Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1872 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1872.


Holden James, h 69 Fist

Holland Alfred, laborer, h 43 Dickinson

Holland Mary, domestic, Third, n Railroad av

Holland Michael, laborer, bds 16 E Second

Holland Peter, shoemaker, h 27 Jay

Holland Thomas, laborer, h Chestnut, bel Hudson

Hollearn Abbie, widow Michael, h Stowell

Hollenback John W. salesman, 202 Wqter

Hollenstein Wernert, shoemaker, bds 185 Water

Holleran Mary, widow Michael, h 6 Partridge

Holleran Michael, driver bds Water, c High

Holley Martha, milliner, 113 Water, h do

Holley Seth E. baggage master, h Penn’a av, c Elm

Hollister Filmore, farmer, h Clinton, n Grove

Holloran James, laborer, bds 105 Railroad av

Holloran John, car builder, bds 193 Railroad av

Holloran Thomas, iron worker, bds 193 Railroad av

Holloday Freeman, sewing machine agent, h 57 First

Holloday Martha J. widow James, h 4 First

Holly Davis, painter, h 124 Lake

Holly George, puddler, h Seventh, n Canal
No Spiral Springs in the "V I C T O R", Caldwell’s Block

Holly Jane, widow William, bds Washington av, n Stowell

Holly Mary, domestic, 57 Lake

Holly Sarah, widow Samuel, dressmaker, h 124 Lake

Holmes Horace H. conductor, h 63 College av

Holmes, shoemaker, bds 7 Third

Holohan Lawrence, laborer, bds First, n Railroad av

Holoran Michael, laborer, bds First, n Railroad av

Holren Martin, laborer, h 8 E Third

Holstine Barnhard, peddler, h 22 Water

Holt Edwin C. blacksmith, h 62 Fourth

Holton John, blacksmith, bds Penn’a av, ab Franklin\

Holtzapple Adam G. blacksmith, h Penn’a av n Franklin

Holzheimer Lewis (Guttenberg, Rosenbaum & Co.) h 56 Water

Homer William H. engineer, h 91 Clinton

Homes Charles, laborer, bds Conongue, n Clinton

Homes Russel, machinist, bds 104 Baldwin

Homes William, barber, 188 Water, h do

Homes William, laborer, bds Conongue, n Clinton

Homes William, stone mason, h Herrick, n Franklin

Hommison Fanny, h Davis, n Second

Hooey Albert S. carpenter, h 7 Park Plae

Hooker Catharine, widow Warren T. h 104 Baldwin

Hooker Edson, carpenter, h Walnut c Millard



Hooker George, teamster, bds 104 Baldwin

Hooper Charles, waiter, h Perry n E Second

Hopkins Alfred, horse dealer, h 29 Washington av

Hopkins Cornelia, dressmaker, bds 27 First

Hopkins Miles A. bookkeeper, 108 Water bds 122 Market

Hopkins S. N. (Hopkins & Wilson) bds 122 Market

Hopkins & Wilson, (S. N. Hopkins and J. D. Wilson) dry goods, 108 Water

HOPPE CHARLES, hairdresser, 10 Baldwin h 8 do

HOPPE LOUISE MRS, human hair goods, 10 Baldwin h 8 do (See adv)

Hopson George, grocer, 22 Dickinson h 31 do

Horan James, carpenter, bds 28 Orchard

Horllon John, laborer, h Washington av n Pratt

Horllon Patrick, laborer, h Washington av c Pratt

Hornell Charles, painter, bds DeWitt ab E Second

Hornell Harriet, widow Joseph, h DeWitt ab E Second

Horner Benjamin S. book-keeper, 4 Baldwin bds 10 Oak

Horrocks Joshua, printer Gazette, bds 69 Gray

Horton William W. liquors, h 357 Water
HENRY E. DRAKE, J E W E L E R, 115 Water Street, Elmira.

Hosford Seymour, carpenter, h 78 Fourth

Hoskins Francis D. Rev. h 4 Main

Hossley John, laborer, h Benjamin n Canal

Hotchkin Samuel, flour and feed mills, Water opp College av h 30 Park Place

Hotchkiss Alvin, brakeman, bds 89 Clinton

Hotchkiss Annie E. teacher, h 50 Market

Hotchkiss Thomas W. lumber, h 13 Baldwin

Hotlinger Peter, cigarmaker, bds Pennsylvania House

House Jeremiah E. propr city hospital, 353 Water h do

Houstein Henry, machinist, bds 128 Baldwin

Houston Amelia, saleslady, 189 Water bds Lake

Houston J. W. hats, caps &c. Water bds Rathbun House

Howard Anthony, laborer, h Magee c Fifth

Howard Charles A. shoemaker, bds 202 Water

Howard Dennis, laborer, h 19 First

Howard Henry, shoemaker, bds 21 E Union

Howard John, salesman, bds Grove c First

Howard John A. laborer, h 111 Baldwin

Howard John J. cabinetmaker, h 34 Hatch

Howard Kate, domestic, Rathbun House

Howard Mary, domestic, 15 Colllege av

Howard Mary A. domestic, 326 Water



Howard Oliver H. painter, h Hathaway n Lake

Howard O. F. dancing teacher, h 202 Water

Howard Theodore, carpenter, h 10 Penna av

Howard Thomas, shoemaker, Clinton n Main, h 7 Park Place

Howe Henry F. oil producer, h 86 Clinton

Howell D. Everett, stock dealer, h W Hill cor Hart

Howell Eunice, teacher, bds 233 Church

Howell John V. engineer, h 22 Fourth

Howell Mary, domestic, Lake n Washington av

Howell Sarah B. widow Dr. Asa R. bds 97 Lake

Howell William H. (William H. Howell & Co.) h 44 S Main

Howell William H. & Co. (Daniel Aber) S Main cor Mt. Zoar

Howells Evan, hammerman, h 69 Washington

Howes Ephraim W. (E. W. Howes & Co.) h 4 Conongue

HOWES E. W. & CO. (Ephraim W. Howes and Lorenzo Howes) liquor dealers, 3 Carroll

Howes Lorenzo, ( E. W. Howes & Co.) h 33 Conongue

Howland Howard C. bookkeeper, 37 Carroll, h 32 Sullivan

Howland James B. teamster, h Franklin n Balsam

Howley Bart, laborer, h Seventh n Canal

Hubbard Henry D. bookkeeper, 20 Lake, bds 15 William
Every Motion positive, in the "V I C T O R" Sewing Machine

Hubbard, Mary, domestic, 233 Church

Hubbell Charles, clerk, 174 Water, bds 41 First

HUBBELL ELI S. general sales agent M. C. Merur & Co. 60 Second, h 68½ Gray

Hubbell Ira C. clerk, 34 Lake, bds do

HUBBELL SAMUEL B. furniture, $c 174 Water, h 41 First (See adv)

Hudson Adelbert, (Foster & Hudson) h 74 Market

Hudson John, gardener, bds 12 Jay

Huely Hugh, laborer, h Munrow n the river



Hugenier Elizabeth, widow Lambert, h 57 Railroad av

Hughes David, roller, bds 69 Washington av

Hughes Edward, blacksmith, h 65 College av

Hughes George, laborer, bds 46 Oak

Hughes John, blacksmith, h Oak cor Wash. Av

Hughes John, laborer, h Hathaway bel Lake

Hughes Kate, domestic, 190 Water

Hughes Thomas, laborer, h 6 Harriett

Hughes Thomas, laborer, h 46 Oak

Hulbert Mary, widow George, 139 Lake

Hulse Celia, widow Rensler, h Church n Sullivan

Hultin Hans, blacksmith, bds Pennsylvania ave ab Franklin

Hultin John, blacksmith, bds Pennsylvania ave ab Franklin

Hummel Gottlieb, hotel, 127 Railroad ave

Humphrey John, cabinetmaker, h 18 E Second

Humphrey John, traveling agent, h 18 College ave

Humphrey John Mrs. florist, 18 E Second, h do

Humphrey Joseph S. (L. A. Humphrey & Co.) h 24 S Main

Humphrey J. B. Mrs. milliner, h Church cor College ave

Humphrey Lucius A. (L. A. Humphrey & Co.) bds 24 S. Main
HENRY E. DRAKE, J E W E L E R, 115 Water Street, Elmira.

Humphrey L. A. & Co. (J. S. Humphrey,) boots and shoes 182 Water

Humphreys Robert, laborer, bds 4 Dickson

Hungerford Elizabeth, widow, h 31 Jay

Hunt Alfred, carpenter, h Pleasant ab Mt. Zoar

Hunt Amanda L. Miss, h 10 Mt. Zoar

Hunt Elizabeth A. widow William G. h 6 Gray

Hunt Franklin, laborer, h 14 College ave

Hunt George, laborer, bds 23 Orchard

Hunt George A. clerk, 6 Lake bds 6 Gray

Hunt Julia Miss, saleslady, 11 Baldwin, bds 6 Gray

HUNT ROSWELL, proprietor Delevan House, Railroad ave cor Clinton

Hunt Sarah, widow Benjamin, h 80 Gray

Hunt Thomas, h 10 Mt. Zoar

Hunt William P. clerk E R W freight office, h 6 Gray

Hunter William H. laborer, h 12 E Third

Huntington Richard J. clerk, 15 Baldwin, h 6 Lake

HUNTLEY E. S. collector Elmira Advertiser, Lake cor Market, h 103 Lake

Hurd Eugene, clerk, bds Hathaway House

Hurd Moses, printer, h Clinton n Sullivan

Hurd William, laborer, bds 60 Columbia



HURLBURT JOHN S. painter, 156 Water, h 115½ Water

Hurlburt Luman D. constable, h 12 Gray

Hurley Dennis, laborer, h Magee N Washington ave

Hurley John, iron-worker, h Magee n North

Hurley John, laborer, h Walnut ab Hudson

Hurley Lawrence, laborer, h 86 Hudson

Hurley Mary, domestic, Frasier House

Hurley Timothy, iron-worker, h Main c Broadway

Hurvich Marx (Rothchild & Hurvich,) bds Rathbun House

Huston James C. printer, "Gazette," h 54 Sullivan n E Second

Huston John W. (Hoffman & Huston,) bds Rathbun House

Hutchinson Charles, postal clerk, bds Sixth n College av

Hutchinson Eliza, widow William, h 36 Orchard

Hutchinson E.P. bookkeeper, Rathbun block, h Sixth n College av

Hutchinson William A. auctioneer, 159 Water, bds 15 Washington

Hutchinson --------, farmer, h Water n W city limits

Hutton John, iron-worker, h 71 Fifth

Hyde Abram, clerk, 28 Lake, h 81 Church

Hylen Robert F. city assessor, h 44 Baldwin

Hylen William L. clerk, 100 Water, bds 44 Baldwin

Hyson William, bds 60 S Water
Buy the "VICTOR" and be happy. Store in Caldwell’s Block


Icke Martin, varnisher, h 66 Washington

Impson John, laborer, h W Elmira

Ingersoll Fred H. clerk, bds 362 Water

Ingersoll Henry H. clerk, 110 Water, h 362 Water

Ingersoll Orrissa, widow Herman H. h 362 Water

Ingersoll Seely, clerk, 106 Water, bds 362 Water

Ingham John Q. cabinet maker, h 51 Third

Ingraham Clark S (C.S. & F. Ingraham,) bds 92 Market

Ingraham C. S. & F. durggists, 202 Water

Ingraham David, insurance agent, bds 25 First

Ingraham Francis ( C. S. & F. Ingraham) h 78 Second

Ingram John, shoemaker, bds 118 Market

Inscho Obediah, quarryman, h 12 Water

Institute of the Sisters of St. Mary, Market c High, Sister Mary Clafer, Mother Superior

Irvine O. G. (Gleason & Irvine) h 103 College av

Ireland Merritt, painter, bds 69 Second

Irvine Bridget, h Broadway, n Franklin

Irvine John, butcher, bds Broadway, n Franklin

Irvine O. G. grocer, Baldwin, bds College av, ab Washington



Irvine William Gene’l, h College av, ab Washington av

Isham Morris, shoemaker, h 25 DeWitt


Jackson Benjamin, laborer, h N Oak, n Fifth

Jackson Benjamin, porter, 6 Baldwin, h 32 Dickinson

Jackson Benjamin, laborer, bds Clinton, n E Third

Jackson Frank, dressmaker, h Perry, n E Second

Jackson George W. drayman, h 18 E Third

Jackson Henry, waiter, Arbour Hotel

Jackson Henry, waiter, h Perry, n E Second

Jackson James, laborer, h Washington av, n Woodlawn

Jackson John, laborer, h Dickinson, ab Fourth

Jackson John A. laborer, h Woodlawn, nLogan

JACKSON JOHN S. wood and lumber, 20 Church, h do

Jackson Luther J. shoemaker, h Hoffman n First

Jackson Mary, domestic, Penn’a House

Jackson William, laborer, h Benjamin ab Fifth

Jacobs Charles, laborer, h Walnut c Washington av

Jacobs Edgar, hacksriver, bds Central House
HENRY E DRAKE, J E W E L E R, 115 Water Street, Elmira.

Jacobs Henry, teamster, h Clinton ab Lake

Jacobs Julius, h 24 High

Jacobs Max, clothier, 175 Water, h 24 High

Jacot Agatha Elise, techer, Elmira Female College, h do

James Isaac, puddler, bds 69 Washington av

James William H. carpenter, h 18 Standish

Jarvis Benjamin F. clerk, 11 Railroad av, bds 202 Water

JEFFERS WILLIAM M. planing and saw mill, junction Lake and William, h 57 William

Jeffers Samuel G. scroll sawyer, h Perry c Clinton

Jenkins Calvin L. h 52 Main

Jenkins Edward M. painter, h 46 Sullivan

Jenkins Edward S. machinist, h 30 Hudson

Jenkins Louisa, domestic, 1 Woodlawn

Jennings John P. machine agent, bds 49 Baldwin

Jennison Luther P. shoemaker, h Hart n Hoffman

Jennison Luther P jr. shoemaker, bds Hart n Hoffman

Jennison Nathaan B. shoemaker, h Hart n Hoffman

Jervis Clara Mrs bds 56 Washington av

Jervis Joel, teamster, h 55 Washington

Jeudevine Charles, sup’t on R R. bds 47 Fourth

Jeudevine William roadmaster N C R W , 46 Fifth, h 47 Fourth

Jewel Charles E. watchmaker, bds 202 Water



Jewett Arthur L. express messenger, h 68 College av

Jewett Thomas M. h 69 College av

Johnson Alonzo, shoemaker, h 217 Railroad av

Johnson Catharine L. widow I. G. h 118 Market

Johnson Charles B. hotel, 157 Railroad av

Johnson Edward L. (Flatt & Johnson,) h 57 Baldwin

Johnson Emily, widow David F. bds 48 S Water

Johnson Frank, clerk, 154 Water, bds 9 Pennsylvania av

Johnson Frank, laborer, bds 104 Hudson

Johnson F. Michael, teamster, h 44 College av

Johnson George H. painter, h Ann n Pennsylvania av

Johnson Herbert, druggist, Frasier House block, h 90 Second

Johnson James, clerk, Opera block, bds Homestead Hotel

Johnson James, laborer, h 100 Fifth

Johnson James, puddler, h 50 Harper,

Johnson John, blacksmith, h 31 fourth

Johnson Lewis M. iron-worker, h Woodlawn n Elizabeth

Johnson Lorenzo, laborer, bds 48 S Water

Johnson Lyman, shoemaker, bds Pennsylvania House

Johnson Mary, domestic, Rathbun House
AGENTS wanted for the "V I C T O R" SEWING MACHINE.

Johnson Milard G. shingle machine manufr. 31 Railroad av, h First n Hoffman

Johnson Moses T. painter, bds 42 S Water

Johnson Oscar S. teamster, h 59 Columbia

Johnson Richard, laborer, h Dickinson ab Fifth

Johnson Robert, carpenter, h Sullivan

Johnson Samuel, (Johnson & Pollak) h 13 High

JOHNSON THOMAS, watchmaker and jeweler, and general agent Singer Sewing Machine, 15 Lake, h 22 Conongue

Johnson Thomas, farmer, bds Tuttle av n Church

Johnson William, h 31 Dickson

Johnson William, laborer, bds 36 Dickinson

Johnson William H. clerk, 75 DeWitt

Johnson William H. farmer, h Tuttle av a Church

Johnson William M. butcher, h 7 Gregg

Johnson Wilton, laborer, bds Clinton bel High

JOHNSON & POLLAK, (Samuel Johnson and Julius L. Pollak) auctioneers and commission merchants, 159 Water ( See Adv.)

Johnston Emeline Mrs. h 44 Third

Johnston Nancy Miss, bds Hoffman n Washington av

Jolls J. dispatcher, E R R depot, bds Delevan House

Jones Adoniram, wood carder, bds 62 Factory

JONES ALBERT, hotel, Third n Railroad av



Jones Albert P. packer, h Benton n Divison

Jones Almeda, domestic, 26 College av

Jones Andrew J. artesian well, h Partridge cor S Main

Jones Caleb, puddler, bds 104 Baldwin

Jones David, spinner, bds 2 Clinton

Jones David P. engineer, h Johnson ab Sixth

Jones Edwin P. painter, h Tuttle av n Factory

Jones Elijah, (Jones & Webb) h 68 Clinton

Jones Elmer, carpenter, bds 7 Gregg

Jones George, puddler, bds 71 Main

Jones Griffith W. helper, bds 104 Baldwin

Jones Henry B. billiard room, 10 Lake, h 22 Washington

Jones Hervey E. engineer, h 7 S Elm

Jones James, wool carder, h 62 Factory

Jones Jane, domestic, 73 Lake

Jones John D. heater, h North end Stowell

Jones John R. (Jones & Dorn) h 29 S Water

Jones J. D. shoemaker, bds 202 Water

Jones Maria, widow Samuel, bds 286 Water

Jones Millard R. law student, bds 62 Clinton

Jones Moses, coachman, 2 S Main
HENRY E. DRAKE, J E W E L E R, 115 Water Street, Elmira.

Jones Pricilla M. dressmaker, h 15 Third

Jones Richmond, lumber dealer, Church h Clinton ab College av

Jones Soprona, widow Joseph, bds 47 Hudson

Jones Thomas, boatman, h 110 Baldwin

Jones Thomas, shoemaker, bds 202 Water

Jones William, cloth finisher, h 62 Factory

Jones William, iron roller, bds 71 Main

Jones ----------, shoemaker, bds 204 Water

JONES & DORN, (J. R. Jones and George Dorn) wholesale butter and produce, 170 Water

Jones & Webb, (Elijah Jones and William Webb) produce dealers, 18 Baldwin

Jordan James, mason, h 48 Orchard

Jordon Thomas, painter, bds 16 Gregg

Jowls Jeremiah, train dispatcher, E R R pass depot, bds Delevan House

Judd T. S. h Sixth n Davis

Judson Thomas, laborer, h Conongue n E Third

Judson William E. (Judson & Chubbuck) h 36 Main

JUDSON & CHUBBUCK, (W.E. Judson and A. E. Chubbuck) coal dealers, Railroad av c Gray

Jung John, cutter, 38 Lake h Church n Sullivan

Junction Canal Co. 74 Water

STOWELL, PLOWMAN & CO., Hardware and Stoves, 112 Water St.



Kalverisky Isadore, notions, bds 193 Water

Kanary Patrick, iron worker, h 87 Fifth

Kane Cornelius, laborer, h Spring n Water

Kane Dennis, expressman, h 59 Columbia

Kane Ellen, domestic, 156 Church

Kane Harriet E. dressmaker, 8 Baldwin bds do

Kane James, teamster, h Pennsylvania av n S Second

Kane Johanna, domestic, Central Hotel

Kane Julia, domestic, Central Hotel

Kane Margaret, widow Morris, h Water c Monroe

Kane Martin, laborer, h 22 Davis

Kane Mary, domestic, 278 Church

Kane Patrick, blacksmith, h 15 Sullivan

Kane Patrick, laborer, bds 22 Davis

Kane Simon, laborer, h Main n North

Kane Thomas, laborer, h 21 Oak

Katzmarowski Michael, shoemaker, bds 135 Railroad av

Kavanaugh Michael, gardener, Lake n Washington av

Kavanaugh Patrick, laborer, h Washington n E Second

Kavin John, clerk, 171 Water bds Water

Keahler Conrad, laborer, h S Main n Hudson

Kearney Mary Mrs. h 70 Hudson

Keefe Ann, domestic, 65 Lake

Keefe Arthur, laborer, h 88 Fifth

Keefe Cornelius, laborer, h 27 Magee

Keefe James, painter, h Hatch bel Washington av

Keefe Patrick, laborer, h S Second n Railroad

Keefe --------, laborer, h Pennsylvania ave n Franklin

Keegan John, carpenter, h 15 Fulton

Keener James P. bootmaker, h 3 Columbia

Kein Mary, widow Dennis, h 9 Jay

Keith Isadora, domestic, 185 Church

Kellogg Charles W. clerk, bds 7 Gray

Kellogg Eha, wood-turner, Market cor Fox, h 101 Fifth

Kellogg Lovell, (Kellogg & Bartholomew,) h 36 High

Kellogg Wesley W. hardware agent, bds 7 Gray

Kellogg W. L. major, recruiting officer, Lake bds 78 Second

Kellogg & Bartholomew, (Lovell Kellogg and John Bartholomew) drugs, 145 Water

Kelley Bridget, domestic, 300 Water

Kelley John, shoemaker, bds Pennsylvania House

Kelley John, stonemason, h 3 Elizabeth

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Kelley Matthew, laborer, h Park n College ave

Kelley Michael, moulder, h 16 Washington

Kelly J. H. stonemason, bds 16 Davis

Kelly James, policeman, h 50 Magee

Kelly Johanna, widow Seth, h 16 Market

Kelly John, laborer, h 39 Washington ave

Kelly J. E. widow Luther S. h 20 Columbia

Kelly Margaret, domestic, 17 William

Kelly Martin, heater, h 50 Magee

Kelly Michael, beamsman, bds Tuttle ave n Water

Kelly Simon, puddler, h 50 Magee

Kelly William D. book-keeper, 6 Baldwin, bds 20 Columbia

Kemp Christopher G. shoemaker, 133 Water, h 33 High

Kemp Mary E. tailoress, h 113 Water

Kendall W. Henry, machinist, bds Main cor Water

Kendrick Michael, laborer, h Washington ave cor Magee

Kenfield John, jr., tinsmith, 11 Clinton, h do

Kenfield Lorenzo D., tinsmith, S Main cor Hudson, h do

Kenfield Mary A. milliner, S Main cor hudson, h do

Kennard George W. carpenter, h Main cor Water

Kennedy Charles H. laborer, h 50 Washington ave
HENRY E DRAKE, J E W E L E R, 115 Water Street, Elmira.

Kennedy David, saloon Fifth, h 21 do

Kennedy James, laborer, 49 Railroad ave

Kennedy John, butcher, h Sullivan n city limits

Kennedy John W. restaurant, E. R. W. Pass Depot, bds 22 Park Place

Kennedy Michael, h 25 Orchard

Kennedy Michael, saloon, Canal, opp Rolling Mill, h do

Kent Frank, machinist, bds 95 First

Kent Margaret, widow P. L. h 95 First

Kent Ralph, h 95 First

Kent Theodore, painter, bds 95 First

Keough John, laborer, h 53 Railroad av

Keough Mary Ann, dressmaker, bds 58 Railroad av

Kersten Frank, upholsterer, First av n S Water

Ketchum David, bridge builder, h 244 Water

Ketchum John, sawyer, bds 244 Water

Keyes J. J. Rev. h 16 Gray

Keyser Joseph, clothing, 85 Railroad av, h do

Keyser Tobias H. boots and shoes, Second, h 331 Water

Kickbush John M. tailor, h 42 High

Kidder Alonzo, carpenter, h 5 Orchard

Kiersted James H. carpenter, 95 Fifth

KIES LOUIS, book binder &c. Market n Lake, h First ab Hoffman (See adv)



Kiley Esther, tailoress, h 129 Water

Kiley George A. plumber, bds 129 Water

Kimble John, salesman, h 349 Water

Kinnich Louisa, domestic, 6 E Second

Kimmel Johbn, watchman, h 71 Fourth

King Enos, shoe manufacturer, Water, h 70 Gray

King John, laborer, h 34 Dickinson

King John R. photographer, 118 Water, bds 31 William

KING RUFUS, lawyer, 137 Water, bds Rathbun House

King Theron, bds 31 William

King William, hackman, h 118 College av

King William, organ builder, 182 Church, h 14½ College av

King William E. livery, 96 Market, h 19 College av

Kingbury Henry F. agent, bds 47 S Water

KINGMAN WM. L. chief clerk E. R. W. freight office, bds Hathaway House

Kingsbury Catherine, widow Horace, bds 70 Main

KINGSBURY ELISHA, carpenter and architect, 5 Baldwin ab Clinton, bds Hathaway House
"V I C T O R" SEWING MACHINE, Caldwell’s Block, 34 Baldwin.

KINGSBURY GEORGE W. stoves and tinware, 20 Baldwin, h 345 Water (See adv)

Kingsbury Lucius S. clerk, 244 Water, h 58 Gray

Kingsbury Oliver C. (O. C. Kingsbury & Co.) h 66 Gray

KINGSBURY O. C. & CO., (W. H. Ferguson and Morris Seely) commission and produce, 220 and 221 Water

KINGSBURY W. A. grocer, 222 Water, h 122 Market

Kingsley Andrew, carriage maker, h Washington, c E Second

Kingsley Daniel, laborer, h W Elmira

Kingsley Edward, laborer, h 47 Magee

You can buy Crockery, the best and cheapest, at DEXTER’S China Hall.


Kingsley Ellen B. Miss, teacher, Lake bds E Second C Washington

Kingsley Sarah R teacher, Lake, bds Washington c E Second

Kinley Jacob, tanner, h Water cor Harriett

Kinner John V. machinist, h 40 College ave

Kinney Anne, domestic, 232 Church

Kinney Thomas, laborer, h Elm cor Railroad

Kinsley Patrick, laborer, bds 28 Water

Kinyon Almon C. farmer, h Pennsylvania, ave ab Jacob

Kinyon Clayton, clerk, S Main cor Mt. Zoar, bds Fulton

Kinyon Harrison A. farmer, h Pennsylvania ave n city limits

Kinyon William farmer, h Pleasant ab Mt Zoar

Kirk William, carpenter, h Church n the creek

Kirkland James, painter, h 9 Gregg

Kirsch, John, cigar manufacturer, 89 Water, h do

Kivlhan Daniel, pipe-maker, h Judson n Church

KLAPPROTH AUGUSTUS, saloon, 40 Lake, h do (See adv)

KLEIN JACOB, Klein’s Hotel, Baldwin cor Clinton, h do

Klein Michael, coachmaker, h 27 Market

Kline Adam, laborer, bds Elm ab Hart
HENRY E DRAKE, J E W E L E R, 115 Water Street, Elmira.

Kline Charles, clerk, bds 27 Gray

Kline John, laborer, h DeWitt bel Clinton

Klippenstein Emil bartender, Railroad ave bel Third

Klock George W. hotel, 43 Railroad ave

Klock Sanford, mason, h 78 Sullivan

Knapp Clarence, book agent, bds 23 Conongue

Knapp Daniel P. salesman, 202 Water

Knapp Dwight, auger-maker, h Clinton bel Grove

Knapp Dwight W. clerk, h Clinton n Woodlawn