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Letters: Whittaker
Township: CRichmond [Canoe Camp] 
Year: 1907
Transcribed & Submitted by Jenette Sheliga
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice
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Hi Joyce,

This is Jeanette Sheliga.  I came across some letters from Barna and Juliette WHITTAKER in January 1907 and I was wondering if you wanted to post them on the website.

I tried to transcribe them as best as I could.  The letters are to their daughter Stella McINROY.

Barney's letter is two pages long:

Canoe Camp Jan 16
Dear Stella Walter and children I will try and
scribble a few lines to you to let you know that I hav
not forgotten you on the contray there is not hardly a
day pases that I do not think of all you children and
grand children but you can not tell what I think and
will do/so will if you can read this scribble as I am
writing with a quill pen and with out glasses wall we
was very mutch pleased with the xmas pesents we
received from our people of Buffalo would be pleased
to make two for one in return but we are liberal in
thank but poor in jacket this year tell Frank I hope
he will make his grades all rite I suppose Clark is
doing well and not far behind the girls will do there
but I know would like to see you all rite well but you
will have to come here as I never expect to come to
Buffalo again. I am quite will sleep quite well eat
good and do not little things bother me hoping this
well find you all will and happy I will close this
scrible with love and best Wishes good buy from Father
Barna Whittaker

Juliette's letter is four pages long:

Jan 15
Canoe Camp
Jan 10 1907
Dear Stella how are you and family I hope you are all
well I think I have ben most awful tiresome/lonesome
for the last well or more aunt Nancy Jillett [Nancy
Gillette or Gillet] is dead we heard of it or she was
sick last they thursday Pohened to us that she could
live long I tried to have Pa go down to and see her
but he would so did not he said it would make him feel
so bad to see her so sick and could not help her it
would make him fell bad she died last thursday morning
it seems that death comes never so but often but lives
should they took her to ________ for buried I did not
see her well it soon is a old but I dont I forget
verry soon you spoke of comeing out next I want you
_____  _______ to be sure and come the boys wont make
any diference for John can keep them all right I have
intended to out see _____ next and make/next sumer and
want you to go I think we will have a nice time.  Mrs
mc want me and pa to come this winter but we cant and
I want to come this sumer now you come Bye all means I
want to than Bye all means for your many preasants I
think I have ben well remembered for I think you very
kind and hope you may for be weel paryed some time for
your kindness now I wa you to come Byy all means if I
am well I shaal to go out next sumer and see where
they live and Boys want come out its like comeing home
I hope feel so tell Mildred Margriet [Mildred and
Marguerite McINROY] that I thank them for presant and
hope grandma can make some in return we are well as
comon and hope you are the same tell Ella [Ella WEBB]
thank for hop to see her before long tell Frank I see
his children most every day thee try and come where
you can so good Mother I hope Charley foks come soon
would hardly waits doute care how soon they can the
can be all rite and now you mak callulation on corner
hope can it will b all rite I dont but notice but hop
you doing well so you look look for you out but still
we dont we can do for _____ a geat many disapoitsments
I will say say good buy forn
Mother Lovigly

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 04 DEC 2007
By Joyce M. Tice
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