Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1863.

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele for letting us scan these pages. 
Goulden Joseph, cabinet maker, h 50 High

Grace James, lab, at Elmira Hotel

Grace Patrick, lab, h 27 Water

Grady Michael, lab, 6 63Wisner

Grady Michael, lab, h 205 Wisner

Grady Thomas, lab, h 15 First

Grand Morris, clerk, bds 28 High

Granger Samuel, carp, h 30 DeWitt

Grant John P, blacksmith, h 24 E. Second

Gray Charles, (col’d) lab, h 18 Perry

Gray Guy H, produce dealer, h 325 Water

Gray P Wells, homeopathic physician, 8 Ely Hall, h 250 Water

Greatsinger Christian, h 22 Canongue

Green Benjamin, (col’d) lab, h Second av nr S Water

Green Abram, saloon, 197 Water, h same

Green Elnathan J, carp, h 22 E Second

Green Isaac S, music teacher, bds 22 E Second

Green Mrs Jane, tailloress, h 123 Baldwin

Greene Mrs Kate, h 74 Church

Greener Jacob, (Eliason, G & Co) h 160 Church

Gregg John H, h 6 Conongue

Gregg John W, clerk, h 78 John

Gregg William M, Major 23 N Y Vol, h 57 Sullivan

Gregory George W, mason, h 82 Gray

Gregory Hiram, cartman, h 145 Second

Greves John, clerk, bds 64 Main

Gridley Grandison A, (G & Davenport) h 3 S Water

GRIDLEY & DAVENPORT, (Grandison A G, Ephraim D) hardware, 109 Water

Griffiin Mrs______, h 73 Wisner

Griffin Bradley, lumberman, h 211 Church

Griffin Mrs Jane, h 97 Cross

Griffin Thomas, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Griffith Fleming, barkeeper, Haight’s Hotel

Griggs George W, carp h 91 First

Guernsey Ira B, bridge builder, h 42 Main

Gunn George D, cigar maker, bds 6 Fox

Gunn Stephen J, cigar maker, h 6 Fox

Gunnison Christopher, carp, h 72 Columbia

Guttenberg Marx, (G, Rosenbaum & Co) res New York City

Guttenbert, Rosenbaum & Co, (Marx G, Leman R, Louis Holzheimer, clothing,

162 Water


Haase Henry, grocer and butcher, 105 Church, h same

Hackett Mrs Mary Ann, 74 Church

Hackett Patrick, painter, h Sly’s Plot

Hackley H D, tinner, h 37 Wisner

Hackley Henry, cler, h 93 Cross

Hadley J J, shoemaker, bds 93 Cross

Hagadorn Charles, clerk, bds 49 Baldwin

Haight Leonard, leather dealer, h 6 Mmain

Haight’s Hotel, cor Cross and Lake, William T Reeder propr

Hall Augustus, lab, bds 11 Fifth

Hall Ccharles C, (H Bros) bds 27 Main

HALL BROTHERS, (Frederic, Charles C, Robert A) booksellers &c, 128 Water

Hall Francis G, bookkeeper, bds 73 Lake

Hall Frederic, (H Bros) bds 17 College av

Hall John, machinist, bds 11 Fifth

Hall Robert A, (H Bros) bds 17 College av

Hall Samuel, h junction Oak and Lake

Hall Mrs Temperance, h 11 Fifth

Halliday Freeman B, grocer, h 50 Gray

Halliday Samuel Ii, physician, h 206 Water

Halliday Smith, lab, h 42 Gray

HALLIDAY W & CO, (William H, Edgar C Merrill) proprs Elmira Steam Mills,


Halliday William, (W H & Co) and Sheriff Chemung County, Court House,

h 62 Lake

Halliday William, mason, h 4 Grove

Halloran Martin, lab, h 8 E Third

Halloran Patrick, lab, at 76 Water

Hamer Wm F, cutter S G Stryker, h 24 Dewitt

HAMILTON CHARLES, saloon, 173 Water, h same

Hamilton Daniel S, watch maker and jeweler, 36 Carroll, h 10 Fox

Hamilton Frederick, watch maker, bds 10 Fox

Hamilton George W, wagon maker, bds 10 Fox

Hamilton Mrs Mary A, (col’d)laundress, h 4 Perry

Hamilton Oliver, shingle maker, h 74 Baldwin

Hamilton Walter, tinner 36 Lake, h 33 Water

Hamlin Samuel S, h 73 Lake

Hanan Mathew, cartman, h 46 College av

Hanan Michael, lab, h 63 Gray

Hanson William, carp, bds 60 College av

Hancock Benjamin F, tinner,,, h 53 Cross

Handoran John, teamstere, h 60 Factory

Hankins Zackery T, carp, h 72 Clinton

Hardy James H, lawyer, 103 Water, h 24 Jay

Harley Charles, iron worker, bds cor Willow and Washington av

Harper Joseph, switch tender, h 7 West Third

Harrington B, lab, h cor John & Harriet

Harris Joseph, h 344 Water

Harris Monroe, pedlar, h 62 Gray

Harrop James, iron worker, h Willow

Harsh William, umbrella maker, h cor Third and Perry

HART ABRAHAM P, photographer, 22 Lake, h 38 Factory

Hart Charles L, clerk, bds 78 Lake

Hart Erastus L, physician, 78 Lake, h same

Hart Erastus P, lawyer, 15 Lake, bds Brainard House

Hart Ira F, physician, 147 Church, h same

Hart Jacob, shoemaker, h 51 William

Hart Solomon, baker, h 1 College av

HART WILLIAM E, dry goods, carpets and groceries, 110 Water,

h 29 Gray

Haskell Edward, turner, h 4 Grove

Haskell Erastus, (H & Bro) h 102 College av

Haskell Henry T, boatman, h 51 William

Haskell Perez, (H & Bro) h 102 College av

HASKELL WILLIAM H, dry goods, 7 Baldwin, bds Brainard House

Haskell & Bro, (Perez and Erastus) coal dealers, 14 Gray

Hassett John, lab, h Seventh bet Hatch and Canal

Hatch Dorus, carp, h 26 Main

Hatch Harry, millwright, h 28 Gray

Hatch William B, upholsterer, h 53 Cross

Hatch William S, dealer in lumber and coal, h 39 Main

Hathaway Samuel G Jr, (H & Woods) Col 141st N Y Vol, bds Haight’s Hotel

Hathaway & Woods, (Samuel G H Jr, James L W) lawyers, 151 Water

Hathorn Andrew, h 35 W Union

Hauenstein Heinrich, butcher, 32 Lake, h 83 Cross

Haupt Andrew, tailor, h 3 DeWitt

Haupt Henry, tailor, h 75 John

Haupt Matthew, tailor, h 75 John

Haviland Addison T, machinist, h 4 Hudson

Haviland Mrs Anna, h 47 W Second

Haviland George L, tinner, h 25 Gray

Haviland James, lawyer, bds 47 W Second

Hawkins Mrs Anna, h 5 Cross

Hawkins Mrs Bridget, h cor High and Jay

Hawley Charles, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Hawley Robert E, clerk, American Hotel

Haynes Sanford, harness maker, bds Chemung House

Hayes Sylvester, lab, h cor Broadway and Fulton

Hazard Charles, printer, bds 27 First

Hazard Josiah, clerk, bds 26 First

Haze James, lab, h Walnut nr Hudson

Hazelton Charles A, blacksmith, bds 93 Cross

Heffron Thomas, lab at 96 Lake

Hefner Patrick, waiter, Brainard House

Hellis William, lab, h 47 Washington

Helmes ____, shoemaker, bds 6 S Lake

Helmes Morris, watchman, h Clinton bet College av and Columbia

Helmes Samuel, shoemaker, h 21 S Water

Hemenway Andrew J, R R baggage master, h 26 Henry

Hemenway Charles W, clerk, bds 4 Henry

Hemenway Seth, lab, h 3 Clinton

Hemenway William W, carp, bds 13 Hhenry

Hemenway Miss Anna M, clerk, bds 13 Henry

Hemingway George, lab, h Clinton

Hendrick Burr, clerk, h 120 Cross

Hendrickson _____, bridge builder, bds 1 Magee

Hendy John, bds 3 Ann

Hennessey John, lab, h 11 Washington

Henry Barney, lab, h 18 First

Henry James, lab, h Hatch

Hepburn Albert H, R R conductor, bds Brainard House

Hepinstall Richard, tanner, h Harmon bet S Water and Hudson

Hermans Rev Edwin J, pastor Hedding Church, h 212 Church

Hern Thomas, lab, h 129 Lake

Heron James, physician, h 2 E Union

Herrick Benjamin F, (H & Snyder) h 22 DeWitt

Herrick & Snyder, (Benjamin F H, Geo W S) carriage manufs, cor Cross and Fox

Hersey Edward W, (J H Loring & Co) h 119 Cross

Hewitt Gurdeon Jr, 5 Lake, bds 144 Church

Hewener Jacob, (Kellogg & H) bds 63 Baldwin

Hibbard Solon A, carp, h 339 Water

Hibler Louisa, seamstress, h 60 Main

Hickcock E, brakeman, bds 1 Magee

Hickey Martin, lab, h 22 Henry

Hickok Sereno, quarryman, h 13 Henry

Higgins Elisha, blacksmith, bds 223 Church

Higgins James, lab, h 92 Baldwin

Higgins Norman L, blacksmith, 3 Carroll, h 223 Church

Higgins Patrick, tailor, h 19 Orchard

Hill Charles J, (col’d) barber, Haight’s Hotel, h 34 Dickinson

Hill James W, chief of police, h 7 Wisner

Hill M, carpenter, bds 60 College av

Hill Robert N, wagon maker, h 21 Conongue

Hilton Jacob, lab, h 4 E Third

Hilton William R, lab, bds 4 E Third

Hinckley ____, freight agent, h 33 W Union

Hine Jay S, farmer, h cor Hine and Mt Zoar

Hines Oscar O, printer and painter, h 79 Water

Hines William A, dentist, 133 Water, h Grove nr Sixth

Hison George, shoemaker, bds 93 Cross

Hitchhock Albert T, clerk, bds 16 S Lake

Hitchcock Harmon, (H & Loomis) h 16 S Lake

Hitchcock & Loomis, (Harmon H and William R) butchers, 39 Lake

Hoats Jonas, blacksmith, bds 3 Conongue

Hochstetter George, (L Straus & Co) bds Brainard House

Hockenbert William, lime kiln, canal bank nr Washington av, h Washington av

Hoffman George, farmer, h 86 Hoffman

Hoffman H C, Col 23d N Y Vol, bds 336 Water

Hoffman Henry, (Brand & H) res South America

Hoffman John S, farmer, h 326 Water

Hoffman Peter, lab, at foot of Church

Hoffman Miss Susan A, dressmaker, h 113 Lake

Hoffman William, farmer, h 336 Water

Hogan Anthony, lab, h 26 Perry

Hogan Dennis, lab, h 213 Wisner

Hogg John, tanner, b bet High and E Third

Holbert Thomas, teacher, h 59 First

Holden Delos L, bds F Holden

Holden Fox, h Holden’s Hall

Holden Lyman J, clerk, bds 72 Water

Holdridge Harrison, nursery, h Fulton nr Franklin

Holland Alfred, (col’d) lab, h 43 Dickinson

Holland Anthony D, clerk, bds 13 S Water

Holland Thomas, lab, h 55 Dickinson

Holland William, h 13 S Water

Hollenbeck Mrs Elizabeth M, laundress, h 45 Clinton

Holley Mrs Martha, h 10 S Llake

Holmes E F, bds 40 Main

Holmes Humphrey H, h 63 College av

Holmes William, (col’d) lab, h 34 Conongue

Holzheimer Louis, (Guttenberg, Rosenbaum & Co) h 156 Church

Hooton William, machinist, h 13 E Union

Hopkins Merchant, lab, h 10 S Lake

Hoppe Charles, barber, 131 Water, h same

Horricks Joshua, weaver, bds 24 Oak

Horton Byron C, manuf grain cleaners, bds 118 Cross

Horton Chase B, manuf Horton’s grain cleaners, h 188 Cross

Hotchkin Samuel, Elmira Mills, Water nr College av, res West of Village

Hotchkiss Thomas W, produce dealer, h 298 Water

Houston Charles P, with C E Wells, bds 324 Water

Howard Dennis, saloon, 55 Wisner, h same

Howard James, lab, h 203 Wisner

Howard & Co’s Express, Sutherland DeWitt agt, 16 Baldwin

Howell John, engineer, h 84 Second

Howes Ephriam W, liquor dealer, 9 Fox, bds 89 Church

Howes Orson, distiller, h 35 Water

Howes Mrs Sarah, milliner, 104 Water, h 35 Water

Howland Gaylord, blacksmith, h 35 Orchard

Howland James B, carp, h Franklin nr Fulton

Howland Mrs Lucretia, h 7 Jay

Howland Ozial H, carp, h 26 Jay

Hoyt _____, carp, bds 67 Fifth

Hoyt Charles, N Y Vol, bds 14 Gray

Hoyt William, carp, h 14 Gray

Hubbard Samuel L, meat Market, h 115 Cross

HUBBELL SAMUEL B, furniture, looking-glasses, &c, 174 Water, h 41 First

Hudson George W, painter, h 125 Lake

Hudson Mrs Harriet, h 26 S Lake

Huggard William G, carp, h 46 Fourth

Hughes George, boatman, h 51 Water

Hughes Miss Helen A, h 23 High

Hughes Isaac, lab, bds 46 Oak

Hughes John, blacksmith, h 44 Oak

Hughes John, lab, h 6 Hatch

Hughes Miss Sarah H, bds 23 High

Hughes Thomas, lab, h Tuthill av, nr Church

Hughes Thomas, lab, h 46 Oak

Hulbert George, carp, h 127 Lake

Hull Rev Andrew, Rector Trinity Church, h 22 Main

Hull George H, carp, h 74 Cross

Hulligan William, carp, at 12 Wisner

Hulse Mrs Ceceilia, h 13 S Lake

Humphrey George W, florist, 20 E Second, h same

Humphrey John, cabinet maker, h 20 E Second

Humphrey Lucius A, clerk, bds 13 High

Hunt Franklin K, tanner, h 14 College av

Hunt James, lab, h 98 Gray

Hunt Thomas, whip and glove maker, 191 Water, h 5 Mt Zoal

Hunt William G, barber, National Holter, 4 College av

Hunter Myron A, plaster grinder, h Tuthill av, nr Water

Huntley Elias S, (H & Cole) h 80 Baldwin

Huntley George R, boatbuilder, h 27 Orchard

Huntley I, lab, h Clinton, nr Davis

Huntley & Cole, (Elias S H, Myron C) grocers, 129 Water

Hurd Norman, h 245 Church

Hurlburt Luman D, constable, h 12 Gray

Hurley Lawrence, lab, h cor Hudson and Lawrence

Huston James C, printer, h 24 S Water

Hutchins John, (H & Co) h 221 Church

Hutchins & Co. (John H, Josiah C Simons) grocers, 218 Water

Hutchinson Edwin P, bookkeeper, h 25 w Union

Hutchinson Mrs Eliza, h 16 Orchard

HUTCHINSON SAMUES S, boots and shoes, 126 Water, house 10 Columbia

Hylen Robert F, h 70 Baldwin

Hylen William L, clerk, bds 70 Baldwin


Ingraham Clark S, (Robinson & I) bds 92 Cross

Innis Patrick, lab, h 211 Wisner


Jackson John, (col’d) lab, h 19 Dickinson

Jackson John S, painter, h 55 William

Jacobs Charles, (col’d) lab, h Franklin nr Fulton

Jacobs Julius, clothier, 127 Water, h 65 Cross

Jadwin Joseph, tanner, h 11 S Water

James William, carp, h 57 Gray

James William H, (col’d) lab, h 16 Perry

James Richard, lab, h 30 Oak

Jeffers William M, planning mill, 85 Baldwin, h 57 William

Jenkins Edward S, machinist, h 30 Hudwon

Jenkins Mrs Helena C, h 21 Columbia

Jenks George W, shingle maker, bds 1 Magee

Jenks Mrs Mary Jane, h 341 Water

Jervis Joel S, teamster, h 56 Washington

Jessop Nicholad, lab, h 2 Clinton

Jewett Thomas M, h 64 William

Jewett Thomas M Jr, (Bliven & J) h 69 College av

Jilson Samuel C, railroad conductor h 78 Second

Johnson Mrs Catharine L, boarding house, 27 Conongue

Johnson George, lab, h Fulton bet Hudson and River

Johnson George H, boatman, bds 7 Ann

Johnson Isaac L, lab h 20 Wisner

Johnson John, tailor, h 27 Orchard

Johnson John C, boatman, h 7 Ann

Johnson John H, blacksmith, h Horseheads rd ab Canal

Johnson Samuel, (col’d) lab, h 16 Dickinson

Johnson Thomas, watchmaker and jeweler, 22 Carroll, bds Haight’s Hotel

Johnson Welcome, carp, h 99 Church

Johnson William, carp, h 26 Fourth

Johnson William, lab, h 88 Second

Johnson William, (col’d) lab, bds 121 Lake

Johnson William, (col’d) h 23 Dickinson

Johnson Willard L, carp, bds 99 Church

Jones Elijah, h 68 Clinton

Jones Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, bds 10 E Second

Jones George W, (col’d) lab, h 15 Third

Jones John R, (J R J & Co) h S Lake

Jones John R & Co, (J R J, Richmond Jones) com merchants, 100 Water

Jones John W, (col’d) lab, h 185 Church

JONES JOSHUA, prop "Arbour" 7, 9, 11 Lake, h same

Jones Richmond, (J R J & Co) h 62 Clinton

Jones Samuel T, h 47 William

Jones William D, iron worker, h bet Willow and RR

Jones William M, mason, h 131 Lake

Jordan James, stone mason, h 30 Orchard

Josse Miss Mina, dressmaker, cor Lake and Water

Judd Theodorus, h 1 Columbia

Judson William, lumber dealer, h 36 Second


Kain James, bridge builder, h 12 Hatch

Kanady J, h Wisner bet Church and First

Kane Mrs, dressmaker, h 81 Wisner

Kane Cornelius, lab, h 6 Spring

Kane Dennis, blacksmith, bds 83 Church

Kane Mrs Mary, h 13 Jay

Kane Morris, lab, h 8 Washington

Kane Patrick, blacksmith, h 15 Sullivan

Karst Adam, lab, bds 13 Fifth

Kavanaugh John, cartman, h 14 Hatch

Kavanagh, Rev Martin, h 66 Cross

Keanneard George W, carp, h 4 Ann

Keefe Patrick, lab, h Sly’s Plot

Keiffe James, lab, h Hatch

Keiffe Patrick, lab, h 52 College av

Kellogg Eli A, lumberman, h 10 E Second

Kellog Lovell, (K & Hevener) h 62 William

Kellogg Seth W, painter, h 87 Gray

Kellogg Wesley W, h 117 Cross

Kellogg William W, agent Barclay Coal Co, junction Chemung and Penn Canal,

h 117 Cross

Kellogg & Hevener, (Lovell K, Jacob H) druggists &c, 133 Water

Kelly, Biggs & Co, (Seth K, Peter B, H Sayles) tallow chandlers, 34 Fifth

Kelly George, shoemaker, bds 22 E Second

Kelly George H, painter, bds 22 E Second

Kelly James, baker, bds Mansion House

Kelly John, lab, h 35 Canal

Kelly John, shoemaker, bds Elmira Hotel

Kelly Martin, iron worker, bds 20 First

Kelly Michael, lab, h 16 Washington

Kelly Michael, brakeman, bds Mansion House

Kelly Seth, (K, Biggs & Co) h 116 Cross

Kelly William D, shoemaker, h 22 E Second

Kelsey George W, clerk, bds Delavan House

Kemmery Adam, iron worker, h 63 Washington av

Kennedy Allen A, contractor, h 59 William

Kennedy Charles H, iron worker, h 21 Fifth

Kennedy David, boatbuilder, h 111 Baldwin

Kennedy John, shoemaker, bds 206 Water

Kennedy Oliver C, h 8 W Third

Kent Phineas Ll, painter, h 95 First

Keough John, saloon, 53 Wisner, h same

Keough Michael, saloon, 57 Wisner, h same

Keyser Tobias H, shoemaker, bds 347 Water

Keyser William, shoemaker, h 347 Water

Kies Louis, bookbinder, with Fairman & DeVoe, h 47 Gray

Kikbush John M, tailor, h 42 High

King Enos, shoemaker, h 12 S Lake

King Henry, hackman, bds 66 College av

King, John, (col’d) lab, h 32 Dickinson

King Rufus, lawyer, 137 Water, bds 27 Main

King Simeon, lab, h First nr Wisner

King Theron, harneww maker, h 176 Church

King William, hackman, bds 66 College av

Kingman William M, clerk, bds 27 Main

Kingsbery Henry, clerk h 161 Water

Kingsbery Mrs M, milliner, 161 Water, h same

Kingsbury Elisha, carp, h 73 College av

Kingsbury Oliver C, meat market, h 5 Columbia

Kingsbury William A grocer, 222 Water, h 122 Cross

Kingsley Andrew, wagon maker, h 30 E Second

Kingsley Thomas, gardener, h Hudson bet Harmon and Fulton

Kingsley William C, lawyer, with Hathaway & Woods, bds 12 Main

Kinner John V, engineer, h 40 College av

Kinney James A, blacksmith, bds 3 Conongue

Kinney Thomas, lab, h Elm nr S Lake

Kirk William G, carp, h 13 Jay

Kirkland James, painter, h 15 Gregg

Kline John, butcher, h Southport

Klock Monroe, mason, bds 61 Factory

Klock Peter S, mason, bds 61 Factory

Klock Sanford, mason, h 61 Factory

Koch Charles, cler, at David R Reubens

Kolb Baldwin, Exchange Hotel, 139 Wisner, h same

Konkle Mrs Mary, h cor High and Cross

Knapp George A, clerk, h 70 William

Knapp John S, policeman, h Fifth nr College av

Knapp John M, clerk, h 45 Main

Knapp William B, harness maker, 75 Water, h 11 High

Kniffin Daniel D, Lieut N Y Vol, h 30 Hudson

Knipp John, confectioner, bds 93 Water

Kniskern James, Mansion House, cor Second and Wisner

Knott Alvin A, milkman, h 29 High

Knott Robert H, carp, h 29 High

Knowland John, clerk, bds 69 Second

Knowles M M, hackman, h 38 College av

Kraiger Emmett, railroad baggageman, bds 4 William

Kreager G J, bridge builder, bds 1 Magee

Kress Benjamin, h 95 Church

Kress George, oil inspector, h 41 Cross

Kress Jacob, bds 41 Cross

Kromer William, lab, h 125 Baldwin

Kromer William Jr, iron worker, h 53 Dickinson

Krowl Abraham, blacksmith, 38 Lake, h 14 High


LaBuskie Francis, tailor, h 20 Perry

LaDue Freeman, cooper, bds 21 Cross

LaDue Hiram W, cooper, h 21 Cross

LaFrance Lemuel, jeweler, bds cor Cross and Harriet

LaFrance Peter A, agt furniture, 159 Water, h Hudson bet S Main and Harmon

LaFrance Truckson S, engineer, h 36 Harriet

LaFrance Willis B, carp, h 36 Harriet

LaMont Miss Emma, teacher, bds 63 Baldwin

Labar Robert, drayman, bds 206 Church

Laffin Philip, teamster, h 33 Clinton

Laidlaw John, shoemaker, h 331 Water

Laidlaw John F, plumber, h 6 Hudson

Lambert Mathew, carp, h 81 Sullivan

Lamphier Ambrose, tobacconist, bds National Hotel

Landers Garrett, tailor, h Hudson between Harmon and Fulton

Landy Peter, agt Ink manuf, h 11 Henry

Langdon J & Co, (Jervis L, S W Barnard) coal dealers, 46 Fifth

Langdon Jervis, (J L & Co) h 21 Main

Langford James, carp, bds 2 Conongue

Lantry Mrs Caroline, h 13 S Lake

Lariew Almeron, painter, h 18 E Second

Larkin Mrs Bridget, h Spring

Larkin J Edward, artist, bds 21 William

Larkin Mathew, cigar maker, bds 8 Spring

Larkins Robert, cartman, h 70 Second

Larkins Thomas, lab at 28 William

Latimer David, lab, h 34 DeWitt

Latimer James, lab, h cor High and Jay

Latimer Rev James E, Pastor First Methodist Church, h 45 Baldwin

Lawrence Abram, carp, h 85 Second

Lawrence J Ricketts, h 77 Main

Lawrence Richart H, bdds cor High and Cross

Lawrence William H, Capt U S A, bds Haight’s Hotel

Laws Benjamin, (col’d) lab, h 24 Fifth

Leach Eugene, bar keeper, bds 90 Second

Leach George, clerk, bds 90 Second

Leach Richard, clerk, h 90 Second

Leach Robert, lab, bds 90 Second

Leary Bartholomew, cigar maker, bds 3 E Third

Leary Cornelius, lab, h 37 Canal

Leary Dennis, lab, h nr Hudson

Leary Fenton, lab, h Walnur nr Hudon

Leary John, lab, bds 3 E Third

Leary Mrs Mary, h cor Hudson and Fulton

Leary Patrick, baggageman, h Wisner nr Fifth

Leary Patrick, cigar maker, bds 3 E Third

Leary Thomas, lab, h 3 E Third

Leavitt Charles, clerk, bds 5 College av

Leavitt Henry C, machinist, h 5 College a

Leavitt John H, storekeeper U S Disbursing Office, bds 94 Cross

Leavitt Milton T, engineer, h 11 Fox

Ledbeter Samuel M, machinist, h 43 Oak

Lee Arthur T, Major U S A, bds Haight’s Hotel

Lee George, bar keeper, American Hotel

Lee James, bds Haight’s Hotel

Lee John P, (col’d) lab, bds 27 Dickinson

Lee Joshua, (col’d) teamster, h 12 Perry

Lee Thomas, (col’d) grocer, 51 Wisner, h same

Lee Thomas J, physician, 22 Henry, h same

Lee William, policeman, 26 Baldwin, h same

LEHMAN E & CO, (Elias L, Gustavus Rice) mer tailors, 151 Water

Lehman Elias, (E L & Co) bds Brainard House