Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1872 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1872.
Marculis Louisa, domestic 45 Baldwin

Maricle Simon F., paver, h Factory cor Beach

Marion Albert H., engineer, bds 48 Fourth

Marion Charles T., painter, bds 28 Fourth

Marion Edgar J., clerk, bds 28 Fourth

Marion Frank W., painter, bds 28 Fourth

Marion William A., baggage master, h 28 Fourth

Markes William, shoemaker, bds 202 Water

Markham Daniel, moulder, bds Stowell n Railroad

Markham G. L., photographer, bds 1 Magee

Marks, Henry, policeman, h 85 John

Marple Samuel, drug agent, h 191 Water

Marple Samuel Mrs., dressmaker, h 191 Water

Marsh Aaron T., h 45 First

Marsh Charles H., photographer, bds 14 Hudson

Marsh Ebenezer S., h 1 Columbia

Marsh Frank, painter, bds 254 Water

Marsh Frank S., clerk 4 Lake, bds 45 First

Marsh F. May, teacher, bds 1 Columbia

Marsh Michael H., painter, h 92 Fifth

Marsh Washington, painter, 170 Water, h 42 Hudson

Marshall Patrick, laborer, h 33 Davis

Marshall Rosa, domestic 27 Conongue

Marsilus Esther A., domestic 40 S Water

Marston D. H., engraver Baldwin, h 36 DeWitt

Martin George W., engineer, h 127 Lake

Martin John, laborer, bds Lake ab Canal

Martin Josiah, shoemaker, h 146 Second

Martin Mary, waiter Frasier House

Martin Samuel L. (Martin & Shuhmann) h 135 Lake

Martin S. L. Mrs., milliner, h 135 Lake

MARTIN & SHUHMANN, (S L Martin and Louis Shuhmann) butchers 135 Lake

Marvin Edwin, clerk 196 Water, h DeWitt n Second

Marvin Lile, widow, bds 19 Columbia

Mason Annie D., teacher, bds 290 Water

Mason Elizabeth, widow GeorgeW., h 290 Water

Mason Frank F., clerk 152 Water, bds 81 College ave

Mason John P., machinist, bds 290 Water

Mason Luke, laborer, h Market bel Baldwin

Mason Marcus L., conductor, h 81 College ave

Masters James, carpenter, bds Grove c Gray

Masters Willis J., carpenter, bds Grove c Gray

Masterson Henry, sup’t trucks, h 96 Clinton

Masterson Oscar H., gilder, h 96 Clinton

Mathews John, blacksmith, h 40 Railroad ave

Mathews Presby, shoemaker, bds 202 Water

Matthews Belle, domestic, 42 Main

Matthews Fletcher M., clerk 110 Water, bds 125 College ave c Park

Matthews Frederick, waiter Arbour House

Matthews Lew, shoemaker, h Clinton n Conongue

Matthews Willis, bds 38 Main

Matthewson Fannie, domestic 75 Baldwin

Matthewson Margaret, domestic Rathbun House

Mattison Frank, clerk 208 Water, bds 202 do

Mattison W. T., boarding house, 202 Water

Max Bridget, domestic Rathbun House

Maxson Milton R., tobacco 1 Union Block, bds 32 Main

Maxson William P., auger finisher, h Woodlawn cor Clinton

Maxwell Irena, widow Victor, bds 326 Water

Maxwell John c., dispatcher, h 41 Washington ave

Maxwell Samuel, teamster, bds Tuttle ave n Church

Maxwell Spaulding, carpenter, 93 Railroad ave

Maxwell S. A., widow Thomas, h S Water cor First ave

Maxwell William, clerk, h Lake cor Water

Maxwill Catharine, widow William, bds 8 DeWitt

May George, shoemaker, bds Pennsylvania House

May George H., printer, bds Central House

May William, shoemaker, bds Pennsylvania House

Maycumber Barney, laborer, h Day n Pratt

Maynard Sophia Mrs., music teacher, h 24 Baldwin

McAnany Susan, domestic 28 First

McArdle Norah, widow Patrick, h 16 Orchard

McBurney Alice Miss, h 11 William

McBurney Carrie Miss, h 11 William

McCaffrey John, segarmaker, h 109 Baldwin

McCaffrey Mary Miss, h 141 Lake

McCaffery Peter, shoemaker, 21 Lake h 19 S Main

McCallum Joseph, sample rooms Central House, h 12 Baldwin

McCandry James, bricklayer, h 75 High

McCan Terrance, laborer, h 56 Factory

McCann Joseph P., carpenter, bds Park n College ave

McCann Patrick, laborer, h Seventh n Canal

McCann William, clerk 106 Water, h 76 DeWitt

McCanna James, shoemaker, h E Third cor High

McCarthy Daniel, cigarmaker, h 55 John

McCarthy Dennis, laborer, h Woodlawn n Cemetery

McCarthy Dennis, shoemaker, 67 Railroad av h do

McCarthy Eugene, laborer, bds 52 Washington ave

McCarthy James, laborer, h Washington ave n Stowell

McCarthy James, piler, h Seventh c Canal

McCarthy James D., (McCarthy Brothers) h 85 Railroad ave

McCarthy Jerry, marble mason, bds 67 S Water

McCarthy John, laborer, h 52 Washington ave

McCarthy John, mason, h Railroad ave c Park

McCarthy John, merchant tailor, 183 Water, h 102 Hudson

McCarthy John jr., tailor, bds 102 Hudson

McCarthy Martha, domestic Rathbun House

McCarthy Mary, domestic 319 Water

McCarthy Michael, stone cutter, h 14 Davis

McCarthy Nellie, domestic 44 Baldwin

McCarthy Patrick, laborer, h Walnut c Hudson

McCarthy Patrick, moulder, bds 39 Railroad ave

McCarthy Patrick K., (McCarthy Brothers) h 85 Railroad

McCarthy Rosa, domestic 66 Gray

McCarthy William, laborer, h Baldwin n Canal

MCCARTHY BROTHERS ( J. D. & P.K.) groceries and liquors 85 Railroad ave

McCartney Kate, domestic 93 Lake

McCartney Thomas, laborer, bds Seventh n College ave

McCarty Charles, laborer, h 57 South Water

McCarty Daniel, laborer, h 52 Magee

McCarty Daniel, laborer, h Walnut c Hudson

McCarty Daniel, cigarmaker, h 55 John

McCarty Felix, laborer, h Woodlawn n Second

McCarty George, laborer, bds Washington ave n Lake

McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, h 20 Fulton

McCarty John, laborer, h 42 Sullivan

McCarty John, shoemaker, bds 40 Hudson

McCarty Norah, domestic Delevan House

McCelligott Edward, laborer, h Davis n Fifth

McCerrick Samuel, hackman, bds 9 Penna ave

McClure Carrie, tailoress, h 99 Water

McClure Eliza Miss, tailoress, h 99 Water

McCluskey Bernard, stonecutter, bds 103 Railroad ave

McCollough Alfred B., carpenter, h 58 S Water

McComstock M., clerk, bds Rathbun House

McConnell Andrew J., carpenter, h 9 Mt. Zoar

McConnell Arthur, shoemaker, h Oak n Washington ave

McConnell Henry, shoemaker, bds 113 Lake

McConnell Henry, shoemaker, h 258 Water

McConnell Ichabod, bds 9 Mt Zoar

McConnell Jane, domestic 50 High

McConnell Lewis, clerk post office, bds 290 Water

McConnell Luther L., clerk post office, bds 290 Water

McConnell Patrick, laborer, h Hathaway n Dickinson

McConnell Ziba, farmer, bds Washington n Lake

McConnery Mary, domestic 36 Sullivan

McCormick Bridget, dressmaker, bds 2 Lake

McCoy Elena Mrs., laundress, h 4 E Third

McCoy Ellen, domestic, 30 Park Place

McCoy James, painter, bds 196 Water

McCracken John, tailor, h 30 Orchard

McCrahan Mary, domestic Delevan House

McCray J. M. Mrs.,physician 246 Water, h do

McCray Libbie, clerk, bds 111 Church

McCray S. Newell, auger maker, bds 246 Water

McCrauden James, laborer, h Franklin n Fulton

McCre Elizabeth, saleslady 123 Water, bds 111 Church

McCue James, heater, h 16 E Third

McDaniels Mate Miss, saleslady 232 Water, bds Church n Linden

McDanolds Israel, special U. S. postal agent, h Sixth n College ave

McDermott Catharine, widow Francis, h Hatch bel Washington ave

McDermott Edward, shoemaker, bds Sixth c Johnson

McDermott Margaret, widow Richard, h Sixth c Johnson

McDermott Michael, shoemaker, bds Sixth c Johnson

McDevitt John, laborer, h Magee n Washington

McDoel Varnum, h 66 College ave

McDonald Daniel, cutter, Water c Baldwin, h 2 Conongue

McDonald Hugh, engineer, h 7 Henry

McDonald Mary, domestic 80 Lake

McDonald Stephen 115 Water, h 26 First

McDonnell Charles, laborer, h 209 Railroad av