Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1863.

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele for letting us scan these pages. 


For ab., read above; al., alley; av, avenue; bds, boards; bel, below; bet, between; carp, carpenter; cor, corner; col’d, collored; E, east; h, house; lab, laborer; manuf, manufacturer; manufy, manufactory; N, north; nr, near; pl, place; propr, proprietor; res, residence; rd, road; S, south; W, west.

The word Street is implied


Abbey G B, barkeeper, h 1 Wyckoff’s Block

Abbot Aaron B, railroad conductor, h 3 College av

Abbot Charles R, carriage trimmer, 17 Carroll, h 22 Hudson

Abbott Franklin J, blacksmith, h 51 Water

Abbott, William, shoemaker, bds 208 Water

Abraham Lazarus, peddler, h 4 Washington

Adams Jere, h 19 William

Adams John, shoemaker, h Elm nr S lake

Addison Mrs Abigail, (col’d) laundress, h 15 Dickinson

Albro Walter H, clerk, bds 38 Gray

Albro Wm W, tobacconist, h 38 Gray

Alexander Minor, tanner, bds 6 S Lake

Allen Asa M, carp, h 24 E Second

Allen John, miller, bds Franklin House

Allen John S, printer, Fairman & De Voe’s Job Printing Office

Allen R R, bridge builder, bds 1 Magee

Allenton John, lab, h 25 Water

Alliston Shadrach, tailor, h 12 De Witt

Alvord Mrs Hila, h 36 First

Alvord Otis, wool sorter, h 24 Oak

Aman Jacob, brewer, h 104 Baldwin

Ambrose Michael, lab, h 52 College av

American Hotel, Chas I Bush Prop’r, cor Third and Wisner

Anderson F, bridge builder, bds 1 Magee

Anderson John G, carp, h 15 Jay

Anderson Wesley, h 5 S Main

Andre John L, tailor, h 70 Church

Andrews H, fireman, bds 1 Magee

Andrews John, saw maker, h 333 Water

Andrews William, saw maker, h 337 Water

Andrus Sylvester G, boarding house, 27 main

Anhalt Abram, ( J A & Co0 bds 35 High

Anhalt J & Co (Julius and Abram Anhalt) wool dealers, 107 Water

Anhalt Julius, (J A & Co) bds 25 High

Ansell William, spinner, h 76 Sullivan

Apr Joseph, propr Hoffman’s Hotel, 157 Wisner

ARBOUR HOTEL, Salon and Billiard Rooms, 7 9 and 11 Lake, Joshua Jones propr

Arburtis Steve, boatman, bds 125 Baldwin

Archer George H, saloon, 172 Water, h same

Armitage Richard F, tinner, 214 Water, h 122 Cross

Armitage,William F, dentist, 100 Water, h 214 Church

Armstrong George (col’d) lab, h 121 lake

Armstrong Joseph m, baggage master, h 14 First

Armstrong Mrs Maria M, dress-maker, h 19 E Union

Arnhault Morris, pedlar, h 35 High

Arnold Philip, brewer, h 29 E Union

Arnot John, pres’dt Chemung Canal Bank, h 57 Lake

Arnot John jr, Cashier Cheumg Canal Bank, h 76 Water

Arnot Mrs Maria, h 17 Hudson

Arnot Matthias h, ass’t cashier Chemung Canal Bank, bds 57 Lake

ARNOT STEPHEN T, Vice Pres Chemung Canal Bank, Sup’t Elmira Gas Company and propr Seneca Lake Steamers, 5 lake, h 144 Church

Arnot William H, bds 17 Hudson

Aspinwall Edwin P, book-keeper, bds 49 First

Aspinwall Pomeroy, h 49 First

Assauer Christian, grocer, 27 E Union, h same

Atkins Christopher C, tailor, cor lake and Water, h 280 Water

Atkins Christopher C Jr, cigar maker, bds 280 Water

Atkins Robert T, cigar maker, bds 280 Water

Atkins William, lab, h S Main nr Franklin

Atkinson Frank H, book-keeper, bds 92 Cross

Atwater Dwight, coal dealer, bds 66 Main

Averill Levi, h cor Church and High

Ayrault Miles, sup’t Elmira Water Co, office with S R Van Campen, bds Brainard House

Ayres Jehial T, cigar maker, h Hudson bet S Main and Harmon

Ayres Miss Martha, dressmaker, bds 5 Ann

AYRES SOCRATES, watchmaker and jeweler and insurance agent, 99 Water, h 84 Lake


Babcock Erastus F, lawyer and Ass’t Assessor U S Internal Revenue, 160 Water, bds 32 Main

Babcock, George, machinist, bds Bevier House

Babcock John G., carp, h 36 Orchard

Bacon William, axe grinder, h 21 S. Water

Badger Harwood M, h 48 Factory

Badger L. M, watches and jewelry, 103 Wisner, h 31 Fourth

Badger Russell M, lab, h59 College av

Bailey Columbia, h 72 Gray

Bailey Francis, (col’d) barber, 19 lake, h same

Bailey Henry L, tanner, bds 56 Factory

Bailey, Isaac H. butcher, h 19 Columbia

Bailey James E, wagon-maker, h 4 Conongue

Bailey Timothy, shoemaker, bds 15 S. Lake

Baker, Miss Ann J., h 55 Water

Baker Francis, lab, h 75 Water

Baker Frederick, brick maker, h 17 Fifth

Baker George, farmer, bds 47 Hudson

Baker Henry, h 15 High

Baker James M, restaurant, 190 Water, h same

Baker Jonathan G, clerk, bds

Baker, John S, toll-keeper, Lake st Bridge, h 3 S. Lake

Baker Leroy, bds 47 Hudson

Baker Nathan, marble dealer, 79 Water, h 40 Water

Baker, Richard, h 47 Hudson

Baker Sparrow, butcher, 194 Water, h 28 Hudson

Baldwin Alexander H, ice dealer and lumberman, bds Haight’s Hotel

Baldwin Elisha G, printer, h 9 Harmon

Baldwin Gordon W, bds 70 Lake

Baldwin Henry, exp messenger, h 27 Gray

Baldwin J Davis, coal dealer, 112 Cross, h 70 Lake

Baldwin John S, ice dealer, h river rd, Southport

Baldwin Thomas D, (B & Reynolds) h 44 First

Baldwin William I, clerk, bds 70 Lake

BALDWIN & REYNOLDS (THOMAS d b, Samuel N R) merchant tailors, 149 Water

Bales William S, carp, h 29 First

Ball Jonathan, Sup’t Elmira Umbrella manu’fg co, h 24 W Union

Ballard WW & co, (William W B, Joseph C Sampson) oil barrel manufy 164 Church

Ballard William w, (W W B & co) h 42 Baldwin

Baltz John F, cooper, h 4 Gray

Baltz Richard D, cooper, h 76 Baldwin

Bank of Chemung, Tracy Beadle pres’dt, Ralph W Beadle cashier, Henry W Beadle ass’t cashier, 130 Water

Barber Abbott, mason, h 93 First

Barber James W, mason, h 17 Sullivan

Barbour Elijah N, butter dealer, h 255 Church

Barentlar P, saloon, 84 Wisner cor Second, h same

Barker James M, shoemaker, bds 3 Cross

Barnes David, carp, h 345 Water

Barnes William H, (Thomas & B) bds National Hotel

Barnes Willis S, oyster dealer, bds Brainard House

Barnett Jeremiah, lab, h Fulton bet Hudson and River

Barnett John, lab, h 30 Hatch

Barney Henry, bds 9 S. Water

Barney Joseph H, clerk, h 9 S Water

Barr Gabriel, intelligence office, 56 Lake, h same

Barr Nicholas, lab, h 1 Canal

Barrett Warren S, h Tuthill av, nr Factory

Barry David, lab, h Walnut, nr Hudson

Barry John, lab, h 14 Henry

Barth Ferdinand, carp, h 19 First

Bartholomew Edmund, carp, bds 49 Baldwin

Bartholomew Josiah, carp, h 48 Baldwin

Bartholomew Oscar N, carp, h 20 orchard

BARTHOLOMEW URIAH, tobacconist, 9 Baldwin, boards Brainard House

Bartholph Andrew, blacksmith, h 67 Gray

Barton R. Walter, (B & Dickinson) h cor Baldwin and Third

Barton & Dickinson, (R Walter B, George S D) grocers, 8 Lake

Bateman Mrs Eliza, h 56 Washington

Bates James, mason, h partridge, nr S. Main

Bauer Charles, iron worker, h 119 Lake

Bauer George, bds 119 Lake

Beach William, h 24 William

Beadle Chauncey M, clerk, bds 86 Lake

Beadle Henry W, ass’t Cashier Bank of Chemung, bds 86 Lake

Beadle Ralph W, Cashier Bank of Chemung, bds 86 Lake

Beaman M, bridge builder, bds 1 Magee

Bean George, tanner, h 3 N Oak

Bean Martin, clerk, bds 19 Wisner

Beardsley Beoni P, edge tool manuf, 50 Lake, h 92 Cross

Beardsley Elisha J, teacher, h S Water bet Harmon and Main

Bechtol Hiram, shoemaker, h 44 Clinton

Beck Mrs. Rosanna, h cor Fourth and Dickinson

Beckwith George, farmer, h 230 Hoffman

Beckwith James B, dyer, 51 Water, h same

Bedell Horace, (Cook, Willis, B & Co0 h 59 Baldwin

Bedine Daniel S, wagon maker, bds 6 Washington

Beebe George, lawyer, 4 Lake, h 4 ½ Ann

Beecher Rev Thomas K, Pastor Congregational Church, h Factory nr Water Cure

Beers, E. O, Capt N Y Vol, bds 323 Water

Beers George, carp, h 318 Water

Beers Johnson, (Elmendorf & B) h cor John and DeWitt

Beers William, carp, h 323 Water

Bell Andrew W, iron worker, h corn Willow and Washington av

Bell M Addison, carp, h 166 Water

Belton Samuel, blacksmith, h 62 High

Bement Rev William, h 76 Washington av

Benedict James, carp, h cor Broadway and Main

Benjamin Henry L, physician, h 38 Main

Benjamin James h, clerk, bds 108 Lake

Benjamin Simeon, Vice Pres’dt Elmira Rolling Mill Co, 130 Water, h 96 Lake

Benjamin William F, clerk and steward Female College, h 108 Lake

Benn Erastus H, lawyer, 20 Lake, h 30 First

Bennett Albert P, h 31 De Witt

Bennett Miss Frances L, (Cole & B) bds 50 Cross

Bennett Mrs Rheuby, h 292 Water

Bennett Solomon, lumber manuf, h 37 Main

Bennett Wm H, law student, bds 60 Sullivan

Benson Joseph, lab, bds 27 Water

Benson William, lab, bds 27 Water

Benton Henry P, surveyor, h 13 Gray

Berhalter Joseph, shoemaker, 105 Church, h same

Bermingham, Mrs. Mary, h 11 E. Third

Bermingham, Michael, lab, h 9 E. Third

Berner Adam, vinegar manuf, 30 Water, h same

Berry David, carp, h 14 Sullivan

Bertholf Theodore, clerk, bds Gray cor Davis

Bessy John, carp, h 281 Church

Betson Peter, lab, h 12 N. Oak

Bettridge Henry E, baker, h 82 Church

Bevier Edgar, porter, Delavan House

Bevier Henry H, (B & Briggs) h 260 Water

Bevier House, O C Waters prop’r, 117 Wisner

Bevier & Briggs (Henry H Bevier, Thomas Briggs) brewers and malsters Second nr Wisner

Bidwell, Gilbert, (B & Moshier) h cor S lake and Mt Zoar

Bidwell & Moshier, (Gilbert B, Humphrey J M) meat market cor Church and Wisner

Bigelow William A, (B & Richardson) h 11 S. Lake

Bigelow & Richardson, (William A B, Jackson R) boots and shoes, Water nr Wisner

Biggs Miss Mary, milliner, Holden’s Hall, bds 79 Baldwin

Biggs Peter, (Kelly, B & Co) h 79 Baldwin

Billett Francis, lab, bds 76 Gray

Billett Joseph, grocer, 188 Water, h 222 Church

Billett Theodore, moulder, h 76 Gray

Billings John L, grocer, 32 Water, h same

Bingham Almerin, hatter, Stuart & Ufford, h S. Water

Bingham John, carp, bds 37 S Water

Bird Isaac, (col’d) lab, h 30 S Lake

Birdsall Oliver, grocer, 47 main, h 54 Main

Birmingham James, lab, h 78 Baldwin

Birmingham John, lab, h 48 College av

Bishop Mrs Mary, h 44 Clinton

Bishop Vincent, lab, h 12 N Oak

Bissell William D, Blacksmith, with C L David

Blaisdell Stephen, cancer doctor, bds 208 Water

Blake Abijah, h 44 S Water

Blake Elial B, umbrella cutter, h 27 College av

Blake Jonathan, bds cor Lake and Washington av

Blake John, lab, h 209 Wisner

Blampied John, hackman, h 219 Church

Blampied Joshua, baker and grocer, 196 Water, h 107 Wisner

Bliven Asa, (B & Jewett) h 39 Wisner

Bliven George, machinist, at 181 Church

Bliven & Jewett, (Asa B, Thomas M J Jr) iron manuf, cor Wisner and Church

Blodgett Gardner A, lab, h 50 Gray

Bloss Francis, boots & shoes, 27 Union, bds Western Hotel

Bloss Martin, shoemaker, h 27 Jay

Blossom Enos, bds Brainard House

Bly Norman, teller Bank of Chemung, bds Brainard House

Boake James, lab, h 92 Second

Boardley Mrs. Catherine, (col’d) bds 14 Perry

Bochnievetch Joseph, saloon, 73 Water, h same

Bodine John S, wagon maker, bds Washington

Bogart James, bds haight’s Hotel

Bogart Louis, N Y Vol, h 8 Hatch

Bohan James, shoemaker, bds S. Water

Bolt Martin S, grocer, 50 Second, h same

Bolton S, h Second nr Wisner

Bookmyer Frederick, book-binder, 117 Water, h 42 High

Boothe Elijah, carp, h 2 Ann

Bopp Jacob, butcher, h 8 Henry

Borden A F, machinist, bds American Hotel

Bortle Ephraim, restaurant, 192 Water, h same

Bottsord Shelden, mason, bds 27 Conongue

Bovier James M, clerk, h S. Lake

Bow William, carp, bds 67 Fifth

Bowman George R, shoemaker, bds 206 Water

Bowman Henry, tanner, h 289 Water

Bowman James W, sawyer, h 1 Mt Zoar

Bower George, (B & Romer) bds National Hotel

Bower & Romer, (George B, Anthony R) merchant tailors, 119 Water

Boynton Austin H, lumberman, bds Haight’s Hotel

Braack Peter, piano maker, bds cor Wisner and Cross

Bradman Charles, h Washingtn av

Bradshaw Aaron, h Sly’s Plot

Bradshaw Alfred, lab, bds Sly’s plot

Bradshaw George, engineer, at 12 Wisner

Bradshaw Henry, lab, h S. Lake nr Miller

Bradshaw Henry H, cigar-maker, bds Sly’s Plot

Brady Peter, cooper, h 23 S Water

Branch Edwin, blacksmith, h 12 Hudson

Brand John, (B & Hoffman) and grocer and butcher, 1 S lake, h same

Brand & Hoffman, (John B, Henry H) distillers, Buttonwoods

Brant Sandy, (col’d) lab, h 34 Clinton

Breen Patrick, iron-worker, bds 36 hatch

Brees Elias, ostler, bds 32 Baldwin

Brenan Patrick, lab, h Davis bet Fifth and Sixth

Brewer Lucas, cabinet-maker, h 40 Wisner

Brickwedde Ferdinand, tinner, bds 24 Washington

Brickwedde George, clerk, bds 24 Washington

Brickwedde Henry, tinner, h 24 Washington

Bridgeman lewis H, millwright, h 347 Water

Briesley George, painter, bds 60 College Av

Briggs Benjamin h, h 56 Washington

Briggs I P, blacksmith, h 264 Water

Briggs Smith, carp, h 1 S. Magee

Briggs Smith F, machinist, bds 1 S Magee

Briggs Thomas, (Bevier & B) h 97 Lake

Brink D H, h 206 Church

Brink George W, agt newsroom, 120 Water, bds 206 Church

Brink Miss Mary A, newsroom, 120 Water, res Aurora N Y

Britton Mrs Emma, h 8 Perry

Britton J D, salt dealer, bds American Hotel

Broakman Judson J, clerk, bds 38 Cross

Broakman Samuel m, pastor Central Baptist Church, h 38 Cross

Brockmuller John C, florist, cor William and E Third, h same

Brockway Daniel S, clerk, bds 199 water

Brockway Joseph T, fish market, 199 Water, h same

Broder John, tailor, h 48 Wisner

Brodman Charles, iron-worker, Rolling Mill

Brody Thomas, lab, h 69 High

Bronson Henry, carp, h 88 Firt

Brook James C, woolen manuf, h 22 College av

Brookman J Judson, clerk, bds 22 Washington

Brooks Caleb B. lab, h 12 Henry

Brooks Elijah P. lawyer and Co judge, Court House, h 91 College av

Brooks Henry S, (Tuthill, B & Co) h 20 William

Brooks Warren, iron-worker, bds 2 hatch

Brooks Warren W, iron worker, h 133 Lake

Brown Caleb, (col’d) lab, h 109 Baldwin

Brown Miss Caroline, (col’d) laundress, h 8 Perry

Brown Comfort S, teacher, h 10 Harmon

Brown Daniel B, lab, h 2 E Third

Brown David B, carrier Gazette, h 294 Water

Brown David B, carrier Gazette, h 294 Water

Brown George S, stone cutter, bds 34 ½ Baldwin

Brown Guy P, butcher, h 3 Ann

Brown Horace, mason, h 4 Orchard

Brown Jefferson (col’0 lab, h Franklin nr Fulton

Brown John, hatter, h 3 Ann

Brown John S, (col’d) lab, bds 106 Baldwin

Brown Mrs Maria S, h 3 ½ Baldwin

Brown Mrs Mary E, (col’d0 cook, h 1 fourth

Brown Mrs Rachel, (col’d0 laundress, h 110 Baldwin

Brown Samuel, boatman, h 4 Columbia

Brown Solomon, (col’d) waiter, Brainard House

BROWN WM, hardware 14 and 16 Lake, bds Brainard House

Brown Wm, (col’d) lab, h Dickinson

Brown Zalmon, painter, bds 31 Conongue

Browne Jacob W, clerk Erie Railway, h 23 First

Browne Wm H, machinist, h 24 College Av

Bruen John H, h 51 Fourth

Brush George A, lawyer, 157 Water, h cor Church and Columbia

Bryant Lewis W, agent, h 51 Washington

Buckley Patrick, shoemaker, h Hudson bet Harmon and Fulton

Bulmer David, dry goods and groceries, 108 Water, boards Brainard House

Bulloch John, bookkeeper, h 202 Church

Bundy George, (col’d) lab, h 15 Dickinson

Bundy Jaben A, (O F & J A B) h 38 Washington

Bundy O F & J A, (Oscar F, Jaben A) grocers, 37 lake

Bundy Oscar F, ( O F & J A B) h 38 Washington

Burbage John, shoemaker, 191 Water, h Southport

Burbage Joseph, saw manuf, h 53 Gray

Burch Erastus, cabinet maker, h 32 Fourth

Burchell Mrs Catherine, h John nr Harriett

Burchell John, porter Delavan House

Burchell Richard, lab, h 66 Washington

Burchill T, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Burchfield Mrs. Nellie, dress maker 170 Water, h same

Burdick Oramel R, local editor Press, bds Franklin House

Burk John, lab, h 62 Washington

Burns Dennis, lab, h hatch

Burns Martin, lab h Wisner

Burns Patrick, lab h 48 Magee

BURNS THOMAS, grocer 95 Water, h 34 S Water

Burt Albert, cooper, bds Wisner

Burt Garry A, billiard marker, bds Elmira Hotel

Burton Mrs Seville, cloak maker, 28 lake, h same

Bush -----, (Shiedlen & B) h Water nr Gas Works

Bush C N, engineer, bds 1 Magee

Bush Charles, carp, h 3 Dickinson

Bush Charles I, propr American Hotel cor Third and Wisner

Bush William, peddler, h 22 Water

Butcher Edward, shoemaker, h 3 Gregg

Butler John, lab, h 79 Fifth

Butler Thomas, lab, h 20 Water

Butler Martin, hackman, h 95 fifth

Butler Mrs Mary, h 48 Sullivan

Butler Nicholas, machinist at 181 Church

Butler William F, teamster, bds 48 Sullivan

Butterlee Mrs Jane, h 102 Main

Byrne John, cooper, h 20 First


Cahill Edward, lab, h 34 E Second

Cahill John, barkeeper, bds 49 Cross

Cahill John, saloon, h 82 Wisner

Cahill Michael, lab, h 49 Cross

Cahill Thomas, lab, h Wisner be Fifth and Sixth

Cain Dennis, blacksmith, bds Church

Call Purinton, carriage trimmer, h 13 High

Callagan Patrick, lab, h 73 Main

Callahan Daniel, lab, h foot of Franklin

Caller Burnam, tailor, bds 65 Cross

Cammel Barney, lab, h 5 Hatch

Cammel John, lab, h 12 Canal

Camel Michael, lab, h Hatch nr Fifth

Camp Marvin, baggage man, bds American Hotel

Campbell Miss E. M., teacher, bds 63 Baldwin

Campbell John H, shoemaker,h 37 John

Campbell Joseph A, machinist, bds 107 Lake

Campbell Mrs. Mary T, h 107 Lake

Campbell Michael, railroad car inspector, h 36 S Water

Campbell Michael, railroad car inspector, h 36 S Water

Campbell Michael, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Campher James C, (col’d) lab, h 115 Baldwin

Campin Michael, lab, h 32 S lake

Canby George, bricklayer, h 81 Fifth

Canfield Ezra, lumberman, h 195 Church

Canfield L D, tinner, h S Water

Canoll Charles, railroad ticket agent, h 26 Fourth

Carbarry Edward, lab, at Third Ward Hotel

Carey De Forest B, artists, bds 32 Sullivan

Carey Erastus T, lab, h cor Oak and Fifth

Carey Francis W, tailor, h 32 Sullivan

Carey Michael, gardner, h 63 Gray

Carl Edward A, h 208 Water

Carney Patrick, shoemaker, at 61 Wisner

Carpenter Mrs Calvin, h 272 Church

Carpenter Mrs Charlotte, h 6 N oak

Carpenter George E., (C, Perry & Co) h 32 William

Carpenter Grant B, harness maker, h 139 Water

Carpenter Nelson, (Williams & C0 h 62 Gray

Carpenter, Perry & Co, (George E. C, Thomas P, John R. Goodrich) glue manufs, Tuthill’s av nr Church

Carpenter Robert T, grocer, 100 Water, h 14 S lake

Carpenter Zenas R, bedstead maker, h 8 Columbia

Carr Barney, lab. h 16 hatch

Carr Mrs Betsy, h 71 Baldwin

Carr James, lab, h 19 Canal

Car Owen, iron worker, h 3 Seventh

Carr Peter, lab, h 16 Hatch

Carr Silas T., carriage maker, h 11 E Union

Carr William S, clerk, bds 71 Baldwin

Carrier James, shoemaker, h 108 Gray

Carrier Joseph, carp, h 106 Lake

Carrigan James, lab, h 6 Canal

Carris John, machinist, h 60 College av

Carroll Joseph, cutter merchant tailoring department Stuart & Ufford, h 20 Conongue

Carruthers George, h 43 First

Carter Alva S, painter, h 8 College av

Carter Charles, clerk, h 44 Gray

Carter, Levi,(col’d) lab, h 8 Hatch

Cash George P, h 10 W. Third

Cashman David T, carriage painter, bds 208 Water

Cass John, merchant tailor, cor Baldwin and Water, h 17 William

Casterlin Horace, gunsmith, bds 18 Conongue

Catchpole William, lab, h 33 Wisner

Cattanger Lewis, tailor, h 33 High

Cauldwell Nathaniel, Commercial College, 159 Water, bds Brainard House

Caywood William, peddler, bds 208 Water

Central Baptist Church, cor Church and Conongue

Ceroll Joseph, tailor, h 20 Conongue

Chamberlin John W, (Vinton & C0 h 28 Gray

Chapin Freeman, edge tool maker, h 68 Sullivan

Chapman James J, machinist, h 18 Henry

Chapman Joshua, bds 2 Fox

Chapman Miss Marcia L, dressmaker, h 2 Fox

Chase Zalmon F, physician, h 2 Conongue

Chemung Canal Bank, John Arnot pres’t, Stephen T. Arnot vice pres’t, John Arnot Jr cash’r, Matthias H Arnot, ass’t cas’r, 74 Water

Chemung House, Mrs Electa Cherry proprietress, 29 Baldwin

Cherry Mrs Electa, proprietress Chemung House, 29 Baldwin

Cherry Larry, h Partridge nr railroad

Cherry Leonard k, carman, h 11 Dickinson

Cherry Patrick, artist, bds partridge nr railroad

Chubb Stephen, blacksmith, bds 223 Church

Chubbuck Hollis S, physician 36 Baldwin, h same

Churchill Jackson V, wagon maker, h 6 Henry

Churchill Thomas W, pistol maker, h 204 Church

Churchill Wm, lab, h Franklin nr Fulton

Churchwell Nelson, hackman, bds Brainard House

Clancy Patrick, lab, h First

Clancey James, cigar maker, bds Elmira Hotel

Clark Allen S, clerk, bds 41 First

Clark A B, Williamsport RR agent, bds Delavan House

Clark Mrs. Catherine, h 20 De Witt

Clark Damon W., shoemaker, bds 20 De Witt

Clark Ephrain A, lab, h Fulton bet Mt Zoar and Franklin

Clark Ira J, teamster, h 18 Fifth

Clark Rev Isaac, pastor Second Presbyterian church, h 138 Church

Clark J B, lumber manuf, h 203 Church

Clark James F, carp, h Hudson nr Western limits

Clark John, lab, h John bet Washington and Orchard

Clark Joseph, lab, bds 34 W Union

Clark Julien, Agent Elmira & Williamsport Railroad, bds Delavan House

Clrk Sylvenus, carp, h 186 Church

Clark William engineer, h 6 Perry

Clark William butcher, h 23 E Union

Clark Wm B, carp, h 1 Magee

Clark William B, saloon, Delavan House

Clark Wm B, carp, h 1 Magee

Clark William B, saloon, Delavan House

Cleeves Mrs E. J, boarding house 254 Water

Cleeves Wm B, clerk, bds 254 Water

Clendeny Theodore, moulder, bds 76 Gray

Cleveland Alanson j, lawyer, h 26 S lake

Cleveland Frank C, baggage man, h 15 Magee

Cleveland James h, foreman, Elmira Car Shop, h 47 Cross

Cleveland William H, teacher bds 72 William

Clifford Alfred, piano maker, h cor Church and High

Close Reuben h, nursery, h cor S main and Partridge

Clymer Thos, bds Brainard House

Cobett Murty, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Coburn Daniel, baker, h 46 Cross

Coddington Mrs E A, dressmaker, 113 Water, h same

Coe Francis U, shoemaker, bds 115 Church

Coe Henry, fireman, bds Troy House

Coe Isaac H, fireman, bds 115 Church

Coe John D, shoemaker, h 115 Church

Coe William D, shoemaker, bds 115 Church

Cohn Norman, peddler, bds 10 High

COKE LEVI, baker, confectioner and grocer, 31 Lake, h same

Coke Philip, baker, h cor Fox and Carroll

Colburn Wells L, agent, h 86 Gray

Cole Mrs Caroline m, (C & Bennett) h 50 Cross

Cole Charles B, agent Empire Brewery, bds American Hotel

Cole Myron, (Huntley & C) h 50 Cross

Cole & Bennett, (Mrs Caroline M C, Miss Frances B) milliners, 114 Water

Coleman A K, carp, h 349 Water

Coleman Benjamin, mason, h 31 De Witt

Coleman Charles, lab, bds 10 Columbia

Coleman John, carp, h 10 Columbia

Coleman Joseph S, harness maker, h 12 Orchard

Colgrove Miss Sarah, h 85 Water

Coligan Michael, lab, h First

Collingwood Brothers, (Robert and Francis) watchmakers and jewelers, 13 Lake

Collingwood Francis (C Bros) h 24 First

Collingwood Robert, (C Bros) h 77 John

Collingwood Thomas, clerk, bds 290 Water

Collins John, lab, h 25 Magee

Collins Stephen, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Collins Thomas, cooper, bds Wisner

Comfort Eli C, botanic physician, cor Lak and Carroll

COMSTOCK SAMUEL G, hats, caps, furs,&, 150 Water, (2 Brainard Block) bds 5 S Main

Condol William H, (col’d) whitewasher, h S lake nr Miller

Condon John, lab, bds 60 Factory

Condon Mrs Sarah, h 60 Factory

Congdon Erastus, clerk, h 70 Sullivan

Congdon George, maltster, h 279 Church

Conkey Samuel, (C & French) h 27 W Union

Conkey & French, (Samuel C, Edson M F) dentists, 116 Water

Conkle George H, h 102 Church

Conklin Walter W, engineer, h 13 Hudson

Conklin William W, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Conley Timothy, lab, h nr Hudson

Connell Patrick, lab, h DeWitt nr E Second

Connolly Cornelius, lab, h Walnut nr Hudson

Connolly Daniel, lab, h Hudson bet Fulton and Walnut

Connolly Dennis, lab, h Walnut nr Hudson

Connolly Hugh, Rolling Mill House, 29 Canal

Connolly Jerry, cigar maker, at J I Nicks’

Connolly John, lab, h S Water bet Fulton and Harmon

Connolly John, tailor, h 56 High

Connolly John, lab, h cor Fulton and Hudson

Connolly Michael, lab, h cor Hudson and Mt Zoar

Connolly Patrick, lab, h Walnut nr Hudson

Connolly Patrick, boarding house, 48 Clinton

Connolly Thomas, lab, h Buttonwoods

Connolly Thomas, lab, h Buttonwoods

Connolly Timothy, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Connolly Timothy, cooper, bds Wisner

Converse Maxey m, music teacher, h 75 Lake

Converse Moses S, Principal Young Men’s Seminary, 17 William

Cook -----, bridge builder, bds 1 Magee

Cook Elisha H, (C & Covell) h 19 S Water

Cook George J, produce dealer, h 317 Water

Cook Jeremiah, peddler, bds 59 first

Cook John J, printer, bds Elmira Hotel

Cook Sidney S, machinist, h 21 Columbia

Cook Thomas, livery stable Bevier House, bds Bevier House

Cook, Willis, Bedell & Co, (George C, Christopher W, H and D E Bedell, Nelson Chandler, Peter Rhoades) Elmira Oil Refinery, head of Willow

COOK & COVELL, (Elisha H Cook, Henry C Covell) hardware, stoves, &, 101 and 103 Water

Cooke Frederick J, harness maker, h 33 Sullivan

Cooley Jesse L, bookkeeper S T Arnot, h Horseheads rd ab Canal

Cooley Levi J, police justice, Town Hall, h cor Washington av and Lake

Cooney Daniel, lab, bds 48 College Av

Copley Philip, basket maker, h 116 Baldwin

Coppins Reuben, harness maker, bds Chemung House

Corbin Mrs. Charlotte, h 7 Orchard

Corbit Wm, (col’d) lab, h Lane nr S Main

Corcoran Thomas, saloon, 25 Canal h same

Cord Primus (col’d) lab, h 26 Dickinson

Corey Augustus F, corporation collector, 6 Ely Hall, h Elm between S Main and Lake

Corey William F, cashier Elmira Bank, h 209 Church

Cornelison James, printer, bds Haight’s Hotel

Cornell Joseph, shoe maker, h 6 Columbia

Cortright Marcus P, cooper, h 12 Hudson

Cortright Stephen, iron worker, h 23 Canal

Corwin Louisa F, h 34 College av

Cotrell Stephen H, carp, h 61 College av

Cotton George H, carp, h First av nr S Water

Couch Ebenezer, hatter, bds with Henry S Snyder

Couch Stephen B, grocer, Canal Junction, h same

Coulton Edward V, draughtsman and engineer, h 36 Water

Courry Mrs Eliz, h Sly’s Plot

Courtright -----, lab, h Buttonwoods

Courtright John, cooper, bds 55 William

Covell Edward, (E C & Co) bds Height,s Hotel

COVELL E & CO, (Edward C, Robert C Jr) dry goods and groceries, 106 Water

Covell, Henry C, (Cook & C) h 66 Water

Covell Jacob M, bookkeeper, bds 66 Water

Covell James, clerk, bds 72 Lake

COVELL JOHN D, druggist, 102 Water, bds Brainard House

Covell Lyman, h 64 Water

Covell Robert, 111 College

Covell Robert Jr, (E C & Co), h 55 Lake

Covell Stephen T, telegraph operator, bds 64 Water

Covell William D, bds 64 Water

Cowen Mrs Mary, h 53 Dickinson

Cowen Newton F, clerk, bds 31 High

Cowen Thaddeus A, (C & Son) bds 31 High

Cowen Thaddeus C, (C & Son) h 31 High

COWEN & SON, (THADDEUS C C and Thaddeus A C) auction and commission merchants, 12 Lake

Cowles Rev A W, pres’t Female College, h 95 College av

Cowles Henry D, clerk, h 4 Main

Cowles Samuel G, with S R Van Campen, bds Brainard House

Cox George H, express messenger, bds Brainard House

Craig M D, bds American Hotel

Craig Peter, carder, bds 62 Factory

Craig Robert B, carder, h 62 Factory

Cramp Robert, lab, h 42 Cross

Crane Abijah, mason, h 63 First

Crane Delivan, painter, h 14 Hudson

Crane Ezra C, boatman, bds 6 E Second

Crane, Rev Ezra F, chaplain 107 N Y vols, h 6 E Second

Crane Mrs Hiram, boarding house, 64 Main

Crane Theodore, clerk, bds 27 Main

Craven John, tinner, h 7 DeWitt

Creed James A, h 26 Cross

Creelman Matthew, tailor, h 40 Orchard

Crittenden Richard G, blacksmith, h cor John and High

Cromer Josiah, lab, bds 101 College av

Cronan James, lab, h 65 High

Cronan John, lab, h 67 Washington av

Crosby Walter, clerk, h 75 Baldwin

Cross Edward, cabinet-maker, bds 135 Lake

Cross George, (col’d) lab, bds 95 Cross

Cross Samuel, iron worker, h 135 lake

Crow Martin, lab, h 20 First

Crowly Michael, lab, h 18 First

Cruger Aaron, (col’d) lab, h 106 Baldwin

Cruger George, (col’d) lab, h 106 Baldwin

Cruttenden Miss Harriett, teacher h 62 Cross

Cuddback John, carp, h 349 Water

Cullinan John, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Culp Jacob H, cooper, bds 4 Fox

Culp James B, saloon, 44 Lake, h same

Culp Mrs Harriet, h 4 Fox

Cummin William, carp, h Partridge nr E RR

Cummings Edward, saloon, 59 Wisner, h same

Cummings James, mason, h 16 First

Cummings Marsh, carp, h 13 Jay

Cunan James, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Cunningham Michael, lab, bds 65 Cross

Curran David, lab, h 10 E third

Curran James, iron worker, h 12 Hatch

Curran Mrs Sarah A, dressmaker, h 75 Baldwin

Curran Thomas, lab, h 67 High

Curry Michael, lab, h 209 Wisner

Curtin Andrew J, cigar maker, bds cor High and Jay

Curtin Patrick, cigar maker, h cor high and Jay

Curtis Rev George C, pastor First Pres Church, h 40 William


Dale William, brakeman, bds 1 Magee

Dalton Michael, iron worker, h 61 Second

Daly Mrs Catharine h 46 Hudson

Daly Dennis, machinist, h 18 Washington

Daly Patrick, lab, h 7 E third

Daly Patrick, bds 46 Hudson

Daniels Evern, caulker, h 238 Church

Daniels William H, crp, h 16 Sullivan

Davenport A. Barton, tinner, bds 53 Baldwin

Davenport Ephraim, (Gridley & D) h 53 Baldwin

Davidge John, (col’) lab, h 29 Sullivan

Davis Alvin, painter, 164 Church, h 58 College av

Davis Chancellor L, blacksmith, 100 Cross, h Southport

Davis Charles, engineer, bds 1 Magee

Davis G E, engineer bds 1 Magee

Davis George L, lawyer and justice, 105 Water, h 26 William

Davis Henry, teamster, h 147 Second

Dais Henry A, h Hine nr Mt Zoar

Davis James, lab, h 99 Second

Davis James W, clerk, bds 40 Cross

Davis John, tinner, h 224 Church