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Dewey Hamilton Diary 1914
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Dewey James Hamilton was born 30 MAY 1898 in Penn Yan, New York [also the birthplace of Joyce M. Tice, publisher of these diaries]. His parents were Luella Gertrude Collum and her husband, Stanton Garvin Hamilton of Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Dewey was the oldest of their five children. We have been able to obtain diaries of Dewey from 1914 to 1980. He lived his life in Jackson township and recorded the daily events with friends, family and neighbors. He married first his local girlfriend, Ruth Wilson in 1917, and after her death at age 67 in 1964, he married Lucille Kennedy. Dewey died 14 NOV 1980, and he is buried with his wife Ruth at Jackson Center.

Ruth and Dewey had three daughters, Ruby, Lillian, and Iva Jean.

As in all of our rural areas, the population was very interconected through several generations of marriages from the early pioneer families. Garrisons, Sheives, McClures and other of the core population on Jackson were cousins and in-laws as well as friends and neighbors.

This first diary page for 1914 will also serve as the table of Contents for the entire collection of Dewey's lifetime of recording the world that he lived in. In his first diary he was sixteen years old.

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Diary of Dewey J. Hamilton 1914
Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania

January 1, 1914

Nothing entered

January 2, 1914

Nothing entered

January 3, 1914

Nothing entered

January 4-January 10, 1914

Nothing entered

January 11, 1914

Weather cold. Went up to Uncle Charlie Hamiltons

Stayed all night with Wilbur

Monday, January 12, 1914

Visited Everett town school.

Weather cold, windy and stormy.

Tuesday, January 13, 1914

Visited Millerton school. Weather fair temperature 10° below zero in day and 23° at night.

Wednesday, January 14, 1914

Weather cold and fair. Sat in the house.

Thursday, January 15, 1914

Weather cold, and windy and stormy

Sat in house

Father looked for horse.

Friday, January 16, 1914

Weather cold

Sat in-house.

Saturday, January 17, 1914

Weather cold and stormy

Sawed wood.

Sunday, January 18, 1914

Went to Christian Endeavor in evening. Weather cold and fair.

Monday, January 19, 1914

Cottonwood and rode downhill in evening w/GD

Weather cold and fair.

Tuesday, January 20, 1914

Went to Elmira. Weather warmer and fair

Wednesday, January 21, 1914

Cut wood. Weather cold and stormy.

Thursday, January 22, 1914

Went to Smiths party and cut wood. Weather cold and fair.

Weather fair and warmer. Visited H. Bakers school.

Saturday, January 24, 1914

Weather warm and rainy.

Finished sawing wood.

Sunday, January 25, 1914

Weather cold and fair. Went to Christian Endeavor.

Monday, January 26, 1914

Weather fair. Sleighing good. Went down to the McWhorters and Webbs Mill and evening.

Tuesday, January 27, 1914

Weather warm, Snow going fast. Went in a sleigh load to Mozart in evening.

Wednesday, January 28, 1914

Weather still warm. Sleighing very thin. Father went to court house and cleaned hen coop.

Thursday, January 29, 1914

Weather warm, snow nearly gone, Creek high.

Went to mill and depot.

Friday, January 30, 1914

Weather fair and warm. Had party at our house in evening.

Saturday, January 31, 1914

Weather rainy; ground icy. Helen Baker was here.

Sunday, February 1, 1914

Weather fair; ground icy. Staid at home.

Monday, February 2, 1914

Weather fair and quite cold. Father brought home new team. Ground icy.

Tuesday, February 3, 1914

Weather fair and warm.Went up to Petersons in p.m.

Wednesday, February 4, 1914

Weather fair and warm. Went up to Clint Bakers with new team.

Thursday, February 5, 1914

Weather fair. Moved saw mill. Took six boarders.

Friday, February 6, 1914

Weather cold, stormy and windy. Moved living wagon.

Saturday, February 7, 1914

Weather cold and very windy. Set some traps. Played pitch in evening.

Sunday, February 8, 1914

Sunday weather fair and cold. Only two boarders here.

Monday, February 9, 1914

Weather fair and cold. Cut wood and did chores

Tuesday, February 10, 1914

Weather fair and cold. Went to Lyceum with Ruth Wilson.

Wednesday, February 11, 1914

Weather fair and cold. Went to the store with Prince.

Thursday, February 12, 1914

Weather fair and about 16° degrees below. Brought log to mill.

Friday, February 13, 1914

Weather fair, cloudy and warmer. Cut some wood.

Saturday, February 14, 1914

Weather stormy. Snowed 2 ft., 8 in. during night.

Sunday, February 15, 1914

Weather fair and quite cold. Watered cows and trough.

Monday, February 16, 1914

Weather fair and cold. Went to pine city That. Father took Jenny home.

Tuesday, February 17, 1914

Weather snowy. Got tree down in Creek. Loren went to state line That.

Wednesday, February 18, 1914

Weather fair. Got mill to running. Cut wood and went up to mill.

Thursday, February 19, 1914

Weather snowy . Did chores and cut wood..

Friday, February 20, 1914

Weather fair and cold. Took Smiths books home in p.m.

Saturday, February 21, 1914

Weather fair and cold. Ross and Ivah came up on train and night.

Sunday, February 22, 1914

Stormy and cold. Took Ross & Ivah home. Grandpa Hamilton died 8 p.m.

Monday, February 23, 1914

Fair and cold. Father went to see Grandpa. Loren & I sawed pole wood. 28 below zero.

Tuesday, February 24, 1914

Weather fair and cold. Went up to Monks. Anderson came down in evening.

Wednesday, February 25, 1914

Weather fair and warmer. Went down to and Berthas. Father went to town.

Thursday, February 26, 1914

Fair and warm. Worked in lumber woods. Grandpa’s funeral (Hamilton).

Friday, February 27, 1914

Weather fair and warm. Went up to Palmer placed with father.

Saturday, February 28, 1914

Weather fair and warm. Walter Monks took load of goods up to Palmer Place.

Sunday, March 1, 1914

Stormy and cold. Andersen children came down. Bertha & Ben Toby came up. We packed up.

Monday, March 2, 1914

Stormy and cold. I sick abed. Snow drifts deep. Could not move.

Tuesday, March 3, 1914

Snow deep. Drifted bad. Took load as far as Jobs Corners. I got up and did chores.

Wednesday, March 4, 1914

Snow still deep interested. Took cattle up to Jurd Sheives.

Snow drift on R.R. 13 ft. dp.

Thursday, March 5

Snow 8 ft. dp. in some places in road. Weather fine. We moved on George Palmers place.

Friday, March 6,

Snowed hard all day. Got 1st letter from Ruth since moved. Shoveled snow of hay mow.

Had calf born.

Saturday, March 7

Snowy and cold. I did chores alone. Father and Loren went after load of goods.

Sunday, March 8

Weather cold and stormy. Shoveled snow banks and did chores.

Monday, March 9

Cold and stormy. Father and Loren went after feed. George Palmer came up.

Tuesday, March 10

Weather cold & windy in a.m. Fair in p.m. got grain over to H. Bensons.

Wednesday, March 11

Fair and warmer. Got load of coal at Seeley Creek. I did chores alone.

Thursday, March 12

Fair and warm. Moved load of potatoes.Loren and I went to Jobs Corners .

Friday, March 13

Fair but quite cold. Mr. Oliver J. Palmer were here for dinner. Moved to load of goods.

Saturday, March 14

Fair and thawing fast. H. Benson W. Monks, father & Loren moved Lorens load tipped over

Sunday, March 15

Fair and warm. We unloaded grain binder and corn harvester. Had new milk cow.

Monday, March 16

Fair and warm. Shovel snow and drawed manure. Snow going fast.

Tuesday, March 17

Fair and warm. Drew manure and fixed separator

Wednesday, March 18

Cold and stormy. Cleaned out sheep pen.

Thursday, March 19

Cold and stormy. Shoveled road for mail carrier. Loren sick.

Friday, March 20

Fair and cold. Went to Fred Bakers sale. Loren better.

Saturday, March 21

Fair and warmer. Father went after feed. Loren and I went up on Hill.

Sunday, March 22

Fair and warm. Father shaved off his mustache. I did chores. Loren went to L. Bensons.

Monday, March 23

Stormy but quite warm. Fixed gasolene engine.

Tuesday, March 24

Fair and warm. Moved platform wagon and buggy.

Wednesday, March 25

Fair and warm. Eldron Scot came up. We got a skunk coming over.

Thursday, March 26

Fair and warm. Shoveled snow all day over by the woods.

Friday, March 27

Fair and warm during day. Rain all night. Shoveled snow all day.

Saturday, March 28

Fair but cooler. Shoveled snow out of shed above sheep pen.

Sunday, March 29

Fair and cloudy. Went over to Mr. Stouts. Father worked in sheep pen.

Monday, March 30

Warm, cloudy & rainy. Worked in sheep pen. Eldon Scott went home.

Tuesday, March 31

Fair and warm. Scraped manure up in front of barn. Father went after grain and forks

Wednesday, April 1

Warm, cloudy and rainy. Went to Roseville for 1st time in my life.

Thursday, March 2

Rainy and snowy all day. Father received his lease. Loren and I worked in sheep pen.

Friday, March 3

Fair and cold. Father and I cut wood and fixed grindstone. Father gave me an axe.

Saturday, March 4

Fair and cloudy. Father and Loren went to Seeley Creek after feed.

Sunday, April 5

Fair but quite cool most of the time. Fred Sweely and Trum Kennedy came up in evening.

Monday, April 6

Warm and stormy. Loren and I got tools which tipped over on the fence.

Tuesday, April 7

Fair and warm. Mr. Palmer brought his new sow up

Wednesday, April 8

Stormy and cloudy. One of the sheep got down in yard and nearly died.

Thursday, April 9

Fair most of time and quite cool. Cut some wood up on hill.

Friday, April 10

Fair and warm. Got a load of coal at Millerton. Had 11 pigs and 1 lamb die and 1 sheep broke her leg.

Saturday, April 11

Cloudy and stormy. Father went to Elmira with butter. Another sheep died

Sunday, April 12

Fair and warm worked all day fixing axes and skining a sheep.

Monday, April 13

Weather fine. Cut down poles up on a hill. Mr. Palmer was here for dinner.

Tuesday, April 14

Weather fine. Cut down polls up on the hill. Two men were here for dinner

Wednesday, April 15

Fair in a.m. stormy in p.m. father drew a load of hay to Seeley Creek for Fred Stone.

Thursday, April 16

Weather stormy, rainy and nasty. Fixed head of gasolene engine.

Friday, April 17

Weather fine. Father to load of hay for Fred Stone Loren and I cut wood on hill.

Saturday, April 18

Weather fine. Cut poles up on hill. Had two new milk cows.

Sunday, April 19

Fair and a.m. rainy in p.m. got my hair cut down to Sweeleys for 1st time.

Monday, April 20

Rainy and nasty. Skinned another sheep. Mr. Palmer and another fellow came up to fix engine.

Tuesday, April 21

Fair all day. Finished cutting down pole wood up on the hill.

Wednesday, April 22

Fair all day. Father and mother went to Millerton after gasolene and to see the Dr.

Thursday, April 23

Weather fine. I sharpened posts in p.m. D. Watson try to fix gasolene. Engine.

Friday, April 24

Weather fine. Sharpened post. Drew two load of posts from Mr. Palmers

Saturday, April 25

Rainy most of time. Got gasolene engine to working good. I cleaned out old bones.

Sunday, April 26

Fair and cloudy. Fixed bicycle and wrote letter.

Monday, April 27

Fair and warm. Fixed fence and father went to Millerton after a couple of pigs.

Tuesday, April 28

Fair and warm. Had sawmill here for cutting poles. Got chores done at 9: 00 p.m.

Wednesday, April 29

Fair in a.m. Rainy in p.m. finished cutting out poles on hill.

Thursday, April 30

Stormy and a.m. fair in p.m. Tapped shoes and fixed fence.

Friday, May 1

Fix fence over next to Neil Rouse’s Fair and warm.

Saturday, May 2

Fair and warm. Loren and I skinned our 2 yr. old heifer.

Sunday, May 3

Fair and warm. Broke two spokes out of my wheel.

Monday, May 4

Fair and warm. Put in oats in front of barn.

Tuesday, May 5

Rainy all day. Water tore out bridges and come up in houses and Roseville.

Wednesday, May 6

Fair and warm. Drew banking away from house. Went to Roseville in evening.

Thursday, May 7

Fair and warm. I sharpened post. Roy James helped fix fence.

Friday, May 8

Fair and warm. Helped Curt Sweeley cut wood. Snow just went in barnyard.

Saturday, May 9

Fair and warm, with shower in p.m. I went after load feed.

Sunday, May 10

Fair most of time and rained a little bit. Steve Barkwell came after butter.

Monday, May 11

Fair in a.m. rainy in p.m. I commenced ploughing. Father sold cow and got wet

Tuesday, May 12

Rainy all day. Father sold 100 lb. of butter. I cleaned out granary.

Wednesday, May 13

Rainy and foggy. Mother went to Jobs Corners. I cleaned calf pens.

Thursday, May 14

Fair and cool. Fixed fence Frank Thorpe and family and Ethel Wilson came over.

Friday, May 15

Fair and cool. I ploughed with Jack and Pat up on the hill.

Saturday, May 16

Fair in cool. Ploughed with hand plough up on hill.

Sunday, May 17

Fair and warm. Father went over after Ethel Wilson.

Monday, May 18

Finish plowing for oats. Fair and warm

Tuesday, May 19

Fair and warm. Sowed oats in field by the orchard.

Wednesday, May 20

Fair and warm. sowed oats up on the hill and dragged in some.

Thursday, May 21

Fair and warm. Finished piece on hill and started piece in pasture field.

Friday, May 22

Fair and warm with slight shower in p.m. Dragged piece in pasture field.

Ivah and Jenny W. were here.

Saturday, May 23

Fair and cool. Dragged piece in pasture field and drew stone .

Sunday, May 24

Fair and warm. Loren went over to Linton’s.

Cecil Jewell got shot.

Monday, May 25

Fair and warm. Finished putting in oats and drew stone.

Tuesday, May 26

Fair warm in a.m. Rained in p.m. Smoothed oat ground. Several barns burned by lightning.

Wednesday, May 27

Fair in a.m.. Rained in p.m. Dragged for barley. Pump men came.

Thursday, May 28

Fair and cool. Father went to Elmira. Tried to fix pump.

Friday, May 29

Fair and warm. Dragged for barley. Took up pipe in well.

Saturday, May 30

Fair and pleasant. Fixed pump. I went over to Jackson Summitt to see Ruth

Sunday, May 31

Fair pleasant. Staid over to Ruth Wilsons. Went down an orchard in p.m.

Monday, June 1

Fair and warm. Dragged for barley. Pat was sick in night.

Tuesday, June 2

Fair and warm. Began plowing for corn. Pat is better.

Wednesday, June 3

Fair and warm. Finish putting in barley and smoothed part of it.

Thursday, June 4

Rainy all day. went after load of wood in sold some butter.

Friday, June 5

Fear and warm. Father went to Mansfield.

Saturday, June 6

Fair and warm. Dipped sheep and plowed corn.

Sunday, June 7

Fair and warm during day. Heavy shower in evening. Delos & Richard Wilson were here.

Monday, June 8

Fair and warm during day. Shower in evening. Plowed for corn.

Tuesday, June 9

Fair and very warm. Plowed for corn.

Wednesday, June 10

Fair and very warm. Plowed on hill for corn.

Thursday, June 11

Fair and very warm. Dragged for corn. Hay pressers came in evening.

Friday, June 12

Fair and warm. I dragged for corn. Hay pressers pressed hay.

Saturday, June 13

Fair and cooler. I dragged for corn. Loren got horses shod and got seed corn.

Sunday, June 14

Fair and warm. Mother sick. Dr. came. Got ready to take cabs away. LB came over in evening.

Monday, June 15

Fair and cool. Father sold ten fed calves weighing about one ton.

Tuesday, June 16

Fair and cool. I commenced drilling corn.

Wednesday, June 17

Fair and warmer. Finished drilling corn. Richard Wilson came over.

Thursday, June 18

Fair and cool. Began plowing for buckwheat. Hay pressers left. Went to Roseville in evening.

Friday, June 19

Fair and warmer. Richard went home. I plowed for buckwheat.

Saturday, June 20

Fair and cool. Fred and Truman came up in evening. I plowed for buckwheat.

Sunday, June 21

Fair and warm. Made ice cream. Loren got his hair cut.

Monday, June 22

Fair and warm. Plowed for buckwheat.

Tuesday, June 23

Fair, warm and showery. Father went to Mansfield. Bought a new mower.

Wednesday, June 24

Fair and very warm. Father, mother and children went to see Bucky fly.

Thursday, June 25

Fair and very warm. Plowed for buckwheat. Put wire on sheep fence.

Friday, June 26

Fair and warm. Finished plowing for buckwheat. Father went to Elmira in p.m..

Saturday, June 27

Fair and warm. Went to a plowing bee, and to a social at Roseville for 1st time. Got new horse.

Sunday, June 28

Warm with several fine showers. Father and mother went over to H. Bensons.

Monday, June 29

Cool with a few short showers.

Tuesday, June 30

Put in most of buckwheat up on side hill. Fair and cool.

Wednesday, July 1

Fair, cool and showery. Finished sowing buckwheat at our side hill.

Thursday, July 2

Very cool with a few short showers. D. A. Dittiacur came.

Friday, July 3

Finished plowing for buckwheat. Fair and warm.

Saturday, July 4

Fair and very warm. Went over to Ruths and two Jackson Center.

Sunday, July 5

Fair in very warm. Came home for a Ruths. Took Freds buggy home.

Monday, July 6

Fair and cooler. Sold 13 calves. Dragged for buckwheat.

Tuesday, July 7

Fair at a.m.Rain in p.m.father had a manure bee.

Wednesday, July 8

Fair and very warm. Drawed manure all day.

Thursday, July 9

Fair and very warm. Drawed manure. Took spreader home.

Friday, July 10

Fair in a.m. Rained in p.m. Began mowing side hill.

Saturday, July 11

Fair and warm in a.m.Rained in p.m. Father traded horses.

Sunday, July 12

Fair and very warm. Loren, Carl and I went to Judd Seeleys pond to swim.

Monday, July 13

Rainy all day. Finished mowing big side hill. Loren cultivated corn.

Tuesday, July 14

Rainy all day. Carl and I sprouted potatoes.

Wednesday, July 15

Fair most of time with the few showers tore down old fences

Thursday, July 16

Fair with nice breeze

Father traded horses

I took butter out

Friday, July 17

Fair all day except in evening and just before noon. Was refused horse to go to Summit

Saturday, July 18

Fair and warm. Cows got in oats. Fixed fence and draw hay.

Sunday, July 19

Fair and cool. Father and Loren went Huckle berrying.

Carl and I went down to Freds.

Monday, July 20

Finished haying on side hill. Mowed next to woods. Fair and warm.

Tuesday, July 21

Fair in warm. Mowed next to woods and drawed some.

Wednesday, July 22

Cut and drew hay up above the barley. Fair and warm.

Thursday, July 23

Fair in a.m. Rained in PM. Drew two loads of hay.

Friday, July 24

Fair and warm. Drew one load of hay by grainery.

Saturday, July 25

Fair in a.m. Rainy in PM. Draw hay and cultivated corn.

Sunday, July 26

Fair and warm Was over to Ruths

Delos and I went to Millerton.

Monday, July 27

Fair in a.m. Rained in p.m. Drew hay and mowed hay.

Tuesday, July 28

Rainy in a.m. Fair in p.m. Drew out in front of house.

Wednesday, July 29

Fair and very cool. Mowed hay on side hill in front of house.

Thursday, July 30

Finished mowing field in front of house. Fair and cool.

Friday, July 31

Fair in a.m. Rained in P.M. Mowed field in back of house. Drew rest of hay in front.

Saturday, August 1

Fair and cool. Cleaned up field in front of house. Delos and Ruth and R and Mildred came over.

Sunday, August 2

Hired man left. Fair in a.m. Wind with heavy rain in p.m. Blew silo and fences and trees down

Monday, August 3

Fair and warm. Sold pig and rest of calves. Fixed fence.

Tuesday, August 4

Fair and very warm. Mowed field over by Dorie Crumbs.

Wednesday, August 5

Very warm. Got in hay over by Dorie Crumbs.

Thursday, August 6

Fair and warm. Mowed and drew hay. Hired a man to fix fence. Good worker.

Friday, August 7

Fair and very warm in a.m.

Great thunder storm in p.m.

Lightning struck tree back of barn.

Saturday, August 8

Fair and warm. Drew rails over by Dories and drew some hay.

Sunday, August 9

Fair and warm. Grandma and Grandpa Turner came over with Clint Bakers.

Monday, August 10

Fair and warm. Mowed rest of hay. Went down to Creek in evening for a swim.

Tuesday, August 11

Rainy all day. my folks went over to H. Bensons. I took some medicine over for a horse.

Wednesday, August 12

Grandpa and Grandma left. Fair and warm. Loren and I drew rails.

Thursday, August 13

Fair and warm. Father and went to Elmira. Loren and I drew hay. Horse fell on Loren.

Friday, August 14

Fair in a.m. Rained in p.m.Finished haying. Helped Sweelye stack hay. Florence and Sidney came.

Saturday, August 15

Fair and cool. Grant Sweeley finished haying..Florence and Sidney went away. Went to Ruths at night.

Sunday, August 16

Fair and pleasant. Ruth and I went to Millerton in eve. Took care of kids during day.

Monday, August 17

Fair most of day. Rained about noon. Fixed sheep yard fence.

Tuesday, August 18

Rainy in a.m. Fair in p.m. Florence and Ruth came over. Delos came in eve and all stayed during night.

Wednesday, August 19

Fair and very warm. Cut oats by barn. Hilled up potatoes. Rained in p.m.

Thursday, August 20

Fair and very warm in a.m. Rained in p.m. Now hilling potatoes. Fred Stones came over in evening.

Friday, August 21

Rainy all day. Took the bucks down to Palmers.

Saturday, August 22

Fair and very warm. Ruth sent me apples.

Finished cutting small piece of oats and cut part of the barley.

Sunday, August 23

Fair and warm. Wrote letter and read. Went swimming at night.

Monday, August 24

Cloudy all day. Finish cutting barley.

Tuesday, August 25

Fair and cool. Finished cutting oats on hill. Father started Curts oats.

Wednesday, August 26

Fair in warm. Finished setting oats up on hill. Father broke his binder.

Thursday, August 27

Fair and warm. Father went to Elmira and took mother and kids.

Friday, August 28

Cloudy in a.m. Rainy in PM Drew one load of oats. Began cutting last piece.

Saturday, August 29

Rainy all day. Went to Jobs Corners picnic. Loren went down to Bird Creek.

Sunday, August 30

Fair and warm. Play ball down to Sweeleys. Loren didn’t get home.

Monday, August 31

Fair and warm. Finished cutting oats. Loren got home.

Tuesday, September 1

Fair and cool. Went over on the Armenia Mts. after berries.

Wednesday, September 2

Fair in a.m. Rained in PM. Helped H. Benson thrash oats.

Thursday, September 3

Fair and pleasant. Went to Troy fair with Ruth and Florence. First time I was there.

Friday, September 4

Fair and cool. Drew oats off of the hill. Loren tipped over once.

Saturday, September 5

Fair and cool. Helped H. Benson finish thrashing oats. Finished oats on hill.

Sunday, September 6

Fair and cool. Went over to see Ruth before she went to school.

Monday, September 7

Fair and cool. Finished drawing our oats. Mr. Palmer was up here.

Tuesday, September 8

Fair and very cool. Stacked our barley. Worked quite late.

Wednesday, September 9

Fearing cool. Father went to Mansfield. Loren and I drew manure.

Thursday, September 10

Fair and cool. Father cut corn for Neil Rouse. Loren and I drew manure.

Friday, September 11

Fair and cool. Father and Loren drew manure. I began plowing up on hill.

Saturday, September 12

Fearing cool. Father and Loren drew manure. I plowed buckwheat under.

Sunday, September 13

Fair and warm. Loren went over to Uncle Charlie Hamiltons.

Monday, September 14

Fair and very warm. Father went to Elmira. Bought him a new suit of clothes.

Tuesday, September 15

Fair and very warm. Old Mose died. Help Steve Barkwell thrash. Father looked for a hired girl.

Wednesday, September 16

Fair and very warm. I cut buckwheat on side hill with mower.

Thursday, September 17

Fair and very warm. We all went to Mansfield fair.

Friday, September 18

Fair and very warm. I raked buckwheat with horses. Father went back to the fair.

Saturday, September 19

Fair and very warm. Finished thrashing Steve Barkwells oats.

Sunday, September 20

Fair and very warm. Uncle Charlie and Earl Hamilton and families came over.

Monday, September 21

Fair and warm. Father got horses shod and went to Seeley Creek after coal.

Tuesday, September 22

Fair and very warm. Drew one load of buckwheat and drew rails back of house.

Wednesday, September 23

Fair in a.m. Rained in PM Finished drawing buckwheat and began pulling beans.

Thursday, September 24

Rainy all day. Loren and I fixed horse stables. Father went to Roseville.

Friday, September 25

Fair and cool. Father and I helped Pin Niles cut corn.

Saturday, September 26

Fair and cool. Father and I helped Pin Niles fill his silo.

Sunday, September 27

Fair and very cool. I wrote a letter and Loren went for chestnuts.

Monday, September 28

Fair and cool. Finished filling Pin Niles silo.

Tuesday, September 29

Fair and cool. Cut corn for Steve Barkwell.

Wednesday, September 30

Fair and cool. Finished filling Steve Barkwells silo.

Thursday, October 1

Fair in warm. Helped Curt Sweely fill silo.

Friday, October 2

Fair and warm. Helped Curt Sweely fill silo.

Saturday, October 3

Fair and warm. Finished Curt Sweely silo and started hours. Got no letter.

Sunday, October 4

Fair and pleasant. Mother cut my hair. Fred and Cora went for a ride.

Monday, October 5

Fair and very warm. Finished filling our silo and helped Tom Armstrong.

Tuesday, October 6

Fair and warm. Finished filling Tommy Armstrongs silo on Updyke farm.

Wednesday, October 7

Fair and very warm. Father, mother and Cora went to Elmira. Loren and I dug potatoes.

Thursday, October 8

Fair and very warm. Father found Buck in with sheep. Loren and I dug potatoes.

Friday, October 9

Fair and warm. Father went to Mansfield. Finished digging potatoes.

Saturday, October 10

Fair and very warm. I went to see rooms in her new home on Judson St.

Sunday, October 11

Fair and warm. Staid at Ruths. Went to drug store in evening.

Monday, October 12

Fair and cool. I came home from Ruths. Plowed in PM. Loren went to school.

Tuesday, October 13

Fair and cool. I plowed up on buckwheat and corn ground.

Wednesday, October 14

Rainy cloudy in a.m.. Cloudy but fair and cool in PM. I plowed.

Thursday, October 15

Fearing cloudy. Father went over to Summit after Aunt Belle Collum’s. I plowed.

Friday, October 16

Rainy all day. I plowed in PM. Cora quit work at our house.

Saturday, October 17

Fair and pleasant. I finished plowing piece on hill.

Sunday, October 18

Rainy in a.m. Fair in PM. Father, Mother, Irene & Walton went down to Aunt Berthas with Aunt Belle daughters.

Monday, October 19

Fair and cool. I began plowing barley ground. Father bought some Beach.

Tuesday, October 20

Fair and warm. I plowed with three horses and rode plow.

Wednesday, October 21

Fair and cool. Plowed barley ground with three horses.

Thursday, October 22

Fair and cool. Plowed barley ground used three horses.

Friday, October 23

Fair and cool. Plowed barley ground with three horses. Got lots of big stones out.

Saturday, October 24

Cloudy and cool. Plowed barley ground with three horses. Thrashers came to Fred Bakers.

And Sunday, October 20 bye

Fair and quite cold. Father and mother went over to Dorie Crumbs.

Monday, October 26

Cloudy and very cold. Helped Fred Baker and Curt Sweeley thrash. Snowed during evening.

Tuesday, October 27

Fair and very cold. Thrashed oats in our lower barn. Finished threshing buckwheat.

Wednesday, October 28

Fair and cold and also windy. Thrashed our barley.

Thursday, October 29

Fair and cool. Finished threshing over to Dorie Crumbs. Plowed in PM. Rained in night.

Friday, October 30

Rainy cold and windy. Finished plowing barley ground.

Saturday, October 31

Fair and very pleasant. I went to Newberry to school. Father took me to Elmira.

Sunday, November 1,

Fair and pleasant. I went to Newberry Church.

Monday, November 2

Fair and pleasant. Bought my scholarship. Started in school.

Tuesday, November 3

Fair and pleasant. Went to school. Found a place to put my wheel.

Wednesday, November 4

Fair and pleasant. Made 1st entry in journal at school

Thursday, November 5

Fair and cloudy. Went to an oyster supper in evening. Opened ledger acct.

Friday, November 6

Fair and pleasant. Went to school one week.

Saturday, November 7

Fair and pleasant most of time. Started building grandmas hen coop.

Sunday, November 8

Rainy all day. Went to Sunday school.

Monday, November 9

Fair and cold. Went to school. Rode my wheel.

Tuesday, November 10

Fair and cool. Rode my wheel to school.

Wednesday, November 11

Faring cool. Rode my wheel to school. Got a letter from home in a letter from Ruth and card from Irene.

Thursday, November 12

Fair and pleasant. Got trial Balance for Mar. and Feb. checked off.

Friday, November 13

Fair and very windy. Rode my wheel to school. Finished Ledger 1.T

Saturday, November 14

Fair and warm. Put door on the hen coop. Went to bank.

Sunday, November 15

Rainy all day. Went to 70. Paul and Clyde were here.

Monday, November 16

Fair and cool. Went to school. Walked home for first time. Started ledger No. 2 Test.

Tuesday, November 17

Fair and very cool. Finished test ledger No 2. Test.

Wednesday, November 18

Fair and cool. Supplementary exercise No. 1 in C.S. Went on St. car.

Thursday, November 19

Fair and cool. Went on St. car to and from school.

Friday, November 20

Fair and cool. Furniture factory got on fire. When on car and came back part way.

Saturday, November 21

Fair and cool. Put partition in hen coop. Fixed Mrs. Butlers cellar window.

Sunday, November 22

Fear and cool. Went to church.

Monday, November 23

Fair and cool. Went to school on street car.

Tuesday, November 24

Fair and cool. Went to school on street car.

Wednesday, November 25

Fair and cool. Went to school on street car. Finnish supplementary exercise No. 1. Went down Market St. bride

Thursday, November 26

Fair and cool. Built hen coop. Put in small window.

Friday, November 27

Fair and cool. Put double window and inside door in hen coop.

Saturday, November 28

Fair and cool. Put screens over window in coop. Got bicycle tire for hind wheel.

Sunday, November 29

Fair and cool. I went to Sunday school and church.

Monday, November 30

Fair and pleasant. My bicycle chain broke. Went on car to school.

Tuesday, December 1

.Fair and pleasant. I wrote my wheel to school. My collar button came out.

Wednesday, December 2

Fair and pleasant. Wrote my wheel to school.

Thursday, December 3

Fair in cool. Went through Brandon Park and Dickinson seminary grounds. Had party in evening.

Friday, December 4

Fair and cool. Had spelling test. Took April Trial. Balance and Statements.

Saturday, December 5

Fair in cool. Finished grandmas hen coop.

Sunday, December 6

Rainy and nasty. Took an 4.46 dollars at church.

Monday, December 7

Still nasty. Finish April Work and ques?

Tuesday, December 8

Snowy all day. I started supplementary work. Agnes Jones and Mrs. Dunkleberger for here.

Wednesday, December 9

Snowy and cool. Went on car to school.

Thursday, December 10

Cool and snowy. Bot. My ticket for Reception.

Friday, December 11

Fair and cool. Went to reception.

Saturday, December 12

Fair and cool. Hauled cement nearly all day.

Sunday, December 13

Stormy all day. went to Methodist Church to graduating service.

Monday, December 14

Fair and very cold. About eight inches of snow on.

Tuesday, December 15

Fair and very cool. Got to May 15. Trial Balance.

Wednesday, December 16

Fair and cold. Got Trial Balance right first time.

Thursday, December 17

Fair and very cold. Started work and middle of May.

Friday, December 18

Fair and sixteen below zero. Got out sixth report.

Saturday, December 19

Snowy and warmer. Grandma and I got some Christmas presents.

Sunday, December 20

Fair and cold. I went to Sunday school and church.

Monday, December 21

Fair and cold. Went to school. Got nearly to 7th report.

Tuesday, December 22

Fair and cold. Got out 7th report. Posted May work.

Wednesday, December 23

Fair and cold. Took May Trial Balance. Getting ready to go home.

Thursday, December 24

Fair and cold. Came home. Train about three hours late.

Friday, December 25

Fair and cold. Loren and I got two gray squirrels. Had good dinner.

Saturday, December 26

Fair and cold. Cut up an apple tree. Went over to Halsey Bensons in evening.

Sunday, December 27

Father, mother and all but I went over to Frank Thorpes. Fair and cold.

Monday, December 28

Fair and cold. Sawed up apple tree and lower orchard. Father helped H. Benson butcher.

Tuesday, December 29

Very cold. Sawed up logs in upper orchard.

Wednesday, December 30

Clear and cold. Split wood. Loren went to social and stayed all night with Bill Sweely. Thursday, December 31

Fair and cold. Bill Sweely came up. Split wood. Bill brot. up his air rifle.

Friday, January 1

Fair and cold. Father took feed over to Mrs. Lucas. Finished sawing logs in wood yard.

Saturday, January 2

Fair part of time and snowy rest. Went down to Ruths.

This was recorded in the memorandum of this diary at the back

April 11th sold 180 lb

" 22nd " 100 "

May 2nd ‘ 200 "

" 10th " 10 "

" 12th " 100 "

We may write our names in albums

we may trace them in the sand. We may chisel them in marble with a firm and skillful hand. But the pages are soon sullied and soon each name will fade away and each moment will crumble as all earthly hopes decay.

But dear friend there is an album full of leaves of snowy white where no name is ever tarnished but for ever fair and bright. And this book of life, "God’s Album", may your name be panned with care and may all who hear have written find their names forever there. Is the wish of Ruth Wilson.

Elmira New York January 3, 1915

Dear Friend:-

When Williamsport Hills divide us and my face no more you see one friendly question will I ask will you remember me. Ruth Wilson

When your hair is stated or brittle

Dissolve a teaspoon full of canthrox in a cup of hot water and shampoo at least once a month.

In back of this diary are the following addresses

Ruth Wilson

944 E. Church St

Elmira, N.Y.

Carlyton Dittlicur

Box 391 Elmira, N.Y.

Benj. Mason

111 S. Williams St

Elmira, N.Y.

Ivah Thorpe

718 Harriet St

Flint, Mich.

Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Collum

1543 W. 6th St.

Glendale, Calif.

Miss Edna Jones

1008 Mary Street

Flint, Mich.

Mr. Manley Thorpe

Brace Farm school

Valhalla, N.Y.

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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By Joyce M. Tice
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Diaries provided by Melanie Cowen [granddaughter of Ruth and Dewey]
Transcribed by Esther MAYS Harer
Published by Joyce M. Tice