Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele for letting us scan these pages. 
Lehnseitren Marcus, lab, h Beach nr Factory

Leibby Gotleib, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Leinhart Andrew, saloon, 95 Wisner, h same

Lenhart Oliver, iron worker, h Washington av

Lennahan James, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Lennox James, iron worker, h 133 Lake

Lessey Prosper C W, shoemaker, h 195 Water

Letterman George, cigar maker, h 13 Orchard

LEVY MAURICE, tobacconist, 33 Lake, h 37 Water

Lewis Arnold, lab, h 219 Church

Lewis Edward P, railroad ticket agent, h 11 Gray

Lewis George E, N Y Vol, h 217 Church

Lewis Henry, mason, h 26 Washington

Lewis Isaac, clerk, bds 56 Water

Lewis John L, carp, h 238 Church

Liddle William, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Liddy Jeremiah, h S Lake nr Miller

Liddy Patrick, lab, h Washington av nr Chemung Canal

Lincoln P R, carp, bds Bevier House

Lincoln Rev T O, Pastor First Baptist Church, h 26 College av

Linderman Ira M, blacksmith, h 6 High

Lindsey George W, (Givens & L) bds 29 College av

Lindsey William, bridge builder, bds 1 Magee

Linehan James, iron worker, bds 115 Lake

Lisdell David, lab, h 26 third

Little William, lab, h 5 W Union

Livingston Theola, shoemaker, Bigelow & Richardson

Lobdell Isaac, mason h, 31 Orchard

Locke Hiram B, lab, h 68 Second

Lockwood Mrs Ann, h 54 S Water

Lockwood Gideon, cartman, h 51 Cross

Lockwood John, carp, h 45 Clinton

Loggie John, engineer, h 64 Second

Lohman Henry, boat builder, h 22 Fifth

Lombard Horatio J, propr National Hotel, 24 Baldwin

Long Charles, lab, bds 40 Oak

Long Mrs Nancy, h 40 Oak

Lomis William R, (Hitchcock & L) bds 17 S Lake

Loop Christian, lab, h 46 Sullivan

Loop George, moulder, h 11 Fox

Loop Horace, pedlar, h 59 Gray

Loop Horace W, h foot of High

Loop John, lab, h 8 Washington

Loop Stephen Van Rensselaer, lab, h Baldwin

Loop Timothy, bds 54 Sullivan

Loup Stephen B, blacksmith, h Fifth

LORING J H & CO, (James H L, Edward W. Heresy) wholesale grocers, 166 and 168 Water

Loring James H, ( J H L & CO) h 272 Water

LORMORE WM J, grocer, 25 Lake, h same

Losey Amos, h cor John and Sullivan

Losey Rutherford m, bds cor John and Sullivan

Losie John, tinner, h 26 DeWitt

Losie Sinclair H, tinner, h 22 Orchard

Losie Thomas M, tinner, h 90 Church

Lounghead John A, moulder, h 34 Hudson

Loughhead William H, moulder, h 25 Hudson

Lovell Harrison T, engineer, bds 82 Baldwin

Lovell jJphet B, teamster, h 82 Baldwin

Lovell John W, tinner, h 8 High

Lowe Miss Caroline F, boarding house, 12 Main

Lowe Uriah S, lawyer, h 14 Main

Lowman H, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Lown Wm, shoemaker, h Fulton nr Broadway

Luce Charles H, NY Vol., h 69 Gray

Luce Stephen S, clerk, h 7 Gray

Lung Louis, butcher, h 11 Hudson

Lutes Ralsey, N Y Vol, h 371 Water

Lynch Edward, clerk, bds 73 John

Lynch Eli, lab, h 43 First

Lynch Henry, carp, h 32 Water

Lynch John, quarryman, h 73 John

Lynch John, (Mahoney & L) h 17 Magee

Lynch Patrick J, architect, h 17 Magee

Lynch Patrick, teamster, bds 73 John

Lynch Robert, lab, h 85 Second

Lynch Robert, lab, h cor Main and Water

Lynch Sanford, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Lyon John E, clerk, bds 18 Conongue

Lyon Reuben, marble dealer, 60 Lake, h 88 Church

Lyons Miss Harriet, tailoress, h 13 Henry


McAsey Patrick J, shoemaker, bds Church

McBride James, shoemaker, Bigelow & Richardson

McCabe Hugh, clerk, bds 30 S Water

McCabe Thomas, clerk, bds 30 S Water

McCafferry John, cigar maker, J I Nicks

McCaffrey Peter, shoemaker, h Hudson, bet Walnut and Hine

McCaffrey Thomas, candle maker, h 114 Lake

McCann James, carp, h 51 Hoffman

McCann Rinaldo, cigar maker, bds 31 Orchard

McCann William, deputy sheriff, h 10 William

McCarty Charles, lab, h cor S Water and Fulton

McCarty Daniel, moulder, h cor Hudson and Walnut

McCarty Daniel, cigar maker, bds cor Hudson and Walnut

McCarty Dennis, lab, h Carroll bet Lake and Fox

McCarty Eugene, cigar maker, h High

McCarty James, lab, h 21 Magee

McCarty James, h Washington av

McCarty John, lab, h 48 Magee

McCarty John, N Y Vol., h 41 Canal

McCarty John, lab, h 19 Jay

McCarty Mrs. Mary, h 15 Carroll

McCARTY MICHAEL, marble dealer, 58 Lake, bds Carroll

McCarty Owen, cigar maker, h 66 E Second

McCarty Patrick, lab, h Wisner nr Fifth

McCarty Patrick, lab, h Walnut nr Hudson

McConnell Henry, lab, h 197 Water

McConnell Patrick, lab, h Harriet bet John and Cross

McCoy Alexander, carp, h 107 Lake

McCoy James, lab, h 23 Henry

McCoy Thomas, Eagle Hotel, 85 Wisner

McCoy Wallace (col’d) lab, h 95 Cross

McDonald Charles, lab, h 205 Wisner

McDonald Stephen, (McD & palmer) h 26 First

McDonald & Palmer, (Stephen McD, Edward H P) boots and shoes, 115 Water, and tanners S Lake nr the bridge

McDuffy Charles, painter, bds 31 Conongue

McElroy William H, railroad conductor, h 8 E Second

McGrath George, bds Haight’s Hotel

McGraw Patrick, porter, Haight’s Hotel

McGREEVY OWEN, livery, cor Lake and Cross, h 21 De Witt

McInerney Michael, blacksmith, h 20 Washington

McINTIRE HAMDEN W. Johnson’s Shingle Machine Manuf, 12 Wisner, bds 27 Conongue

McKee Thomas W, carriage manuf, 63 Water, h 3 Conongue

McKeeby Dyer S, carp, h 82 main

McKeeby Emly carp, h 2 Wyckoff’s Block

McKibbin Henry, milkman, h 3 Mt Zoar

McKinney Jesse, (McK & Swan) h 22 Jay

McKinney Mathew J, carp, h 12 Orchard

McKinney Mrs Sarah L, h 31 Orchard

McKinney & Swan, (Jessee McK, Robert S) ins agts, 2 Lake

McLaughlin Benjamin, sailmaker, h 87 Church

McLaughlin Mrs. Henrietta, tailoress, h 120 Baldwin

McLaughlin John K, moulder, h 9 Dickinson

McLaughlin Silas H, moulder, h 28 E Second

McLean John, lab, h 6 Hatch

McLean Michael, lab, h 6 Hatch

McLean Michael, lab, h 6 Hatch

McLean William, Capt U S A, bds American Hotel

McMahon Dennis, lab, h 22 Hatch

McMahnon Jeremiah, grocer, 21 oak, bds Haight’s Hotel

McMahon Michael, lab, h 24 Hatch

McMillian Henry, h First av nr S Water

McMillen Mrs Maria, h 17 Jay

McNally Thomas, lab, h cor Franklin and Fulton

McNamee Andrew, tanner,h 8 ½ Hudson

McNarny Thomas, lab, h cor John and Washington

McNeil Peter S S, spoke manuf, h 23 W Union

McNernan Michael, blacksmith, h 20 Washington

McNerny John, lab, h 93 Lake

McNulty John, lab, h 64 Cross

McSolie John, shoemaker, Bigelow & Richardson

McWilliams John A, railroad conductor, h 56 Magee

Macacy Thomas, shoemaker, bds Church

Macacy William, shoemaker, bds Church

Machol Lewis, shoemaker, Haight’s Hotel, bds 56 Water

Mack Martin, lab, h 37 Fourth

Mach, Michael, lab, h 16 Henry

Mack Mrs Roxana, h 56 Lake

Mack Thomas, lab, h 2 Spring

Macomber Barney, lab, h cor Elm and S Lake

Magill John, (col’d) lab, h 9 Fifth

Mahony James, lab, h 20 Hatch

Mahony Michael, lab, h Hine nr Mt Zoar

Mahony Patrick, lab, h Walnut nr Hudson

Mahony Thomas (M & Lynch) h 28 Magee

Mahoney & Lynch, (Thomas M, John L) grocers, 169 Wisner

Malay William, lab, bds 1 Magee

Mallory Russel, pedlar, h 36 Fourth

Malone John, bds 77 Water

Malone Joseph, carrier Advertiser, h 77 Water

Maloney Mrs Hannah, laundress, h First nr Chemung Canal

Maloney John, lab, h 9 Oak

Malson Samuel, (col’d) barber, bds 34 Dickinson

Mapledoram David H, printer, h 8 Columbia

Mander, Adam, brewer, Tuthill av foot of Church, h same

Manderville, James, boatman, h 85 Second

Mandeville John baggage man, h 33 Fourth

Maney Andrew, lab, h 59 Factory

Mann Mrs M A, dressmaker, 121 Water, h same

Mannix Maurice, lab, h 21 Third

Mansion House, James Kniskern propr, cor Second and Wisner

Marony John, iron worker, bds 29 Church

Maroney Patrick, lab, h John bet Washington and Orchard

Marony Thomas, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Marsh Aaron T, clerk, h 15 William

Marsh Michael, painter, h 92 Fifth

MARSH WASHINGTON, painter, 5 & 6 Union Block, 168 & 170 Water, h 31 Conongue

Martin John, shoemaker, Bigelow & Richardson

Martin John, lab, at 144 Church

Martin Josiah, shoemaker, h cor Harriet and Cross

Mason Mrs Elizabeth, h 290 Water

Mason Marcus, brakeman, h 73 College av

Maston John F, h 26 S Lake

Mathews George, (col’d) lab, h 22 Dickinson

Mathews Mrs Isabella R, h 58 Washington

Mathews Kelsey B, clerk, bds 5 Gray

Mauterstock John pedlar,h 4 Dickinson

Mauterstock Wm, cooper, h 4 Dickinson

Maxwell Mrs Catharine, h 8 Dewitt

Maxwell Edward, lab, h 16 College av

Maxwell Samuel, piano maker, h 28 Washington

Maxwell Mrs. Sophia, h Horseheads rd ab Canal

MAXWELL THOMAS, lawyer and pension agent, 7 Lake h 9 S Lake

Mayo Warren E, cooper, h 23 E Union

Maynard Wm H, Ex Messenger, bds Brainard House

Mead Francis S, cutter, Baldwin & Reynolds, bds National Hotel

Mead John T, clerk, h 42 College av

Mead John, carp, h 51 Gray

Mead Mrs Lanor, h 18 Orchard

Mead Peter B, cabinet maker, h 36 Sullivan

Meddaugh Andrew, grocer, 105 Baldwin, h same

Meehan Michael, tobacconist, h 51 William

Meisel Henry, physician, 51 Baldwin, h same

Mekol Louis, shoemaker, bds 56 Water

Melix Mrs Catherine, (col’d) h 27 Dickinson

Melix Sampson, (col’d) lab, h 127 Lake

Melville George S, lawyer, 20 Lake, bds Brainard House

Melville Morton, tailor, h 19 Sullivan

Mercur Mahlon C, coal dealer, head of Dickinson, res Towanda Pa

Merriam William A, baggage master, h 67 Main

Merrill Albert, porter, h 3 Magee

Merrill E C & Co, (Edgar C M, H L Merrill) proprs Delavan House opp R R Depot

Merrill Edgar C, ( E C M & Co and W Halliday & Co) bds Delavan House

Merrill Rensselaer R, with E C M & CO, Delavan House

MERWIN WAKEMAN, harness maker, 141 Water, h 42 Washington

Metzger Daniel M, carp, h S Water nr Harmon

Metzger Xavier, butcher, h S Lake nr Miller

Miles Nathan, carp, h Water

Millard Carroll A., engineer, h 61 College av

Miller Mrs E O, dress maker, h 252 Water

Miller Franklin (col’d) lab, h 24 Dickinson

Miller George, engineer, h 23 Baldwin

Miller I L, lab, h 31 W Union

Miller Samuel, shoemaker, h 60 S Water

Milliken Joseph H, cooper, h 5 Dickinson

Millius Henry E, grocer, 218 Water, bds 36 Baldwin

Mills Edwin, carp, boards 67 College av

Mills Joseph P, shoemaker, h 20 Fifth

Mills Richard, pattern maker, h 67 College av

Mills Theodore , printer, h 6 E Second

Mills William H, engineer, bds 67 College av

Minier Abram, constable, h 6 Mt Zoar

Minier Dennis W, lab, bds Sly’s Plot

Minier Fleming, clerk freight office, bds Brainard House

Minier George, lab, bds Sly’s Plot

Minier Solomon, h 31 Washington

Mitchell Jerome, lab, h 13 Washington

Mitchell John, teamster, h 5 Orchard

Mitchell William, clerk, bds 48 William

Mitchell Wm W, artist, 114 Water, bds 48 William

Moffat William, car builder, h 3 College av

Monks James, grocer, 4 Fourth, h same

Monks Thomas R, lab, h 116 Baldwin

Monroe Robert, carp, h 7 Grove

Moody Jacob S, lab, bds 6 Washington

Moody Samuel, lab, h 6 Washington

Mooers Miss Carrie, dressmaker, h 54 Washington

Moon Philemon F, lab, h Franklin nr S Main

Moonan Christopher, grocer, cor Seventh and Hatch, h same

Moonan Christopher, grocer, cor Seventh and Hatch, h same

Moonan James, boots and shoes, cor Seventh and Hatch, h same

Moore John H, h Horseheads rd ab Canal

moore Michael, lab, h Franklin nr S Main

Moore Timothy, lab, h cor Magee and Sixth

Morey Delos C, barkeeper, Elmira Hotel

Morgan Charles, boatman, bds 123 Baldwin

Morgan William L, Capt 107 N Y Vol, h 29 S Water

Moriarty Mrs Eliza, h 17 Oak

Morrell Alfred L, clerk, bds 63 Elmira

Morrell C Edward, clerk, bds 42 Baldwin

Morris John, lab, h 73 Main

Morris John, warper, bds 24 Oak

MORRIS RICHARD, grocer, 5 Lake, bds 70 Sullivan

Morrow Flavius W, h 73 Church

Morse Barnet, physician, bds 66 Clinton

Morse Joseph O, pedlar, h 25 Columbia

Morse Rosius, physician, h 66 Clinton

Moshier Frederick C, clerk, h 72 Second

Mosier Humphrey J, (Bidwell & M) bds 13 W Second

Mott Bernard H, clerk, h 25 Baldwin

MOULTON WM J, photographer and stock dealer, 116 and 118 Water, h 48 William

Mowry Mrs T G, dressmaker 154 Water, h same

Moyer Lewis H, boatman, bds 125 Baldwin

Moyer Robert E, boatman, bds 125 Baldwin

Mullens Thomas, shoemaker, bds 206 Water

Muller William T, law student, bds 54 Sullivan

Multy John, lab, h Hatch nr Fifth

Munger Harvey J, carp, h foot of High

Munson Edward, carp, h 16 Columbia

Munson Joseph, h 18 First

Murdoch Mrs. Elizabeth, h 10 E Union

Murdoch John, lawyer, 101 Water, h 18 College av

Murdock John, (col’d) lab, h 21 Dickinson

Murdock L N, sash maker, h 75 Main

Murgatroyd John, shoemaker, h 17 Orchard

Murphy Anderson, col’d0 lab, h 102 Baldwin

Murphy Mrs Cynthia, boarding house, 93 Cross

Murphy James, lab, h 34 Sullivan

Murphy John C, cooper bds 7 Ann

Murphy Michael, lab, at Mrs S Maxwell’s

Murphy Owen, lab, h 100 Main

Murphy Patrick, lab, h 32 First

Murphy Peter, shoemaker, h 200 Water

Murphy William E, clerk, h Sly’s Plot

Murray Alexander, h 7 Mt Zoar

Murray Alexander Jr, carp, h Fulton bet Mt Zoar and Franklin

Murray John, iron worker, h 115 Lake

Murray Maurice, lab, h 30 Hatch

Murray Theron L, machinist, bds 7 Mt Zoar

Murray Timothy, shoemaker, h 64 E Second

Murray Walter, lab, h 196 Church

Musgrave Mrs Agnes M, h 42 Gray

Myers George, furniture finisher, h 92 Church

Myers George W, car builder, h 57 Columbia

Myers, Mrs Sarah, h 10 Perry

Myers Willett W, painter, h 28 Cross


Naefe Augustus F, painter, h 51 William

Naefe William, painter, h 65 First

Nagle Patrick, lab, h cor Sixth and Magee

Nalon James, lab, h 12 Hatch

Nalon William, iron worker, Rolling Mill

National Hotel, Horatio J Lombard propr, 24 Baldwin

Negus----, bridge builder, bds 1 Magee

Nelson Alexander, (N & French) h Church nr DeWitt

Nelson D Brainard, teacher, h 36 Baldwin

Nelson Miner, axe maker, bds 93 Cross

Nelson & French, (Alexander N, James S F) grocery etc, 124 Water

Newell Eleazer, lab, h 83 Water

Newkirk William, lab, h 36 Water

Newman Henry, lab, bds 44 College av

Newman Joseph, lab, h 44 College av

Newman M, clothing store, 79 Wisner, h same

Newton A Jerome (F A Frasier & Co) bds 44 Main

Newton George, bridge builder, bds 1 Magee

Newton Squire, h 44 Main

Newton William T, bds 44 Main

Nichols James K, millinery goods, 105 Water, h same

Nichols John, (col’d) lab, h 12 Oak

Nichols Mrs M A, tailoress, 156 Water, h same

Nickerson Eli, pump maker, h 5 Conongue

NICKS JOHN I, tobacconist, and Assessor US Internal Revenue, 1 Union Block, 160 Water, h 32 Main

Niver Charles, lab, h 11 N Oak

Nixon John, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Nolton Sherman, h First av nr S. Water

Noltz Julius, barber, h 7 S Water

Norman John G, blacksmith, Fox nr Carroll, h 83 Church

Norman Mrs Mary Ann, h 28 Sullivan

North Norris, tinner, h 30 Gray

North Norris L, clerk, bds 30 Gray

North Mrs Theodore, h 278 Water

Northrup George E, carp, h 42 S Water

Northrup H G, carp, bds 1 Magee

Northrup Nelson H, h 4 S Main

NORTHRUP OVID B, boots and shoes, 152 Water, bds 382 Water

Norton Charles, lab, h 86 Second

Norton Norman R, lab, h 94 Second

Norton Philander, h 213 Church

Noyes Cephas, shoemaker, h College av

Nye George M, h 33 Main

Nyer Jacob, tailor, h 9 E Union


O’Brien Christopher, clerk, bds 61 First

O’Brien Edward, lab, h 5 Hatch

O’Brien Humphrey, mason, h 8 Water bet Fulton and Harmon

O’Brien James, lab, h foot of Church

O’Brien Jeremiah, lab, h Fulton bet Hudson and S Water

O’Brien John, lab, h Buttonwoods

O’Brien John, marble cutter, h 37 Cross

O’Brien John, lab, h 3 Hatch

O’Brien Patrick, blacksmith, bds 3 Conongue

O’Brien Thomas, lab, h 94 Baldwin

O’Brien Thomas, cartman, h 61 First

O’Connell William, shoemaker, h cor Main and Water

O’Connor Daniel, lab, h Elm nr S Main

O’Connor Michael, iron worker, Rolling Mill

O’Day Cornelius, lab, h Sly’s Plot

O’Day Mrs Mary, h 20 Henry

O’Day Michael, lab, h 23 Jay

O’Day Michael, lab, bds 20 Washington

O’Dea Andrew, clerk, bds 25 Lake

O’Donnell Bryan, shoemaker, Wilson & Fancher

O’Donnell Charles, lab, h 129 Lake

O’Donnell James, lab, h Clinton Lane, nr E Third

O’Donnell John, boots and shoes, 61 Wisner, h Lake cor Franklin

O’Donnell Mathew, lab, h head of Baldwin

O’Donnell William, shoemaker, at 61 Wisner

O’Driscoll Michael, bds 115 Lake

O’Farrell Michael, lab, h 198 Church

O’Fflaherty John, lab, bds 91 College av

O’Flaherty Michael, chair maker, bds Franklin House

O’Keiffe, Cornelius, lab, h 27 Magee

O’Leary Daniel, shoemaker, Bigelow & Richardson

O’Leary Daniel, mason, h 34 Sullivan

O’Maher James, Williamsport and Elmira Hotel, 80 Wisner

O’Niel William, lab, h 23 Magee

O’Regan John, lab, h 69 Fifth

O’Regan John Jr, fireman, bds 69 College av

O’Sullivan M, saloon, 16 Wisner, h same

Oakley, Oscar R, clerk, bds 28 Baldwin

Odell Isaac, mason, h 76 fifth

Odell James, N Y Vol, h 8 Hatch

Odell William, lab, h 76 Fifth

Ogden Wm, druggist, 166 Water, h 90 Lake

Oliver Edward, constable, h 12 High

Olivier Louis, teacher, h 207 Church

Olmstead Samuel S, cabinet maker, bds 86 Cross

Oltz Miss Anna, h 85 Water

Orcutt Daniel F, painter, bds 31 Conongue

Osborn Owen N, miller, bds foot of Water

Osborne Hezekiah R, dealer in pianos and melodeons, h 44 William

Osborne William H, music teacher, bds 44 William

Overacker Albert W, boatman, h 27 High

Owens Joseph, spinner, bds 63 Factory

Owens Richard, weaver, h 63 Factory


Pagett John, leather dealer, bds 206 Water

Pagett William, tanner, 52 Factory, h same

Paine Albert (col’d) lab, h 365 Water

Paine James H, editor, h 8 Main

Palmer Allan, grocer, 10 W Third, 75 Second

Palmer Edward H (McDonald & P) h 8 S Lake

Palmer George W, carp, h 74 Gray

Palmer J Randolph, bar keeper, Bevier House

Palmer Martin W, blacksmith, 46 Lake, h 89 Gray

Palmenter Nathaniel C, shoemaker, bds Baldwin

Pangburn Henry, lab, h Franklin nr Fulton

Park Henry, tailor, bds Wisner

Parker John, lab, h 90 Second

Parkinson Alexander C, railroad track master, bds Mansion House

Parmenter Edward L, h 58 Cross

Parmenter Mrs Martha, bds 226 Water

Parris R, bridge builder, bds 1 Magee

Parsons Granville D, ex messenger, h 8 Orchard

Parsons George W, ex messenger, h 102 Lake

Parsons Miss Sarah E, physician, 28 Lake, bds 24 Carroll

Parsons Theodore S, painter, h 46 Cross

Parsons Wm E, artists, bds 72 Water

Partridge Henry M (Hatch & P) h 71 Lake

Partridge Samuel, h 72 Lake

Patchin Miss Hannah, h Horseheads rd ab Canal

Patchin John, carp, h 54 Fifth

Patten Edward, tanner, bds 112 Baldwin

Patterson James L, cooper, bds 55 William

PATTINSON, THOMAS S, meat market, 123 Water, h 34 Baldwin

Pautz Augustus, grocer, 29 Jay, h same

Paulman Charles, printer, bds Water opp Franklin House

Paulman John, confectioner, h Water opp Franklin House

Paxon James W, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Paxton Joseph, iron worker, h 7 W Union

Pearsall James, carp, at 18 Wisner

Pease Salmon D, farmer, h Hoffman cor Gray

Pechner Mrs. Emma, clothing, 153 Water, h same

Pechner Isdell, cutter, h 153 Water, h same

Peck J Franklin, h 40 Main

Peck John A, gunsmith, h 7 S Lake

Pelham Henry, carp, h 274 Water

Pelton Aaron, ex messenger, bds American Hotel
Penoyer James machinist at 181 Church

Pennell Mrs Mary, h 57 First

Percival Thomas, lab, h cor Jay and Sullivan

Perine Mrs. Clarissa, h S lake nr Franklin

Perkin Richard, saloon, h 77 Wisner

Perry Commodore (col’d) lab, at 9 S Lake

Perry John K, druggist 118 Water, h 70 Water

Perry Theodore B, clerk, bds 70 Water

Perry Thomas, (P & Scott, and Carpenter, P & Co) bds Brainard House

PERRY & SCOTT (Thos P, Edwin A S) ins agts, 103 Water over Cook & Covell

Peters H W, mason, h 232 Church

Peterson Edmund, carp, h 68 First

Pettengill John T, engineer, h Beach nr Factory

Pettingale Milton, fireman, bds 54 Second

Pettit Charles P, clerk, bds 118 Cross

Pew Benjamin (col’d) lab, h 28 Fourth

Phelps Frank, lightning rods, h 296 Water

Phillips Miss Helen M, teacher, bds 63 Baldwin

Phillips William H, lumberman, bds Haight’s Hotel

Pickering Daniel F, postmaster, cor Baldwin and Carroll, h 38 Baldwin

Pickering Edmund B, carp, bds 55 Cross

Pickering John Jr, clerk, postoffice, bds 55 Cross

Pickering John C, (P & Terry) h 55 Cross

Pickering & Terry, (John P, John K T) carpenters and builders, 24 Main

Pierce Andrew J, clelrk, bds 117 Lake

Pierce Azariel B, produce, 97 Water, h 19 College av

Pierce Henry M, clerk, bds 72 Water

Pierce William, clerk, bds 19 College av

Pierce Peter, h 89 Church

Pierson Cyrus, blacksmith, h 111 Church

Pierson Mrs Sarah M, dressmaker, h 4 E Union