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Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Waite Brothers
FOR 1866.

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Page 90

FLOOD PATRICK H. physician, 46 Water, h 44 do

Flood Patrick, laborer, h Stowell, n Washington ave

Flood Thomas S, clerk 102 Water, bds 44 do

Flynn Bryan, laborer, h Hatch, n Seventh

Flynn John, laborer, h 27 Jay

Flynn John, laborer, h 73 Sullivan

Flynn Michael, laborer, h 16 Hudson

Flynn Patrick, shoemaker, h 29 Jay

Flynn Patrick, laborer, h 10 E Third

Flynn Stephen, laborer, h Canal, n Seventh

Flynn Thomas, laborer, h Monroe, n Water

Follett Ralph, laborer, h 45 Main

Foley Jerry, mason, h 73 Columbia

Foote Nelson, carpenter h 31 De Witt

Foote Nelson, carpenter, h Hudson, n Fulton

Force Jacob, carpenter, h Canal, n Seventh

Ford Anthony, laborer, h E Sixth, n Lake

Ford Edward, clerk 101 and 103 Water, bds 72 Water

Forest Frank, shoemaker, h 34 Water

Forker Samuel P, grocer, 352 1/2Water, h do

Forrester George, traveling agent, bds 7 S Main

Foster E. Mrs, h Water, n city limits

Foster George M, clerk, h 28 Washington

Foster John, machinist, h Church, n Main

Foster Luther C., teacher, h 41 S Water

Foster Michael, shoedealer, h 357 Water

Foster N, barkeeper Morey’s Billiard Rooms, h 26 De Witt

Foster M, H, (Foster & Hudson,) h 341 Water

FOSTER & HUDSON, boots and shoes, 104 Water, (see adv)

Fountain Jacob, hackman, h 12 Fox

Fountain Peter, hackman, bds 83 Water

Fowler Henry, heater, bds 1 Dickinson

Fowler John, hotel, Canal, n Seventh

Fowler Joseph, heater, h Washington ave, n the canal

Fox John, shoemaker, h Henry, n Fulton

Fox John, laborer, bds 65 Lake

Fox Simeon, engineer, h 80 Baldwin

Frank August, tailor, h 73 Water

Frank Jacob II, physician, h Mount Zoar, n Broadway

Frankenstein A, clothing, 51 Wisner, h do

Franz John, butcher, h 33 Water

Page 91

FRASIER FREDERICK A, druggist American Block, Wisner, e Third, h 44 Main

Frawley Frank, laborer, h Washington ave, n Canal

Frawley Michael, laborer, bds 71 Wisner

Freeman Henry, tailor, bds 87 Church

French Asa, mason, h Franklin, n Fulton

French Benjamin Mrs, h Henry, n RR

French Charles J, mason, h Henry, n RR

French E. L, dentist, 20 Lake, h 300 Water

French Edson M, dentist, bds 300 Water

Fredmen Frank, molder, h r Oak, n limits

French George W., mason, h 38 Washington

French Henry, mason, bds 38 Washington

French Horace C, (French, Mayo & Co) bds 300 Water

French James S, bookkeeper, h 78 Cross

French Joseph, mason, bds 38 Washington

French Martha Mrs, h 10 S. Lake

French Philip (French, Mayo & Co) h 300 Water

French Philip, tinner, h 18 Orchard

French Robert, carpenter, h 14 Hudson

FRENCH, MAYO & CO, country store, 171 Water

Friday Wm, at wollen factory, h N. Oak, n E. Fifth

Friedman Marquis, peddler, h 75 John

Friend John (Friend, Flett & Co) h Water, n High

Friend, Flett & Co, meat market, 214 Water

Frisbie Augustus, U.S. express messenger, h 217 Church

FRISBIE EATON N,pres’t the Pittston and Elmira Coal Co, 10 and 12 Baldwin, h 70 Sullivan

Frost Frank, bds 93 Church

Frost Horton, machinist, h 93 Church

Frost Wm. H, bookkeeper, bds 93 Church

Fry Albert G, mason, h 10 Oak

Fryer J. Russell, billing clerk, h 102 College ave

Fuller Charles L, clerk, 134 Water, bds 78 Clinton

Fuller Daniel, carpenter, 73 Second, h do

Fuller Elizabeth Mrs, h 162 ½ Church

Fuller John H, miller, h 262 Water

Fuller Wm. H, shoemaker, h 45 S. Water

Furey John, clerk, h 256 Water

Furman Mary A. Mrs, h 352 Water

Furness Andrew, spinner, h 68 Factory

Page 92

Fury Dennis, laborer, h Park, n Main

Fury Patrick, laborer, h 17 Jay


Gabriel Benedict, carpenter, h 82 Clinton

Gager Mary Mrs, h Henry, n S Main

Gait Syndenham, U.S.A, h 72 Second

Gait S. Mrs, cloak and dressmaker, Lake, c Carroll, h 72 Second

Galatian Francis and Cornelia Misses, private school 56 Main

Galavan Mathew, laborer, h Fulton, n Hudson

Gallaher James H, architect and builder, 6 Ely Block, h 10 College ave

Gallagher Patrick, laborer, h Cross, n Sullivan

Gallagher Thomas E, clerk, 27 Lake, bds 36 Baldwin

Gallivan James, laborer, h Fulton, c Hudson

Gallivan James, laborer, h Hudson, n Fulton

Gamper John A., gardener, h head Hudson

Gannon Margaret, widow Thomas, h 1 Monroe

GARDINER CURTIS C, attorney and soldiers’ claim agency, 8 Baldwin, h 41 Main (see adv inside front cover)

Gardiner J. II Mrs, h 27 William

GARDINER NELSON W. hats, caps and furs, 117 Water, h 308 do, (see adv)

Gardner Chauncy W, h Clinton, e Magee

Gardner Wm. R, (Murray & Gardner,) American Hotel

Garity Thomas, mason, h 81 Baldwin

Garlinghouse Charles A, wines and liquors, 40 Carroll, bds 11 Fox

Garnsey Frank, telegraph operator, bds 42 First

Garr Jacob, h Lake, beyond Oak

Garretson Wm. C, clerk, 7 Baldwin, h Orchard

Garrison Wm, clerk, h 14 Orchard

Garritt Edward, bds 100 Church

Garritt Jacob, blacksmith, bds 100 Church

Garritt Truman, baker, h 100 Church

Gartlan James, cooper, h 112 Baldwin

Garvin John, saloon 103 Wisner h do

Gates Whitney, mail carrier, h 94 Cross

Page 93

Gaudreau Louis, shoemaker, h 7 Henry

Geary Michael, at woolen factory, h 36 Cross

Gearon Miles, lawyer, 5 Jay

Gearon Wm, clerk, bds 5 Jay

Gearon Wm, J, bds 5 Jay, n Sullivan

Gebhard Philip A, city inspector, Cross, bet Baldwin and the canal, h 7 S Water

George Henry, tailor, h 21 Water

Georgia Wm, hackman, h E Hill, n Water Cure

Gerity Wm. S, clerk, 24 Lake, h 81 Baldwin

Gerow Gardiner, machinist, h 1 W Union

Gerow Hannah, widow James, h 1 W Union

Gettler John, carpenter, h Washington ave, n Canal

Gevelot Margaret Mrs, h Henry n S Main

Gibbons Revecca Mrs, h Church, n Wisner

Gibbs, Benjamin L, cement walks, h 335 Water

Gibbs Eber N, cement walk maker, h 86 Second

Gibbs Levi, lawyer and justice, 10 Lake, h 40 First

GibbsThomas O, blacksmith, bds 2 Gray

Gibson A.F., bookkeeper, 109 Water, bds 69 Baldwin

Gibson Allen S, millwright, h 100 Church

Gibson John, teamster, h Ferris, n RR

Gibson Lamon Mrs, 79 Lake

Gibson Otis L. Rev, pastor Hedding M.E. Church, h 212 Church

Gibson Wm, bds 190 Church

Gibson Wm. L, office 6 Ely Block, h 69 Baldwin

GILBERT HENRY’S, edge tool manuf, 52 Lake, h 82 Lake

Gilbert Joseph C. Rev, (col’d) pastor Zion M.E. church, h 17 Third

Gilbert Stephen, cabinetmaker, h 10 S Main

Gilbert W.F., boots and shoes, 125 Water, bds Brainard House

Giles Charles D, painter, bds Gray, c Davis

Giles Joseph H, carpenter h 36 Orchard

Giles Joseph W, carpenter, h Gray, c Davis

Giles Wm. E, clerk, 8 Balldwin, h 51 Gray

GILL, CHRISTOPHER, tobacconist, 198 Water and (Gill Bros.) bds 24 E Second

Gill James (Gill Brothers) h 24 E Second

Gill John, (Gill Brothers) h 24 E Second

Gill Wm, (Gill Brothers) h 24 E Second

Page 94

Gill Brothers. Grocers. 192 Water and St. Charles Hotel Block, Wisner, c Clinton

Gillaghar Timothy, h 195 Wisner

Gilldea Irwin B. W, hackdriver, h Canal, n Fifth

Gillett L.M. Mrs, h 243 Church

Gilmore John, shoemaker, h Fourth, c Columbia

Ginnan James, laborer, h Magee, n Seventh

Ginnan Patrick, laborer, h Monroe, n Water

Ginnan Patrick, laborer, h Magee, N Seventh

Ginnane Michael, shoemaker, bds, 26 Hatch

Gitchell Earl L, bds 58 S Water

Givens Jesse S, clerk Stuart & Uffords, h 29 College ave

Gladke Joseph, clothing, h 14 De Witt

GLADKE JACOB, clothier, 113 Water, bds 14 De Witt

GLEASON SILAS O, PROPRIETOR Elmira Water Cure, East Hill

Gleason Wm. A, (Gleason & Cross) h 42 Gray

GLEASON & CROSS, grocers, 20 Baldwin, (see adv)

Glenn Wm, cooper, bds S College ave

Goddard Edward, (Stilson & Goddard) bds 64 College ave

Goddard John, baggage master, bds 64 College ave

Goddard Levi, shoemaker, h 64 College ave

Gohring George E, tailor, h 15 S Water

Goings George, head porter Brainard House

Goldsmith Benjamin , grocer, 55 Water, h do

Goldsmith George H, h 17 Water


325 Water Street, Elmira, N.Y.





Warranted superior to all other pumps now in use..


Hon. A.S. Diven, Elmira, N.Y.

John Arnot, Jr., Chashier Chemg Co. Bank,

Hon Alex. Alcott, Corning, N.Y.

Walter & Lathrop, Corning, N.Y.

All orders left at Gridley & Cavenport’s Hardward Store, or at my residence, will be promptly attended to. Also, Will put down Tube Wells on application at either of the above named places.

Page 95

Goldsmith Ira, boatman, h 17 Water

Goldsmith Legrand, clerk, bds 55 Water

Goldsmith Solomon, peddler, h 33 Orchard

GOODALE D.E.B, Superintendent E.R.R., machine shop, east of Wisner, opp Third, h Clinton, n Walnut

Goodell D.Bruce, master mechanic E.R.R., h Clinton n Walnut

Goodenough Benjamin, printer, bds 5 Ann

Goodenough Edmund, butcher, h N. Oak, n E. Fifth

Goodman W.F. (col’d) physician, h 15 E Fifth

Goodrich Chancy S, h 60 Gray

Goodrich Dwight A, clerk, 112 Water, bds 40 First

Goodwin Clarence, teamster, h foot of W

Goodwin Francis, watchman, h Canal, n Fifth

Goold Ralph, painter, h High, n E Third

Gordon Wm, clerk, bds 20 Columbia

Gorman Edward, h Magee, n Washington ave

Gorman James, laborer, h Main, n Park

Gorman John, laborer, h Hatch, n Seventh

Gorman John, laborer, h Hathaway, n Lake

Gorman Michael, laborer, bds 88 Second

Gorman Patrick, laborer, h Wisner, n Fifth

Gorman Simon, laborer, h Hatch, n Seventh

GORMAN THOMAS, grocer, Oak, e Clinton, h do

Gorton Wm H,. clerk, 134 Water, bds 20 Columbia

Gorsline W.H, clerk, 19 Lake, bds 15 High

Gossler John A, finisher at woolen factory, h 69 Sullivan

Gould Francis H, policeman, h S Main, e Henry

Gould Garvin H, bds 72 Baldwin

Gould Joseph, h 72 Baldwin

Gould Mary C. Mrs, bds 58 Gray

Goulden Joseph, cabinetmaker, h 70 Church

Grace Joseph, blacksmith, h rear 215 Wisner

Grady Michael, laborer, bds 15 First

Grady Richard, cigarmaker, bds 15 First

Grady Thomas, teamster, h 43 Clinton

Grady Thomas, laborer, h 15 First

Grah Wm, cutler, 85 Wisner, h do

Graham Janette Mrs, h 12 College ave

Granger Samuel S, plowmaker, 36 Lake, h 30 De Witt

Graves E.J., widow George S, h 50 College ave

Gravit George Mrs, bds 45 Dickinson

GRAY G,H, stone pumps, 325 Water, H do, (see adv)

Page 96

Gray Hiram, judge, h Water, beyond city limits

Gray, Stephen C, clerk, 101 and 103 Water, bds 15 Wm

Greatsinger Christian Rev, h 22 Conongue

Green Anna Mrs, h 90 Baldwin

Green Augustus, car builder, h 82 Main

Green Benjamin, (col’d) laborer, h Clinton, n Lake

Green E.J., planing mill, h 52 Gray

Green George, car builder, bds 82 Main

GREEN I.S, music & musical instruments, 11 Baldwin, h 22 Second (see adv opp title page)

Greenbaum Leopold, (A.B. Dewitt & Co) h 56 Water

Greener Jacob, (Eliason Greener & Co) and piano manuf, 160 Church, h do

Greeno S.J. Mrs, bds 41 Main

Gregg John H, h 6 Conongue

Gregg J. Leslie, (Nichols, Gregg & Co) h Cross, n Lake

Gregg John W, h 78 John

Gregg Wm. M, farmer, h Sullivan, c E Second

Gregory George W, mason, h Fourth, n Davis

Gregory Oscar A, carpenter, h Fourth, n Davis

Greves John C, bookkeeper, Chemung Canal National Bank, bds 42 First

Gress Patrick, at woolen factory, h 59 Factory

Gridley Grandison A, (Gridley & Davenport) h 3 S Water

GRIDLEY & DAVENPORT,hardware, stoves, & c, 109 and 111 Water, (see adv)

Griffin Margaret Mrs, h 69 Wisner

Griffin Michael, laborer, h Henry, n S Main

Griffith Wm. C, h 58 Gray

Griffiths Wm. E, clerk, 129 Water, h 58 Gray

Griggs George W, carpenter, h 91 First

Griswold Catherine Mrs, h Mt Soar, n Fulton

Griswold H.S, agt Wilcox & Gibbs sewing machines, 133 Water, bds 86 Gray

Grumme Henry, (Nelsom & Grumme) h 4 College ave

Guernsey Ira B, overseer bridges Susquehanna Div. E. R. R, h 32 Fourth

Guion Richard L, machinist, bds 46 First

Gundel Morris, peddler, h 83 John

Gurgenty Joseph, tailor, h 13 Greg

Guttenberg, Rosenbaum & Co, clothing, 2 Union Block, Water, dry goods, 158 Water

Page 97


Haase H. Mrs, variety store and saloon, 121 Water, h do

Haas John, blacksmith, j Lake, c the canal

Hackett John, painter, h Paula, n Elm

Hackett Mary A widow Matthew, h 74 Church

Hackley Henry D, asst. U.S. assessor, 1 Union Block, h 37 Wisner

Hadley John, shoemaker, h 30 Cross

Hagadorn Charles, clerk, 109 Water, h 5 S Water

Hagadorn M.S. Mrs, millinery, 137 Water, h 5 S Water

Hagar Ada,, carpenter, bds 206 Water

Haight Maxwell, (Haight & Son) h Arbour Hotel

Haight Silas, (Haight & Son) bds Brainard House

HAIGHT & SON, Arbour Hotel and billiard rooms, 7, 9 and 11 Lake

Halestock David, (col’d) laborer, h Water, n Hoffman

Haley Frank, laborer, h 3 Magee

Hall, Andrew, cooper, h Hudson, n Hine

Hall Anthony, (col’d) saloon, 55 Wisner, h do

Hall Chas, bds 17 College ave

Hall Charles T. clerk, bds 105 Baldwin

Hall Charles L, bootmaker, bds 65 First

Hall David, mason, bds S Third

Hall Francis G, (Smith & Hall) bds 73 Lake

Hall Frederick, (Hall Bros) h 17 College ave

Hall Henry M, clerk 112 Water, bds Lake, n city limits

Hall James A, mason, h 100 Church

Hall john, moulder, h 6 Jay

Hall John T, physician, h De Witt, n Second

Hall Robert A, (Hall Bros) bds Hathaway House

Hall Samuel, farmer, h Lake, n city limits

Hall Samuel, h river road, beyond city limits, Southport

Hall Bros, books, stationery and wall paper, 128 Water

Halladay Selah, mason, h 17 Sullivan

Halliday Wm, (W. Halliday & Co) h 27 High

Halliday Wm. H, mason, n Mt. Zoar, n S. Main

Halliday Wm. & Co. Elmira city mills, rear Brainard House, n canal basin

Halloran Dennis, tailor, h Second ave, on bank of river

Halloran Patrick, laborer, h Sixth, c Wisner

Page 98

Ham Wm, hostler, h 60 Lake

Hamer Jacob, (col’d) laborer, h Henry, e RR

Hamer Wm. F, clothing, h 24 De Witt

Hamilton Charles, engineer, h 7 S Lake

Hamilton D.S, watchmaker and jeweller, 25 Baldwin, h do

Hamilton Henry, clerk, bds 16 Water

Hamilton Mary Mrs, (col’d) h 4 Perry

Hamilton Walter, tinner, h 16 Water

Hamlin Frederick, carpenter, bds 208 Water

Hamlin Samuel S, h 73 Lake

Hancock Benjamin F, tinsmith, h 90 Church

Hanford Nancy, widow Thomas, bds 25 S Water

Hankins Z.T, builder, h 52 Fourth

Hanley James, laborer, h 63 Washington

Hannian Bridget Mrs, washerwoman, h First, n Main

Hannifan ____, laborer, h n the Canal, n RR

Hannon Edmund, carman, bds 46 College ave

Hannon M, butcher, h 46 College ave

Hannon Matthew, carman, h 46 College ave

Hanson Wm, watchmaker, h 10 William

Hanyen Cornelius B, (Hevener & Hanyen) h 23 Wasnington

Haradin Isaac C, lawyer, h 108 Lake

Hardin Thomas, h 131 Lake

Hardwick Anna Miss, h Second, n Columbia

Hardy Joshua H, gunsmith, h 69 Gray

Hare Thomas, mason, h John, n Orchard

Harmon James, laborer, h E Third, n High

Harper Joseph, grocer, Main, c Third, h 7 Third

Harrington Bartholomew, laborer, h High, c E Third

Harrington John D, clerk, h 50 College ave

Harrington Miles, tollbridge h 3 S Lake

Harris Albert, h 75 John

Harris D, shoemaker, bds Third, c Magee

Harsh Wm, policeman, h 39 Water

Hart A. P, photographer, 22 Lake, h 39 E Hill

HART CHARLES, saloon 131 Water h do

Hart Charles L, clerk, 110 Water, bds 78 Lake

HART E.P, lawyer, 15 Lake, bds Hathaway House

Hart Erastus L, physician, 78 Lake, h do

Hart Henry, shoemaker and saloon, 27 E Union, h do

HART IRA F, physician, 147 Church, h do

Page 99

Hart Jacob, shoemake, h Standish, n Lake

Hart Solomon, h 1 College ave

HART WM. E, dry goods and carpets, 110 Water, h 29 Gray

Harvart Wm, laborer, bds alley, r Stowell

Haskell Erastus, (Spaulding, Haskell & Co,) h 102 College ave

Haskins Mrs, h 87 Gray

Hassett John, laborer, h Seventh, n Canal

Hasson A. Mrs, tailoress, h Cross, n Sullivan

Hatch Dorus, h 26 Main

Hatch Harry, millwright, h 28 Gray

Hatch Wm. B, car trimmer, h 53 Cross

Hatch Wm. S, (Hatch & Partridge,) h 39 Main

HATCH & PARTRIDGE, lumber and coal, 166 Church


Hathorn Andrew, (Hathorn & Sturgess,) h 36 W Union

Hathorn James P, farmer, h 73 College ave

Hathorn & Sturgess, produce dealers, Wisner, c Fourth

Hauenstein Henry, saloon 177 Water, h do

Haupt Andrew tailor, h 3 De Witt

Haupt Henry, tailor, h 3 De Witt

HAUPT JOHN, grocer, Lake, n Clinton, bds 3 De Witt

Haupt Matthew, saloon, Lake, c Clinton, h do

Havens Frank C, bds S College ave

Havens Robert C, blacksmith, h head Hudson

Haviland A.P, clerk 124 Water, bds 81 John

Haviland Anna Mrs, h 47 Second

Haviland Addison T., machinist, h 4 Hudson

Hawkins Anna Mrs, boardinghouse, 65 Cross

Hawks C. H, bookkeeper 205 Water, bds 14 Gray

Hawks Nicholas, machinist, bds Mansion House

Hawley David, painter, h E Third, n Conongue

Hayes Sylvester, laborer, h Fulton, n Broadway

Haynes Sanford D., harnessmaker, h 33 De Witt

Hay John, plumber, h 9 Columbia

Hazard Charles, (De Voe & Hazard,) h 27 First

Hazard Josiah, boots, shoes, leather and findings, 115 Water, h 27 College ave

Hazard Josiah, shoemaker, bds 27 Firsst

Hazard L.A, clerk 115 Water, bds 27 First

Hazard Ohebe, widow James, h 27 first

Hazelton Henry jeweller, h S Main, n Partridge

Hazelton John H, bookkeeper 28 Lake, h S Main, c Partridge

Page 100

Head E.P. Mrs, h 238 Water

Heath Hannah Mrs, h 84 Baldwin

Heaxt Washington S, carpenter, h 61 Factory

Heeny James, laborer, h Washington ave, n Lake

Heffber P.J, barkeeper, Brainard House

Heffron Margaret, widow John, h Hatch, n Seventh

Hein John, baker, h Canal, n Washington ave

Heively Henry H, iron worker, h Broadway, n Magee

Helme Phinneas, farmer, h S Main, n Henry

Hemenway Charles R, grocer, 3 Clinton, h do

Hemenway George, pumpmaker, 237 Water, h 3 Clinton

Hemenway Seth, pumpmaker, h 3 Clinton

Heminway J, baggage master, h 26 Henry

Hemes Morris, collector, h 29 De Witt

Hendrick Burr, (E.H. Cook & Co) h 120 Cross

Henery James, laborer, h Hatch n Washington ave

Henesey George, gardner, h Washington, n Water

Hennefin Jerry, laborer, h Washington ave, n Dickinson

Hennessy Joseph, agent, h 22 Fourth

Hennessy Martin, laborer, h 17 Fifth

Hennessy Timothy, umbrella repairer, h 71 Water

Henry Barney, laborer, h 18 Third

Henry James, blacksmith, bds Chemung House

Henry Josiah, bds 308 Water

Herrick Benj. F, (Herrick & Seeley) h 22 De Witt

HERRICK & SEELEY, carriage manuf. William, c Church

Heron James Mrs, h 2 E Union

Hersey E.W, (J.H.Loring & Co) h Church, c Columbia

Hess______, carpenter, h Clinton, n Davis

Hevener Jacob, (Hevener & Hanyen) h 52 Water

HEVENER & HANYEN, grocers, 129 Water

Hibbard Joseph, carpenter, h 75 Columbia

Hibbard Maria, widow Thomas, h 67 Fifth

Hibbard Solon A, carpenter, h Fourth, n Davis

Hickey Martin, laborer, h Henry, n RR

Higgins James, laborer, h 128 Baldwin

Higgins Patrick, tailor, h 19 Orchard

Higgins Thomas, laborer, h Seventh, n Columbia

Higman Harris C, asst. cash. 1st Nat. Bank

HillC.J, (col’d) (Hill & King) h 34 Dickinson

Hill David, plumber, bds 9 Columbia

Page 101

Hill David B, (Smith & Hill) bds 97 Lake

Hill James, bricklayer, h S Lake, n Elm

Hill James W, policeman, h 66 High

Hill Kingston, (col’d) porter, Brainard House, h Perry, c E. Third

Hill John T., clerk, 110 Water, bds 10 De Witt

Hill Lewis, carpenter, h Stowell, n Washington

Hill Robert, carpenter, h 75 Columbia

Hill Robert N, car builder, h 10 High

Hill & King, (col’d) hairdressers, Brainard Block, Water

Hillabrant John W, supply store, h 25 Hudson

Hillis Wm, at wollen factory, h 58 Factory

Hilton Elizabeth, widow Jacob, h 6 E Third

Hine J. S, farmer, h Hine, c Mt Zoar

Hines Mary A. Mrs, h 208 Water

Hinman P.L, clerk, 3 Union Block, bds Brainard House

Hirshman Louis, clerk, bds 25 First

Hishman Louis, clerk, 2 Union Block, bds 25 First

Hisom George, (Hisom & Lown) h 34 Hudson

HISOM & LOWN, boots & shoes, 220 Water, (see adv)

Hitchcock Albert T, h 16 S Lake

Hitchcock Harmon, h 16 S Lake

Hitt Valentine M, painter, bds Church, n Grove

Hoag Zelora, carpenter, bds 7 Gray

Hobbie I.S, h 51 Cross

Hochstetter George (L.Strauss & Co) h 53 Baldwin

Hockenberger Wm, (Hockenberger & Dalton) h 5 Columbia

HOCKENBERGER & DALTON, cold spring brewery, Water, n foot Main (see adv)

Hoffman John S, lumber dealer, h 326 Water

Hoffman S. A, Miss, h 45 Main

Hoffman Wm, h 336 Water

Hogaboom E.A, painter, bds Lake, n Oak

Hogan Anthony, laborer, h Perry, n Clinton

Hogan Dennis, laborer, h 215 Wisner

Hogan Dennis H, laborer, h 217 Wisner

Hogg John, tanner, h 3 Ann

Holbert, G.R.C, GROCER, Conongue, n E Sixth, h do

Holden Delos L, wholesale grocer, 19 Lake, h 70 Second

Holden Fox, h 24 Washington

Holdridge H, nurseymen, h Mt. Zoar, c Fulton