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Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1863.

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele for letting us scan these pages.
The names of the Earlier Settlers who have held important positions in the counties of Tioga and Chemung, may be interesting to their descendants. It is difficult to separate the two counties and do justice to all.

The Members of Assembly from Tioga and Chemung from the organization of each, are as follows:


1792 John Fitch 1793 John Patterson
1794 Vincent Mathews 1795 Vincent Mathews
1796 Emanuel Coryell 1797 Emanuel Coryell
1798 Emanuel Coryell, Benjamin Hovey 1799 Matthew Carpenter
1800 Samuel Tinkham 1801 Edward Edwards
1802,1803 Caleb Hyde 1804 Ashbel Welles
1805,1806, 1807 John Miller 1808,1809,1810 Emanuel Coryell
1811 Thomas Floyd 1812 Henry Wells
1813 Jabez Beers 1814, 1815 Caleb Baker
1816, 1817, 1818 Gamaliel H. Barstow 1819 Henry Wells
1820 Hudson Jennings 1821 Samuel Lawrence
1822 Jared Patchen 1823 Matthew Carpenter, Benjamin Jennings
1824 Grant B. Baldwin, G.H. Barstow Charles Pumpelly, Samuel Winston
1826 Isaac Baldwin, Anson Camp 1827 David Williams, G. H. Barstow
1828 William Maxwell, Jacob Smartwood 1829 Caleb Baker, Samuel Baragar
1830 J. B. McDowell, Wright Dunham 1831 J.G. McDowell, David Williams
1832 Nathaniel Smith, Joel Tallmadge, Jr. 1833 Jacob Westlake, Thomas Farrington
1834 John R. Drake, Geo. Gardner 1835 Geo. Fisher, Green Bennett
136 E. H. Goodwin, W.H. Sutton 1837 Ezra Canfield
1838 John Coryell 1839 Wright Dunham
1840 Tos. Farrington 1841 Washington Smith
1842 John McQuigg 1843 Simeon R. Griffin
1844 Nathaniel W. Davis 1845, 1846 Gideon O. Chase
1847 Charles R. Barstow 1848 Erastus Goodrich
1849 E. S. Sweet 1850 Isaac Lott
1851 James Ely 1852 William Pierson
1853 T.J. Chatfield 1855 Lewis P. Legg
1856 Abram H. Miller



1837 Jacob Westlake 1838 Hiram White
1839 J. P. Couch 1840 Guy Hulett
1841 Jefferson B. Clark 1842, 1843 S. G. Hathaway, Jr.
1844 S. Hazen 1845 Peter McKey
1846 Abm. Primmer 1847 William Maxwell
1848 G. W. Buck 1849 Alva Nash
1850 Philo Jones 1851 Samuel Minier
1852 Jas. B. Van Etten 1853 H. W. Jackson
1854 John M. Randall 1855 Orrin Robinson
1856 J. Burr Clark 1857 Wm. T. Hastings
1858 John Haggerty 1859 Lucius Robinson
1860 Lucius Robinson 1861 Tracy Beadle
1862 Charles Hulett


1818 to June 1822,  John L. Tillinghast
1822 to 1823 William Maxwell
1823 to 1826 Eleazer Dana
1826 to 1835  A. Konkle
1835 to July 1836  A. K. Gregg


1791 to 1798 Abraham Miller
1798 to 1807 John Patterson
1807 to 1810 John Miller
1810 to 1818 Emanuel Coryell
1818 to 1828 G. H. Barstow
1828 to 1833 Grant B. Baldwin
1833 to 1838 John R. Drake


1836 to 1844 Jos. L. Darling
1844 to 1846 James Dunn
1846 to 1847 Jos. L. Darling
1847 to Nov. 1850 J. W. Wisner
Nov. 1850 to Jan. 1851 A. Konkle
1857 to ---- A. S. Thurston
Present Incumbent E. P. Brooks


1836 to 1841 A. K. Gregg
1841 to 1844 D.C. Woodcock
1844 to 1845 W. North
1845 to 1847 E. P. Brooks
1847 to 1850 E. P. Hart
1850 to 1855 E. Quin
1855 to 1856 A. Robertson
1856 to 1859 S. B. Tomlinson
1861, April to July H. Gray


Feb. 1791 to Jan. 13, 1792 Thos. Nicholson
Jan. 1792 to 27th March 1819 Matthew Carpenter
March 1819 to Jan. 1, 1829 Thos. Maxell
Jan. 1829 to Jan. 1835 Green M. Tuthill
Jan. 1835 to Jan. 1843 D. Wallis
Nov. 1843 to Jan. 1853 M. Stevens
Jan. 1, 1853 L. W. Kingman


Nov. 1837 to Nov. 1840 Isaac Baldwin
Nov. 1840 to Nov. 1846 S. L. Rood
Nov. 1846 to Nov. 1849 G. M. Tuthill
Nov. 1849 to Nov. 1855 A. R. Babcock
Nov. 1855 to Nov. 1858 Richard Baker
Nov. 1858 to Nov. 1861 U. S. Lowe
Jan. 1862 S. B. Tomlinson


Feb. 17, 1791 to 18th Feb. 1795 Jas. McMasters Feb. 18 1795 to 1799 Jos. Hinchman
1799 to 1800 Edward Edwards Feb. 1800 to Jan. 1804 Guy Maxwell
Jan. 1804 to Jan. 1805 John Cantine Jan. 1805 to Apr. 5 1806 Wm Woodruff
April 1806 to Feb. 1810 Wm Jenkins Feb. 1810 to Feb. 1811 Jon’a Platt
Feb. 1811 to March 1813 Miles Forman March 1813 to April 1815 Jon’a Platt
April 1815 to March 1819 Miles Forman March 1819 to July 1819 E. S. Hinman
July 1819 to Feb. 1821 Henry Wells Feb. 1821 to Nov. 1822 Miles Forman
Nov. 1822 to Nov. 1825 Wm. Jenkins Nov. 1825 to Nov. 1828 E. Shoemaker
Nov. 1828 to Nov. 1831 H. McCormick Nov. 1831 to Nov. 1834 Lyman Covell
Nov. 1834 to Nov. 1837 John Jackson


Nov. 1837 to Nov. 1840 A. A. Beckwith
Nov. 1840 to Nov. 1843 Samuel Minier
Nov. 1843 to Nov. 1846 William R. Judson
Nov. 1846 to Nov. 1849 William Skellinger
Nov. 1849 to Nov. 1852 William T. Reeder
Nov. 1852 to Nov. 1855 Daniel F. Pickering
Nov. 1858 to Nov. 1861 William M. Gregg
Nov. 1861 William Halliday


The first Senator from the Southern Tier in the Western District was Vincent Mathews, 20th Session 1796 and 1797. 22nd Session ’98, ’99 and 1800. 24th do. 1801 and 1802.

1804, 5, 6, 7, and 8 Caleb Hyde
1811 to 1814 Henry A. Townsend
1815 to 1816 Farrand Stranahan
1819 to 1822 G. H. Barstow
1823 S. G. Hathaway, F. Stranahan
1824 to 1827 L. A. Burrows
1828 to 1831 G. H. Wheeler
1832 to 1835 J. G. McDowell
1836 to 1838 Eben Mack
1837 to 1840 D. S. Dickinson
1840 to 1844 A. B. Dickinson
1841 to 1844 Nehemiah Platt
1848 Wm. M. Hawley
1852 R. R. Cornell
1850 G. B. Guinnup
1851 W. J. Gilbert
1854 A. B. Dickinson


Of the members of Congress, none appear from this section until the 11th Congress, 1809 to 1811.

Vincent Mathews Uri Tracy, 1812 to 1813
O. C. Comstock, 1813 to 1815 Daniel Avery, 1813 to 1815
E. T. Throop, 1815 to 1817 Daniel Avery, 1815 to 1817
John R. Drake, 1817 to 1819 O. C. Comstock
Caleb Baker, 1819 to 1821 D. Woodcock, 1821 to 1823
Samuel Lawrence, 1823 to 1825 Chas. Humphrey, 1825 to 1827
D. Woodcock, 1827 to 1829 Thomas Maxwell, 1829 to 1831
G. H. Barstow, 1831 to 1833 S. G. Hathaway, N. Halsey, 1832 to 1835
S. B. Leonard, 1835 to 1837 A. D. W. Bruyn, 1837 to 1839
Hiram Gray, 1837 to 1839 S. B. Leonard, 1839 to 1841
Samuel Partridge, 1841 to 1845 Smith M. Purdy, 1843 to 1845 
Stephen Strong, 1845 to 1847 Wm. T. Lawrence, 1847 to 1849
S. S. Ellsworth, 1845 to 1847 Wm. T. Jackson, 1849 to 1851
H. S. Walbridge, 1851 to 1853 Andrew Oliver, 1853 to 1855
Andrew Oliver, 1855 to 1857

Trinity Church, Elmira, is located on the corner of Main and Church streets. This edifice was commenced in 1855 and completed in 1858. Seats six hundred persons. A brick building; cost $20,000. The organization was in 1833. The first Rector was Rev. Thomas Clark; present Rector, Rev. Andrew Hull. Communicants, one hundred and sixty. Sunday School one hundred and thirty scholars, twelve female and five male teachers. Francis Collingwood, Superintendent.

Wardens-Harvey Luce, B. P. Beardsley

Vestry-William P. Yates, Dorns Hatch, John Arnot, Jr., E. H. Benn, V. B. Read, J. R. Lawrence, G. L. Smith, Francis Collingwood.

Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church-Located on Corner of Cross and High Streets; number of members, 3,000; edifice built in 1854, 130 by 60, of brick; cost $35,000. First Pastor, Rev. Patrick Brady; present, Rev. M. Kavanaugh.

Sunday School-John Byrne, Superintendent; 10 male teachers, 20 female teachers; male scholars, 175, female scholars, 225.

First Presbyterian Church-Organized 1793; first Pastor, Rev. Daniel Thatcher; present Pastor, Rev. George C. Curtis, D. D.; members, 278; brick building now erecting, corner of Baldwin and Church streets; entire length, including Lecture Room, 132 feet; width of Church edifice, 62 feet; Lecture Room, 35 by 78 feet.

Sunday School, Superintendent, J. Redfield; 10 male, 23 female teachers; number of scholars, 60 males, 115 females.

Second Presbyterian Church –Organized 1860; location, corner of Church and Lake streets; edifice built in 1862, of brick, 70 by 90; cost $20,000; first Pastor, Rev. David Murdoch; members, 148.

Sunday School, Superintendent, D. Thompson Dunn; 8 male, 20 female teachers; scholars, 85 male, 118 females.

First Methodist Episcopal Church-Location on Baldwin street, between Second and Church; Pastor, James E. Latimer; organized, -------; present edifice was built in 1851, of brick, 54 by 76; cost $10,000.

Sunday School, Superintendent, Elias S. Huntley; teachers, 10 male, 13 females; scholars, 60 male, 100 females.

Second Methodist-Hedding Church-Church street, between College Avenue and Columbia; members present, 200; built in 1852, brick; cost $20,000; first Pastor, Wm. H. Goodwin, D.D.; present Pastor, Rev. Edwin J. Hermans.

Sunday School, Superintendent, David Decker; teachers, 8 males, 8 females; scholars, 40 male, 60 females.

African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church-Built in 1852, 30 by 40, wood; cost $1,000; first Pastor, John Tappen; present, James H. Smith.

Independent Congregational Church-Organized in 1845; first Pastor, F. W. Graves; present, T. K. Beecher, D.D.; edifice built in 1858, 90 by 65; cost $9,000; members, 240.

Sunday School, Superintendent, Charles T. Farrar; teachers, 8 males 21 females; scholars, 70 males, 90 female.

First Baptist Church-Location, Church street, between Wisner and Main; organized in May, 1829; first Pastor, Philander D. Gillett; numbers of members, 221; edifice built in 1848; wood, stuccoed; cost $8,000; present Pastor, Rev. T. O. Lincoln, D.D.

Sunday School, Superintendent, N.P. Fassett; teachers, 8 males, 21 females; scholars, 82 male, 127 female.

Central Baptist Church-Church street, corner of Church and Conongue; organized in 1859; edifice built in 1860, of brick 54 by 80; cost $10,000; first Pastor, Rev. J.R. Wilson; present, (supply) S.M. Broakman.

Sunday School, Superintendent, B.P. Fenner; teachers, 5 male, 17 females; scholars, 45 male, 75 females.

Young Men’s Christian Association-Organized in 1858; number of members at organization, 45; present number, 202; Reading Room in Ely’s Hall; 30 newspapers, 12 magazines.

President M.S. Converse
Vice President W.J. Moulton
Recording Secretary T.W. Elmore
Corresponding Secretary C.C. Hall
Treasurer S.R. Van Campen
M. S. Converse W. J. Moulton
T. W. Elmore C. C. Hall
S. R. Van Campen S. Rose, Jr.
I. F. Hart William Dundas
E. N. Frisbie A. S. Clarke

Reading Room open daily, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Free to all. Strangers especially invited to avail themselves of the privileges of the reading room.

The Fire Department of Elmira is well and efficiently organized, and reflects much credit on the enterprise and public spirit of the citizens.

President Washington Marsh
Secretary F. Collingwood
Treasurer W. P. Yates
No. 1 Hook & Ladder Washington Marsh and B. F. Hancock
No. 1 Engine F. Collingwood and G. A. Gerow
No. 2 Engine J. T. Dudley and Burr L. Hendrick
No. 3 Engine Ambrose Wise and B. Coleman
No. 5 Engine F. C. Stele and O. A. Drury
Chief Engineer Washington Marsh
1st Assistant Burr L. Hendrick
2d. Assistant O. A. Drury
Protection Hook & Ladder Company No. 1, is located on Cross street; has 72 members
Foreman John Lovell
1st Assistant Edward Bartholomew
2d Assistant Theodore A. Allen
Secretary E. B. Pickering
Treasurer F. A. Stowell
Torrent Engine Company No. 1, is located on Water street; has 70 members
Foreman G. A. Gerow
1st Assistant B. Gibbs
2d Assistant J. Hall
Secretary Calvin White
Treasurer W. P. Yates
Neptune Engine Company No. 2, is located on Water street; has 58 members
Foreman Miles Trout
1st Assistant Daniel White
2d Assistant C. B. Stuart
Secretary C. Beadle
Treasurer Burr L. Hendrick
Red Rover Engine Company No. 3, is located on Water street; has 80 members
Foreman B. Coleman
1st Assistant W. C. Russell
2d Assistant P. Clancy
Secretary Robert Shay
Treasurer James Chapman
Citizen’s Engine Company No. 5, is located on South Lake street; has 65 members
Foreman H. Hitchcock
1st Assistant F. C. Steele
2d Assistant Philip Farley
Secretary S. G. Stryker
Treasurer Wm. R. Loomis


A very important auxiliary in promoting the substantial growth and permanence of our industrial, scientific, moral and religious institutions, is the Country Press; without the assistance of which no enterprise can succeed. Although that Press has done and is doing a great work for society in a sphere where no metropolitan journals can compete with it, it is too often left to languish unsupported, owing to the fact that men do not appreciate its great importance until the very moment when they have "an axe to grind: on the editorial grindstone. It is the local journal that gives character and importance to the town or district wherein it is published. We claim for it in this respect, a precedence over all other influences. Its usefulness might be vastly increased, and the interests of community correspondingly promoted, if its efforts to subserve the common welfare were responded to by a generous confidence and patronage, instead of a distrust, at present much too common, of its faithfulness and reliability, indicated by a parsimonious support, grudgingly bestowed.

For many of the facts in this sketch of Elmira Newspapers we are indebted to the Gazeteer of the State of New York, published by R. Pearsall Smith in 1860.


The first paper published in Chemung County, (then Tioga) was called The Telegraph, published by Brindle & Murphy, at an early day. (We have not the date of its first issue at hand.) In 1816 its name was changed to The Vidette, Brindle & Murphy publishers, subsequently published by William Murphy.

The Investigator was commenced at Elmira in 1820, by Job Smith. In 1822 its name was changed to the The Tioga Register, and in 1828 to The Elmira Gazette, and its publication continued by Mr. Smith until 1831. It was successively issued by Brinton Paine, Cyrus Pratt, Pratt & Beardsley, Mason & Rhodes, George W. Mason, William C. Rhodes, until 1857, when it passed into the hands of S. C. Taber, by whom it was published until September 1858, when F. A. DeVoe purchased the office, and has published the paper uninterruptedly since that time.

In August 1856, The Daily Gazette was started and continued until June 1857, when it was suspended, and again started in April 1860 by its present proprietor, with Horton Tidd as Editor, who still continues to occupy that position, he having been the Editor of the Weekly Gazette since its purchase by Mr. DeVoe.

The Elmira Republican was commenced in 1820 and in 1828 it was changed to The Elmira Whig, and published by James Durham. In 1829 it was again changed to The Elmira Republican and Canal Advertiser. In 1831 it passed into the hands of John Duffy and its name was changed back to The Elmira Republican. It was afterwards issued by Birdsall & Huntley, Ransom & Birdsall, Polleys & Carter, Polleys & Cook, Polleys & Huntley, S. B. & C. G. Fairman, C. G. Fairman, Fairman & Baldwin, Baldwin & Dumars, and Mr. Calhoun, until 1857, when it was discontinued. The Elmira Daily Republican was issued a short time in 1846. The Daily Republican was issued from the Republican office from the fall of 1851 to 1855.

The Elmira Advertiser, Daily and Weekly, was commenced in 1853 by Fairman Brothers. In 1856 F. A. DeVoe became pecuniarily interested in it and Fairman & DeVoe continued its publication until January 1st, 1863, when Mr. DeVoe sold his interest, and S. B. Fairman became the sole proprietor. He continues the publication of the Daily and Weekly with S. B. & C. G. Fairman as Editors.

The Elmira Daily Democrat was issued a short time in 1851 by J. Taylor and S. C. Taber.

The Young American-a journal designed more especially for young people-was published in 1855, by James H. Paine. And was continued nearly a year.

The Daily Press was established in May, 1859, by Messrs. Dumars, Van Gelder and Paine; subsequently published by Dumars & Van Gelder, R. R. R. Dumars, Dumars, & Paine, and was purchased by its present proprietors-Messrs. Thayer & Whitley-in October, 1862.

The Temperance Gem, a monthly publication was issued in Elmira in 1856.