Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1872 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1872.
Knapp Elvira, widow John M., h Second n Main

Knapp John, city marshal, Market, bds Hathaway House

Knapp John, painter, bds Pennsylvania House

Knapp Margaret, widow George, h 70 William

Knapp Margaret, tailoress, h 13 Third

Knapp Richard B., iron-master, h Columbia cor Fourth

Knapp William B., harness-maker, h 25 DeWitt

Kneale Fletcher, laborer, h 3 Fourth

Knecht Caroline, domestic 185 Water

Kniffin Doran J., clerk 21 Lake, bds 32 Hudson

Kniffin Herbert, clerk 135 Water, bds 32 Hudson

Kniffin Phosbe R., widow D. D., h 32 Hudson

Knight Charles H., clerk 10 Lake, bds 22 Washington

Knight George, carpenter, bds 41 Baldwin

Knight James, carpenter, bds 41 Baldwin

Knight John H., h 56 Main

Knight Mary W., music teacher Elmira Female College, h do

Knott Robert H., carpenter, bds 58 Washington

Knott Willis, teamster, bds 80 Gray

Knowlton Amasa, blacksmith, h Clinton n Sullivan

KNOWLTON CLARK C., agent Grover & Baker sewing machines 25 Lake, bds 117 Church

Knowles Marcus M., stepladder manufacturer, 38 College av, h do

Knox Morris H., laborer, h 98 Hudson

KNOX W. E. REV., h 40 William

Kolb Jacob, hotel, 139 Railroad av

Kolbus Bettie, domestic 26 William

Konieczny Joseph, tailor, h John n Harriet

Koop Charles, shoemaker, Central House, bds 24 Dickinson

Krause Henry, book-keeper 37 Carroll, h 56 High

Kress George, h Market c Sullivan

KRESS WILLIAM B., insurance agent 1 Baldwin, bds 5 S Main

Kromer William, iron worker, h William c Fifth

Krowl Abraham, blacksmith 95 Market, h 42 Orchard

Krowl Charles E., plumber, bds 42 Orchard

Krum Abram P., boarding house, 208 Water

Labar H. L.Mrs., (Labar & Rockwell) bds 10 E Second

LABAR & ROCKWELL (H. L. Labar and E. A. Rockwell) under-garments 12 Dunn block, 2 Lake

Labontee Timothy, saloon. Bds 202 Water

LsComb Joseph, porter, bds 43 Dickinson

Lacva Dominic, harpist, h 8 Fifth

Laden Thomas, laborer, bds 215 Railroad av

Laderman Herman. H 8 High

Ladue Ellen, domestic Frasier House

Ladew James F., cooper, h DeWitt ab E Second

Lafever Elsie, widow Reuben, h 27 Gray

LaFever Eugene, painter, h 70 Baldwin

LaFever Nelson R., clerk 39 Carroll, h 26 Hudson

Laffin Philip, laborer, h 33 Clinton

LaFrance Asa W., musician, bds 48 Second

LaFrance Clarrissa A., widow Willia, bds 48 Second

LaFrance Lemuel L., watchmaker 147 Water, h 48 Second

LaFrance Libbie, teacher, bds 45 Hudson

LaFrance Peter A., (LaFrance & Holden) h 45 Hudson

LaFrance Truckson S., Union Iron Works 60 Second, h 48 Second

LaFrance Willis B., carpenter, h 9 Oak

La France & Holden (P.A. LaFrance and H. B. Holden) painters 156 Water

Lahay John, laborer, h Canal opp rolling mill

Laidlaw John,shoemaker, h 49 Hudson

Laidlaw John F., plumber, h 6 Hudson

Lambert Edward, mason, bds 83 Sullivan

Lambert Louisa, domestic 1 DeWitt

Lambert Matthew, carpenter, h 83 Sullivan

Lamoureux Albert T, (Charles W. Lamoureux & Co.) bds 36 College av

LAMOUREUX CHARLES W. & CO., (Albert T. Lamoureux) saddlery hardware 187 Water

Lamparter Charles, baker, h 107 Church

Landers Garrett, tailor and grocer 54 Hudson, h do

Landy Charles A., machinist, h 7 Henry

Lane Dennison, mason, bds 28 Fourth

Lane Harvey, boat builder, h 21 Standish

Lane Kames B., auger maker, h 100 Clinton

Lane Peter, stove fitter, h 118 Baldwin

Laney Samuel H., peddler,h 17 Baldwin

Lang A. E., widow John, h 16 Columbia

Lang Frank N., fireman, bds 16 Columbia

LANG WESLEY D., manager Victor sewing machine, 34 Baldwin ab Market, h Gray

Langdon Charles J., ( J. Langdon & Co.) h 21 Main

LANGDON J. & CO., (Charles J. Langdon, prest. J. D. F. Slee, vice prest., T W. Crane)

Coal dealers 6 Baldwin

Langford James, carpenter, h 280 Water

Langford Sarah, widow Prentice, bds 280 Water

Langley Thomas E.,( Langley & Wales) h College av c Park

Langley & Wales, (Thomas E. Langley and Eugene L. Wales) boot and shoe manfrs. 212 Water

Lanning Addie Mrs., h 66 First

Lanphear Mary, widow Lewis, h High c Church

Lappe Charles, book-keeper, bds 10 Oak

Larey Dennis, laborer, h Chestnut bel Hudson

Larey Patrick, laborer, bds 83 Railroad av

Lariew Almeron, painter, h Church n Sullivan

LARIEW ALSON, house and sign painter 192 Lake h do

Lariew Charles A., clerk, bds Church n Sullivan

Lariew Hartford P., painter, h Center n Hall

Lariew John R., painter, h 190 Lake

Larkin Bridget, widow John, h Spring n John

Larkin James, stone cutter, h Sixth c McDonald

LARKIN JOHN E., photographer 118 Water, h 60 William

Latin Eunice Mrs., h Market bel Baldwin

Latta William S., cabinetmaker, h E Third cor Perry

Lattamere James, laborer, h 67 Sullivan

Latterman Anastasia, widow David, h 76 Sullivan

Lauman Norman, clerk 47 Main, bds 68 Main

Laundriken Margaret, domestic Elmira House

Launy Josephine C., insurance agent, 36 Baldwin, h do

Lavin John, laborer, h 40 Harper

Lavoie Elie, hair goods 189 Water, h at Williamsport

Lawes George, carpenter, bds 59 Water

Lawes John, blacksmith, h 59 Water

Lawler Bartholomew, laborer, bds 52 Railroad av

Lawler Thomas H., (Lawler & Foley) h 2 DeWitt

LAWLER & FOLEY, (Thomas H. Lawler and P. F. Foley) booksellers, stationers,

Periodicals, &c 204 Water

Lawrence James, laborer, bds 9 Mt Zoar

Lawrence Nelson, carpenter, h Benjamin ab Fifth

Lawrence Thomas, (Smith, Lawrence & Co.) h 125 Market

Lawrence Warren, foreman 11 Railroad, h 3 Park Place

Lawrence William, clerk 49 Main, bds 76 Fourth

Laws Benjamin, teamster, h 24 Fifth

Laws Sarah, domestic Frasier House

Lawton H. F. Mrs., costumer, h 82 Second

Lawton William H., machinist, h 82 Second

Lawyer David, teamster, h 10 Dickinson

Lazarus Abraham, clothier 69 Railroad av, h do

Leach Richard, peddler, h292 Water

Learn Mary, widow Joseph, bds 13 Jay

Leary Bartholomew, segarmaker, bds Water cor Monroe

Leary Cornelius, laborer, h Baldwin n Canal

Leary Fenton, laborer, h Walnut n Hudson

Leary John, teamster, bds 2 E Third

Leary Kate, domestic 22 Main

Leary Mary Mrs., h 200 Water

Leary Mary , domestic 22 Main

Leary Mary, domestic 202 Water

Leary Patrick, cigarmaker, bds 2 E Third

Leary Patrick, laborer, bds 88 Fifth

Leary Thomas, laborer, h 2 E Third

Leavit Alvin H., engineer, h 7 Jay

Leavitt John H., supt. Elmira Water Works Co., 153 Water, h 94 Market

Leavitt Milton T., engineer, h 19 Columbia

Lederman Herman, clerk 175 Water, bds 8 High

LEE CHARLES M., sewer pipe manufacturer, Washington av n junction canal, h Oak c Washington av

Lee Erastus, laborer, bds Oak c Washington av

Lee Hervey W., policeman E R R depot, bds Delevan House

Lee James S., carpenter, h 76 Columbia

Lee Patrick J., carpenter, h Railroad av c Park

Lee Sarah J., h 7 Clinton

Lee Susan, domestic 214 Second

Lee Thomas, laborer, h Walnut n Washington av

Lee Thomas, plumber, bds Pattison House

Lee William, wheelright, bds 8 Third

Lehnleitner Marcus, tanner, h 22 Fifth

Lenahan Michael, laborer, bds 52 Railroad av

Lenent Jacob, laborer, h 14 Henry

Lenhart Ann, saloon 63 Railroad

Lennan James, blacksmith, h Penna av n Franklin

Lennox James, laborer, h 133 Lake

Leonard Jason S., agent, h 117 Lake

Lescher Theodore N., student 153 Water, bds 32 S Water

Lescher V. U., clerk, bds 190 Church

Lescher Zacharias U., clerk 122 Water, bds 190 Church

Lesner Charles, brickmaker, h 13 E Fifth

Lesner William, h N Oak n E Fifth

Lessey Prosper W., shoemaker, bds 100 Market

Lessig Charles, shoemaker, bds 204 Water

Le Valley Nathaniel, teamsterm h 7 Mt Zoar

Levi Isaac, teamsterm h DeWitt n E Third

Levi Meyer, notions, bds 193 Water

Levi Simon, peddler, h DeWitt n E Third

Levy Joseph, tobacconist 180 Water, h 12 High

LEVY MAURICE, leaf tobacco dealer 8 Baldwin, h 12 Penna av

Lewenski Simon, shoemaker, Waker h 51 Orchard

Lewis Alfred, clerk, bds 29 Washingon av

Lewis Edwin P., flour and feed 25 Railroad av, h 11 Gray

Lewis Eugene D., shoemaker, bds 202 Water

Lewis Evan, stonemason, bds 104 Baldwin

Lewis Horace, clerk 163 Water, bds 26 Washington

Lewis Horace, carpenter, bds 29 Washingon av

Lewis James T., watchman, h Day n Oak

Lewis John, puddler, h 36 Hatch

Lewis John L., carpenter, Church, h 78 First

Lewis Joseph, fireman, bds 54 S Main

Lewis Julius T., conductor, bds Lake cor Standish

Lewis Lorenzo D., carpenter, h E Second n Railroad

Lewis Nelson, carpenter, h 29 Washington av

Lewis Obadiah D., clerk 112 Water, h 41 Baldwin

Lewis Samuel, laborer, bds 27 Washington av

Lewis Theodore, clerk 28 Carroll, h 26 Washington av

Lewis William, telegraph operator E R R passenger depot, bds 42 ½ Fourth

Leydan Michael, laborer, h 49 Magee

Libolt Abraham, cabinetmaker, h 22 Market

Liddy Andrew, laborer, bds 61 Washington av

Liddy Jeremiah, h Pennsylvania ave n Jacob

Liddy Michael, grocer Fulton c Henry, h do

Liddy Michael, laborer, bds 61 Washington ave

Liddy Patrick, laborer, h 61 Washington ave

Lillis Michael,mason, h Sixth n McDonald

LINDERMAN IRA M. carriage builder, Fox cor Carroll, h do

Linderan William T., blacksmith, bds Fox cor Carroll

LINDSEY EBENEZER S., grocer 30 Fifth , h do

Liner Mary, domestic Pennsylvania House

Linnam Margaret, domestic 9 College ave

Linneen Michael, stone mason, bds Fourth n Woodlawn

Linneen Patrick, stone mason, h Fourth n Woodlawn

Linnelle Lillian M.,clerk post office, bds 2 Columbia

Lippman Bernard, peddler, h 36 E Second

Litch Benjamin, saloon 93 Water, h do

Litey John, carpenter, h Lincoln ab Sixth

Little Tilly, dressmaker, bds 3 Orchard

Littlejohn, James, ornamental plasterer 239 Water, h 246 do

Littles Wilson, painter, h 212 Water

Livingston Charles J., peddler, h 22 Water

Lloyd Ann, domestic 47 Gray

Lloyd George H., iron roller, h 25 Washington ave

Lobdell Isaac, mason, h 51 Orchard

Lobdell Philip F., (Conner & Lobdell) h 49 Orchard

Lock Daniel D., shoe-cutter, h 205 Water

Locke Emma, widow Conner, bds 68 Second

Locke Hiram P., farmer, h 68 Second

Lockwood Dunning, laborer, h 20 Standish

Lockwood Emmett, engineer, bds 20 Standish

Lockwood Gideon, drayman, h 22 Washington ave

Lockwood Hiel, h 88 Clinton

Lockwood John W., carpenter, h 139 Lake

Lockwood Matthew, carpenter, bds 139 Lake

Loder P.R., carpenter, bds 192 Lake

Lodine George, teamster, h N Oak n Fifth

Loggie Albert, clerk 120 Water, bds 8 Third

Loggie Charles, fireman, bds 8 Third

Loggie John H., engineer, h 8 Third

Loggie John H. jr., engineer, h Church bel Conongue

Lohman Harrison, heater, h 100 Baldwin

Loller E., slater, bds Homestead House

Londrigan Grat., h Main c Broadway

Loneigan Patrick.laborer, h 140 Second

Long Frederick, brakeman, h 19 Orchard

Long Mary, packer, bds 40 Oak

Long Nancy, widow Daniel, h 40 Oak

Longgon Mary, widow Patrick, h 38 Harper

Longstreet William H., piano dealer, h 7 Columbia

Loomes Edward, veterinary surgeon, r Elmira House, bds Hathaway House

Loomis Eliza A., widow Seth, h 188 Lake

Loomis Fred H., clerk 134 Water, bds 92 Market

Loomis William C., clerk 111 Water, bds 92 Market

Loomis W. A., sewing machine agent, bds Hathaway House

Looney Michael, laborer, h Mt. Zoar n Broadway

Loonie Jerry, mason, h Lake n Maxwell

Loop Christian, h High n river

Loop George, heater, h 56 High

Loop Horace, nds High n River

Loop John, laborer, h Spring n John

Loop Laura, widow Chris., h Main c Water

Loop Oscar, driver, bds Water c High

Loosey Mary A., domestic 105 Railroad ave

Lord Lewis , miller, bds 3 Park Place

Lord William, laborer, h Main c Water

Lorden Michael, gardener, h Chestnut bel Hudson

Loriman William, shoemaker, Sullivan n John

LORING JAMES H., wholesale grocer 4 and 5 Union block, h 272 Water

Lormore Thomas J. (Lormore Bros. & Co.) h 62 William

Lormore William J., (Lormore Bros. & Co.) h 70 Sullivan

Lormore Bros & Co., (William J. and Thos. J. Lormore and Luther Caldwell) wholesale grocers

37 and 39 Carroll

Losey Amos, farmer, 54 John

Losey Rutherford M., (Walden & Losey) h College av cor Clinton

Losie John M., manufr. Stove pipe, thimble and ventilator, Broadway ab Fulton, h do

LOSIE THOMAS M., tinware, druggists and spice box manufacturer, roofer &c, 212 Water, h 55 Orchard

Loughhead, William H., pianomaker, h 25 Hudson

Loughlin William, roller h Benjamin n Washington ave

Louman Norman, clerk, bds 68 Fourth

Lounsberry Norman, boot fitter, h 17 Partridge

Love John, moulder, h Penna av ab Jacob

Lovell A. B., janitor, h 10 Elm

Lovell Eugene, teamster, h 46 Harper

Lovell Harrison T., engineer, h 43 Clinton

Lovell Myron, laborer, n 43 Clinton

Lowe Caroline F. Miss, h 12 Main

LOWE URIAH S., lawyer 143 Water, h 14 Main

Lown Amelia, teacher, bds 10 Main

LOWN WILLIAM, shoemaker, 10 S Main, h do

Luby Fannie, domestic 30 Baldwin

Luce Harvey, bds Water n W city limits

Luce James R.,(J. R. Luce & Co) h 7 Gray

Luce Joseph, machinist, h 25 Washington ave

Luce J. R. & Co., (Stephen S Luce) fish and oysters 21 Baldwin

Luce Stephen S., (J. R. Luce & Co.) bds 7 Gray

Lucy Daniel, stone mason, h John n Harriet

Lucy John, laborer, bds John n Harriet

Lucy Timothy, laborer, bds John n Harriet

Lumbard Azro C., printer, h 23 DeWitt

Lumbard Francis, printer, bds 23 DeWitt

Lumbard J. Munroe, printer, bds 23 DeWitt

Lundrigan James, laborer, h Park n Main

Lundrigan John, iron worker, h Park n College ave

Lundriken John, h 225 Railroad ave

Lunn John W., clerk 165 Water, bds 51 Gray

Lupton Henry, carpenter, h 101 Fifth

Lurkins Robert, expressman, h 17 Hudson

Lush James, stone mason, bds 104 Hudson

Lush Peter, mason, h 23 Jay

Lush Thomas H., stone mason, h 104 Hudson

Lutes Ralsey, painter, h 371 Water

Lutz Jacob, book binder, bds 84 First

Lux George F., tailor, h 6 Water

Lydon Margaret, widow Daniel, h 9 Orchard

Lyman Joel H., (J. H. Lyman & Co.) h 27 College ave

Lyman J. H. & Co., (E. Carter) hats, caps &c., 143 Water

Lynch Daniel, laborer, h n Eldridge Park

Lynch Daniel B., carpenter, h 11 Standish

LYNCH DANIEL B., Park Restaurant, n Eldridge Park, h 8 Standish

Lynch Daniel jr., laborer, bds n Eldridge Park

Lynch Dennis, iron worker, h Johnson ab Sixth

Lynch Jeremiah, laborer, bds n Eldridge Park

Lynch John, laborer, h Center n Hall

Lynch John, undertaker, h 69 John

LYNCH JOHN M., hotel 105 Railroad ave

Lynch Julia, domestic 88 Lake

Lynch Kate, domestic Maple ave n City Limits

Lynch Margaret, domestic 132 Church

Lynch Martin, stone cutter, h 16 Davis

Lynch Mary, cook Arbour Hotel

Lynch Mary A., domestic 84 Gray

Lynch Patrick, laborer, bds 22 Davis

Lynch Patrick, saloon 83 Railroad ave

Lynch Percy J., civil engineer at N. Y. h 17 Magee

Lynch Robert, peddler, h 75 Water

Lynch Thomas, bricklayer, bds 69 John

Lynch Timothy, laborer, h 48 Third

Lynn Henry, clerk, h 35 Sullivan

Lynn Henry, shoemaker, bds 146 Second

Lyon James E., Captain, shoemaker, h 93 Railroad ave

Lyon Joseph C., gardener, h Broadway n City Limits

Lyon Silas, gardener, h Perinea b Franklin

Lyon William E., teamster 4 Lake, h Lake n City Limits

Lyons Abigail, widow Joseph, bds Sullivan bel Water

Lyons Jesse, bds 82 Baldwin

Lyons Jesse jr, policeman, h 82 Baldwin

Lyons John, shoemaker, h 223 Water

Lyons Michael, shoemaker, bds 23 S Water

MAAS FERDINAND, baker and confectioner 34 Carroll, h do

Maccallum Thomas, carpenter, h Second ab Wallace

Mace Elias, shoemaker, bds 202 Water

Macfarlane Edward O., coal agent 122 Water, bds Rathbun House

MACFARLANE JAMES, agent Blossburg Coal Co.,122 Water, h Towanda,Pa

Mack Bridget Mrs., domestic 28 First

Mack Daniel, laborer, bds Stowell n R R

Mack Daniel, shoemaker, h Jacob c Miller

Mack James, laborer, bds 116 Railroad ave

Mack James, shoemaker, h First ab Hoffman

Mack Mary, domestic Delevan House

Mack Michael, car inspector, h 29 Columbia

Mack Peter, laborer, h 6 Standish

Mack Robert, barber, bds 48 College ave

Mack Thomas, stone mason, h 126 Baldwin

Mackenerney Martin, engineer, h 39 Fourth

Mackesy William, segarmaker, h 40 Railroad ave

Macneir Andrew E., artist Water, h 15 Mt Zoar

Macomber Thomas, shoemaker, h Columbia ab Water

Maddock Nellie, domestic 120 Market

Madigan Kate, domestic 62 College ave

Madigan Mary, domestic 223 Church

Magson Benjamin, marble-polisher, h Walnut n Hudson

Magson Benjamin F., marble-polisher, h Chestnut n Hudson

Magowan H. W., tinner, h 48 Baldwin

Mahan Bridget, domestic 5 Gray

Mahan Celia, laundress Frasier House

Mahany Ellen, widow John, bds Lake c Hathaway

Mahaney Matthew, hostler, 92 Lake

Maher James, shoemaker, h 5 Fulton

Maher Martin, brakeman, bds 89 Clinton

Mahoney Ann, widow Thomas, h 116 Railroad ave

Mahoney John, iron worker, h Broadway n Main

Mahoney Michael, bricklayer, bds 38 Hudson

Mahoney Michael, laborer, h 2 Hine

Mahoney Thomas, laborer, bds Washington ave c Railroad ave

Mahoney William, laborer, h Washington ave c Railroad ave

Mohony Patrick, h 38 Hudson

Main Catharine, widow Samuel, h 306 Water

Main Charles, tanner, h 51 Water

Makinson Charles F., carpenter, h Deven ave n Lake

Male William, bridge builder, bds Pennsylvania House

Mallory Russell, peddler, h 40 Fourth

Malone John, laborer, h 44 Dickinson

Malone Maria, domestic 95 Lake

Malone Michael, bar-keeper, 190 Water, bds do

Malone Patrick, laborer, h Benjamin ab Fifth

Malone Patrick, stone cutter, bds 16 Davis

Maloney Dennis, machinist, bds 23 S Water

Maloney Johanna, widow James, h 44 Railroad ave

Maloney John, coachman, h Market cor Harriet

Maloney John, express messenger, h 6 DeWitt

Maloney John, hostler, bds 94 Lake

Maloney John, laborer, h 9 Oak

Maloney John, laborer, bds 44 Railroad ave

Maloney Mary, domestic Rathbun House

Maloney Mary Mrs.,h Fifth ab Davis

Maloney Michael, brakeman, bds 8 Third

Maloney Peter, laborer, h Sixth n Canal

Maloney Thomas, clerk 101 Water, h 44 Railroad ave

Manchester J. P., clerk E R R dept, bds Delevan House

Manders Adam, brewer Tuttle Ave, h 1 Church

Manderville James, teamster, h 8 Standish

Maney Ellen, widow Andrew, h Sixth n Railroad ave

Mangan Daniel, watchman, bds Third n Grove

Mangan Daniel jr., laborer, bds Third n Grove

Manley James, carpenter, h 4 Henry

Mann George, coachman, 214 Church

Mann Michael, h First n Railroad ave

Manning Foster L., clerk, bds 95 Lake

Manning John, shoemaker, bds 202 Water

Mantel Paul, laborer, bds 105 Railroad ave

Mapes Mavin, bds 24 Washington ave

Marbacher James M., carpenter, h 12 Fifth

Marcellus Susan F. Mrs., h 11 Fifth