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Year: 1856 to 1949
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0082From Cousin Esther Ufford

Spencer Sep the 23, 1855
Dear Cousin
I now take my pen in hand to write a few lines to you. I received your letter and was glad you did not forget to write. I should have answered it as I told you I would the day I received it. But Hannah said she had just written and I though you would rather have me wait a little and it is well to think I did for perhaps she wrote that grandma was not much worse. And she was not then. But I cannot say so for there has been a great change in her she was taken last Friday night with a bowel complaint and is yet alive but should not think strange if she did not live a week or three days. Although she may lie so three or four weeks and she get smart again but I think not. You might write and let Aunt Olive know how she is. The rest of the folks as well at present but do not know how long we can say so  it seams to be very sickly all around us old people and young are dieing off and we do not how quick it may be our turn to go with the rest. Julia you remember I told you that Marinda Taylor said she heard you spent the fourth with Aaron Vanmaster and Clarisa [_att] that you went to a ball a Vanttervill don’t you remember it, I guess you do. Aaron is dead and buried he died with a fever and perhaps you heard of David Bagert while you was here. I think quite likely Jane Bagert told you what a smart young man he was and what a grand fiddler he was. He is very sick now with a fever they do not think he can get well.

I have not seen Emeline since I visited with you and her I believe I have seen Eleaver for Eleaver is my cousin and I could see him now by going up to Charles but I guess I shall not take that trouble if he is my cousin. Rate and late have just gone from here. Lib has gone back to Elmira but is comeing home again in two week to stay this winter so they say. I don’t know any thing about it only what they tell me and that aint much. Uncle [___] and Franklin Berry has made us a short visit. Do you visit with the preacher any now days or rake any hay this fall or what do you do anything. Do you walk around the stumps any now with a tea cup of bread and milk if you do don’t stub your toe and spill it. You said I must burn your letter up for fear some one would know it was to me. I have not burned it but there has not any one seen it only Hannah and I guess she wont tell any one that you have written to me Charles brought

You want it or not I don’t care. I am a going to write you a long one of these days [___]

All of your writing it it is not so o now Julia I want you to write often and will answer

My old petticoat goes [___] [___]

Write often wont you

Esther Ufford

[]  Transcribe March 5, 2003, by Wendell R. Evans []

0083From Cousin Henry Weeks

East James Feb 27, 1855
Dear Cousin
 We are having great times writing to day so we will write you a few lines as well as the rest of them it is very stormy times out hear and buck wheat pan cakes are in great demands. We wrote to Merrit and we wrote Belinda. And if you folks out there don’t write to we will note write again to you cupids [___] has shot so meny holes in Jeans head that she don’t know what she is about to day. And I expect that Olive has that some in yours hart Uncle Elias sends his love to you and all the folks in Covington I wish you would come to Albion this summer I went to see [___] it is a great town for business and a good place for fun there is so as [___] stores an [___] in Albion write mee a good long letter as soon as you receive this. I cannot think of much more to write to day so good by
   [___] [___] Weeks

Hell Delos
 How do you do about these times I am enjoying my self first rate and I hope you are Delos we got your letter last Saturday night and was glad to hear from Covington once more we are all well at present Harriet and Melis are not at home they went over to Barre last Saturday and they have not got back yet we are a looking for them all the while we have had very cold weather here the coldest ever known it has stormed about ever day for a month Delos I would like to be to your school one day and see how you get along with such a lot of children I cannot think of much news to write for this is the third letter we have writen therefore you must excuse me if I do not write much this time but as then was so fast to write I told him I would write some I thought that I should waite as long before I [___] [___] you did but you must try an do beter next time write and tell all the nes from spelling school until four o clock in the morning bad practice I think Jan says tell you that she will write to you when she get time she sends her respects to you and Olive and to Plinny in particular and now I shall have to stop writing soon for [___] says that he wants to write some more and I cannot think of news to write so I close by biding you good by for the present my love to all write soon as you get this.

Delos I wish you woul tell your father to get that Manney of Giles Marvin if he will if he has not.
  Everts to D Walker

I hav had my fun caps and I feel better than I did before I had supper write as soon as you receive I wish you and yours wife Olive was here to [___]  [___] [___] [___]
    [___] [___] Weeks

East James
Cousin Roswell
 I write you a few lines to night to let you know that I have not fergot you. You must write mee a good long letters and I will answer it I will write you a good one when I get home to Albion I shall go home to morrow. I think give my love to yous father and mother and tell them to write to mee Jan says that James has fell in love with a girl out hear. Write as soon as you receive this, this is from your true friend and well wishes
   Henry Weeks

[]  Transcribe January 6, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans []

0086S. Hazleton to cousin Delos Walker and Aunt Eliza HAZLETON "Walker"

Lansing Aug 5th 1856
Mr D H Walker
Cousin Delos

 I received your letter this morning. I was glad you may be assured to hear from you I have not heard from the East in some time not since John arrived he has been here just on month. It seems a little more like home to me now than it did than it did before he came. We have quite pleasant times now. We meet to sing every Saturday evening which is very pleasant indeed. Br John is our Chorister we use the Hallelujah, the same that you have in your neighborhood. I believe we all doing well I like my business very much indeed its just what suits me. I guess John likes it too. Although I have not heard him say anything about it. As yet. I presume you’ll hear from him before long and he’ll tell you all about it But I shan’t write much to you this time because you did not give me a very long letter. You tell me not to wait for an answer. But to write often now I’ll tell you I’ll agree to write every 2 weeks if you will now old boy come if you dare. You have the advantage of me. When I sit down to write I hardly know what to say, being in a strange place to you, I might tell you of some things that occur here among the people but it could not interest you any. The most of the talk is politics and the most of the politics is republicanism Hurrah for Fremont & Dayton That’s my Politics. I think its very true americans. Delos; just for fun tell me which you think is to get the majority at Covington. I must stop write soon
 Love to all  . I think its very true americans. Delos; just for fun tell me which you think is to get the majority at Covington. I must stop write soon
 Love to all  Yours a ever S. H. H.

Dear Aunt
 I was glad to see one half of that sheet filled so well by you. I really did not expect to hear from you by your own writing. But now as you have written once I shall consider you as one of my own correspondents I can be assured of having Delos letters well filled Delos must hop around a little and find out some of the news so that he can write as much as his Mother any how. A schoolmarm ought to write considerable I think. Well I don’t know as I have much to write this time. We are all well now that is John & myself although we have both had a slight touch of the ague John has got entirely. I have been lounging about for the past week. But I have broken it up now I think. I’ll tell you about how I look (Don’t tell anybody) I look full as nice as I did when I had that yellow jaundice there in the holler. But I don’t feel so bad. I had rather have the ague a week than the jaundice one hour. Aunt the people say that the ague all disappears about the first of October. That time will soon come around then there is another ten months that is very healthy. That is about the only ague time there is 2 months. I have not heard of but one death since I came to Lansing. Healthyer than it is East. John is at my side writing home to our folks. I must write to mother tomorrow evening I’ll not write any more this time. I must do as I am mind too about writing to Rad. I would like to hear from all of you again soon. Give my love to Uncle James and receive this.
  From Your Nephew
   S. H. Hazleton
P. S. I am thankful for your kind advice & admonitions

Well Rod
 You said I could do as I was a mind to about writing to you. I calculate to do just that same thing. How do you do? Is the first of a series of questions. How come on those old Maple logs that lay there by the back door. Have you chopped them up yet? (I guess not) well how come on that oil cloth checkerboard? How does that old Backgammon board do? [___] you think you could jerk open a pretty stiff Spring jacknife Rad. I am afraid we will not have an opportunity going through with our gymnastics very soon again but we can talk about them yea think about them as much as we wish. But then is a Steamboat here and I must stop I’ll write more next time. I’ll talk just as you did you may do just as you please abou writing to me. I’m just as independent as you an I didn’t think it would do any hurt.
To say so good night Rod
  Your Coz
   S. H. Hazleton

 Good night all

[]  Transcribe February 21, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans []

0087R. A. Walker,. Mary Walker, Melissa Walker to brother Delos Walker

Covington Jan 18th 1856
Mr. D. H. W.
 Melissa is going to talk and I am going to write we are all down to Jays but dad & the old Bach & I guess we can all write a letter I will tell you first about our old school Master he’s pretty cross but he cant be boss he makes a mistake once in awhile & whips visitors he’s got him a pine cudgel that he slaps them with we had a spelling school last night went to donation night before last a whole load of us and Jane Brown to but we did not get any supper. The folks have not got over the lasses candy yet we broke down coming home from donation but did not tip over. I suppose you know that Uncle Jo is Melissa’s Bo. If you don’t it is so tell Mr Brown what made him sick was kissing the gals so much. Mary has got some ear rings cost 12 shillings Mamny has wrote two letters to day folks all well I study grammar I suppose you perceive we two Arithmetic Schools
Every week. To aint here to night but were expecting every minute when he will be Melissa is talking and I’m writing you know and she talks so much I cant think of anything but am going to stop pretty quick and let Melissa write but I cant think of so much as I thought I could so I will stop.
 R. A. Walker

Good evening Brother Delos
 Will you not be very glad to here from me again? It has been so long since I have written that I just thought I would try & collect my scattered thought & sent them to you for they will be so interesting you will accept them with pleasure. Certainly Rod has told all of the news (or the most of it) but he has forgotten to say to you that him and Mary Frost are on quite as good terms as usual he can escort her to donation parties abut the nicest. I tell you I thought that he enjoyed himself finely. I think that we had rather as pleasant time taking it all around. Now have you received my letter which I sent you without date for I forgot that now if you have please answer it & oblige me much. Delos I wish that you could be with us at our Arithmetic school I expect to morrow evening we will have another , think  that Joseph will have a spelling school Tuesday evening Wednesday night Elder Keniny preaches at our school house. The meeting up the creek have all gone to smash but Elder Lamphere has got up quite an excitement at the Spencer neighborhood have baptized some in the night I guess that Joseph will have to go & give them a preach don’t you? Ha! Now what shall I tell you about Julie that will comfort you in your absence she was well & happy last evening but I have not seen her to day. Has Mr Brown got well think that lasses candy don’t agree with him, O! Delos I am to have a rare treat one of these days your mother has promised to write me a letter & she will do it but now I must stop writing for Mary will write some and you have enough of my nonsense for that time now will you write soon be a good boy will you now good bye my friend from

    Melissa to Delos

19th 1857
D Walker
 It is now a quarter past 2 oclock and I aint at school but I spose you be. Pa is here Melissa did not go to school to day it snows and it blows and its cold stormy weather Rod is a school uncle Straton has just started for the barn and pa has gone to get some potatoes and Mary is making a Tommycake and if you will come home to night you may have some of it. Ma has been a making me a dress out of my sisters dress Rod has dated his letter 1856 but I think it is 1857 don’t you I cant think of any thing more to write so I will stop to Mr D. H. Walker esq
     Mary Walker

My pen is poor
My ink is black
If you cant read it
Send my part back.

This is a pretty letter I think it couldn’t be better.

Good night good night May peace be your dreams and Angels around you their vigils keep good night, good night.

The old master delights in slapping the scholars on the cheek. I am one I have expected to take it for sometime but hope to escape however for boss [___] says that I shall go to school any how if he does stop me. O how will be for the future.
[]  Transcribe February 21, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans []

0084James Everts to Delos Walker

Covington Nov. 30th/56
Dear Delos
 Good morning how do you find your self this morning as for me I find my self trying to scrible a few lines in answer to your letter which was received last evenning this leaves the folks all well as for news I have none to write so you must not expect any thing very cunning from but I must try and write something if it is not so funny. O Delos you wanted to know if Mr B had been and made that farewell visit yet well he has made the visit but he has given up the idea of going West but talks of buying the store of goods where he now trades wont he be some then. Delos that door is not made yet but it has not been wanted lately Melis and your Mother have been to Mr. Tees they have got a Girl there Doctor Garfield wife has left him and come home to live he was so ugly to her she has her children with her but it is dinner time and I shall have to stop writing for the present.
 Well Delos it is Sunday night and I suppose you are of some where enjoying your self while I am trying to think of something that will interest you.
 Julia has just been her she says that Joes Darke is going to school this winter do you think that she and Melis will have a nice time but I shall have to stop scribbling for you will be plagued to read what I have wrote you must take the will for the deed and look for more next time do not forget to write soon me more at present good night to you and pleasant dreams
 This from your friend   James Everts

[]  Transcribe January 6, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans []

0085Taphath ? to Cousin Eliza HAZLETON Walker

Granville Dec 28th 1856
Dear Cousin Eliza
 I presume you have heard of the death of your Uncle Silas before this. or wonder me have not writen to you but you most know it was a seem we never passed through before. Or it did seem to me that I never could recover from it enough to bring my mind to writing letters or any thing else__ I know this is not right I for Mas sake I try to be reconciled, but am sure we can never kiss the rod that smites us, when it takes our dearest friends or lays them in the cold ground forever, Pa had been failing for six years, he was taken down about the 20 of Sept & lived until the 5 of Dec. he was very sick all the time, yet we flattered ourselves for some time that he would get better again but it was impressed upon his mind that it was his last sickness & he was ready & willing to go_ it was very painful for us to see him suffer as he did, for the last 3 weeks that he lived, he could only say a word or two at a time, neither could we talk to him, but it would go to his stomach & set him to vomiting at once, during this time he took not a mouthful of food except a spoonful of liquid of some kind at a time. We have been in Granville most two years but never has seen the time that he thought he was able to go & see his sister that lived six miles from here. He has suffered the most I think from nervousness of any person I ever saw, yet people in such cases get very little sympathy generaly yet it is most needed. Ma bears up under her affliction full better than I expected she is a feeble women yet. But is better health than when in Penn. How I wish we could make you a visit as I have given up you ever coming to see us. Brother Sam is in Ill & Silas in Wis, Eliza lives in Orleans Co. Sarah in Troy now you may judge we are very lonely, Ma Lib & myself constitute our family, so different from what it used to be at our house. I can hardly realize it. It is uncertain how long we remain here probably not longer than spring at the farthest. Aunt Betsey & George are keeping house here Uncle Davids family & Uncle Meck are here which makes it pleasant for us this winter, Cousin Eliza I am not going to write you a long letter this time, but if this finds you & I get an answer, (which I know I shall) I shall write again, we want very much to hear all about the children it don’t seem possible they have got to be news, tell James I think he is the most contented man I know of. I don’t hear of his talking all the time of going to some better place. Here every body is going west or some where else, how is Cousin [___] a family & a great many others I should like to inquire about but must for [___] this time, Ma sends her love to you all. The rest of the friends here wish to be remembered. I hope Delos will write when you do. I asure we have not forgoten him he used to be a cross baby. But I did love him the after talk of you but that is poor satisfaction for a friends absence, give my love to any friend & reserve a good share for yourself
   Your affectionately
Eliza Walker       Taphath [___]

0455To Delos Walker - Writer not identified (I [JMT] think it is from Julia Frost)

Sunday eve Dec. 21, 1856
Friend Delos yours of the1st, came to hand in due time was pleased to hear you was well suited with your school hope it will be pleasant to you which I have no doubt it will. three weeks have gone by so soon if you don’t keep track of time your school will close before you hardly know of it aint you afraid it will I think your answer is yes. Delos you said you hoped that we would have a good school I think we have got one for our teacher wont let us look off of our lessons one minute he has kepet nightly spelled me studing so hard that I have sore eyes don’t you think him cruel and oh how crop he is you cant imagine anything like he is but the scholars are bound to learn if they come to school to Ben Miller as to my hiting the teacher on the lips I dare not this winter for if I did should get whiped as well as called on the floor that’s so. What can I tell you now only that we have such cold weather I almost freeze sitting by the fire & Joes darkie has left the place but we are well provided for however Uncle Billy Jackson sends two of his children, our school has all colours from black to very white now you may know that we have a better school than last winter I know you don’t care but will tell you of it notwithstanding your aversion to this subject.
 But how in the world do you get along without going to candy parties should not think you would live so long [___] there was one some where that you could go to. What do folks have to eat where you stay does any of them know how to make sponge cake if so do they ever fail (would like to know very much). Oh did the wind blow so hard last night in your vicinity as to take all of the window to a time Mr Rortles folks had theirs all blown in on the front side of the house you cant think how hard it blowed an that is ever so

Can you have patience to read all of these silly questions much more to answer then if not post writ reading which i am sure you are willing to do before this time are you not

When her you read this far stops and get your breadth will you this will go on the first than that your way to D. H. Walker

Don’t you find this real interesting so for I am sure you do for it would interest any one it couldn’t help it I know after you read this comit it to the flowers will you not.

Delos fill a sheet fuller if you can and so very smart to it cant be done else where

People up the creek are having quite a refermation some twelve have confessed before the world that they were sinfull beings & hope their sins are forgiven and who do you think they are two of Mr Wilches girls and one son Charles, Robbins, Arsula, Lumner, Horman, Cleavland and the others I have not learned who they were. Old Elder Lanphere is now holding a protracted meeting there was 8 Baptized to day and 4 last week by Mr Lanphere. He has come on a mision from the [___] he says. And I hope he has. Joseph Whiting is teaching school up there now & Alonzo was here last Tuesday to our school he had been teaching one week but I persume you know that before this time as he said he had a letter all ready to send to you but thought he would wait untill he came to Covington before he postid it so I think you will have lotts of news by the preasant time Sam wrote [___] and me two copy’s and they all warned me to mind our studies which you know was unnecessary do you not.

the portion of the letter that follows was writing in four different directions on one side of a sheet of paper]

To Mr Delos H. Walker don’t forget post address for that comes first. Julia Frost the folks are all well in this place I believe they all talk of you real often. Mary Jane comes to school she is oh how good to Melissa she thinks as much of her as ever now is not that real funny. I guess this side of the paper looks some like poetry oh the poetry man looks so nice since he has those long black whiskers he looks like a Californian but oh how much pretyer also [___] __tensive [___] wonderful to think of. There was a spelling school down the creek last Friday night don’t know good a one they had for did not atend. Meliss says that I have a beam in my eye so no wonder over then I am Sara it will be sensible for if you want to know how to read this commence.  It will take a pretty smart school mam to read this that from Julia to Mr. D. H. W.
Mrs. Lee was here a few moments ago she had to enquire for the D L  and so on you are some trouble to her don’t you think so.

Uncle James has been here to night says oh how I wish you and Melissa would get whiped you don’t wish so do you. I Never can write any thing but it will be pretty and read back again then round way and excuse poor writing and spelling will you not Melissa wrote all the news last week & believe all with the exception of this sister Sally is married to Mr Whitmar she is not deaf any more now.
The folks feel better in this place all peace & harmony is not that glorious indeed.

It is almost dark and I shall have to postpone my scribling till candle light. Excuse this & will fill a sheet next time. A 8 oclock once more will scrach and several on here for your satisfaction on clifreation I would say did you ever see such beautiful writing and perhaps you will learn the hand which will be some benefit to you I am sure this looks bad our schoolman is going to have arithmetic school this winter guess  there will be no grammar days however but we have to [fance] systematically you had better believe this looks handsome does it not give your opinion will you.
Don’t you think this to be smart.

I guess you will have your hands full if you read this don’t you think you will.
Delos if you cant read this burn it will you

If I had not spent so much time on this it would be burned now but aint let you perform that task and do so will you yes do do.
[] Transcribe on December 6, 2003, by Wendell R. Evans []

0001Asahel V. Frost and wife Rosetta Newell to Julia FROST "Walker"
Wakeshma Feb “ 24 “ 56
Now Jule I will write a few lines to you and let you know that we are at present hoping you are enjoying the same blessing we received your and N lette and was glad to hear from you we thought that we had hear from Tldo and Mant before we answered your letter so we would know better what to tell you we think of starting west the first of April if we keep well Mrs Samphere will not make a writer of you unless she learns you to to put in the one dot and the two dot and the brupedot [___]. O Jule have you got Buses pantry fixed yet.
Tell Mrs Walker that we are going west and should like to hear from here again in Michigan. The children all wants to see you the baby is a nice little felow and he wants to see Aunt Jule to. Tell Lucy Bastings to be carefull of her little girl and I would like to see her I do not think of any thing now good by for this time write as soon as you receive this.
 From your sister Rosetta Frost I think that I have put in the one dot and the brupedt this I do not ferely know them yet but I believe that I have and you will think so we received your mothers last letter that had the few little moneys in
 I will send you some of my dresses and baby

Photo at left is Julia FROST "Walker"

 It seams like rather an odd way of speaking with you but after all it is a good deal better than not to speak with friends tell Father Mother Grandmother and all the rest that we we are all well and have been for the last two months and I hope these few lines will you all enjoying the same blessing I have ben to work at the Steam Saw Mill since the 7 day of January and calculate to work their untill about the first of April then I calculate on going west so you must do up what writing you want send to Michigan very soon we was all down with the ague here for five months but we have all got the better of that now I want you to give me Merick and Toms address I wrote to them som time ago and have received no answer I directed my letter to Point Pleasant Harding Co. Iowa that was the address they give me when the first got their now Julia you must write and tell the rest to write us soon as you receive this tell Father to write and let me know how business goes off I Uncle Calvins folks are all well at the present they say send their love to you all whenever we write so good by for the presant write soon as you receive this from your friend
  A Frost
[]  Transcribe January 18, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans []
0002Mellissa to Delos H. Walker

Mr. D. H. Walker
Canoe Camp Oct13th /56
Friend Delos
 This evening at 8 oclock I find myself writing again to you but not according to province for I promised to write Sunday but circumstances having prevented I will now try and see if I can write any thing wich will benefit you at the present your letter of the 11th ins [___] came to hand this evening thankfully received I see that you are improving in this respect ([___] in keeping your word) and I will endeavor to keep mine in the future. Delos I have spread your letter out before me to read the many questions as I write and to try and answer them if possible well this first is the news from Springfield well I know of none how should I as I have no correspondence there so that is settled. The second is the progress of the sabbeth [___] it goes off well indeed it has almost gone off will close in a week or two.
 The treasurer received on dollar last Sunday & will probably get a couple or three more as Mr P. Whitting was absent at the contribution the last sabbeth who was there you ask Julia was she came home Sunday in is not going back to Painted Spike again I think you wish to know who sings? Your mother and I sing a little for their amusement I believe I must tell you a little about that and in doing so will answer one of the questions to little lower on the page Mrs Walker offered Martha a book she said she did not want her book of course she would not force her to take it would you? Then James handed one to Rau he said he should not sing let the smart folks sing those that knew something we thought we knew quite a great deal so did not wait to be invited again. But so I have skipped one of your questions I will answer it now. I went to an appilend the evening that you left, at Mr Baity’s our friends from the hollar was there you know who, they were very pleasant indeed that evening I have not exchanged a word with them since.
 Last Friday evening I had an invitation to a dance at Mr Wilcoxe’s but thought it not advisable to go so I went the other way up to Mr Joseph W’s if you please you will perhaps wonder as that but I went to read to them a letter which I had just received from Betsey I had an excellent visit think I shall go again. Martha went to the dance I heard since that she was very mad at poor me she guessed I would take it when she see me for I had been sing about her now Delos I would tell you what she said that I had told if I here but I dose and for it would make me blush don’t you pity me? After I have suffered the penalty of any crime I will tell you well the last week been as long &@ no it was much shorter and when I see you perhaps I can tell you the reason of it but not now have I answered all to your entire satisfaction? Is so I will proceed with this elegant epistle. You know I told you that I would go to Mansfield Tuesday evening? Well I did go and heard Mrs Nickles from Kansas lecture & it was grand I tell you the house was spilled to overflowing
 Wednesday evening heard her at Covington the Dough faces there tried to breck up the meeting they got that advertisement in the Pennsylvanian and tried to see what the could do but they came out as they always do. Last Sunday evening Julia and I went [___] to Mansfield to hear the same lady speak she called it a religious lecture she please elognently for the ladies and for the [probititary] sa glad the ladies here one champion I wish there were many more don’t you?
 James is not at home this evening nor has not been an evening this week I don’t know where he is speaking I suppose folks always are when not at home and ever sometime when they are Thom is at home is he I would like to see him and all the rest of you that way James has promised to bring Julia & myself to Uncle Ebers next week & if we come there we shall come to Canton of course but I don’t know as we shall come as soon as that but I immagine you will say I have written enough unless it is better and so I have for if to not stop soon. I shall not leeve room for the poetry which ought not to be forgotten. Now is so this beautiful writing?  Don’t you admire my style of penmanship? Now Delos if you want any more of my scribblings don’t let any one see this for if you do I will not write again. O! I am glad you like that picture so well does it still remind you of old times? Julia and you had an excellent good old chat up at painter [___] did you not? I almost forgot to thank you for carrying my letter so safely remember this is the answer to both letters so don’t neglect to write soon. Write next Sunday will you
 Good bye.
  Your friend as ever

Delos I don’t think we will go to meeting unless our unless our company [___]

NB Now Delos I don’t most want you to criticize this letter much for if you look sharp you will make more [___] of the pronond [___] than you did of that letter the other day.

This leaves you family all usually well if Julia was her think she could find room to write a lettle?
Goes [___] an friends

O! I am happy again since Jule has come home I think of mind more than would like to write but my sheet is neerly full and there is still another letter to be written to night which will keep me up rather late and you know that is against my custom
I never keep late hours from Melissa

[]  Transcribed February 1, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans  []

0454Delos Walker to Julia Frost (married later in 1860)

Canton Nov 2nd 1856
Sunday Morning
Friend Julia
 Yesterday I received a long letter and I had the plasure of finding your signature at the conclusion of one of the pages and this morning I find myself seated with pen in hand trying to collect my shatered thoughts, but alas I am rather dumb and am afraid I shall not be able to think of any thing that will interest you, but I will keep on scribling. Last evening I filled one wrapper for Jay and Meliss and now I am trying to think of something to fill an other for you. Yet I may fail I suppose you had a pleasant week of it over in painter lick valley did you not. Oh
Once more I take my seat to scrible a few more lines. While I was writing this morning John came in all ready for meeting so I had to leave my writing and now I have forgoten what I was going to say and there is so much last but never mind that. You wanted to know how school went off. Well as for my part I am perfectly satisfied we had some high times. Especially when compositions are read and that is every Friday night.
Last Wednesday was the great day of inspection. There were about fifty inspected don’t all calculate to teach this winter I suppose. Our school lasts about four weeks from next Wednesday I believe. Melissa is as lonesome as ever is she not she wished me to write the news from Springfield. But I am not posted up so poor girl she will have to get her news from some other source. But I presume she has got news enough before this time has she not. And as to the poetry man I understand he is going west. What if the poor fellow should get the ague and die shattering tell Meliss to advice him not to go oh the poor boy. Enough of this I presume you have said long ago it is now about time for your Sunday school to commence I should like to be there so as to get a ticket but as I am not please keep one for me wont you.
 How does Silas and his new house get along I hope the house is most done so he wont have to pay for his board by the meal much longer has he concluded to stock your fathers mill yet are his taxes paid and so forth. Perhaps you will say I am rather inquisitive but I have quite an interest in his wellfare as I have got another letter to write yet to night I shal have to draw my sciblings to a close. Please write again as soon as you receive this. Excuse mistakes and read it if you can I guess you’ll have to work for it.
 From your friend
  D. H. Walker

Transcribe on November 13, 2003, by Wendell R. Evans

0089S. H. Hazleton to Delos Walker

Canton March 15th 1857
Mr D H Walker
Dear sir;
 According to agreement I am about to give you a sample of my penmanship in the form of a letter. (being the first one since my severe sickness). You will see that I have selected a small sheet of paper hoping to be able to reach the bottom of the last page. But possible I may fail as the time for my chill is fast approaching. buy the way I will say I have sent for that new medicine (“India Cholagogue”) recommended to me by Jas Turner. You perhaps heard us talk of such a remedy. I think that Dr Holmes will have to (as they say) “Gayknunck” this time and be satisfied that he has found one ague case out of his power to cure. I take no more of his medicine (arsenic) I have taken 1 doses of the “Cholagogue” the first one the evening before my chill day and you would hardly think my shake failed to appear. But no chill that day I hope soon to be able to get around. Oscar is improving finely. He has been to town once and talks of going to school this week. Amzi is pretty well except his cough that seems to linger about him. No more about the sick this time.
 Delos O! How lonesome it was here last week. I think you will have to come back after taking your trip to N. Falls & live with us and I’ll assure you we will have some “high times” among the “fair ones”. Mother says “get away from the table with your writing I want to get supper” so of course I must quit we are hoping soon to see you all I hope you will conclude to work with us I think you could do well Alonzo says he goes West about the first of April. My respects to Melissa & Jay and Miss Sarah write me immediately on the receipt of this
 Good Night
  From your Aff. To Cousin
   S. H. Hazleton
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0088S. H. Hazleton to Delos Walker
Mr D. H. Walker
Covington Pa.
Dear Coz.
 You may term me among the ones that are too punctual on such matters. But I am not engaged this evening at any of my daily duties and should I let this opportunity pass you might not hear from me very soon. So without asking your permission I shall proceed to business. Should you be at all curious to know how my health is you can judge by this I hopped on the scales this evening to weigh and my specific gravity reached 150lbs plump. One time during the past year I had to exert my self considerably to balance 127 lbs I’m of the opinion that is gaining pretty well. and more.  I never felt better in this or any other country. Your letter came to hand last eve. We have had no mail for a whole week, The river closed on the 19th and through this winter, we will be obliged to be and will be obliged to be contented with one mail each week.  And I am anxious to get news from some of you that often at least, consequently I write so soon myself. I recd a letter from father too. Which was very acceptable. He writes all well. but very anxious for me to come home. I was not much disappointed to hear of the death of Mr M Cabe. I suppose its rather hand for their family. To lose a father. However numerous his failings and intemperate his habits may be. Is a solemn event. I was surprised to hear of the death of Mr. Putnam. Who will be the next to go? Friends from all quarters are being confined to their last resting place. Where all must soon be placed “Friend after friend departs. Who has not lost a friend?” I must tell you who I have for a bed fellow this winter. One by name Edward Grould an old mate of mine from Smithfield. He came about one month ago. I shall not envy you your situation this winter at all I am thankful for all information in regard to the “Smoke House” you gave me, and would willingly reciprocate in any way possible. Delos I am going to have rather an easy winter this time. We have no goods to sell. Uncle will be in the Legislature, his partner will be out collecting and I shall have the whole to myself. I want you to write often if you don’t write so much so much. I’m coming down to see you in the course of time if we all live and have our health &c. we have a universalist meeting to attend tomorrow. What do you think about it would it pay to go” I guess may be I shall go. (i.e. if I get up early enough) you must keep me posted on all the news as well as you can. And how you [___] in teaching the young ideas how to pop goes the weasel. No shoot & how you explain the beauties of the principle of [ilydagraphy] & all else you can imagine. Can you think of any more that I might write to night that would do either of us any good? If so inform your abt &c what it is. If there is more now sense and foolishness in the than you like you need not read it. I’ve talked just about as I feel this might. When you want to hear from me again. Write to.  S. H. Hazleton
 My love to all of the family, hute, good night
[]  Transcribe February 21, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans []
00459 - Jackson June 20th AD 1858
Miss Julia A Frost
 My Dearly bloved sister I now seat my self to answer your letter of the 17th of May and was much pleased to hear from you and hear that you had got back on graves hill to teach school I think there must be some Attracktion that draws you to that spot every summer. My health is very good and so is that of my Neighbours and hope this may find you enjoying the same blessing.
I found your picture in your ltter Which I was very glad to see you Requested me to have mine taken and sent to you which I will do as soon as you will answer this Letter and tel me which way you will have it taken with the 2 years groth of beard on my face I now carry or have it taken off and then have the minetaure taken wal Enough of this, You say Grandmothers health is very poor rather sad News give her my Best Respects With all the rest tel her I expect to see her once more in this world at least.
You asked what I had for dinner Rather a leading Question that but however Ill give you an Idea of What I have to live on as a general thing I have flour pork Beans fish out of our Lakes and potatoes coffe and tea and sugar and a variety of garden sauce and ocasionally smefs of pidgeons or Ducks and some times a goose. I receive the Agitator Regularly  I have ordered the Mankato Independent to be sent to father when you rite. Please let me know if he gets any of them. I have not heard any thing from [___] since December I answered his letter but have not heard a word from him since. If you write to him just  spur him up a little about writing to me and tel Ruel  and father and all the rest of our people to Do so to
Address me at pisa [_o] Jackson City
Jackson Co Minesota
 Via Mankato
Give my love and Best wishes to all Success to your Revivals of Christianity. I Sincerely hope they May do good. We had quite an Excitement In Mankato the Priest said they were going to take the town by storm and I think they did They gethered up all the hard Cases in the Country and Say they made Christians of them. Some of them still remain members While others Are led away by the Spirrit of Rum and are found beastly Drunk in the streets  every few days
From Nathaniel Frost
T To sister Julia

Transcribe on September 12, 2003, by Wendell R. Evans

00463 - Covington Sept. 26th 1858
Dear friend
Your letter was received yesterday and it is pleasure for me to converse with the pen if we are not permitted to be within talking distance. So when you ask me if I want you to write me another letter I cant say no and tell the truth and if paper and ink is so scarce that you think it nescessary to save it for some one else. I can send you a few sheets of paper. But I can’t contrive any way to send the ink. But I can send you a three cent piece and that will buy a bottle. But I have got the cart before the horse and answered your last question first perhaps because it was of the most importance it was to me at least. Another was don’t you think Sadi and I are stylish letter writers. To which I will answer I do, so there’s two questions answered. Another is how did I enjoy the Geography school, and who was the teacher. Well I didn’t stay long to enjoy it and I thought from the appearance of things they were all teachers; yes I think you was having quite a time all alone last Sunday and I am sorry have sore eyes. Another question don’t you think I shall go to the party with Mr Bud of course I should think you would go and should think he would almost be a leaf by that time.
Now I believe your questions are all answered we had a very good Sunday school to day, but Mr Whiting didn’t get there until it was out. I went up to see David and Melis last night they said if I had got a letter from Jule they should come down to day and read it just as though they had a perfect right to. do you think they have. I guess they are down to J’s now I see some one coming that looked like them, (I don’t see what ails my pen it wont mark more than half the time).
 I suppose you want to know all the news don’t you. Well Hod Dartt has moved to pine creek (gone to the right place) Ansel is going to Elmira, and Ms Culver to Elkland. I am going to have a farewell talk with Ans. before he goes. Now you must hear the worst of all. O my what shall I do for Clarra has married the richest man in the whole west Equad. I forgot when I was telling you of the goings to tell you that Jak has sold his farm and is going to leave for a better place. Now don’t you think our neighborhood is being cleared out considerable. We shall have rather a dull place to our singing school is done with and there is to be but two or three more Sunday schools. Then I shall have to content  myself to stay at home all day Sundays. But if the days were all as pleasant as to day it would be an easy matter to be contented any where. O it is a beautiful day that’s so. Aint this a real interesting page. Tell will you. O Jule what shall I think to write on this page that will interest you. if I could see you half an hour this afternoon I could tell you more than I can write in a week. But maybe the half hour would seem short what do you think about it, Tell Sade I would write some to her if I didn’t think it to bad for her to have two letters in one day. And ma is writing one to her I guess for she asked me to write so that she could send hers in it. Of course I would just for accomadations sake tell Sall if it will do her any good or make her feel any better I can say Polly Polly Polly three or four times. Your folks are all well I guess for I saw the most of them this forenoon and I didn’t hear any complaints and now I am getting my sheet so near full I shall have to think about drawing my scribling to a close and I guess you will think it is time to rest your sore eyes by the time you get this far you say you are going to the fair this week come to think I believe you did promise to go and this is the week to, will see what you can for me will you for I don’t think I can go. Write soon as you get this if you please. And believe me ever your sincere friend. So good bye.
Thank you for the black mark please accept this in return and send another for Julia
Transcribe on November 14, 2003, by Wendell R. Evans

04731859 Contract BT Julia Frost & Covington School Board
It is agreed by and between Miss Julia A Frost Teacher and Covington School District in Tioga County that said Julia A Frost shall under the supervision and exclusive direction of the Board of Directors of said district, and their successors teach in the school house in Frost Settlement for the term of three months (of 24 days per month) at and for the compensation of Eight Dollars to be paid monthly reserving the right for the Board of Directors for the time being, to dismiss said Julia A Frost at the end of any month of said term without assigning any causes specified in the 23rd section of the Act of the 8th of May 1854 entitled An Act for the regulation and continuance of a system of education by common schools. The actual profession of the said school house and buildings, and premises before mentioned, to remain and be considered by all parties as remaining and being at all times in the said Board of Directors and their successors.
In witness where of, we have
Here unto set our hand and seals, The First Day of May A.D. 1859
Countersigned   |     James Walker President (LS)
Henry Brown   |     Julia A. Frost Teacher (LS)
 Secretary of Board |
Transcribe on November 13, 2003, by Wendell R. Evans
0478 - 1858 Contract BT Julia Frost & Covington School Board
It is agreed by and between Miss Julia A Frost Teacher and Covington School District in Tioga County that said Julia A Frost shall under the supervision and exclusive direction of the Board of Directors of said district, and their successors teach in the school house in Frost Settlement for the term of three months (of 24 days per month) at and for the compensation of Eight Dollars to be paid monthly reserving the right for the Board of Directors for the time being, to dismiss said Julia A Frost at the end of any month of said term without assigning any causes specified in the 23rd section of the Act of the 8th of May 1854 entitled An Act for the regulation and continuance of a system of education by common schools. The actual profession of the said school house and buildings, and premises before mentioned, to remain and be considered by all parties as remaining and being at all times in the said Board of Directors and their successors.
In witness where of, we have
Here unto set our hand and seals, The First Day of May A.D. 1859
Countersigned   |     James Walker President (LS)
Henry Brown   |     Julia A. Frost Teacher (LS)
 Secretary of Board |
Transcribe on November 13, 2003, by Wendell R. Evans

0090Mary Frost and ?? to sisters Julia and Sarah Frost
Sunday Sep 26, 1858
Absent yet never forgotin sisters
 I will drop you a lines for I love to spend such an hour as this in communing with absent loved ones altho it is with the silent means of pen & paper it is pleasant yes indeed it seems a very long time since I last looked upon the faces of my dear sisters, when be you comeing home I cant wait till next spring no never. You said you had been to Cousin [__tkins] a visiting & wished I had been there to have gone with you I would have enjoyed myself very much I presume & would like to have gone. But could not conveniently. Probaly will go next time if that will do, guess it will. You wished to know how I got along house keeping very well but it was lonesome had company most of the time Cousin White & his wife did not go away from this place until Tuesday after you left, had a first rate visit with them & like his first best. Mary writes for me and I for her so good by write when you get this.
 She wanted to have me come & stay a year with her & go to school to the Seminary I think I will go don’t you think it would be a good plan. Guess you do. Give my love & best wishes to that young Bud well now about the singing school is was superfine all but, Ellias Cleaveland had to go a batting caught one bat made it squeal want he cunning. O I forgot that Billy was here the other day staid all night his time is out & he is gone forever gone. Aint that a pitty you said I could not read what you write did not have any trouble that way but guess you will for there is so many here that I can’t write anything Uncle Stillman Frost & Aunt & Cousin Jane are & such a worse we got a letter from brother Nat he was well did not say anything about his miniature said it was hard times I am going to write to him when I finnish this scribbling it is indeed you will think.

Jule this is our lodge down here not N Y but PA lodge * don’t Sade you wished to know if Pa & Ma returned Saturday, they did not return till Monday eve just as the twilight was deepening into the darker shades of night then they come & I was glad to see them I guess Cousin George came with them to Tarry a while he said he would do better next time. They enjoyed their visit at Mr. Pinneys exceeding well they did not see cousin Hary she was not at home I was much disappointed at her not coming home with them but will have to put up with it. Kide is well as usual so be all of our friends in this place Ruel & family & Harm & Am Allen was here last Sunday staid all night all well Nancy also Chety is not very well has not been since they moved.
 Good by

I am very sorry you have such a cold hope it is better  & guess it is.
Clara is married to the richest man in the world this is so.

Do write often & not forget it & I will do better next time. Excuse this horrible what do you call it this is a very bad pen you know

This looks to bad if I had time to write another I would burn this up for I am ashamed of it.
 Mary Frost

Write often to me I did not receive your letter till last Sunday Give my love & best wishes to all of the friends in that vicinity tell them to write if they please. Has Eliza Walker made me a visit Saturday before Ma returned & a good one it was don’t you wish you had been here had company every day while Ma was gone but wont tell who they were Jay & Delos was here twice Mary Jane staid with me the night before Pa came home. Melissa said she would stay with me every night but she wont here at all while Ma was gone. Now Jule Delos is well I guess for he was at Sunday school must be

Sarah Albert is still living guess so far he was to singing school come & go with me to see Cousin Emily wont you please yes girls do if you please good by for now

I have the pleasure of subscribing myself most respectfully your affectionate
Sister Mary Frost
  to Jule & Sade good bye till next we

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0091Delos to Julia 1858
Covington Oct 3rd 1858
Sunday afternoon 4 ½ o’clock
Dear Julia
 I can’t think of anything to busy myself about unless it is to scrible a few more lines for your personal and I believe you agreed to answer all the letters I was a mind to write but don’t you began to fear you will have rather a hard time of it if you want to know what I have been doing to day I can tell you before Sunday school time I went over to your folk’es staid long enough to eat up a pan full of apple with Billy’s help then went to S. S. from there to David’s and have just got home from there Dave & Melis come as far as jas with us (Rod Jay and myself) they Dave & Melis are going to keeping house by themselves this week so call up and see them won’t you. If you could only see my hand shake you wouldn’t wonder at this awful looking writing it shakes almost as bad as yours when it gets to raping. But if it looks so bad you are ashamed of it you may burn it up before you read it. Did you have a good time at the fair and what did you see please tell will you what day did you go was it the day it rained so if it was I imagine you had a sweet time of it.
 O Jule Melis told me to tell you some thing and I would if I hadn’t forgot what it was. So I suppose I am excisable for not telling, ain’t I, you can ask her what it was and maybe she’ll tell you and that will do just as well.
 Don’t you admire the writing on this page please tell me how you like your new home and how long you intend to stay &c &c now please tell me do you enjoy yourself any better than you did on old Canoe Camp. Pleasant banks don’t you think it is pleasant I do but most any place would seem pleasant to me could I always share it with you my dearest friend and it is a pleasure for me to think although we are not permited to enjoy each others society at present we shall some day be happier for absence makes the heart grow fonder. But I must change this subject or you will be saying simple simple, (wont you and as it is most right I guess I will quit scribling for this time, by biding you good night.
[]  Transcribe February 21, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans

Elias Frost to Lyman Frost

Ludlow March 17th 1858
Dear friend your letter dated dec. 5 came duly to hand I should have answered it imedidtely but I wated to be in a better mood to write. and get some news to write and so I have delayed it to the present time, which was wrong for I don’t feel so well to write now as I did at that time my health is very poor I have a complaint which is very afflicting it is a bladder complaint or one that is connected with the bladder. I might come and visit you and your brothers and sisters if were a most any other complaint of equal magnitude. But as it is I think I never shall go from home much since I wrote to you last my health has been better some of the time than it was then or is now. But on the whole I am a falling in health and wearing out. I shall soon be gone from this World of sorrow and pain but. But o to be prepared for a better World and that life never ends. Should be (and I think I can say is) my greatest concern I am a striving to walk in that straight and narrow way that leads to life which I find to pleasant and peacefull but I find I am prone err a get out of the way I make but poor progress, though weak and faint yet persuing. When I am taken a way it will the duty of my executors to inform you of it. I live here yet with Samuel and Angeline White they have two children a daughter and a son Elizean Sisko has three children they live in the east part of this town and her father makes it his home there but he is frequently with his other children he travels and visits considerable.
 My sister Betsey Chapin (I have heard) is sick I have not seen her but I intend to go there soon. Her oldest daughter Elisabeth (and only daughter living) lives with her and Newman A. Chapin her youngest son. They live where they have for more than thirty years. Newman is not married. Elisabeth also is not married. Elias F Chapin my sisters oldest son lives in Belchortown some 12 or 14 miles easterly of this place. he bought a farm there two years a go this spring price about $2000 dollars he had to run I debt for the greatest part of it I don’t know how he will make out to pay for it. He is living with his second wife, he was married about four years ago. They had a son born last summer, he has four children living which were his first wife’s two sons & two daughters, Samuel W. Chapin lives in Springfield he was has one child a daughter living their first which was a son died.
 Samuel G. Keyes lives where he did when you was here He has four children has lost two, Wm L. Keyes his Brother lives in Spencer Worcester Co. Mass he has the care of a section of the rail road to kept it in repare at $40 per month he was married two years ago this spring I think he has a son a few weeks old. Tell your mother that Mrs Lalla Edson her brother Benjamin’s widow died last April and her son Merick Edson died sometime before she did and one of his daughters are dead, the widow Patience Pratt died the 13th of the present month aged almost 97yrs I saw your mothers sister Uncle Noah Frost widow this week she is quite feble but is able to set up some. I expect Mary her daughter will write to you soon she promised me she would.
 And now Lyman don’t stop writing to me I have neglected your letter so long. I am old and out of the habit of writing and my nerves are so affected some of the time that it is Difficult for me to indite or write. There has been in this town and in the adjoining town a most blessed revival of religion and is still in progress in many places many have been brought from darkness to light and from the dominion of devil and Satan unto God to embrace the truth as it is in Jesus. Some very extraordinary Conversions one in particular in this town.
 Much love to your mother and all the friends.
 I think that I shall write to you a gain in a few months at furthest
  Yours with much respect
 To Mr. Lyman Frost
    Elias Frost

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Covington Feb the 16 1859
Dear Friend
 With pleasure I take this opportunity of addressing a few lines to you. To let you know that I am well and hope you are the same. I have not heard anything from you since I was there. I should therefore be very happy to

Covington Feb 1859
To Make home Happy
 There is no place on Earth like a happy home, and every one should strive to render their home as pleasant as is in their power. And in order to do this they must be kind and obliging to each other always remembering to do as they would be done by and Oh! How pleasant it is to see the inmates of my household dwell together in love and harmony but on the contrary how unpleasant to behold who do not care for their families nor homes. But to make a gay and handsome appearance when abroad and perhaps when at home are fretful and illnatured, they certainly cannot enjoy much pleasure themselves neither do they let those around them and worse than all as man who makes practice of fleeing to the grog shop for past time and amusement, and perhaps has lift a companion and perhaps little ones, to mourn his atsenes and then when he returns in a stat of interaction and without the least shadow of cause to abuse his poor community wife and perhaps adoring his absence she has been pleading for God to rescue her companion from the dreadful ruin he is bringing upon himself, and without doubt her courage fails sometimes but she regains it by opening her bible and [___using] a few chapters. But the husband where does he go to free his mind from trouble, to the grog shop, but Oh how little he thinks of the trouble he is listening upon and family, and really it does not seem possible that a person in their right mind could ever be so cruel and thoughtless, and now I will lose by hoping that there will be no more intoxication nor that another women will ever have to indure the thoughts of her husbands being a drunkard!
  Mrs Collins of poverty holler

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Houston to Delos
Lansing April 10th 1859
D. H. Walker Esqr
 Covington Pa

Dear Coz
 Your favor of the – is at hand. Glad to hear from you. I’ve just got my clean shirt on should have gone to church but it rains pretty hard and is not at all pleasant. We are bound to have one of our gloomy days. Last Monday our County seat election came off. Which resulted in our defeat. We were beat by a little upwards of 400 majority. Was not that a pretty good victory. “bad luck to Lansing”. We have come to the conclusion that the people of Allamakee County are satisfied to have the county seat remain where it is could you be when you could take a look at me about ½ past twelve oclock. You would say my appetite was good enough. There is not much of a show for my neighbors at the table. By the way I’m boarding at the Hotel at present and shall until navigation closes. Oscar says he has no more to do with Mr Duane he releases all claim to him as agent. Puts it off on to me Ha! Ha! Miss S. H. E. has got back :good: I’d like to get one squint at her. Says I go it! Sally when you see her just give her my best respects. I think the week has past. She must be married before now. Tell me all you can learn about her because I’m very much interested you know. Ask her to send me a piece of her wedding cake. We did get some warm sugar before we left Canton brought some with us. Good luck to David & Melissa. You ask what I think about such getting married. Well! My sentiment are if they are satisfied with the arrangement. We should not interfere. We of course would not like to commence life with such prospects before us. But we must look out for ourselves. If we get into any such scrapes we must make the best of it Beware! Is the word.
 I had one letter from [___] since his school was out. Says they are at work in shop and all well. Julia (his) is at our house with her luggage &c. Remember me as ever to all friends. Regard to Aunt Eliza & Uncle &c and you write again to.
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Houston to Delos
Lansing Mch 11th 1859
D. H. Walker Esqr
 Covington Pa

Dear Cousin
 I’ve just time write you a few lines informing you of our safe arrival in Lansing. We left home the tuesday following the day we went from “Frost Holler”. Did not make the connection as well as we might have wished. Got home Sunday last about noon and glad enough too, to get back. We found our friend all well. The weather looks very much like spring. The river is thawing out very fastly. Expect boats will run in a week or few days. Oscar appears to like it very well. He has not looked around our town very much or become acquainted with many of the people yet. Especially the female portion. It has been awful muddy since we arrived consequently we have kept indoors pretty well. We have got an order for an election on the “removal of the county seat question” which takes place on the 1st Monday. We hope for success at least. Tell me when you write whether Roswell has gone to Canton to learn the trade of Father or not. As bad luck would have it we did not come through Rochester, consequently did not see “My once adored “Sade”” I don’t know but it will [___] me crazy. I’m going to keep my eye skinned all summer possibly I might see her pass by on a Steamboat or some other way “She’s a bird”. Ain’t she? I don’t know what else I shall write about this time unless I tell you a little about a robbery that was committed while I was absent. A man by the name of Faulkner and a negro who kept a barber shop in the same Salon (whiskey saloon) broke into the P. Office and took all the mail the could get hold of carried then into the cellar of the Saloon. Cut them open. Took all the value they contained (which fortunately was but $2 dollars in money they were suspected. The negro was arrested after a while confessed the whole and told of Faulkner being one of the band. He was also arrested, they were tried and bound over are now safe in the “County Jail”. There are suspicions that more are connected with the gang. Write me as soon as you get then tell me every thing remember me to all the folks, Houston

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Delos to Julia
Sunday, Jan 22. 1860
Dear Friend
 It is a beautiful day it looks almost like spring. I have just returned from meeting and I now have a few minutes time to spend in writing to her of whom I oftenest think. And though hills and valleys intervene between us we have the privilege of conversing by way of pen and ink with each other and it is pleasant to think that although we are separated far from each other we are watched over and cared for by some all wise being and permitted to call upon the same kind Parent for those blessing we need and to ask those blessing for one an other which he will bestow if we ask in a right manner. He is able to remove the dark clouds that may sometimes seem to hover around us. And to fill our heart with light and peace. O lets trust in him for he is good and his mercy a bideth for ever.
 I have just got home again and it is almost dark have been down after Ma and Mary they went to meeting this forenoon and staid to afternoon. Your sister Sally has got well I guess for she come up home yesterday. She had a quite a sick time and her throat broke on both sides. It is getting so dark that I cant see the lines so I must stop writing till after supper. Have been to supper and feel quite much refreshed. O I must tell you who I had for visitor yesterday. Mr Stanton came to school about 10 o’cloc and staid till noon. He read for us and I think he is first rate reader and I had six visitors besides him. So you don’t and yet I would sometimes rather see my on friend than all the rest. But I must be contented and wait patiently till the time comes when we can enjoy each others society and not be so far apart.
 I will now stop writing again and go over to your fathers a little while this evening but the one I would most like to see is not there but I hope she is where she can enjoy herself and be happy and I think you are happy are you not. Julia so good evening for the present. Once more I will try to finish my letter have just got back from your house and our folks are all to bed so there is no one to disturb me as I write your folks are well Sade went from there to day. Your Uncle James’s folks have been exposed to the measles. So you see they are getting meases but I hope to escape them for this winter at least.
 Jane made me a present to night of you & I as seen in Elmira. And who do you think your Pa thought we was when she showed the picture to him. He said he didn’t know unless it was Mr Morgan and old Aunt Liz Nobles (now ain’t that funny) I don’t know as I have any more news to tell you but I’ll turn to the next page and see what I can think of.
 I have very nice school this winter averages about 30 scholars this month and now my school is one day more than half out twill soon be done I often wish you had as pleasant a situation this winter as I have. Please tell me all about your school. Tell me when I may see the schoolmarm. That is if it is right for me to see her before school is out. You know best about that and decide as you think proper. Please promise me now that you wont take an other school in Rutland this spring wont you Jule. Don’t you think I an good to tease. Well you know I am so it don’t make much difference you may tell me it is none of my business if you want to for I know it isnt. So I wont tease any more this time. I must draw my scriblings to a close and go to bed so as to be ready to keep school again tomorrow and guess you will be glad I stoped by the time you have read this far but if I don’t want me to write silly letters stop at home and then I wont bother you with such silly trash. But as it is you will please excuse them wont you Jule and accept them as they are. Please write often for the time seems long when I don’t get letters from you as you say I like to get letters and I would like to answer them If I could write as interesting ones as o receive. But I must stop writing and may the time pass pleasantly and may you be happy is the proper of your unworthy friend.  Delos
     Yours as ever
      To Julia
Remember your friend and be assured that you are always remembered by him

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Julia to Delos
Rutland Jan 15, 1860
Dear friend
 Last evenings mail brought me another letter from you & I was glad you enjoyed yourself so well & also that you had a pleasant school for if anyone is in a pleasant school they can enjoy themselves if they are disposed to & I think you are in my last I told you I was going to a surprise party I went for I could help as it came where I was boarding. They had I very good time after a part of the company left & had an oyster supper which I enjoyed well of course & as I had pleasant company it all went off rather nice perhaps you would like to know who was my escort to Oysters so I will take the liberty of telling you it was an Artist who is in Roseville now by the name of Gary I have been in his room and had my miniature taken with Miss Electa [___net] from Elmira she is at work to Mr Van Allen & I like her very well which I can not say of every one in this place. I have had a spelling school & it was better than I expected sister Sally attended. The sun looks soft and smiling this morning & I wish I was where I could mind church which I suppose you are. But why should I sum to [___] at my place when I do not wish to for I might be placed in a great deal worse circumstance than I am for I have a sister here where I am perfectly at home & can come at any time for which I am thankful & I have some other friends in this place I think. But 2 months more & I can wish my fathers house again so my heart is filled with light and peace to think I am still an [___] of Gods kind care; still remember your unworthy friend & she hopes your school will be pleasanter to you if that can be than it has been as Sally & Harm are almost ready I must close these pencil was pen & ask you to excuse them & this letter & am sure you will be willing to destroy as soon as read
 I remain as ever your friend Jule

  To Delos
    Excuse mistakes &
    Rutify Blunders

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James Everets to Delos Walker
Hanford Landing
Jan 12th /61
Friend Delos
 It is with pleasure that I take my pen to answer you kind letter which was gladly received I was very sorry to hear that Pa had hurt him self I wrote back the next day to them to write and let me know how he was getting along but I have not heard from them Delos I want you to write and let me know how he is for I am very anxious to hear from him.
 This leaves us all well Aunt got back from Albion to day they were all well Hat is going to stay untill I go up we had almost made up our mind that they had left us they expect Walter home Henry wrote home he does not like Jamestown I cannot think of enny news Delos do you not think that I have a lot of friends for I have wrote five letter and got only two and that is dull business we have had nice weather for three weeks past but to day is very cold and snowes and blows Fan wants to know if Randel made a weding it is most four Oclock and I shall have to stop scribling for you will be plagued to read it for I have very poor pen tell Roswell that I should be very much please to get a letter from him Fan send  her respect to all no more at present give my respect to all good by be sure and write
 From your friend
  Jas Everts

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(1) one tub of butter

Marked to  Jas Allen     [___] [___] Tent Agt
  Camp Richmond Va

The following was written on the back

Dear Mother
 I will now tempt to write a few lines to you and ask of you a favor which I do not want you to grant if you are not interested to that you can just as well, I should like to get Jene to help me when we build our house you can spare her please tell [Hor___], The children are all about sick with colds I feel very scary about Gene she coughs so hard all come and see us
 Yours Truly
  N A Allen

Mary to Julia
Spencer Dec 7th 18sixty two
Sunday Morning
Dear Cousin Julia
 I thought I would spend a few moments this morning writing to you. We are all well & hope these few lines may find you the same. I had intended too have written [___] this. & then I though I would wait until I had learned plenty of news although its scarce Lib has been gone over a week visiting. We some expect her back today. Rate is staying with Lois yet. Think she will stay all winter. We heard from Harrison yesterday have not heard from George since we was at Aunt Hannah’s. H. has been exchanged is now at Arlington Heights. We had a letter from Uncle Curtis one week ago. He had just returned from the City. He took Hannah with him & left her she is there sick. He staid with her two weeks he said he was afraid she would not live when she was first taken. But was better before he left. We had a great journey home I assure you we did not stop a great while for the rain, Pa was not looking for us home so soon.
 Winter has commenced for certain not much snow but very cold. There has been a man here the past week fixing our house. It is finished now & we are almost lost it seems as though we are away from home. I promised Sarah I would write too her. But have not. Tell her she must write to me & tell me how she gets along this cold weather with her little baby & all the rest of the news. All about Aunt Julia & whether Emily has recovered yet. Ancel’s wife told us that they thought she would never get well. has Nathaniel’s wife gone to Vermont yet. If so tell when you write if you have heard from her & if she arrived safe.
 One of our neighbors was up to [E___] Friday she had an excellent visit. She had just rec’d a letter from Horace & Charlie they were feeling very fine. Charlie said Nat talked of getting married but he did not know who it was too. They had two barrels of cider peaches 2 shillings per bushel I think they will afford to live pretty high. Electra has forgotten to enquire about Plisnard, she wants to know if he keeps old Prince yet. I wish some of you would come out & make a visit I don’t think there is anything to prevent you. Sarah especially I think she might come & I shall look for her by & by. We left several deeds too Aunts there as my [___] felt that I should like to have some of you send me a letter if you will do so I will be very obliged as there is no more [___] like the trimming on my dress within 30 miles. Take it off of the [___] & it will never be noticed in a letter & the velvet one you can bring some time when you come. & tell Jane too send that likeness I did not intend to give it to her I was only talking in fun. Do not forget it if you have too pay more than three cts postage I will pay they difference next time. Direct Halsey [_ally]
 Good bye from Mary A. R.  Tioga Co. N.Y.
 To Cousin Julia
  How is Uncle & Aunts health tell them to come out. Write soon & often. & I will do the same.
 Ask Pete if Tom has been [___] any more listening to his talk since I come away.

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