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FOR 1869/70

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City Officers.--Stephen McDonald, Mayor; Howard M. Smith, City Clerk; Alderman, 1st Ward-Chas G. Fairman, Sutherland Dewitt.
2d--S. B. Tomlinson, A. F. Norton. 3d--J. M. Robinson, William J. Loromore. 4th--F. H. Atkinson, Patrick Ronan. 
5th--Grandison Gridley, John Laidlow. 6th--E. A. Scott, De Bruce Goodell. Rufus King, City Recorder; R. R. Runson, City Attorney;
Ambrose Wise, Chief Engineer, Fire Department; Guy Gray, Chief of Police.
Abbot, A. B. (Beers & Abbot), 141 Railroad Ave.
Abbott, F. B., physician, 252 Water
Amberg, Frederich, saloon, Lake car. Clinton
American Hotel. J. M. Miller. Railroad Ave. cor. Third [Dickinson]
Anderson, John Rev. pastor Methodist Church,
Andrews, John (Andrews & Burbage), 110 Market
Andres & Burbage (J. Andrews and J. Burbage), saw manuf. 110 Market
Anhalt, A. (J. Anhalt & Co.) 119 Water
Anhalt, J. & Co. (A. Anhalt) Clothier, 119 Water
Armitage, Richard, tinware, 212 Water
Arnot, John pres. Elmira Gas Light Co., also pres. G. W. Steamboat Co. 88 Water
Arnot, John jr., pres. Elmira Agricultural Works
Arnot, J. (T. Briggs & Co.), Second n. Railroad Ave.
Arnot, S. T., banker, 88 Water
Ast, J. saloon, 157 Railroad Ave.
Atkins, C. C. tailor, 244 Water
Atkins, R. T. & C. C., segars, 17 Baldwin
Atkinson, F. H. sec. Pittson & Elmira Coal Co.
Atwater, D. (W. A. Bigelow & Co.), Railroad Ave. n Water
Averell, O. J. collector, Water cor. Baldwin
Ayers, A. W. marble, 63 Water
Ayrault, M. (Ayrault, Rose & Co.), 24 Lake
Ayrault, Rose & Co. (M. Ayrault, S. Rose and I. D. Booth), hardware, 24 Lake
Ayers, J. T. (D. C. Brown & Co.), 27 Railroad Ave
Ayers, S. jeweler, 99 Water
Ayers S. & S. B. ins agents, 99 Water
Bailey, F. J. barber, Baldwin cor. Market
Baldwin, A. H. paving, 127 Water
Baldwin, John jr. (Brown & Baldwin), 28 Lake
Baldwin, Thomas D. tailor, 117 Water
Barber, Mary dressmaker, Water c. College ave.
Barker, J. W. sec'y Salt Co. of Onondaga, Magee's block
Barney Bros. (L. L. and J. Barney). Ins. Agents, 8 Baldwin
Barney, J. (Barney Bros.), 8 Baldwin
Barney, L. L. (Barney Bros.), 8 Baldwin
Bartholomew, J. D. carpenter, 53 Water
Bartholomew, Uri, segars, 5 Baldwin
Barton, R. W. (Barton & Wilson), 108 Water
Barton & Wilson (R. W. Barton & Charles Wilson), dry goods, 108 Water
Beadle, C. M. (Rowland & Beadle), 130 Water
Beadle, H. W. cashier Nat. Bank of Chemung, Baldwin cor. Carroll
Beadle, T. pres. Bat. Bank of Chemung, Baldwin cor. Carroll
Beard, E. ( H. B. Lamberton & Co.), 155 Water
Beckwith, J. B. dyer, 51 Water
Bede, Peter Rev. Pastor (Catholic), 16 Dewitt
Beebe, George Lawyer, 17 Lake
Beecher, T. K. Rev. Congretional church, Factory
Beers, I. S. (Beers & Abbot), 141 Railroad Ave.
Beers, J. (Elmendorf & Beers), 186 Water
Beers & Abbot (I. S. Beers and A. B. Abbot), ticket agents, 141 Railroad Ave.
Benham L. H. dressmaker, 139 Water
Benjamin, S. Lawyer, 15 Baldwin
Benjamin, S. L. dressmaker, Main cor. Water
Benn, E. H. Lawyer, 145 Water
Bennett, S. & Co. Lumber, Second cor. Baldwin
Bigelow, W. A. & Co. (D. Atwater), shoes, Railroad Ave. near Water
Biggs, Mary millener, Water corner Baldwin
Biggs, M. M. milliner, Holden's Block
Biggs, Peter soap, Fifth corner Baldwin
Billette, J. grocer, 188 Water
Bingham, E. F. shoemaker, opp. Erie Railroad Depot
Bingham, L. W. (E. H. Cook & Co.), 103 Water
Blake, P. dressmaker, 129 Water
Blampied, Benj. (J. Blampied & Son), 218 Water
Blampied, J. grocer, 109 Railroad Ave.
Blampied, J. & Son (Benjamin Blampied), grocers, 218 Water
Bliven, A. (Bliven & Sons), Railroad Ave. cor. Church
Bliven, G. G. (Bliven & Sons), Railroad Ave. cor. Church
Bliven, M. M. (Bliven & Sons), Railroad Ave. cor. Church
Bliven & Sons (A., M. M., and G. G.), iron founders, Railroad Ave. cor. Church
Boerem & Packard, dressmakers, Higgens' Block
Booth, A. dressmaker, 104 Water
Booth, J. D. (Ayrault, Rose & Co.), 24 Lake
Bopp, Jacob Hotel, 91 Water
Borden, M. dressmaker, 154 Water
Bovier, M. Rathbun House block
Bower, George (Bower & Romer), 149 Water
Bowers, Wm. Lumber, Church near Canal
Bower & Romer (G. Bower & A. Romer), clothiers, 149 Water
Bradley, G. Grocer, 38 Carroll
Brand, John Grocer South Lake St. Bridge
Brickwedde, H. F. Stoves, 18 Lake
Briggs, T. & Co. (J. Arnot Jr. and W. Ustick), brewers, Second near Railroad Ave.
Brink, M. A. Stationers, 120 Water
Broder, John Liquors, 48 Railroad Ave.
Brookes, E. P. Lawyer, 159 Water
Brown, D. B. (Brown & Baldwin), 28 Lake
Brown, D. C. & Co. (J. T. Ayers), tobacconists, 27 Railroad Ave.
Brown, Osborn & Parmenter (Wm. Brown, J. P. Osborn, and C. H. Parmenter), clothiers, 151 Water
Brown, Wm. (Brown, Osborn & Parmenter) 151 Water
Brown, & Baldwin (D. B. Brown and J. Baldwin Jr.), real estate, 28 Lake
Brownell, P. T. (S. C. Brownell & Co.), 123 Water
Brownell, S. C. & Co. (P. T. Brownell and R. M. Losey), ladies furnishing goods, 123 Water
Brush, George A. Lawyer, 125 Water
Buffalo House Wm. F. Miller Railroad Ave. cor. Third
Bullard, G. A. dry goods, 244 Water
Bundy Bros. (J. and O. Bundy), grocers, 27 Lake
Bundy, J. (Bundy Bros.) 27 Lake
Bundy, C. (Bundy Bros.) 27 Lake
Bundy, W. (Frost & Bundy), Clinton near Dewitt
Burbage, J. (Andrews & Burbage), 110 Market
Burns, Thomas grocer, 95 Water
Burrows, J. T. barber, Delevan House
Bush, W. saloon, 191 Water
Butcher, E. tabacconist, 236 Water
Byrne, G. W. (J. Byrne & Son), 113 Market
Byrne, J. & Son (George W.), 113 Market
Cahiff, John C. saloon, 115 Railroad Ave.
Cahill, John Washington near Canal
Caldwell, L. (Fairman, Caldwell & Thurston), Baldwin cor. Carroll
Carl, E. J. saloon, 118 Railroad Ave.
Carney, T. shoemaker, 59 Railroad Ave.
Carpenter & Hitchcock (Robert T. Carpenter and Harmon Hitchcock), grocers, 39 Lake
Carpenter, R. T. (Carpenter & Hitchcock), 39 Lake
Case, C. Z. Rev. Pastor M. Espiscopal, 212 Church
Cassal, H. M. jeweler, 178 Water
Central Hotel, Corbett & Winslow, Baldwin cor.
Chemung Canal National Bank, Water n. Lake, John Arnot, pres.; John Arnot Jr., cashier)
Chubbuck, A. E. coal, Clinton corner William
Chubbuck, H. S. physician, 36 Baldwin
Clark, G. W. saloon, 43 Railroad Ave.
Clark, S. W. (Clark & Shepard), 159 Water
Clark, W. (Clark & Metzger), Railroad Ave. near Second
Clark & Metzger (W. Clark and F. X. Metzger) butchers, Railroad Ave. near Second
Clark & Shepard (S. W. Clark and C. C. Shepard), flour, 159 Water
Clatworthy, James painter, 59 Water
Cleveland, Frank baggage master Erie Railroad Depot
Coddington, M. dressmaker, 4 Lake
Coke, L. confectioner, 154 Water
Collingwood, F. (Collingwood & Strang), 147 Water
Collingwood, R. jeweler, Water cor. Main
Collingwood & Strang (F. Collingwood and H. W. Strang), dentists' materials, 147 Water
Gold and Tin Foils, Dental Instruments, Gold and Silver Plate, 
Operating Chairs, and all other articles used by the Profession
147 Water Street Elmira, NY
Collingwood & Strang, jewelers, 147 Water
Collingwood & Strang,
Jewelers, Opticians,
and Silver Smiths
147 Water St., Elmira, NY
Collins, Dennis saloon, Railroad Ave. cor. Second
Comstock, George F. pres. Salt Co. of Onondaga, Magee's Dock
Comstock, S. G. hats, 150 Water
Congdon, George & Co. malster, 111 Market
Converse, M. S. (Kellogg & Converse), 145 Market
Cook, E. H. & Co. (E. H. Cook & Co.), 103 Water
Cook, E. H. & Co. (L. W. Bingham and Burr Hendrick), hardware, 101 and 103 Water
Cook, E. W. & Co. (L. M. Young), shoes, 23 Lake
Corbett, Wm. G. (Corbett & Winslow), Baldwin corner Market
Corbett & Winslow (Wm. G. Corbett & John T. Winslow), Central Hotel, Baldwin corner Market
Corey, Wm. F. cash. Second National Bank, 38 Lake
Cortwright, Carrie E. milliner, 145 Water
Covell, E. (C. W. Fay & Co.), Water corner Baldwin
Covell, John D. drugs, 2 Lake
Covell, R. (C. W. Fay & Co.), Water cor. Baldwin
Covell, R. (J. Decker & Co.), 106 Water
Covell, W. D. deputy marshal, 125 Water
Cowen, T. C. varieties, 163 Water
Crans, A. W. grocer, 21 Baldwin
Cross, Charles livery, Market near Baldwin
Cross, E. R. (Gleason & Cross), 20 Baldwin
Cross, Samuel wood, Church near Canal
Curtis, G. C. Rev. Presbyterian, 40 William
Daniels, E. carpenter, 59 Columbia
Davenport, E. (Gridley & Davenport), 109 Water
Davidson, J. T. (King & Davidson), 137 Water
Davis Bros. (John and James H.), grocers, 115 Water
Davis, E. H. physician, 9 E. Union
Davis, G. L. justice, 105 Water
Davis, Jas. W. (Davis Bros.), 115 Water
Dawes, C.M. dressmaker, 198 Water
Dean, H. A. physician, 30 Baldwin
Decker, C. S. (Palmer & Decker), Ann corn. S. Lake
Decker, D. pres. Noble's Mfg. Co. Fourth corner Wisner
Decker, J. & Co. (Robert Covell), dry goods, 106 Water
Decker, M. S. dressmaker, 133 Water
Dempsey, B. (T. Murphy & Co.), Water corner Railroad Ave.
Derby, A. L. shoes, 153 Water
Devoe, M. saloon, 190 Water
Dewitt, A. M. grocer, 19 Baldwin
Dewitt, Charles hotel, 173 Water
Dewitt, S. express, 16 Baldwin
Dewitt, William P. guns, 83 Water
Dexter, J. M. (Dexter & Elmore), 172 Water
Dexter, S. (Turner & Dexter), 149 Water
Dexter & Elmore (J. M. Dexter and T. W. Elmore), crockery, 172 Water and 8 Lake
Dickinson, G. S. grocer, 26 Lake
Dickinson, H. B. (Merwin & Dickinson), 141 Water
Diven, C. M. lawyer, 153 Water
Domedian, G. A. barber, Hathaway H.
Domidion, G. A. saloon, 17 Carroll
Dormaul, E. H. dry goods, 134 Water
Dudley, J. T. (Preswick & Dudley), 114 Water
Durland, D. T. (Durland & Pratt), 122 Water
Durland & Pratt (D. T. Durland and T. S. Pratt), dry goods, 122 Water
Dyer, Morgan iron founder, Market near Canal
Eaton, L. dentist, 16 Baldwin
Eglyson, E. milliner, 45 Main
Eldridge, Edwin office, 155 Water
Ells, W. (Labar & Ells) Market foot William
Elmore, T. W. (Dexter & Elmore), 172 Water
Elmendorf, W. (Elmendorf & Beers), 186 Water
Elmendorf & Beers (W. Elmendorf and J. Beers), hotel 186 Water
Elmira Agricultural Works. John Arnot, Jr. pres.; S. T. Reynolds, sec'y.; Clinton near Conongue
Elmira Academy of Medicine. Dr. H. S. Chubbuck, pres.; Dr. F. H. Squire, vice pres.; Dr. E. R. Wheeler, Sec'y.; Dr. N. E. Wey, treas.
Elmira Academy of Science. F. Collingwood, pres.; D. R. Ford, superintendent
Elmira Commercial College. A. J. Warner. Water cor. Baldwin
Elmira Daily Advertiser, Fairman, Caldwell & Thurston, props. (C. G. Fairman, L. Caldwell, and J. S. Thurston) Baldwin cor. Carroll
Elmira Daily & Weekly Gazette, L. A. & C. Hazard, props. Opera Block
Elmira Female Seminary. Rev. Augustus W. Cowles, D. D. pres. Howard M. Smith, sec'y.
Elmira Fire Department. Chief Engineer, A. Wise
Elmira Gas Light Company. John Arnot, pres., S. T. Arnot, tres. 88 Water
Elmira Lodge No. 17, A. D. O. H. meet at 131 Water
Elmira Lodge No. 113, A. D. O. H. meet at 131 Water
Elmira Musical and Dramatical Assoc. W. F. Corey, Pres., J. T. Dudley, sec'y., G. F. Potter, manager, W. H. Perry musical director
Elmira Rolling Mill Co. Asher Tyler, pres., H. W. Rathbone, sec'y. Near Erie Railroad Depot
Erlich, B. (Harris & Erlich), 4 Lake
Esch, F. Rev. pastor German Mission, 25 E. Union
Everitt, J. L. drugs, 157 Water
Ewing, J. carriagemaker, Market cor. William
Fairman, Caldwell & Thurston, Elmira Daily Advertiser, Baldwin cor. Carroll
Fairman, C. G. (Fairman Caldwell & Thurston), Baldwin cor. Carroll
Fassett, N. P. (Smith, Robertson & Fassett), 34 Lake
Fay, C. W. & Co. (R. and E. Covell), clothiers, Water cor. Baldwin
Ferris, M. H. lumber, Church near Canal
Field, A. Delavan House, opp. Erie Depot
First National Bank, Water cor. Baldwin. David Decker, pres. M. H. Arnot, cashier
Fitch, A. B. (L. Fitch & Son), Railroad Ave. cor. Gray
Fitch, L. & Co. (A. B. Fitch) lumber, Railroad Ave. cor. Gray
Fitch, L. & Son (A. B. Fitch) lumber, Railroad Ave. cor. Gray
Fletcher, B. T. barber, Hathaway Place
Flett, J. C. (Friend & Flett), 214 Water
Flood, A. H. physician, 46 Water
Flood, P. H. physician, 46 Water
Flood, Thomas S. drugs, 81 Water
Ford, D. R. Elmira Academy of Science
Forrester, G. R. (D. L. Holden & Co.), Church cor. Railroad Ave.
Foster, M. H. (Foster & Hudson), 114 Water
Foster & Hudson (M. H. Foster and A. Hudson), shoes, 104 Water
Fountain, J. H. & Co. (M. A. Rowe and D. P. Ingraham), flour mills, Railroad Ave. near Depot
Frasier, F. A. drugs, American Block
Friend, John (Friend & Flett), 214 Water
Friend & Flett (John Friend and J. C. Flett), 214 Water
Frisbie, J. A. lawyer, 8 Baldwin
Frost, H. (Frost & Bundy), Clinton near Dewitt
Frost & Bundy (H. Frost and William Bundy), blacksmiths, Clinton near Dewitt
Fybush, A. hoop skirts, 161 Water
Gager, A. E. dressmaker, 4 Lake
Gardiner, C. C. assessor, 17 Lake
Gardiner, N. W. hats, 117 Water
Dealer in
Hats and Caps
117 Water Street, Elmira
Garr, M. E. dressmaker, 236 Church
Geneva & Watkins Steamboat Co. John Arnot, pres.; S. F. Arnot, tres.; 81 Water
George, A. C. Rev. pastor Episcopal 
Gibbs, Levi justice, 15 Baldwin
Gilbert, H. S. tools, Baldwin cor. Clinton
Gilbert, W. F. shoes, 125 Water
Gill Bros. (James and Christopher), segars, 198 Water
Gill, C. (Gill Bros.), 197 Water
Gill, J. (Gill Bros.), 198 Water
Gillett, S. L., tres. Nobel's Manuf. Co., Fourth cor. Wisner
Gilson, H. L liquors, Rathbun House
Gladke, J. clothier, 113 Water
Gleason, Wm. (Gleason & Cross), 20 Baldwin
Gleason & Cross (Wm. Gleason and E. R. Cross), grocers, 20 Baldwin
Goddard, Edward dentist, 133 Water
Goodman, Wm. F. physician, 159 Water
Grandin, W. E. confectioner, 28 Baldwin
Graves, W. H. salt, McGee's dock
Gray, John H. (Hotchkin, Ward & Co.), Water ft. College Ave.
Greenbaum, H. (Strauss, Greenbaum & Co.), Lake cor. Market
Greener, J. pianos, 160 Church
Gregg, W. H. & Co. drugs, Water cor. Lake
Gridley, G. A. (Gridley & Davenport), 109 Water
Gridley & Davenport (G. A. Gridley and E. Davenport), hardware, 109 Water
Griffes, W. G. (Waldron & Griffes), 7 Baldwin
Guttenberg, Rosenbaum & Co. clothiers, 164 Water
Hagadorn, M. milliner, 137 Water
Haggerty, H. A. milliner, 154 Water
Haight, Silas Hathaway House, Lake
Hall Bros. (Frederick, Charles C. and Robert A.), stationers, 128 Water
Hall, C. C. (Hall Bros.) 128 Water
Hall, F. G. (Smith & Hall), Baldwin cor. Carroll
Hall, F. (Hall Bros.), 128 Water
Hall, R. A. (Hall Bros.) 128 Water
Hall, W. A. dentist, 118 Water
Hamilton, D. S. watchmaker, 25 Baldwin
Hamlin, M. (Hamlin & Nichols), 14 Baldwin
Hamlin, M. L. (Hamlin & Nichols), 2 Water
Hamlin & Nichols (Mark S. Hamlin and M. C. Nichols), ins. Agents, 14 Baldwin
Hanyen, C. B. (Hevener & Hanyen), 129 Water
Hardy, James H. lawyer, 17 Lake
Harris, Jos. (Harris & Erlich), 4 Lake
Harris & Erlich (J. Harris and B. Erlich), dry goods & c., 4 Lake
Harrison, T. Spencer Rev. pastor Baptist, 12 William
Hart, A. P. photographs, 137 Water
Hart, Charles saloon, 131 Water
Hart, E. L. physician, 78 Lake
Hart, E. P. lawyer, 20 Lake
Hart, I. F. physician, 147 Church
Hart, Wm. E. dry goods, 110 Water
Hasse, G. (Hasse & Co.), 121 Water
Hasse & Co. (G. Hasse and Albert Wagner), varieties, 121 Water
Hatborn, A. & Son (J. Hatborn), com. Mers. Erie Railroad Depot
Hatborn, J. (A. Hatborn & Son), Erie Railroad Depot
Hatch, W. S. (Hatch & Partridge), Church near Canal
Hatch & Partridge (W. S. Hatch and H. M. Partridge), lumber, Church near Canal
Hathaway House, Silas Haight, prop. Lake
Haupt, John grocer, 55 Water
Hay, John plumber, 26 Carroll
Hays, P. H. water cure, E. Hill near City Line
Hazard, Josiah shoes, 143 Water
Particular Attention Paid to Custom Work
Hendrick, Burr (E. H. Cook & Co.), 103 Water
Henessy, T. umbrella maker, 71 Water
Hern, J. & W. B. confectioners, 107 Railroad Ave.
Herrick & Seely carriagemakers, Church cor. William
Hersey, E. W. (J. H. Loring & Co.), 168 Water
Hevener, J. (Hevener & Hanyen), 129 Water
Hevener & Hanyen (J. Hevener and C. B. Hanyen), grocers, 129 Water
Hill, D. B. (Smith & Hill), 149 Water
Hill, J. C. barber, Rathbun House, 
Hitchcock, H. (Carpenter& Hitchcock), 39 Lake
Hitchcock, W. A. Rev. pastor, Episcopal, Main cor. Market
Holden, D. L. & Co. (G. R. Forrester), grocers, Church cor. Railroad Ave.
Holmes, Daniel physician, 41 Baldwin
Hoppe, Charles hair dressing and bathing rooms, 10 Baldwin
Hotchkin, S. (Hotchin, Ward & Co.), Water foot College Ave.
Hotchin, Ward & Co. (S. Hotchkin, Wm. A. Ward and J. H. Gray), flour, Water foot College Ave.
Howard & Co. express, 16 Baldwin
Howes, E. H. & Co. liquors, Carroll near Lake
Houisten, Henry meats, 177 Water
Hubbell, S. B. furniture, 174 Water
Hudson, A. (Foster & Hudson), 104 Water
Hummell, Gottlieb saloon, 141 Railroad
Humphrey, S. S. (L. A. Humphrey & Co.), 182 Water
Humphrey, L. A. & Co. (J. S. Humphrey), shoes, 182 Water
Hunt, W. G. barber, Baldwin corner Market
Hutchinson, C. E. (Read & Hutchinson), 31 Lake
Hutchinson, S. S. shoes, 126 Water
Hutchinson, Russell J. gunsmith, 5 Railroad Ave.
Ingraham, C. S. (Ingraham & Robinson), 28 Lake
Ingraham, D. P. (J. H. Fountain & Co.), Railroad Ave. near Depot
Ingraham & Robinson (C. S. Ingraham and R. W. Robinson), drugs, 28 Lake
Internal Revenue Office, 17 Lake
Jacobs, J. clothier, 139 Water
Jeffers, Wm. M. planing mill, William near Clinton
Johnson, Thomas jeweler, 13 Lake
Jones, E. (Jones & Webb), 18 Baldwin
Jones, J. R. butter merchant, 127 Water
Jones & Webb (E. Jones and Wm. Webb), produce, 18 Baldwin
Judson, W. E. coal, Railroad corner Market
Judson, W. R. real estate, 4 Lake
Junction and Canal Co., 88 Water
Keiser, Joseph grocer, 81 Railroad Ave.
Kellogg, L. (Kellogg & Converse), 145 Water
Kellogg, W. W. supt. Nobel's Manufacturing Co., Fourth corner Wisner
Kellogg & Converse (L. Kellogg and M. S. Converse) drugs, 145 Water
Kelly, George II, painter, 6 Railroad Ave.
Kemp, C. G. bootmaker, 133 Water
Kennedy, John grocer, Main
Keyes, J. J. Rev. pastor Baptist Church, 16 Gray
Kies, Louis bookbinder, 8 Baldwin
No. 8 Baldwin Street, Advertiser Building, Elmira
King, T. butcher, 36 Carroll
King, Rufus (King & Davidson), 137 Water
King, William organs, Church cor. Railroad Ave.
King & Davidson (R. King and J. T. Davidson), lawyers, 137 Water
Kingsbury, E. carpenter, Baldwin near Clinton
Kingsbury, W. A. grocer, 222 Water
Kinne, S. H. (Kinne & Stilwell), 41 Railroad Ave.
Kinne & Stilwell (S. H. Kinne and W. M. Stilwell), grocers, 41 Railroad Ave.
Klapproth, A. saloon, 40 Lake
Klein, J. grocer, Baldwin cor. Clinton
Knapp Bros. (E. M. and C. H.), grocers, 13 Baldwin
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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