Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele for letting us scan these pages. 

Stephens John, bds 68 Lake

Stephens Robert, law student, bds 68 Lake

Sterling William A., lab, at 73 church

Stern Moses, (D.Straus & Co.) res Wellsville

Stevens Charles, shoemaker, Bigelow & Richardson

Stevens Lafayette, machinist, h 72 Gray

Stevens Mrs. Mary, h 79 Church

Stevens Samuel, miller, h 70 Gray

Stewart Charles, h 4 Ann

Stewart Robert A., machinist, bds National Hotel

Stewart Thomas H., (col’d) lab, h 86 Baldwin

Stewart William, boatman, h 200 Church

Stiles Isaac, shoemaker, 35 Lake, h 56 Cross

Stiles Isaac P., shoemaker, bds 56 Cross

Stiles Samuel, printer, bds 56 Cross

Stilson William, shoemaker, h 109 Lake

Stockweather George, boatbuilder, bds with H. S. Snyder

Stocum Mrs. C. M., milliner, 134 Water, up stairs, h same

Stocum Eliphalet, carp, Cross nr Lake, h 134 Water

Stoddard Holmes, lab, h 7 W Union

Stoll Joseph C., saloon, 101 Wisner, h same

Stoll William, h 264 Church

Stoll Wm. H., clerk, bds 264 Church

Stone David J., carp, h Mt. Zoar, nr Southern limits

Stone Err, carp, h Fulton nr Mt. Zoar

Stone Henry S., clothier, h Franklin nr S Main

Stone Lorain J., carp., h Broadway nr Mt. Zoar

Stone Newton A., carp., h 274 Church

Story Charles F., carp, h 49 Baldwin

Stow Charles W., lab, h 16 DeWitt

Stowell A., carp, h 7 Willow

Stowell Abel, carp., h 21 William

Stowell Charles M., carp., bds 21 William

Stowell Francis A., clerk, bds 21 William

Stowell John E., clerk, bds 21 William

Stowell Mrs. Sarah, dressmaker, h 12 College av

Stowell William H., clerk, bds 21 William

Strachen John, blacksmith, h 4 Dickinson

Strachen Thomas, blacksmith, 88 Baldwin, h Dickinson

Straight William E., orderly sergt, U. S. disbursing office

Strang Henry W., clerk, bds 74 Lake

Strang Samuel B., h 74 Lake

Stratton John C., lab, h 27 Sullivan

Straus D. & Co., (David S., Moses Stern) mer tailors, 139 Water

Straus David, (D. S. & Co.) h 56 Water

Straus Henry D., clerk, bds 56 Water

Straus L. & Co., (Louis S., Geo. Hochstetter, Albert Samuels) dry goods, 164 Water

Straus Louis, (L. S. & Co.) bds Brainard House

Strawn A. B., mason, bds Mansion House

Strong Dennis (col’d) lab, h 16 Perry

Struthers Robert, iron worker, h 37 Dickinson

Stryker Samuel G., mer tailor, 10 Lake, h 6 Ann

Stryker Seth C., clerk, bds 6 Ann

Stuart ---, bridge builder, bds 1 Magee

Stuart Charles B., (S. & Ufford) h 132 Church

STUART & UFFORD, (Charles B. S., Daniel E. U.) mer. tailors, boots and shoes, hats, caps and furs, etc, 20 and 22 Lake

Stuempfle John, blacksmith, h 45 Dickinson

Suffern Miss Eliza, h 24 High

Sullivan Bartholomew, lab, h Broadway nr Fulton

Sullivan Cornelius, lab, h 98 Main

Sullivan Cornelius, foreman Mercur’s coal yard, h nr head Dickinson

Sullivan Daniel, lab, h Walnut nr Hudson

Sullivan Mrs. Deborah, h cor First and Chemung Canal

Sullivan J. Michael, printer, bds 8 Fox

Sullivan John, blacksmith, h 50 College av

Sullivan John, lab, bds cor First and Chemung Canal

Sullivan John, lab., h 73 Sullivan

Sullivan John, lab., h 8 Water bet Fulton and Harmon

Sullivan Patrick, lab., bds 209 Wisner

Sullivan Patrick, lab, h River bank, nr Hudson

Sullivan Thomas, lab., h River bank nr Fulton

Sullivan William, carriage maker, h 8 Fox

Surgenty Joseph, tailor, h 13 Gregg

Susbery Samuel, (col’d) boatman, bds 13 Dickenson

Susbery Willis, (col’d) boatman, h 13 Dickinson

Sutton Nelson, spinner, h 66 Factory

Swails Mrs. Joanna, h 25 Jay

Swails Stephen A., boatman, h 25 Jay

Swan Robert, (McKinney & S.) h 30 S Water

Swansbrough Leonard, lab., h 88 Gray

Swartz Fabian, h 43 Cross

Swayze Wilson S., mason, h 6 Jay

Sweeney John, lab., cor High and E Third

Sweet Asa W., carp., h 28 S Lake

Sweet Wesley, chair maker, h 31 William

Sykes Jesse F., harness maker, h 15 Orchard

Sykes Warren F., bds 15 Orchard


Tackman Frederick, cabinet maker, h 13 Orchard

Tanner Mrs. Elizabeth, h 8 Jay

Tate John, h 11 Henry

Taylor Abraham J., tanner, h 57 Factory

Taylor Benjamin W., boatman, h 40 Carroll

Taylor Mrs. Charity (col’d) laundress, h 14 Perry

Taylor Elias W., ointment maker, h 78 Fifth

Taylor Odell, carp. bds 57 Factory

Taylor Richard, (col’d) lab, h 6 Dickinson

Taylor Samuel B., jeweler, bds 93 Cross

Taylor Silas B., boat builder, bds Canal Junction

Taylor Silas G., clerk, h Canal Junction

Temple Mrs. N. C., h 65 Gray

Tenbroeck Peter B., wagon maker, h 40 Washington

Tenbroeck William R., clerk, bds 40 Washington

TENNY DeWITT C., physician, (and T. & Co.) 200 Water, house 42 William

Tenny & Co., (DeWitt C. T., Nathan B. Evans) druggists, 200 Water

Terry Ebenezer, drayman, bds 206 Church

Terry John K., (Pickering & T.) h 10 Hudson

Terwilliger John L., carp., h 62 Cross

Thayer Wm. M., (T. & Whitley) bds 63 Baldwin

THAYER & WHITLEY, (William M. T., John W. Jr.) eds and proprs Elmira Daily Press cor Lake and Water

Third Ward Hotel, Richard Spragget propr, 6 S Lake

Thomas Henry, (col’d) lab, h 106 Baldwin

Thomas James M., saddlery hardware, (and T. & Barnes) bds 7 Gray

Thomas John, (col’d) lab., h 28 Conongue

Thomas John G., machinist, bds Troy House

Thomas Joseph, lab., h 115 Lake

Thomas Samuel, (col’d) lab., h 30 Perry

Thomas Thomas M., iron worker, h 90 Baldwin

Thomas William, (col’d) whitewasher, h 14 Dickinson

Thomas & Barnes, (James M. T., Wm. H. B.) silver platers 38 Carroll

Thompson Albert H., shoemaker, h cor S. Main and Henry

Thompson George, clerk, bds American Hotel

Thompson Mrs. H. I., millinery rooms, 129 Water, bds Brainard House

Thompson Isaac S., shoemaker, bds cor S Main and Henry

Thompson J. Russell, lumberman, h cor Lake and Washington av

Thompson James, lab., h cor Fourth and Davis

Thompson Jeremiah, cartman, h 14 First

Thompson John T., painter, h 6 Grove

Thompson John M., butcher, h Hatch nr Fifth

Thompson William, cartman, bds 14 Lake

Thompson William C., h 30 S Lake

Thornton William, (col’d) lab., h 41 Dickinson

Thorp John, lab., h 113 Second

Thro C. & J., (Charles and Joseph) Western Hotel, 141 Wisner

Thro Charles, (C. & J. T.) Western Hotel

Thro David C., ex messenger, h 117 Lake

Thro Joseph F., (C. & J. T.) h 116 Lake

Thurber Benjamin H., clerk, bds Haight’s Hotel

Thurber Mrs. Hannah A., boarding house, 30 Baldwin

Thurston Ariel S., lawyer, 15 Lake, h 87 Lake

Thurston Miss C., teacher, h 41 Main

Tidd Horton, editor Elmira Gazette, bds Haight’s Hotel

Tierney Daniel, lab., h 22 First

Tierney Daniel, lab., h 5 Hatch

Tierney Michael, barkeeper, Brainard House

TILLMAN JOHN M., harness maker, 41 Lake, h 40 High

Tillson James, machinist, h 113 Lake

Tilly Alexander, brewer, h 60 Second

Tilly Arthur T., carp., bds 60 Second

Timms Wm., pedlar, h 111 Gray

Todtmann Mrs. Julia, grocery, 87 Church, h same’

Toles Mrs. Sarah M., h 21 E Union

Tomlinson, Solomon B., lawyer and county clerk, h 76 W Second

Tompkins Solomon, painter, h 12 Hudson

Tompkins William C., harness Maker, h 88 Gray

Town Hall, Cross bet Lake and Baldwin

Towner James A., news agt, post office building, h 134 Church

Tongue Jonathan, carp, h 48 Main

Toole John, clerk, bds Wmspt & Elmira Hotel

Tracy William, Fireman, bds 1 Magee

Trainor James, lab, h 39 Canal

Trainor James, lab, h 10 Canal

Trainor John, lab, bds 10 Canal

Trapp Wm., h 29 W Union

Traver Miss Betsey, h 44 Clinton

Traver Solomon, lab, h 23 Baldwin

Traver William, teamster, h 84 Baldwin

Treadwell Hezekiah D., (Gilbert & Co) h 340 Water

Trescott Elisha, clerk, bds 49 William

Trescott J. W., harness maker, h 10 William

Trevor Mrs. Anna C., h 156 Church

Tripp Alfred, lab, bds 206 Water

Tripp Edward, machinist, bds Troy House

Troppit Henry, lab, h Oak nr Fifth

Trout Miles, blacksmith, bds 3 Conongue

Troy House, N R Updike propr., 105 Wisner

Truesdell Warren, clerk, bds 118 Cross

Tupper Wm. H., pedlar, h 1 Walnut

Turner David, (col’d) lab., h Franklin nr S Main

Turner Robert T., law student, bds 63 Baldwin

Turner Thomas H., (col’d) lab, h 49 Dickinson

Turner William, shoemaker, h Elm nr S Main

Turner Wm. Jr., shoemaker, bds Elm nr S Main

TUTHILL, BROOKS & CO., (David H. T., Henry S. B., Elias B. Saterlee) dry goods and groceries, 132 Water

Tuthill David H., (T., Brooks & Co) h 65 Lake

Tuttle Eliada, collector and carrier Elmira Press, bds 28 Baldwin

Tuttle Wilbur F., law student, bds 5 Gray

Tyler Asher, Prest Elmira Rolling Mill Co., h 13 Main

Tyler Richard H., umbrella maker, h 24 Fourth


Ufford Daniel E., (Stuart & U) bds Haight’s Hotel

UNION COFFEE MILLS, G. H. Post propr., 155 Water

United States Ex Co., Sutherland DeWitt agt, 16 Baldwin

Up DeGraff Samuel F., shoemaker, h 2 Hudson

UP DEGRAFF THAD S., Oculist and Aurist, 151 Water, h 80 Clinton

Updegraff Edon, carp, h cor Broadway and Main

Updegraff Elbridge, painter, bds 31 Conongue

Updegraff Jacob, machinist, h 80 Gray

Updike Nelson R., Troy House, 105 Wisner


Vail Benjamin, cabinet maker, h 26 Gray

Vail Charles M., carp, h 36 College av

VanAllen Daniel, h 3 Columbia

VAN CAMPEN SAMUEL R., banker, corner Water and Baldwin, (Brainard Block) bds 92 Cross

VanDoren William, bds 43 Main

Van Dusen Francis C., clerk, bds Haight’s Hotel

VanKirk James L., (V. & Knapp) h Church bet Columbia and Davis

VanKirk & Knapp, (James L.V., Annanias K.) meat market 220 Water

VanLew George, flour and feed, h 1 Gray

VanNorman Samuel, butcher, h 38 First

VanOver George, engineer, h 48 Fourth

VanPelt Aaron, shoemaker, h 10 Mt. Zoar

VanTassel Daniel, law student, bds 12 Main

VanTassel Richard W., machinist, h 34 Fourth

VanWagoner Cornelius, teamster, bds 94 Fifth

VanWagoner Henry, teamster, h 94 Fifth

Vanderbilt William, tanner, h 10 Henry

Vandyne James A., carp, h 34 E Second

Vanseay Jason, pedlar, h 7 Hudson

Vaughn Harmon P., cooper, h First av, nr S Water

Vaughn Willard, cooper, h Water

Vermilya Edgar D., engineer, bds 4 E Union

Vermilya Mrs. Hannah S., dressmaker, h 4 E Union

Vermilya John L., tinner, h 2 Columbia

Vernooy Epenetus, wagon maker, h 12 Gregg

Vernooy Miss Margaret C., dressmaker, bds 21 E Union

Vernooy Samuel, carp, h 68 William

Vernooy Wessel, teamster, h 43 Clinton

Vescelius W. Irving, prof of penmanship, 18 Lake, bds 17 William

Viall Ethan, street com., bds 94 Church

Viall William, lumber dealer, cor Church and Chemung Canal, h 46 Gray

Vickery Samuel, lab, h 37 DeWitt

Vincent Gillett J., clerk, bds Haight’s Hotel

Vincent Joseph. lab, h S Hatch

Vinton Charles E., (V. & Chamberlin) bds 37 Wisner

Vinton & Chamberlin, (Charles E. V., John W. C.) wines and liquors, 25 Wisner


Wade Joseph, lab, h foot of High

Wagemann Albert, variety goods, 121 Water, h same

Wagener Peter, porter, Haight’s Hotel, h 12 Washington

Wager Peter, grocer, bds 230 Church

Wagner John S., barber, 206 Water, h same

Wales Ira, shoemaker, bds 254 Water

Walker Alonzo P., carp, h 81 Church

Walker George, tailor, 8 Lake, h Hudson nr Hind

Walker Henry, carp, bds 81 Church

Walker James, plumber, h Hudson nr Western limits

Walker Thomas, iron worker, Rolling Mill, h Willow

Wallace Richard K., painter, 60 Lake, h 34 William

Wallace William, saloon, 93 Wisner, h same

Waltner Michael, brewer, h 51 William

Walters George A., brakeman, bds 19 Sixth

Walters Orin, lab, h 230 Church

Walters Orin C., propr Bevier House, 117 Wisner

Walters R. E., railroad conductor, h 19 Sixth

Walters William, machinist, bds Troy House

Walzer Peter N., saloon, 93 Water, h same

Ward Amos, lab., h 88 Gray

Ward J. Ralph, (W. & Smith) bds 92 Cross

Ward Moses, car builder, h 81 Church

Ward William, lab., h 59 Gray

Ward & Smith, (J. Ralph W., Lewis M. S.) lawyers, 135 Water

Warn Cornelius, fireman, h 13 Magee

Warner Eli, clerk, bds 17 College av

Washington Henry, (col’d) barber, bds 34 Dickinson

Washington Hiram, (col’d) lab., h 26 Fifth

Washington James, (col’d) lab., h 30 Perry

Washington John, (col’d) lab., h 25 Dickinson

Wass Joseph, iron worker, bds Gandam’s saloon

WATERS GEORGE W., portrait painter, 135 Water, h 2 Gray

Watkins James, (col’d) lab., h Franklin nr S Main

Watley Henry, lab., h 4 Mt. Zoar

WATROUS RIGGS, hardware, etc, 112 Water, h 53 Lake

Watson William H., (col’d) lab., h 121 Lake

Watts John, h 1 S Water

Watts Robert M., foreman Press, bds 1 S Water

Watts Stephen, lab., h 2 Dickinson

Watts William, lab., h 114 Lake

Waugh John, h 71 Second

Way Charles, tavern, 89 Baldwin

Weaver Jesse, lab., h 67 Wisner

Webner John, shoe maker, bds Mansion House

Webster Daniel, tobacconist, J I Nicks

Webster Daniel, (col’d) lab., h John bet Washington and Orchard

Wedge Luther, engineer, h 24 Third

Weed Peter, clerk, bds 35 DeWitt

Weed Phineas, clerk, bds 35 DeWitt

Weed William B., lab., h 35 DeWitt

Weibel Joseph, saloon, 143 Wisner, h same

Weir William C., h 1 Orchard

Welch A., carp, h cor Factory and Beach

Welch Alexander, grocer, 13 Baldwin, h 231 Church

Welch Charles, hackman, bds 231 Church

Welch James, fireman, bds 1 Magee

Welch James, h 61 Columbia

Welch James, lab., h 29 Hatch

Welch John, engineer, h Davis nr Fourth

Welch Michael, lab, h Lock No. 2 Junction Canal

Welch Morris, lab., h Fulton, bet Hudson and S. Water

Welch Warner H., propr Elmira Hotel, 182 Water

Weldner George, shoemaker, 77 Water, h same

Weller Miss Electa, clerk, bds 3 Washington

Wellington Isaac M., principal Elmira Academy, h 32 Fourth

Wells Chauncey E., druggist, 156 Water, h 340 Water

Wells John C., h 234 Church

Wells Nelson, boots and shoes, 29 Lake, h 43 Gray

Welton Michael, carp, h 14 Cross

Werner Maurice, clothier, 111 Water, h 26 High

West C. F. & Co., (Charles F. W., and ----) millers, Water nr Newton Creek

West Charles F., (C. F. W & Co.) h foot of Water

West Thomas D., tanner, h 195 Water

Westlake Henry D., clerk, bds Haight’s Hotel

Wey William C., physician and surgeon, 68 Water, h same

Weyer Phillip, grocer, 29 E Union, h same

Wheeler Eli, h 45 William

Wheeler Leverett R., h 5 S Water

Wheeler Orrin H., bag maker, h 241 Church

Wheeler R. F., h 1 Walnut

Wheeler Willie, physician, bds Bevier House

Whipple Albert R., h S Hudson

White Calvin S., shoemaker, h 94 Church

White Charles, iron worker, Rolling Mill

White Charles E., printer, bds 35 Hudson

White Daniel M., clerk, bds 72 Water

White George, railroad conductor, bds American Hotel

White Jonathan M., shoemaker, bds 254 Water

White Patrick, lab., h 26 Hatch

White Spencer H., shoemaker, h 54 Washington

White William, tanner, h 76 High

White William L., painter, bds National Hotel

Whiting Seth T., carriage maker, 201 Water, h 40 Baldwin

Whitley John H., artist, h 14 High

Whitley John Jr., (Thayer & W.) bds 28 Baldwin

Whitney Mrs. Anna, h 21 Jay

Whitney Samuel, shoemaker, h 2 Wyckoff’s Block

Whiton George L., N. Y. Vol., h 226 Water

Wicks John, lab., bds 19 College av

Wiegarty Henry, carp, bds 42 High

Wilcox Mrs. Anna R., h 114 Baldwin

Wilcox Howard M., clerk, bds 15 William

Wilcox Isaac, bds National Hotel

Wilcox James, bds National Hotel

Wilcox Thomas, lab., h cor Fulton and Hudson

Wilken Moses B., railroad conductor, h 15 Columbia

Wilkey James A., shoemaker, h Southport

Wilkinson M. C., Cap. 107 N. Y. Vol., h 24 W Union

Williams Arthur T., printer, h 4 Gray

Williams Dever, clerk, bds 18 Conongue

Williams E. J., clerk, Express Co., h 276 Water

Williams Edward H., cabinet maker, h 44 Cross

WILLIAMS ERASTUS, grocer, 19 Lake, bds 15 William

Williams Evan, iron worker, h 123 Lake

Williams George, pedlar, bds 208 Water

Williams Henry, (col’d) lab., h 115 Baldwin

Williams James W. tanner, h 69 Gray

Williams John D, canal collector Junction Canal, cor Conongue and Clinton, h 46 William

Williams John (col’d) lab., h 24 Conongue

Williams John P., machinist, h 4 College av

Williams Mrs. Mary, h 5 Jay

Williams Richard P., printer, bds Church nr Canal

Williams S. Quincy, clerk, bds 18 Conongue

Williams Samuel, axe maker, bds 93 Cross

Williams Samuel, (col’d) lab., h 30 Dickinson

Williams Mrs. Sophia (col’d) h 86 Baldwin

Williams Thomas B., brakeman, bds Troy House

Williamsport & Elmira Hotel, James O’Maher, propr, 8 Wisner

Willor Frederick, carp, h 200 Water

Wilson Charles F., (W. & Fancher) h 288 Water

Wilson Henry, clerk, bds 6 Gray

Wilson James, lab., h 105 Second

Wilson Jonas D., ag’t J. I. Nicks, bds 32 Main

Wilson Wm. R., Capt N. Y. Vol., h 72 Second

Wilson & Fancher, (Charles F. W., Sutherland F.) boots and shoes, 104 Water

Wind Thomas Jr., iron worker, Rolling Mill

Wise Ambrose, tobacconist, h 32 DeWitt

Wise Charles, bridge builder, bds 1 Magee

Wise Daniel, bridge builder, bds 1 Magee

Wisner Jeffrey A., railroad conductor, h 57 Sullivan

Wisner Mrs. Mary, h 12 S Main

Wisner Mrs. Mary A., h 54 Sullivan

Wisner Wm. H., clerk, bds Brainard House

Wisner Wm. H., saloon, 28 Lake, h 96 Church

Wiswell Miss Clara I., dressmaker, bds 46 Cross

Wittenberg Mrs. Rosa S., h 44 Baldwin

Wixon Silas, teamster, h 28 Orchard

Wolcott Mrs. Charlotte, h Broadway nr Mt. Zoar

Wolcott George A., lab., h Franklin nr Fulton

Wood Andrew J., engineer, h 72 Sullivan

Wood Annanias (col’d) lab., h Franklin nr Fulton

Wood Calvin, carp, h 88 Gray

Wood Coe, lab., h Factory

Wood Frank, carp., h 58 Columbia

Wood John A., lab., bds 72 Sullivan

Wood John B., (col’d) lab., h 18 Dickinson

Wood Joseph, carp., bds 50 High

Wood Seymour B., tinner, h 25 S Water

Wood William, machinist, h 335 Water

Wood William H., carriage maker, h 76 Church

Woodcock Edward, lab., Water Cure

Woodruff Albert, carp., h 84 Gray

Woods James L., (Hathaway & W.) h 304 Water

Woodward William, lumberman, h 73 Baldwin

Wormley John, cooper, foot Sly, h 9 Ann

Worrall George, grocer and coal dealer, 66 William, h 49 William

Wright Mrs. Eliza, dressmaker, h 12 College av

Wright George B., railroad conductor, h 55 Fourth

Wright John S., lab., h 54 Gray

Wright Thomas S., hatter, h 55 Fourth

Wright William, bds 48 Main

Wyckoff Arcalus, (W. & Bro.) h 8 S Water

Wyckoff Charles W., (W. & Bro.) h 24 Hudson

Wyckoff Charles W. Jr., carp, 12 Wisner, bds 24 Hudson

Wyckoff Elias, carp, h S Water, nr Harmon

Wyckoff & Bro., (Arcalus, and Charles W.) manufs water-pipes, etc., 12 Wisner

Wynn Hugh, iron worker, h 41 Canal

Wynn James, lab., h 10 Hatch

Wynn John, iron worker, h 23 Canal

Wynn Thomas, iron worker, h 10 Hatch


Yates Wm., jeweler, bds 228 Water

YATES WM. P., Watches and Jewelry, 147 Water, h 228 Water

Yeoman Milton, carp, h 56 S Water

Young C., engineer, bds 1 Magee

Young David, clerk, h 24 DeWitt

Young Jesse, tailor, Baldwin & Reynolds, h Southport

Young Michael, shoemaker, h 69 Water

Young Peter C., h 44 Washington

Young Thomas, match manuf, Horseheads rd ab Canal, h same