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Some Bradford County Deaths, 2000

From:  The Sunday Review, Towanda, PA Supplement, "The 2000 Year in Review"; 28 Jan 2001
Copyright © 2001 The Daily/Sunday Review; James Towner, Publisher (Printed with permission of James Towner)
Transcribed by:  Richard J. McCracken; Towanda, PA; 30 Jan 2001

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Surname Given Name Add. Name Add. Name Title Date Age of… Address/Notes
Eaton Harry Smith     14-Apr 83 Wyalusing, PA  
Eckman Charles J. "Chuck"   26-Oct 47 Kailua, Hawaii  
Elliott Emma V.     26-Jul 87 formerly of Montour Falls, NY  
Elliott Sharon K.     28-Jul 50 Granville Summit, PA  
Elliott Carlton Richard     12-Aug 22 Towanda, PA  
Elliott Howard K.     26-Oct 76 Asylum Twp, PA  
Ellis Robert A.     05-Dec 90 Canton, PA  
Elvidge Elma B. Brown   06-Mar 85 West Burlington, PA  
English Curtis R.   Dr. 13-Nov 65 formerly of Montoursville, PA Lycoming Co
Epley Myrtle N.     22-Apr 83 Athens, PA  
Epstein Maurice L.     20-Oct 90 Sayre, PA  
Fay Merwin F.     18-Oct 77 Bently Creek, PA  
Fetherbay Doris H. "Dorie"   29-Sep 75 Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Fiorini John E.     26-Nov 82 Mildred, PA Sullivan Co
Flade Russell William     08-Sep 75 Canton, PA  
Flanagan Paul G.     21-Nov 56 Troy, PA  
Fluke David Walter     27-Oct 66 Columbia Xroads, PA  
Fogelsonger Dorotha       06-Jul 77 formerly of Mansfield, PA Tioga Co
Ford Donna Rogers     06-Mar 73 Bentley Creek, PA  
Forsyth Elizabeth Patterson     02-Sep 78 Washington, DC and Towanda, PA. RR 5  
Fortney Mildred Ellen Gergenske   09-Nov 91 formerly of Towanda, PA  
Forys Eleanor Marie Barnes   19-May 79 Hamlin, NY  
Foulke Philip Andrew     29-Sep 81 formerly of Sayre, PA  
Fowler Wayne O.     19-Jan 90 New Albany, PA RR 1
Frazer Ina Jean     07-Apr 77 Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Frederick Debra K.     15-Jun 42 Canton, PA  
Frey Dorothy L. Lewis   18-Jun 57 Shunk, PA RR 3
Frey Lawrence D.   Sr. 30-Jul 80 Shunk, PA RR 3 Sullivan Co
Fries Ida D.     07-Apr 79 Vero Beach, FL & Columbia Xroads, PA  
Frisbie Stanley J.     29-Apr 75 Sayre, PA  
Frisbie Melvin A. "Mike" Jr. 19-Nov 80 Sayre, PA  
Fuller Amelia K.     30-Aug   Rome, PA RR 1
Fuller George H.     01-Dec 87 South Waverly, PA  
Fulmer Anna R.     18-Nov   Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Furmanek Marion X. (Lockwood)   09-Apr 68 Troy, PA  
Gable George W.     07-Mar 83 Milan, PA  
Gallow Loretta J.     05-May 62 Lockwood, NY  
Gavitt Gordon L.     21-Feb 87 Dushore, PA  
Gay Gladys E.     14-Jul 88 Towanda, PA  
Geisler Raymond       19-Sep 77 Columbia Xroads, PA RR 2
Gerould Robert Edward     30-Sep 78 formerly of East Smithfield, PA  
Giffen J. Stewart     17-Sep 85 formerly of Hornbrook, PA  
Gilfoyle Timothy J.     03-Jun 59 Jacksonville, FL  
Gillette Lucille Joan     27-Jun 66 Ocracoke, NC  
Gilliland Joanne Lyon     18-Mar 64 Canton, PA  
Good Elizabeth K.     25-Apr 81 Litiz, PA Lancaster Co
Good Ralph A.     26-Jul 99 Canton, PA  
Gowin Albert D.     18-Sep 70 Brick, PA ?? Co
Grantier Robert B.     28-Apr 65 Gillett, PA  
Gray Shirley Arlene Repsher   03-Jan 64 Laceyville, PA RR 3 Wyoming Co
Green Everett E.     14-May   Zephyrhills, FL  
Greene Theodore R.   Sr. 10-Jan 59 of Towanda, PA RR 2
Greening Dorothy       18-Aug 82 Evergreen, PA  
Gregory Naomi Blemle     29-Mar 84 Sayre, PA  
Griffin William E.   Sr. 03-Jun 87 Tunkhannock, PA formerly of Towanda, PA
Grimley Robert S.     13-Dec 73 Athens, PA  
Groover Edwin R.     09-May 83 Canton, PA RR 2
Gross William H.   Sr. 02-Aug 57 Columbia Xroads, PA RR 3
Guglielmi Bruno J.   III 02-Jul 24 Mildred, PA Sullivan Co
Hager Marguerite N. (Dunbar)   02-Apr 94 Troy, PA  
Haight Edith A. (Rogers)   07-Feb 84 Forksville, PA Sullivan Co
Hamby Joel L.     25-Sep 37 formerly of Troy, PA  
Haner Goldie V.     24-May 74 Sayre, PA  
Hardy Mary L.     11-Jan   of Estelle, PA Sullivan Co
Harkness Ansel Robert     23-Apr 83 Hudson, MA  
Harris Chester J.   Sr. 14-Sep 88 formerly of Athens, PA  
Hartford Donald J.     15-Jul 38 Monroeton, PA RR 1
Harvey Martin Elmer     04-Jun 81 Colley, PA Sullivan Co
Haven Eloise S.     01-Aug 87 Troy, PA  
Havick Steven       24-Jan 77 Warren Center, PA  
Hawblitz Howard F.     15-Jan 88 Warren Center, PA  
Heath John A.     12-Jul 78 Towanda, PA RR 2
Heath Lucy A. Wood   13-Nov 72 Towanda, PA RR 2
Heinze Harry R.     14-Jan 92 Forksville, PA RR 1 Sullivan Co
Heinze Eugene R.     27-Oct 64 Forksville, PA Sullivan Co
Hendershot Harold B.     29-Dec 81 Fort Pierce, FL  
Hendricks Nancy Rose (Bundle)   22-Mar 47 Tracy, CA  
Herrick Phyllis J.     02-Jun   Sayre, PA 123 Franklin St.
Herrington Stephen H.   IV 04-Apr 17 Wyalusing, PA RR 3
Hess Nellie Brown     17-Sep 86 Sullivan Co, PA  
Hewitt Carlton       16-Feb 89 Troy, PA  
Hewitt Carlton W.     16-Feb 89 Troy, PA  
High Gerald W.     17-Feb 74 Grover, PA  
Higley Dale Lamar     30-May 66 Upland, CA  
Hileman Ruth W.     14-Aug 88 Dushore, PA  
Hill Mabel M.     18-Jan 85 Sayre, PA  
Hillis Belle H.     10-Mar 87 formerly of Laceyville, PA Wyoming Co
Himmelreich Frank       17-Oct 75 Sherman, TX  
Hinderliter Evelyn Eileen     03-Aug 74 formerly of Canton, PA  
Hinds Harriett A.     27-Jun 101 formerly of Towanda, PA  
Hines Bessie M.     19-Nov 81 formerly of Endicott, NY Tioga Co
Hoagland Gertrude Alene Allen   24-Jul   Troy, PA  
Hoffman Anna G.     02-Feb 76 Feeding Mills, MA  
Hollenback Raymond "Pete"     08-Jan 81 Towanda, PA RR 1
Hoose James G.     13-May 89 Athens, PA RR 1
Hoose Elwin L.     26-Aug 82 Elmira, NY Chemung Co
Hoover Ira H.     25-Aug 72 Durell, PA  
Hotaling Arthur Lewis     22-May 84 West Burlington, PA  
Huffman Loueva Gladys     29-Jul 67 Wyalusing, PA  
Hulslander Frank Peter     06-Jan 76 Troy, PA  
Humphrey Rodney       09-Feb 74 Athens, PA RR 1
Hunsinger Harold M.     16-Jul 65 Meshoppen, PA Wyoming Co
Hunter Clara J.     17-Jan 73 formerly of Berwick, PA  RR 4 Luzerne Co
Hunter Lorrin A. Bassett   02-Apr 86 formerly of Williamsport, PA Lycoming Co
Huntington Karen A. Chapman   09-Aug 41 Gillett, PA  


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