Waite Brothers
FOR 1866.

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Meahan John, laborer, h Fifth, n Magee

Meddaugh Andrew, police, h bet Lake and Dickinson, n

Mehan Michael, laborer, h Hudson, n Hine

Meisel Henry, physician, 51 Baldwin, h do

Melville Martin, tailor, h 19 Sullivan

Meres Chas. R, carpenter, bds 3644 Water

Meres Wm. R, carpenter, h 364 Water

Merrill Edgar C, (W. Halliday & Co,) h 216 Church

Merrill Eleazer E, carpenter, h 7 W Union

Merrill Rensalaer, h 54 Fifth

Merwin John W, clerk, bds 5 Ann

MERWIN W, Harness, sadlery and trunks, 141 Water, H 42 Washington

Meskell Wm, laborer, h Main, c Park

Messenger Charlotte, widow Wm, h 1 Monroe

Metzger Daniel M, carpenter, h S Water, n Harmon

Meyers Willard, chairmaker, h 25 Sullivan

Middleton Frank J, bds Brainard House

Milburn Samuel, shoemaker, h 64 Cross

Miles Nathan, machinist, bds 32 Orchard

Milford Henry A, ticket agent E. R R, bds Delavan House

Millard Carroll A, conductor, h 61 College ave

Millard Edgar T, painter, h Dickinson, c Fifth

Millard Mary G. Mrs, h 61 College ave

Miller ---, bds 84 Gray

Miller B. B, conductor N. C. R. W, bds Hathaway House

Miller C. A, (C. A. Miller & Co,) h 97 Lake

Miller Charles, omnibus driver, Brainard House

Miller C, telegraph operator, bds 5 Ann

Miller Eldred B, bds Fifth, c Main

Miller E. O. Mrs, h 252 Water

Miller Frank, (col’d) h 26 Dickson

Miller George, engineer, h First, n Walnut

Miller Jesse B, clerk, 106 Water, bds 84 Gray

Miller H. L, farmer, h 78 Gray

Miller James, carpenter, h 40 Sullivan

Miller James M, h Fifth, c Main

Miller John, carpenter, bds 4 Fourth

Miller John H, roller, h Fifth, n Davis

Miller Marcus, farmer, h 12 S Main

Miller M. Mrs, h 124 Lake


Miller Rosella E. Mrs, h 28 Henry

Miller Samuel, shoemaker, h 60 S Water

Miller Thomas, clerk, 134 Water, bds Pattinson House

Miller T. N, merchant, bds Hathaway House

Miller Valentine, night watch, h 12 S Main

Miller Wm, carpenter, bds Magee, n Park

Miller Wm, saloon, Wisner, c Second, h do

Miller C. A. & Co, Chemung Bark Extract Works, head Baldwin, n canal junction

Millis J. W, conductor, bds Brainard House

Millius H. E, h First, n city limits

Millpough Stephen, marble cutter, h 71 Water

Mills Charles, student, bds 15 High

Mills J. P, shoemaker, h 18 E Fifth

MILLS ROBERT N, physician, homeopathist, 30 Baldwin H do, (see adv)

Mills Richard, pattern maker, h First, n Walnut

Mills Sarah Mrs. H 95 Water

Millspaugh L. M, clerk, 112 Water, bds 92 Cross

Minier Abraham, constable, h Mt. Zoar, n Fulton

Minier Dennis W, bds Paul, n Elm

Minier George, laborer, bds Paul, n Elm

Minier Henry, bds Mt. Zoar, n Fulton

Minier Solomon, h 12 Hudson

Mitchell Benj. K, boot and shoe maker, Ann, n S Lake, h do

Mitchell Charles, painter, bds S College ave

Mitchell James, speculator, bds Elmira Hotel

Mitchell James M, machinest h 34 Water

Mitchell Jerome, h 22 Water

Mitchell John, teamster, h 5 Orchard

Mitchell R, (col’d) porter, Brainard House

Mitzger Xavier, (Clark & Mitgzer) h Southport

Mixer L. W, h 24 W Union

Moe Benjamin, flour and feed, bds 119 Cross

Moe Benjamin M. (Bowles & Moe) bds Hathaway House

Moffatt James, clerk, bds 28 W Union

Moffet Wm, carpenter, h 3 College ave

Molyneaux Robert, laborer, h E Sixth, n Oak

Monell Samuel, carpenter, h Franklin, n city limits

Monier T. F, E. R. R, bds Brainard House

Monks James, grocer, Fourth, c Baldwin, h do

Monks J. R, law student, 151 Water, bds Fourth, c Baldwin

Monks Thomas, coffee grinder, h Fifth, c Baldwin

Monroe John, carpenter, h 103 Gray

Monroe Josiah, carpenter, h 16 College ave

Monroe Robert, car builder, h 7 Grove

Montgomery Wm, laborer, h 32 Dickinson

Moody Samuel, clerk, 106 Water, h 28 Second [do

Moonan James, grocer and boot and shoe maker, 26 Hatch,

Mooney James, laborer, h 4 S Magee

Moore Alexander, police, h 26 Baldwin

Moore E. Charles, clerk, bds Chemung House

Moore Horace D, carpenter, h 57 Gray

Moore Hugh J, miller, h Fulton, n the river

Moore John H, farmer, h Lake, n Oak

Moore Patrick, laborer, bds Magee, n Sixth

Moore Timothy, laborer, h Magee, n Sixth

Moores Daniel Mrs, bds 45 Dickinson

Moores Samuel, grocer 45 Dickinson, h do

Moran Edward, helper, bds Canal, n Fifth

Moran Patrick Mrs, h canal bank, n Church

Moran Wm, laborer, h canal bank, n Church

Morey A, barkeeper, bds 11 Fox

Morey James H, parlor billiard rooms, 27 Lake, c Carroll, h 252 Church

Morey Solomon, h 252 Church

Morgan Charles, boatman, bds 123 Baldwin

Morgan Peter, boatman, h 123 Baldwin

Morgan Wm. W, carpenter, h Henry, n S Main

Moriarty Eliza Mrs, h 17 Oak

Moriarty James, laborer, h Washington ave, foot Canal

Morrell Alfred L, clerk, 128 Water, bds Hathaway House

Morris David, carpenter, bds 99 Wisner

Morris John, clothing, 201 Water, h do

Morris Marry, widow George W, bds 37 Dickinson

Morris Patrick, h Hatch, n Seventh

Morris Richard, grocer, 5 Lake, h do

Morrison Lydia Mrs, h 83 Water

Morrissey Patrick, machinist, h Third, c College ave

Morse Augustus, baker, bds 25 Columbia

Morse Charles, baker, bds 25 Columbia


Morse Edward, bookkeeper, bds 25 Columbia

Morse Francis, at planning mill, h Spring, n John

Morse Henry C, clerk Preswick & Dudley, bds 27 Main

Morse Joseph O, baker, h 25 Columbia

MORSE ROSCIUS, physician, 27 Main, h do [Main

Morse Roscius, Jr, clerk Preswick & Dudley, bds 27

Mosher Fred, clerk, 143 Water, h Clinton, n College ave

Mosher George (Mosher & Evans) bds Elmira House

Mosher Umphrey, cattle dealer, h Clinton, n College ave

Mosher & Evans, grocers, 216 Water

Moulton Wm. J, (Fielding & Co) h 48 William [son

Mowry Delos C, Occidental Hotel, 173 Water, h9 Hud-

Mowry G. D, carpenter, h 57 First

Mowry H. E, barkeeper, 173 Water [do

Mowry T. G, Mrs, dress and cloakmaker, 149 Water, h

Mudrack August (H. Bechdol & Co) h 107 Church

Muldrack August, boots and shoes, h 107 Church

Mulcahy Bridget Mrs, h 27 Water

Mulcondry John, mason, h Wisner, n First

Mullen -----, shoemaker, bds 11 Fox

Mullen Thomas, carpenter, bds 8 E Second

Muller Wm. L, lawyer, bds 54 Sullivan

Multahy Morris, laborer, h Benjamin, n Washington ave

Mungovan James, Blacksmith, h 32 First

Munson Edwin, carpenter, h 16 Columbia

Munson Joseph, h 96 Gray

Munson Lydia Miss, h 18 First

Murdoch Elizabeth Mrs, h 10 E Union

Murdoch John, lawyer, 101 Water, h Gray, c College ave

MURDOCK LUTHER N. doors, sash and blinds, 253 Water, h 75 Main

Murles Theodore (col’d) laborer, h Baldwin, n Fifth

Murphy Anderson, (col’d) laborer, h Baldwin, n Fourth

Murphy Anna Miss, milliner, bds 5 Ann

Murphy Charles, agt, h 19 Sullivan

Murphy Daniel, grocer, 196 Water, h Wisner, n Water

Murphy Darwin, painter, h First ave, n river

Murphy James, laborer, h 16 E Second

Murphy John, shoemaker, h Hudson, n Harmon

Murphy Martin, laborer, bds 17 Fifth

Murphy Michael, bds Elmira Hotel

Murphy Michael, laborer, h Hudson, n Harmon


Murphy Owen, laborer, h Main, n Park

Murphy Timothy, shoemaker, h Hudson, m Harmon

Murphy W. E, clerk, 110 water, h Powell, n Junction

Murray Alexander, carpenter, Water, n Main, h Fulton, N Franklin

Murray Alexander, sen., gardener, h Mt. Zoar, n Fulton

Murray James B, (Murray & Gardner) American Hotel

Murray John, teamster, h 125 Lake

Murray, Lawrence, billiard marker, Arbour Hotel, bds Lake

Murray Morris, laborer, H Hatch, n Washington ave

Murray Theron L, machinist, bds Mt. Zoar, n Fulton

Murray Thomas, clerk 172 Water, bds 244 do

Murray Timothy, shoemaker, h 64 High

Murray Walter, laborer, h E Sixth, n Oak [Third

MURRAY & GARDNER, American Hotel, Wisner, c

Myer Agnes Mrs, bds Washington Hotel

Myers George, carpenter, h 22 Water

Myers George, clerk, 174 Water, h 75 Baldwin

Myrtle James, cigarmaker, bds 65 Cross

Naefe August, painter, h bet Lake and Dickinson, n Fifth,

NAFE WM. F, painter, 239 Water, h 235 Church, (see Adv)

Nagle John, carpenter, h 25 Water

Nagle Patrick, laborer, h Magee, c Sixth

Nash -----, shoemaker, bds 11 Fox

National Bank of Chemung 130 Water

Neish Wm. H, (Dunning & Neish) h 71 Gray

Nelson Alexander, (Brown & Nelson) h 19 Hudson

Nelson D. B, bds 36 Baldwin

Nelson George, painter, bds Chemung House

Nelan James, laborer, h n foot Dickinson

Nelson Miner, edge toolmaker, h 7 Washington

Nelson Robert, (Nelson & Grumme) h Third, c College ave

NELSON & GRUMME, upholsterers and springbed manufactory, 242 Water, n Main, (see adv)

Newcomb Thos. W, clerk, bds 254 Water

Newman Albert, fireman, h Broadway, n Main

Newman Joseph, heater, h Main, c Broadway

Newton Hattie Miss, milliner, bds 1 Magee

Newton John, engineer, h 109 Wisner


Nevton Squire, h 44 Main

Nevens Andrew, shoemaker, h 85 Second

Nichols J. K, millinery goods, 105 Water, h do

Nichols John Q. A, (Kingsbury & Nichols) h. Walnut, c Water

Nichols Richard, (col’d) drayman, h Oak, c E Fifth

Nichols Wm, (Nichols, Gregg & Co,) h 224 Church

Nichols, Gregg & Co, Chemung canal foundry and Machine works, Second, e Chemung canal

Nicholson Ralph, peddler, h First, n Walnut

Nicks John E, tobacconist, bds 32 Main

Nicks John E, tobacconist, h 32 Main

NICKS JOHN 1, mayor, U. S. assessor Int. Rev. and tobacconist, 1 Union Block, Water, h 32 Main

Niver Charles, laborer, h N Oak, n E Sixth

Nixon Thomas, laborer, h Magee, n Seventh

Nixon John, heater, h Stowell, n Washington ave

Noble Julia, widow Wm, h 38 First

NOLTE H. C, Weiss Bier Brewery, Washington ave, c The canal, h do, (see adv)

NOLTE JULIUS, lager beer saloon, 191 Water, h do North Norris, tinsmith, h 30 Gray

North Norris L, clerk, bds 30 Gray

North Norris L, clerk, bds 30 Gray

North Ann B, widow Theodore, h 341 Water

Northrop Hiram G, car builder, h 83 Baldwin

Northrup Ovid B, (Northrup & Shearman) h 1 S Main

Northrup N. H, h 4 S Main

Northrup & Shearman, boots & shoes, 152 & 161 Water

Norman George M, blacksmith, 17 Fox, h 72 William

Norman John G, livery stable, 12 Carroll, h 47 Gray

Norman M. A. Mrs, h 28 Sullivan

Norman Prentice P, clerk P. O, h 28 Sullivan

Normile John, shoemaker, 195 Wisner

Northern Central R. W. Freight House, Fifth, c Wisner

Norton A. F, train dispatcher, bds Delavan House

Norton Cary, broommaker, bds 216 Water

Norton Charles, conductor, h 88 Second

Norton F. W, telegraph operator, bds Delavan House

Norton Norman R, iron inspector, h 94 Second

Norton Philander, agent, h 66 Clinton

Nott George, carpenter, h Oak, n Washington ave

Noyse Cephas, h 51 Water

Nuir Charles, brickmaker, bds Clinton, n William

Nuir Jacob, tailor, h Clinton, n William

Nye G. M, fancy goods, yankee notions, &c, 133 Water, H 33 Main


Obertin Adolph, shoemaker, h 14 Orchard

O’Brian Patrick, laborer, h rear, 215 Wisner

O’Brien Benjamin J, clerk, 116 Lake, bds 119 Cross

O’Brien Christopher, clerk, 3 Union Block, bds 59 First

O’Brien Daniel, laborer, h Jay, c High

O’Brien James, laborer, h 27 Water

O’Brien Jerry, laborer, h Fulton, n S Water

O’Brien John, marble cutter, h 37 Cross

O’Brien John, mason, h S Water, n Fulton

O’Brien Mary Mrs, h 3 Hatch

O’Brien Thomas, carman, h First, c Davis

O’Brien Umphrey, mason, h S Water, N Fulton

O’Connor Bartholomew, h Walnut, n Third

O’ Connor Jeremiah, teacher, bds 12 High

O’Connor John, clerk, 129 Water

O’Connors Edward, laborer, h 199 Wisner

O’Day Cornelius, laborer, h Paul, n Junction

O’Day Mary, widow Michael, h Henry, n R R

O’Day Michael, laborer, h 23 Jay

O’Day Thomas, laborer, h Wisner, n Fifth

Odell Abraham, mason, h Magee, n Sixth

Odell Isaac, mason h 76 Fifth

Odell Jennie Mrs, h Ferris, n R R

O’Donald Charles P, laborer, h Canal, n Washington ave

O’Donnell Bryan, shoemaker, h Wisner, n First

O’Donnell John, shoemaker, Wisner, c First, h do

O’Donnell Wm, shoemaker, h Wisner, c First

Ogden Wm, (Ogden & Pettit,) h 90 Lake

ODGEN & PETTIT, druggists, 116 Water

O’Gorman Patrick, heater, h Hatch, n Seventh

O’Gorman Patrick, bds Hatch, n Seventh

O’GORMAN THOMAS, grocer, 21 Oak, c Clinton

O’Hare Michael, laborer, h Washington ave, c Stowell

O’Hare Michael, laborer, h Henry, n R R


O’Harry John, spinner, bds 72 Sullivan

O’Herne Michael, clerk, bds 25 Magee

O’Keefe Arthur, laborer, h Fifth, n Columbia

O’Keefe Cornelius, car repairer, h 27 Magee

Oliver Edward Mrs, h 12 High

Oliver Geore, laborer, bds 1 Dickinson

Oliver Thomas, boatman, h 90 Baldwin

Oliver Wm, tailor, h 3 Monroe

Olmsted Samuel S, cabinet maker, h 7 Gregg

Olsen John, tailor, h Ferris, n S Main

O’Loughlan Patrick, laborer, h 215 Wisner

O’Maher James, Williamsport and Elmira Hotel, Wisner, N Second

O’Neil Dennis, laborer, h First, n Wisner

O’Neil Daniel, laborer, h Oak, n limits

O’Neill Wm, foreman, h 23 Magee

Orcutt Luther, h Fox, n Cross

O’Regan John, laborer, h 69 Fifth

O’Riley Wm, laborer, h Washington ave, c Hatch

Osborn John Mrs, h Maxwell ave, n Lake

Osborne H. R, music dealer, h 44 William

Osborne Owen, miller, bds foot Water

Otis ----, Rev, bds S Main, c Partridge

Owen George H, h 30 William

Owen Timothy, h Gray, c Elm

Owens Joseph, spinner, h 2 Clinton

Owens, Morris, laborer, h Park, n Main


Packard Allen, furniture finisher, Mt. Zoar, n Fulton

Page J. A, (J. A. Page & Co,) h 15 William

PAGE J. A. & CO, boots and shoes, 107 Water

Pagett George H, currier, bds 15 Wisner

Pagett Wm, (Pagett & Weaver,) h 317 Water

Pagett & Weaver, tanners and wool dealers, 313 Water

Paine Mary, widow Brenton, h 8 Main

Paine Samuel, cutter, h 198 Church

Palmer Charles H, clerk, bds 76 Gray

Palmer Edward H, (McDonald & Palmer,) h 8 S Lake

Palmer Edwin, clerk, bds 8 Third [Gray

Palmer E. S, deputy collector Int. Rev, 134 Water, h 14

Palmer George W, carpenter, h 74 Gray

Palmer Griffin D, clerk, 100 Water, h 76 Gray

Palmer Henry T, (Palmer & Vincent,) h 75 Gray

Palmer Martin S, telegraph operator, Brainard House, Bds do

Palmer M. Dwight, blacksmith, h 116 Cross

Palmer M. W, (Palmer & Krowl,) h 119 Cross

Palmer O. W, supt. New Jersey Produce Co, h E Union, C Second

Palmer Wm. E, dentist, h S Lake, c Elm

Palmer & Krowl, blacksmiths, 46 Lake

PALMER & VINCENT, grocers, 21 Baldwin

Palta Joseph, clothing, 59 Wisner, H do

Park Henry, tailor, h 34 De Witt

Parker James A, carriage maker, bds 30 Hudson

Parker Jane Mrs, h 84 Baldwin

Parker John E, conductor, h Standreth, n Oak

Paris John, Clinton House, Third, n Wisner

Paris Richard, bds Clinton House

PARKHURST G. H, homeopathic physician, 6 Ely Block, h 238 Church

Parkin David laborer, h Walnut, n Second

Parkinson Alexander, supervisor E. R R, h 17 Gray

Parmele Stephen, bar keeper, Delavan House

Parry Thomas, puddler, h 1 Arnot’s Building, Fifth

Parsons Anna, widow James, bds 34 Hudson

Parsons Charles F, clerk, 110 Water, bds 94 Cross

Parsons George W, conductor, h 33 W Union

Parson G. D, clerk, Express Office, h 44 Gray

Parsons Sallie Mrs, h 17 E Union

Parsons Theodore S, painter, h 10 S Lake

Partridge Henry M, (Hatch & Partridge,) h 71 Lake

Partridge Samuel, h 72 Lake

Patchen John, carpenter, h E Sixth, c N Oak

PATRICK EDWARD L, layer, 22 Lake, bds HathaWay Hose

Patterson Anna Mrs, h 109 Baldwin

Patterson Frank, h E Hill, n Water Cure

Patterson James, cigarmaker, bds Chemung House

PATTINSON THOMAS S, meat market and oyster Depot, 32 Carroll, h 34 Baldwin, (see adv)

Paulman Ernest, tailor, h 9 Walnut

Pautz Augustus, grocer, Jay, c High, h do

PAUTZ CARL, grocer, 124 Lake, h do

Pautz William, laborer, h N Oak, n E Fifth

Paxson Joseph, boiler repairer, h 7 W Union

Payne Elizabeth Mrs, (col’d) h Baldwin, n the canal

Peabody Rebecca Mrs, h 83 Water

Pearse James G, train dispatcher, bds Delavan House

Pearse James H, baggage master, bds Delavan House

Pease Salmon D, h Water, n Hoffman

Pease Wm, expressman, h 292 Water

Pechner E, clothing, h 115 Church

Pechner I, clothier, 126 Water, H 115 Church

Peck Abraham J, boot and shoe dealer, h 343 Water

Peck E. Frank, bds 343 Water

Peck Harris, cabinetmaker, h Elm, c R R

Peck J. Franklin, h 39 W Union

Pegg Robert, clerk, bds 26 S Water

Pelbrough Thomas, hotel, Lake, c Fourth

Pelbrough Thomas, grocer, 33 Fourth, h do

Pelham Henry, carpenter, h Davis, n Fifth

Pelton Aaron, livery stable, American Hotel, bds do

Penny -----, carpenter, bds 89 Gray

Percival Thomas, laborer, h 4 Jay

Perine Clarissa Mrs, h S Lake, n city limits

Perkins Lola Mrs, bds 9 College ave

Perry John H, student, bds 70 Water

PERRY JOHN K, druggist, 118 Water, h 70 do, (see adv)

Perry Theodore B, clerk, 118 Water, bds 70 do

Perry Thomas, (Perry & Scott) bds 45 William

Perry Wm. H, clerk, 118 Water, bds 70 do

PERRY & SCOTT, insurance agts. 103 water

Personeus L. M, carman, h Clinton, c Walnut

Peters Eleazer, mason, h Elm, n Second

Peters George C, (col’d) laborer, bds 99 Baldwin

Peters John, agent, h 84 Gray

Peters Helen, tailoress, h 15 Robinson building

Peters Henry W, mason, h Clinton, n Walnut

Peterson Edmund, carpenter, h 64 First

Peterson Robert, tanner, h S Lake, n Mt. Zoar

Pettit Charles P, (Ogden & Pettit) h 118 Cross


Pettit Henry P, clerk, bds 118 Cross

Petrie James, overseer, bds 23 E Union

Petty Ellen Mrs, saloon, 17 fifth, h do

Petty Sylvester, laborer, h 17 Fifth

Phelps Charles S, painter h 56 High

Phelps Frank C, lightning rods, h 296 Water

Phelps J. Frank, (Phelps & Spaulding) Delavan House

PHELPS & SPAULDING, Delavan House, 15553, Wisner, opp depot, (see adv)

Pew Benjamin, (col’d bds Baldwin, n Fourth

Phillips Wm, roll turner, h 64 Washington ave

Phillips W. H, lumber dealer, bds Hathaway House

PICKERING d. f, Postmaster, office Baldwin, h 38 Baldwin

Pickering Edmund B, bds 55 Cross

Pickering John carpenter, h 55 Cross

Pickering Wm E, clerk, 132 Water, bds 55 Cross

Pickley Thomas, laborer, h Park, n Magee

Pierce Almira W. Mrs, h 64 William

Pierce Ichabod M, carpenter, h Church, n Grove

Pierce John, hackman, h Fox, n Cross

Pierce Peter, speculator, h 89 Church

Pierson Cyrus, blacksmith, h 111 Church

Pine Squire, musician, h S Main, n S Lake

Pitts Samuel, engineer, h Clinton, n Lake

Plaisted Sybil Mrs, h Davis, c Clinton

Platt Le Grand, h 180 Church

Plum Hiram A, carpenter, First, c Elm, h 70 First

Pool John L, carpenter, h 80 First

Porter Charles H, carpenter, h Second, c David

Porter Charles H, (Benson & Porter) h Second, n David

Post David, h 40 S Water

POST GARRY H, tea, coffee and spice mills, 115 Water, H 19 College ave, (see adv)

Post James H. clerk, bds 58 Fifth

Post L. S, h 58 Fifth

Post Office, Baldwin, opp Carroll

Post Wm. T, commission merchant, 123 Water h Water, n city limits

Potter A. F, lumber dealer, h 44 William

Potter Cranston T, livery, 6 Carroll, h 33 William

Potter Elizabeth, widow Henry, h 62 Cross


Potter Sarah A, widow Bradford A. bds 22 William

Pound Wm, laborer, h 33 Fourth

Powell John, laborer, h 9 Fifth

Powell John, mason, h Jay, n High

Powell John, laborer, h Church, n the canal

Powell Martin, laborer, h Wisner, n First

Powell Martin, laborer, h Church, n the canal

Powell Mary Mrs, h 4 Arnot’s Building, Fifth

Powell Michael, laborer, h Wisner, n Seventh

Powell Michael, laborer, h 53 Washington

Powell Thomas, laborer, h 42 Fourth

Prall E. G, (Brownell & Co,) bds 64 Gray

Prall F. G, (Brownell & Co,) bds 64 Gray

Prall J. H. R, carpenter h 74 Gray

Prall Rachel Mrs, h 74 Gray

Pratt B. H, assistant surgeon, 151 Water, bds 32 S Water

Pratt Charles R, bds 28 William

Pratt Daniel, (D. & R. Pratt,) h 93 Lake

Pratt D. R, pres. 2d National Bank, h 8 E Union

Pratt Harden D. V, supt. E. R R, h 26 W Union

Pratt Ransom, (D. & R. Pratt) h 28 William

Pratt Timothy S, (Durland & Pratt,) bds 92 Cross

PRATT D. & R, agents Elmira Woolen Manufacturing Co, Factory

Prechtl Bartholomew, laborer, h Oak, c Clinton

Prentice Wm, car builder, h 61 Main

Prescott Joseph S, h 27 Conongue

Prescott Wm. H, painter, h 5 De Witt [canal, h do

PRESSLER ANTHONY, saloon, Washington ave, c the

Preswick C, (Preswick & Dudley,), h 6 S Main

Preswick Edmund T, umbrella maker, h 56 Washington

PRESWICK & DUDLEY, books, stationery, wall paper, &c, 114 Water, (see adv front cover)

Price George, house cleaner, h 44 Oak

Price John P, (col’d) barber, 188 Water, h do

Priest John Mrs, h r 357 Water

Primmer ----, blacksmith, h 63 Main

Propping Ferdinand, teacher, Conongue, c Third, h do

Pross Joseph, carpenetr, h Second, n Columbia

Purcell John, h 18 Conongue

Purcell Michael Rev, h 66 Cross

Purcell Norah Mrs, h Canal Bank, n Church