Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele for letting us scan these pages. 

Pillbro John, lab, h 33 Fourth

Pinter Joseph, pedler, h 24 Perry

Pitcher Henry F, carriage painter, bds 14 Jay

Pitts Samuel, engineer, h 10 Oak

Plato M R, lab, h 10 Main

Platt Edward J, express messenger, bds 43 Main

Platt LeGrand, lab, h 245 Water

Plum Hiram A, carp, h First, nr Elm

Plumstead Mrs Sallie M, tailoress, h 40 Sullivan

Poole Michael, lab, h 49 Washington

Poole Patrick, lab, h 16 E Second

Poor Martin, lab, h 46 Wisner

Pope Joseph, bds 5 Conongue

Poppino Richard, h 5 Conongue

Porter Charles H, carp, h 19 Third

Porter D, fireman, bds 1 Magee

Post David, h 40 S Water

POST GARRY H, Union Coffee Mills, 155 Water, bds Brainard House

Post Jacob N, lab, h 236 Church

Post Laskey S, railroad conductor, h 52 Fifth

Post Wm T, County Treas, 159 Water, h Wellsburg rd, Southport

Potter Aaron F, lumberman, h 88 Lake

Potter Cranston T, livery stable, Carroll bet Lake and Baldwin, h 33 William

Potter Mrs Elizabeth, h 24 Carroll

Potter Henry W, machinist, bds Elmira Hotel

Powell Charles, barber, bds Elmira Hotel

Powell John, mason, h 1 Orchard

Powell John, lab, h 38 Fourth

Powell Thomas, iron worker, h 40 Fourth

Pratt Elon G, carp, bds 64 Gray

Pratt J H R, carp, h 64 Gray

Pratt Benjamin H, dentist, bds 72 Water

Pratt Daniel, Elmira Woolen Manufg Co, h 93 lake

Pratt Daniel R, bookkeeper, Elmira Woolen Manufy, h 8 E Union

Pratt Ransom, Elmira Woolen Manufg Co, h 28 William

Pratt Timothy S, (Rice, Durland & P) h 77 Baldwin

Prescott Joseph S, wines and liquors, 5 Baldwin, bds Haight¹s Hotel

Prescott William H, clerk, h 5 DeWitt

Preswick Christopher, (P & Dudley) h 6 S Main

Preswick Edmund T, umbrella maker, bds 56 Washington

PRESWICK & DUDLEY, (Christopher P, James T D) booksellers, etc, 114 Water

Price John P, (col¹d) barber, 188 Water, h same

Price V R, axe finisher, bds 93 Cross

Priest Charles, bookbinder, h Franklin, nr Fulton

Pross John M, harness maker, bds National Hotel

Pross Joseph, lab, h 31 College av

Pross Samuel, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Pultz -------, tinner, h 5 North Oak

Purcell John, livery, Carroll, nr Lake, h 25 DeWitt

Purcell Patrick, clerk, h 353 Water


Purdy George W, Monitor saloon, 143 Water, h same

Purdy Henry H, physician and surgeon, 31 Baldwin, h 33 Baldwin

Purtell Robert, cartman, h 92 Gray

Purtil Thos, bus driver, Brainard House

Putney Jedediah M, engineer, h 16 First


Qualey James, lab, h 65 Wisner

Qualey Patrick, iron worker, Rolling Mill

Quick Septer P, agt, hats and caps, 135 Water, h S Main cor Henry

Quigley Thomas, lab, h 22 Perry

Quinn John, iron worker, bds 115 Lake

Quinn Simon, lab, bds 74 Church


Ragan Timothy, lab, h 14 Canal

Raible Gotleib, lab, h 17 Gregg

Ramsdell Frederick D, ass¹t postmaster, and grocer, 27 Lake, h 3 Jay

Randall Isaac J, cooper, h Southport Corners

Randall John, machinist, h 60 Baldwin

Randall Merchant, engineer, h 24 Fourth

Ransom Henry, bds 331 Water

Ransom Rastus S, law student, with S C Reynolds, h 29 S Water

Ransom Reuben H, lawyer and justice, 155 Water, h 331 Water

Rapelye Mrs Caroline, h 284 Water

Rapelye Charles A, clerk, post office, bds 284 Water

Rarick Jacob, lab, h 40 Sullivan

Rathbone Miss Catharine E, h 51 Columbia

Rathbone Henry W, Sec¹ry and Treas Elmira Rolling Mill Co, h 28 First

Rathbun John, mason, bds 27 Conongue

Rathbun John T, 130 Water, h 94 Lake

Rathbun John Z, physician, bds 108 Lake

Rathbun Peter, clerk, bds 8 S Water

RATHBUN¹S BRAINARD HOUSE, Christopher Slater, propr, cor Water and Baldwin

Read Silas, h 269 Church

Read V B, con mer, Basin, h 319 Water

Ready John, ostler, Brainard House

Ready Patrick, clerk, h 61 Gray

Ready Patrick, lab, h 61 Gray

Reall John, lab, h 63 Columbia

Redfield Jared A, general agent E & W R R, h 34 W Union

Redfield John C, barkeeper, bds Franklin House

Redfield Martin A, E & W R R paymaster, h 24 Conongue

Redfield Mrs Matilda, h Henry bet Fulton and Harmon

Reed Charles B, carp, h 19 Hudson

Reed Charles M, engineer, h 15 Gray


Reed Elbridge G, clerk, h 59 First

Reed Henry A, clerk, bds American Hotel

Reed John, clerk, bds 72 Sullivan

Reed John, (col¹d) lab, h 22 Dickinson

Reed Judson R, N Y Vol, h 76 Gray

Reeder David, (col¹d) lab, at 47 Baldwin

Reeder William T, propr Haight¹s Hotel, cor Cross and Lake

Rees John W, carp, h 23 Washington

Rees William H, tinner, bds 23 Washington

Reese William, iron worker, h 135 Lake

Reeve Mrs Fanny, boarding House, 63 Baldwin

Reidy John, waiter, Brainard House

Reilly Edmund, baker, h 283 Church

Reilly Henry, lab, at 33 Baldwin

Reimer Carl, lab, h 109 Baldwin

Renshaw George, machinist, h 62 Second

Reynolds Absalom G, grocer, h 68 Main

Reynolds Adna H, agt, h 61 Baldwin

Reynolds D D & Co, (David D R, Albert S Saterlee) grocers, 21 Lake

Reynolds David D, (D D R & Co) h 39 Baldwin

Reynolds David S, edge tool maker, h 10 DeWitt

Reynolds George G, clerk, bds 30 William

Reynolds Isaac, h 6 S Water

REYNOLDS JOHN A, physician, 41 Baldwin, h same

Reynolds John A, bds 80 Lake

Reynolds Mrs Lydia T, h 104 Lake

Reynolds Mrs Mary J, (col¹d) h 17 Jay

Reynolds Nathan, h 80 Lake

Reynolds Samuel N, (Baldwin & R) h 243 Church

Reynolds Samuel T, h 104 Lake

Reynolds Schuyler C, lawyer, 137 Water, h 5 Gray

Reynolds Stephen, (col¹d) lab, h 131 Lake

Reynolds William, bowling saloon, cor Wisner and Third, h 17 East Union

Rhoades Harvey O, wagon maker, at 3 Carroll

Rhoades Isaac, carp, bds Jay

Rhoades Peter, (Cook, Willis, Bedell &Co) h 72 Fifth

Rhoades William, lab, h 78 Walnut

Rice Aaron, physician, 32 S Lake, h same

Rice Albert L, clerk, bds 32 S Water

Rice Daniel O, grocer 182 Church, h 188 Church

RICE, DURLAND & PRATT, (Remick C R, Daniel T D, Timothy S P) dry goods, 122 Water

Rice Edmund, painter, h 94 Fifth

Rice Gustavus, (E Lehman & Co) 151 Water

Rice Henry S, lawyer, bds 32 S Water

Rice Leman, artist, bds 32 S Water

Rice Remick C, (R, Durland & Pratt) h 25 William

Rice Samuel, tel operator, bds American Hotel

Richards Richard, lab, h 7 Columbia

Richardson Charles W, (col¹d) lab, h 56 Lake

Richardson Jackson, (Bigelow & R) bds Brainard House


Richardson John, shoemaker, h Buttonwoods

Richardson Daniel, shoemaker, h Southport

Richardson Lewis S, railroad conductor, bds American Hotel

RICHARDSON MICHAEL, dry goods, 170 Water, h 29 Conongue

Richardt George H, barber, Brainard House, h 14 Jay

Rider Lewis, shoemaker, A L Derby

Rider William, pedlar, bds 208 Water

Ridley Barzilla, carp, h 38 W Union

Riggle John, lab, h 63 Washington av

Riggs Rev Joseph L, h 320 Water

Riker John W, painter, h S Lake

Riker Samuel, h 46 Baldwin

Riker Samuel jr, printer, bds 46 Baldwin

Riley John, carp, h cor S Water and Harmon

Riley Mrs Martin, h 34 Carroll

Riley Timothy, shoemaker, h Walnut nr Hudson

Ripley P B, Pedlar, h 44 Gray

Ritz Adam, lab, Haight¹s Hotel

Roach James, lab, Haight¹s Hotel

Roach John F, lab, h 7 Dickinson

Robbins Benjamin V, clerk, bds 38 Washington

Robbins Joseph, taxidermist, bds 6 S Lake

Robbins Miss Mary A, music teacher, bds 32 Baldwin

Roberts Charles V, blacksmith, bds 3 Orchard

Roberts Edward P, iron worker, h 6 Perry

Roberts Ezra M, teacher, h 50 William

Roberts Henry S, blacksmith, h 3 Orchard

Roberts James, moulder, h 29 Orchard

Roberts Thomas, barkeeper, bds 20 Orchard

Roberts William, dyer, 69 Water, h same

Robertshaw John, cook, Brainard House

Robertson Archibald, (Smith, R & Fassett) h Fulton bet Elm and Mt Zoar

Robertson James, gilder, bds National Hotel

Robinson George M, clerk, bds 6 William

Robinson John, butcher, bds 208 Water

Robinson John M, furniture manuf, cor Church and William, warerooms 43 Lake, h 6 William

Robinson Newel R, butcher, h 92 Lake

Robinson Noah H, (R & Ingraham) h 92 Lake

Robinson Richard W, clerk, bds 92 Lake

Robinson William H, clerk, bds 6 William

Robinson & Ingraham (Noah H R, Clark S I) druggists, 24 Lake

Robjohn William, organ builder, h 17 Gray

Rockwell Orville, h 45 First

Rochwell Silas B, h 33 Orchard

Roe Edward D, farmer, h 183 College av

Roe John C, h 35 Main

Roe W Fletcher, teacher, h 179 College av

Rogers George (col¹d) lab, h 30 Dickinson

Rogers George W, N Y Vol, h 247 Church

Rogers J Henry, meat market, 6 Lake and 214 Water, h 8 Ann


Rogers John, lab, h 15 First

Rogers John, ostler, bds 32 Baldwin

Rogers Joseph, rail road conductor, bds 1 Magee

Rogers Orlando, carriage maker, h 38 Water

Rogers Peter, stone cutter, h Fulton bet Hudson and S Water

Rogers Patrick, lab, h Canal band bet Church and First

Rogers Stephen, stone mason, h Canal bank bet Church and First

Rohan Martin, lab, h S Lake nr Mt Zoar

Romer Anthony (Bower & R) bds American Hotel

Roody James F, bds 102 Church

Roof John J, ex messenger, h 347 Water

Roonan Patrick, lab, h 16 Water

Roosa Augustus P (G W Scardefield & Co) res Montrose Pa

Rose Enoch L, axe maker, h 38 Orchard

Rose Stephen jr, clerk, bds 63 Baldwin

Rosebrook Emory W, contractor, h 48 Second

Rosenbaum Leman (Guttenburg R & Co) res Montrose Pa

Rosenblat Levi, priest jewish synagogue, h 10 High

Rosenthall Moses, pedlar, h cor John and High

Ross Abner C, shoemaker, h 3 Ann

Ross Alfred D, clerk, bds 3 Ann

Ross Joshua C, brick maker, h 30 Jay

Rothwell Edwin, cooper, John Wormley

Roulet William, jeweler, bds 84 Lake

Rourke Mrs Mary, h 6 DeWitt

Rowland ------- bridge builder, bds 1 Magee

Rowland Chas H, clerk, bds 118 Cross

Rowley Nimrod, (col¹d) mason, h Hudson nr Western limits

Rozell George H, lab, 3 Ann

Rubens David R, clothier, 145 Water

Ruff John, cabinet maker, h 30 Water

Rumsey Mrs Caroline D, h 33 Hudson

Rumsey Charles E, ex messenger, bds Brainard House

Russell David, lab, h Sly¹s Plot

Russell John, iron worker, h 100 Baldwin

Russell John R, lab, bds Sly¹s Plot

Russell Orrin, carp, bds 127 Lake

Russell Peter R, mason, bds National Hotel

Russell W C, shoemaker, h Water

Rutter James H, station agent Erie railway, h 52 William

Rutter William E, car maker, h 11 Third

Ryan Edward, lab, h 62 Second

Ryan Edward, lab, h cor Fifth and Wisner

Ryan James, iron worker, h 191 Wisner

Ryan John, lab, bds 62 Second

Ryan John, lab, h Davis nr Sixth

Ryan John D, carp, h 32 E Second

Ryan Joseph, lab, h First nr Wisner

Ryan Timothy, lab, bds 62 Second



St Peter and Paul Church, (catholic) cor High and Cross, Rev Martin Kavanagh, pastor

Sackett Caleb W, h 39 Water

Sackett John H, carp, h 86 Church

Sackett Richard, pump manuf, 61 Water, h 42 Water

Saddler Timothy, with T S Pattinson, h 5 Ann

Sampson Joseph C, (W W Ballard & Co) bds Brainard House

Samuels Albert (L Straus & Co) bds Haight¹s Hotel

Samuels David, foreman Rolling Mill, bds 117 Wisner

Samuels David W, iron worker, h 33 Conongue

Sanders Wayland M, music teacher, h 103 Lake

Sarford John, (col¹d) lab, h 30 Conongue

Sarsfield Michael, shoemaker, h 28 Water

Satterlee Albert S, (D D Reynold & Co) bds 17 E Union

Satterlee Elias B, (Tuthill Brooks & Co) h 6 Gray

Saunders Alfred, h 56 Factory

Saunders Grover, carp, at 12 Wisner

Saunders Lucius J, mason, h 20 Henry

Savey Stephen, farmer, h S Main nr Franklin

Savey Stephen, lab, h Mt Zoar nr Southern limits

Sayles Henry, physician, (and Kelly, Biggs & Co) 35 Baldwin, h same

Sayles Henry, dentist, bds 35 Baldwin

Scales Nathaniel, shoemaker, bds ---------

Scanlon Simon, iron worker, h 23 Canal

SCARDEFIELD G W & Co (George W S, Augustus P Roosa) gilders, looking glass and

picture fram manuf, 11 Baldwin

Scardefield George W (G W S & Co) 22 Baldwin

Schabel Robert, butcher, h 8 N Oak

Scharf Edward, butcher, h Jay

Schleicher William, saloon, 23 Baldwin, h same

Schlosser J Jacob, blacksmith, h 26 E Second

Schlutter Ernst, piano varnisher, h 19 Wisner

Schoenemann Louis, tailor, h 23 Baldwin

Schuszler George F, mason, bds 10 Mt Zoar

Scofield Lewis D, h 44 Wisner

Scott Edwin A (Perry & S) h 53 Fourth

Scott Mrs Jane, h 10 Washington

Scott William M, bds 49 Baldwin

Scutt Alvah M, carp, h 23 Sullivan

Scutt Merritt L, carp, h 9 Mt Zoar

Scutt William, bds 23 Sullivan

Searles John E, carp, h 7 Hudson

Sears Mrs Mary, tailoress, h 42 Cross

Sears William, h cor Oak and Washington av

Sebaskey M, clothing store, 75 Wisner, h same

Sechler Charles, iron worker, bds 11 Magee

Second Prsbrterian Church, cor Church and Lake, Rev Isaac Clark pastor

Secor David R, tobacconist, h 52 High

See James L, piano maker, h 85 Church




Seely Absalom, soda water manuf, 18 S Lake, h sama [same]

Seely Lewis B, showmaker, h 83 Water

Seely Wm T, artist, cor Lake and Carrol, h 75 Columbia

Sellinger John, butcher, bds 93 Water

Selover John, planing mill, 42 Fifth, h 101 College av

Selway James B, cooper, h 4 Magee

Seard Hector M, h 80 Cross

Shaddock Luke, carp, h 55 First

Shaft Alpheus D, lab, h 38 Magee

Shaft E D, iron worker, Rolling Mill, h Magee

Shannon Cyrus, lab, h 2 Wykcoft¹s Block

Shannon Martin, machinist, at 181 Church

Shanon Patrick, lab, h 201 Wisner

Shaver Charles, iron worker, bds 46 Cross

Sharfe Edward, butcher, h 1 E Third

Sharp John, lab, h 1 Canal

Shattuck Charles S W, shoemaker, h 5 W Union

Shaw George, pedler, bds 208 Water

Shaw H L, h 286 Water

Shaw Samuel, painter, h 112 Baldwin

Shay Michael, lab, bds 25 Water

Shay Phillip, lab, h 32 First

Shay Robert, moulder, bds 19 Henry

Shay Timothy, lab, h 25 Water

Shearman John jr, millinery goods, 137 Water, h same

Sheehain Peter, sawyer, h 225 Wisner

Sheehan Dennis, lab, h 72 Washington av

Sheehy John, clerk, h 6 Orchard

Sheive George, h 16 S Main

Sheive John L, clerk, bds 173 Water

Shephard John, (col¹d) lab, h 8 Dickinson

Shephard Michael, cooper, h 57 Baldwin

Shepherd Wm R, clerk, bds cor W Union and Fourth

Sherman Eli B, mason, 228 Church

Sherman George, telegraph operator, bds 226 Church

Sherwood Joseph L, ship carp, h 51 Dickinson

Shew Mrs Edith, glove maker, h DeWitt nr E Second

Shiedlen & Bush, (Ernst S, ------B) furniture manuf, 183 Water

Shields John, mason, h 14 Oak

Shives John M, butcher, bds Elmira Hotel

Shockey George W, clerk, bds 6 Washington

Shockey Lewis R, ostler, bds Water

Shoemaker James M, barkeeper, Arbour Hotel

Shorts Jeremiah, (col¹d) lab, h 26 Conongue

Shuart David, carp, bds 1 Magee

Sickles Daniel, carp, h 104 Baldwin

Sigison William, cooper, 87 Baldwin, h 83 Lake

Simonds Daniel, laborer, h 17 Washington

Simons Charles, (S & Co) h 40 Carroll

Simons Charles jr, (S & Co) h 40 Carroll

SIMONS & Co, (Charles Simons, Charles Simons, jr) confectioners and umbrella makers, 40 Carroll


Simons Josiah C, (Hutchins & Co) h 24 Third

Simmons Robert, cloth presser, bds 72 Sullivan

Sittinfild Solomon, pedler, bds 43 Cross

Sivalls Charles, National Garden and Saloon, Carroll bet Lake and Baldwin, h same

Skehan James, lab, h First nr Wisner

Skidmore George H, express messenger, h 5 College av

Skindle Richard, (col¹d) carp, h 35 Dickenson

SLATER CHRISTOPHER, propr Brainard House, cor Water and Baldwin

Sloan Thomas, lab, h 18 Hatch

Sly John H, h cor Elm and S Lake

Sly Mathew M, h cor Ann and Sly

Sly William K, clerk, National Hotel

Smith --------, bridge builder, bds 1 Magee

Smith Alonzo D, bookkeeper, h 351 Water

Smith Benjamin A, tailor, h 75 Sullivan

Smith Calvin L, (col¹d) barber, bds 95 Cross

Smith Charles A, jeweler, bds 84 Lake

Smith Charles B, cutter shoe dep¹t Stuart & Ufford, h 5 College av

Smith Daniel G, carp, h 58 William

Smith David D, (col¹d) lab, h 118 Baldwin

Smith Ecker, (col¹d) lab, h Fulton bet Hudson and Henry

SMITH ELIJAH B, baker and confectioner, 1 Brainard Block, bds 54 William

Smith Elkany, cooper, h 266 Water

Smith Frank, carp, h 62 Main

Smith Gabriel L, (S & Spaulding) h 60 Sullivan

Smith George, (col¹d) lab, bds 21 Dickinson

Smith H B, Sup¹t Susq Div E R¹y, h 74 College av

Smith H Boardman, (S, Robertson & Fassett) h 270 Church

SMITH HARVEY, grocer, 131 Water, h 8 S Main

Smith Harvey H, boarding house, 28 Baldwin

Smith Henry, (col¹d) lab, h 17 Dickinson

Smith Hiram F, tailor, h 22 S Lake

Smith Hudson, clerk, bds 74 Second

Smith Huron O, carp, 18 Wisner, h Harmon nr Henry

Smith Isaac S, carp, h 15 Hudson

Smith Rev James H, h 113 Baldwin

Smith John, cartman, h 1 Washington

Smith John, (col¹d) lab, h 16 Dickinson

Smith John R, machinist, bds Bevier House

Smith John S, propr Franklin House, 230 Water

Smith Lewis M, (Ward & S) bds 74 Second

Smith Lucius M, carp, h 46 Fourth

Smith Michael, lab, h John nr Canal

Smith Norman, physician, bds 79 John

Smith Oliver D, grocer, cor Fifth and Wisner, h same

Smith Orlando N, clerk, h 79 John

Smith Robert E, carp, h 25 Gray

Smith, Robertson & Fassett, (H Boardman S, Archibald R, Newton P F) lawyers, 1 and 2 Ely Hall


Smith Robert T, machinist, h 194 Lake

Smith Rodney B, h 56 William

Smith Seymour, Sup¹t bridge repairs, E & W R R, h College av

Smith Solomon P, cooper, h 270 Water

Smith Thomas J, (col¹d) clothes cleaner, h 39 Dickinson

Smith Timothy J, clerk, bds National Hotel

Smith Uriah, physician, h 25 College av

Smith William, (cold¹d) lab, h 2 Fourth

Smith William A, shoemaker, bds 51 Cross

Smith William B, h 74 Second

Smith William C, clerk, bds 29 Conongue

Smith William S, carriage maker, 46 Lake, h 9 High

Smith & Spaulding (Gabriel L S, Thomas S S) lawyers, 149 Water

Smoke Benjamin W, tailor, h 82 Church

Smyth George, lab, h 63 High

Snell Chauncey, blacksmith, h 82 Second

Snowden George W, (col¹d) lab, bds 124 Baldwin

Snowden Phillip, (col¹d) lab, h 124 Baldwin

Snowden Samuel, (col¹d) lab, h Fifth

Snyder George W, (Herrick & S) h Southport

Snyder H S, carp, h Washingon av

Snyder Henry, iron worker, bds Gandam¹s saloon

Snyder Jacob, saloon, 137 Wisner, h same

Snyder Lewis, barkeeper, Western Hotel

Soper Royal R, law student, bds 12 Main

Soper Samuel, boatman, h 77 Columbia

Soule Charles H, merchant, bds 54 Fifth

Spaulding Charles H, clerk, h 31 Main

Spaulding George, baker, bds Chemung House

Spaulding Henry C, lumber and coal dealer, h 31 Main

Spaulding Isaac P, brakeman, h cor Fourth and Dickinson

Spaulding Thomas S, (Smith & S) h 21 Broadway

Spencer Edward, carp, h 364 Water

Spencer William H, shoemaker, at 61 Wisner

Sperry Medad, cooper, bds 38 W Union

Spickerman Levi, carp, bds 74 Gray

Spies Mrs Charlotte, tailoress, h 10 N Oak

Spilland John, shoemaker, Bigelow & Richardson

Splen William, lab, h Hudson bet Harmon and Fulton

Spraggett Richard, Third Ward Hotel, 6 S Lake

Squire Truman H, physician, 136 Church, h same

Squires Montgomery N, cigar maker, h 44 Fourth

Stagg William E, bookkeeper, h 85 Lake

Stanchfield John K, physician, 47 Baldwin, h same

Stancliff Lewis J, Pres Elmira Bank, h 13 Clinton

Stanford Edward A, barber, bds 19 Lake

Starks William H, railroad conductor, h 15 College av

Steele Frederick C, grocer, 15 and 17 Lake, h 31 S Water

Steele Mrs Theodore, boarding house, 66 Main

Steeples John, hatter, h 104 Church

Stepfield Daniel S, h Horseheads rd ab Canal

Stephens Daniel, h 68 Lake