 14
Landon, Deborah L., Feb. 22
Landon, LaReda J., July 5
Larson, Kimberly Renee, Nov. 29
Lawson, Helen G., Jan. 14
Lee, Lillian, Jan. 28
Lent, Beatrice M., Feb. 6
Levandoski, Andrew, Oct. 12
Lewis, Bernice Cole, March 31
Lewis, Helen Zuchowski Knapp, April 3
Lewis, Jay Emerson, Oct. 25
Lindquist, Robert M., Apr. 17
Long, Robert E. , Feb. 23
Luckey, James R., Sept. 8
Lunn, Marianne, Jan. 3

MacFarlane, Elizabeth, Nov, 18
Machmer, Russell, Sept, 29
Mack, Eileen M. (Lawrence) , Aug. 28
Malloy, Kevin, May 8
Mann, Shirley (Eaton), July 3
Marsh, Connie Spencer, Oct. 23
Matson, James P., April 16
Matthews, Shirley, Nov. 28
May, Sondra “Sonny”, April 11
Mays, Gordon, Dec, 20
McIlwain, Pauline M., May 31
Meadors, Ruth Nero Gates, Aug. 15
Merritt, Bonnie, Feb. 23
Mitchell, Thomas A., May 9
Mooney, Anthony, Dec. 22
Mooney, June, Nov. 2
Moore, Lois, April 24
Morgan, Harmon “Mutt”, Jan. 5
Morgan, Michael Lee, Dec. 7
Morris, W. Thomas, Oct. 13
Mott, Harry, Dec. 21
Murray, John J., Aug. 29

Neifert, Ruth Zimmerman, Feb. 3
Neitz, Martha C., Oct. 21
Newman, Dawn R., Jan. 20
Nichols, Lewis G., Dec. 31

Osgood, Edward “Ozzie”, Oct. 9
Overrein, Brenda J., July 26 

Packard, Doris “Doad”, Mar. 25
Parker, Gerald “Buzz”, Nov.21
Parker, Ronald “Pete” Jr., Nov. 8
Parsons, Llewellyn, Jan, 31
Patton, Rev. Horace M., Feb. 1
Pazzaglia, John Peter, Aug. 26
Peace, Thomas M., Jan. 23
Pearsall, Annette (Frick), Jan. 27
Pepper, Elton L., Nov. 23
Percival, Marge Dutchess, Dec. 28
Perry. Lynn D., Aug. 16
Pfaff, Richard “Dick”, June 4
Phelps, John M., July 16
Phillips, Jay Lawrence, May 21
Pidcoe, Carolyn “Jane”, June 24
Porter, Connie Mae, March 22
Proctor, Charlotte G., Sept. 13
Putnam, Wanda (Farr), June 5

Raker, Glen E., June 25
Rausher, George, Sept. 3
Reynolds, Robert L., July 19
Richards, Shirley, Oct. 30
Ripley, Elizabeth “Liz” Manley, July 26
Robbins, Wilfred E. “Bill”, Sept. 14
Roberts. John Sr., Nov. 22
Robson, Gabe Michael, May 3
Rockwell, Nora S. (Rolison) , June 23
Ross, Mary Louise Williams, July 26
Roupp, Karen, Aug. 12
Russell, Mary Helen (Beline), Feb. 18

Schill, Ernest Waldron, Apr. 23
Schoen, Gerda Braun, June 4
Scott, Helen, Sept, 29
Seeley, Ronald D., “Ron”, May 11
Sexton, Violet Mack, Dec. 14
Shannon, Freda, June 8
Sharrow, Mason Daniel, Dec. 2
Shattuck, Violet M., Jan. 9
Shaylor, Gerald L., July 29
Shepard, Minnie, April 12
Simons, Beatrice M., Jan. 5
Slater, Glenn R. Jr., Oct.31
Slingerland, 1st Lt. Robert “Robby”, Nov. 5
Slingerland, Mary Elizabeth, Sept. 7
Smith, Margaret ”Marge”, Nov. 8
Snedeker, Lt. Col. Eugene, Dec. 10
Sollick, Mary, Nov. 30
Sorenson, Judith Cummings, Jan. 24
Spencer, Charlotte, Feb. 16
Stahl, John J., Jan. 10
Stiles, Daniel E., July 3
Straka, Iona Marie, March 25
Swain, Christopher, April 6
Swain, Lena, Feb. 9

Tafe, Harry J., June 4
Taylor, Floyd T., Nov. 7
Teada, Paul Leroy Sr., April 30
Tebo, John William, April 8
Terry, Jessie Bryington, Jan. 22
Tillotson, Shirley, Oct. 4
Tilly, Ann Cook (McGee), Feb. 26
Trego, Theresa A., Oct. 26
Trick, Frances “Franny”, Sept. 20
Turner, Gertrude, Nov. 27
Turner, Miriam (Schucker), Mar. 3
Tyler, David E., Sept. 21

Utter, Charles E., Dec. 5

Vanderpool, Joseph Ronald, July 27
VanDyne, Patricia Nearing, Feb. 2
Vondercheck, Elizabeth Parker, March 28

Ward, Paul R. “Dick” Mar. 22
Warner, Doris L, “Judy”, June 20
Warren, Donald G., Jan. 14
Watkins, Clarence, Sept, 29
Watkins, Geo. Frederick, Jan. 30
Watkins, Raymond “Larry” March 24
Watkins, Stanley Leonard, Nov. 15
Weller, John R., Jan. 12
Whipple, Myra (Wilcox) March 10
White, Laura Rinebold, Jan. 21
Wightman, Mabel (Carl) Belawske, May 9
Wilcox, Rev. Thomas, Aug. 29
Williams, Altheda McIlwain, April 13
Wilson, Sylvia L., Jan. 18
Winebarger, Jimmy, Jan, 9
Wolf, George T., Dec. 11
Wolff, Paul D., Aug. 18
Wood, Sally A., July 6
Woodward, Lee S, Jan. 16
Woodward, Verta C., June 13
Wrisley, Duane L., Aug. 2

York, Robert B., Aug. 26



Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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By Joyce M. Tice
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