Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1872 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1872.
Gother Lucinda, domestic 276 Water

Gouch Charles W, carpenter, h 13 Water

Gould Francis H., shipping clerk 202 Water, h 20 S Main

Gould Frank K., clerk 112 Water, bds 28 DeWitt

Gould Ralph W.(Millard & Gould) h E Third cor DeWitt

Gould Talcott W., tinsmith, bds 20 S Main

Goulden Charles, printer, bds 7 Ann

Goulden George W., cabinet maker, bds 131 Railroad ave

Goulden H., gunsmith, bds Homestead Hotel

Goulden Joseph, cabinet maker, h 7 Ann

Goyns George, porter, h 119 Water

Grace Patrick, wood sorter, h 28 Water

Grady Frank, tailor 21 Lake, bds Elmira House

Grady Michael, coachman, 13 Clinton

Grady Michael, laborer, h 77 Fourth

Grady Richard, tobacconist, Railroad cor Gray, h High cor Jay

Grady Thomas, laborer, h 15 First

Grady Thomas, park keeper, h n Eldridge Park

Gradwell Bridget, widow Thomas, h 18 ½ Oak

Graffin Samuel, gardener, h Willow Brook

Graham Edward, confectioner, bds 42 Main

Graham George B., painter, bds 28 Market

Graham Jennette, widow James A., h 17 Third

Grandin J. Ellis Rev., agent American Peace Society, h 21 Henry

Graner Charles, upholsterer, bds 5 Ann

Grant Edward, machine agent, bds Elmira House

Grant Isreal P. (Grant, De Waters & Brown) h Horseheads

Grant Morris, leather dealer, h High ab Water

Grant , DeWaters & Brown, (I. P. Grant, Wright DeWaters and John Brown) agricultural implements

60 Second

Granty John, car inspector, bds Mansion House

Grauner Charles, upholsterer, bds Ann n Sly

Graves Charles O., conductor, h 94 Clinton

Gray Guy H., carpenter, h 56 Hudson

Gray Hiram Hon.,h Water n city limits

Greatsinger Christian Rev., h 31 William

Greatsinger William, farmer, h E Second cor Oak

Green Albert W., watchmaker, 115 Water, h 13 Hudson

Green Anna, widow William G., h 8 Perry

Green Augustus H., coachbuilder, h 59 Fifth

Green Benjamin, laborer, h Davis n Washington ave

Green Elnathan L., machinist, h 52 Gray

Green George J., coachbuilder, bds 54 Fifth

Green Henry, laborer, bds Fourth ab Baldwin

Green Hezekiah Wm., coachman, h 132 Church

Green Joh H., cigarmaker, bds Pattison House

Green Libbie, widow George, h 35 Clinton

Green Samuel, bricklayer, h 108 Second

GREENE EVVERT, expressman, h 89 Clinton

Greene George H., janitor, h 86 Baldwin

Greene Mary, domestic 94 Lake

Greener Charles G., clerk, bds 160 Church

GREENER JACOB, piano manufacturer and music dealer, 160 Church, h do

Greenleaf Edwin, boilermaker, h 94 Hudson

Greenman Beach, laborer, bds 123 Baldwin

Gregg A. K., widow Andrew, bds 19 Conongue

Gregg Byron, mason, h center cor Hall

Gregg J. Leslie, sewing machine agent, Lake, h 87 do

Gregg John H., h 10 Conongue

Gregg William H., (W.H. Gregg & Co.) h 19 Conongue

GREGG WILLIAM H & CO., wholesale druggists 100 Water

Gregg W. M. General, h 57 Sullivan

Gregory Caroline Mrs., domestic, Woodlawn c Clinton

Gregory Eugene, carpenter, h 48 Harper

Gregory Theodore M., carpenter, h 72 DeWitt

Greves Ann M., widow John, bds 23 Columbia

Greves John C., clerk Chemung Canal Bank, h 23 Columbia

Gridley Charles H.,clerk 111 Water bds 3 S Water

Gridley Grandison A. (Gridley & Davenport) h 3 S Water

GRIDLEY & DAVENPORT, (Grandison A. Gridley and Ephraim P. Davenport) hardware,

Plumbing and gas fitting, 107, 109 and 111 Water

Griffes Wilbur G., (Waldron & Griffes) bds 31 College ave

Griffin Kate, domestic Hathaway House

Griffin Louisa, domestic Railroad av bel Third

Griffin Margaret, widow Michael, bds 60 First

Griffin Michael, laborer, h 25 Henry

Griffin Sarah, domestic 202 Water

Griggs Fred W., stone mason, bds Walnut n Hart

Griggs George W., carpenter, h 91 First

Griggs Joseph M., stone mason, h Walnut n Hart

Grimes Mary, domestic 2 S Main

Grimes Moses L., watchmaker 99 Water, bds 117 ½ Church

Griswold Aaron, engineer, h 307 Water

Grove Lewis, laborer, bds Dickinson ab Fourth

Gruber Sebastian B. Rev., h Benjamin ab Fifth

Grumme Henry, upholsterer, h 4 College av

Guernsey Ira B., supt on E R R, h 21 Conongue

Guetler Rachel, domestic 215 Church

Guinnip R.H., h Water n city limits

Guion Richard L., book-keeper 101 Water, bds 29 College ave

Guion Sylvanus D., milk dealer, bds Hoffman n Washington ave

Gulick J.G. Rev., h 64 Gray

Gundel Morris, peddler, h 32 E Second

Gundy Thomas, laborer, bds Oak n Washington av

Gurnet Johanna, domestic, 68 ½ Gray

Gurnet Thomas, laborer, h Third c Woodlawn

Gustin Jesse E., clerk 129 Water, bds 12 Hudson

Gustin William, patent rights, h 12 Hudson

Guttenberg Marx, (Guttenberg, Rosenbaum & Co.) h at New York

GUTTENBERG, ROSENBAUM & CO., (Marx Guttenberg, Lehman Rosenbaum, Joseph Wittenberg,

Louis Holzheimer) dry goods and clothing 158 Water

Haas John, (Bower, Romer & Co.) h 59 William

Haase Ferdinand, grocer 105 Church, h do

Hackett Mary A., widow Matthew, h 72 Church

Hackey John, painter, h Powell cor S Second

Hackley Fred D., clerk U.S. Express Office, bds 37 Railroad ave

Hackley Henry D., agent " Advertiser" h 37 Railroad ave

Hadley John J., shoemaker, h Woodlawn n Cemetery

HAGADORN CHARLES, clerk 111 Water, h 5 S Water

HAGADORN MARY B. MRS., millinery and ladies furnishing goods 137 Water, h 5 S Water

Hagen Frederick, butcher, h Elm ab Hart

Hager Frederick, music teacher, h 39 Water

Haggerty John B., auctioneer 165 Water, h 51 Gray

Haight Benjamin, cooper, h 6 Penna ave

Haight Benjamin W., cooper, h 6 Penna ave

Haight Catharine, domestic 8 E Second

HAIGHT MAXWELL, proprietor Arbour Hotel, 12 Lake

Haight Silas, restaurant, h 35 Lake

Hale J. Ellery, artist, bds Grove cor Gray

Haley Austin, foreman, h 56 Factory

Haley Francis, laborer, h 3 Magee

Haley Patrick, laborer, bds First n Railroad ave

Hall Alonzo, cartman, h Church n Sullivan

Hall Andrew, cooper, Main n Third, h, S Main n Partridge

Hall Augustus, laborer, h Howard n Factory

Hall Bray D., miller, Horseheads, bds Lake n Oak

Hall Catharine Mrs., Conongue n Clinton

Hall Charles C., (Hall Brothers) bds 78 Second

Hall Charles L., shoemaker, h Hoffman n Water

Hall Charles T., clerk Chemung Canal Bank, bds Hathaway House

Hall Daniel, boatman, h 52 High

Hall Francis G.,(Smith & Hall), h 79 Lake

Hall Frederick, (Hall Brothers) h 17 College ave

Hall Henry M., (Rowland & Hall), h Lake n Oak

Hall Ida, milliner, bds 67 College ave

Hall James A., plasterer, h 33 Market

Hall John S., segar peddler, bds 1 Magee

Hall Melville, teamster, h 75 John

Hall Samuel, farmer, h Lake n Oak

Hall Samuel jr., farmer, bds Lake c Oak

Hall William, engineer, h 41 Magee

Hall William, hostler, 272 Church

HALL BROTHERS (Frederick and Charles C. Hall) booksellers and stationers and dealers in

Wall paper 122 Water

Halliday Amenia, widow Selah, bds 4 Columbia

Halliday Sarah, widow William, h 27 High

Halliday Selah, bricklayer, h 27 Sullivan

Halliday William H., mason, h 81 Fifth

Halloran Ann, domestic 2 S Main

Halloran Ann, domestic 19 Sixth

Halloran Bridget, domestic 51 Market

Halloran Bridget, widow Patrick, h Fourth c Woodlawn

Halloran Thomas, bricklayer, h Woodlawn c Fourth

Halloran Thomas, h Seventh n Canal

Halpine William, tinsmith, bds Pattison House

Ham Alfred, laborer, h Main n Park

HAMER WILLIAM F., merchant tailor 115 ½ Water, h 118 Church

Hamilton Charles, foreman in planning mill, h 73 First

Hamilton Daniel S., watch repairer 19 ½ Baldwin, h 1 Fox

Hamilton Frederick, painter, h 1 Davis

HAMILTON HENRY C., grocer, Baldwin c Market, bds 16 Water

Hamilton Oliver, lumber dealer, h 6 Mt. Zoar

Hamilton Peter, brickmaker, h Judson bel Church

Hamilton Susan Mrs., bds 16 Water

Hamlin John Mrs., bds 64 Water

Hammell John, teamster, h 32 John

Hammond Edwin, teamster, h Magee n Park

Hammond Jason E., clerk 106 Water, bds Homestead House

Hancock Benjamin F., tinsmith, h 34 DeWitt

Hancock George, clerk, bds 10 DeWitt

Hancock Levi, peddler, h 10 DeWitt

Hand William, clerk, bds 45 Baldwin

Handley John, shoemaker, h 13 Harriet

Handerhan Michael, laborer, h Factory c Beach

Handrahan Michael, laborer, h Seventh n Davis

Handrehan Bridget, domestic 10 William

Handrehan Charles, tanner, bds 81 Sullivan

Handrehan Lucy, domestic 19 William

Handrehan Mary, domestic 19 William

Handrehan John, h 81 Sullivan

Handrehan John, laborer, h 48 Oak

Handscheck Mary, domestic 105 Church

Hanford Nancy, widow Thomas, bds 25 S Water

Hanifan Jeremiah, laborer, bds Lake c Hathaway

Hanifan Timothy C., stone mason, h Lake c Hathaway

Hankins Z. T. (Cotrell & Hankins) h 77 College ave

Hanlin Samuel S., bds 79 Lake

Hammer Geroge W., shoemaker, bds 202 Water

Hannah Robert , (Hannah & Smith) bds Main

Hannah & Smith (Robert Hannah and Mathais Smith) tinsmiths, Baldwin c Fourth

Hannah Bridget, widow Michael, h 12 First

Hannifin Jeremiah, stone mason, h 53 Washington av

Hannifin John, laborer, bds 53 Washington av

Hannifin John, laborer, h 55 Washington av

Hannon George R., clerk 216 Water, bds 46 College av

Hannon Matthew, carter, h 46 College av

Hannon Norah, domestic 34 Park Place

Hannum Clara H., teacher Elmira Female College, h do

Hanson William, jeweler, h 238 Church

Hanyen Abby, widow William, h 103 Fifth

HANYEN CORNELIUS B., grocer 129 Water, h 25 Washington

Happe Nathan, peddler, 34 E Second

Haradon Mary, widow, bds 108 Lake

Harden Thomas, laborer, h 89 Clinton

Harding Josiah, teamster, bs Farmer Hotel, Lake

Harding Ozro, conductor, bds Frasier House

Hardy James H., lawyer, h 18 S Main

Hardy Michael, iron worker, h 215 Railroad av

Harkness Nathaniel, cradle builder, bds Lake c Washington av

Harlow Mary, domestic 66 Gray

Harman James, laborer, h 126 Baldwin

Harmon Peter, conductor, bds Frasier House

Harper Henry M., clerk N C R W 44 Fifth, h 23 Davis

Harper Joseph, h 7 Third

Harrigan John, laborer, bds Washington av c Railroad av

Harrington Bartholomew, laborer, h 79 High

Harrington Earl R., farmer, h 17 Fulton

Harrington Jane Mrs.,dressmaker, h 189 Water

Harrington Mary, domestic Penna av n S Elm

Harrington Michael, blacksmith, h Powell n Franklin

Harrington Reuben, teamster, h Hoffman n city limits

Harrington Stephen, laborer, bds Water n Canal

Harris A. B., peddler, h 72 Church

Harris Henry O., laborer, h Hoffman n Washington av

Harris Robert, tinsmith, bds 3 Park Place

Harris Samuel F., laborer, bds Penna av., ab Franklin

Harris ______, peddler, bds 3 Park Place

Harrison Jerome E., shoemaker, bds 202 Water

Harrison John, laborer, h 81 Fifth

Harrison John B., shoemaker, bds 202 Water

Harrison Thomas, stonemason, h North cor Davis

Hart Abraham P. (Hart & Snook) h 38 E Hill

Hart Charles, saloon 131 Water, h do

Hart Charles L., clerk Chemung Canal Bank, h 78 Lake

Hart Edward, boss on R R , bds 105 Railroad av

Hart Edward jr., laborer, bds 103 Railroad av.

Hart Erastus P. (Hart & Tomlinson) h 35 Conongue

Hart E. Langdon, clerk, h 2 E Union

Hart Frank, bds 75 Second

Hart Frank P., clerk 110 Water, bds Second n Main

Hart Harriett Mrs., h 78 Lake

Hart Henry, shoemaker, h 198 Lake

Hart Ira F., physician 147 Church, h do

Hart Jacob, shoemaker, h 22 Standish

Hart Michael, bootmaker, h 16 Sullivan

Hart Moses, cigarmaker, bds Carroll n Conongue

Hart Moses, cigarmaker, bds Homestead Hotel

Hart Moss, cigarmaker, bds Homestead Hotel

Hart Norah, domestic 190 Water

Hart Solomon, baker 3 College av, h do

HART WILLIAM E., dry goods and carpets 110 Water h 29 Gray

Hart & Snook, ( A P Hart and Alanson L Snook) photographers 176 Water

Hart & Tomlinson, (Erastus P Hart and S B Tomlinson) lawyers 22 Lake

Hartigan Patrick, car inspector, bds 46 Henry

Hartigan Partick, car inspector, h Powell n Elm

Hartigan Rody, laborer, bds 46 Henry

Hartman John, laborer, h 126 Baldwin

Hartz Frederick, laborer, h Oak n Carpenter

Hasenstab Frank, bookbinder, h 8 Water

Haskell Perez, farmer, h W Elmira

Haskill Emma, widow Edward P., bds 90 Baldwin

Haskin Frank, bds 87 Gray

Haskin Rhodema, widow H. P., h 87 Gray

Haskins Osman, tents and awnings 24 Baldwin, h do

Hasley Thomas, fireman, h 4 Hine

Hasselmaier Christian, tanner, h 15 First

Hassett Bridget, domestic Delevan House

Hassett John, laborer, h Seventh n Davis

Hassett Patrick, iron worker, h 80 Main

Hassett Patrick, laborer, bds Seventh n Davis

Hastings Frank W., blacksmith, h Second n Grove

Hatch Henry, millwright, h 28 Gray

Hatch William B., upholsterer, h 53 Market

Hatch Will. N., clerk 101 Water, bds 39 Main

Hatch William S., h 39 Main

Hathaway George, machinist, bds 42 Main

Hathaway Helen M., widow Thomas S., bds 10 Hudson

Hathaway House, Lake c Market

Hathaway John, domestic College av c North

Hathorn Andrew, storage &c. Railroad av c Fourth, h 36 Park Place

Hathorn James P., h 73 College av

Hathorne John, clerk L V R R Depot, bds 36 Park Place

Hathorne M. Louisa (Hazard & Hathorne) h 123 Water

Hauenstein Henry, saloon 42 Lake, h do

Haupt Andrew, tailor, h 3 DeWitt

Haupt Henry, tailor, h 3 DeWitt

Haupt John, grocer 55 Water, h do

Haupt Mathew, tailor, h 75 John

Havens Mary E. Mrs., dressmaker, bds 8 College av

Havens Robert C., laborer, h 106 Hudson

Haviland Addison T., machinist, h 47 Second

Haviland Annie, widow John. Bds 47 Second

Haviland George, tinsmith, h Main c Water

Hawkins Anna, widow Thomas, h 65 Market

Hawkins Benjamin, clerk 149 Water, bds 65 Market

Hawkins Benjamin, laborer, h 16 Perry

Hawkins Daniel, clerk, bds 65 Market

Hawkins Leo, domestic 256 Church

Hawks Carlton H., salesman 209 Water, h 47 Gray

Hawks Orville F., salesman, bds 47 Gray

Hawks Nicholas, machinist, h 335 Water

Hawley Edwin, engineer, h Powell n Elm

Hawley Ellen, domestic Rathbun House

Hay John (Semple & Hay) h 9 Columbia

Haynes John C., carpenter, h 19 Third

Hays John, laborer, bds 103 Railroad av

Hays Thomas, laborer, bds 215 Railroad av

HAZARD CHARLES, editor " Elmira Gazette Co." bds 27 First

Hazard Eliza B. (Hazard & Hathorn) h 123 Water

Hazard James, clerk, bds 27 First

Hazard Josiah, boots and shoes, Water, bds 27 First

HAZARD LOUIS A., manager "Elmira Gazette Co.". bds 27 First

Hazard Phoebe Mrs., h 27 First

Hazard & Hathorn ( E B Hazard and M L Hathorn) dressmakers 123 Water

Hazen Paul, laborer, h Seventh n Canal

Heath Henry, h 25 E Union

Heath Lydia A. Miss, bds 185 Church

Hebener Jacob, grocer, h 52 Water

Heckendorn George M., switchman, h Mt Zoar c S Main

Hedges Otho, clerk Main c Water, bds Gray c Grove

Hedges Phineas, farmer, h Grove c Gray

Heeby Henry, brakeman, bds 54 S Main

Heeny James, stonemason, h 51 Washington av

Hefferan Morris, stonemason, bds 105 Railroad av

Hefferman Anne, dressmaker, h 7 Third

Hefferman Patrick J., barkeeper, bds Rathbun House

Heffernan Bridget, domestic, Main ab Water

Hegeman Charles S., (Hegeman Brothers) bds 35 S Water

Hegeman Henry B. (Hegeman Brothers) bds 35 S Water

Hegeman Bros. (Charles S. and Henry B.) barbers Rathbun House

Hehle Francis J., tanner, h 59 Railroad

Heilbronner Jonas, clerk 120 Water, h 58 Water

Heine Henry, painter, h 107 Lake

Heller Carrie, domestic 60 Sullivan

Heller Charles, farmer, h W Elmira

Helme Phineas, policeman, h 50 Clinton

Helms Morris, painter, h 6 Orchard

Hemenway Charles R., well digger, h Water n Harriet

Hemenway Frank (Hemenway & Sons) h Hoffman n Second

Hemenway Henry ( Hemenway & Sons) bds 3 Clinton

Hemenway Seth (Hemenway & Sons) h 3 Clinton

Hemenway & Sons, (Seth, Frank and Henry) pump manufrs 227 Water

Henderson John, machinist, h 36 William

Hendrick Jerome P., city express, Lake h Hoffman c Gray

Hendrick L. Burr, clerk 101 Water, bds Penna av n Elm

Hendrickson William, news agent E R W pass depot, bds Delevan House

Heney Mary, dressmaker, bds 37 Washington av

Hennessey Julia, umbrella maker, 71 Water h do

Hennessey Partick, laborer, bds 54 Magee

Hennessey Timothy, laborer, h 71 Water

Hennessy George, gardener, h 7 Washington

Hennessy James, mason, bds 16 Davis

Hennessy Martin, iron worker, h McDonald n Fifth

Henry Anna, dressmaker, bds 18 Third

Henry Barney, laborer, h 18 Third

Henry Catharine, domestic 55 Church

Henry Josephine, cook Fulton c Franklin

Henry Mary, carpenter, h Balsam ab Mt Zoar

Henry Mary, domestic 39 Main

Hern Jane, widow John, bds 16 College av

Hern John ( J & W B Hern) h 16 College av

Hern William B. (J & W B Hern) h 84 Clinton

HERN J. & W. B., grocers, bakers and confectioners 107 Railroad av

Herrick Benjamin F. (Herrick & Seeley) h 22 DeWitt

Herrick Frank jr., coach painter, bds 78 John

Herrick William, blacksmith, bds 78 John

Herrick & Seeley, (B F Herrick and John C Seeley) carriage manfrs. Church c William

Hersey Elijah, h 10 Columbia

Hersey Frances E., widow Edward, h 211 Church

Hess Moses, carpenter, h 86 Second

Hetterich George, carpenter, h 106 Clinton

Hewitt Horace, carpenter, h 208 Water

Heyne Theodore, cook Rathbun House

Hibbard Edward, carpenter, bds 75 Columbia

Hibbard Joseph, carpenter, h 75 Columbia

Hibbard Priscilla Mrs., milliner 4 Union Block, h do

Hibbard Solon A., carpenter, h 57 Fourth

Hibler Edmund, painter, bds 65 Water

Hibler James, painter, bds 65 Water

Hibler John, painter, bds 65 Water

Hibler Louisa, widow Sullivan ,h 65 Water

Hickey Ellen, domestic 21 Conongue

Hickey Martin, laborer, h 24 Henry

Hicks James I., laborer, h Sullivan bel Water

Higgins Edward, beamsman, bds Tuttle av n Water

Higgins James, helper, h 130 Baldwin

Higgins Kate Mrs., h Seventh n Davis

Higgins Norman, L., h 43 First

Higgins Patrick, laborer, bds 191 Railroad av

Higgins Patrick, tailor 21 Lake, h 33 Orchard

Higgins Philip, porter, h 46 Baldwin

Higgs Caroline, widow George, h 9 First av

Hill Charles A., shoemaker, bds Sullivan n Pattison

Hill Charles J., hair dresser Rathbun House, h 34 Dickinson

Hill Daniel, carpenter, bds Main cor Water

Hill David B., (Smith & Hill) bds 97 Lake

Hill Freeman, shoemaker, h 4 Henry

Hill James, train boy, bds Powell n Elm

Hill James W., policeman, h 66 High

Hill Jerome S., sample rooms 15 Baldwin, h 5 S Main

Hill John T., (Richards & Hill) bds S Elm cor Penna av

Hill Kingston, laborer, h 10 Perry

Hill Lewis, carpenter, h Sullivan n Pattison

Hill Mary, widow James, h Powell n Elm

Hill Robert, carpenter, h Fourth cor Davis

Hill Robert N., car builder, h S Elm cor Penna av

Hillabrant John W., wood agent, h Clinton bel Grove

Hillis William, pressman, h 58 Factory

Hincher Mary, domestic 48 Gray

Hinckley Mortimer G., clerk 132 Water, bds 12 Hudson

Hine Jay S., framer, h Hine cor Mt Zoar

Hinman John S., bds 77 Baldwin

Hinman P.L., clerk 19 Lake, h 77 Baldwin

Hirschman Louis, clerk 2 Union Block, h 8 Conongue

Hisom George , shoemaker College av c Water, h 34 Hudson

Hisserich George J, barber 177 Water, h do

Hitchcock Albert T., clerk, bds 16 Penna av

HITCHCOCK HARMON, grocer 37 Lake, h 16 Penna av

Hitt Valenitine M. (Stanch & Hitt), h Hoffman n Second

Hively Henry H., iron worker, h Standish c Oak

Hoagland Henry P., soap maker, bds 50 Third

Hoats Jonas, blacksmith, bds 3 Conongue

Hobey Fred, brakeman, bds Water bel College av

Hobbie Isaac S (Hobbie, Ayrault & Co.) h 51 Market

Hobbie John A., (Hobbie, Ayrault & Co) bds 51 Market

HOBBIE, AYRAULT & CO. (J S Hobbie , Mile Ayrault and John A Hobbie) manufacturers of

Wooden water and gas pipes, 10, 12, 14, and 16 Railroad Av

Hoffdale Myron, moulder, bds 39 Railroad av

Hoffman Ernest, teamster, bds 78 Sullivan

Hoffman George W., farmer, h Hoffman c Clinton

Hoffman Jacob B., farmer, bds Hoffman c Clinton

Hoffman John S., lumber , h 336 Water

Hoffman William (Hoffman & Huston) h 326 Water

HOFFMAN & HUSTON, (William Hoffman and John W. Huston) hats, caps &c 117 Water

Hofheinz Henry, barman 91 Water, bds do

Hogan Ann, domestic 25 William

Hogan Daniel, laborer, bds 105 Railroad av

Hogan Dennis, laborer, h 217 Railroad av

Hogan John, helper, bds Conongue r Clinton

Hogan Lawrence, shoemaker, h 16 DeWitt

Hogan Michael, laborer, h 52 Railroad av

Hogan Thomas, saloon 17 Railroad av, h do

Hogg Charles, engineer, h Ann n Penna av

Hogg John, tanner, h Ann n Penna av

Hogg Robert, cigarmaker, bds 2 Ann

HOLBERT G. R. C., grocer, Conongue Junction Lake, h do

Holbert Thomas, teacher, h 59 First

Holden Delos L., wholesale grocer 5 Railroad av, h 15 College av

Holden Hiram B. (LaFrance & Holden), h 69 First