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Some Bradford County Deaths, 2000

From:  The Sunday Review, Towanda, PA Supplement, "The 2000 Year in Review"; 28 Jan 2001
Copyright © 2001 The Daily/Sunday Review; James Towner, Publisher (Printed with permission of James Towner)
Transcribed by:  Richard J. McCracken; Towanda, PA; 30 Jan 2001

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Surname Given Name Add. Name Add. Name Title Date Age of… Address/Notes
Albert Beatrice A.     22-Jan 87 formerly of Athens, PA RR 2
Alexander George R.     07-Oct 44 Liberty, PA RR 1 Tioga, Co
Allen Edward J.     22-Jul 73 Towanda, PA RR 3
Allen Edward Joseph     22-Jul 73 Towanda, PA RR 3
Allen Edward L.     08-Nov 75 Athens, PA  
Alteri Minnie J.     18-Jun 89 Sayre, PA  
Ammerman Joyce L.     10-Sep 45 Athens, PA RR 1
Anderson Dorothy E.     12-Jan 80 Wyalusing, PA RR 4
Anderson Agnes L.     19-Nov 88 Athens, PA  
Antonow Elizabeth F.     17-Aug   Rome, PA  
Arnett Beatrice Moore     12-May 94 Athens, PA  
Avery Floyd Eugene     24-Sep 63 Grover, PA  
Ayers Lillian G. Hottenstein   13-Sep 81 New Albany, PA RR 2
Babcock Rodney W. "Pork"   09-Oct 64 Sheshequin Twp, PA  
Bailey Joseph S.     06-Apr 86 Overton Twp, PA  
Baird Lora G.     16-Jul 92 Sayre, PA  
Baker Richard R.     18-Jul 85 Gillett, PA  
Baker George Richard     27-Dec 70 Towanda, PA  
Ball Raymond L.     17-Jun 65 Sayre, PA  
Barkel Margaret Eleanor     11-Nov 93 Somerset, PA Somerset Co
Barnes Arthur D.     02-Mar 79 Burlington, PA  
Barr Winifred J.     24-Nov 46 Towanda, PA  
Barrett Anthony Wayne   Jr. 28-Sep 73 Waverly, NY Tioga Co
Barrett Joseph P.     20-Oct 80 Towanda, PA RR 4
Barrett Wanita       20-Dec 79 Troy, PA  
Barrowcliff George D. "Sonny"   14-Dec 67 Athens, PA  
Batterson Gerladine       03-Jun 82 Troy, PA  
Battin Meryl Norton     12-Nov   Shunk, PA RR 1 Sullivan Co
Beals Clyde H.     07-Feb 79 Barton, NY Tioga Co
Beck Leon V. N.   07-Jan 87 formerly of New Albany, PA RR 2
Beers Marian Rowe     29-May 95 Wysox, PA  
Bellows Louis Jake     13-Oct   Canton, PA  
Bender Kenneth R.     31-Aug 92 formerly of Warren Center and Athens, PA  
Bender Arthur James   Jr. 02-Oct 19 Kentucky  
Benditt George F.   Jr. 06-Nov 51 Boyerstown, PA ?? Co
Benjamin Thomas D.     18-Jul 46 North Towanda Twp, PA  
Benjamin Harry C.     29-Sep 61 Asylum Twp, PA  
Bennett Dorothy Anne     21-Mar 68 Wyalusing, PA  
Bennett Mary F.     29-May 87 Litchfield Twp, PA  
Bennett Albert W.     11-Jun 79 Leraysville, PA  
Bennett Timothy Wayne     17-Jul 34 of NC, formerly of Nichols, NY Tioga Co
Bennett Henry       22-Jul 82 Candor, NY  
Bentley Carol "Tracy"     19-Aug 39 Sayre, PA  
Berrettini Sally S.     28-Mar 78 Sayre, PA  
Berry William W.     28-Jul 67 Windham Twp, PA  
Bidlack Gordon W.   Sr. 11-Feb 79 Sayre, PA  
Bird Eleanore Danielski     15-Jul 70 formerly of Herrickville, PA  
Bitler Edward C.     23-Nov 51 Laceyville, PA Wyoming Co
Bixby Ivan F.   (Mrs) 29-Apr 91 Athens, PA  
Blackburn Walter Thomas "Blackie"   20-Sep 73 Wilmot Twp, PA  
Blanchard Theodore J. "Ted"   26-Mar 84 Stevensville, PA  
Blaney Marie K.     04-Mar 72 Wellsboro, PA Tioga Co
Bluhm Ervin H.     17-Oct   Tunkhannock, PA Wyoming Co
Boice Alice M.     28-Nov 85 South Waverly, PA  
Bonebrake Thelma Marie     26-May 76 Mr. Airy, MD  
Bordinger Joanna Celine Hunsinger Gorman   04-Apr 76 S. Williamsport, PA Lycoming Co
Borick Jack       01-Sep 40 Lopez, PA and Pennsauken, NJ  
Borick Dorothy Mingos     29-Oct 79 Wysox, PA  
Bouse Marian L.     29-Sep 69 New Smyrna Beach, FL  
Bovier Winifred Cook     02-Nov 86 Penn Yan, NY  
Bower Gladys M.     24-Sep 96 formerly of Windham, PA  
Boyles Judson R.     27-Jan 83 Hillsgrove, PA RR 1 Sullivan Co
Boyles Linda Ann     07-Oct   Forksville, PA RR 1
Brandt Joseph John     25-Jan 88 formerly of Wysox, PA  
Brandt Pamela J. Kittle   14-Aug 34 Troy, PA  
Brann Mary Wynne     05-Mar 88 Canton, PA  
Breese Florence Mae Hicks   26-Aug 78 formerly of Canton, PA  
Breining John H.   Sr. 05-Aug 77 Columbia Xroads, PA RR 3
Brentlinger Mary F.     18-Mar 78 Rome, PA RR 1
Brierton Norma     Mrs. 05-Apr 91 Laporte, PA Sullivan Co
Briggs Nellie P.     23-Aug 72 Laporte, PA  
Brinker Dorothea A.     09-Nov 71 Nazareth, PA Northampton Co
Brion Leola E.     21-Nov 82 Liberty, PA Tioga Co
Bristol Robert F.     05-Jul 70 Armenia Mtn, PA  
Brogan Charles Carson   Jr. 09-Jan 78 formerly of Eagles Mere, PA Sullivan Co
Brower Emma Rebecca     28-Jan 15mo Troy, PA RR 3
Brower Marlin G.     07-Sep 73 Lewistown, PA ?? Co
Brown Jesse E. "Junk"   07-Jan 87 Shunk, PA Sullivan Co
Brown Grace A.     24-Jan 87 Endwell, NY Broome Co
Brown Bernice F.     22-Feb   formerly of Sayre, PA  
Brown Roger R.     26-Feb 42 South Waverly, PA  
Brown Roger W.     14-Mar 78 VanEtten, NY  
Brown Irene A.     26-May 84 Towanda, PA  
Brown Patricia Wiggins     23-Aug 63 Towanda, PA RR 4
Brown Zachary Thomas     11-Sep 21mo Wysox, PA  
Brown Edwin J.     27-Dec 56 Waverly, NY Tioga Co
Buckley James Edward   Sr. 29-Dec 88 Granville Twp, PA  
Bukas M. Patricia     24-Aug 65 Towanda, PA RR 5
Bump Walter     Jr. 15-Oct 34 Towanda, PA RR 2
Bundle Paul B.     18-Mar 86 Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Burdan Thelma E. (Butch)   25-Sep 89 Nordmont, PA Sullivan Co
Burgess Flora E.     14-May 96 Towanda, PA RR 5
Burkett Rose M.     13-Aug 53 Bently Creek, PA  
Burkett Gerald Francis "Jerry"   15-Sep 84 Sugar Run, PA  
Burkhart Caroll L.     30-May 73 Tampa, FL  
Burkholder L. Ethel     23-Oct 84 formerly of Ulster, PA  
Burr Mary F.     12-Mar 88 Canton, PA RR 2
Burrell Vincent A.     11-Jun 80 Towanda, PA  
Butcher James       11-May 56 Granville, PA  
Buzako Fillie       27-Feb 98 Owego, NY Tioga Co
Byrne William J.     25-Jan   Long Beach, CA  


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