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Hazel FORREST Pease of Big Flats
Diary of Hazel FORREST Pease
Township: Big Flats Township, Chemung County NY
Year: 1935
Transcribed by Alice PEASE Hartford 
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This is one of my grandmother's diaries.  She lived here on Harris Hill in Big Flats at the time.  She had a hard life and a fairly short life.  She raised 3 children in the country here, and used an outhouse for a large portion of her life, and didn't get running water until about 1943 or 1944 or so.  And she died in 1947, at 47 years of age of heart failure.
HER father served during the Spanish American War, and his name is one of the six names on the Spanish American War Statue in Wisner Park in Elmira. It was an all volunteer army.  I have photos of it, and the names, and of my
great-grandfather in uniform back then.

Alice (Pease) Hartford
Big Flats, NY



Tuesday, Jan. 1

Children sick with measles yet. Just beginning to loose red rash. BOBBY O.K. yet; children sick since last Tuesday (XMas Day). I ironed some and mended clothes & put them away. Cold and snow drifting.

Wednesday, Jan. 2

Did ironing from last weeks wash. Baked cake. Took BOBBY to mailbox and stopped and got kids school books. Mended some after supper. Kids up in room all afternoon so I didn't go up and read to them.

Thursday, Jan.3

Icy so ELLSWORTH went for mail. Swept up upstairs and down. Sorted apples & cleaned up cellar.

Friday, Jan. 4

MRS. BROWNELL came up in afternoon. I went to mailbox. Sent letter to MARY ANN PEASE. I tried to buy can rubbers at store. ELLSWORTH sent me to EVELYN RUNDELL, & she lent me box. EMILY BROWNELL brought box of fruit & candy from school to children. Stayed little while. Nice day.

Saturday, Jan. 5

ELLSWORTH went to Elmira for groceries. I cooked boiler of pumpkin and baked bread. Have 2 quarts pumpkin left after filling boiler of 9 quarts. Feel punk.

Sunday, Jan. 6

ELLSWORTH'S folks married 38 years today. MARY HELEN and NORMAN up around house. BOBBY don't feel good. Put away cans of pumpkin. Cleaned up rooms. Baked chocolate cake, 2 pumpkin and 1 apple pie.

Monday, Jan. 7

Lovely day but BOBBY sick in bed with measles. I walked to mailbox. Went to store and got coughdrops and loaf bread. Took EVELYN RUNDELL quart of pumpkin and can rubbers back. I slept on couch with BOBBY last night but brought his bed down and aired bedding so I had couch tonight.

Tuesday, Jan. 8

ELLSWORTH and I went to creek and got water to wash clothes, then it rained so couldn't wash. BOBBY all broke out good. Don't sleep nights.

Wednesday, Jan. 9

Awfully dark all day. Rained terribly all night and all day today. Steady. I mended overalls, lots of holes. Read some. Have an awful headache. Laid down in Eve. To bed at nine o'clock. Must get E. up in a.m. for work. BOBBY keeps me awake most all night. Letter from MARY ANN PEASE to kids.

Thursday, Jan. 10

Got up 5:15 A.M. ELLSWORTH went to work on Catlin Town Truck at Horseheads with STEVE HALPIN. I did washing. Swept up cellar. Went down to mailbox. Stopped at BROWNELL's & waited for him. Let kids out doors little while in afternoon. Awfully wet but not cold.

Friday, Jan. 11

Baked bread. Ironed. Went to mailbox. Got candy at store for BOBBY & kids. Received letter from ELSIE. Quite newsy for her. ELLSWORTH brought calandar home. First one we have.

Saturday, Jan.12

Baked pies - cooked up pan of apple sauce. Mended some. BOBBYup around the house, but so thin he don't look natural. I didn't cut any wood today. ELLSWORTH will be home tomorrow. Received letter from H.L.C. Cold & snow.

Sunday, Jan. 13

Cleaned up house. Finished reading "The Women of the Family" a book from school, by Margarete Culkin Banning. E. took MARY HELEN & NORMAN to WAKLEE for permit to go back to school. I made some fudge in evening. Snow flurries all day. Cool.

Monday, Jan. 14

Made BOBBY pair of everyday pants. A teddy bear and a dress & panties for it. Took NORM'S tie to pieces that kids tore off of elastic. Made a pattern of it, then cut one for BOBBY. Baked cake. Children back to school. School furnishing one-half pint of milk daily for NORMAN and ROBERT. MARY HELEN can have for 3 cents a pint. Pretty cold all day. ELLSWORTH finished truck.

Tuesday, Jan. 15

I sawed up pile of wood in a.m. Got dinner for children and self. Sawed more wood in afternoon. DAD came in new Chevrolet, with milk, beef, butter, eggs, apples, onions and magazines. He seemed o.k. Came in to see Bobby. ELLSWORTH worked with STEVE today then off till Mon. Nice day, few flurries of snow. ELLSWORTH gave MARY HELEN change for 5 days milk at school.

Wednesday, Jan. 16

Did washing by hand. Baked bread. ELLSWORTH went to Horseheads for coal. Got calendar. STEVE HORES [ sp.?] , here for few minutes in afternoon.

Thursday, Jan. 17

Did dishes & meals. I dried clothes around fire as wind is blowing so bad and sleety by spells. Face ached all day & swollen up inside & out. Letter 338. (trouble)

Friday, Jan. 18

Tooth aches terribly.

Ached all night. All swollen up yet. ELLSWORTH went to Elmira to make an appointment for me to get them pulled. (10:30 Sat.). Swept up house. Mopped kitchen. Finished drying clothes but didn't get ironing done. Sit in by stove half of the time. ELLSWORTH got me new cookie pan (dandy) ! 1 egg

Saturday, Jan. 19

Went down at 10:30 to CARY's Dentist & had 3 teeth out. Baked apple pie crust and cake. Opposite side from where he pulled teeth hurts and aches.

Sunday, Jan. 20

Left side of face and ear aches. Swept up. Hemmed up 10 yards towelling but mostly sat around and read. GRACE WARD, girls and MR. SMITH were here few minutes in evening .Glad to see them. Pain all evening and nearly all night. 1 egg.

Monday, Jan. 21

ELLSWORTH went to work on Catlin Load Truck. I made suet pudding. Did ironing. Got in water to wash. Cleaned sitting room stove pipe. NORMAN didn't have to go to school today for older ones are having exams. Rainy all day. BARBARA RUNDELL had 3rd blood transfusion this a.m. (Nobody gave blood, so I didn't). 1 egg.

Tuesday, Jan. 22

BOBBY out doors first since before Christmas. NORMAN home yet. Cleaned up some upstairs. Mended some. Did washing by hand. NORMAN lit match in cellar & burned up lace curtains and shade at door. Cool and Snappy.

Wednesday, Jan. 23

NORMAN went back to school. I hung out clothes but wind came up and had to bring them in. Washed NORM & ROBERT's underwear and pants, and ELLSWORTH's overalls. Baked pie and 4 shells & double batch applesauce drop cakes. ELLSWORTH in Horseheads. Pretty cold in afternoon and night. 1 egg.

Thursday, Jan. 24

Finished shelling (CORNELLS') beans and hung in sacks to dry out. Cooked up rest of beef DAD brought. Did ironing. Also 10 new towels.

Friday, Jan. 25

Don't feel good at all. Back to bed after dinner. Children had Birthday party at school. And ELLSWORTH is at Horseheads so BOB and I alone all day. Mended some and read. Did general house work.

Saturday, Jan. 26

Cleaned up house. Finished reading "Raw Gold" a book from school. Read in evening. Mopped thru downstairs. Started straightening upstairs.

Sunday, Jan. 27

Stayed home. Baked bread, pies, and cakes in a.m. Read some in "Penrod" by Booth Tarkington a book from school. Mended ELLSWORTH'S clothes.

Monday, Jan. 28

Mended up some pants and made MARY HELEN an apron,( a yellow one). I swept and straightened up. Baked cake and apple pie. ELLSWORTH worked drawing coal here. Brought 2 loads. NORMAN burned right hand on stove so stayed home in forenoon.

Tuesday, Jan. 29

Baked 18 oatmeal and 36 molasses cookies. BOBBY and I walked to mailbox at noon. Met ELLSWORTH coming home from taking town truck to Beaver Dams, so rode back. Cool, windy but not so bad out. Bright sunshine here anyway.

Wednesday, Jan. 30

Baked bread. Did washing in washer. They just froze to line and didn't dry. Did little mending. Put up egg record paper in kitchen.

Thursday, Jan. 31

Finished drying elothes. Cleaned up rooms. Soot all over where soft coal blew out. Baked cakes (layer and loaf).

Friday, Feb. 01

Picked up rooms. Made BOBBY pair of pants. Patched up some clothes.

Saturday, Feb. 02

ELLSWORTH went to a ( Vandeau or Vandean) [sp?], and got some plates & few odd things. I cleaned up downstairs, then MARY HELEN and I cleaned both rooms upstairs. BOBBY and I slept upstairs for first time since Jan. 7th. Muggy weather.

Sunday, Feb. 03

Helped ELLSWORTH put stove upstairs. Baked cherry cake for dinner. MARK and FLORA came at noon and stayed till after 6:30 p.m. HARRY RANDALL and AUNT RED here little while in after noon. Partial eclipse on Sunday, 10 a.m. to 12 _.

Monday, Feb. 04

Baked cake. Sick headache all morning. ELLSWORTH built fire upstairs & started patching wall in our room. I went to bed till time to get lunch for children. Feel better toward night. Cleaned up house then and did work up. Made my bedroom slippers. Cold wind and flurries of snow.

Tuesday, Feb. 05

Helped ELLSWORTH some to fix door on upstairs. Sewed E.'s cuffs on shirt and mended trousers. Feel punk. Back aches so. Rice's have new baby girl.

Wednesday, Feb. 06

Cleaned up rooms and mended some.

Thursday, Feb. 07

Washed by hand. ELLSWORTH went to Elmira. I baked bread and 2 marble loaf cakes. One for Birthday party at school tomorrow. Clothes dried; all but underwear.

Friday, Feb. 08

Storming out so dried underwear and colored clothes in house. ELLSWORTH working up in hedroom. Ripped up an old coat to make BOBBY a jacket.

Saturday, Feb. 09

Helped ELLSWORTH paper bedroom all day. Children did work downstairs.

Sunday, Feb. 10

NORMAN is 9 years old. Baked pie and cake and pudding for NORMAN'S Birthday. Got dinner. Did the ironing that was wet and not finished. After dinner went up to MARY ANN PEASE's till dark. Got milk, apples, onions and reading and meat. Snow by flurries all day.

Monday, Feb. 11

Helped ELLSWORTH paper bedroom. Got it finished. Snow by spells.

Tuesday, Feb. 12

Took up carpet in bedroom. ELLSWORTHput up clothes closets. I baked bread and drop cakes. STEVE HORIES here in afternoon. Fixed some valentines for children to finish this evening. Pretty decent day. Cool.

Wednesday, Feb. 13

Baked molasses and white cookies. Cleaned up rooms.

Thursday, Feb. 14

Children made 28 valentines each for school and received 3 each. BOBBY got 4. I went down to RUNDELLS then to DECKER's , to see if they had our tiger cat. He hasn't been home since Sunday. ELLSWORTH painted bedroom.

Friday, Feb. 15

Went down to Saint Joseph's Hospital to see Mrs. M. G. BROWNELL. VIVIAN VARNEY is in her room, very bad.

Saturday, Feb. 16

Cleaned up. Did some baking and did big wash. Hung them down cellar all but bars full up stairs. As fast as they dried I hung more on bars. Storming out doors. Right shoulder and arm ache awfully. Put SLOAN's on.

Sunday, Feb. 17

Clear and colder. NORM went down cellar and found a hound with J.A. HERRICK - 312 W. Thurston - Elmira on it's collar. Keep it till a.m. as it's so cold and acts tired out. Arm aches yet.

Monday, Feb. 18

ELLSWORTH'S Birthday. Went to MRS. RUNDELL's and called up for owner to come for dog. Went over to EVELYN's to see how MR. B. was. Found EMILY with bad feelon. [sp.?] Came home and went back. Stayed till 11a.m. Came back and baked bread. Did part of ironing. Hospital giving BARBARA RHODES oxygen tonight. Owners of dog came. Gave me 26 cents. Cool wind all day. Sent letter to MARY ANN PEASE.

Tuesday, Feb. 19

Mended a lot of clothes from last weeks wash and made over some of BOBBY's underwaists to make them bigger. Ache all over and right shoulder and arm mostly. Children wrote to LLOYD and JOE.

Wednesday, Feb. 20

Topsy, fussed all night. I ironed last of least weeks ironing. DAD came with meat, milk, butter and reading. Stayed quite a while.

Thursday, Feb. 21

Started cleaning up bedroom. Cleaned carpet to put back down. After school, NORMAN took BOBBY up the road to slide and BOBBY fell over road bank with cart. Hurt pretty bad. Whole side of face black and blue. Forehead jammed and eyes scratched up.

Friday, Feb. 22

No mail. Washington's Birthday. BOBBY a little better. Fixed his bed upstairs last evening so he slept in our room alone. No body coiuld bump his head. Children home holiday. I did some more straightening upstairs. Did weeks wash by hand. Dried some out doors. Lovely day.

Saturday, FEb.23

ELLSWORTH took NORMAN to get groceries. FRANK RHODES snow plowed the road to corner. MARY HELEN and I worked up stairs. Baked bread. Cooked boiled dinner. Finished drying clothes on bars by stove. Snowed all night. Have about 10 inches at 9 o'clock.

Sunday, Feb. 24

Put down carpet in my bedroom and settled some of it. Mended the stockings and clothes needed for school tomorrow.

Monday, Feb. 25

Picked up clothes to wash. Rained so I gathered in boiler and tub of water. AUSTIN'S were here in afternoon. He, anyway, will be back Wed. Make all of them.

Tuesday, Feb. 26

MARY HELEN home with cold. NORMAN came home with grey kitten from DECKER's. I did wash by hand then washed pair of blankets in washer. Baked bread.

Wednesday, Feb. 27

Got all ready for AUSTIN's for dinner and they didn't come. I did baking in a.m. , Did a big ironing after dinner. Finished reading, "The Call of the Canyon" by Zane Grey. A book from RUNDELL's.

Thursday, Feb. 28

AUSTIN's here before ELLSWORTH was out of bed! Stayed till 4:30. I sorted out my boxes of clothes and gave her some of them for CORA. They brought bag of beans and 2 quarts of milk. MARY HELEN back to school today

Friday, March 01

ELLSWORTH went at noon to meet ED A. to go for a job and FLORENCE had sent me pair of book-ends and some silk brown floss. I mended. Cleaned cellar. BOBBY has this cold and I'm getting it.

Saturday, March 02

Baked pie and custard. ELLSWORTH and kids drew wood. Went to Corning at 7 p.m. Stayed till 1:15 A.M.. To bed at 3:30 after fixing fires as they would keep awhile longer.

Sunday, Mar 03

Lovely Day. Didin't get up till 8:30 A.M. ELLSWORTH has terible cold. And all feel punk. Picked up house. Finished reading Bar-20, a book from RUNDELL's.

Monday, March 04

Picked up clothes to wash, but raining. Misty. Mended up some clothes laid by. I washed up some feed sacks (6). Sent letter Box 5-92 Elmira.

Tuesday, March 05

Mended some overalls and stockings. Misty rain so can't wash. Everything all mud out of doors. Washed windows all down stairs. Baked cake and white cookies.

Wednesday, March 06

Sent letter to L.C.S. and MARY ANN PEASE. Did washing - some dried but not underwear. STEVE H. here little while. Lovely spring day.

Thursday, March 07

Hung clothes out but snow storm came so had to bring them in. Went to town with ELLSWORTH in afternoon. Went to hospital and saw MRS. B. and VIVIAN. MRS. B. better but V. will never get away from hospital. Is very weak. BARBARA RHODES better. Snow all afternoon and evening. About 5 inches by nighttime.

Friday, March 08

Finished drying clothes in house. Baked bread. Snow again in a.m. Had about 3 inches more during night and snow by flurries since a.m. ELLSWORTH took children to school and after them again.

Saturday, March 09

Pretty decent out today. ELLSWORTH took MARY HELEN and NORMAN to Elmira for shoes and rubbers. BOBBY and I stayed home. I cleaned up house. ELLSWORTH got MARY HELEN shoes and rubbers. NORMAN - shoes, rubbers and knickers ___ ones.

Sunday, March 10

Everything quiet all day. I cleaned cupboardsand floors in cellar, and swept up through house. HARRY, ELSIE and family came about 3:30 and about 4:30, MARK and FLORA came. Ellsworth cut MARK's hair. FLORA bought 2 dozen eggs. HARRY brought 5 cakes honey so I gave him 1 and one-half dozen eggs.

Monday, March 11

Baked bread and oatmeal and chocolate cookies. Rainy and slush all day. Snow all gone and everything mud. Received letter from 592.

Tuesday, March 12

Cleaned downstairs. Mended some. Hunted for window catches but didn't find them. Everything awfully muddy and snow by spells all day. NORMAN fell in mud at noon and everything he had on is plastered.

Wednesday, March 13

Swept downstairs in a.m. Teacher and most of pupils came up for her to pick out kitten at noon. She took black and white one and BENNETT's want the other grey and white one. So guess we will have to keep all 4 of them as we want 2. Cleaned upstairs in afternoon. Looked in boxes again. Found other things, but not what I hunted for.

Thursday, March 14

Snowing again but must wash anyway. Letter and pattern from M.A.P. yesterday. MRS. H. LAWRENCE hurt in fall. Baked bread.

Friday, March 15

Ironed some of clothes. Hung underwear and stockings out to finish drying.

Saturday, March 16

Baked pies. BOBBY and I went to mailbox wile MARY HELEN and NORMAN helped ELLSWORTH saw wood with buzz saw. Visited with EVELEYN. Got letter from HILAH. Cleaned up downstairs. VIVIAN VARNEY died about 5:30 p.m. at hospital.

Sunday, March 17

Baked bread - Finished ironing. Baked cake. Went to Farm after dinner. Brought home apples, onions, sauerkrout, magazines and new wine colored blouse for me. And milk and butter.

Monday, March 18

Washed grey dress, B. sent and the dark blouse. Ironed them. Baked double batch molasses cookies and cooked up Banty hen. She flew against a nail at coop and punchered her head an died. Will make chicken pie. Wrote letter to M.A.P., and sent piece of MARY HELEN's dresses for her to use.

Tuesday, March 19

Dad came about 9 a.m., for ELLSWORTH to fix his car. Brought milk, meat and apples. Stayed for dinner. Left about 4:30. I picked up rooms and mended.

Wednesday, March 20

Did washing, big one, in washer. Pretty good drying day.

Thursday, March 21

Spring. Washed school window curtains and all of my downstairs ones. Ironed school ones then went to town with ELLSWORTH in afternoon. Went to hospital. Met MRS. LAMENT at hospital. Baked cake for Birthday party at school tomorrow.

Friday, March 22

Did my ironing. Baked bread and cake for us. Went down with school curtains when ELLSWORTH went back to Elmira for more brick. Got a load this A.M., and pipe to put pump up. And a load yesterday. Lovely Day.

Saturday, March 23

Cleaned up house. Baked 2 pies. Mended up some clothes. Finished reading "Foreman of Bar 40" school book. Sawed wood or rather threw away from saw all afternoon. Cool wind.

Sunday, March 24

Did dishes then took a walk with children up around in woods. MARK and FLORA came while we were eating dinner and stayed for supper, and till 9:30. Brought some flower and garden seeds. ELLSWORTH sowed some seeds. ELLSWORTH planted little evergreen in yard.

Monday, March 25

MRS. CORNELL's Birthday. Went to Elmira with ELLSWORTH in afternoon. Didn't get out of car. Pretty cold wind.

Tuesday, March 26

Did washing. Baked bread and cake. Started reading "Sunset Pass" by Zane Grey, book from school.

Wednesday, March 27

Did ironing. Mended the weeks wash. Sent letter to MRS. JOHNSON(ell.) and MRS. HODGE. Pulled grass and weeds away from the lilies or iris that are around house.

Thursday, March 28

Made BOBBY a lumber jacket. All but buttons and holes. Mended 3 pair overalls and 2 shirts for ELLSWORTH. Baked cake for party at school tomorrow. ELLSWORTH grading up yard with sone wall and dirt.

Friday, March 29

Made me a slip. (partly) Baked bread - white and molasses cookies. Wind blowing just terribly. Had to bring everything that was outdoors in. ELLSWORTH grading up yard.

Saturday, March 30

Baked pies and cake. Picked up rooms. ELLSWORTH took MARY HELEN to dentist and got tooth pulled. MRS. RHODES stopped on way home from Doctor's. She is very nice.

Sunday, March 31

Went over to AUSTIN's after dinner. Home 9:30 p.m. Stamped off some animal pictures from her books.

Monday, April 1

Raining at 7:30. Then at nooon everything warm and lovely. Made MARY HELEN pair of panties. Stamped EVELYN RUNDELL off some animal pictures.

Tuesday, April 2

Mended some. Made 2 aprons. Snowing and sleety so can't wash.

Wednesday, April 3

Did washing by hand. LEON here for dinner and till 3:30 p.m. Baked bread.

Thursday, April 4

Did part of ironing in a.m. Baked cake. Went down to ANNABEL'S in afternoon. Also to store and inquired for NELLIE. She is sick in bed. No better than week ago. EMILY came up for evening and her dad came up at 8:30 for her.

Friday, April 5

Cleaned up in A.M. Went to BROWNELL's for afternoon. She is getting along fine. ELLSWORTH fixing chicken coop.

Saturday, April 6

L.C.S. Birthday. Baked cake. Swept up. Sent cards to Sears Roebuck and Montgomery's. Went to B's in afternoon. MATT and CLYDE BEARDSLEE here in evening from 9 to 1:30 A.M. Played guitar, violin, mouth organ, and piano.

Sunday, April 7

Kids helped ELLSWORTH finish chicken coop and change chickens into. NORMAN and I baked a cake and pie. Biscuits for dinner and raised ones for supper. EMILY B. here in afternoon.

Monday, April 8

Snowing hard when we work up. Everything beautiful out. Finished aprons and MARY HELEN's panties I had going. Cut me a petticoat and pinned patches to a dress.

Tuesday, April 9

Made double batch white cookies also same of cry babies. Baked 5 loaves bread. Wrote (L.) that we would be there Sunday.

Wednesday, April 10

Baked cake and pie. Did up sewing I had going. Went down to BROWNELL's in evening.

Thursday, April 11

Did washing. Finished reading, "Danger Trails" from school. Good.

Friday, April 12

Did ironing in A.M., then went to BROWNELL's and stayed with her till MIKE came home. He brought me home in car. Rainy snow all day.

Saturday, April 13

Cleaned up house. Baked bread and pie for dinner tomorrow. Got things ready to go away for afternoon tomorrow.

Sunday, April 14

ELLSWORTH dropped cement block on his foot on front porch in A.M., but went to "L"'s in afternoon. Stayed till 9 p.m. Met MRS. WHEATEN and daughter who live in other side.

Monday, April 15

ELLSWORTH can't step on foot. Snow and rain all day. I mended up stockings and puttered around all day. ELLSWORTH's foot some better. We played cards in evening.

Tuesday, April 16

ELLSWORTH still sitting around house with foot bum. I did washing. Got white clothes dry -when another snow storm came. Had to finish drying in house.

Wednesday, April 17

Did part of ironing. Took potatoes to school for picnic dinner. Stayed at store till 2 p.m.. Came back and mended some. Baked bread and cake.

Thursday, April 18

Sewed some. Children home for Easter holiday. Fixed eggs for Easter for kids.

Friday, April 19

Set out Gladiolus bulbs along creek bank. Went for mail and stopped at BROWNELL's.

Washed NORMAN's knickers to go on hill with. Got card from "M.A.P." , to come up for Easter dinner. Sent letter to "L.C.S.". BORDEN's here in evening. Baby awfully cute.

Saturday, April 20

Baked cake and beans. Went up road and got some things. ELLSWORTH took NORMAN to Elmira with him.

Sunday, April 21

Went up to farm for all day. Brought back potatoes fro BROWNELL's and seed for us. Left MARY HELEN, and NORMAN up there. Met MR. and MRS. KENDALL and daughter. Saw VINA CORNELL and ANNA BANKS.

Monday, April 22

BOBBY and I went to mailbox. Stopped at EVELYN's and BARBARA came home with us till BERT came for her at 5:30. NORA NAGLEE and WILLIAM JOHNSTON's marriage in today's paper.

Tuesday, April 23

Did big washing. HELEN B. and DALEYgirls were here in afternoon. ELLSWORTH went to Elmira in afternoon. Washed 2 big and 2 small blankets.

Wednesday, April 24

Finished drying clothes. Did big ironing and some left over last week. Mended stockings after supper.

Thursday, April 25

Received letter from HILAH and card from MARY HELEN. Did mending. Cleaned upstaris in A.M. Went to Corning in evening. Home at 1:30 a.m.

Friday, April 26

Cleaned downstaris. Answered HILAH's letter and went to mailbox. Talked with EVELEYN and ANNABEL. Whipped ANNABEL's cake frosting out doors. Brought back couple books of ANNABEL's.

Saturday, April 27

Mopped downstairs. Baked bread and cake. Fixed jello for tomorrow. Went for mail at 5:30 p.m. Stopped and put EVELYN's baby to bed. She is sick with cold (baby). Lovely Day. Shower at evening.

Sunday, April 28

Baked pies for dinner. Dusted up rooms. Folks came with MARY HELEN and NORMAN about 10 a.m. Had dinner 12:30 and left about 4:30. Dandy time and they like the place. Lovely Spring Day.

Monday, April 29

Did my wash in a.m. Went down and helped EVELYN wash in p.m.

Tuesday, April 30

Did my ironing, some mending. HELEN G. up at evening.

Wednesday, May 01

Finished ironing. ELLSWORTH worked in afternoon. I baked pie,cake, biscuits, and new kind of bread.

Thursday, May 02

Went down to store and helped with wash in a.m. (25 cent , two candy bars.) Baked bread in afternoon. Took some music down to store. HARRY R. and RED here at supper time. Want car fixed. RED brought me new dress. Has more down there. HELEN and EMILY up in evening.

Friday, May 03

''M. and W." here few minutes in a.m. We ready to go to RANDALL's. We left about 10 a.m. Back 5 p.m. Lovely time. Good visit. Got suit, 2 blouses , and dress, magazines. Rain all day since yesterday afternoon.

Saturday, May 4

Went to Elmira with ELLSWORTH in a.m. Took BOBBY. Went to mailbox and took EDDIE R. some music at noon. Back down at night for yeastcakes. Didn't get but one. BERT R. brought that from Elmira.

Sunday, May 5

In bed nearly all day. HELEN G. here in afternoon and stayed for supper. MARY HELEN and NORMAN went down with her about 8 p.m. MIKE here in afternoon and brought overcoat to cut up for boys - a coat. Rain nearly all day.

Monday, May 6

Did wash. ELLSWORTH worked.

Tuesday, May 7

School Election. Did ironing. Went to school house in evening and to B. RUNDELL's after. Baked bread.

Wednesday, May 8

Fixed dress and did some other mending. DOROTHY RUNDELL here for supper and all night. HELEN G. and DALEY girl here in evening.

Thursday, May 9

Helped ELLSWORTH put cement blocks back together on porch till 2:30. Went to mailbox and store. Stopped at ANNABEL's.

Friday, May 10

Did work and cut ELLSWORTH'S hair. Went to mailbox at noon and took MARY HELEN's and NORM's dinner down to school. Then teacher took all in woods in afternoon.

Saturday, May 11

ELLSWORTH took NORMAN up to farm and got strawberry, berry, bushes, plum trees and milk rhubarb. I took MARY HELEN and B. to EVELYN's, and did her ironing. While she cleaned up for party. (4 H Club and mothers) I baked bread and MARY HELEN baked cake.

Sunday, May 12

Mother's Day. Cleaned up rooms. Got dinner and while eating, MARK and FLORA came. They stayed for supper and till 9:30.

Monday, May 13

Did my washing. Set out some jack in pulpit plants. Sowed some -"Snow on Mountains", Dwarf sunflowers, Marigolds, that FLORA and MERTIE gave me.

Tuesday, May 14

Did ironing. Baked cake. MRS. CLARK sent pail of dandelions to cook and I dug pan full!

Wednesday, May 15

Picked up house. Went up to MRS. RHODES with BOBBY after dinner. Had a good visit. We walked back. Got a fern and root of Trailing Arbutus.

Thursday, May 16

MRS. RUNDELL sent some double buttercups and daisies. I put them out. Also some violets along creek and some seeds. CLARK's trailer broke down. ELLSWORTH helped fix it and they were here for supper.

Friday, May 17

Went to mailbox after mail while ELLSWORTH fixed CLARK's trailer. Stopped at ANNABEL's too. MARY HELEN and NORMAN took RHODES basket home. After supper we went to BERT's for moving pictures with school children. BERT got car broken by street car, coming home from school.

Saturday, May 18

Sent some rhubarb down to EVELYN. ANNABEL came up for afternoon to sew. We had agood visit. My head ached terribly by I got along. Baked cake for supper.

Sunday, May 19

Feel awfull but up and going. Baked pie. Mostly lay around all day. DOROTHY and BARBARA RUNDELL up in afternoon.

Monday, May 20

Did washing. FRANK left some (7) coffee cans to make a foot stool and a note from MRS. RUNDELL about doing some cleaning for her. I feel punk. Lovely day.

Tuesday, May 21'

ELLSWORTH took me up to see MRS. RHODES about cleaning. She don't want to even pay 15 cents per hour so I don't suppose I'll get it. Don't care much. Did up house work and that's all.

Wednesday, May 22

Feel punk. Did dishes and went back to bed. Got children's dinner at noon. MR. LANGE ,the Raleigh Dealer here. Got some things of him. Ate dinner and went to bed till 3 p.m. Then did some dishes, swept up and got supper. ELLSWORTH worked at Flats. MR. WINKLESTEIN jeweler , whom W.N. PEASE ran into on Elmira, - died this a.m.

Thursday, May 23

Feel better. Fixed kettle of beans. Cooked up prunes. Canned 2 quarts. Cleaned up downstairs.

Friday, May 24

BOBBY and I rode to Elmira with ELLSWORTH. Home at 12:15. Got dinner. Baked bread. B. and I walked up road for greens but only got a bunch of dog tooth violets. Set them and some violets out in yard towards toilet. Feel punk.

Saturday, May 25

Cleaned upstairs. Took our bed to pieces and brushed all over. Baked pie and some chocolate Eclairs. Supper time was very bad. Hemorrages.

Sunday, May 26

Very bad all day. UNCLE HARRY left AUNT RED here while he went to Flats. We had a dandy visit. She brought me a new corset., 2 pair hose, 2 slips, 1 wool skirt, 2 dresses, 2 felt hats, 2 jog saws. HELEN G. and a DALEY girl here in evening.

Monday, May 27

Lay around house all day. Couldn't walk only few minutes then down again.

Tuesday, May 28

MARY HELEN stayed home to help me. Am still very bad and ache terribly. Managed to bake bread and some cookies.

Wednesday, May 29

STEVE H. here for breakfast. I baked pie and made meat pie for dinner. Up nearly all day but little better. Ache enough yet.

Thursday, May 30

Memorial Day, Cleaned up kitchen. MOTHER, DAD, and GRANNY here in afternoon. Brought me some plants from LETTIE. I walked out around yard and dug wild flowers for Mother's Rock Garden.

Friday, May 31

Swept up house and got ready for folks to bring GRANNY over to stay over week end so they could go to Endicott. They came about 6 P.M.

Saturday, June 01

Baked bread and pies and cakes. Don't feel extra, but must keep up and going.

Sunday, June 02

AUSTIN's here for few minutes. Some folks up County Road, and got Wild Lupin (sp?), and told me where to go for it. Folks didn't come for GRANNY today. ELLSWORTH dug me a flower bed out by road, and we set out some plants from LETTIE and wild lady slippers. Feel little better.

Monday, June 03

Percy has 4 kittens. MOTHER and DAD came for GRANNY. Brought us their phonograph and some records, some candy and money for socks for children. After they went, BOBBY and I sprouted all potatoes in cellar. 3 barrels and a couple boxes. I swept up that side of cellar. Cleaned chimmney in other side. Got stove poker that ELLSWORTH dropped in there.

Tuesday, June 04

DONALD CONNELLY, 3 years old. Rainy. I feel better. Cleaned up house. Baked bread and pies for ELLSWORTH'S pail tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 05

Did washing and pair of blankets, all dry then began to rain. Walked down to EVELYN's

after supper for setting of eggs. Twenty-five cents.

Thursday, June 06

Did ironing. Swept up floors. Got rid of Persies kittens. Finished reading "Mavericks", a school book by Wm. Mackloed Raine. Good.

Friday, June 07

Topsy has 4 kittens. Did work around house in A.M. Helped ELLSWORTH mark out garden for corn, etc.. Took BOBBY for walk in woods and got some Lupin. Rained after we got home and all night.

Saturday, June 08

Rainy all day. Baked cake and pie. MARY HELEN cleaned her room. ELLSWORTH about sick with cold. 9 P.M. whole herd of young cows out in garden. Belong to STEFFINS over the hill.

Sunday, June 09

Set 3rd hen. Baked bread and two pies. Swetted ELLSWORTH'S cold out of him last night. So he is better today. Rainy all day and everything soaked.

Monday, June 10

Finished reading "Wyoming" school book by Wm. Macleod Raine. Did wash, (not very big one). Ironed and swept up rooms. Pulled few weeds from garden.

Tuesday, June 11

ELLSWORTH worked three days this week. I cleaned up downstaris. Cut grass around part of back yard. Went to mailbox. Visited at CLARK's Camp and HELEN then home.

Wednesday, June 12

Cleaned up rooms. Finished reading a Western Magazine of GRAMPA FARRINGER's. Mended some clothes. Made BOBBY nightdress and 2 waists all but buttons.

Thursday, June 13

Went to Elmira with ELLSWORTH, BOBBY and NORMAN. Got steel bat, darning cotton, sandals for BOBBY and socks, (2 pair) for BOBBY and MARY HELEN. Cultivated garden and hilled potatoes with ELLSWORTH in afternoon. Baked cake.

Fridaay, June 14

School Picnic. Last day of school. Baked bread. Received card, M.A.P., letter from LOUISE PEASE, and EVA HENYAN. Mended some stockings. STELLA and STEVE HORIES here for supper and evening. LUCILLE too. They live up staris over ROLLERS. 262 College Ave. FLORENCE and JANE working in Eclipse.

Saturday, June 15

Did up work. Went to mailbox when ELLSWORTH went to BERT's garage to work on MIKE's car. Visited ANNABELLE and EVELYN. Got some books both places. M.D. here in afternoon. Back after supper. ELLSWORTH fixed car and they left for home 9:30. Sawed wood in A.M.

Sunday, June 16

Wrote letters to F.M.F., LETTIE, and sent for Mechanics magazine for STEVE H. Just finished LETTIES when they and folks drove in. Visited till 6:30. Then they all left for home. Brought Ellsworth suit clothes, ties, and extra 2 pair pants, vests. MARY HELEN, dress and hat. Me, 4 hats, winter coat. All fit okay.

Monday, June 17

Raining when ELLSWORTH left for work. Cleared up so he worked. Then rained again about 5 P.M. till morning. I went down in afternoon and cut off dress and shorts pattern at EVELYN's.

Tuesday, June 18

Did washing. Then it rained so ELLSWORTH quit work. Found setting hen nearly dead with lice and no other hen in coop with any. So we have lost both sets of eggs we bought. JUNIOR RUNDELL up for reading.

Wednesday, June 19

Hen dead. Windy. Rained all night but clearer now. But awfully dark. Hung clothes out to dry. Baked bread.

Thursday, June 20

Rain nearly all day. Let up at noon and I got as far as RUNDELL's and got in out of it while going to mailbox. Did part of ironing.

Friday, June 21

Still raining. MARY HELEN and NORMAN went for mail. Cleaned up house.

Saturday, June 22

Baked bread. Cleaned upstairs. Still raining. Baked pies for tomorrow and cake.

Sunday, June 23

Helped ELLSWORTH weed garden in A.M. HELEN up in evening. MARY HELEN down there in afternoon. Feel rotten. Ache all over.

Monday, June 24

Three fellows bringing fliders up with their big covered carrier. Have had 3 up at 10 A.M. Sent letter to M.A.P. and L.C.S., also M.D.F.

Tuesday, June 25

ELLSWORTH worked. I did washing by hand then went up in field for strawberries. Didn't get only enough for dishes around.

Wednesday, June 26

I did ironing and some mending. Weeded in garden below house after dinner.

Thursday, June 27

Helped ELLSWORTH cultivate both upper gardens and hilled up potatoes. Pretty hot out. Baked cake and bread.

Friday, June 28

Got dog. Went after berries in A.M. Got back just ahead of noon. MISS WATSON here at noon in regard to NORMAN's eyes. TOM BROOKS brought puppy, 2 month old "Spot" while she was here. Ellsworth and I went to Elmira, (on business) in afternoon. MARK and FLORA here after supper till 10 P.M. MARY HELEN broke out with 3 day measles.

Saturday, June 29

Starts Glider Meet. Road awfully dusty. Several gliders up. Also big Dupont passenger glider and a Dupont Sea plane. Did baking pies and cake. Then straightened up rooms. Watched cars all afternoon.

Sunday, June 30

Dust coming around house in clouds. Have to keep everything shut up. Cooked up spinach. Gave children and dog a bath. Then ELLSWORTH and I got cleaned up. Watched cars. Watched for baby chicks and lost every egg. All rotted.

Monday, July 01

Baked bread. Wind blowing so dust goes across road. Went to mailbox. Saw MR. BURLEW. Talked of road and he put cloried on it right after dinner. Some relief from dust. Wrote MISS WATSON, Folks, and LEON (S. sp?).

Tuesday, July 02

ELLSWORTH worked. I did wash. A young fellow here with face all scratched up where he fell in ditch when glider and carrier forced him and his bicycle, off road. I fixed his face with mercurocome and he went on home to Horseheads. Hot all day. ANNABELLE and HELEN up and sweed in P.M. County men stopped for drink.

Wednesday, July 03

I finished cleaning cellar and mopped it up. Went to mailbox at noon to see mailman about letters being opened. Got early supper and went to Farm. Got 16 quarts strawberries, 2 quarts milk, flowers and potatoes, reading. Stopped and got milk and groceries. Saw LEON and LESTER COREY, GERTRUDE LOOMIS, JESTIN'S in Horseheads. Had tire blowout. Didn't get home till 11:45 p.m.

Thursday, July 04

Canned 7 and one half quarts strawberries. Made big shortcake for dinner. Invited to Eldridge Park with MARK, FLORA, and bunch but didn't go. Lots of cars going to Glider Field today

Friday, July 05

Cultivated garden in A.M. Awfully hot all day. Went to mailbox. Mopped floors after dinner. Took a walk after supper with NORMAN and ROBERT.

Saturday, July 06

Awfully hot yet. Swept up house. Baked cake and pies. Mended grey pants that SNYDERS brought to ELLSWORTH.

Sunday, July 07

HARRY, ELSIE and Family here in afternoon. Stayed for supper. Plenty hot weather yet.

Monday, July 08

Big Floods in Watkins, Ithace, Trumansburg, Painted Post, Corning and Elmira. Big Flats all under water way beyond river road. Can only get to BENNETTS Crossing and to Bar-be-que towards Elmira. Rain all night, today and all night Monday night. We went to RUNDELL's in evening. Saw river and ELLSWORTH went with BERT and I stayed at RUNDELL'S. Had midnight supper there. Home 1:30 A.M. Radio hunting missing people all night.

Tuesday, July 09

Still raining. River down after noon. Loads of furniture floating down River. ELLSWORTH can't get to work. Baked bread. 5 loaves. Made BOBBY 2 waists. Started me a slip. Mailman came up river road with mail. Can't get through by way of Flats.

Wednesday, July 10

MOTHER and DAD here. Took MARY HELEN home to hay. NORMAN brought 2 quart milk basket of cosmos plants and basket of portulaca and french marigolds. Lounge coat, red hat, nightie. More over there. Rained nearly all day. MR BURLEAU (sp?) wants to get his dinners here when working up this way.

Thursday, July 11

Did big wash. Lovely Day. ELLSWORTH couldn't work but half day Monday, and not at all Tuesday. So worked today and yesterday. Papers full of flood pictures and stories.

Friday, July 12

ELLSWORTH and I went berrying. Got about 8 quarts currants. 1 quart red raspberries for shortckae. Man here to see Ellsworth while gone. Don't know who. Good day till about 4 P.M. then big thunder storm and rained hard. I looked over currants all afternoon. Bake bread. 3 loaves - tin biscuit. Sent card to FLORA FORREST.

Saturday, July 13

Everything wet again. Did extra washing and cooked currants. Cleaned up downstairs. Mopped all through.

Sunday, July 14

Baked pie and cake for pail tomorrow. Made 8 glasses currant jell. Watched cars on road closing day for Glider Meet. Sowed some marigold seed out in bed by path to toilet.

Monday, July 15

Sent letter to - L.C.S. and MRS. NOVACK. Card to HILAH. Marked currants and apple jell glasses (12), put away. Picked Swisschard. Rained by showers all afternoon. Rained ELLSWORTH off work.

Tuesday, July 16

Rawleigh man (MR BANG), here. Did some mending. Pulled some weeds. Rained by spells all day.

Wednesday, July 17

Cultivated and hilled potatoes with ELLSWORTH 9 A.M. to 12:30. And 2 P.M. to 4 P.M. Pretty hot weather again. Sent EVELYN some salt pickles. More flood stories in paper and more storms all around us. Regular twister at Wellsboro, PA., Monday.

Thursday, July 18

Cleaned our room and beds all up. ELLSWORTH started measuring for porch roof. STELL, STEVE V. and LUCILLE were here after noon. Walked up to "CONNELLY' place with STELL. They are thinking of moving back to the Heights.. Had our first string beans from garden.

Friday, July 19

Cleaned childrens room up. LEON here in afternoon. Stayed for supper. Left 6:30 for FRANK's and to play at Park in HORSEHEADS, 8 P.M.

Saturday, July 20

Ellsworth went to Elmira. I did big ironing. Fixed cardboard up to screen doors at diningroom and kitchen. Awfully hot out.

Sunday, July 21

Picked up rooms. Baked pie for ELLSWORTH'S pail tomorrow. MARK and FLORA here in afternoon. Brought boys guns and a couple small crocks.

Monday, July 22

Sent letter to MARY HELEN. Baked bread and canned 5 quarts string beans. Weeded in potatoe plants all day. Back pretty lame at evening.

Tuesday, July 23

Raining by spells all day. ELLSWORTH went work little late as it cleared up. I pulled weeds in garden. Picked pencil pod., - long , wax and early string beans to can tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 24

Rain at 6 A.M. Canned 9 quarts beans. Went to mailbox. Saw EVELYN and ANNABELLE. Picked quart of black caps.

Thursday, July 25

Card from MARY HELEN. ELLSWORTH went for groceries in afternoon. I did washing. Rained nearly all day. Have 1 red gladiola in blossom. Set bread.

Friday, July 26

Finished drying sheets and overalls. Did ironing. Baked double batch wilte and single batch cry-baby cookies. ELLSWORTHput roof on Porch.

Saturday, July 27

Picked and cooked beans. Baked cake. Swept up downstairs and picked up to sweep upstairs. Baked bread.

Sunday, July 28

Canned 15 quarts beans. Dad brought MARY HELEN home. Stayed for dinner and took NORMAN back. Brought milk, raspberries, and (old hen and chicks plant), and some portulaca. ELLSWORTH heeled my slippers.

Monday, July 29

Pulled weeds in garden all A.M. and after dinner till ELLSWORTH came home. MARY HELEN did work in house, and went to mailbox. Canned up last 9 quarts string beans. Makes me 43 quarts.

Tuesday, July 30

Pulled weeds all day and baked bread and cake. MRS. BROWNELL sent BOBBY a little winter suit coat and white cap. Picked 3 baskets and pan of beans.

Wednesday, July 31

Cut beans and cooked enough for 9 cans and boiled them. Then cooked rest of them up. Tired of seeing beans for awhile. Went to box for mail while (M) helped Ellsworth tar the roof.

Thursday, August 01

Boiled 15 quarts beans. Makes 57 quarts stringbeans. Awfully hot out. Changed dishes and cupboards out of kitchen for Ellsworth to raise roof. Cultivated and hilled up 4 rows potatoes and rained like devil - 2 P.M. Hailed for whhile but no damage here. Hail storm.

Friday, August 02

Helped Ellsworth clean furniture out of kitchen and tear plaster board down. MARY HELEN went to mailbox. Rainy all day. Baked bread.

Saturday, August 03

Hilled up potatoes and finished moving furniture around to find it. Baked cake.

Sunday, August 04

Canned 5 quarts stringbeans. Makes 62 quarts. Made 9 pints pickled beans. Went home after early supper. Brought NORMAN home. Also a new purple horn glox plant. More pphonograph records.

Monday, August 05

Did big washing. Sorted cans in cellar and moved around to make more room.

Tuesday, August 06

Did ironing. ANNABELL was up in afternoon. MR. SHULTZE here for min. to see Ellsworth about job. Baked bread.

Wednesday, August 07

Dad came over in A.M. to help Ellsworth fix kitchen. Stayed till 5:30 P.M. I picked and canned mother 5 quarts pickle beans. Sent them and 3 quarts stringbeans up by Dad.

Thursday, August 08

Rained all day. Mended some. ELLSWORTH went to Elmira.

Friday, August 09

Went after blackberries with NORMAN . Got 3 quart cans full. And enough huckleberries for one dish full and blackberries for supper. Canned up 3 quarts berries. 1 quart juice.

Saturday, August 10

Went berrying with M.A.P. Rained us off. Got blackberries and canned 1 quart. Also 1 pints can huckleberries. 2 baskets of chokecherries. Awful rain storm after 6 P.M. Thunder and lightening too.

Sunday, August 11

Canned 3 quarts stringbeans and 1 quart pickle beans. 1 pint huckleberries. 2 quart black berries. Cooked up choke cherries. Awfully hot out.

Monday, August 12

Picked 2 quarts blackberries and 2 pints huckleberries. Canned them up. Tried out cherry juice. Made glass of jell and 2 glasses of blackberry jell with Rawleigh's "Certo". ELLSWORTH wrote to LEON. I , to MARY ANN PEASE. Guess I have poison on knees and legs. From Ivy or Oak. I itch terribly.

Tuesday, August 13

Baked bread. ELLSWORTH went to Elmira to work till Wednesday. NORMAN and I went berrying. Got 2 pails full. Canned 4 and one-half quarts. Rained in night. Card from NITA NOACK. They would be here 20 or 21st.

Wednesday, August 14

Did washing. ELLSWOTH went to work. Feel awfully tired and can't seem to get anything done. Canned 1 quart Summer squash.

Thursday, August 15 worked. I did big ironing. BOBBY and I went to mailbox at 4:30. Stopped at EVELYN's with books. Got some more. Helped her fix stringbeans. Stopped at ANNABELL'S with a book and she gave me cucs, tomatoe and peppers.

Friday, August 16

Did up what work had to be done. Left for berry field 10:15. Back 4:30. Rained hard. Hail and storm till 7:00 P.M. Worse storm we here have had. Canned 15 quarts blackberries. Just picked. WILEY POST and WILL ROGERS killed in plane crash in Alaska.

Saturday, August 17

Took care of cans. Baked cake. Picked basket of choke-cherries. Basket and water pail of blackberries. Pretty tired at P.M. ELLSWORTH has back porch, roof over door at cellar done and shed roofed at back of house.

Sunday, August 18

Canned 10 quarts . Makes me 32 quarts. Cooked up cherries. Got juice draining at evening.

Baked cake, pie and bread for pail tomorrow. JOHN DENSON died this A.M.

Monday, August 19

Mended a stack of clothes. Found 1 tomatoe and few string beans in garden. Pulled weeds from drive way after supper. Canned quart of summer squash.

Tuesday, August 20

Made me 5 pair step-ins. Did wash. Mopped floors. Got card MARY ANN PEASE, that NORMAN ______ wouldn't get here till weekend of Labor Day. Two weeks from now. Acts like rain.

Wednesday, August 21

ELLSWORTH called in to work all week on Town. NORMAN, BOBBY and I picked 3 quarts berries. Had for supper and enough for pie tomorrow. Baked cake fro ELLSWORTH'S pail. Did ironing. I Canned 1 quart summer squash.

Thursday, August 22

Baked bread., 2 pies, batch of white and crybaby cookies. Biscuits for dinner. Mended my blue and white checked dress. (Crossword one). No line from (L.) yet. Borrowed trap from RUNDELL'S to catch something after chickens.

Friday, August 23

Picked berries in A.M. with NORMAN. Ate dinner and picked in P.M. with MARY HELEN. Went with ELLSWORTH when he got home and got plums to can.

Saturday, August 24

Canned 5 quarts blackberries. 1 pint can corn., 1 glass plum jam., Dug some potatoes. Ellsworth went to RANDALL's to work on car. No line from (L.) yet.

Sunday, August 25

Kids helped saw wood. I baked pies, cake and bread. Found...

Monday, August 26

Topsy's kittens born. Rainy. I hunted out ELLSWORTH some shirts Have to fix collars and cuffs of them. Dug more potatoes. Found yellow kitten in cellar window and later Topsy had another exactly like it.

Tuesday, August 27

Rained all day. Mended some. Sewed on shirts. Canned 16 quarts plums.

Wednesday, August 28

Wrote MARY ANN PEASE - M.D.F., - H.L.C., and STELLA A. Did big washing. Got basket one-half bushel plums, and two smaller baskets apples. 2 pails of blackberries. Washed sitting room and dining room curtains.

Thursday, August 29

Did ironing but didn't get curtains ironed. BOBBY and I went to mailbox. Visited ANNABEL. They may go after berries with me Saturday. Made 2 quarts "1000 Island" pickles. 2 quarts plums, 2 and one-half quarts blackberries, and 7 pints plum jell. CHARLES LOCKE and MARIE BARNES married.

Friday, August 30

Did little more ironing. Picked and shelled the shell beans. Picked big dishpan of corn, and one of tomatoes. Cut off 2 pie tins of corn to dry tomorrow. Mixed bread.

Saturday, August 31

DON and MINNIE married this evening. MARY HELEN and I went and got another quart plums off ground. Hops - and quart blackberries and few elderberries. Baked bread. Ironed curtains and put them up. Cooked 13 quarts shell beans in boiler. Fixed bag of plums for MARY ANN PEASE. Can 1 pint plum jell, can 1 pint buckleberries. Bag ,3 mandrake apples.

Sunday, Sept. 01

ELLSWORTH and children got ready to eat dinnner and leave for over home when folks and H. SNYDER drove in. Stayed till 5:30 P.M. Had a good time. MARK and FLORA here few minutes. Were waiting for DON and BRIDE to come to their house. Folks brought ELLSWORTH 2 more pair pants, apples, pie, can meat, and tomatoes, and cucs.

Monday, Sept. 02

Canned 8 quarts tomatoes, 3 pints corn from Libby's up at Farm with Folks. Put down 1 - two gallon crock dill pickles. Picked 1 and a half bushel apples and brought home. Pretty tired in evening. Headaches all day and back ache too. Found big rat died from poisoning in chicken coop.

Tuesday, Sept. 03

WILLIAM NELSON PEASE's Birthday. And school starts. Baked cookies and pies. Folks left 1 and a half bushel of pears in ELLSWORTH'S car in town barns. ROY CHURCHER buried today. Watched somebody move doors and lumber from RHODES old place till 11 P.M., last evening. Then they brought truck up at daylight and took it to foot of hill. Feel pretty punk all day. School half day. No mail. Have kept Topsy's kittens. Cute fat pair.

Wednesday, Sept. 04

Picked more tomatoes and cucs. Canned 5 quarts plums. Made 5 glasses jell. ELLSWORTH rained off work so went to Elmira. Rain all day. Truck back up tonight after something.

Thursday, Sept. 05

Fixed 2 quarts carrots and 1 quarts turnips to can. Did sashing. Canned carrots and turnips. Canned 1 quart plums (red ones).

Friday, Sept. 06

ELLSWORTH and HAZEL married 16 years. Dug potatoes, and finished earlies ones and started next ones. Went to mailbox, and to see MIKE B. about corn. Saw EVELYN. ELEANOR sick, so stayed there awhile. Greased chickens for lice.

Saturday, Sept. 07

Up at 5 A.M. left for work at 6:20 P.M. (ELLSWORTH, I and BOBBY) Stopped back in Elmira, got shoes, stockings, and little things and groceries. MARY HELEN and NORMAN stayed at RUNDELL's. Then DOT and BARB RUNDELL came up in P.M. I canned quart pears, plums, and baked cake and pies. Set bread. Got chick lice powder of Rawleigh man, for 50 cents.

Sunday, Sept. 08

Canned 5 quarts pears. Baked bread. Stayed home while ELLSWORTH and children went home for pears, corn and other things. Sent MOTHER 12 quart cans for what she has filled up for me. Filled 2 gal. crock half full "Dibbs". Went to RUNDELL'S with ELLSWORTH after supper.

Monday, Sept. 09

Canned 9 pints corn, and 2 quarts squash. Dried 3 trays and large pie tin of corn. Waxed cans of pears.

Tuesday, Sept. 10

Canned 5 quarts pears. Put down second 2 gallon crock dill pickles, 2 quart cans sweet pickles.

Wednesday, Sept. 11

Canned 2 quarts pears, 3 quarts shellbeans, 6 quarts tomatoes, Picked some corn and cut off of cob. Went with NORMAN after school for elderberries. Got quite a few.

Thursday, Sept. 12

Canned 3 pints corn. Makes me 15 pints shelled off elderberries. Fixed 1 batch with lemon and sugar. Will put raisins in later. Have enough for second batch. Baked cake. Set bread.

Friday, Sept. 13

Last day on road work. I canned 3 quaarts elderberries. Cooked up enough for 2 batches of thickened elderberries for pie. Cooked down pears and ginger and dried 6 trays of corn. Baked 4 loaves bread and big tin of biscuits. Finished reading "The Heart of the Blue Ridge" of RUNDELL's. ELLSWORTH went to Elmira College - 10:30 P.M.

Saturday, Sept. 14

ELLSWORTH started work in Elmira. ELLSWORTH went to Elmira for groceries. NORMAN cut head open at garage. (In three places). I cooked elderberries but not thick yet. Started 2 more trays of corn. Fixed 2 bags of pears for EMILY B. and RUNDELL girls. ELLSWORTH left at 10:30 for the College. I did big washing and at evening put collars on ELLSWORTH'S shirts. Ready to sew.

Sunday, Sept. 15

Canned 1 gallon crocck and 2 quarts of elderberries all thick for pies. Picked more cuc's and tomatoes. Did some ironing and finished drying quart of corn. Wrote MARY ANN PEASE. Cool and snappy. Covered tomatoes, melons and peppers.

Monday, Sept. 16

Canned 1 quart pearsss. Picked up pears where they fell off our trees. Helped ELLSWORTH fix corn stalks (pop corn). EDDY R. here talking few minutes. Did extra washing. Set bread. Sewed on shirt cuffs in evening.

Tuesday, Sept. 17

Went to Store with children when they went to school. Took NELLIE some pears. Saw EVELYN, ANNABEL, TEACHER and Store folks. Came back, got dinner. Mike came with corn for HARRY SNYDERS dry corn. 12 dozen for $1.00. I got 6 trays drying, cannned 5 quarts and half of pears. Helped pick up potatoes in rain. Sent card LETTIE and letter MARY ANN PEASE.

Wednesday, Sept. 18

Canned 2 quarts 1000 Island Pickles, crock vinegar (cold) ones, 2 quarts pears. 5 of tomatoes.. Dried corn all day of SNYDERS.

Thursday, Sept. 19

Filled washer and boiler with water to wash. Finished drying LETTIE'S corn. Canned 5 quarts pears. Finished all them. Card from MARY ANN PEASE, saying LETTIE hurt in fall down cellar in Buffalo. Pulled bean vines and weeds in garden across bridge. Shelled them out partly.

Friday, Sept. 20

BOBBY 4 years old today. Gave ROBERT little horse and wagon. ELLSWORTH brought home bushel peaches. Received package crossword puzzles. Canned 3 quarts peaches. Started drying corn from garden. Baked bread pudding, johnny cake. BOB'S birthday cake. ELLSWORTH up at noon to dig potatoes.

Saturday, Sept. 21

Went with MARY HELEN for wild grapes. Canned 4 quarts peaches, parafined the tops of pear cans, canned 4 quarts tomatoes. Started drying 3 trays corn. ELLSWORTH got coal and groceries.

Sunday, Sept. 22

Canned 3 quarts peaches. Cooked and made 3 glasses crabapple jell. Got rest cooked up ready for sugar. Fixed 3 quarts pickle pears. Finished drying 2 quarts corn. Baked cake. Started chunk pickles. Put them in salt water.

Monday, Sept. 23

Made 4 glasses crab apple Jell. Canned quarts peaches and quarts tomatoes. Baked batch of crybaby cookies. Sent card to MARY ANN PEASE, and ELSIE, and letter to MRS. B. HALPIN. Finished putting down big 1 and a half gallon crock cold vinegar pickles.

Tuesday, Sept. 24

Went to school with MARY HELEN and NORMAN. Got name of NORMAN'S geog. and sent it to FLORENCE A. with a quilt chain letter. Did big wash in afternoon. " M. " here few minutes. - headed for town. Sent quilt block to MRS. H. G. COLLINS - 94 East Washington Street, Hornell, N.Y.

Wednesday, Sept. 25

Did little ironing. Finished drying blankets and colored clothes. Baked bread. ELLSWORTH went to Elmira. Got 2 teeth pulled. Got groceries and lock box. Finished 2 shirts for ELLSWORTH. He don't work tonight so we went over to AUSTIN'S and got NORMAN'S geography. 90 cents.

Thursday, Sept 26

Stemmed wild grapes and made jell. Seven small glasses. Cleaned all of downstairs. Moved everything trying to find lost paring knife. Swept down cellar. Picked another bushel tomatoes. Not quite ripe but it's getting ready for a rain so they would rot.

Friday, Sept 27

Sent plants and Endive to ANNABEL. Cooked Swiss chard and corn. Finished juice, (2nd straining) of grapes. Did ironing but few starch pieces. Canned 9 quarts tomatoes. Rainy all day and steady drizzle from 3:30 p.m.

Saturday, Sept. 28

Finished ironing and swept up house. Went to store with ELLSWORTH after dinner. STELLA, STEVE and LUCILLE came 5:30. Stayed till 10 p.m. ELLSWORTH left for work at 10:30. Pretty cold and frosty out. Gave STELLA quilt chain letter.

Sunday, Sept. 29

No frost after all. Rained in night. MARK and FLORA came and took BOBBY and I down to HARRY and ELSIE'S but nobody home so took a ride around Elmira. Came home and found MOTHER, DAD and GRANNY here. Gave them tomatoes. FLORA and MARK left 8:30. Here for supper. Pretty cold out.

Monday, Sept 30

Everything white with a regular freeze. I sprinkled cucs, tomatoes, and plants, but the plants are all that survived. Picked few cucs., bushel of green tomatoes, pan of half ripe ones. Rest all covered up. Got pan of peppers. Couple bushel apples that were blown off trees. Cold windy in Evening.

Tuesday, Oct. 01

Did up work. Woke ELLSWORTH at noon to go down to see BERT RUNDELL. Then I and BOBBY, went to Horseheads with him and took "Spot" the dog. Everything - O.K.

Wednesday, Oct. 02

Canned 7 quarts tomatoes. Makes 49 quarts so far. Made some Bordeau Sauce. Like EVELYN & ANNABEL make.

Thursday, Oct. 03

Did wash by hand. Got white clothes dry but awfully windy. Went down and paid another $1.39 to teacher for books. 16 cents for group picture of school and 10 cents for ink. Talked with EVELYN. Tooth aches some.

Friday, Oct. 04

Children home from school. Conference at Horseheads. I made some Apple Relish (recipe LETTIE sent me). Baked bread. Took "Spot back to Horseheads. She bit stitch out but Doctor said it's O.K. We visited there for while and back home. I payed ANNABEL 90 cents for geography. Tooth aches pretty bad.

Saturday, Oct. 05

Made 4 quarts apple relish. Went to Elmira after dinner. Got tooth pulled and piece of roof taken out of upper jaw. Gave MIKE BROWNELL bushel tomatoes (green), quart cucumbers and some Endive. Gave him back his gun. We've had it quite a while. Very cold rainy. Dark.

Sunday, Oct. 06

ELLSWORTH, MARY HELEN, and NORMAN went over home. Took "Spot" to Horseheads and got paw medicine for chickens. HELEN came up as they left and stayed till 5:30. ELLSWORTH home 6:30. Ellsworth brought milk, apples, grapes, big bundle of clothes for MARY HELEN, and Ellsworth, and rye for garden.

Monday, Oct. 07

Everything white with a big freeze again. Cooked crab apple juice. Canned 3 quarts juice. Made 4 green footed glasses full and 1 pint can of jell. Aired and brushed clothes in our clothes room. Finished last weeks ironing. Pressed 2 pair of ROBERT'S pants, my 2 dresses. Put away stack of things. Warm tonight.

Tuesday, Oct. 08

Baked bread. Did wash. M.D. & FLORA stopped minute. Out hunting nuts. Didn't hang wash out. Too late.

Wednesday, Oct 09

Dried clothes - Ironed part of them. Baked 2 apple pies and a cake. ELLSWORTH went to Elmira. Doesn't work tonight. He got license for trailer. Received 2 quilt blocks on chain letter. MRS. ALICE MILLS, and MRS. CHAS. MAC. DOUGAL - Horseheads.

Thursday, Oct. 10

Children took dinner to school to play ball at noon. NORMAN forgot his so I took it down when ELLSWORTH went for coal. Saw EVELYN - HELEN. MATT was let out of jail at noon. Stayed 7 weeks for stealing from gas station. I washed out shirts and ELLSWORTH'S underwear. Picked up to clean tomorrow. Fixed blue dress in evening. Wrote AUGUSTA MARTIN.

Friday, Oct. 11

Twelve years ago, ELLSWORTH had Infantile,(Polio?). MARY HERE IN a.m. till 11 A.M. Helped me move top of cabinet. I cleaned it out and straightened sideboard. Helped ELLSWORTH clean cellar. MARK and FLORA here in evening. Brought me one half bushel pears and basket of grapes for jell. Made a batch green tomatoe pickles.

Saturday, Oct. 12

Swept downstairs and mopped. ELLSWORTH sawed wood. I started second batch of green tomatoes pickles. Baked cakes and canned 4 quarts swiss chard. Look for the folks and LETTIE and HARRY tomorrow.

Sunday, Oct. 13

Finished tomatoes pickles. LETTIE, HARRY, and Folks here 11:30. Stayed till 5:30. Brought grapes, bread, meat, cabbage and milk. Roll funny papers. I picked cauliflower and some Endive to try cooking. Gave LETTIE a bag apples, can apple juice, and beans, and tomatoes.

Monday, Oct. 14

Canned 2 quarts pickle pears. Cooked up one kettle grapes. Got pan full ready to cook tomorrow. Canned 4 quarts tomatoes, and 5 quarts cauliflower. Rained in afternoon. Picked all dill from garden. CHURCHER, (D.L.) here. Left ELLSWORTH cigar for politics.

Tuesday, Oct. 15

Finished grapes, 4 and one half quarts juice not cooked down enough. Made over green waist for NORM, and blue shirt too. G. HARTMAN and GRANT REASOR here. REASOR left cigar and bar milky-way.

Wednesday, Oct. 16

MARY HELEN is 12 years old today. Baked bread. Cooked 3 quarts prunes, kettle beans. Got water ready to wash tomorrow. Finished reading "Wings" RUNDELL'S book. CHURCHER back with 3 - 1 cent bars chocolate. Ellsworth went to Elmira for groceries.

Thursday, Oct. 17

Put more feathers in MARY HELEN, NORMAN'S, and ROBERT'S pillos on bed. Did big washing. Baked cake. Did extra wash. Ready to hang up. ELLSWORTH started cement foundation for chimney in kitchen.

Friday, Oct. 18

Cleaned up upstairs. Did part of ironing and hung clothes up to dry.

Saturday, Oct. 19

Did baking. Finished ironing. ELLSWORTH started brick work to chimney.

Sunday, Oct. 20

Worked around all day. ELLSWORTH worked on chimney. I cooked up big pan of sour apples and drained them through bag for jell.

Monday, Oct. 21

Apple juice, sour enough for pectin with other juice. Made 3 quarts juice. All thick. Shelled beans in afternoon.

Tuesday, Oct. 22

Made pint, and glass of blackberry and apple jelly. Awfully good! Shelled more beans.

Wednesday, Oct. 23

Thunder Shower at 2 A.M. Rain last night so beans all wet. Canned 2 quarts. Bake beans to use when ELLSWORTH moves stove. Canned 3 quarts prunes and 7 quarts applesauce. BROOKS stopped for a while. Awfully dark and cold out.

Thursday, Oct. 24

Made 8 cups blackberry jell, with apple. EMILY came up for apples. Left pint juice for ANNABEL to make jell. Did wash then it rained and I hung them in cellar. Hunted out dress for MARY HELEN for Halloween.

Friday, Oct. 25

Finished drying clothes. Cleaned up kitchen. Emptied cabinet and moved. ELLSWORTH went to Elmira and back. Fixed chimney till he run out of brick then came in, and helped move stove over to new chimney. Kitchen a lot different with that much done.

Saturday, Oct. 26

Halloween night at school. Baked pies (apple), and made box candy. Which was raffled off for 40 cents. Took children down, and spent 31 cents. Had dandy time! Home 11:30 P.M. MARY HELEN, NORMAN, and I shelled out 2 bushel popcorn.

Sunday, Oct. 27

ELLSWORTH finished chinmey. I finished getting in beets, and carrots. Had headache all day. Wrote to MARY ANN PEASE, and children. Sent cards for granny's birthday. GRACE HUNSINGER - ALICE JERUSIK, IDA RANDALL - MRS. WHITNEY. Sent a quilt chain letter too.

Monday, Oct 28

Received 7th piece of quilt blocks. Also another chain letter. Wrote 4 more, and sent piece of cloth to MRS. HALPIN. Canned up cans carrots, (tiny ones). Children to RICE'S after school. They move Saturday to Cayuga. PAUL PALLOCK came home with kids at 6 P.M. Stayed till 8:30. BILL G. came for him.

Tuesday, Oct. 29

Raining 8:30 A.M. My back and left shoulder and arm has Neuritis in and hurts pretty bad. RICE girls came after school and I walked home with them. 6 P.M. Rained hard from 6:30 to 9 P.M. Swept all through house.

Wednesday, Oct. 30

Shoulder awfully bad. Helped ELLSWORTH with kitchen. Rainy all day. Started taking baking soda for my Neuritis.

Thursday, Oct. 31

Helped ELLSWORTH tear paper off of kitchen wall. CHARLES ALLARD here few minutes. Rainy all day. Washed out few pieces needed and towels.

Friday, Nov. 01

Rawleigh man here in A.M. Got Ginger, cold tablets, cough syrup and tapioca dessert as premium for 10 cents extra. ELLSWORTH working on kitchen. I canned up more apples. Did some mending in evening. Shoulder and arm aches pretty bad. Dark and rainy.

Saturday, Nov. 02

MR. JACKSON here and paid ELLSWORTH what he owed him. ELLSWORTH killed setting hen and I cleaned and cooked it for dinner tomorrow. Awfully dark out and misty. Did ironing that was laid by. Did mending in evening.

Sunday, Nov. 03

Picked up house. Got dinner. Went up home in afternoon till 7:30. Got cloth for ROBERT'S waist, MARY HELEN a dress, eyes, hooks,& buttons. Wallpaper for kitchen and magazines, sour milk, cake and cookies and apples. LETTIE, HARRY, MR. & MRS. BIEDLEMAN came for hour.

Monday, Nov. 04

Cooked up 2 green pans and 2 red kettles of apples for pectin. Made batch white, and one of cry baby cookies. Cut and made ROBERT 3 pair of pants, ready for button holes and hem in bottom. Put band under checked waist for bottom. Set bread.

Tuesday, Nov. 05

Bottled up about 8 quarts apple pectin. Baked bread. Went with ELLSWORTH and BERTRAM RUNDELL to vote. He (BERT), took ANNABEL and MRS. BEARDSLEY. ELLSWORTH and I put ceiling plasterboard on kitchen.

Wednesday, Nov. 06

NORMAN home with a cold. Everything went REPUBLICAN in Elmira. I did big two weeks wash. Couldn't get it dry.

Thursday, Nov. 07

HARRY F. (Forrest) 36th Birthday. Dried big wash and did all of ironing. Finished after supper. Helped ELLSWORTH get kitchen ready to paper tomorrow. Wrote card to MARY ANN PEASE. Sent NORM'S excuse to school. Rain since noon. Hard at night.

Friday, Nov. 08

ELLSWORTH and I papered sidewalls of kitchen. Looks pretty good. Baked bread.

Saturday, Nov. 09

ELLSWORTH and I papered ceiling of kitchen. Room looks dandy for "Amateurs". ELLSWORTH went and got the library table from ANNABEL'S and then we all went to store for groceries.

Sunday, Nov. 10

I cleaned up rooms as good as could be with all the furniture and everything in both rooms. ELLSWORTH started cupboards in kitchen. Baked cake.

Monday, Nov. 11

ARMISTICE DAY. EMILY BROWNELL'S Birthday. Baked white and chocolate cookies. Ground up and canned 4 pints horseradish. Picked up rooms. MARY HELEN and NORMAN went to a Birthday Party to EMILY BROWNELL'S at 4 P.M. HAROLD DECKER here at 1:30 for 2 hours play. Had to keep "Spot" tied up. She was so ugly with him.

Tuesday, Nov. 12

I canned up 2 quarts applesauce. Baked bread. ELLSWORTH worked on cupboards. MR. S - (flats), here in afternoon. We went to Elmira after school. Got NORMAN, cap and pants. MARY HELEN and I a dress. ELLSWORTH a coat..

Wednesday, Nov. 13

Raining and sleet. Rained all night. Canned up 3 quarts applesauce. ELLSWORTH worked on cupboards. Baked apple pie and a crust.

Thursday, Nov. 14

Rained all day. Did some mending. Wrote - L.C.S., & MARY ANN PEASE, and F.M.F.

Friday, Nov. 15

Did washing and hung on front porch. Raining out doors. Baked bread.

Saturday, Nov. 16

Ironed couple pieces after drying them on stove. Still Raining. ELLSWORTH took MARY and NORM for Artics. Got NORMAN rubbers. Baked pie and pealed up kettle of apples. Got early supper and went to Corning at 5:30. Stayed till 2 A.M. FLORA in bad shape. Must be tapped for water in system soon.

Sunday, Nov. 17

ELLSWORTH worked on cupboards. I helped and he painted inside and oiled drainboards. First snow of season. Snowed all day and part of night.

Monday, Nov. 18

Did ironing from last week. Baked white and molasses cookies. Put dishes in kitchen cupboards. Unpacked two boxes of glass and fancy ones from upstairs. Changed my stove cupboards to kitchen, So I can clean cupboard in dining room and put other things in it. Cold and snappy.

Tuesday, Nov. 19

Cleaned up dining room after kitchen things had been moved out. Took square table upstairs and brought books and jigsaws down. Put them in cupboard. NORMAN went to DECKER'S to play after school. Home 5:30. Baked bread, pudding and cake.

Wednesday, Nov. 20

Made MARY two blouses. Yellow and red ones. Made ROBERT and NORMAN a pair of mittens and ROBERT a pair of pants. MR. S. here, - and brought 1 dress- size 44, 2 pair outing panties, 3 sheets, 6 pillowcases, 1 quilt top and filling, 6 huck towels, and 6 terry towels.

Thursday, Nov. 21

Did washing. Pretty snappy. Cold and windy, but sun shining. Got clothes all dried, - but under wear. Hung them on porch.

Friday, Nov. 22

Washed out 7 feed sacks down cellar. Did ironing. Baked 2 cakes and muffins for dinner. ELLSWORTH got groceries. Set bread.

Saturday, Nov. 23

Baked bread and a marble cake. Cleaned up house. Made soup of the beef broth for dinner. Added vegetables.

Sunday, Nov. 24

Helped ELLSWORTH fix kitchen windows and move stove to fix trap door in ceiling. Helped put kitchen and round green tables up in attic and put shelf up under window in kitchen.

Monday, Nov. 25

Cleaned up house. Did some mending.

Tuesday, Nov. 26

Baked cake and cookies. Washed ot BOBBY'S waist and underwear and my stockings. Received card. MARY ANN PEASE to come with trailer Thursday and get cupboard, door and other building pieces.

Wednesday, Nov. 27

Baked bread. Got clothes ready to wear tomorrow and packed up magazines and things to take up there.

Thursday, Nov. 28

THANKSGIVING DAY. Ate breakfast, did dishes and went up to farm for day. Had a good time. Home 5:30 but dark.

Friday,Nov. 29

Toook commode and cupboard in dining room up stairs. Put commode in my room and the cupboard in other one. MR. S. brought another quilt, 3 dresses, 3 sheets. All while ELLSWORTH was in Elmira. Went to Flats with him at 5 P.M. for groceries. Snow some.

Saturday, Nov. 30

Warmer out of doors. Straightened up rooms. ELLSWORTH painted kitchen so I couldn't do much out there. I fixed the new dresses ready to wear and did some mending.

Sunday, Dec. 01

Puttered around all day. Baked bread. Hunted for a pattern of a butterfly that MARY ANN PEASE wanted. Couldn't find one so made one for her and I too. Baked cake. Colder out and snowy. ELLSWORTH painted kitchen finished one coat of green and both of cream.

Monday, Dec. 02

ELLSWORTH went hunting for coal. Snowing steadily since around 6 A.M. I finished new dresses (4). Also put pockets on brown dress that AUNT RED gave me and 3 pair of pants for BOBBY. ELLSWORTH got soft and Buckwheat coal.

Tuesday, Dec. 03

ELLSWORTH went up for cupboard. I did washing. Hung on porch. Went for mail. Took RUNDELL'S books home, and GRANDPA F. some magazines. Brought back some of his mags. ELLSWORTH brought cabbage, magazines, wall paper, onions from home. Mags. from Heights and roll of coats and clothes from Horseheads.

Wednesday, Dec. 04

ELLSWORTH painted trim in kitchen. Awfully cold and blustery out. Finished drying clothes by stove. Started feeding chicks hot mash with red pepper. "Mr. S." came.

Thursday, Dec. 05

Did ironing. Picked up house. ELLSWORTH went down and got 2 teeth out. HELEN was coming up but didn't.

Friday, Dec. 06

ELLSWORTH about sick all day with face aching. I cleaned up rooms. Looked for STEVE and STELLA in afternoon. They didn't show up. ELLSWORTH fixed chimney in kitchen and plastered it.

Saturday, Dec. 07

Baked cry baby cookies. Finished irong. Mended MARY HELEN'S red jumper skirt. ELLSWORTH sick all day with his face and teeth. Sent to RUNDELL'S for mercurochrome for it. That eased it. Will put him here on couch by stove and I'll stay up. He feels and looks terrible.

Sunday, Dec. 08

Up all night with ELLSWORTH. His face ached and he had chills and fever. He stayed quiet all day. Raining all day.

Monday, Dec. 09

Baked white cookies. Did wash. Creek by house and one across road running full. ELLSWORTH gave kitchen paint a coat of varnish and table tops another coat of paint. Feels awfully yet; face all swollen up. Card from - M.F. FLO was tapped at Corning Hospital Friday. Took 10 quarts water. Will tap again soon. She is very bad, and Doctor don't give much hope.

Tuesday, Dec. 10

ELLSWORTH went back to Dentist. Has infection in jaw bone. Brought home the aerial for radio, and some christmas for kids and hanky for DOROTHY RUNDELL'S Birthday Thursday. I did ironing.

Wednesday, Dec.11

Finished ironing. Did some tatting. ELLSWORTH went to Dentist again. Finished airing underwear.

Thursday, Dec. 12

DOROTHY RUNDELL'S Birthday. ELLSWORTH went to Dentist again for treatment. I cut wood, did up work and packed suitcase to go to Corning for tomorrow. Left after dinner. FLORA in Hospital so didn't need me today. May go up next week, for couple of day. Didn't see MARK.

Friday, Dec 13

Went to RUNDELLS' when ELLSWORTH left for Dentist at 10:30. Stayed till 1 P.M. Home and cleaned up house. Snow all over and slippery.

Saturday, Dec. 14

Went to Elmira when ELLSWORTH went back to Dentist and got me artics and ROBERT pair stockings. Got dinner. MARK came as we got up from table. So I got ROBERT ready and suitcase packed and left for Corning. MARK went to Hospital in evening and I stayed and listened to Radio. FLORA home tomorrow.

Sunday, Dec. 15

Home 4 A.M. Dusted house. Changed FLO'S bed. She came 4 P.M. Wrote card to ELLSWORTH, HILAH, and MERTIE.

Monday, Dec. 16

Helped to washing. FLO had lots of company all day.

Tuesday, Dec. 17

Did FLO'S ironing, and my clothes I had in. Sprinkled 5 shirts for Dr. Day. (the wash and ironing of shirts that FLO did.) Finished tat edge on hanky for teacher. " M." got $2.80 grocery list from relief.

Wednesday, Dec. 18

I Ironed the shirts. Dr. said they were O.K. Washed hanky with tat, and it looks fine. Started some for FLO a hankie. MARK out for meeting. I slept. What I slept on? Couch in sitting room.

Thursday, Dec. 19

Baked cake. Washed out few clothes by hand. MERTIE came for dinner so I came home 4 P.M.

Friday, Dec. 20

School Exercise. Baked cookies. Did big wash. Went to school house. ELLSWORTH and DAD. DAD brought christmas eats and presents for kids. Cards - ELSIE & BERNICE.

Saturday, Dec. 21

Baked fruit cake - bread, white molasses cookies. Picked up house. Cards from AUNT IDA and RED. Up till 12 - 15 -Radio Program.- Gave MARY HELEN her christmas from MAMIE - (nighty).

Sunday, Dec. 22

Cleaned up house. NORMAN taken sick with bilious spell around noon and ran a high fever. So ELLSWORTH took me to Corning and I told them he was sick and I couldn't stay up there. They didn't believe it but I can't help that.

Monday, Dec. 23

Tied some on light quilt, then rolled it up. LETTIE and HARRY came on way to Buffalo, left Christmas and some clothes. They will stop when they come back Friday or Sunday. They also brought reading.

Tuesday, Dec. 24

Got things ready to go home for Xmas tomorrow. NORMAN sick yet. Not eating.

Wednesday, Dec. 25

CHRISTMAS DAY. Ate breakfast and went uphome for Day. Had a good time. NORMAN too sick to eat, but everybody else O.K. Home 5 P.M. Found box things and coat from SHULTZE. EDDIE R. brought up box of candy, crackers and tobacco for Christmas to us.

Thursday, Dec. 26

Did work up. BOBBY and I went for mail. Went to gas station for few minutes. BERTRAM brought us back and got ELLSWORTH'S chains for car. Party at RHODES this evening. I brought home 2 jigsaws of theirs and sent 5 by BERTRAM. Worked on one in evening.

Friday, Dec. 27

Finished jigsaw. A Dandy. Cleaned upstairs. Started the big one (jigsaw) of RUNDELLL's. ( A Seaside Haven). Hard one. Radio wind charger came.

Saturday, Dec. 28

Baked buns to use yeast cake I started for bread. Put stairs carpet down. Started bread. Canned 3 quarts beans. Fixed box of nuts and apples, and couple of stories up for LETTIE and HARRY. Looking for them tomorrow. Got charger up and working.

Sunday, Dec. 29

Got up with headache and kept it all day. Baked bread & pie, and looked for LETTIE all day and they didn't come. Pretty cold and frosty out.

Monday, Dec. 30

Did washing by hand. No water for washer. Back aches tonight but will get over it. Have worn off blisters on fingers. Haven't washed a whole wash by hand in a long time.

Tuesday, Dec. 31

Did ironing and got pile of mending ready for evening. Baked bread, cake, and cookies. End of another year. What will this next one bring forth?


MARY HELEN & NORMAN had measles from Dec. 24 - 1934 till Jan. 14 before back in school. ROBERT came down with them Jan. 5 & 6, about 12 days after M.H. and N. started.

ELLSWORTH dropped cement block off of front porch and edge struck foot. April 14, -35.

ELLSWORTH fixed kitchen, over fall of 1935, (Sept. and Oct.)

Got Radio (S & H) Dec. 1935.

Home for Thanksgiving. Nov. 28th. On Relief in Nov.

(Names and addresses at back of diary)

Flora Forrest - 71 E. 2nd. St., Corning

H.J. Forrest - Wellsburg

L.C.Sutton - Waverly, NY. RD#1

H.T. Snyder - 304 E. Edwards St. Union, NY

Box 592

Box 338

Nurse H.R. Watson - 579 Post St. Elmira,

H.C. & E.E. Connelly - 267 Babcock St., Buffalo

Mrs. Lavina Wilson - 255 W. Utica St. Buffalo

Max Mehl, Mehl Bld., Fort Worth, Texas, Coin Book cagalogue send 4 cents in stamps.