Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Waite Brothers
FOR 1866.

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Holdridge Harrison h S Lake, e Elm

Holland A. D., clerk, 110 Water, bds 43 Gray

Holland, Abby, Mrs. H Stowell, n Washington ave

Holland James B., carpenter, h Franklin, n city limits

Holland Patsey, laborer, h Sixth, e Magee

Holland Peter, h Water, n Hoffman

Holland Thomas, laborer, h fourth, c Walnut

Holland Wm, h 43 Gray

Hollenbeck David M, clerk American Hotel

Holleran Martin, laborer, h E Third, n High

Holleran Michael, puddler, h Partridge, n R R

Holliday Smith, engineer, h 2 S Magee

Hollin Thomas, laborer, h Dickinson, n the canal

Hollind Alfred, (col’d) laborer, h 43 Dickinson

Hollis John C. W. (col’d) laborer, h Dickinson, n Fourth

Hollister Filmore, carpenter, h Clinton, n Walnut

Holmes H.H., h 63 College ave

Holmes Wm., (col’d) laborer, h Conongue, n Clinton

Holscheimer Louis, clothing, h 45 Baldwin

Holt Edwin, blacksmith, bds 24 Fourth

Holtz Celia Mrs. H 24 Orchard

Holzheimer Louis, (Guttenberg, Rosenbaum & Co.) h 45 Baldwin

Homer Wm, engineer, h College ave

Honnafin John, laborer, h Washington ave, n Dickinson

Hooker Catharine Mrs., h Baldwin, e Fifth

Hooper Charles, (col’d) gardener, bds 24 Fifth

Hooper Francis, bds toot Baldwin

Hooper George, (col’d) laborer, bds 24 Fifth

Hoppe Charles, hai4rdress and bath rooms, 10 Baldwin, h do

Hoppe Louisa Mrs. Wig and toupee maker, and ornamental hairworker, 10 Baldwin, h do, (see adv)

Hopson George, (col’d) laborer, bds Baldwin, n Fourth

Horton B.S. Miss, dress and cloak making, 4 Union Block, Water, bds 7 S. Water

Horton W. W., Oil Tank Transportation Co, h 349 Water

Hotchkin Samuel, Elmira Flouring Mill, Water, n foot College ave, bds Water, n city limits

Hotchkiss James F, wholesale lumber and produce, 100 Water, c Lake, bds Hathaway House

Hotchkiss Thomas W., wholesale lumber dealer, office 100 Water, c Lake, h 298 Water

Houghton Alexander, shoemaker, bds 7 Henry

House Richard, h 48 third

Houston Charles, h Plank Road, beyond city limits

Houts W. H. bds S Lake, c Elm

Howard Anthony, laborer, h Fifth, c Magee

Howard Gilbert S, carpenter, h 7 Jay

Howard Henry, laborer, h 88 Second

Howard Johanna Mrs, h 203 Water

Howard John A., (col’d) laborer, h Baldwin, n Fifth

Howard John H, clerk, 112 Water, h 38 High

Howard S.C., clerk, 7 Baldwin, h 3 Main

Howell E. W. sheriff, at Court House, h 66 Lake

Howell John, roller, h 11 Arnot’s Building, Fifth

Howell John V, machinist, h 22 Fourth

Howell S. B. Mrs., h 97 Lake

Howell, Wm., roller, h 35 Canal

Howes Ephraim W., (E. W. Howes & Co,)bds 89 Church

Howes, Lorenzo, (E.W. Howes & Co.) h 20 Conongue

Howes E. W. & Co., wines and liquors, 4 Carroll

Howland A.A. & M. E., milliners, 28 Lake, up stairs

Howland Howard C, bookkeeper, 26 Lake, bds 15 William

Howland J.M., dispatcher, N.C.R.R., h 94 First

Howley B, laborer, h Canal, n Washington ave

Hoyt Charles, saw maker, bds 12 High

Hoyt Wm., carpenter, h 335 Water

Hubbard Henry, (Campbell, Hubbard & Co.) resides in Owego

Hubbard Mary Mrs. H 353 Water

Hubbell A.Y. manufacturer Orient Burning Fluid, Wisner, c Fourth, h 27 W Union

Hubbell E.S., h Columbia, c Fourth

Hubbell Samuel B, furniture and upholstery, Union Block, 174 Water, h 41 First

Hudson A, (Foster & Hudson) h 76 Cross

Hughes Aaron K, commander U.S.N. h 31 High

Hughes Edward, blacksmith, h 65 College ave

Hughes John, blacksmith, Oak, c E Seventh

Hughes Thomas, glue maker, h Harriet, n Cross

Hughes Thomas, laborer, h 46 Oak

Hulbert Mary J, widow George, h Lake, c Fifth

Hulien Sarah Mrs., Matron Home of the Friendless, Fulton, c Franklin h do

Hull A Rev. D.D., rector Trinity Church, bds 22 Main

Humiston David, carpenter, h 79 John

Hummel Gottlieb, bowling saloon and hotel, Wisner, [opp Depot]

Humphrey F.A., clerk, 13 Baldwin, bds 29 High

Humphrey George W, florist, 18 E Second, h do, (see adv)

Humphrey John, cabinetmaker, h 18 E Second

Humphrey John, shoemaker, h 28 Baldwin

Humphrey Joseph S, boot and shoe manufacturer, 157 Water, h 29 High

Humphrey L.A., boots and shoes, 157 Water, bds 19 High

Hunt Franklin K., miller, h 246 Church

Hunt Henry, silversmith, bds 246 Church

Hunt James, laborer, h 98 Gray

Hunt Philip H., watchmaker, 147 Water

Hunt Thomas, h Mount Zoar, n S Main

Hunt Wm. G., hairdresser Union Hotel, Wisner, opp Depot, h 85 John

Hunter Myron, carpenter, bds 4 Orchard

Huntley Elias S., bookkeeper, h 103 Lake

Huppa N., peddler, h 73 Water

Hurd Sophia G., widow Norman, h 73 Second

Hurlburt Luman D., constable, h 12 Gray

Hurley John, laborer, h S Walnut, n Hudson

Hurley Lawrence, laborer, h Hudson, c S Walnut

Hurley Timothy, laborer, h Main, n Broadway

Hurrocks Joshua, waver, h 64 Factory

Hussey George L, shoemaker, bds Ann, n S Lake

Huston James C., printer, h 4 Henry

Hutchins Burt, patent wells, bds 28 College ave

Hutchins John, patent wells, h 28 College ave

Hutchinson E.P, bookkeeper S. Bennet & Co, h Willow, head Columbia

Hutchinson Eliza, widow Wm, h 16 Orchard

Hutchinson Russell, gunsmith, bds 16 Orchard

Hutchinson S.S. books and shoes 126 Water, h 10 Columbia (see adv.)

Hylen Robert F, assistant U.S.assessor, 1 Union Block, Water, h 44 Baldwin

Hylen, Wm L, clerk, bds 44 Baldwin


Ingersoll H.H., h 115 Cross


Ingraham Clark S, (Ingraham & Robinson) bds Hathaway House

Ingraham & Robinson, druggists, 24 Lake


Jaklin Wm, bds 17 Fifth

Jackson, D. Mrs., (col’d) h Clinton, n Baldwin

Jackson George, (col’d) barber, bds 15 Dickinson

Jackson John, (col’d) laborer, h 19 Dickinson

JACKSON JOHN S., wood and lumber, 14 William, h 55 William

Jacobs, Charles, (col’d) laborer, h Cross, n Wisner

Jacobs Julius, clothing and gents furnishing goods, 139 Water, h 8 High

James Richard, at woolen factory, h N. Oak, n E Fifth

James Wm. (col’d) whitewasher, h Conongue, n Clinton

Janies, C.H., clerk, Baldwin, c E Union, bds do

JEFFERS WM. M., planning and moulding, 87 Baldwin, h 57 William

Jefferson Mary Mrs, h Gray, c Wisner

Jenkins Calvin, h 85 Water

Jenkins Edward S., machinist, h 30 Hudson

Jenkins Harris, farmer, bds 20 Henry

Jenkins Richard, heater, h 4 Fourth

Jennings, James P, hostler, h 15 Jay

Jervis Clarissa, widow James W, h 56 Washington

Jervis Joel, teamster, h 29 De Witt

Jervis, Joseph, shoemaker, bds 69 second

Jewett Arthur L, express messenger, bds 69 College ave

Jewett Thomas M., jr. bds 69 College ave

Jewett Thomas M, h 69 College ave

Jillett S.L., savings Bank, h 151 Church

Jillson Robert D., express messenger, bds 78 Second

Jillson Samuel C., conductor E.R.W., h 78 Second

Johnson, ____, laborer, h S Main, n partridge

Johnson, A. Mrs, h 25 Water

Johnson Emily, widow David F, bds S Water, c Harmon

Johnson James, laborer, h Fifth, c Davis

Johnson, John, h 7 Ann

Johnson, Lorenzo, C., bds S Water, c Harmon

Johnson Martha Miss, teacher, bds 41 Baldwin

Johnson, M.G., machinist, bds 31 Wisner

Johnson Robert, (col’d) carpenter, h 12 Dickinson

Johnson Samuel, (col’d) laborer, h Baldwin, c Fifth

JOHNSON THOMAS, watchmaker, and agt. Grover and Bakers Sewing Machine, 28 Lake,

h Harmon, c S Water

Johnson, Welcome, sash, doors and blinds, 89 Baldwin, h 99 Church

Johnson Welcome, Rev., h 99 Church

Johnson Willard, carpenter, bds 99 Church

Johnson W. Mrs., tailoress, h 99 Church

Johnson Wm, butcher, h 18 Dickinson

Johnson William, meat market, h Columbia, c Clinton

Johnson Wm, (col’d) laborer, h 23 Dickinson

Jolls J, telegraph operator, bds Delavan House

Jones Andrew J, speculator, h S Main, n Patridge

Jones Anna, widow Joshua, bds 223 Church

Jones Charles T, foreman, Campbell, Hubbard & Co., in Factory, n Water Cure

Jones David D, heater, h Stowell, n Washington ave

Jones Edwin P, clerk, h Standreth, n Oak

Jones Elijah, (Jones & Webb) h 78 Clinton

Jones Frederick A, barkeeper, American Hotel

Jones George W, (col’d) laborer, h 15 Third

Jones Griffin, puddler, h 7 Arnot’s building, Fifth

Jones Henry C, carpenter, bds 100 Cross

Jones John, laborer, bds 118 Baldwin

Jones John, heater, h alley, r Stowell

Jones John R., (J.R. Jones & Wisner) h S Lake, n R R

Jones John W., sexton, h 185 Church

Jones Joshua, h 223 Church

Jones Maria Mrs, bds, 186 Water

Jones, R.D., clerk, bds Chemung House

Jones Richmond, lumber merchant, h 62 Clinton

Jones Wm D., heater, h Stowell, c Washington ave

Jones Wm, M., brick mason, h 115 Lake

JONES & WEBB, produce dealers, 18 Ely Block, Baldwin

JONES, J. R. & WISNER, wholesale produce dealers, and commission merchants, 123 Water (see adv)

Jordan James, mason, h 28 Orchard

Jordan Oscar, ag. Rochester patent roofing Co, h 22 Washington

Joyce_____, shoemaker, bds Fifth Ward House

Judd Theodorus, S, h 1 Columbia

Judson Wm. E., coal dealer, 112 Cross, h 36 Main

Judson Wm. R., real estate agent, S Baldwin, h 363 Water

Judson Wm.


Kane Cornelius, Laborer, h Spring, n Water

Kane James, laborer, h S Lake, e S Main

Kane Margaret, widow Morris, h 8 Monroe

Kane Martin, laborer, h Davis, c Sixth

Kane Mary Mrs, h 13 Jay

Kane Patrick, laborer, bds Hatch, n Seventh

Kane Patrick, blacksmith, h 15 Sullivan

Kavanagh John, carman, h Hatch, n Seventh

Kavanagh P, laborer, h Washington ave, n Hatch


Kavanagh Wm. M, gardener, bds Lake, north of Washington ave

Keefe James, laborer, h Hatch, n Washington ave

Keefe Patrick, laborer, h R.R., n Paul

Kegany John, marble cutter, bds 9 Columbia

Keggins, Jack, shoe maker, bds 208 Water

KELLOGG CHARLES T. REV, rector of grace Church, rooms 2 Robinson building

Kellog E.A., overseer, h 48 Baldwin

Keollog Lovell, (Kellogg & Converse) h 56 William

Kellogg M,. laborer, bds 317 Water

KELLOGG W.W., agt Barclay Coal Co., Benjamin, n Washington ave, h Broadway, c Main

Kellog & Converse, druggists, 145 Water

Kellum James, carriage painter, bds 12 High

Kelly Betsey and Phebe, Misses, h 57 First

Kelly Edmund, laborer, h Davis, n Fifth

KELLY GEORGE H., sign and ornamental painter, 6 Wisner, h 55 cross (see adv)

Kelly James, iron worker, h Magee, n Seventh

Kelly Johanna Mrs., h Magee, n Seventh

Kelly Martin, ironworker, h Magee, n Seventh

Kelly Martin Mrs., h First, n Wisner

Kelly Mathew, laborer, h Park, n W Union

Kelly Michael, moulder, h 16 Washington

Kelly Seth, h 116 Cross

Kelly Simon, puddler, h Magee, n Seventh

Kelly Wm. D., shoemaker, h 22 E Second

Kelsey George H., bookkeeper, 112 Water, bds 53 Lake

Kelsey George H, hardware, bds 53 Lake

Kemp, C.G., shoemaker, h 133 Water

Kemp Mary Mrs., h 10 S Lake

KENFIELD LORENZO, D., tinsmith, S Main, c Hudson, h 43 Hudson

Kennedy A.A. Mrs. H 8 Washington

Kennedy Charles, puddler, h 124 Baldwin

Kennedy David, h 21 Fifth

Kennedy _____, laborer, h foot Baldwin

Kennedy John, grocer, Henry, n Fulton, h do

KENNEDY MICHAEL, Carroll St. House, 34 Carroll

Kent Phinneas L., painter, h 95 First

Kent Mrs, h r Lake, beyond Oak

Kent W., shoemaker, bds 180 Church

Kerngood J., clerk, 113 Water, bds 14 De Witt

Kesler H.M., watchmaker, h S Lake n R R

Ketcham Robert M., teamster, h 44 Clinton

Ketchum Sarah M., Miss, (Ketchum & Lunn) h Water, n High

Ketchum & Lunn Misses, millinery, 156 Water

Keuster John, laborer, h Park c Main

Keyes J.J., pastor 1st Baptist Church, rooms 4 Ely Block, bds Water Cure

Keyser Joseph, saloon, 195 Water, h do

Kibler Simon, laborer, h bet Lake and Dickinson, n Fifth

Kickbusch John M., tailor, h 42 High

Kidder Alonzo, carpenter, h 20 Sullivan

Kiely B.H., clerk, Brainard House

Kies Louis, bookbinder, h 1 High

King Charles, caulker, h Magee, n Park

King, C.H., (col’d) (Hill & King) h 114 Baldwin

King Enos, cutter, h 14 S Main

King J.H. (King Brothers) h 18 College ave

King John, (col’d) laborer, h Dickinson, n Fifth

KING RUFUS, city recorder, city Hall, and law office 137 Water, bds Hathaway House

King Theron, harness maker, h 17 Cross

King Wm., organ builder, h 14 ½ College ave

King W. E., (King Brothers) h 18 College ave

King Brothers, grocers, Church, e College ave

Kingrick Michael, laborer, h Washington ave, c Magee

Kingsley Andrew, carriage maker, h 51 Washington ave

Kingsley Jonathan, bds 9 College ave

Kingsbury Catharine, widow Horace, h 70 Main

KINGSBURY ELISHA, builder, 95 Baldwin, bds 30 W Union

Kingsbury George W., tinsmith, h Mt. Zoar, n Fulton

Kingsbury Henry, carpenter, h 36 De Witt

Kingsbury Henry F., clerk, h 70 Main

Kingsbury L, conductor, bds Brainard House

Kingsbury Oliver C., (Kingsbury & Nichols) h 66 Gray

KINGSBURY WM. A., grocer, 22 Water, h 122 Cross

Kingsbury & Nichols, boot and shoe manuf., 159 Water

Kinner George, carpenter, h 42 College ave

Kinner John V., machinist, h 40 College ave

Kinney Daniel, laborer, h Wisner, c Sixth

Kinney Thomas, laborer, h Elm, e R R

Kinsley Edward, laborer, h Water, n city limits

Kirk Wm. G., carpenter, h Church, n the canal

Kirklan James, painter, 36 Lake, h 15 Gregg

Klapproth August, saloon, 44 Lake, h do

KLEIN JACOB, grocer, 29 E Union, h do

Klock George W., saloon, 43 Wisner, h do

Klock Sanford, farmer, h 80 Sullivan

Knapp George A., at Depot, h 70 William

Knapp John, laborer, h 3 Ann

Knapp John S., city marshal, city Hall, bds American Hotel

Knapp Wm. B., harness maker, 75 Water, h 11 High

Kniffin Phebe Mrs., h 32 Hudson

Knott Alvin, carpenter, bds 12 Gregg

Knott Robert H., bds 72 William

Knowles Marcus M, box maker, h 38 College ave

Knowlton Amasa, blacksmith, h E Sixth, n Oak

Knowlton Willis, photographer, 13 and 15 Lake, h 37 S Water

Kolb Baldwin, (B.&J. Kolb) Exchange Hotel, 139 Wisner

Kolb Jacob, (B.& J. Kolb) Exchange Hotel, 139 Wisner

KOLB, B & J Exchange Hotel and Billiard Rooms, 139 Wisner, opp Depot

Konkle Mary Mrs., bds High, bet John and Cross

Koop Henry, carpenter, h 24 Dickinson

Kough John, laborer, h 53 Wisner

Kough Michael, butcher, h 59 Wisner

Krecko Theodore, saloon, wisner, n Fourth, h do

Kress Benjamin Mrs. H 47 William

Kress George, h 34 Cross

Kress Scott N, carpenter, h 33 Orchard

Kromer Wm., at Rolling Mill, h William, n the canal

Krowl Abraham, (palmer & Krowle & Co.) res in Baltimore

Krum A.P., shoemaker, h 207 Water

Kunz Solomon, clothing, 203 Water, h 12 De Witt

Kucher John, machinist, h Ann, n S Lake

Kyke John, broom maker, h 216 Water


Labar Freeman D., h Cross, c Sullivan

Labosky Francis, tailor, h 20 Perry

Laburt Jacob, barber, h Church, e Wisner

Lacy Barney, mason, h Park, n W Union

Lacey Thomas, laborer, h Standreth, n Lake

Ladue Hiram W., carpenter, h bet Lake and Dickinson, n Fifth

Ladue James F., cooper, h 48 Oak

Lafay Thomas, painter, bds 208 Water

Laffin Catherine Mrs, h 33 Clinton

Lafin John, bds Canal, n fifth

La France P.A., h 45 Hudson

La France Truckson A., engineer, h Conongue, n John

La Grange John Y., carpenter, h First, n Wisner

Laidlaw John, shoemaker, h 28 Baldwin

Laidlaw John F., plumber, h 6 S Water

Lakey Alver, carpenter, bds 8 Third

Lambert Matthew, carpenter, h 83 Sullivan

Lamphere Ambrose, tobacco cutter, h S chestnut, n Hudson

Lampman Wm. J., h 2 Conongue

Landore Garrett, grocer and tailor, h Hudson, n Harmon

Landrigan Patrick, laborer, h Second, n Elm

Landy Peter, watchman, h 11 Henry

Langdon J, coal dealer, 6 Baldwin & 112 Cross, h 21 Main

Langdon Patrick, laborer, h Hathaway, n Dickinson

Langford James, carpenter, h 280 Water

Lanning Joseph D.C., farmer, h 364 Water

Lanphear N.A., clerk, 132 Water, bds 15 William

Lantry Caroline Mrs., h 11 High

Lappert Jacob, barber, h Church, c Wisner

Lariew Almerion, painter, h 64 Church

Lariew Alson, painter, h Lake, n Oak

Larkin John, apprentice, bds Spring, n John

LARKIN J.E., photographer, 114, 116 & 118 Water, h 60 William (see adv.)

Larkin Matthew, cigar maker, h Spring, n John

Lathers Abraham, peddler, h Spring, n Water

Lattamore David, fuller at woolen Factory, h 76 Sullivan

Lattimore James, watchman, h 79 Sullivan

Lawrence Eliza Mrs., h 16 Third

Lawrence G.P. Mrs., bds 42 S Water

Lawrence R.H., secretary Elmira Silver Bullion Co, 105 Water, h High, bet John and Cross

Lawrence Raymond D, painter, h 15 Gregg

Lawrence Thomas, confectioner, h 37 Washington

Laws Benjamin, (col’d) laborer, h 24 Fifth

Leach Richard, h 45 Man

Leary Dennis, laborer, h S Chestnut, n Hudson

Leary Daniel, mason, h 39 Cross

Leary Fenton, laborer, h S Walnut, n river bank

Leary Thomas, laborer, h E Third, n High

Leavitt Alvin, engineer, h 14 College ave

Leavitt John, h 94 Cross

Leavitt Milton T., engineer, h 19 Columbia

Leavitt Samuel H, postmaster, E.R.R., bds 6 College ave

Lee C.C., physician, 53 Cross, h do

Lee James, Carpenter, bds 75 Columbia

Lee Joshua, (col’d) teamster, h 12 Perry

Lee Patrick, carpenter, h Park, c Wisner

Lee Thomas, (col’d) car man, h 86 Baldwin

LEE THOMAS J, physician, Gray, n R R h 10 Jay

Lehnleitner Marcius, laborer, h 22 Fifth

Lemmon Mrs., (col’d) h Crow, n Mt Zoar

Lennox Jams, laborer, h 133 Lake

Leonard Julia, widow Henry, bds 1 Columbia

Leonhart Oliver, laborer, h 111 Baldwin

Lessey E., Mrs., dressmaker, 117 Water, h do

Lessey Janes Miss, stamping and embroider, 79 Water, h do

Lessey Prosper C, shoemaker, 79 Water

Leverich G., (Leverich & Mason) h 52 John

Leverich & Mason, glue manuf., foot John

Levin Michael, gardener, h 13 Jay

Levy Joseph, cigar maker, h 7 Orchard

Levy Maurice, tobacconist, under Hathaway House, h 12 S Lake

Lewis Edwin P, (Lewis & Chamberlin) h 11 Gray

Lewis Eilza Mrs. (col’d) bds 26 Fifth

Lewis Henry, mason, h 26 Washington

Lewis, Henry D, mason, h 26 Washington

Lewis James T., carpenter, h Washington ave, n Oak

Lewis John, L, carpenter, h 78 First

Lewis Lewis D., blacksmith, h Standish, n Lake

Lewis & Chamberlin, flour and feed, 25 Wisner

Liddy Jeremiah, grocer, 73 Wisner, h do

Liddy, Michael, laborer, h Crow, n Mount Zoar

Liddy Patrick, laborer, h Washington ave, c Dickinson

Liephart Andrew, baker and saloon, 47 Wisner, h do

Lindsey Jennie Mrs., dressmaker, h First, n Elm

Lindsey Ebenezer, laborer, h 100 Baldwin

Linehan James, St. Charles Hotel, Wisner, c Clinton

Linsay ______, at Woolen Factory, h 57 Factory

Lisdill David, laborer, h Third, n Columbia

Little Fannie Miss, h 35 Water

Little S, bds 35 Water

Livingston Theola, shoemaker, h 36 Water

Llyod George H, roller, h r Fifth, n R R


LOBDELL PHILIP F, meat market, 105 Church, h 31 Orchard

Locke Hiram B., h 69 Second

Lockwood ___, h 6 Dickinson

Lockwood Dunning K, h 54 S Water

Lockwood Emmet, watchman, h Magee, n Sixth

Lockwood Gideon, car man, h 14 High

Loman Harrison, laborer, h 118 Baldwin

Lonergan Joseph, laborer, bds 32 Fourth

Lonergan Mary Mrs, h Columbia, c Fourth

Long John, bds third, c Magee

Long Nancy Mrs., h 40 Oak

Loggie John H, engineer, h 62 Second

Loggie John H., Jr., engineer, bds 62 Second

Loker Wm., roller, h 6 Arnot’s Building, Fifth

Loomis Eliza A Mrs, h Lake, n Oak

Loomis Harriet, widow James, bds 61 Gray

Loomis Samuel L, bds Brainard House

Loomis Roscoe S., bds Lake, n Oak

Loomis William R., h 17 S Lake

Loop Mrs., h 9½ Hudson

Loop Christian, h 48 Sullivan

Loop George, porter Hathaway House, h 56 High

Loop Horace, h 1 High

Loop John, laborer, h 1 High

Loring James H (J.H. Loring & Co.) h 272 Water

LORING J.H. & CO., wholesale grocers, 4 and 5 Union Block, Water

Lormore Thomas J., (Lormore Bros & Reid,) h 62 William

Lormore William J. (Lormore Bros & Reid) h 47 William

Lormore Brs & Reid, wholesale grocers, 26 Lake

Losey Amos, farmer, h John, c Sullivan

Losie J.M. Capt., h 15 Columbia

Losie Thomas, tinner, h 7 Gregg

Loud ___, shoemaker, bds 206 Church

Lounsberry Norman, h Patridge, n R R

Love John, moulder, h 22 Cross

Lovell Amos B, grocer, 89 Baldwin, h do

Lovell Harrison T, engineer, h 45 Clinton

Lovell Japhet B., h 45 Clinton

Lovell John W, tinner, h 38 Water

Lovering ____, shoemaker, bds 216 Water

Lowe C.F. Miss, h 12 Main

Lowe U.S. traveling agent, bds 12 Main

Lown William, (Hisom & Lowin) h Fulton, n Broadway

Lown William shoemaker, h Fulton, n Broadway

Lowry Margaret, widow James, h 17 Fifth

Luce Harvey, bds Water, n city limits

Luce James B, carpenter, h n foot Dickinson

Luce Joseph D, machinist, bds 7 Gray

Luce S.S., (Cuckley, Krowle & Co) h 7 Gray

Lumbard Azro C., printer, h Henry, n S Main

Lundrigan James, laborer, h Park, n Main

Lundrigan John, laborer, h Park, n W Union

Lung Louis, h 11 Hudson

Lunn ___ Miss, milliner, h 34 Water

Lunn Anna Miss (Ketchum & Lunn), h Water, n High

Lurkins Robert, grocer, 180 Church, h do

LUSH PETER S., mason, h Lake, c Clinton

Lutes Ralsey, shoemaker, h 371 Water

Lux George F., tailor, h 14 High

Lydon Daniel, shoemaker, h Fourth, c Columbia

Lynch Daniel, carpenter, bds 16 Third

Lynch Dennis, iron worker, h Wisner, c Sixth

Lynch Edward D., clerk, bds 73 John

Lynch John, contractor, h 73 John

Lynch John M., Troy House, 105 Wisner

Lynch Martin, stone cutter, h Davis, n Sixth

Lynch Michael, watchman, h R R, n R R bridge

Lynch Patrick, laborer, h Magee, n Seventh

Lynch P.J., architect, h 17 Magee

Lynch Richard, iron worker, h Davis, n Third

Lynch Robert, veterinary surgeon, h Standish, n Lake

Lynch Thomas, Teamster, bds 73 John

Lynch Timothy, laborer, h 65 Wisner

Lyon Edward E, shoemaker, h 27 Jay

Lyon J.E., Dr., asst. physician at Water Cure, E Hill

Lyon R.J., carpenter, h 6 E Third

Lyon Reuben, marble works, 58 Lake, h 88 Church

Lyons ____, farmer, h Perrine, n Franklin

Lyons Harvey C., carpenter, h 1 Monroe

Lyons Jesse, car man, h Stowell, n the canal and R R


Maas F., baker, 45 Wisner, h 13 Magee

Macalpin Wm, bartender, Hathaway House

Macer Nathan W. (col’d) barber, bds 34 Dickinson

Machol Lewis, boot and shoemaker, 193 Water, h 2 Conongue

Machol Max, tobacconist, 193 Water, h do

Mack Cornelius, laborer, h 6 Wisner

Mack Michael, laborer, h Henry, n R R

Mack Michael, laborer, h 20 Third

Mack Michael, laborer, h Hatch, n Seventh

Mack Peter, laborer, h 32 Dickinson

Mack Thomas, mason, h 124 Baldwin

Mackasey Patrick J, shoemaker, 49 Wisner, h 40 Wisner

Mackesy Mary A., widow John, h 40 Wisner

Mackesey Patrick J., shoemaker, bds 40 Wisner

Mackesy Thomas, shoemaker, bds 40 Wisner

Mackesy Wm. C., cigar maker, bds 40 Wisner

Mackey Anna Miss, (col’d) h Dickinson, c Fifth

Magill John, (col’d) laborer, h Baldwin, f Fifth

Magoveron Michael, carpenter, h 24 Columbia

MaGowan Horatio W., tinner, h 9 Harmon

Mahaney James, laborer, h Washington ave, c Dickinson

Maher James, shoemaker, h Hudson, n S Chestnut

Mahon Michael, waiter, Brainard House

Mahoney John, laborer, h Broadway, n Main

Mahoney Patrick, laborer, h Hine, n Mt. Zoar

Mahoney, Patrick, laborer, h S. Walnut, n Hudson

Mahony Thomas, grocer, 111 Wisner, h do

Maley Mary Miss, h fifth, c Davis

Mallory Russel, peddler, h 36 Fourth

Maloney James, bartender, Hathaway House

Maloney James Mrs., h canal bank, n Church

Maloney John, (Smith & Maloney) h 6 High

Maloney John, at gas works, h Cross, c Harriet

Maloney John, foreman, h 9 Oak

Maloney Michael, laborer, h Wisner, n First

Mander Adam, brewer, head of Church, h do

Manderville James, laborer, h 108 Baldwin

Maney Ellen Mrs., h Sixth, n Magee

Mangan Daniel, laborer, h First, n Wisner

Mann Michael, h First, n Wisner

Manning A.S. Mrs., private school, 25 Gray, h do

Manone John, laborer, h Dickinson, n Fifth

Mapledoram David H., printer, h 36 S Water

Mapes M. H., clerk, 9 Baldwin, bds Hathaway House

Marbaker James M, carpenter, h 17 Jay

Marion Albert, machinist, bds 11 Magee

Maroney Michael, laborer, h 42 Fourth

Maroney Thomas, engineer, h Hathaway, n Dickinson

MARPLE SAMUEL W., druggist, 110 Lake, c Clinton, bds Brainard House

Marsh E.S., h 329 Water

Marsh Michael, painter, h Fifth, n Columbia

MARSH WASHINGTON, house sign and ornamental painter, 5 & 6 Union Block, Water,

bds 7 S. Main (see adv)

Marshall George, (col’d) porter, Brainard House

Marshall Patrick, laborer, h Davis, n Fifth

Martin Josiah, shoemaker, h 180 Church

Mason Elizabeth, widow George W., h 290 Water

Mason Eunice Mrs., h 38 W Union

Mason Frank, (Leverich & Mason) bds John, c Orchard

Mason Marcus, baggage man, h 72 College ave

Mason Richard, jeweler, bds 24 First

Masterson Henry, car inspector, h Clinton, n Davis

Masterson O.H., machinist, bds Clinton, n Davis

Mathews Charles E., jeweler, bds 58 Washington Mathews Fletcher, jeweler, 200 Water, h 31 W Union

Mathews George, (col’d) laborer, h Dickinson, n Fourth

Mathews George, B., bookkeeper, Elmira flouring mill, bds Hathaway House

Mathews John, blacksmith, Water, c Wisner, h 40 Wisner

Mathews Isabella R, widow Henry H.., 58 Washington

Mathews John, laborer, h foot Baldwin

Mathews Morgan, teamster, bds 99 Wisner

Mathewson, Park (E.B. Saterlee & Co) res New York

Maxon M.R., bookkeeper, 1 Union Block, bds 32 Main

Maxwell Catharine, widow Wm., H., h 8 De Witt

Maxwell Samuel, carpenter, h 28 Washington

Maxwell Thomas Mrs., h 9 S Lake

Maxwell Wm. Mrs., h Lake, north of Washington ave

May Melanie Miss, music teacher, bds 15 William

Mayo Harriet Mrs., dress maker, 1 Fourth, h do

Mayo Silas I., (French, Mayo & Co.) h 49 Baldwin

Mayo Warren E., engineer, h 1 Fourth

McAllaster George, (J.A. Page & Co.) res Penn Yan

McArdle Patrick, blacksmith, h 61 Columbia

McCabe Charles E., clerk, 25 Lake, bds 17 Hudson

McCabe H., clerk, 134 Water, bds Brainard House

McCaffery Thomas, soap boiler, h 114 Lake

McCaffrey Peter, shoemaker, h S main, c Henry

McCann Ann, widow Owen, h Hatch, n R R

McCann James, carpenter, h 365 Water

McCann Louisa, widow, h 56 Washington

McCann Wm., clerk, h 51 William

McCanna James, shoemaker, h 15 Jay

McCarthy Cornelius, laborer, h S Walnut, n Hudson

McCarthy Daniel, laborer, h Magee, n Seventh

McCarthy Daniel, laborer, h Hudson, c S Walnut

McCarthy James, carpenter, h 19 Magee

McCarthy James, laborer, bds Hudson, c Chestnut

McCarthy Jerry, laborer, h Fulton, n Hudson

McCarthy John, tailor, bds Hudson, c Chestnut

McCarthy John, laborer, h 36 Sullivan

McCarthy Margaret Mrs., h 19 Magee

McCarthy Owens, billiards, h Church, n Baldwin

McCarthy Patrick, laborer, h Hudson, c S Walnut

McCarty Charles, laborer, h S Walnut, c Fulton

McCarty Dennis, laborer, h 9 Carroll

McCarty Felix, laborer, h Walnut, n Third

McCarty James, laborer, h Washington ave, n Stowell

McCarty John, laborer, h Washington ave, foot Canal

McCarty John, laborer, h foot Baldwin

McCavet John, laborer, h Magee, n Washington ave

McCofer A.B., carpenter, h Ann, n S Lake

McConnell Jackson, carpenter, h Hudson, c S Walnut

McConnell Patrick, laborer, h Hathaway, n Dickinson

McCoy Daniel, baker, h 57 First

McCoy Helena Mrs., h E third, n High

McCoy Thomas, hotel, 85 Wisner

McCracken John, tailor, h 33 High

McCrodden James, laborer, h Franklin, n Fulton

McCue James, laborer, h E Third, n High

McDonald Charles, laborer, h Sixth, c Wisner

McDonald D, cutter, 136 Water, bds Brainard House

McDonald Stephen, (McDonald & Palmer) h 26 First

McDonald & Palmer, tanners, S Lake, c the Bridge

McDuffee Charles, painter, bds 100 Cross

McElroy A. H., hairdresser, bds 21 Lake

McElroy James, laborer, h Lake, n the canal

McGough James, laborer, h Canal, c Seventh

McGrath Patrick, laborer, at 13 Clinton

McGraw Mary Mrs., h 13 First

MCGREEVY OWEN, livery stable, Lake, c Cross, h 23 De Witt

McGUIRE J., lawyer, 15 Lake, bds 26 William

McInerney John, iron worker, h Main c Park

McInerney Martin, laborer, h 37½ Fourth

McINTIRE H.W., shingle machine manuf., 31 Wisner, h do

McIntosh Samuel, boatman, h Water, n Grove

McIntosh Wm. G., farmer, h Water, n Grove

McKay Edward, shoemaker, bds Third, c Magee

MCKAY F.C.D., Jr., practical machinist and instrument maker, agent for the Howe sewing machine

5 Union Block, Water (see add opp inside front cover)

McKee Thomas W., carriage manuf., 63 Water, h 3 Conongue

McKenney William, carpenter, h First, c Davis

McKEONE Thomas, engraver, 137 Water, bds 11 Fox (see adv)

McKibbin Henry, milkman, h Mt. Zoar, n S Main

McKinney Augustus, carpenter, h Jay, n High

McKinney Charles C., Chemung House, 29 Baldwin

McKinney Erastus R., carpenter, h 24 Henry

McKinney Jesse, (McKinney & Brown) h 46 Cross

McKinney Matthew J., carpenter, h 12 Orchard

McKinney Richard G., carpenter, h 30 Henry

McKINNEY & BROWN, insurance agents, 2 Lake

MCKIRGAN ALEXANDER, dentist, 114 Water, bds Cross, c Conongue

McLafferty Simeon, boatman, h Baldwin, n Fourth

McLaughlan Benjamin F., bds 122 Baldwin

McLaughlan Henrietta, Widow Britton, h 122 Baldwin

McLaughlin John K., moulder, h 9 Dickinson

McLoughlin Mary Miss, h Broadway, c Main

McLoughlin Silas, moulder, h Second, c Davis

McMahon Jeremiah, grocer, Wisner, c Second, bds American Hotel

McMahon Patrick, carpenter, h 217 Wisner

McMahon Patrick, laborer, h Henry, n Fulton

McMahon Richard, laborer, h Wisner, c First

McMann Dennis, laborer, h Hatch, n Seventh

McMann M., laborer, h Hatch, n Seventh

McMann Michael, fireman, h Hatch, n Seventh

McMann Roxey, widow, Michael, h High, n E Third

McMilllian Louis, clerk, 158 Water, bds Brainard House

McMillen Maria Mrs., h 59 Columbia

McMonagle Wm., watchmaker, 13 Lake, bds Brainard House

McMulligan W., clerk, bds Brainard House

McNally Thomas, teamster, h Franklin, c Fulton

McNamara Kate Mrs., h Fourth, n College ave

McNamee Andrew, car man, h Franklin, n S Lake

McNaney Michael, blacksmith, h 22 Washington

McNavin John, saloon, 61 Wisner, h do

McNeil John H, h 278 Water

McNeil Michael, laborer, h 101 Second

McNeil Peter S.S., grocer, Fourth, n W. Union, h 23 W Union

McNeir Leverett B, saloon and boarding house, 15 Wisner

McNerney Thomas, laborer, h John, n Washington

McNerny Michael, blacksmith, 61 Water, h Washington, c John

McNertney James, iron worker, h Magee, c Sixth

McNortny, John, laborer, h 10 Third

McVey Sarah Mrs., h 57 First

McWilliams John A., bookkeeper 1st National Bank, h Magee, c Washington ave

McWilliams, Joseph E., clerk, bds Magee, c Washington

Mead Charles, carpenter, h Davis, n Third

Mead Elizabeth, widow Isaac, bds 306 Water

Mead Ellen, widow Wm, h 1 Monroe

Mead Frank, cutter, 149 Water, bds Brainard House

Mead John, shoemaker, bds 18 Orchard

Mead John T., bookkeeper, h 68 Gray

Mead Peter B., cabinetmaker, h 38 Sullivan