Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1863.

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele for letting us scan these pages. 

Davis John, shoemaker, h 40 Cross

Davis John Jr., clerk, bds 40 Cross

Davis Joseph, clerk, bds 40 Cross

Davis S., railroad agent, h 363 Water

Davis William, h 69 Gray

Davis William, (col’d) lab, h 32 Conongue

Davis William L., clerk, Haight’s Hotel

Davis William R., silver plater, h 86 Church

Day Mrs C., milliner, 108 Water, h 42 High

Day William, clerk, bds 42 High

DeLabar Freeman D., carp, h 28 DeWitt

DeLancey John, engineer, h 3 S Magee

DeLancey Yates, engineer, h 3 S Magee

DeLano Daniel S., clerk, Brainard House

DeLent Thomas, ostler, C Potter

De VOE FREDERICK A., propr. “Elmira Gazette” 2 Lake, h 55 Baldwin

DeVoe Jeremiah, lab, h 64 Columbia

DeVoe Martin, boatman, bds 64 Columbia

DeWitt Abram M., grocer, 19 Baldwin, h same

DeWitt Mrs. Ann, h 33 DeWitt

DeWitt Charles, billiard room, 169 Water

DeWitt Harvey, express messenger, bds Brainard House

DeWitt Ira, sup’t telegraph repairs Erie R’y, bds Bevier House

DeWitt Jacob B., lab. bds 33 DeWitt

DeWitt James, peddler, bds 208 Water

DeWitt James, lawyer and justice, 4 Lake, h 3 Washington

DeWitt Peter, bds 19 Baldwin

DeWitt Miss Rachel M., tailoress, bds 33 DeWitt

DeWitt Seymour, clerk express company, bds Brainard House

DeWitt Sutherland, agt U S ex Co and Howard & Co’s exp, 16 Baldwin, h 12 S Water

DeWitt Miss Ugntje, tailoress, bds 33 DeWitt

DeWitt William P., gunsmith, 83 Water, h 18 Conongue

Dean Mrs Hulda, h 18 Water

Dean Jarvis, butcher, h 232 Church

Dean John F., N Y Vol, bds 208 Water

Dean Lansing, lab, h 120 Lake

Dean Nathan L., boatman, h 108 Baldwin

Dearborn Charles, carp, bds 62 Cross

Dearborn Mark, carp, h 62 Cross

Decker David A., tanner, h 60 Clinton

Decker John, clerk, h 68 Baldwin

Decker Miss M S., dressmaker, 133 Water, h same

Decker Peter, saloon, 99 Wisner, h same

Decker Samuel, turner, h 61 First

Delam Charles A., cabinet maker, h 30 Cross

Delavan House, E. C. Merrill & Co., proprs, cor Wisner and Clinton

Delavergne Charles N., machinist, h 5 Dickinson

Delevan Richard, lab, at 78 Lake

Dempsey Bartholomew, lab, h river bank nr Hudson

Dempsey Bartholomew, shoemaker, h 37 Hudson

Dempsey Dennis, lab, h Buttonwoods

Dempsey Fenton, lab, h cor Hudson and Mt. Zoar

Dempsey Patrick, lab, h Hudson nr Walnut

Dempsey Timothy, lab, h 2 Washington

Dennahe Owen, lab, bds 21 DeWitt

Denniston John, spinner, h 64 Factory

Denniston Thomas C., spinner, h 58 Factory

Densmore John W., painter, h 14 Hudson

Densmore Joseph D., painter, h 14 Hudson

Densmore Myron H., painter, bds 14 Hudson

Denton Mrs. Ann, boarding house, 43 Main

Denton Shubael B., justice and deputy collector U. S. int. re., 2 Lake, h 78 Clinton

DERBY ABNER L., boots and shoes, 154 Water, h 15 S Lake

Derby Mrs. Achsah R., h 26 S Water

Deryea Virgil Y., harness-maker, h 27 Hudson

Desmond John, shoemaker, h cor Main and Water

Dessauer Moses A., clerk, bds 44 Baldwin

Devine Edward, lab, h 29 Magee

Devine William, lab, h 7 Willow

Dexter Aaron, h 48 Gray

Dexter John M., (D & Elmore) h 9 College av

DEXTER & ELMORE, (John M. D., Thaddeus W. E.) crockery etc, 158 Water

Deyster Michael, butcher, h Jay

Dias Sidney S., painter, h 7 E Union

Dick John, lab, bds cor Ann and Sly

Dick Thomas, porter, National Hotel

Dickens Miss Vainn, h 33 Cross

Dickinson George S., (Barton & D.) h 13 William

Dickinson Henry B., harness maker, h 95 Lake

Diester John, tanner, h 20 Jay

Diester John Jr., lab, bds 20 Jay

Diester Matthias, lab, bds 20 Jay

Diester Michael, butcher, bds 20 Jay

Diester Nicholas, lab, bds 20 Jay

Dike William, (col’d) lab, h 21 Dickinson

Dillon Gregory, shoemaker, bds 37 John

Dimon John B., lumberman, h 103 Lake

Disbrow Noah, shoemaker, h 21 Columbia

Disney Thomas, lab, bds 38 First

Diven A. S. & G. M., (Alexander S., George M.) lawyers, 153 Water

Diven Alexander S., (A.S. & G. M. D.) h Horseheads rd

Diven George M., (A. S. & G. M. D.) bds A. S. Divon, Horseheads rd

Dixon John, lab Brainard House

Dohme John W., cigar maker, h Hudson bet S Main and Harmon

Dolan Patrick, lab, h head of Baldwin

Donald Archibald, cartman, h 8 Mt. Zoar

Donohue James, lab, bds 24 Sullivan

Donohue Michael, lab, h 36 Cross

Donohue Owen, ostler, bds 21 DeWitt

Doolittle M., lab, h 24 Columbia

Doran Michael, lab, h 33 Canal

Dormaul Elias H., dry goods and millinery goods, 134 Water, boards Brainard House

Dormaul Morris, clerk, bds Haight’s Hotel

Dorn Isaac L., saloon, 111 Wisner, h same

Dorr David, blacksmith, h 74 Sullivan

Dorr John, bds 74 Sullivan

Doty Charles C., photographer, 164 Water, (3 Union Block) boards Brainard House

Dounce William J., dealer in iron, 48 Fifth, h 227 Church

Dove Reuben, lab, bds 20 First

Dowling Laughlin, wines and liquors, 18 Baldwin, h 27 Fulton

Downing Daniel, N. Y. Vol., h 88 Gray

Doyle David T., tinner, h 37 W Union

Drake Andrew J., wagon maker, h 49 Fourth

Drake James H., railroad conductor, h 71 Davis

Drake John, painter, bds 27 Conongue

Drake Theodore M., baker, bds 7 Gray

Drury Orlando A., clerk, h 15 S Lake

DuBois Mrs F.M., physician, 127 Water, h same

Duell George, tinner, bds 324 Water

Dudley George T., clerk, bds Haight’s Hotel

Dudley James T., (Preswick & D.) bds Brainard House

Duffy John, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Dumars R. R. R., capt 161 N. Y. Vol., h 197 Church

Dunbar Garrett R., painter, h 36 William

Duncir Lewis, shoemaker, h 28 Henry

Dundas William, sup’t Elmira Woolen Manuf Co., h 26 Oak

Dunn Bernard, machinist, h 16 Columbia

Dunn D. Thompson, dry-goods, groceries and crockery, 2 and 4 Lake h cor W Union and Fourth

Dunn Isaac B., bds 90 Cross

Dunn James, lawyer, h 90 Cross

Dunn James, carbuilder, h Church nr Chemung canal

Dunn John Davis, lawyer, bds 43 Main

Dunn Mrs. Marilla, boarding house, 72 Water

Dunn Patrick, lab, h 16 DeWitt

Durbon Mrs. H. L., h 71 Gray

Durland Daniel t., (rice, D. & Pratt) bds 27 Main

Duryea Virgil Y., harness maker, h 27 Hudson

Dutcher Charles W., carp, h 2 Mt. Zoar

Dyer Morgan, foundry, cor Water and Wisner, h 28 S Water

Dyart Henry, lab, h 4 Spring

Dyke William, (col’d) lab, h Dickinson


Eagle Hotel, T McCoy Propr., 85 Wisner

Enston William H., lab, h S Water nr Harmon

Eaton Lewis, dentist, 147 Water, h 341 Water

Echenburg Friedrich, piano maker, h 83 Baldwin

Eckstein William, lab, h 33 High

Edwards Henry B., h 111 Lake

Edwards Orin, shoemaker, h 352 Water

Edwards Thomas P., carp. bds 82 Gray

Egbert --, bridge builder, bds 1 Magee

Egbert William M., architect and builder, h 22 Columbia

Eldridge Edwin, h 2 S Main

ELIASON, GREENER & CO., (Julius E., Jacob G., Wm P Yates) glue manufs fot of John, piano manufs 160 Church, music dealers 147 Water

Eliason Julius, (E. Greener & Co.) h 125 Cross

Elich Barney, pedlar, h cor DeWitt and John

Elich Moses, pedlar, h cor John and High

Elich Tobias, pedlar, h cor DeWitt and John

Elliott Mrs. Ann, laundress, h 122 Baldwin

Ellis Daniel M., wagon-maker, h 20 Cross

Ellison Alanson, lab, h Horseheads rd ab Canal

Ells George, h 102 Church

Elmendorf George, painter, h Church bet Grove and Hoffman

Elmendorf William, (E & Beers) h 23 Lake

Elmendorf & Beers, (Wm. E., Johnson B.) restaurant, 23 Lake

ELMIRA ADVERTISER, (daily and weekly,) Seymour B. Fairman pub and prop, Seymour V. and Chas G. Fairman editors, S Lake

Elmira Bank, L. J. Stancliff pres’dt, Wm F. Corey cashier, 14 Baldwin

ELMIRA GAZETTE, (daily and weekly) Frederick A. DeVoe pub and prop, Horton Tidd editor, 2 and 4 Lake

Elmira Hotel, Warner H. Welch propr, 182 Water

Elmira Oil Refinery, Cook, Willis, Bedell & Co., props, head of Willow nr coal basin

ELMIRA PRESS, (daily) Thayer & Whitley editors and proprs, cor Lake and Water

Elmira Rolling Mill C., Asher Tyler pres’dt., Simeon Benjamin vice prest, Henry W. Rathbone sec’y and treas, David Samuels supt, Canal nr Washington av

Elmira Savings Bank, S. L. Gillett sec’y and treas, 151 Church

ELMIRA STEAM MILLS, W. Halliday & Co., proprs, Basin

Elmira Umbrella Manufg Co., Wisner cor Fourth

Elmira Water Company, I. S. Hobbie pres’dt, S. R. VanCampen treas, Miles Ayrault supt, cor Baldwin and Water

ELMIRA WATER CURE, S. O. Gleason M. D., propr, East Hill

Elmira Woolen Manufg. Co., D & R Pratt agts, Newton creek nr Factory

Elmore David, gas-fitter, h 27 Water

Elmore Devillo, hackman, h 63 Main

Elmore T. O., dep’y U. S. Marshall, h 35 W Union

Elmore Thaddeus W., (Dexter & E.) bds 27 S Water

Elore Alexander, engineer, h 58 High

Elwell John, h 71 First

Elwell John Jr., lab, bds 71 First

Elwood John C., boat builder, h Harriet nr Cross

Elwood Patrick, miller, bds Elmira & Williamsport Hotel

Ely Mrs. A. C., h 244 Water

Ely Edmund, nurseryman, bds S. Main cor Partridge

Emmons Joseph, saloon, 91 Wisner

Enck Charles H., barber, h cor John and Conongue

Englebreck Peter, piano-maker, h 9 E. Union

Ensworth Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, h 13 Lake

Espey Daniel, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Etz John S., pedler, h 36 De Witt

Evans Jacob, cabinet maker, h 55 Gray

Evans Nathan B., (Tenny & Co.) h 60 William

Evans Samuel, machinist, h Partridge nr S. Main

Ewing alexander L., clerk, bds 54 William

Ewing James, carriage manuf, cor Cross and William, h 54 William

Ewing James S., clerk, bds 54 William

Ezeski Joseph, clerk, bds Water


Fabian Adolph, tailor, h 65 Water

Fahr Peter, butcher, 29 E Union, h 41 Clinton

Fairman Charles G., editor Elmira Advertiser, h 5 High

FAIRMAN SEYMOUR B., pub and prop “Elmira Advertiser” 10 Lake, h 35 Hudson

FAIRMAN & DEVOE, (Seymour B. F., Frederick A. D.) job printers and binders, 8 Lake

Falsey John, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Fancher Sutherland, (Wilson & F.) h 52 Cross

Farber Jacob, lab, Haight’s Hotel

Farley Christopher, lab, h 29 Clinton

Farnham George W., carriage trimmer, h 4 William

Farnham James C., billiard marker, bds 4 William

Farrar Charles S., prof Female College, h 32 Fourth

Farrell Joseph, baker, bds Chemung House

Farrington John S., grocer, h 211 Church

Farrow John, express messenger, h 68 Fifth

Fassett John, lab, h 38 Magee

Fassett Newton P., (Smith, Robertson & F.) h 256 Church

Fassett Truman, livery, Cross bet Lake and Baldwin, h 32 Baldwin

Fay Cyrus W., clerk, h 306 Water

Fay Edwin G., clerk, bds 42 First

Fay Francis C., carp, bds 42 First

Fay J. W., carp, h 42 First

Feeny James, gardener, at Levi J. Cooley’s

Feeny John, lab, h 56 High

Feeny Michael, grocer, 87 Wisner, h same

Fenderson ---, carp, bds 67 Fifth

Fennel James, lab, bds 215 Wisner

Fennel Thomas, lab, bds 215 Wisner

Fenner Benjamin P., sup’t Umbrella Factory, h 52 John

Ferris Myron H., h 27 Fourth

Ferris Myron J., clerk, bds 27 Fourth

Ferris William, lab, h Willow nr Elmira Oil Refinery

Feury Dennis, lab, h 27 Jay

Feury Patrick, lab, h 58 Factory

Field James, lab, h 36 Magee

Fields George W., lab, h 7 College av

Fielding John, with G. H. Post h 216 Church

Finch Andrew, clerk, bds Mansion House

Finch Edwin, saddler, h Broadway nr Mt. Zoar

Finch Miss Lydia A., tailoress, h 4 E Union

Finley William, shoemaker, bds Elmira Hotel

Finn Luke, ostler, bds 33 William

Finn Ned, lab, h 20 First

Finnigan Thomas, pedler, h 61 High

First Methodist Church, Baldwin bet Church and Second, Rev. J. E. Latimer, pastor

First Presbyterian Church, cor Church and Baldwin, Rev. George C. Curtis, pastor

Fish Miss Cordelia, tailoress, h 4 East Union

Fisher Louis, brewer, h Washington av nr Canal

Fishler John V., carp, h 4 S Water

Fitch Charles, carp, h 14 Orchard

Fitch Ellery, telegraph operator, bds 64 Main

Fitch Lewis W., grocer, h 46 First

Fitch Mason P., farmer, h cor Davis and Sixth

Fitz John, lab, h 61 Wisner

Fitz Patrick, lab, h 197 Wisner

FitzGibbons ---, lab, h 199 Wisner

FitzGibbons James, iron worker, h 61 Columbia

FitzGibbons James, lab, h 28 Magee

FitzMaurice John, saloon, 55 Wisner, h same

Fitzgerald Mrs. Ann, h 15 Oak

Fitzgerald David, lab, h Clinton Lane nr E Third

Fitzgerald Michael, lab, h 59 Factory

Flanagan Patrick, lab, h 30 Fourth

Fleet George, lab, at 73 Lake

Fleming Otis, h 72 William

Fleming Robert J., shoemaker, h 23 Columbia

Flood Patrick Henry, physician, 44 Water, h same

Flynn Daniel, lab, bds 12 E Third

Flynn Michael, lab, h 16 Hudson

Flynn Patrick, lab, h 12 E Third

Flynn Patrick, shoemaker, h Jay

Flynn Stephen, iron worker, h 31 Canal

Flynn Thomas, lab, h 5 Washington

Foley C., iron worker, Rolling Mill

Foley Michael, lab, h 13 First

Ford Edward, clerk, bds 63 Baldwin

Ford James, shoemaker, bds 3 Gregg

Foster ---, bridge builder, bds 1 Magee

Foster Jesse, farmer, h 380 Water

Foster John, machinist, h 28 E Second

Foster Luther C., teacher, h 41 S Water

Foster Myron H., h 31 S Water

Foster William, h 375 Water

Fowler Daniel, lab, at 64 Water

Fowler Henry, iron worker, bds 115 Lake

Fox John, shoemaker, h 64 E Second

Fox John, cabinet maker, bds 183 Water

Fox Lewis M., music teacher and dealer in pianos and melodeons, h 343 Water

Fraly Frank, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Francer Albert, cooper, bds Wisner

Franciscoe Hiram, lab, h 20 First

Frankenstein Ellius, pedlar, h 8 Washington

Franklin House, John S. Smith, propr, 230 Water

Frasier Albert, clerk, bds 44 Main

Frasier F. A., (F. A. F. & Co.) bds 44 Main

Frasier F. A. & Co., (F. A. F., A. J. Newton) druggists, American Hotel

Fredericks Daniel B., ex messenger, bds Brainard House

Freeman Charles, ex messenger, bds Delavan House

Freidman Henry, tailor, bds 87 Church

Freint John, butcher, bds 30 Water

French Asa, mason, h 35 S. Water

French Benjamin R., mason, h 19 Henry

French Edson M., (Conkey & F.) bds 300 Water

French George W., mason, h 118 Lake

French James A., shoemaker, h 14 Orchard

French James S., (Nelson & F.) h cor Conongue and Cross

French Philip, dry goods and groceries, 171 Water, h 300 Water

French Philip, tinner, h 18 Orchard

Freundlich Henry, book-keeper, bds National Hotel

Friday William, lab, h 9 N Oak

Friedmann Frank, brick-maker, h 13 Fifth

Friedman Marcus, pedlar, h 27 Orchard

Frisbie Augustus, ex messenger, h 220 Church

Frisbie Eaton N., agt Mercur’s coal yard, h 73 W Second

Frost Troilus, shoemaker, h Second av nr 8 Water

Fry Albert G., h 10 Oak

Fuller Daniel, carp, h 57 Columbia

Fuller Hiram, carp, h 67 Fifth

Fuller John, miller, h 262 Water

Fuller William H., shoemaker, h Fulton nr S Water

Furniss Andrew, spinner, h 68 Factory

Furey John, clerk, bds, 236 Church


Gabriel Benedict, carp, h 82 Clinton

Gager Miss A. E., dressmaker, 145 Water, h same

Galatian Andrew B., local editor Gazette, bds 87 Second

Galatian Miss Cornelia, (Misses F. & C. G.) h 87 Second

Galatian Miss Francis J., (Misses F. & C. G.) h 87 Second

Galatian Misses F. & C., boarding and day school for young ladies, h 87 Second

Galatian Mrs. Harriet B., h 87 Second

Gallagher Timothy, street commissioner, h Wisner bet Fifth and Sixth

Gallaher, James H., architect and builder, 10 College av, h same

Gallaher Patsey, lab, bds 22 Henry

Gallavan James, lab, h Hudson bet Harmon and Fulton

Gamper John A., farmer, h Hudson nr Western limits

Gandam John, saloon, h cor Canal and Washington av

Gannan Thomas w., shoemaker, h 16 Jay

Garahy B., iron worker, Rolling Mill

Garratt William, lawyer, bds 2 Conongue

Gardiner Mrs Jane H., h 30 William

GARDINER NELSON W., hats caps and furs, 117 Water, h 308 Water

Gardiner Nicholas D., physician, 4 Lake, bds Chemung House

Garlock Edward, h Carroll nr Lake

Garr Jacob, lab, h 66 Magee

Garretson Wm. C., clerk, bds 13 College av

Garritt Jacob, blacksmith, bds 100 Church

Garritt Truman, baker, h 100 Church

Garritt William L., blacksmith, bds 100 Church

Gartlan James, cooper, h 28 Jay

Gary Michael, lab, h 6 E Third

Gates Whitney, mail carrier, h 94 Cross

Gebhard Phillip A., clerk, h 7 Wisner

Geib Jacob, saloon, h 83 Wisner

Geist Joseph, painter, h Miller

George Rev. A. C., h 327 Water

George Henry, tailor, h 123 Water

George Henry S., carp, h 252 Water

George Lemuel, carp, h 47 Dickinson

Gerity Thomas, mason, h 81 Baldwin

German William H. H., clerk, bds 26 W Union

Gerow Gardiner, machinist, bds 1 W Union

Gerow Mrs. Hannah, h 1 W Union

Gibbs B. F., lab, bds 54 Fifth

Gibbs B. R., iron worker, bds 105 Wisner

Gibbs Levi, lawyer, 105 Water, h 40 First

Gibson A. Fowler, clerk, bds 69 Baldwin

Gibson Allen, millwright, h 190 Church

Gibson Mrs. Georgiana, h 79 Lake

Gibson William L., 6 Ely Hall, h 69 Baldwin

Gilbert Henry S., Duncannon Iron and Nail Works Agency, 15 Canal, h 82 Lake

Gilbert Joseph c., (col’d) barber, 135 Wisner, h 17 Third

Gilbert Stephen, sash and blind maker, h 10 S Main

Gilbert William E., teacher, bds 17 William

Gilbert William F., (G. & Co.) bds 10 S Main

Gilbert & Co. (William F. G., Hezekiah D. Treadwell) boots and shoes, 125 Water

Gilday John, lab, h 4 Canal

Giles Edmund M., clerk, bds 50 Second

Giles Joseph H., carp, bds 60 High

Giles Joseph W., carp, 60 High

Gill Christopher, cigarmaker, bds Chemung House

GILL BROS., (James and John) tobacconists, 198 Water

Gill James, (G.Bros.) bds Elmira Hotel

Gill John, (G. Bros.) bds 65 Lake

Gillett Solomon L., treas and sec’y Elmira Savings Bank, h 151 Church

Ginine Patrick, lab, h 5 Jay

Ginn Andrew, iron worker, h cor Fifth and Dickinson

Ginnan Daniel, lab, bds 14 Hudson

Ginnis Patrick, lab h 207 Wisner

Givins Jesse, (G. & Lindsey) h 29 College av

Givins & Lindsey, (Jesse G., Geo. W. L.) feather renovators, 197 Water

Glabbroth August, tailor, h 119 Water

Gladke Jacob, clerk, bds 14 DeWitt

Gladke Joseph, clothing, 113 Water, h 14 DeWitt

Gladke Samuel, clerk, bds 14 DeWitt

Gladiator Silas (col’d) lab, h 36 Cross

Glancy Thomas, lab, bds 6 S Lake

Gleason James, lab, h Beach nr Factory

Gleason Mrs. R. B., physician, Elmira Water Cure

GLEASON SILAS O., propr Elmira Water Cure, East Hill

Gline John, butcher, h 9 Hudson

Goddard Edward, lab, bds 64 College av

Goddard John, N. Y. Vol., 64 College av

Goddard Levi, shoemaker, h 64 College av

Goddard Samuel, brakeman, bds 64 College av

Godfrey John H., umbrella maker, bds 1 Magee

Goeings Joseph, (col’d) lab, h Franklin nr S Main

Gohring George E., tailor, h 15 S Water

Goines George F., (col’d) porter, Brainard House

Goldsmith Benjamin, grocer, 55 Water, h 59 Water

Goldsmith Mrs. Margaret, h 17 Water

Goldsmith Mrs. Sarah, tailoress, h 77 Sullivan

Goodell DeBruce, machinist, h 31 Wisner

Goodman William F., (col’d) physician, 52 Lake, h 15 E Fifth

Goodrich Chauncey S., blacksmith, h 60 Gray

Goodrich Dwight A., clerk, bds 40 First

Goodrich John, clerk, bds 40 First

Goodrich John R., (Carpenter, Perry & Co.) and clerk Brainard House, bds Brainard House

Goodwin Frances, lab, h 4 Canal

Goosler John A., cloth shearer, h 2 Clinton

Gorman Dennis, grocer, h 13 Wisner h 69 Second

Gorman Edward, grocer h 50 Magee

Gorman John, clerk, bds 69 Second

Gorman John, lab, h Wisner bet Fifth and Sixth

Gorman Martin, lab, h 24 Perry

Gorman Patrick, grocer, Wisner nr Fifth h same

Gorman Simon, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Goslin Thomas, bridge builder, bds 1 Magee

Gosper E., clerk, bds 8 S Main

Gosler John A., lab, h 2 Clinton

Gother James, (col’d) lab, h 28 Dickinson