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Lydia Belle SANDS, daughter of Mary WEBB and Frederick SANDS was born 19 FEB 1872 in Addison, Steuben County NY. She married Philo SUMNER 03 JUL 1890 in Elmira NY. She died 10 FEB 1960 at the Bloss Hospital in Blossburg PA.
Philo William SUMNER, son of Sarah ROBBINS and Wyatt SUMNER was born 2 MAY 1867 in Tioga County PA. He married Jennie SCAIFE on 10 SEP 1886 in Elmira NY. They divorced 11 DEC 1889. Jennie then married Mark WOOD of Sullivan Township and Philo married Lydia SANDS. Philo died 08 DEC 1945 in Glen Allen, Virginia.
Diary of Lydia SANDS (Sumner)
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Transcribed Diary
Year: 1931
Photo Source : Fay TILLER Morgan
Transcription Source - Fay TILLER Morgan 
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1931 Diary of Lydia Belle SANDS Sumner living in Mainesburg, Sullivan Twp Tioga Co Pa
Jan 1 Thur- Hello New Year Little more snow this AM Wrote to Mary B- Harry & Aunt Laura Letter from Cecil Went to Earl's
Jan 2 Fri- Wrote to Mr & Mrs Rumsey and Mrs Swadner Ironed Made apple sauce 
Jan 3 Sat- Baked pie Went to Grange dinner Niomi and Earl here for supper
Jan 4 Sun- Went down to Cecils
Jan 5 Mon- Washed eggs Packed barrel for Gladys Letter from Aunt Laura Went down to Earl's Naomi's birthday
Jan 6 Tues- Washed Mopped Letter from Cecil Turned cold Blizzard PM Wrote to Gladys and Fred Wind so bad didn't go to Grange
Jan 7 Wed- Icy Canned apples Made pie Went to W M A at G Stauffer's Letter from Cecil
Jan 8 Thur- Canned apples Painted Went down to Earl's at night Awful icy Wrote to Cecil and Gertie Letter from Mary
Jan 9 Fri- Ironed Went down to store to see about club books Party at Agnes' Didn't go
Jan 10 Sat- Baked pie and cooked supper Sent letter to Gladys Earl and Naomi here to supper
Jan 11 Sun- Beautiful day Did not go to Church Snowed little in night Wrote to Bertha 
Jan 12 Mon- Washed Mopped Snowed all day Letter from Gladys Sent letters to Mrs Swadner , Davis 
Jan 13 Tues- Washed eggs Sun shone little Snowed in PM Letter from Bertha
Jan 14 Wed- Baked pie. Ironed. Went to Mansfield to a party at M. Smith. Snowed little. Supper with Earl. 
Jan 15 Thur- Every day frozen up in kitchen. Made dress for Naomi.
Jan 16 Fri- Baked cake. Went to Mansfield with Mrs Connelly. Found three dollars. Naomi and Earl here to supper. 
Jan 17 Sat- Baked pie. Mopped. Went to Bertha's. Snowed in night. 
Jan 18 Sun- Lovely day. Went to Church with Homer and Bertha. Came home in P.M. Ate supper at Earl & Naomi.
Jan 19 Mon- Washed. Mopped. Snowed and rained. Went over to Mrs Rockwell. Mrs Connelly went.
Jan 20 Tues- Rained little. Snowed. Washed eggs. Went to Grange. Stopped at Earl's Earl sick. 
Jan 21 Wed- Ironed. Dad went to Mansfield to see inspector about mail route. 
Jan 22 Thur- Went to Toureen dinner at Holcomb's. Nice day. Washed eggs. Last time Mrs Connelly acted as Pres. 
Jan 23 Fri- Washed eggs. Went to Wellsboro for Mr Chamberlain to sign mail contract. At Earl's evening.
Jan 24 Sat- Baked, mopped. pain in my back. Snowed. 
Jan 25 Sun- Nice day. Did not feel able to go to church. Earl and Naomi here to dinner.
Jan 26 Mon- Wash day. Back felt bad. Lovely day. 
Jan 27 Tues- Washed little. Went to see doctor. Cloudy in morning, snowed little in A.M. Powder snow. 
Jan 28 Wed- Baked pies Painted Cloudy in AM Lovely PM Feel little better 
Jan 29 Thur- Ironed Snowed Warmer Blizzard at night 
Jan 30 Fri- Baked pie and cake Mopped Went to parsonage to Aid Dinner Party for Earl at night Colder
Jan 31 Sat- 10 above Not feeling good Cleaned up house Windy Bad day 
Feb 1 Sun- 4 above Cleared off nice Went to church Took dinner with Earl & Naomi 
Feb 2 Mon- Snowing hard Washed eggs Sick Clearing off PM
Feb 3 Tues- Washed eggs Sewed some on Naomi's dress Letter from Bert She's gone to Calfornia
Feb 4 Wed- Washed Tourreen Dinner Connelly's for W.M.S Col. for Rev T. 
Feb 5 Thur- Washed eggs Sewed 
Feb 6 Fri-Cleaned up some Still feeling bad
Feb 7 Sat- Baked pie and cake Philo went and helped Earl fix car Earl and Naomi here to supper Snowed My stomach still bad
Feb 8 Sun- Philo sick I don't feel good Snowing 
Feb 9 Mon- Washed eggs Sewed Still Snowing Dad little better Letter from Bertha Cuba Mo 
Feb 10 Tues- Washed Cold Mopped Philo had to go to Wellsboro Stomach still bad Letter from Bertha
Feb 11 Wed- Letter from Gertie Washed eggs Only 18 cts. a day Got the grippe Sun shone in PM
Feb 12 Thur- Snowed in night Sent letter to Bertha Not feeling much better Earl and Naomi here at night 
Feb 13 Fri- Ironed Washed eggs Rained nearly all day Box from Marian C Ice cream from Chamberlain's Little better 
Feb 14 Sat- Windy Baked pies Letter from Cecil and Gladys 
Feb 15 Sun- Sick all day Dad don't feel good either Nice day 
Feb 16 Mon- Warm Partly cloudy Snow going fast Washed eggs Sewed on my dress Earl and Naomi here in evening 
Feb 17 Tues- Washed Had gathering in my home in PM Rained in PM 
Feb 18 Wed- Washed eggs Snow nearly gone Warm
Feb 19 Thur- Another Birthday What am I going to do with so many Still Sick Snowed last night and today Dad gave me one dollar for my birthday 
Feb 20 Fri- Snowed three inches in night Earl and Naomi up in PM Gave me dress for birthday Feel bad 
Feb 21 Sat- Washed eggs Baked Mopped Mrs Connelly died tonight Feeling bad 
Feb 22 Sun- Snowed little Cloudy Went over to B Connelleys Earl and Naomi here a little while
Feb 23 Mon-. Nice day Washed eggs & windows Mrs Rumsey here Went down to Earl's little while AM Dad got Mail Contract 
Feb 24 Tues- Baked pie Nice day Went to Mrs Connelly's funeral Feeling better Look like a sick cat Earl and Naomi here at night 
Feb 25 Wed- Washed Washed eggs Lovely day Feel little better Letter from Jr Wrote to Jr 
Feb 26 Thur- Cloudy Washed eggs Cleaned up Sewed Feel little better Letter from Cats Wrote to Louise Went to Oslers Philo got car
Feb 27 Fri-Ironed Nice day Over to Rumsey's little while Cold still in head 
Feb 28 Sat- Cleaned up house Patched Nice day Earl and Naomi here evening Cold in head still bad Sent book to Chaltutor
Mar 1 Sun- Rained followed by snow Went to Earl in PM Cold in head bad yet
Mar 2 Mon- Snowed little in AM Dad started Mail Route Cleared off PM Washed eggs Alice Stauffer died last night
Mar 3 Tues- Cloudy most of day Washed Mopped Didn't put clothes out Letters from Cecil & Bertha Made slip
Mar 4 Wed- Baked pie Put clothes out Snowed all day Got seeds Head some better 
Mar 5 Thur- Ironed Awful windy Snowed a little Mrs Stauffer buried Couldn't go to funeral Daisy here 
Mar 6 Fri- Snowed little cloudy Naomi, Earl & Agnes here Pinted a little M Snyder here Letter from Bertha
Mar 7 Sat- Lovely day Baked pie Mopped Earl & Naomi here to supper Mrs Kintner called
Mar 8 Sun- Stormed in night Is rainy Starting snowing & blowing Naomi came up little while Brot letter from Cecile
Mar 9 Mon- Snowed little Nasty, sloppy day Washed eggs Painted Letter from Fred Wrote to Cecil Blizzard at night 
Mar 10 Tue- Snowed Blowed Nasty day Washed lamps & eggs Painted Cleaned up Dad got stuck with truck at night 
Mar 11 Wed- Washed Mopped Snowed little AM Sent letter to Fred Snow blowed PM 
Mar 12 Thur- Snowed, drifted etc. Washed eggs Cleaned up bedroom & living room E put up radio 
Mar 13 Fri.- Ironed Earl here to dinner Cold, windy, bad day Sent letter and kerchief to Gertie Letter from Cecil Stormed at night 
mar 14 Sat- Nice day baked pie mopped washed eggs Went to Mansfield to Grange Naomi visited Came home with Scotts 
Mar 15 Sun- Snowed rained went over to Agnes' and Stauffers At dinner at Earl's 
Mar 16 Mon- Snowed in AM More PM Went to Mansfield with Dad Came back E & N Ate dinner there 
Mar 17 Tues- Sun shone part of day Snowed little Washed eggs Went to Aid dinner at Emery's Letter from Bert
Mar 18 Wed- Stormed little Washed Mopped Washed eggs Baked cake M Dowd here E & N here to supper Roads awful Letter from Mrs Swadner
Mar 19 Thur- Snowed in night Still at it Cleaned up Letter from Gertie 
Mafr 20 Fri- Snowed in night Nice day but cold wind Ironed
Mar 21 Sat- Nice day washed 17 doz eggs Baked pie Mopped Went to Earls in evening Letter from Cecil
Mar 22 Sun- Cloudy most of day Warm Naomi & Eva here little while Wrote to Bertha & Dr Lyman of Utah
Mar 23 Mon- Fine day Washed mopped went over to Rumseys Sent order to Sears Wrote Gertie
Mar 24 Tues- Windy Cloudy Rained in PM Washed eggs Baked cake Down to Morris-Smiths Evas over to Rumseys four times. 
Mar 25 Wed- Ironed Changeable Over to Oslers - Rumseys twice. Letter from Gertie Cut out dress
Mar 26 Thur- Windy Cloudy Varnished chairs Went to Mrs Viola Rumseys to council meeting Over to Geo- Rumseys 3 times 
Mar 27 Fri- Nice day Washed eggs Sewed Went over to Rumseys Mrs Osler & Naomi here
Mar 28 Sat- Baked pie Mopped Washed eggs Bad Windy Rainy day 
Mar 29 Sun- Cold Cloudy Windy Went to Mansfield to Church then to P. Post Corning To dinner at Earls
Mar 30 Mon- Snowed in night Washed Cleaned up washroom Windy 
Mar 31 Tues- Windy Snowed at night Washed eggs Washed windows Started getting milk off Richmond 
Apr 1 Wed Blizzard at night nasty rainy day Naomi helped me Baked Cleaned up 20 here to Mission Meeting Got coat
Apr 2 Thur- Washed trays Cleaned up Changed tick on my bed Snowing and ground covered Letter from Gertie
Apr 3 Fri- Went to Elmira with E & N Got hat Washed eggs Ironed Rainy nasty day
Apr 4 Sat- Cloudy Rained some Baked Mopped Naomi & I picked over potatoes & apples in cellar
Apr 5 Sun- Pleasant part of day Windy E & N Dad & I went to Church Mansfield E & N ate dinner here Took pictures PM 
Apr 6 Mon- Washed Mopped Made pillow 
Apr 7 Tues- Washed eggs Sewed Went to Grange Naomi went 14 times About 6 ins snow when we got up Snowed all day
Apr 8 Wed- Ironed Baked pie Nice day Snow going fast Awful roads Went over to Agnes' at night 
Apr 9 Thur- Lovely day until night then wind blew Helped Naomi Paper We ate supper Played cards
Apr 10 Fri- Cloudy Windy in morning Rained at 4 Cleared off but awful windy Went down Helped Naomi put on boarder Washed eggs Went to Grays to get Council book
Apr 11 Sat- Windy Nice Baked Mopped Helped get Council book fixed Went to Bloss & Mansfield with Dad Put money in bank
Apr 12 Sun- Lovely day Gertie & Fred- Earl & Naomi here to dinner We went to Earls in evening 
Apr 13 Mon- Washed mopped Planted peas- Over to Oslers Nice warm day Letter from Cecil 
Apr 14 Tues- Washed eggs Went over to Agnes' PM Windy Set out onions
Apr 15 Wed- Ironed Cleaned some in yard E & N here at night Nice but cold wind 
Apr 16 Thur- Naomi & I tore paper off wall Cleaned up mess Lovely day
Apr 17 Fri- Rained little Put up ____ on dining room Naomi painted overhead
Apr 18 Sat- Baked Mopped Started washing eggs Agnes came Helped fix coat Nice E&N here in evening
Apr 19 Sun Went to church at Mansfield Ate dinner at Naomi's Nice day
Apr 20 Mon Washed Mopped Nice day but windy Ironed curtians Went to Earl's Helped put covers on Council books
Apr 21 Tues- Washed eggs Cleaned bedroom Nice but windy Earl started porch Went to Grange Rained at night
Apr 22 Wed- Snowed in night Rained Earl's car stuck Naomi & I painted some
Apr 23 Thur- Papered and painted Went to Council meeting 
Apr 24 Fri- Baked pie finished Papering - Porch - Went to Aid dinner - Over to Agnes' night Cold
Apr 25 Sat- Baked pie Mopped Washed eggs Rained little Cold Earl & Naomi here in evening 
Apr 26 Sun - Rained & snowed Went to church Ate dinner with Earl & Naomi 
Apr 27 Mon- Cold Windy Snow Washed Mopped Cleaned cupboard in dining room 
Apr 28 Tues- Washed eggs Cleaned wardrobe - Went to class meeting W. Connellys' Snow on ground - Snowed and Rained 
Apr 29 Wed- Ground covered with snow Finished eggs Ironed - E & N here at night Awful wind for week 
Apr 30 Thur Cleaned bedroom Went to Mansfield to see Mrs Rose Windy 
May 1 Fri- Cleaned living room Nice day Froze hard last night Went to Naomi Party for Dad
May 2 Sat- Washed eggs Baked Mopped E & N here to supper Thundershower at night Hard wind all day
May 3 Sun- Cloudy AM Cleared off PM Went up to Uncle Tom's Down to Stauffers
May 4 Mon- Washed Mopped etc. Nice day
May 5 Tues- Washed eggs Cleaned upstairs Heavy frost Hot in PM 
May 6 Wed - Went to Mrs Viola R to missionary meeting Cleaned upstairs 
May 7 Thur- Went to Elmira with Agnes Rained Ironed some 
May 8 Fri- Ironed Cleaned some Went over to Agnes' in evening 
May 9 Sat- Baked Mopped E & N here to supper
May 10 Sun- Went to church Nice day 
May 11 Mon- Washed Mopped etc. Sewed in PM Rained
May 12 Tues- Washed & packed eggs Rained all day Sewed & painted on picture
May 13 Wed- Rained- Put varnish on dining room Naomi helped in PM
May 14 Thur -Washed eggs Went over to see Mrs - McCarick Agnes & Ernest here evening Cold & windy Rained AM
May 15 Fri- Ironed Made sheets Clear out Windy
May 16 Sat- Mopped Cleaned up generally Went to Bloss & Mansfield Down to Earl's supper A hard thunder shower
May 17 Sun- Went to Cecils Quite nice- Took potatoes etc.- 
May 18 Mon- Washed Mopped etc. A hard frost this morn E & N here in evening Had to go see about insurance
May 19 Tues- Finished dining room Naomi helped Windy Went to Grange
May 20 Wed- Washed eggs Cleaned house Rained Dad got wet 
May 21 Thur- Ironed Sewed Mrs Smith here AM
May 22 Fri- Cleaned little room & cellarway Washed curtains & ironed for front room door 
May 23 Sat - Mopped Sewed Ironed Curtains Rained all day Snowed little
May 24 Sun - Rained AM - Cleared off PM Went to Connelly at Addison to see aunt Laura at Susie's Earl & Naomi went too
May 25 Mon- Washed Mopped Rained AM Washed eggs
May 26 Tues- Cleaned & Painted pantry 
May 27 Wed- Little frost Washed eggs Ironed Cleaned up outdoors Earl started puttin pouch on 
May 28 Thur- Cleaned up generally Hot Had Council meeting E & N Dad & I went to play at hall 
May 29 Fri-Washed eggs Cleaned oil stove Living room suit came Down to Earl's at night
May 30th Sat- Went to church to service & Aid dinner Rained 
May 31 Sun- Went to church Mansfield 
June 1 Mon- Washed Mopped Painted some Cold Went to Grange Hall evening to see about Old Home Day
June 2 Tues- Washed eggs Down to Earl's with news for paper Frost
June 3 Wed- Ironed Went over to Helen Rumsey's to Missionary meeting
June 4 Thur- Cleaned up Patched Agnes here to see about going to Va
June 5 Fri Washed Ironed Worked in kitchen Washed eggs Went to Church at night Painted picture
June 6 Sat- Painted kitchen Washed eggs Cool
June 7 Sun- Cool Rained hard Went to Church in M V at night
June 8 Mon - Washed Mopped Went to Mansfield and over to Agnes' Made nightgown PM Cold
June 9 Tues- Ironed Washed eggs Cold
June 10 Wed- Agnes and I went to Va Stopped Harrisburg Capitol Rained awful Thermont Md
June 11 Thur- Stopped at Arlington and pot luck Church Got to Tillers about 3 o'clock
June 12 Fri- Gladys took us up around Elmont
June 13 Sat- Took dinner with Swadner Edith took all to Richmond
June 14 Sun- Took dinner with Lane All went to Maymont PM 
June 125 Mon-Started home Went all over WashingtonStopped at Cozy Cabins Md 
June 16 Tues- Started home at seven Rained lot Got home at three Went to Grange
June 17 Wed- Washed Mopped 
June 18 Thur- Ironed Washed eggs Went down and helped Naomi while
June 19 Fri- Cleaned up Went to help Naomi Gladys and children came
June 20 Sat- Baked Mopped Hot Naomi & Earl here Thunder shower at night
June 21 Sun - Went to Uncle Toms Naomi & Earl here to dinner
June 22 Mon- Washed Mopped Cool Went over to Agnes' At Naomi for dinner 
June 23 Tues- Ironed some Cleaned up Took Gladys to train at night 11:37
June 24 Wed- Helped Naomi paper room
June 25 Thur- Cleaned up the house 
Jun 26 Fri- Washed Mopped Picked strawberries Washed eggs Went to Aux dinner Letter Jr
June 27 Sat- Baked pie Ironed 
June 28 Sun- Went down and helped Naomi with tourist
Jun 29 Mon- Washed Mopped Getting dry Went to Old Home Day meeting
June 30 Tues- Washed eggs Cleaned up Went to Naomi's Hot 
July 1 Wed- Hot Ironed Went to Morris to M Price 
July 2 Thur- Hot Went down helped Naomi Burdette and John came Rained hard Dad awful wet
July 3 Fri- Cleaned Cellar and house Helped Naomi paper in PM Rained in night Cool
July 4 Sat- Baked Mopped Nice day Baked
July 5 Sun- Went to Gert Earl & Naomi Burdett John Dad & I 
July 7 Thur- Ironed E & N here to dinner & painted Went to Grange
July 8 Wed- Sewed etc. Mrs Welch here in evening to see about play
July 9 Thur- Sewed Finished John's waist Made Buster underclothes Naomi painted house Rainy
July 10 Fri- Washed Washed eggs Rained all day
July 11 Sat- Cleaned up Baked Pies Sewed 
July 12 Sun- Went to Church State Road Nice
July 13 Mon- Washed Mopped Picked berries E & N Burdette & John here to dinner Hailstorm at night
July 14 Tues- Washed eggs Sewed E & N Burdette John here to dinner Went to Earls at night 
July 15 Wed- Ironed Picked berries & sorted Rainy day Dad had the Preacher W Conneley here at night
July 16 Thur- Washed Picked berries Sprinkled Burdette ^ John went home Mrs Osler & Rumsey here E & N here
July 17 Fri- Baked cake Cleaned up E & N here to dinner Rained
July 18 Sat- Mopped Sewed Went to Mansfield Rained a little N & E here to play cards at night
July 19 Sun- Went to State Road Church Down to Es Pm & to Grays Rained at night
July 20 Mon- Picked and canned berries Washed eggs E & N worked on garage half day Rained hard
July 21 Tues- Awful electical storm last night Rained all day E & N here to dinner Grange
July 22 Wed- Rained in night Cleared off Cooler Picked berries Washed eggs Ironed Went to practice for Old Home
July 23 Thur- Went to Council Picnic at Rockwells Sprinkled
July 24 Fri- Washed eggs Cleaned up Cecil's birthday Went to Hall to Old Home Day meeting Rained
July 25 Sat- Baked pie Mopped Rained little
July 26 Sun- Went to State Road to Church Down to help Naomi with chicken dinner Sprinkeled 
July 27 Mon- Washed Rained hard Canned berries Up to Uncle Tom's for gravel for garage
July 28 Tues- Washed eggs Picked berries Canned some Didn't rain unless at night
July 29 Wed- Ironed Painted chimney in D room hard shower
July 30 Thur- Went to Aid Dinner & Mrs Grays Over to Rockwell' to party in evening Sprinkled 
July 31 Fri- Mr Gray died four AM Went down PM to see Gladys Stauffer Sprinkled 
Aug 1 Sat- Went to Mansfield to get flowers for Mr Gray Down to Earls at night Rained
Aug 2 Sun- Went to all day service at Union Church and to Cemetery & Grays Awful shower
Aug 3 Mon- Thunder storm Washed Baked pie Mrs V Rumsey had stroke 
Aug 4 Tues- Went to Viola Rumseys and to Grays Washed eggs Went to Grange
Aug 5 Wed- Was at Mrs Runseys nearly all day Practiced up at Walter Connelys for Old Home Day
Aug 6 Thur- Ironed Mrs Rumsey died this morning Went down this PM
Aug 7 Fri- Cleaned up Went to Mansfield with Agnes for flowers 
Aug 8 Sat-
Aug 9 Sun- Harold & Mary Baker here to dinner Went to Naomis Rained hard
Aug 10 Mon- Rained A here to practice Had peaches & cake
Aug 11 Tues- Ironed Cecil & children came Practice at Hall
Aug 12 Wed- Went to Hall for Old Home Day meeting Rained
Aug 13 Thur- Canned blackberries Practice
Aug 14 Fri- 
Aug 15 Sat- Went to pratice 
Aug 16 Sun - Gertie Harold Miss Baker Naomi Cecil & children here 
Aug 17 Mon- Cecil went home Washed Went to practice 
Aug 18 Tues- Had play in Hall
Aug 19 Wed- Went to Old Home Play in evening
Aug 20 Thur- Canned berries Washed eggs Went to Mansfield
Aug 21 Fri- Ironed Canned berries Went to Naomis to paper
Aug 22 Sat Baked Cleaned up house Down to Earls at night
Aug 23 Sun- Went to church Down to Earls to supper Took Joe O up to bridge
Aug 24 Mon- Washed Mopped Sent for goods Went to Old Home Day Meeting
Aug 25 Tues- Ironed Went down & helped fix box for Mr Aumick Went to Grange extra meeting
Aug 26 Wed- Painted Cleaned up outdoors 
Aug 27 Thur- Baked pie Cleaned my Bedroom Finished picture to take to Fair
Aug 28 Fri- Cleaned upstairs Painted Went to Earls to Supper
Aug 29 Sat- Baked pie Mopped Painted Down to Earls in evening
Aug 30 Sun - Went to Church State Road E & N here to dinner Cold Over to Agnes' night
Aug 31 Mon- Washed Mopped Went to B__y PM
Sept 1 Turs- Canned Cucumbers Goods came for store Went down to Naomis 
Sept 2 Wed- Went to Agnes' to Mission meeting Rained hard all day
Sept 3 Thur- Ironed Fixed frame for picture
Sept 4 Fri- Baked
Sept 5 Sat- Cleaned up Went with Dad PM to Bloss & Troy at Earls at night
Sept 6 Sun- Went to Church E & N here to dinner Went to Mr Spauldings funeral
Sept 7 Mon - Canned pears Finished top for Naomi's quilt
Sept 8 Tues- Went to Elmira to get Dairys for store
Sept 9 Wed- Washed Canned peaches Hot Down to Mrs Grays Council meeting
Sept 10 Thur- Ironed Hot Went with Agnes to get votes 
Sept 11 Fri- Went to Pomona at Mansfield Mrs Williams came home with me Hot Went to play Grange Hall
Sept 12 Sat- Hot Cleaned up Got Fair tickets 
Sept 13 Sun- Hot Stella & husband came for Mrs Williams Went down to Earls Mrs McCarrick here
Sept 14 Mon- Painted Hot Went down to Naomis in PM while they went for peaches
Sedpt 15 Tues Went to Council dinner at P.A.SA Hall Little cooler
Sept 16 Wed- Went to take pictures to fair in AM Went little while in Pm Rained nearly all day 
Sept 17 Thur- Went to Fair PM Rained hard Washed 
Sept 18 Fri- Ironed Nice Naomi & I went to fair
Sept 19 Sat- Went to Fair in PM Saw Florence Brought paintings home Letter from Cecil from VA Going to move there
Sept 20 Sun- Stayed at home all day Rained some Called Mrs Williams on phone to go to Cecil's 
Sept 21 Mon- Washed Mopped Hot 
Sept 22 Tues- Went to Cecil's E & N & I came home Hot Earls house caught on fire Went at midnight 
Sept 23 Wed- E & N left at 1 AM to move Cecil to VA I cleaned the house Down to the store Pm Mrs Rockwell here at night
Sept 24 Thur- Washed eggs Called Mrs Williams to go to Cecil's Went down to store PM 
Sept 25 Fri- Made catsup etc. Frost this morning Did no harm E & N came back Cold
Sept 26 Sat- Baked Mopped etc. Warmer E & N here in Pm
Oct 27 Sun- Went to State Road to Church Down to Earl's E & N here to dinner Cold
Sept 28 Mon - Washed Mopped Helped windows Sent package to Fay Cold
Sept 29 Tues- Baked pie Puttied windows Frost last night
Sept 30 Wed- Ironed Went down to Naomis 
Oct 1 Thur-
Oct 2 Fri- Cleaned up Went down to Naomis to see about selling store stock to Mcconels
Oct 3 Sat- Earl & Naomi moved in Nice day Baked Mopped 
Oct 4 Sun- Fred & Gertie here Lovely day
Oct 5 Mon- Washed bed upstairs etc. Nice day Mrs Holliday here 
Oct 6 Tues- Cloudy Went to Bloss with Dad Went to Grange in evening Had eats
Oct 7 Wed- Ironed Went to Missionary meeting at Agnes' Washed windows or scraped them 
Oct 8 Thur - Finished cleaning windows Cooler
Oct 9 Fri- Baked pies Cleaned front bedroom 
Oct 10 Sat- Mopped Froze last night Set up heater stove
Oct 11 Sun- Went to Gerties Rained little 
Oct 12 Mon- Went to Mansfield with Agnes for my dress Cooler
Oct 13 Tues- Went to Towanda with Agnes & Angie to Missionary meeting Naomi washed
Oct 14 Wed- Baked pumpkin pie Ironed Naomi went to market for Mrs Aumic
Oct 14 Thur- Made quilt for Gladys 
Oct 16 Fri- Cooked pumpkin Washed & ironed curtains Naomi & Earl went to Mansfield
Oct 17 Sat- Baked pie Mopped Naomi worked for Mrs Aumic Shoes 1.25
Oct 18 Sun- Went to State Road to Church & to see Mrs Helen Rumsey Froze hard 
Oct 19 Mon- Washed Finished putting inside toilet in
Oct 20 Tues- Went to Grange Naomi went to work for Mrs Aumick I made Mince-meat Baked pie Went to Bloss & Troy Lovely day
Oct 21 Wed- Ironed Lovely day
Earl & Naomi packing to go to Va
Oct 22 Thur - E & N left at 3 AM Cleaned up generally Went to Council at Bessie Chamberlains Lovely day
Oct 23 Fri- Baked beans Went to Aid at Parsonage then up to Agnes' Lovely day
Oct 24 Sat- Mopped Cleaned yard Had outside door open last night- so warm
Oct 25 Sun- Went to State Road Church Rained little Wind blew hard Little cooler
Oct 26 Mon- Windy Washed Mopped Painted card for Bertha's birthday
Oct 27 Tues- Ironed Lovely day
Oct 28 Wed- Went to State Road Aid dinner Rained Went to banquet at Penn-Wells- Mrs Gray went
Oct 29 Thur- Put up curtains in living room Mrs Smith here Changeable Stewed pumpkin
Oct 30 Fri Baked pies Rained Went to Holloween Social Grange Hall
Oct 31 Sat- Mopped Cleaned up Changeable Went to Mrs Wilkins to practice 
Nov 1 Sun- Fair day Went to Mrs Spauldings funeral Stopped at Mrs Grays
Nov 2 Mon- Washed Mopped A few flakes snow fell Not very cold
Nov 3 Tues Baked pies Fixed macaroni and went to Hall for Council dinner Stayed to supper Nice day
Nov 4 Wed- Cleaned up house Went to Missionary meeting Mrs Stauffers Practice in Hall at night Changeable Mrs Osler & I cleaned up at Rumseys
Nov 5 Thur- Ironed Went to Hall at 10 AM Practiced until 5 PM Went over to Agnes' in evening Purers brought coal Cold
Nov 6 Fri- Planted tulips Cleaned up Mr Osler & I built fire for Rumseys He came back from hospital Snowed hard Had play Ladies Minstrels from ___
Nov 7 Sat- Cleaned up house Baked apples - over to Rumseys Warmer in Pm 
Nov 8 Sun- Nice day Went to Church 
Nov 9 Mon- Washed Mopped etc. Lovely day Went over to Agnes' Pm
Nov 10 Tues- Hot Ironed Rena here Also Mrs L Stauffer & sister Went to Grange
Nov 11 Wed- Washed windows Went to see Mrs Hager to Troy Nice day
Nov 12 Thur- Cleaned up Fixed plants Sewed Rained last night & this AM Nice PM Very warm Fires out
Nov 13 Fri- Cleaned Cellar warm Set up Hetrola Nise Painted Froze at night
Nov 14 Sat - Baked cake Mopped Cleaned up
Nov 15 Sun- Went to Church Rained little Mostly nice
Nov 16 Mon - Started to wash Agnes called Went to Elmira Partly Cloudy 
Nov 17 Tues- Finished washing Baked pie Welch here Went to Bloss Warm Cloudy Went to Grange
Nov 18 Wed- Ironed Went down to Mrs Grays & to Mansfield with Philo 
Nov 19 Thur- Baked pies Went to Agnes' to Council Meeting Big crowd Changeable
Nov 20 Fri- Cleaned up my bedroom Went to Aid dinner Windy Warm
Nov 21 Sat- Cleaned up house Nice day My feet hurt
Nov 22 Sun- Lovely day Went to Addison for Aunt Laura Hot Doors open 
Nov 23 Mon- Washed Lovely day Aunt Laura here Agnes called Hot Doors open 
Nov 24 Tues- Lovely day pies Lew W here to work Hot Doors open
Nov 25 Wed- Ironed Little cooler Cleaned up 
Nov 26 Thur- Cold Went to State Road to dinner 4 above at night Cleaned up generally Snowing hard Philo took Aunt Laura up to Uncle Tom's 
Nov 28 Sat- Baked pies Mopped Cleaned up Thawing Dad went for Aunt Laura Made underclothes for Burdett
Nov 29 Sun- Snow nearly gone Cloudy Warm Took Aunt Laura to Addison 
Nov 30 Mon- Rained until about 3 Sewed & painted
Dec 1 Tues- Washed Rained little Turned to snow Went to Grange -Went to Agnes'
Dec 2 Wed-Baked pie Went up to Stranges to all day Missionary dinner Cloudy 
Dec 3 Thur- Ironed Went up to Mrs Sweeney's to practice cold
Dec 4 Fri- Went to Pamona at Wellsboro Gave two Readings Met Mrs Purchot Raines 
Dec 5 Sat- Baked pie Mopped Sun shiny Went down to Hall to help Agnes with Grange play
Dec 6 Sun Stayed at home all day Wrote 5 letters Cloudy 28 in morning 
Dec 7 Mon- Started to wash Agnes called to go to Elmira Windy Snowed Awful day Went to Elmira
Dec 8 Tues- Finished washing 14 above Warmer at night Went Sylvania to put on play
Dec 9 Wed- Ironed Went over to Rumsey's Snowed Rained Sleeted 
Dec 10 Thur- Washed windows Cleaned up my bedroom Agnes brought me a wreath 
Dec 11 Fri- Rained nearly all day 
Dec 12 Sat- Baked pies Mopped Cleaned up generally Just like spring. 
Dec 13 Sun- Rained all day Stayed home all day
Dec 14 Mon- Washed Mopped etc. Painted Rained hard& sun shone little Went to play in grange Hall- This Way Out
Dec 15 Tues- Ironed Snowed nearly all day Went to Grange 
Dec 16 Wed- Baked cookies Painted Nice day Went over to Oslers little while
Dec 17 Thur Painted Wrapped Xmas packages Lovely day
Dec 18 Fri- Nice day Painted & worked generally
Dec 19 Sat- Lovely day Mopped Cleaned up Went with Philo to Bloss & Troy 
Dec 20 Sun- Rained Stayed home all day 
Dec 21 Mon- Washed Cloudy Train late Philo left mail Heavy load mail in AM
Dec 22 painted Cleaned cupboards Pantry Warm Had doors open Philo had truck full mail 
Dec 23 Wed- Warm Had doors open while ironing 
Dec 24 Thur- Patched etc. Went over to Agnes' She's not well Rained hard Brought me home when Dad came
Dec 25 Fri- Cold Windy Bad day At home all day Philo carried mail Little snow 
Dec 26 Sat- Pleasant but cold Jennie here in PM
Dec 27 Sun- cold Pleasant Stayed home all day
Dec 28 Mon Washed Mopped Went to Agnes' PM & with Dad to Troy Lovely day 
Dec 29 Tues- Baked cookies Went to Bloss Dad started mail route twice daily Troy to Bloss Lovely day
Dec 30 Wed- Dad started at 6 this AM Cleaned kitchen Cupboard Polished silverware Nice Little colder
Dec 31 Thur- Ironed Washed curtains in kitchen Cloudy Am Cleared off PM Went with Dad to Bloss Goodbye little stingy book 
Memoranda and Addresses
Harry 1442 Bolling Ave 
Aunt Laura 164 Winthrope 
Ruth 1700 Ardendale Ave E. San Gabriel Cal
Bertha 1220 Alegheny St 
Gertie Pine City NY
Fred Niland Calif Box 61
Gladys Dunbarton Va Box 460
Cecil 157 Montgomery St Montgomery Penn
Merritt Vilas Penn
Florence Corning NY
Clare Pine City NY
Mrs Swadner Elmont Va
Mrs Davis Elmont Va
Mrs Lawrence Elmont Va
Miss Lucy Lane Elmont Va
My Weight 135
Height 5'3"
Size of shoe 3
Hosiery 9
Cecil and Adam went to Va Feb 6 Came back 9-31
Cash - Jan Just find any. Its raining today
Cash Feb ditto
Cash Apr put $10 in bank May put $5 in bank 
June $5 July $7

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/28/2000
By Joyce M. Tice