Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Waite Brothers
FOR 1866.

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Clark Susan, widow Isaac, bds 138 Church
Clark Wm, h Lake, n Fourth
Clark Wm, (Clark & Mitzger) h 23 E Union
Clark Wm. B, carpenter, h 1 Magee
Clark & Mitzger, meat market, Wisner, c Second
Clarke Sylvanus, carpenter, h 186 Church
Clatworthy James, painter, h 25 Conongue
Cleaver, P. P, carpenter, bds Brainard House
Cleeves E. J, widow Joshua, h 254 Water
Clendenney Theodore, artist, bds 12 Third
Cleveland Frank, dry goods, h 26 De Witt
Cleveland Henry, agt. Life ins., h Gray, e Walnut
Cleveland James H, foreman of car shop, h 47 Cross
Cleveland William H, ins. Agent, h 88 Gray
Cline Elisha, carpenter, h 34 Fourth
Cline John, butcher, h Hudson, n S Chestnut
Cloak John, laborer, h Magee, n Park
Close Reuben H, nurseryman, h S Main, n Partridge
Clough Ira, machinist, h Elm, n Second
Coard Primas, (col’d) laborer, h Dickinson, n Fourth
Coburn Parley, teacher, bds 28 S Water
Coddington E. A. Mrs, pattern emporium, 113 Water
Coddington J. M, conductor, h 48 Second
Coe Samuel N, grocer, Baldwin, c E Union, h do
Coffee John, laborer, h Canal, n Fifth
Cohn M, clothier, Wisner, n First, h do
Coke Frederick, clerk, 154 Water, h 57 Gray
Coke E Levi, baker and confectioner, 154 Water and 38 Carroll, h 60 Baldwin (see adv)
Coke Philip, bds 57 Gray
Coke William, cabinet maker, h 61 First
Cole Lyman, harness maker, h 11 High
Cole Martha, widow Platt, h 49 Baldwin
Cole Myron, h 43 William
Coleman A. K, carpenter, h Water, c city limits
Coleman Frank, machinist, h 143 Second
Coleman John, laborer, h Broadway, n Main
Coleman Joseph, harness maker, h 12 Orchard
Coleman Oliver, carpenter, bds 1 Magee
Colligan Michael, at planning mill, h 33 High
Collingwood Francis, (Collingwook & Strang) h 24 First
Collingwood Robert, watches, jewelry and sewing machines, 13 Lake, h 31 S Water
Collingwood & Strang, watchmakers and jewelers, 147 Water, (see adv)
Colman John, carpenter, bds 120 Cross
Colson James, shoemaker, bds Third, c Magee
Colvin Samuel, (col’d) laborer, bds Dickinson, n Fifth
Colwell Luther, editor, h 48 Gray
Collins Dennis, saloon and boarding house, Wisner, c Second
Collins Dennis, laborer, h 18 Water
Collins Isaac H, (col’d) laborer, bds 24 Fifth
Collins Johanna Mrs, h S Main, c Partridge
Collson Sprague, nurseryman, h 14 Jay
Comey Thomas, waiter, Brainard House
Compton Livingston, hostler, bds 33 William
Comstock M. M, clerk, 122 Water, bds Hathaway House
Comstock Wm. H, city whitewasher, 56 Lake, h S Lake, n Miller (see adv)
Condon John, at woolen factory, h 66 Factory
Cone Albert, farmer, h 23 Sullivan
Congdon Benjamin S, hackman, h 44 College
Congdon George, maltster, 111 Cross, h 279 Church
Congdon Sylvester L, presiding elder, h 245 Church
Conklin Edward S, harness maker, bds 100 Cross
Conklin Ichabod, h 168 Church
Conklin Walter W, engineer, h Dickinson, n the canal
Conley Thomas, laborer, h John, c Harriet
Conley Timothy, laborer, h Harriet, n John
Connell William boot turner, h Henry, n Fulton
Connelly Daniel, laborer, h S Walnut, n river bank
Connelly Daniel, laborer, h Hudson, n S Chestnut
Connelly Hugh, h Canal, n Seventh
Connelly John, laborer, h S Water, n Fulton
Connelly John, tailor, h Munroe, n Water
Connelly Patrick, laborer, h 48 Clinton
Conners Michael, shoemaker, bds 7 Henry
Connolly Dennis, laborer, h S Walnut, n Hudson
Connolly Dennis, laborer, h Hudson, c Fulton
Connolly John, laborer, h Hudson, c Fulton
Connolly Michael, laborer, h Hudson, c Hine
Connolly Patrick, laborer, h S Walnut, n Hudson
Connolly Patrick, laborer, Hudson, n Walnut
Connolly Timothy, laborer, h Hudson, n Fulton
Connor Daniel, laborer, h Elm, n S Main
Connor Daniel, laborer, h Sixth, n Wisner
Conner Morris, laborer, h Wisner, c First
Connors Katie Mrs, h Park, c West Union
Converse M. M. Mrs, h 75 Lake
Converse M. S, (Kellogg & Converse,) h 17 William
Conway Michael, bootmaker, h 34 S Lake
Conway Patrick, laborer, h Sixth, n Magee
Cook Almon, carpenter, h 65 Main
Cook E. H, (E. H. Cook & co,) also, (Nichols, Gregg & Co,) h 19 S Water
Cook George N, clerk 122 Water, bds 92 Cross
Cook J. J, supt. Billiard rooms, Hathaway House
Cook Janette Mrs, h 252 Water
Cook Joseph, umbrella maker, bds 69 Second
Cook E. H. & co, hardware, 101 and 103 Water
Cooke Frederick J, collar maker, 33 Sullivan, h do
Cooke George J, h 269 Church
Cooley Asahel J, carpenter, h 54 Washington
Cooley Jesse L, book-keeper, h Lake, n Washington ave
Cooley L. J. Major, h Lake, c Washington ave
Cooney Daniel, laborer, h Columbia, n Second
Cooper Ella M. Mrs, h Hudson, n S Main
Coppins Reuben, harnessmaker, h 35 Orchard
Corbett Wm. G, Mansion House, Wisner, c Second
Corcoran John, laborer, h Wisner, n Seventh
Corcoran Margaret Mrs, h 47 College ave
Corcoran Thomas, hotel, Canal, n Seventh
Corey Augustus F, book-keeper, h 234 Church
Corey Edward M, bds 234 Church
Corey Wm. F, cashier 2d National Bank, h 209 Church
Cornell Harriet, widow Joseph, h 6 Columbia
Corwin Henry, carpenter, h Standish, c Oak
Costello Bryan, laborer, h First, n Wisner
Cotton George H, millwright, h 7 First ave
Cottrell S. H, builder, bds 52 Fourth
Couch Stephen, h Canal junction
Coulson Robert, laborer, h Church, c Grove
Covell Almira Mrs. h 15 College ave
Covell Henry C, stock operator, h 66Water
Covell Jacob M, h 66 Water
Covell James, clerk, 106 Water, bds 72 Lake
Covell John D, druggist, 102 Water, h 22 Main
Covell Lyman, h 64 Water
Covell Miles Mrs, bds 66 Water
Covell Robert, (J. Decker & Co,) h 55 Lake
Covell T. B, clerk, 143 Water, bds 15 College ave
Covell Wm. D, U. S. deputy marshal, 102 Water, bds 64 do
Cowen Fred. N, clerk, 12 Lake, bds 270 Church
Cowen Marie Mrs, h 15 Magee
Cowen Newton F, clerk, bds 270 Church
Cowen T. C, auction and commission, 12 Lake, h 270 Church
Cowles A. W. Rev, president Elmira Female College, h 95 College ave
Cowles Samuel G, bookkeeper, 12 Baldwin, bds 95 College ave
Cox Frank C, student, bds 290 Water
Coyle Michael, bds Canal, n Fifth
Cozier Wm, painter, h Hudson, n Hine
Craig Mrs, h 54 Main
Craig James, tinsmith, bds 26 Oak
Craig Peter, carder, h 26 Oak
Craig Robert B, carder, h 26 Oak
Cramp Robert, farmer, h 30 Cross
Crane A, mason, h Elm, n Second
Crane H. Mrs, h 42 First
Crane T. W, clerk, 6 Baldwin, bds 21 Main
Craven John, tinner, h 28 E Second
Craven Sephen, cooper, h High, n E Second
Creaske Elizabeth, widow Crago, h Henry, n S Lake
Creed James A, h 21 Orchard
Creeman Matthew, tailor, h Second ave, n the river
Crittendon Richard G, at rolling mill, h 62 John
Crockett Benjamin B, dyer, h 303 Water
Crogger Amos, (col’d) barber, h Lake, n Fourth
Cronain James, laborer, h High, n E Third
Croney Ellen, Mrs, h Stowell, n Washington ave
Crook Burr, porter Exchange Hotel
Crooker James R, farmer, h 4 Ann
Crosby Zenus, at woolen factory, h 19 Jay
Crosland Wm, shearer at woolen factory, bds 72 Sullivan
Cross Charles, livery stable, Cross, n Baldwin, h First, c Walnut
Cross Edward P, ironworker, bds 135 Lake
Cross Elisha R, (Gleason & Cross) bods Pattison House
Cross George, (col’d) laborer, h 15 Dickinson
Cross Hawley, student, bds 25 Hudson
Cross John, livery, bds Chemung House
Cross Samuel, wooddealer, 162 ½ Church, h 135 Lake
Cross Willis, carpenter, h E Third, n Conogue
Croup Elizabeth, widow Peter, bds Baldwin, n Fifth
Croup Samuel, carpenter, 118 Baldwin, h Baldiwn n Fifth
Crow David Rev, h Crow, c Mt. Zoar
Crow John, bootmaker, h Henry, n Fulton
Crowley John, laborer, h Hudson, n Harmon
Crowley Michael, cooper, h 18 First
Crowley Thomas, laborer, bds Henry, n S Main
Cuddington Peter B, tanner, h 323 Water
Cuddington Samuel, clerk, bds 323 Water
Cullan Patrick, laborer, h Second, c Elm
Cullinan Austin, carpenter, bds 195 Wisner
Culp George I, carriage painter, h Water, n High
Culp Harriet Mrs, h 10 Fox
Cummings Edward, laborer, h Wisner, n First
Cummings James, mason, h 16 First
Cummin Wm, carpenter, h Partridge, n S Main
Cummins Mark, carpenter, h 13 Jay
Cunningham Marcus, carpenter, h 25 Water
Cunningham Michael, at gas works, bds 65 Cross
Curley John, laborer, h Harriet, n Cross
Curran Daniel, laborer, h E Third, n High
Curran John, laborer, bds High, n E Third
Curran Michael, laborer, h High, n E Third
Curran Sarah Mrs, bods 11 E Union
Curran T. J, brushmaker, 109 Wisner, h 11 E Union
Curran Thomas, laborer, h High, n E Third
Curry Eliza Mrs, h Junction, n Paul
Curry John, laborer, h Junction, n Paul
Curry Michael, laborer, h 211 Wisner
Curtin Andrew, bds Brainard House
Curtin Charles, laborer, h Spring, n Water
Curtis George C, pastor 1st Presb. Church, h 40 William
Curtis Wm, milkman, h Gray, e Elm
Curtis Wm. L, clerk, 108 Water, bds 119 Cross
Curtiss Laty, widow Elda, h 9 Harmon


Dailey Thomas, shoemaker, bds Carroll Street House
Daily Catharine, widow Patrick, h 46 Hudson
Daily Dennis, laborer, h 18 Washington
Daily Mary Mrs, h Sullivan
Daily Patrick, laborer, h E Third, n High
Dale George W, book agent, bds 24 Orchard
Dalton Alfred, gunsmith, h 85 Water
Dalton James, laborer, h Second, n the canal
Dalton Michael, (Hockenberger & Dalton,) h 19 Second
Dalton Thomas, laborer, h 73 Columbia
Daly John, peddler, h Hudson, c Chestnut
Daniels Daniel, h 115 Lake
Daniels Evern, carpenter, h 69 First
Daniels Mary Mrs, h 18 Sullivan
Daniels Walter J, carpenter, h S Main, n Henry
Danks Orris, hostler, Brainard House
Dartt A. M, dentist and physician, 118 Water
Davage John, (col’d) laborer, h 29 Sullivan
Daved Harriet A. Miss, tailoress, h Main, c Third
Davenport D. Romayn, bookkeeper 38 Fifth, bds 15 S Lake
Davenport Ephraim, (Gridley & Davenport,) h 44 Washington
Davenport Scott, gardener, h Church, n city limits
Davidson John T, ciry attorney and claim agent, 137 Water, h 35 Hudson
Davies Benjamin L, roller, h Broadway, n Magee
Davies Gershom T, engineer, bds Magee, c Broadway
Davies Levi, rail straightener, h Magee, c Broadway
Davis Abraham, h 20 Columbia
Davis Alvin, painter, h 28 W Union
Davis Estes H, physician, 66 Baldwin, h do
Davis George L, lawyer and justice, 1707 Water, h 26 William
Davis Henry A, clerk 109 Water, h Hine, n Mount Zoar
Davis Henry E, carman, h 147 Second
Davis James, teamster, h Second, n Columbia
Davis James W, carpenter, bds 40 Cross
Davis John, shoemaker, h 40 Cross
Davis John jr. clerk S Lake, bds 40 Cross
Davis Joseph, bookkeeper 132 Water, h 40 Cross
Davis Maggie E, milliner 28 Lake, bds 40 Cross
Davis Manfred E, bds 66 Baldwin
Davis Rees, puddler, h 6 Arnot’s bldg, Fifth
Davis Robert, laborer, h Hudson, n Harmon
Davis Sarah J, widow Wm. R, h 86 Church
Davis Thomas, puddler, h 3 Arnot’s bldg, Fifth
Davis Wm. H, student, bds 147 Second
Davis Wm, (col’d) mason, h 30 Oak
Dawes Elisha A, carriage trimmer, h 59 Water
Dawson Andrew, bridge builder, bds 82 Main
Dawson Wm, teamster, h 6 Columbia
Day Leroy, (col’d) tobacco worker, bds Dickinson, n Fifth
Day Wm, carpenter, h 5 Gregg
Dean H. H. Mrs, homeopathist, 30 Baldwin, h do
Dean Lansing, switchman h 120 Lake
Dean Nathan L, teamster, h 120 Baldwin
Dearborn, Charles, carpenter, h E Hill, n water cure
Decker Casper S, h 341 Water
Decker David, tanner, h 60 College av, c Clinton
Decker Gilbert, h 60 College av
Decker Jacob, carpenter, bds 2 Gray
Decker James, ice dealer, h Broadway, n Mt. Zoar
Decker John, (J. Decker & Co) h 68 Baldwin
Decker M. S, dressmaker, 133 Water, h do
Decker Oscar, h 345 Water
Decker Peter, fruiter, Water, co Wisner, h 69 Second, n Wisner
Decker J. & Co, dry good and groceries, 106 Water
Degraw Andrew, harnessmaker, bds Chemung House
De Groff David A, h 17 E Union
Delchert Henry, laborer, h Clinton, n Oak
Deister Jacob, blacksmith, h 17 Gregg
Delster John, (J. & M. Deister) h 105 Church
Deister John, h 20 Jay
Deister Michael, (J. & M. Deister) h 105 Church
Deister Niclolas, brewer, h 42 High
Deister J. & M. grocers, 105 Church
Delamb Charles, cabinetmaker, h 28 Cross
De Lancey Albert, machinist, bds 26 Fourth
De Lancey Henry, machinist, bds 26 Fourth
De Lancey John, engineer, bds 26 Fourth
De Lancey Yates, engineer, h 26 Fourth
Delaney Daniel, shoemaker, h 20 Water
Delanty Thomas, hostler, h 24 Conongue
Delavan House, 153 Wisner, opp depot
Delavergne Charles, fireman, h 22 Fourth
Delavergne Lewis, bds 22 Fourth
Delay John, porter, American Hotel
Delavan Lewis, blacksmith, bds 3 Conongue
Demarst John, brakesman, h 44 College ave
Dempsey B, shoemaker, h Hudson, n S Main
Dempsey Daniel, laborer, bds Chemung House
Dempsey Fenton, laborer, h Hudson, c Hine
Dempsey Michael, laborer, h Hudson, n S Main
Dempsey Patrick, shoemaker, h Hudson, n Hine
Dempsy James, laborer, h Wisner, n Second
Denton Anna Mrs, boarding house, 43 Main
Dennis Mrs. H 54 Main
Denton S. B, deputy collector internal revenue, 134 Water, bds 78 Clinton
Denton Seymour F, U. S. collector internal revenue, 134 Water, h 78 Clinton
Dennis John, bds 216 Water
Dennison Margaret, widow John, h 60 Factory
Densmore Joseph D, agent, h 23 S Main
Derby A. L, boots and shoes, 153 Water, h 26 S Water
Derby Charles S, carpenter, h First, n Davis
Derby L. W, foreman, bds 5 W Union
Desmond John, shoemaker, h Harriet, n Cross
Devine Edward, heater, h Magee, c Fifth
De Voe A. N, bookkeeper, Second, n Chemung canal, bds 55 Baldwin
De Voe Frederick A, (De Voe & Hazard,) h 55 Baldwin
De Voe Georg W, shoemaker, bds Henry, c RR
De Voe Jeremiah, h 22 College ave
De Voe Martin, boatman, h 22 College ave
De Voe Russell, shoemaker, bds 216 Water
De Voe & Hazard, editiors and proprietors Elmira daily and weekly Gazette, Lake, c Water, (see adv)
Dewy Sylvester, clerk, bds 11 Fox
Dewire Michael, engineer, h Magee, n Sixth
Dewitt Abraham B, (A. B. Dewitt, & Co.,) h Roseville, PA
Dewitt Abram M, (A. M. Dewitt, & Co.,) And grocer 19 Baldwin, h do
Dewitt Charles, billiard room, Brainard Block, n P. O, h 27 Hudson
Dewitt Edgar L, student, h Cross, c Conongue
Dewitt George, cook, Brainard House
Dewitt George H, clerk, bds Pattison House
Dewitt Harvey, express messenger, bds Hathaway House
Dewitt Isaac T, clerk, bds Cross, c Conongue
Dewitt Jacob, laborer, h 33 Dewitt
Dewitt James, lawyer, 10 Lake, h 13 Orchard
Dewitt S. agt U. S. express, and Howard & Co’s express, 16 Baldwin, h 342 Water
Dewitt Wm. H, farmer, h Oak, n Limits
Dewitt W. P, (Dewitt & Scriber,) h Cross, c Conongue
De Witt A. B. & Co, (H. D. Straus, L. Greenbaum,) grocers, 2 Main
De Witt A. M. & Co. grocers and canal stables, 105 Baldwin
De Witt & Scriber, gun and locksmiths, 83 Water, (see adv)
Dexter Aaron Mrs, h 50 Gray
Dexter John M, (Dexter & Elmore,) h 25 Gray
Dexter Seymour, lawyers, bds 290 Water
Dias Sidney S, painter, h 67 Main
Dick John H, carpenter, h 126 Baldwin
Dickinson George S, grocer, S Lake, h 13 William
Dickinson Henry P, harnessmaker, h 95 Lake
Diedrichs Wm. F, grocer 33 fifth, h 109 Baldwin
Diehl Jacob, baker, h 15 Fox
Dill John H. Mrs, milliner Dickinson, n Canal, h do
Dill John H, policeman, h Dickinson, n the canal.Dildine James, laborer, h Dildine Dildine James, laborer, h Partirdge, n R R
Dildine Lydia Mrs, h Partridge, n R R
Dildon  ---, shoemaker, bds 7 Ann
Dillon James, laborer, h Hatch, n Fifth
Dillon Thomas, laborer, h First, n Main
Disbrow Noah, shoemaker, h 42 Cross
Disney Thomas, laborer, h Third, n Davis
Divany Timoth, laborer, h Harriet, n Cross
Diven George M, lawyer 153 Water, h 44 S Water
Diven Truman, bridgebuilder, bds 82 Main
Dixon Erastus, farmer, h 25 Water
Dixon George, painter, bds 15 Magee
Doan Ezeikel P, carpenter, h 4 S Magee
Dobell John, laborer, h Lake, north, n limits
Dobell Stephen, h Oak, n limits
Dobs Benjamin M, carpenter, h 141 Lake
Dobson Margaret Mrs, h 33 Fifth
Dodd Alfred, cigarmaker, h 36 First
Dohm John W, carman, h 34 Fourth
Dolan Patrick, laborer, h E Third, n High
Dolphin John, agent Onondaga Salt Co, Magee’s Basin, Clinton, n foot of bridge, bds Brainard House
Domaille Thomas, saloon 83 Cross, h do
Domidion Gustaf A, hairdresser Hathaway House, bds do
Donohoe Catherine Mrs, h Wisner, n First
Donahoe Michael, laborer, h 63 Cross
Donahue B. J, pres. International Oil, Mining and Land Co 127 Water, bds 20 First
Donahue Patrick, h 20 First
Donahue Timothy, clerk, bds 111 Wisner
Donald Archibald, carman, h Mt. Zoar, n Fulton
Donald R. M, bookkeeper, 124 Water, bds 20 Mt. Zoar
Donevan Michael, shoemaker, h Harriet, n Church
Donnell W. P. Mrs, h 31 Hudson
Donoghue Daniel, laborer, h Seventh, n Canal
Donohoe James, laborer, h Harriet, n Cross
Donohoe John, barkeeper, National Garden, bds do
Donohue Michael, laborer, h Main, n Park
Doran Michael, laborer, h Canal, n Washington av
Dormaul E. H, dry goods and carpets, 134 Water, h 36 High
Dormaul Morris, bookkeeper, 134 Water, bds Pattison House
Dorn Isaac L, h 53 Dickinson
Dorr David, blacksmith, h 74 Sullivan
Dorr David S, bookmaker, h 207 Water
Dorr John, h 74 Sullivan
Doud Patrick, clerk, bds Elmira Hotel
Dougherty Charles, cigarmaker, bds 4 Fourth
Dougherty George, cigarmaker, h De Witt
Douglass Abby A. Miss, bds Lake, c Fifth
Douglass Adell Miss, dressmaker, 113 Water, h 139 Lake
Douglass Anna Miss, dressmaker, bds Lake, c Fifth
Dounce Oliver H, boots and shoes, h 52 William
Dounce Wm. J, pig iron dealer, 48 Fifth, h 272 Church
Dove George, (col’d) laborer, h Dickinson, n Fourth
Dowling John V, wines and liquors, 159 Water, h Fulton, n Mt. Zoar
Dowling L, mason, h Fulton, n Mt. Zoar
Down George, carpenter, h 143 Second
Downs James H, carpenter, h Columbia, n Second
Doxey Augustus, overseer, bds Canal, n R R, r Hatch
Doxey Nicholas D, clerk, bds Canal, n R R, r Hatch
Doyle David T, tinsmith, h 37 W Union
Doyle James, laborer, h Magee, c Seventh
Doyle Michael, carpenter, h 58 Columbia
Drake Andrew J, wagonmaker, h 49 Fourth
Drake Henry E, jeweler, bds 95 Church
Drake Hiram T, mason, h Harriet, n Cross
Drake James H, Conductor, h 71 Davis
Drury Orlando A, clerk, 9 Baldwin, bds 92 Church
Du Bois D. F, brakesman, N. C. R R, bds 127 Water
Du Bois F. M. Mrs, clairvoyant physician, 127 Water, h do
Du Bois H. M, brakesman, N. C. R. R, bds 127 Water
Du Bois John H, brakesman N. C. R. W., bds 127 Water
Dudley James T, (Preswick & Dudley) h 11 S Water
Dudley Ward, h 11 S Water
Duff Patrick, loom repairer, h 63 Factory
Dumars James H, clerk, 128 Water, bds 320 do
Dumars R. R. R, h 320 Water
Dunbar Garret, painter, h 36 William
Duncan Howard, veterinary surgeon, h Grove, c First
Dundas Wm, woolen manuf, h 66 Sullivan
Dundon Michael, laborer, h 26 Orchard
Dunivan Johanna Mrs, h Hatch, n Washington av
Dunn Bernard, machinist, h Davis, c Fourth
Dunn Elliza T. Miss, photographer, 2 Lake, h 72 Water, (see adv)
Dunn Henry T, (Baker & Dunn) bds Cross, c Conogue
Dunn James, lawyer, h 90 Cross
Dunn James Machinist, h 20 Cross
Dunn John, spinner, bds 72 Sullivan
Dunn J. H, bds 206 Church
Dunn O. N, spinner, h E. Hill, n Water Cure
Dunn Patrick, at gas works, h 4 De Witt
Dunn Wm. Mrs, h 72 Water
Dunning Edward, clerk, 4 & 5 Union block, bds Baldwin
Dunnin John B, (Dunning & Neish) H 24 College ave
Dunning & Neish, tobacconists, 169 Water
Dunovan Patrick, laborer, h Chestnut, h Hudson
Durbon Mary A, widow Kingsley, h 281 Church
Durham & Story, milliner, 129 Water
Durland Daniel T, (Durland & Pratt) bds 92 Cross
Durland & Pratt, dry goods and carpets, 122 Water
Duryea Charles H, agt. Boot and shoes, h S Lake. N R r
Duryea Virgil, harnessmaker, h Broadway, n Mt. Zoar
Dutcher Charles W, carman, h Hudson, n S. Main
Dyer Morgan, iron foundry, Cross, c the canal, h 28 S Water
Dyke Wm, (col’d) whitewasher, h 21 Dickinson


Earl John, carpenter, h Baldwin
Eastabrook Wm. N, telegraph operator, bds Delevan House
Easton Albert, laborer, h Hudson, n Hine
Easton John R. sawyer, h 90 Second
Easton Wm. H, water pipes, h 58 S Water
Eaton Abel, grocer, h 60 Cross
Eaton Albert W, grocer 79 Water, h do
Eckenberger Charles, toll gather Lake St. Bridge, h S Lake, n city limits
Eckenberger wm. H, h Franklin, n Fulton
Eckin Martin, varnisher, h 6 Henry
Eckstein Wm, vinegar maker, h 53 John
Eddy Edwene Mrs, bds Gray, c R R
Edgerly Wm, farmer’s lunch saloon 194 Water, h 218 Water, n R R

Edwards Thomas P, carpenter, h Fourth, n Davis
Egbert Wm, architect and builder, h 22 Columbia
Eigel Charles, upholsterer, bds 183 Water
Elderson Paul, carpenter, h Fourth, n Davis
Eldridge Edwin, physician 10 Baldwin, h 2 S Main
Elger Charles, laborer, h Baldwin, n Fifth
Eliason Julius (Eliason, Greener & Co,) h 125 Cross
Eliason, Greener & co, piano forte and music dealers, over 136 Water
Elliott Jacob, carpenter, h Sixth, n Davis
Ellis Noah, marble cutter, h 236 Church
Ells Mary, widow George, h 102 Church
Elmendorf George, painter, h Church, n Grove
Elmendorf Rebecca, widow Samuel, h Church, c Grove
Elmendorf Wm, saloon 190 Water, h do
Elmira Agency of the Salt Co. of Onondaga, Magee Basin, Clinton, n foot bridge
Elmira Commercial College, 134 and 136 Water, Warner & Smith proprietors
Elmira Daily and Weekly Gazette, office, Lake, c Water
Elmira Rolling Mill Co, Canal, n R R, r Hatch
Elmira Silver Bullion Co. of Nevada, office 105 Water
Elmira Umbrella Manufacturing Co, E. B. Blake sup’t, Wisner, c Fourth
Elmore Thaddeus O. merchant, h 35 W Union
Elmore Thaddeus W, (Dexter & Elmore,) h 27 S Water
Elore Alexander, engineer, h 58 High
Elwell John, laborer, bds 82 Gray
Elwell Sarah Mrs, h 85 Water
Elwell Thomas A, laborer, h Franklin, n city limits
Elwell Wm. S, clerk, Stuart & Ufford, bds 33 Conongue
Elwood Martin V. B, painter, h 109 Baldwin
Emblen Jasper, carpenter, h 42 College ave
Emhoff M. J, hairdresser, Delavan House, h Horseheads
Emhoff Robert, porter, h Magee, e Fifth
Enck Charles H, barber, Water, c Wisner, h do
Ennis Kate Mrs, h 213 Wisner
Erie R R Car Shop, Fifth, c Hatch
Erie R R Engine House, Wisner, opp Third
Erie R R machine Shop, east of Wisner, opp Third
Ernst Daniel, hairdresser, bds Hathaway House
Ersly Warren, blacksmith, h Mount Zoar, n S Main
Eschenburg Frederick, cabinetmaker, h S Dickinson
Escher John, h 24 High
Espey Martha, widow John, bds 133 Lake
Espey Thomas, heater, bds 133 Lake
Estep Richard T, (col’d) pastor colored Zion church, h Dickinson c Fourth
Ettenberger Frank, brickmaker, r Oad, n city limits, h do, (see adv)
Etz Alfred, traveling agent, h 93 Cross
Etz John S, traveling agent, h 93 Cross
Evans David J, ironworker, h 35 Canal
Evans Nathan B, h 56 William
Evans Richard H, (Mosher & Evans,) bds 14 Hudson
Evans W. E, carpenter, h 10 William
Evens Jacob C, cabinetmaker, h 55 Gray
Evens Samuel, machinist, h Partridge, c S Main
Everett A. B, professor music, bds 15 Williams
Everett E. H, clerk, Baldwin, c E Union, bds do
Everett Oliver, clerk Delavan House, h 16 Third
Ewing James, carriage manufacturer, Cross, c William, h 264 Church
Ewing James S, bookkeeper, bds Church, c Walnut
Eynon Benjamin, laborer, h Seventh, n Canal


Fabian Adolph, tailor, h 34 Sullivan
Fairbanks D. A, bds 4 S. Main
Fairman Charles G, news room, P. O. Building, Baldwin, h 9 College ave
Fairman S. B, (Fairman & Caldwell) h 197 Church
Fairman & Caldwell, publishers Elmira Daily Advertiser, Baldwin, c Carroll, (see adv)
Falan John, laborer, h E Third, n High
Fallihee Cornelius, ironworker, bds 195 Wisner
Fallihee John, clerk, h 35 Fourth
Fallihee Patrick, laborer, h 37 Fourth
Fallihee William, laborer, h 37 Fourth
Francher Sutherland, (S. Francher & Co) h 52 Cross
Francher S. & Co, hides, leather and findings, 203 Water
Fanning Phebe M. Mrs, h 11 E Union
Farley Christopher, laborer, h 59 William
Farley James, laborer, h 29 Clinton
Farley Martin, watchman, h rear 16 First
Farnham George W, carriage trimmer, h 4 William
Farrell Andrew, blacksmith, bds 65 Cross
Farren John S, (J. S. Farren & Co) h Fairhaven, Conn
Farren Wm, (J. S. Farren & Co) h Fairhave, Conn
Farren J. S. & Co, oysters & fruit, 4 Union Bl’k, Water
Farris Wm, engineer, h Third, n Main
Farrow John, (Farrow & Brennan) h 68 Eifth
Farrow & Brennan, house and sign painters, Cross, c the canal
Farwell J. K, ticket agt E. R. R., bds Delavan House
Fassett Daniel D, clerk, 152 Water, bds 12 Main
Fassett Lewis H, (Fielding & Co) h 256 Church
Fassett Milton T, livery stable, bds 32 Baldwin
Fassett Newton P, clerk, 27 Lake, h 32 Baldwin
Fassett Newton P, (Smith, Robertson & Fassett) h 256 Church
Fassett Truman, livery stable, 96 Cross, h 32 Baldwin
Fay Cyrus W, bookkeeper, 136 Water, h 306 do
Fay Edwin G, bookkeeper, 143 water, bds Hathaway House
Fay Hugh, laborer, h Hatch, n Fifth
Feenay James, laborer, h Hathaway, n Dickinson
Feenay John, laborer, h Lake, n the canal
Feenay Michael, laborer, h Dickinson, n the canal
Fenner, Benjamin P, carpenter, h 246 Church
Ferguson Wm, machinist, h 57 Columbia
Ferris Myron H, machine cooper, 164 Church, h 6 Main
Ferris Myron J, flour and produce, 164 Church, bds 6 Main
Fetherston Barney, tanner, h 21 Jay
Fewry James, helper, bds Canal, n Fifth
Field A. Maj, Brainard House, Water, c Baldwin (see adv)
Fielding John, (Fielding & Co) h 327 Water
Fielding & Co., tea, coffee and spice mills, 7 and 9 Wisner
Finch Joseph E, saloon, 116 Wisner, h do
Finch Martin J, agent Rochester Nurseries, h 72 Second
Fineout Wm. H, carpenter, bds 43 First
Finley William, shoemaker, bds Elmira Hotel
Finn Margaret Mrs, h 4 S. Magee
Finnegan Ellen, widow John, h 25 De Witt
Finnel James, laborer, h Magee, n Seventh
Finnigan Patrick, laborer, h Wisner, n Fifth
Finnigan Thomas, peddler, h High, n E Third
Finukan Patrick, laborer, h Hathway, n Lake
First National Band, Brainard Block, Water, c Baldwin
Fisher Christina Mrs, grocer, 72 Church, h do
Fisher John W, carpenter, h Clinton, n Walnut
Fitch Albert M, clerk, 128 Water, bds 46 First
Fitz Andrew, umbrella frame maker, h Magee, n Park
Fitch Arthur S, bookkeeper, 128 Water, bds 46 First
Fitch Charles B, carpenter, h 17 Orchard
Fitch F. Ellery, train master, N. C. R. W, office Fifth n Wisner, h 52 Fourth
Fitch Lewis, (M. P. & L. Fitch) h Walnut, c North
Fitch Lewis W, salesman, Church, c Wisner, h 46 First
Fitch Mason P, (M. P. & L. Fitch) h Sixth, c Davis
Fitch M. P. & L. lumber dealers, Gray, bet Canal and R R
Fitzgerald David, at woolen factory, h Clinton lane, n E. Third
Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, h 112 Baldwin
Fitzgibbons James, laborer, h Park, n W. Union
Fitzgibbons John, laborer, h 197 Wisner
Fitzgibbons Michael, laborer, h 199 Wisner
Fitzgibbons Patrick, h 197 Wisner
Flahave James, laborer, h Oak, n Clinton
Flannery Thomas, laborer, h 4 Monroe
Flannigan Ann Mrs, washerwoman, h First, n Main
Fleming Otis, insurance agent, h 3 Jay
Fleming Robert J, shoemaker, h 23 Columbia
Fletcher Oliver M, cigar boxes, and box and label manufactory, Wisner c Fourth, bds 70 Main, (see adv)
Flett James C, (Friend, Flett & Co) h Ferris, n Main
Flood John M, physician, 46 Water, bds 35 do

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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By Joyce M. Tice

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