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1930 Eugene Crippen of Rutland 
Diary of Eugene Crippen
Township: Rutland Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1930
Transcribed by Creig Crippen
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Photo of Eugene Crippen in 1912 sent in by Creig Crippen
Eugene M. Crippen lived 1880 to 1967, 
son of Ada Ann Redfield and Osmer Crippen of Rutland.
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Jan.1st 1930 - A warm winter day.At home alone.Helen working at the Gleason Health Resort,Elmira,N.Y. The children and Helen at her father's for New Year's dinner.Asa Bement brought them about 9:00 PM.Helen went back with him 9:30.

Jan.2nd 1930 - Received check for hay,$72.37.Had $20.00 in Dec.Still warm.

Jan.6th 1930 - Paid Orey's taxes.Rainy,muddy.

Jan.8th 1930 - Mailed tax receipt for $37.50 and check for $20.00 to Orey.

Jan.10th 1930 - Began 1930 garden work by spading a little.

Jan.12th 1930 - Colder.

Jan.13th 1930 - Rainy,foggy,muddy.Children didn't go to school.

Jan.14th 1930 - Still foggy and muddy.Zelma at home.Other children went to school.I cut a ditch back of the house to carry off overflow from the spring.

Jan.15th 1930 - Warm.Creig home,sick with a cold.Spaded and set out 20 blackberry bushes.Colder at night.Up with Creig most of night.

Jan.16th 1930 - Cold,snowy.Creig better.Vivian sick.Osmer and Zelma at school.

Jan.17th 1930 - Very cold.2 below zero.Creig and Vivian both better.Cutwood in PM.Down to the store in evening.

Jan.18th 1930 - Cold,zero.Received letter and $10.00 from Helen this AM.Letter from Florence.

Jan.19th 1930 - 12 below zero.Creig and I went to store for groceries in AM. Orey W.sick at night.

Jan.20th 1930 - Mon. 4 below zero.Wind S.W. Children all in school.Orey W. not so well,coughed all day.Washed and cut wood,when not working with O.W.

Jan.21st 1930 - Warmer,wind S. AM snowy.O.W.better children all at school.

Jan.22nd 1930 - Snowed all AM.Cleared about noon.Colder at night.I washed all day.Children all in school.O.W.seems alright.Box came from Florence for O.W.

Jan.23rd 1930 - 6 below zero.Pleasant all day but cold.Worked at wood.Baked cake for O.W.birthday,6 today. Children all at school.

Jan.24th 1930 - 12 below zero.Wind SW.Creig and Osmer went to school.Gotwood.Down town in evening.O.W.had earache all AM.O.W.had letter from Helen. Vivian received her Girl Scout card.Moved bed down stairs for O.W.and myself.

Jan.25th 1930 - Wind SW,changed to W.Zero.Cold and blustery all day.Worked in house till late PM,then boys and I got over some wood.Played checkers in evening.O.W.received a package from Helen.

Jan.26th 1930 - Sunday.10 below at 9:30 AM and zero at noon.A beautifulday,sun bright all day.Took pictures of the children in PM.Moved the children's beds down into the parlor so we could all sleep downstairs.

Jan.27th 1930 - Warmer.Children all in school.Worked in house all day.Got over a little wood after the boys came home.

Jan.28th 1930 - Warmer morning.Windy,colder at night.Letters from both Florence and Helen.Down town in PM.Florence told me about Marketbasket store in Troy wanting a man.Wrote Mr.Bartholomew about job in evening.

Jan.29th 1930 - Zero,cold all day.Creig home at noon,not feeling good.

Jan.30th 1930 - Another zero morning.Still and pleasant.Wind in the E.Children all in school.Washed a little.

Jan.31st 1930 - 2 above this morning.Windy.Evening clear and cold.Children all in school.

Feb.1st 1930 - Warmer.Finished washing.Mopped.Helen came home in late PM to spend Sun.

Feb.2nd 1930- Warm,cloudy.Creig,Osmer and I went to store for groceries in AM.

Feb.3rd 1930 - Warm.Wind E to NE.Helen went back on bus at eight this morning.Wrote to Florence.Children in school.

Feb.4th 1930 - Warm.Wind S.Snow late PM early evening.Read to children from David Harum in evening.Ironed children's clothes.

Feb.5th 1930 - Colder.Snowed a little most all day.Children in school.

Feb.6th 1930 - 4 below zero.Zelma didn't go to school.Letter from Helen.Snowy all day.

Feb.7th 1930 - Warmer.Wind S still.Low sky.Children all went to school. Creig stayed down till I went down for groceries.

Feb.8th 1930 - About 20 above all day.Washed all AM.One of the milk rigs brought up some flour etc.that we ordered last night.Vivian and Creig got into a fuss and Vivian cut left hand,on the back,in three or four places,quite bad,with the knife she was using to peel potatoes.

Feb.9th 1930 - Not cold but windy,by night a regular blizzard.Had to get some wood in PM.Read to the children most every evening.

Feb.10th 1930 - Some windy yet,and drifts everywhere.Children all at home.

Feb.11th 1930 - A beautiful day but cold and snow deep.Creig and Osmer at school.The girls at home.Vivian's hand doing fine.

Feb.12th 1930 - Windy,warmer.Letter from Floss,Valentines for everyone,mine contained a dollar bill. Vivian at home others in school.

Feb.13th 1930 - Warmer.Wind S.Cloudy.Children all in school.I have had a bad headache for three or four days,better today.Wrote Helen and Florence in evening.Rain in PM,windshift to NW in evening.Snow.

Feb.14th 1930 - 8 above,only a little snow.Children all in school

Feb.15th 1930 - 10 above.Snowed a little from SW till 4 PM.Wind shifted to NW,blew a gale a few minutes.Colder.The boys and I got up wood till 3 PM.I went down to store.Cold night.Received letter and $11.00 check from Helen.

Feb.16th 1930 - 20 below,wind NW,pleasant.Cold day.Not above 4 below any time during the day on our north porch.

Feb. 17th 1930 - 10 below.Beautiful cold day.Wrote Helen.Zelma at home,others in school Creig and I went to store in evening.

Feb.18th 1930 - Warmer,16 above.Children all in school.Wind south.Wrote Florence.

Feb.19th 1930 - Warmer,28 above.Children all in school.Wrote to Phil Hanville.Vivian home about noon,sick.Washed a little late PM.

Feb.20th 1930 - Warmer,38 above.Children all in school.Went down town in AM.Got lunch for children.O.W.went to school morning,came home with me at noon,washed in PM.

Feb.21st 1930 - Still warm,snow about gone,frost about out.Children all in school.Washed most all day,odds and ends.Wrote to Flora.

Feb.22nd 1930 - Warm,beautiful day.Worked in the house all day.Children out playing ball.John Benson came up after an old wagon and I sold him the rest of the hay for $20.00.

Feb.23rd 1930 - Sunday- Cloudy.Rainy in PM.Foggy in evening.Wrote to Orey E.and to Floss.

Feb.24th 1930 - Received box and letter from Helen.As beautiful a day as I ever saw in Feb.Warm and bright.Tapped eight maple trees so the children could have some sap to drink.Children all in school.In evening Creig,Osmer and I went down town.Very dark and awful muddy.I got haircut.Clouded up and rainy in evening.

Feb.25th 1930 - Thunder shower about 7:30 AM.April showers all day.In evening wind changed to E and rained hard.Wrote to Helen also to her father;he has blood poisoning in his arms.Zelma at home.Others in school.

Feb.26th 1930 - Cloudy and colder,only 16 above.Rain and sleet storm began about 9 AM,lasted all day.Zelma at home,others in school.Went down town at 4 PM,met the boys and we went to store for groceries.Letter from Florence.

Feb.27th 1930 - 10 above.A cold winter day.Washed.Children all in school.Letter from Orey E..Box for Vivian from Florence,with dresses for Vivian,candy and nuts for all of us and a book for me.

Feb.28th 1930 - 6 above.Beautiful day,everything covered with ice.Children all in school.Orey W.went over the hill with me to cut wood and fell in the spring,so had to change all his clothes.Pepper and tomato seed came sowed part in evening.Saw 1st woodchuck.

Mar.1st 1930 - Cloudy.Cold south wind.Ice not all off from trees.Warmer in PM.In evening Creig,Osmer and I went down town for groceries,got wet through.Sap run good,10 trees tapped.Boiled sap on stove.Boys and I got wood.

Mar.2nd 1930 - Sunday - About 6 inches of snow this morning.Creig,Osmer,Zelma,O.W.and I went for sap,took pictures.Colder in PM.Wind blew hard Warm sugar in the evening.Wrote to Helen and Floss in evening.

Mar.3rd 1930 - Zero this morning.High wind from west,snow drifts.Children all at home.

Mar.4th 1930 - Zero again.Letter from Helen with $10 children all at home.Sowed tomato seeds,Chalks Early Jewel.Went down town in PM.Sent for my driver's license for 1930.

Mar.5th 1930 - 10 above.Cold S wind.Children all in school.O.W.sick at breakfast. Water run in house first time since last summer.Wrote Helen.

Mar.6th 1930 - 10 above,still,beautiful day.Children all in school.O.W. with others to school this morning..Went down at noon and all got dinner with Baptist ladies in church basement.Got groceries and boots for self.Tapped more trees.Letter from Helen.

Mar.7th 1930 - Low sky,wind E.Children all in school.Rain from SE all PM and evening.Lots of sap.

Mar.8th 1930 - Rain changed to snow.Not cold but snowed all day.Box for Vivian from Helen came today.Vivian washed.Very windy night.

Mar.9th 1930 - Sunday - Very windy AM.Beautiful but not too warm PM.Wrote Floss.

Mar.10th 1930 - Warmer.Wind S.Children all in school.Began trimming out the tops John Benson gave me for wood,the tops from the timber he sold.

Mar.12th 1930 - Cold and windy.Children all in school.Wrote Helen.Had card from Aunt Lottie.

Mar.13th 1930 - Warm till evening.Turned cold.Cold night.Helen came about 4 PM,back 8:30,went down town with her.Washed in AM.Children all in school. Sugared off before Helen went.

Mar.14th 1930 - 10 above.Pleasant but cold and windy,wind NW.Children all in school.Letter from Florence.The poor girl is about sick and am afraid of TB,and have worried about her since she was up here last Aug.

Mar.15th 1930 - Beautiful day but cold E wind.Worked at wood.The three boys went down town in PM and O.W. had his hair cut.Creig and I went down in evening for groceries.

Mar.16th 1930 - Sun.-Cloudy,cool.Worked at sap in PM.

Mar.17th 1930 - Warm,fine day.Children all in school.Had sick headache. Letter from Florence with pictures.

Mar.18th 1930 - Rain most all day.Osmer in school,others home.Down town in PM.Mailed order for Creig's boots.

Mar.19th 1930 - Cold,windy.Children all in school.Letter with $10 from Helen.

Mar.20th 1930 - Cold.Bright.Children all in school.Washed in AM.Worked with sap in PM.With Creig and Osmer to store in evening.Gathered sap after return.

Mar.21st 1930 - Cold NW wind.Children all in school.Letter from Flora Thomas.Cold PM and night.

Mar.22nd 1930 - 2 above.Wind NW all day.Worked at wood.Warm sugar.

Mar.23rd 1930 - Sun.-Cold wind,NW for third day.Bright sun.Beautiful day. Warmer in PM.

Mar 24th 1930 - Fine spring day.Creig home till mail came to get his new boots.Boots came and Creig went to school at noon,but had toothache so he came home again. Others in school.Washed and worked at sap.In evening Osmer and I went to town for groceries.

Mar.25th 1930 - Warm.Cloudy.Rainy.Washed and worked at wood and sap. Children all in school.Heavy thunderstorm in evening.Wrote to Helen.

Mar.26th 1930 - Colder,spiting snow.PM colder little snow.Children all in school.

Mar.27th 1930 - Cold.Snowy.High W wind.Letter from Lucinda Smith.Wrote Floss.Children all in school.Went to store in PM for groceries.

Mar.28th 1930 - Cold wind from W.Children all in school.Worked at wood.

Mar.29th 1930 - Not so cold.Creig and Osmer went down town and mailed syrup and sugar to Florence.Down to store alone in evening.Helen came home for Sun.,was home when returned from store.

Mar.30th 1930 - Sun.-Windy,snowy,not cold,sap runs a little.Warm sugar in PM.Helen went back with Lew Longwell in evening.

Mar.31st 1930 - Colder.Wind NW.Children all in school.Warmer in PM.Sap run. Worked in house all day.The first day since the thunderstorm that it didn't snow.

Apr.1st 1930 - Warmer.Pleasant till late PM.Rainy evening.Children all in school.Washed in AM.Gathered sap in evening.Heard first frog in evening.

Apr.2nd 1930 - Cold,windy.Went down for groceries in late PM.Children all in school.About sick.In evening Vivian burned her foot with hot grease.

Apr.3rd 1930 - Still but cold.Children all in school.Received $10 from Helen.Letter from Florence.Roy Kennedy's house burned,nothing saved. Warmer at night.Worked at wood.

Apr.4th 1930 - Cold,a little snow in AM.Warmer in PM.Children all in school Washed and worked at wood.

Apr.5th 1930 - Warm.Worked at wood.Some people plowing.Heard peepers.Mended clothes in evening.Creig and Osmer went to store for me in evening.

Apr.6th 1930 - Sun.-Cloudy and strong wind from S.Very hard rain in late PM and evening.Creig and Osmer went to AM.Warm sugar.

Apr.7th 1930 - Rainy AM.Snow in PM.Cold night.Children all in school.

Apr.8th 1930 - Cold.April blizzard,snow,freezing.Zelma at home,others in school.Worked in house all day.Sent letters to Florence and Helen.

Apr.9th 1930 - Cold.Windy.Worked at wood all day.Children all in school. Vivian about sick with cold.Mack,the boys pup,killed a skunk at supper time.Tapped a black birch tree for O.W. Wind went down,a beautifulmoonlight evening.

Apr.10th 1930 - A fine day.Washed and worked in house.Vivian home sick. Others in school.Creig,Osmer and I went to town in evening.Store closed.

Apr.11th 1930 - A warm beautiful day.Worked in house in AM.O.W.and I went to town in PM.Children all in school.Letter from Florence.

Apr.12th 1930 - Warm,cloudy.Took up last sap dishes.Orey E.and Phyllis came up,first time since last Nov.O.E.Has all his teeth out.We talked about painting the house.Went over to Nashes in evening to see about some money,didn't get any.Boys caught a woodchuck in trap under barn.

Apr.13th 1930 - Sun.-Thundershowers early morning.Rainy most all day.Creig and Osmer went to S.S.

Apr.14th 1930 - Fine day.Went down to Pine City to see about a job in market garden.Got a short job,if can manage with children. Didn't get many rides,walked about twentyfive miles.Home 11 PM.

Apr.15th 1930 - Cold east wind.Feet so sore and lame can only just hobble about.Guss called a few minutes in AM.Went over to Nashes and got some beans in PM.Children all in school.

Apr.16th 1930 - Cold,wet,not much rain.Children in school.Too lame to do anything.Wind east Changed to S in late PM.Wrote to Florence.

Apr.17th 1930 - Wind S,rain early AM.Cold and rainy all day.Zelma home with a cold,others in school.Cleaned pantry and mopped the kitchen and dining room.

Apr.18th 1930 - Cold,rainy in AM.Zelma at home,others in school.To town in AM.Got Creig and Zelma shoes.Creig,Osmer and I went to town in evening for groceries.

Apr.19th 1930 - Fine day.Washed all day.Easter box from Florence.

Apr.20th 1930 - EASTER - Beautiful day,but cold wind.Vivian's birthday. Her 13th.Boys went over to Reynolds in PM to play with Cecil.

Apr.21st 1930 - Rainy morning.Went to Crowley's,below Pine City,to work. Arrived there about 9 AM,on a lumber truck.Worked at grading lawn.Called at Bohn's in evening.Children all in school,O.W.with the others. They are going to stay alone for a few days.

Apr.22nd 1930 - Cold day.Snow in evening.Worked at drawing dirt and grading lawn all day.

Apr.23rd 1930 - Ground covered with snow in AM.Snow in air all day.Had sick headache in AM.Home in PM,lucky to get rides on trucks.Got Osmer's shoes.Cold night.Children glad to see me home.

Apr.24th 1930 - 12 above,a little snow.Not feeling too good.Children all in school.Cold and snowy all day.Letter from Florence with money for O.W's shoes.She wants to buy his clothes.

Apr.25th 1930 - Warmer.Last day of school,they had a picnic dinner,I attended.Got groceries and things for house after dinner.Rode part way home with Rev.Straw and wife.Creig,Osmer and I to town again in evening.Met Orey E.

Apr.26th 1930 - Worked in house all day.Helen came in late evening.

Apr.27th 1930 - Beautiful day. Guss called and spent two or three hours with us. He is moving to the old Crippen farm. Helen went back in late PM. The first time have heard from her in four weeks.

Apr.28th 1930 - Fine day.Went back down to Crowley's to work.Planted potatoes.

Apr. 29th 1930 - Another nice day.Set cabbage all day.

Apr.30th 1930 - A real warm day.Plowed in AM.Set tomatoe plants from hot house to cold frame till 4 PM,then came home to see the children.My first ride in the new bus. Sowed lettuce,radishes and cabbage after reached home.

May 1st 1930 - Fine day.Went back to Crowley's.Hoed berry bushes.Aboutsick.Called at Bohn's in evening.

May 2nd 1930 - Two or three light showers.Hoed berries all day.

May 3rd 1930 - Windy.Worked on a new strawberry bed till 4 PM,then came home on the bus.Sowed carrots,beets and rutabegas.About dark went to town with all the children.Vivian,Zelma and Orey had haircuts.

May 4th 1930 -Sun.-Beautiful day.Windy AM.Creig and Zelma went to S.S. Set cabbage plants and worked in garden part of day.We had "dog" roast over the hill in PM.

May 5th 1930 - Fine day.Went back to Crowley's with Longwell.Worked on strawberry bed and hoed raspberries.Over to Bohn's in evening.

May 6th 1930 - Very hot.Worked on corn ground all day.

May 7th 1930 - Worked on bean ground in AM and part of PM.Very hot till about 3 PM then thunderstorm and hail,got very wet.Came home on bus.Set cabbage plants.

May 8th 1930 - Fine day,hot.About sick,lame.Worked in garden.Missed the bus and didn't get a ride,so didn't go far.

May 9th 1930 - Beautiful day.Hip is so lame bothers me to get around. Medicine hurts stomach so am not so good.Worked in garden a little.Pear trees white as snow..

May 10th 1930 - Another beautiful day.Feeling better.Worked in garden most all day.All children except O.W.went to town in PM.Creig and Osmer had haircut.Had letter from Florence with check.

May 11th 1930 - Mother's Day - Fine day.Creig,Osmer and Zelma went to S.S. The three older children went to church in evening.Wrote to Florence.Feeling better.

May 12th 1930 - Cooler but nice.Very dry,need rain bad.Went back to Crowley's in AM.Worked in peas and berries.

May 13th 1930 - Fine day.Worked in berries all day.

May 14th 1930 - Rainy.Worked in berries till noon.Rained us off.Came home in PM with Longwell.Had a letter from Helen,first one in weeks.

May 15th 1930 - Rained most all day.About sick with headache.Osmer and I went to cut bean poles and got good and wet.

May 16th 1930 - Cloudy.Head some better.Worked in garden a little.Cleaned old apples out of barn.Went to Roseville with Creig and Osmer.Vivian and Creig to church in evening.

May 17th 1930 - Cloudy.Neal Rouse and I built line fence.After supper Creig and I planted squashes.Vivian and Osmer went to church in evening.

May 18th 1930 - Rained a little,cold.Vivian went to church in AM.They are having special meetings in the Baptist Church,a woman preacher.Vivian and Osmer went in evening.

May 19th 1930 - Rained most all day.Creig and I took the battery out of the car down town for recharging.

May 20th 1930 - Rainy,cold.Ordered shoes for Vivian and O.W.Went down town. Received check from Helen.

May 21st 1930 - Fine day.Went back to Crowley's.Walked to Mosherville,took dinner with Uncle Rush.Guss came along and after dinner rode on down with him.After 3 PM worked in peas and berries.

May 22nd 1930 - Warm.Plowed all day.Over to Bohn's in evening.

May23rd 1930 - Hot.Plowed in AM.Worked in berries in PM.Got mayflowers on the hill after supper.

May 24th 1930 - Warm morning.Turned colder,rain about 11 AM.Cultivated corn till eleven,when rain stopped work.Came home on bus in PM.Helen came home in evening with all the Bements.

May 25th 1930 - Cold.Helen and all the children went to S.S. Helen back to city in evening.With a man who came for her.

May 26th 1930 - Cold,cloudy.Worked in garden all day.Vivian's and O.W.'s shoes came.

May 27th 1930 - Warmer,cloudy.Worked in the cemetery,Zelma went with me. Vivian,Creig and Osmer went to church,as usual.

May 28th 1930 - Rained most all day.Worked but little.Creig and I went to church in evening.I had to go to keep Vivian good natured.

May 29th 1930 - Cold wind NW.Vivian went to Mark McClure's to see the Mrs. about making a dress for her.She got the dress and wore it home,Girl Scout dress. Worked about the yard all day,seting out flowers etc.Sent for car license.

May 30th 1930 - Memorial Day - Cold,partly cloudy,wind NW.Had Mr.Jenkins team and plowed all day.A very white frost this morning, see very little damage yet.Florence was up a few minutes in PM,with her new car.She is sick goes to hospital next week.Mr.Yaw drove for her.Poor Floss,if could only help her.The best sister a man ever had.

May 31st 1930 - Cold NW wind,another white frost.Hoed garden and planted corn and beans.Creig Osmer and their dog hunted woodchucks.Got five,making a total of 13 this spring.

Jun.1st 1930 - A fine day.Warmer.A strong W wind.Vivian,Zelma and Orey went to S.S.In PM Vivian went to Tioga with Straw's folks to a baptismal.I mopped and cleaned up house.In evening Vivian,Creig and Osmer went to church.The last of their meetings.Thanks!

Jun.2nd 1930 - A beautiful June day.John Benson brought up some of the potatoes I bought of him and the boys and I planted potatoes all day. Went to store in evening with Creig and Osmer.Orey W.stubbed one of his toes and kept me awake half the night as a result.Lew Longwell promised to come up and start my car.

Jun.3rd 1930 - Beautiful day.We planted potatoes.Finished a patch of 50 rows,120 feet long,manure in each hill.Sent letter to Helen.

Jun.4th 1930 - Hot.Planted corn,peas,potatoes.Lew came up in PM to find out trouble with car.Found distributer gear worn.License plates came,No. VA 320.Vivian,Creig and Osmer went fishing in PM.On Mon.Jun.2nd,the sun burned the backs of my hands.Couldn't sleep last night they burned so bad.They are both burned to a blister.

Jun.5th 1930 - Hot.Helped Mr.Jenkins plant potatoes till about 5 PM,then took his team and dragged my bean ground.Creig and Osmer went fishing.

Jun.6th 1930 - Rained every few minutes all day.At evening,heavy shower.Set out tomato and cabbage plants.

Jun.7th 1930 - Fine day.Made a marker and finished planting glad bulbs in AM.Planted beans in PM.Creig and Osmer went over to Mr.Nash's and got seed and helped plant.

Jun.8th 1930 - Sun.- Sky overcast,but warm.Sowed radish,beet and turnip seed in AM.Lew came up late and fixed the car.

Jun.9th 1930 - Rained early morning,cloudy all day.We all went down town in car in morning.Set out cabbage and tomatoe plants.Rained in evening and most all night.

Jun.10th 1930 - Rained all AM.Windstorm in PM,from SE.Had sick headache.

Jun.11th 1930 - Fine day.Feeling better.Went to Elmira,saw Helen.Came back to Crowley's and went to work at noon.Hands better but lip not so good.

Jun.12th 1930 - Fine day.Worked all day.Drove home after supper.Children all fine.

Jun.13th 1930 - Hot.Reached Crowley's 6:30 AM.Hoed corn all day.

Jun.14th 1930 - Hot day.Hoed corn all day.Came home after supper.Creig and Osmer met me in Roseville.Called Orey E.on phone to enquire about Floss She is now at O.E.'s in Tioga,Pa.

Jun.15th 1930 - Sun.-Beautiful day.Set out tomatoe plants in early AM.Manley Cleveland called in AM.Vivian about sick.We all went to Tioga in PM to see Floss.Guss there.We stayed about an hour and a half.

Jun.16th 1930 - Cloudy,warm.Rain in early evening.Went to Crowley's in morning.Worked all day.Stayed all night.

Jun.17th 1930 - Rained so much last night couldn't work so came home and set out plants.Had a letter from Floss.She goes to hospital in Williamsport,Pa.,Thursday for an operation.Rained all PM.

Jun.18th 1930 - Rained all night last night and most all AM,cleared about noon.Worked in garden in PM.

Jun.19th 1930 - Fine AM.Cloudy and a little rain in PM.Went to Crowley's again,but too wet to work.They have had a bad flood down that way.One or two gardens ruined,others damaged.Came home worked in garden.

Jun.20th 1930 - Clear and cloudy by turns.Hoed beans all day.Garden looks fine.

Jun.21st 1930 - Fine day.Hoed beans.Creig and Osmer went over to Reynold's In evening all went to Elmira and got Helen.

Jun.22nd 1930 - A good day.Home all day.In PM went to the cemetery and cutthe grass on our lot,also on Father's.

Jun.23rd 1930 - Fine day.Helen and I left home at 5:00 AM.Took her to the resort and I came back to Crowley"s to work.

Jun.24th 1930 - Another fine day, after a rainy morning.Worked at Crowley's all day.Home in evening.A card from Martha (O.E.'s wife),told me that Floss had an operation last Williamsport,doing good.

Jun.25th 1930 - Fine weather.Back to Crowley's in morning.Worked all day.

Jun.26th 1930 - Fine weather till PM,began raining 2:30.Came home.Had rained very hard,more than at Pine City.

Jun.27th 1930 - Rainy.Too wet to work.Home all day.Set some plants.Cut a little grass about the barn.

Jun.28th 1930 - Fine weather. Hoed potatoes.In evening all went down to Pine City.Got my pay of Crowley and called on Bohns,where borrowed a hand cultivator.

Jun.29th 1930 - A windy day.Had a card from Florence yesterday.She is doing fine.Tried the cultivator a little in AM.and cut a little grass.Wrote Floss.Took the whole bunch to church in evening.

Jun.30th 1930 - Beautiful hot day.Creig,Osmer and I cultivated and hoed beans all day. Zelma's cat"found"two kittens

Jul.1st 1930 -Rainy.Rained several times.Set out plants.Cut lawn,and some hay back of house.

Jul.2nd 1930 - Cloudy.Cut more hay.Went to store at noon for groceries.

Creig and Osmer went fishing in PM. Hoed corn and cabbage.

Jul.3rd 1930 - Cloudy.Wind in N and NE,cool.Hoed corn,cut hay,transplanted cucumbers,cultivated little stuff.Received check from Helen.

Jul.4th 1930 - Fine weather.Cool.Put in hay and hoed potatoes.Both families of Bohn's stopped a few minutes in late PM,on their way home from the Ice Mine.We all went to store at noon for groceries.

Jul.5th 1930 - Cool.Hoed potatoes.

Jul.6th 1930 - Rained most all AM.In PM we all went to Elmira,got Helen and had a picnic supper at Sullivan's Monument.Vivian stayed down with her mother.

Jul.7th 1930 - Windy.Worked in house all AM.Creig and Osmer finished hoing potatoes.Orey E.up a while in PM.

Jul.8th 1930 - Fine day.Went down to Bement's and picked cherries.Vivian came home with me.

Jul.9th 1930 - Rained a little.Pitted and canned cherries in AM.Had sick headache in PM.

Jul.10th 1930 - Cloudy.On cot most of AM.Picked currants in PM.Creig,Osmer and I picked 20 qts.

Jul.11th 1930 - Fine day.Sold first cabbage. Started for Bement's to pick more cherries but was so dizzy stopped at Bohn's and got strawberry plants instead.Sunburned hands again.

Jul.12th 1930 - Good day.Started for Bement's again,had a blow out down by the schoolhouse.Broke a couple of rim bolts getting the rim off,so it was too late when got it fixed up.Floated a small piece of buckwheat for Jenkins.Creig did most of it.Set strawberry plants after supper.Not feeling a bit good these days.

Jul.13th 1930 - Rainy morning,then windy.Children went berrying.I set a few berry plants.About sick all day.

Jul.14th 1930 - Rainy AM.Went over to work for Jenkins but too wet.Picked currants in PM.

Jul.15th 1930 - Nice day.Took currants,cabbage and other stuff to market.Creig and Zelma went along.Bohn's took currants.

Jul.16th 1930 - Fine day.Went down and set out cabbage plants for Bohn.

Jul.17th 1930 - Fine day.Worked for Bohn.Drove down in the morning and back at night.

Jul.18th 1930 - Beautiful day.Worked for Bohn,near Pine City,N.Y.

Jul.19th 1930 - Nice day.Worked about home all day.In the evening we all went to Elmira and got Helen.

Jul.20th 1930 - Beautiful day.Creig's 12th birthday.The Bohns came up and we all had a picnic dinner under the apple trees.

Jul.21st 1930 -Fine day.Took Helen back then stopped and worked for Bohn.

Aug.3rd 1930 - Sun. - Beautiful day.Hot.We all went to Elmira,got Helen and had a picnic supper in Eldridge Park.

Aug 5th 1930 - Fine day.The three boys and I went to Elmira,met Helen and got the boys suits.Helen came home for her vacation.

Aug.10th 1930 - Beautiful day.We went up to Guss' and got Floss.

Aug.12th 1930 - Another fine day.Took Helen back,had tire trouble.Stopped at Bohn's on the way back and painted.

Aug.13th 1930 - Nice day.Worked for Bohn again.

Aug.14th 1930 - Orey E.and I went to Roaring Branch and I drove Floss'new Ford car home.

Aug.15th 1930 - Rained a little in late PM.Floss and all of us went up and helped Guss make hay.Orey E.and family were there.Stripped my second gear going up.Old car about done for.

Aug.16th 1930 - Very dry,need rain.Floss and I drove her car to Elmira to get Helen,but she couldn't come.

Aug.19th 1930 - Cloudy.Floss spent day with Reynolds.

Aug.21st 1930 - Cloudy.Began picking pears.Asa and Helen came.Took Creig and Osmer back for a few days.

Aug.22nd 1930 - Cloudy most of day.Floss spent day at Nash's.Vivian sick.

Aug.23rd 1930 - Rainy all day.Vivian OK,but O.W.sick.Old Home Day at Roseville.

Aug.24th 1930 - Very warm.At home all day.

Sep.1st 1930 - Hot and dry.School began,all five of children in school. Florence went down to Roseville to Mrs.Frost's.Worked for Lew Longwell digging a ditch.

Sep.2nd 1930 - Hot.Worked for Longwell part of day.Creig sick.Florence came back in evening.

Sep.3rd 1930 - Florence and I went to Uncle Rush's for dinner. Repaired siding on house a little.

Sep.4th 1930 - Floss left early this morning for Orey E.'s.She has given us a good lift this summer,making jelly and canning fruit.As good a sister as a man ever had.

Sep.5th 1930 - Hot and dry.Showers all around but none here.Pulled beans.

Sep.8th 1930 - Worked for Longwell again,digging ditch.Children all in school.

Sep.9th 1930 - Very warm.Worked for Longwell.Children in school.

Sep.10th 1930 - Hot.Worked all day.Children in school.

Sep.11th 1930 - Worked for Longwell.Children in school.Zelma's 9th birthday.

Sep.12th 1930 - Worked till noon.Children in school.Waited down town and brought children home.

Sep.13th 1930 - At home all day.Helen came home for Sunday.

Sep.14th 1930 - Hot.Showers all about,but here only hot and dry.Helen back in evening.

Sep.15th 1930 -Hot.A good shower in PM.Worked for Longwell on a car in the garage.Children all in the 1st grade.Zelma in 4th.Osmer

6th.Creig 7th and Vivian 8th.

Sep.16th 1930 - Warm.Rain early morning.Worked for Longwell till 2 PM.Children in school.Letter from Florence.

Sep.17th 1930 - Warm.Worked all day.Children all in school.First day of Mansfield Fair.

Sep.18th 1930 - Cool AM.Warm PM.Took children to school then home and made catsup.In late PM drew wood in the car.

Sep.19th 1930 - Hot.Picked pears and made pickles in AM.In PM drew more wood in car.Children all home.No school due to Mansfield Fair.

Sep.20th 1930 - Fine day.Drew wood and washed.Creig and O.W.went fishing in PM.O.W.'s first fishing trip.

Sep.21st 1930 - Beautiful day.Gave Vivian and Creig both a lesson in driving.Drove car to woods for dirt to repot fern.

Sep.22nd 1930 - Fine day.Worked for Longwell.Began to rebuild old mill pond dam.Vivian sick.Brought her home at noon.Helen home a few minutes in evening.

Sep.23rd 1930 - Beautiful day.My 50th birthday.Dug ditch all day.Vivian and Zelma got a birthday supper for me.Worked making pickles and catsup till late.

Sep.24th 1930 - Hot day.Helped draw sand.Children all in school.

Sep.25th 1930 - Warm.Rained most all day.Children all in school.Mopped kitchen,canned tomatoes etc.

Sep.26th 1930 - Warm,rainy AM.Children all in school.Drew a load of lumber for Longwell in AM.Water too high to work on dam.Florence came while we were eating supper.

Sep. 27th 1930 - Windy.Did but little.Helped Vivian with meals.Floss brought some dishes etc.for me to store.

Sep.28th 1930 - Cool.At home all day.Florence went to Tioga to Orey E.'s, in PM.She intends to return to work Mon.

Sep.29th 1930 - Cold.Children in school.Washed part of washing.

Sep.30th 1930 - Cold wind NW.Children in school.Made catsup.

Oct.1st 1930 - Cold and cloudy.Children in school.Washed in AM.Worked for Longwell in PM.Still dry,water stopped running in house.

Oct.2nd 1930 - Cold.Killing frost,bright day,Children all in school.Worked on dam.

Oct.3rd 1930 - Cool,pleasant.Worked in PM.Children in school.Poured a little concrete for dam.

Oct.4th 1930 - Fine day.Rod and Gun Club had a bee,helping on dam.Worked all day.

Oct.5th 1930 - Pleasant,cold.Thrashed beans in AM.Home all day.

Oct 6th 1930 - Cold morning.Warm PM. Worked all day.Finished concrete on dam.Sold hay for $15 a ton,loose at barn.Children home.Teacher's Institute this week.

Oct.7th 1930 - Warm.Worked for Longwell.Children at home.Girls broke window.

Oct.8th 1930 - Fine day.Thrashed buckwheat in AM.Dug glads in PM.

Oct.9th 1930 -Cloudy.Dug potatoes.Gathered squash.

Oct.10th 1930 - Beautiful day.Dug potatoes.

Oct.11th 1930 - Beautiful day.Took Mansfield,had him vaccinated. Finished potatoes and glads and got wood in late PM.Helen came in evening to spend Sun.

Oct.12th 1930 - Sun.-Beautiful day.Home all day.

Oct.13th 1930 - Fine day.Helen back on bus.In AM went up on Burton Hill to Clevelands to see about parts for car.Worked for Longwell in PM.

Oct.14th 1930 - Beautiful day.Worked for Longwell taking down forms on dam.

Oct.15th 1930 - Cooler,cloudy.Worked for Longwell.

Oct.16th 1930 - Fine day.Washed and picked apples.

Oct.17th 1930 - Rained a little in PM,turned colder.Finished work at pond and turned in the water at night.Cold night.

Oct.18th 1930 - Cold,windy.Gathered apples,beets,carrots etc.Went for groceries.Package and letter from Helen.

Oct.19th 1930 - Cold,windy.20 above.Home all day.

Oct.20th 1930 - Cold,windy.20 above.Gathered apples and cabbage.

Oct.21st 1930 - Cold.Picked apples.Orey E.and Mr.West came for a stove he had here.

Oct.22nd 1930 - Cold,pleasant.Finished apples.Have about 30 cellar.

Oct.23rd 1930 - Cloudy.Finished cabbage,turnips etc.Have about 100 heads of cabbage in cellar.Got wood in PM.To town about 5 for groceries.

Oct.24th 1930 - Cloudy,cold.Hay press came.Rain and snow late PM.

Oct.25th 1930 - Cold,blustry,ground white.Finished hay pressing for late dinner.Wild geese going south.

Oct.26th 1930 - Fine day,only cold wind.To town in AM for groceries.Car about done for.Wrote to Florence in evening.

Oct.27th 1930 - Fine day.Washed.

Oct.28th 1930 - Partly cloudy.Washed some more.To store late PM for groceries.

Oct.29th 1930 - Cloudy,cold.Worked for Longwell building dam higher.

Oct.30th 1930 - Fine weather till 5 PM,rain.Worked on dam,finished pouring concrete.Harry (Longwell)brought me home.

Oct.31st 1930 - Rainy.Fixed stove,cleaned toilet,reset some strawberries.

Nov.1st 1930 - Cold,windy.Cut wood.Set more strawberries.Preacher Straw put his team in barn.Going to use stable for winter.

Nov.2nd 1930 - Beautiful day.Florence came.Had dinner with us.Vivian and Creig to church in evening.

Nov.3rd 1930 - Pleasant,cold.Worked for Longwell on dam.Drove his truck home at night.

Nov.4th 1930 - Cold.Election day.Drew two logs for spillway to dam in AM. In PM took Longwell's truck and drew two loads of wood from English's mill for home.

Nov.5th 1930 - Pleasant.Turned cold and blustry at night.Worked on dam all day.

Nov.6th 1930 - Cold,snowy all day.Drew one load of wood.Too cold to work on dam.Letter from Helen.

Nov.7th 1930 - Cold but pleasant.Finished dam.

Nov.8th 1930 - Warmer.Washed and set strawberries.

Nov.9th 1930 - Beautiful day.At home.Creig,Osmer and Vivian to church in evening.

Nov.10th 1930 - Fine day.Washed in AM.To store in PM.Then cleaned kitchen stove and chimney.

Nov.11th 1930 - Beautiful day.Very dry.Armistice Day.Washed all day.

Nov.12th 1930 - Cloudy.Ironed all day.

Nov.14th 1930 - Fine day.Went with Lew Longwell to get part of an old car to fix my car and an old one he wanted the motor out of.In PM we got my car and I took it partly to pieces.

Nov.15th 1930 - Fine day.Worked on my car in Longwell's garage till 4 PM. Then took his truck and went to Elmira for Helen and to get some parts to fix car.Helen didn't come home,but got parts OK.

Nov.16th 1930 - Sun.-Nice day.Took Longwell's truck home in AM.About noon Asa,his wife and little Wayne came and a few minutes later Florence came.There were 10 of us for dinner.

Nov.17th 1930 - Cloudy,rained a little in PM.Worked on car in AM and at pond in PM.Drove car home at night.

Nov.18th 1930 - Warm,pleasant.The most beautiful I ever saw.Set strawberries all day.

Nov.19th 1930 - Fine day.Washed in AM.Set out currants in PM.

Nov.20th 1930 - Cloudy AM.Fine PM.Washed all day.

Nov.21st 1930 - Cloudy,cooler.Finished currants.About sick with headache in PM.

Nov.22nd 1930 - Cloudy,cold.Went to store in AM.Had Longwell inspect car. In evening the boys and I went to Elmira and got Helen.Head worse.

Nov.23rd 1930 - Not too cold and pleasant.Sick all day.

Nov.24th 1930 - Fine morning but cold and windy later.Zelma and I took Helen back in early AM.Got Zelma shoes and arctics.Vivian sick,couldn't go.The first day of school she has missed this year.Began drawing water from over the hill.Head some better.

Nov.25th 1930 - Snowed a little most all day,cold and windy.Vivian at home. Took other children to school.Dug out another spring over the hill.Head sore and some teeth ulcerated.Kind of on the bum.

Nov.26th 1930 - Windy.Snowed in PM.Helped cut wood on Longwell farm,drew some in car.

Nov.27th 1930 - Thanksgiving.High wind.Cold and snowy all day.At home with children all day.Had a good,happy day.

Nov.28th 1930 - Very cold.Below zero.Covered strawberry plants.Took care of Straw's team.He is away for Thanksgiving for balance of week.

Nov.29th 1930 - Cold and windy.Filled cellar windows and outside stairway with straw.To town in late PM for groceries.

Nov.30th 1930 - Warmer,rainy in PM and evening.S wind.Creig and I cleaned spring.

Dec.10th 1930 - Fine day.Worked at wood.Had Lew's truck in AM and drawed for self.In PM helped him cut and draw to Roseville.Got one load for self in car.

Dec.11th 1930 - Cloudy,rainy,warm.Took Vivian and Osmer to Mansfield in PM and got them shoes.Took girls to Roseville in evening to practice for Xmas program.Five years ago this morning little Asa died.

Dec.12th 1930 - Cloudy.Worked in house all day.Children all in school.

Dec.13th 1930 - Colder and spit snow.Hay check came.Got Christmas tree and evergreens for house and to take to cemetery.Letter from Helen for Zelma with $5 for me.

Dec 14th 1930 - Cold.A little snow in air.Home all day.Fixed wire to tie dog to.

Dec.15th 1930 - Cold,below zero.Went to Mansfield.Got check for hay cashed, and paid taxes.Pat Powers went with me.Tire blew out.

Dec.16th 1930 - Cold.Took children to school and got tire fixed.

Dec.17th 1930 - Warmer but good winter.Worked in house all day.

Dec.18th 1930 - Good winter day.Worked in house.Orey E.called a few minutes in PM.Vivian,Zelma and I went to Roseville in evening and car went bad.

Dec.19th 1930 - A fine winter day.Got Straw to tow car home in morning. Worked at wood rest of day.

Dec.20th 1930 - Cloudy.Snowed a little during night.Helped children put up Christmas tree.Box came from Florence.Letter from Helen saying she would be home for Christmas the 29th.

Dec.22nd 1930 - A beautiful winter day.Took car battery down town in PM. Got groceries.

Dec.23rd 1930 - Snowy.Worked in house all day.Baked pies.

Dec.24th 1930 - Cold.Went to town in AM.Got stuff for Christmas dinner. In PM got ready for christmas.

Dec.25th 1930 - CHRISTMAS - Pleasant,cold,about 6 inches of snow on the ground.The children and I had a fine time at home alone.Had roast beef, potatoes,gravy,squash,baked beans,mince pie,cookies.With vegetable soup as first course.

Dec.26th 1930 - Cold.Children all home.No more school till Jan.5th. Christmas Vacation.

Dec.27th 1930 - Cold.Creig and I went down town in PM.

Dec.28th 1930 - Sun-Cold.Down town in AM and got battery.In PM worked on car.Evening went to Elmira and got Helen.Very slippery and bad driving.

Dec.29th 1930 - Cold,blustry.Went down town to get car fixed.Osmer's 11th birthday.Had chicken dinner and good time.

Dec.30th 1930 - Cold,blustry.Took Helen back in morning.Called on Bements also Bohns.Home noon.

Dec.31st 1930 - Cold and blustry.Melted snow and washed till late PM,then to town for groceries.Snow drifts deep part of the way.Every one of us feeling fine.Thus ends 1930.