Waite Brothers
FOR 1866.

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Springer, Vincent B, farmer, h 51 Dickinson

Squires Edward N, clerk, 101 and 103 Water, bds 11 Fox

Squires Montgomery M, h S Water, C Harmon

SQUIRE TRUMAN H, physician, 136 Church, ho do

Stagg Wm. E, bookkeeper, h 26 College ave

Stagg Wm. E. Jr., telegraph operators, bds Brainard House

Stanchfield John K, physician, 5 Main, h do

Stanchfield Stephen D, lawyer, h 72 Clinton

Stancliff Julia Mrs., bds 2 S Main

Stanley Hoyt, musician, h Spring, n John

Stanton Simon, laborer, h 74 Church

Stanton Wilbur F, carpenter, h 70 Baldwin

Stapleton John, laborer, h Junction, n R R

Starks Maxwell, clerk, bds College ave, n Washington ave

Starks W. W., (Uri Bartholomew & Co) h College ave, n Washington ave

Statler Frederick, shoemaker, Canal, n Washington ave

Stedge Jacob, laborer, h 22 Perry

Steele D. F., clerk, beds 213 Church

Steele F.C., grocer, 17 Lake, h 213 Church

Steele George, Custom House, N.Y., h 57 College ave

Steele J. Dormand, principal Elmira Academy, bds 15 William

Steele Sophia M, widow Theodore J, bds 28 William

Steeples John, hatter, h 104 Church

Steffield Daniel S, farmer, h r Lake, north of Washington ave

Steger Michael, Union Hotel, Wisner, opp depot, and meat market, 78 Water

Steiger Henry, weaver, h 3 Ann

Stein A.G., clerk, 7 Baldwin, bds Second, n High

Stephenburg George, carpenter, bds 20 Columbia

Stephens Daniel, h 68 Lake

Stephenson, Helen Mrs., boarding house, 92 Cross

Stetson Charles, clerk, 19 Baldwin, bds do

Stevens Harry N, teamster, h 51 William

Stevens Lafayette, druggist, h 72 Gray

Stewart ____, painter, h 69 Fifth

Steward Elmira, widow Charles, h Henry, n S Lake

Stewart Thomas H, (col’d) laborer, h 86 Baldwin

Stewart Robert Sr., machinist, bds 243 Church

Stewart Robert Jr., machinist, bds 243 Church

Stewart William boatman, h 200 Church

Stiles Isaac, leather, findings and boots and shoes, 6 Lake, h 56 Cross

Stiles George S, clerk, bds 56 Cross

Still George, (col’d) laborer, h 44 Oak

Stiles Samuel, clerk, bds 56 Cross

Stilston James, machinists, h 113 Lake

Stilson Lyman, (Stilson & Goddard) bds 109 Lake

Stilson W., foreman, 153 Water, h 109 Lake

STILSON & GODDWARD, dentists, 133 Water

Stinhauser George, tailor, h 14 Gregg

Stirling Wm., boatman, h Washington ave, n Dickinson

Stilwell Wm. M, restaurant, 50 Lake, h do

St. John Edgar, bookkeeper, h 41 Main

Stobo Hellen Mrs., bds 1 S Main

Stobo John W., clerk, 161 Water, bds 1 S Main

Stobo Robert F, h 64 Gray

Stocum E.M., pattern maker, h 145 Water

Stocum E.M. Mrs., millinery, 145 Water, h do

Stocum Hector M, (S. Bennet & Co.) h 11 Third

Stoddart Holmes, roller, h Davis, n Fifth

Stoll Aaron, boat builder, h 22 Jay

Stoll Adam, shoemaker, 152 Water, h Henry, c Fulton

Stoll Donlevy, carpenter, bds 22 Jay

Stoll Joseph C, grocer, 97 Water, and eating house 101 Wisner, h do

Stone Jerome, carpenter, h Mount Zoar, n Broadway

Stone Lorran J, carpenter, h 53 First

Stone Russell O, car inspector, h 61 College ave

Stone Wellington, turnkey at jail, bds do

Stonemetz John, clerk, 3 Union Block, bds 26 S Lake

Storey Henry, shoemaker, bds Fifth Ward House

Stout Joseph, candy maker, h 96 Cross

Stow Charles, laborer, h 51 William

Stowell Abel, carpenter, h 21 William

Stowell Alexander, h Stowell, n Washington ave

Stowell Charles M, carpenter, bds 21 William

Stowell Frank A, clerk 112 Water, bds 21 William

Stowell J.E., bookkeeper, 2nd National Bank, bds 21 William

Stowell Rufus R., clerk 112 Water, bds 21 William

Stowell Wm. H., clerk, 132 Water, bds 21 William

Strachen Esther, widow Thomas, h 1 Dickinson

Strachen John, blacksmith, Baldwin, n Clinton, h Lake, c Oak

Straight Amy, widow Amby, h Mount Zoar, n S Main

Straight Wm. E., clerk 10 and 12 Baldwin, bds 1 Mount Zoar, n S Main

Strang Henry W, (Collingwood & Strang), bds 72 Water

Stratton John C., h 27 Sullivan

Straus David, grocer, h 56 Water

Straus Henry D, (A.B. De Witt & Co.) h 56 Water

Strauss Herman, clerk 3 Union Block, bds 119 Cross

Strauss Louis, (L. Strauss & Co) h 54 Water

STRAUSS LOUIS & CO., dry goods, 3 Union, Block Water

Strong Dennis, (col’d) laborer, h 16 Dickinson

Strong Eliza C, Mrs., h 2 Hudson

Struppler George A, saloon, 99 Wisner, h do

Strughters Robert, laborer, h 82 Sullivan

Stryker Samuel G, clothier, 10 Lake, h 6 Ann

Stuart Charles B, (Stuart & Ufford) 20 and 22 Lake

Stuart & Ufford, clothing, hats, caps, boots and shoes, 20 and 22 Lake

Stull Wm, h 44 First

Stull Wm. H, clerk, 3 Union Block, bds 44 First

Stull Ezra D, painter, bds 44 First

Stumpfle John, blacksmith, h 20 Third

Sturdevant James, student, bds, Lake, n Oak

Sturges Wm. R., (Hathorn & Sturges) h 72 Fifth

Sturgis Wm. L, peddler, h 14 Third

Suffern Eliza Miss, h 86 Gray

Sugden James, cabinetmaker, h Canal, n Fifth

Sullivan Bartholomew, laborer, h Broadway, n Mt. Zoar

Sullivan Catherine Mrs., H Fulton, opp Henry

Sullivan Cornelius, watchman, h Main, n Washington ave

Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, h Dickinson, n the canal

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, h S Walnut, n Hudson

Sullivan Emma L. Miss, millinery, 158 Water, h do

Sullivan Florence, news dealer, bds Brainard House

Sullivan James W, laborer, h Second, n Walnut

Sullivan Jerry, laborer, h Magee, c Sixth

Sullivan John, laborer, h 57 Columbia

Sullivan John, laborer, h Hatch, n Washington ave

Sullivan John, laborer, h Walnut, n Third

Sullivan John, shoemaker, h Fulton, n Hudson

Sullivan John, laborer, h S Water, n Harmon

Sullivan Mark O, saloon, Water, n R R, h do

Sullivan Michael, at woolen factory, h 58 Factory

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h 72 Washington ave

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h 20 Third

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h river bank, n Fulton

Sullivan Thomas, laborer, h river bank, n Fulton

Sullivan Timothy, laborer, h Oak, n Clinton

Susebury Willis, (col’d) boatman, h 13 Dickinson

Sutton Madison, spinner, h 62 Factory

Suydam S.P., bds Brainard House

Swail Jesse A, (col’d) laborer, h 12 Jay

Swail Johanna Mrs., h 25 Jay

Swain George, mason, bds Chemung House

Swan Albert, insurance agt., h 17 Hudson

Swan Charles, agent Mutual Benefit life Ins.Co., Brainard Block, over Post Office, h 329½ Water

Swan John V, insurance agt, h Hoffman, c Gray

Swan Matthew V, h 8 Hudson

Swartout John M, laborer, h 20 Perry

Swayze Gilbert, bds 216 Water

Sweayze Wilson, mason, h 6 Jay

Sweeney Owen, laborer, h 8 Jay

Sweet Charles, bds 31 William

Sweet Welsley, chair maker, h 31 William

Swift George, shoemaker, bds 206 Water

Sykes Jesse, saddler, bds 15 Orchard

Sykes Warren, F, h 15 Orchard

Sykes W.F., bds 15 Orchard


TABER SAMUEL C, dept. County Clerk, h 109 Church

Tackman Frederick, cabinet maker, h 155 Water

Talley Stephen, hostler, Elmira Hotel

Tate John, lumberman, h 24 s Lake

Tattersall Ellen, widow Lawrence, h 115 Gray

Tattersall John, bds 115 Gray

Tattersall James, machinist, bds 115 Gray

Taylor A.R., photographer, 30 Lake, h S. Walnut, n Hudson

Taylor Elias W, hackman, h 78 Fifth

Taylor John W, carpenter, h 87 Church

Taylor Lewis, heater, h Seventh, n Canal

Taylor Richard, (col’d) laborer, h 10 Dickinson

Taylor Samuel B, carpenter, bds 81 Church

Taylor Silas B, carpenter, bds 81 Church

Taylor Silas G, car man, h 81 Church

Taylor Wm. C, h 101 College ave

Teachman Leander, carpenter, bds 89 Gray

Teed Charles W, jeweler, bds 23 Lake

Teele Wm, machinist, h 29 Clinton

Telegraph Office N.C.R., w Fifth, n Wisner

Temple Nancy C, widow Heron, h 65 Gray

Tenbroeck Peter B, wagon maker, h 40 Washington

Tenbroeck Wm., R., clerk 21 Lake

TENNY DE WITT C, physician and druggist, 200 Water, h 42 William

Terry Ebenezer, bds 10 E Second

Terry, E. C., dentist, Water, c Lake, h 329 Water

Terry Jefferson, carpenter, h Harriet, n Cross

Terry Jerome, miller, h 21 Baldwin

Terry John K, h 10 Hudson

Terry, O.P., carpenter, 87 Baldwin, h 37 Washington

Tharp James T, clerk, 116 Lake, bds Pattison House

Thomas Aaron, roller, bds 19 Fifth

Thomas Charles, bds Stowell, n Washington ave

Thomas Dandridge, (col’d) laborer, h 114 Baldwin

Thomas David, (Thomas & Seaman) h Stowell, n Washington ave

Thomas Edward, grocer, canal junction, h do

Thomas Henry, coal shipper, h Magee, n Washington ave

Thomas Henry, (col’d) laborer, h Baldwin, n Fourth

Thomas J.M., silver plater, bds 34 William

Thomas Joseph, roller, h 69 Columbia

Thomas Samuel, (col’d) laborer, h 13 E Fifth

Thomas Thomas M, heater, h 19 Fifth

Thomas Thomas, puddler, h Washington ave, n Canal

Thomas William, (col’d) laborer, h 14 Dickinson

Thomas William, laborer, h 34 Clinton

THOMAS & SEAMAN, iron founders and machinists, Washington ave, n canal junction

Thompson Bradley, laborer, h Washington ave, n Oak

Thompson David, (col’d) saloon, Dickinson, c Fifth, h do

Thompson Edward, machinist, h William, n the canal

Thompson George W, laborer, bds S Lake, n Franklin

Thompson Headley, clerk, 38 Carroll, bds 4 Gray

Thompson Henry, clerk, bds 4 Gregg

Thompson Henry, h S Lake, n Franklin

Thompson Jeremiah, car man, h 14 First

Thompson John, painter, bds 69 second

Thompson John R, h Lake, c Washington ave

Thompson John T, painter, 21 Fox, h 19 Fox

Thompson John, (col’d) barber, bds Dickinson, n Fifth

Thompson Orpha Miss, teacher, bds 12 College ave

Thompson Wm, helper, h Hatch, N R R

Thorne Mary J, widow William H, h 15 High

Thorne O.S., clerk 13 Baldwin, bds 29 High

Thornton Wm., (col’d) laborer, h Dickinson, n Fifth

Thorp John, car man, h Second, c Davis

Thro Charles, (C.&J. Thro) Western Hotel, opp Depot

Thro D.C., (J.J. Thro & Bro.) h 64 William

Thro John J, (J.J. thro & Bro,) h 86 Church

Thro Joseph, (C.&J. Thro), h 116 Lake

THRO C.&J. Western Hotel, Wisner, opp Depot (see adv)

THRO J.J. & BRO, grocers and fruiters, 100 Water, c Lake (see adv)

THRUSTON ARIEL S, lawyer, 15 Lake, h 87 Lake

Thurston, J.S., paymaster U.S.A., 135 Water, h 54 William

Tidd Charles, boat builder, h 76 Baldwin

Tidd Horton, law student, bds 97 Lake

Tierney Hornora Mrs., h 4 Hatch

Tierney Michael, bar keeper, Brainard House

Tierney Patrick, laborer, h Wisner, n First

Tillman John M, saddlery and harness, 41 Lake, h 40 High

Timms Mary E, widow William, h 111 Gray

Titus Charity, dressmaker, rooms 15 Robinson Building

Toben James, laborer, h Hatch, n Seventh

Tobin Edward, cooper, h 3 Ann

Todtman Julia Mrs., h 87 Church

Toles Sarah M Mrs., h 21 E Union

Tomlinson Bridget Mrs., h Columbia, n Second

Tomlinson Robert, carpenter, bds Columbia n Second

Tomlinson S.B., lawyer, 10 Baldwin, h 27 Fourth

Tompkins Sol, painter, h 8 Columbia

Tompkins, Wm. C, harness maker, bds Chemung House

Tong Jonathan, carpenter, h 48 Main

Toole John B, (Ryan & Toole) h 46 William

Toppling D.G., clerk, 7 Baldwin, bds Cross, n Wisner

Topping W., clerk, bds 119 Cross

Tourtellott Charles, shoe maker, bds 206 Water

Towner Maria B, widow Dr. D.A., h 134 Church

Townsend Charles F, clerk, 102 Water, bds 15 High

Tracy Francis M, mason, h S Water, c Fulton

Trainer James, laborer, h Canal, n Washington ave

Trainor James, laborer, h Canal, n Fifth

Trapp William, inventor, h 29 W Union

Traver Solomon, laborer, h Baldwin, n Fourth

Traver Wm, laborer, h 60 Second

Traynor Thomas, grocer, Canal, c Seventh, h do

Treadwell H.D. shoe dealer, bds 1 Magee

Trescott Jonathan W, harness maker, h 104 Water

Trout Miles, blacksmith, h 6 De Witt

True George L, carpenter, h 64 Second

Tschon Philip, bar keeper, Western Hotel

Tufts Mason J, machinist, h 56 Columbia

Tumpsy Bartholomew, laborer, h river bank, n Fulton

Tunison Lagrange, boat builder, h Third, c Magee

Tupper Wm. H., bookkeeper, h 305 Water

Turk Martin, at woolen factory, h Clinton lane, n E Third

Turner George W, brakesman, h 7 W Union

Turner Robert T, lawyer, 151 Water, bds Hathaway House

Turner, Thomas, (col’d) laborer, h 49 Dickinson

Turner Wm., laborer, h Standish, n Lake

Turner William, shoe maker, h Elm, n Fulton

Turney Lee, shoe maker, bds 216 Water

TUTHILL D.H., dry goods, 132 Water, h 65 Lake

Tuton George, blacksmith, h 63 Washington

Twiggs Robert, laborer, h Hudson, c Fulton

Tyler Asher, pres’t Elmira Rolling Mill Co., h 13 Main

Tyler Emery, fireman, bds 147 Second

Tyrrell Augustus, medical student, bds 22 Hudson


Ufford Daniel E (Stuart & Ufford) h 32 Conongue

Ultz Mary Mrs., h 69 gray

Up De Graff J.B., boiler maker, h 40 Carroll

Up De Graff J.B. Mrs., stamping and embroidery, 40 Carroll, h do

Up De Graff Samuel S, shoemaker, h 100 Cross

UP DE GRAFF THADDEUS S. DR., occulist and aurist, 151 Water, h 32 S Water

Updyke Louis, car man, h 7 Hudson

Updayke Mercy, widow William, h 27 S Water

Ulrich Charles, Globe Hotel, Wisner, opp. Depot

Upthegrove Eden, carpenter, h Fifth, n Davis


Vail Benjamin, cabinet maker, 241 Water, h 26 Gray

Vail Charles M, cattle dealer, h 39 Fourth

Valentine John, (col’d) laborer, h Chestnut, n Hudson

Van Allen Daniel, h 3 Columbia

Van Benschoten S. Rev, h 58 Baldwin

Vanbergh M, clothier, 151 Water, h 37 Water

Van Campen Samuel R, Prest. 1st Nat. Bank, h W Union, c Fourth

Van Dyne James, carpenter, h 10 Main

Van Kirk J.C., clerk, 171 Water, bds 216 Water

Van Kleeck John M, grocer, h 244 Water

Van Kleeck Richard M, grocer, 218 Water, h 24 Water

Van Lew Ann Mrs., bds 3 Columbia

Vanover George, engineer, h 60 College ave

Van Pelt Aaron, shoe maker, h Mt. Zoar, n Fulton

Van Pelt Wm, bds S Lake, n city limits

Van Scoy Jason, baker, h Franklin

Van Tassel Richard W, blacksmith, h First, c Walnut

Vantine Chester W, agt. H 63 Gray

Van Wagoner Henry, laborer, h fifth, n Davis

Van Wagoner John P, h S Lake, n city limits

Vaughn Willard, cooper, h 9 First Ave

Veazie Laban, carpenter, h 34 E Second

Vermilya John L, tinner, h 2 Columbia

Vernooy Epenetus, wagon maker, h 12 Gregg

Vernooy Samuel, carpenter, h 4 Gregg

VESCELIUS W., I., Commercial College and Telegraph Institute, 20 and 22 Lake, bds 23 Lake (see adv)

Vial Etha, street commissioner, bds 94 Church

Viall Wm, h 46 Gray

Vickery Samuel, laborer, h 139 Lake

Villinger Conrad, brewer, n foot of Water, ho do

Vincent Isaac A (palmer & Vincent) h Fulton, n Broadway

Vinton Charles E, dealer in imported and domestic liquors, 20 Wisner, h 108 Gray

Vinton Harrison W, clerk, bds 108 Gray


Wadham Samuel D, clerk Ogden & Pettit, bds 92 Cross

Wagner, Peter, h 10 Washington

Wagner Samuel H, clerk, bds 12 Washington

Wagner Valentine, h 10 Oak

Wainwright Thomas, stone quarry, h n Mander’s Brewery

Waldheimer Solomon, tailor, h 83 Wisner

Waldorff Louis H, carpenter, h First, c Grove

Wales Ira, shoe dealer, h Henry, n Fulton

Wales T. Augustus, clerk, bds 290 Water

Walker Albert, carpenter, h 104 Church

Walker David, engineer, h 9 First Ave

Walker James, hardware, h 6 S Water

Walker Thomas, plumber, h 10 Henry

Wall Elizabeth, widow Daniel, h 32 E Second

Wall James, laborer, h Magee, n Fifth

Wall Thomas, h Sixth, n Magee

WALLACE GEORGE W, grocer, Clinton, c Baldwin, h do

WALLACE RICHARD K, house, sign & ornamental painter, 56 Lake, h 34 William (see adv.)

Wallace Wm, mason, h Clinton, c Dickinson

Waller John, (col’d) laborer, bds 1 S Main

Wallis Thomas G, express messenger, h Columbia, n Water

Walsh ___, laborer, h bet Lake and Dickinson, n Fifth

Walsh John, roller, h 72 Washington ave

Walter John, h 75 Second

Walter Orrin C, 75 Second

Walter Richard E, conductor, h 19 Sixth


WARD J.R., lawyer, 135 Water, bds Hathaway House

Ward Moses, carpenter, h 75 Church

Ward P.J, photographer, h 10 second

Ward Wm, engineer, h Clinton, n Walnut

Ware Charles F, iron worker, h 5 Dickinson

Ware Wm, mill-man, bds 68 Main

Warner A.J., (Warner & Smith) bds Brainard House

Warner Jacob, lime dealer, h 56 Church

WARNER & SMITH, commercial college, 134 and 136 Water (see adv on back cover)

Warrell Henry D, overseer, bds 247 Church

Washington Henry, (col’d) barber, h 35 Dickinson

WASHINGTON HIRAM (col’d) teamster, h 26 Fifth

Washington Jas (col’d) white washer, h Perry, n Clinton

Washington John, (col’d) laborer, h 25 Dickinson

Waterhouse John R, car maker, h 68 Main

Waters G.W. portrait artist, 6 Baldwin upstairs, h 207 Church

Watley Henry, gardener, h Mt. Zoar, n S Main

WATROUS R, HARDWARE, 112 Water, h 53 Lake

Watson Eli S, printer, h 20 Cross

Watson Wm (col’d) laborer, h Baldwin, n Fourth

Watts John Mrs., h 1 S Water

Watts R.M. (Wheeler & Watts) h 1 S Water

Watts Stephen, car man, h 23 E Union

Watts Wm, laborer, h Fourth, n Walnut

Waugh John, machine shop, Second, n Main, h 71 Second

Waugh John, physician, h 71 Second

Way Anna M Mrs., h 82 Baldwin

Weatherell James, mason, bds 9½ Hudson

Weatherell Wm, mason, bds 9½ Hudson

Weaver Mrs., widow, h 14 Carroll

Weaver Erastus K, (Pagett & Weaver) h 230 Church

Webb Rebecca Mrs., h 6 College ave

Webb Wm (Jones & Webb) h 5 S Main

Webber John A, grocer, h Elm, c S Lake

Webber John A, grocer, 238 Water, bds 290 do

Webster Daniel, (col’d) laborer, h John, n Orchard

Wedge Luther, engineer, bds 1 Magee

Weed Isaac R, carpenter, h Second, n Davis

Weed Peter, clerk, bds 24 Jay

Weed Phineas, clerk, bds 24 Jay

Weed Samuel E, lumber dealer, h 59 College ave

Weed Wm, B., h 24 Jay

Weeks Charles, carpenter, h Partridge, n S Main

Wehnes Michael, saloon, Wisner, n Fourth, ho do

Weibel Joseph, hotel and billiard rooms, Wisner, n Clinton

Welch Alexander, laborer, 71 First

Welch Arraspus, carpenter, h S Magee, n Third

Welch E.A. Mrs., dress and cloak maker, 15 Lake h 2 Gray

Welch James, laborer, h Park, n Magee

Welch John, engineer, h Davis, n Fourth

Welch John, laborer, h Columbia, c Third

Welch Michael, laborer, h Seventh, n College ave

Welch Morris Mrs., h Henry, n S Main

Welch Thomas, engineer, bds Davis, n Fourth

Weldner George, shoe maker, 73 Water, h 4 Monroe

Wellner George, shoe maker, h 4 Monroe

Wells Cassy Mrs., h 200 Church

WELLS CHANCEY E, druggist, 156 Water, h 340 Water

Wells Horace D, lightning rods, h 294 Water

Wells Ira, leather and findings, 89 Water, h 227 Church

Wells Isaac L, h 340 Water

Wells James M, carpenter, h 18 Washington

Wells John C, h Water, n city limits

Wells Nelson, boots and shoes, 9 Baldwin, h 8 Ann

Welsh Janes, laborer, h Hatch, n Washington ave

Welsh James M, saloon, Church, n Wisner, h do

Welsh John C, (Backus & Welsh) h 176 Church

Welton Michael, mason, h 16 Cross

Wentz ___, conductor, bds Brainard House

WEST C.F., grist mill, foot of Water, h do

West Thomas, tanner, bds 43 Wisner

Wesbrook Wm, mason, h S Main, n S Lake

Westlake A.M, bookkeeper, John H. Blades & Co., bds 221 Church

Westlake S.C. (John H. Blades & Co.) h 221 Church

Weter James M, student, bds 75 Gray

Wey Wm. C, physician, 68 Water, ho do

WEYER J. PHILIP, wines and liquors, Lake, c Clinton, h do

Wheat Wm, shoemaker, bds 15 Wisner

Wheeler Addison, laborer, h Paul, n Elm

WHEELER EDWARD R, physician, 250 Water, h do

Wheeler Eli, iron dealer, h 45 William

Wheeler Ira B, bds 216 Water

Wheeler J.H. Miss, milliner and dress maker, 121 Water, h do

Wheeler O.H. (Wheeler & Watts) h 241 Church

Wheeler R.F, h 1 Walnut, r 339 Oak

WHEELER & WATTS, plain & ornamental job printers, 143 Water, (see adv opp name)

Whetston Thomas, laborer, h foot Dickinson

Whipple Harry, cigar maker, h 10 Henry

Whipple Lanning J, student, bds 69 gray

Whitcomb _____, shoemaker, bds 206 Water

White Alexander, h 80 Baldwin

White Calvin S, foreman, h 94 Church

White Charles W, roller, h Davis, c Fifth

White Cyrus W, tanner, h 77 Sullivan

White Jerome B, lawyer, 1 Ely Block, bds 73 Church

White John, laborer, h Washington ave, n Hatch

White Mary E, widow Wm, h 30 Second

White Merritt P, book agent, h 3 Main

White Patrick, laborer, h Stowell, n Washington ave

White Robert S, boot and shoe manuf., h 7 Columbia

White Spencer H, shoemaker, Third, n Wisner, bds 94 Church

Whiting Seth, F, carriage maker, h 40 Baldwin

Whitley J.H, photographer, 2 Lake, h S Main, c Henry

Whitmore George Jr, clerk, 132 Water, bds Brainard House

Whitney Samuel A, shoemaker, h Henry, c RR

WHITON GEORGE L, livery stable, 60 Lake, h 226 Water

Whittenmore, Albert O, fire-brick and stone-ware works, Church, c canal junction, h Havana

Wicks David H, bds 8 S Water

Wiegel John, (col’d) laborer, h Baldwin, n Fifth

Wilber Albert, meat market, 52 Lake, bds Elmira House

Wilber Wm. E, photographer, h 117 Water

Wilcox A.I., tailor, 8 Lake, bds Church, c RR

Wilcox Ann Mrs., h 2 Gray

Wilcox Fortis M, h Clinton, n Walnut

Wilcox John A, cooper, h 66 First

Wilcox Orville, tailor, bds 43 Wisner

Wilcox R B, train dispatcher, bds 41 Main

Wilcox Robert, telegraph operator, bds 43 Main

Wilcox Sarah E, milliner, 104 Water, h do

Wiley Peter, baker, h 56 Washington

Wilkey, James A, shoemaker, 14 William, h Cross

Wilkey John, shoemaker, h 15 Cross

Wilkin Moses B, carpenter, h 84 Second

Willfong George, telegraph operator, bds 11 S Lake

William D.W., clerk, 132 Water, bds Hathaway House

Williams Daniel S, painter, h 24 Third

Williams Edward H, cabinet maker, h 44 Cross

Williams Evan, laborer, h 34 Clinton

Williams Henry, c(col’d) laborer, h Baldwin, n Fifth

Williams James, laborer, h 13 Arnot’s building, Fifth

Williams James W, tanner, h 65 First

Williams John D, bookkeeper, h 111 Lake

Williams John P, Switchman, bds 46 College ave

Williams John (col’d) laborer, h Conongue, c E Third

Williams Llewelyn, puddler, h 9 Arnot’s bldg, Fifth

Williams Richard, painter, h 24 Columbia

Williams Rodney P, printer, h 13 Cross

Williams Samuel, (col’d) laborer, h 37 Dickinson

Wills James, carpenter, h Canal, n Seventh

Wilson ____, fresco painter, bds 5 Ann

Wilson Charles F, bds Hathaway House

Wilson Frank, shoemaker, bds 36 De Witt

Wilson, Henry, (Barton & Wilson) bds Hathaway House

Wilson James, watchman, h 105 second

Wing Edson W, bds 89 Gray

Wing Lorenzo, wagon maker, h 89 Gray

Winsor Nicholas S, h Water, n city limits

Wise Ambrose, tobacconist, h 32 De Witt

Wiseman Edward, clerk, h 77 Columbia

Wisner J. Amherst, (J.R. Jones & Wisner) bds 255 Church

Wisner Jeffer4ey A, h Sullivan, c E Second

Wisner John W. Mrs. H 54 Sullivan

Wisner Wm. H., harness maker, h 96 Church

Wisner Wm H, bds Hathaway House

Witt John, pattern maker, h Davis, n Third

Wittenberg Joseph, (Guttenberg, Rosenbaum & Co.) h 202 Church

Wittenberg Rosa Mrs., h 25 First

Wolcott Theron, bds 7 W Union

Wolverton Wm. G, produce dealer, h 42 Main

Wood Andrew J, engineer, h 72 Sullivan

Wood Charles, tin smith, bds 90 Church

Wood frank, carpenter, h Davis, c Fifth

Wood Gilbert, pressman, h 29 De Witt

Wood James L, finisher, h Strandreth, n Oak

Wood Joseph, cabinet maker, h 18 Sullivan

Wood Morgan L, conductor, h Fourth, c College ave

Wood Seymour B, tinner, h 25 S Water

Wood Walter H, tinner, bds 25 S Water

Wood Wm. H, carriage maker, h 76 Church

Wood Wm. H, mason, h Fourth, n Walnut

Woodard Wm, lumber dealer, h 73 Baldwin

Woodcoc Sarah Mrs., h 64 High

Woodford Joseph, planer, h 14 Hudson

WOODRUFF ALBERT, carpenter, 249 Water, h 4 Gray

Woods James L, lawyer, 151 Water, h 304 do

Woolcott Andrew, bds 42 Baldwin

Wormley John, cooper, 9 Ann, h do

WORRALL GEORGE, grocer, William, c Clinton, h 49 William

Wright A.M, carriage trimmer, 65 Water, h do

Wright Eliza Mrs., h 12 College ave

Wright George B, conductor, h 55 Fourth

Wright John W, bartender, Elmira Hotel

Wright Peter, blacksmith and wagon maker, Water, n College ave, bds 254 Water

Wright Thomas S, h 55 Fourth

Wright Wm. A, cutter, 119 Water, bds Brainard House

Wyckoff Arealous, (Wyckoff Bro’s & Co.) h 9 S Water

Wyckoff Charles C, bds S. Water, n Harmon

Wyckoff Charles W, (Wyckoff Bro’s & Co.) h 9 S Water

Wyckoff Elias, h S Water, n Harmon

Wyckoff George W, (Wyckoff Bro’s & Co.) h 8 S Water

WYCKOFF BRO’S & CO, eave through manufacturers, 10,12 & 14 Wisner (see adv front cover)

Wyman Mitchell, shoe maker, bds Third, c Magee

Wynn James, h Hatch, n R R

Wynn Thomas, laborer, h Hatch, r Fifth


Yarrington Nelson, carpenter, h 6 Perry

Yates Wm, bookkeeper, 12 Baldwin, bds Hathaway House

Yates William P. (Eliason, Greener & Co) h 228 Water

Yontz John, baggage master, bds 8 Third

Youmans Milton, carpenter, h 56 S Water

Young Irene, Miss, milliner, bds 95 Lake

Young Jesse, tailor, h 67 First

Young Michael, shoemaker, h Hudson, c Harmon

Young Peter C, h 23 High

Young Robert, helper, h 15 Jay

YOUNG THOMAS, lumber dealer, Church, c the canal, h Lake, c Hathaway (see adv)

Youngs Charles, (col’d) barber, 83 Wisner, h 15 Dickinson

Youngs S, laborer, h Oak, n limits