Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1872 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1872.
McDonner Jane, domestic 57 Sullivan
McDonough Charles, mason, bds 105 Railroad ave
McDonough John, stone cutter, bds 73 Columbia
McDonough Martin, laborer, bds 54 Magee
McDowell A. T. Mrs., h 36 Sullivan
McDowell Clara A. Miss,teacher, bds 38 Sullivan
McDowell F. W. carpenter, bds 38 Sullivan
McDowell Jacob L., (McDowell & Miller) h 300 Water
McDowell R. M., surveyor, h 47 William
McDowell & Miller, (Jacob L.McDowell and Victor L.Miller) insurance agents, 153 Water
McDuffee Charles, painter, h 36 DeWitt
McEwen John, laborer, h 46 Dickinson
McFarland James, auger-finisher, h Clinton ab Walnut
McGeary Kate, domestic, Clinton cor Magee
McGill Susan Mrs., h 126 Baldwin
McGoveron Michael, carpenter, h Penna ave n Elm
McGrath Dennis, carpenter, bds 116 Railroad ave
McGrath Thomas, iron-worker, bds 201 Railroad av
McGraw John, engineer, h Church n Hoffman
McGraw Kate, domestic 78 Lake
McGraw Patrick, laborer, h 63 Market
McGraw Patrick, laborer, bds 21 Third
McGreby John, laborer, 46 Orchard
McGreevy Owen, h 55 Market
McHenry Abraham, machinist, h 72 Baldwin
McInerney John, iron-worker, h Park cor Main
McInerney Michael, blacksmith 65 Water, h 20 Washington ave
McInnervey James, rail-finisher, h Magee cor Park
McIntee John, wood-carder, h 68 Factory
McIntyre Coal Co., 6 Baldwin
McIntyre John, blacksmith, bds 105 Railroad ave
McKAY F. C. D., machinist and instrument-maker, 9  Baldwin, h 3 Water
McKay Marion, domestic 325 Water
McKee Thomas W., blacksmith, h 3 Conongue
McKibbin Caroline, widow Henry, h 8 Mt. Zoar
McKinney Albert, carpenter, h Penna ave n Elm
McKinney Elizabeth, domestic 190 Water
McKinney Elmer, carpenter, bds 202 Water
McKinney Erastus, carpenter, h 26 Henry
McKinney John C., carpenter, h Baldwin n Franklin
McKinney Matthew, carpenter, h 32 Orchard
McKinney R. G., carpenter, h Church cor Elm
McKinney William, blacksmith, bds Pattison House
McKnight George H. Rev., h 22 Main
McLarney John, laborer, h Seventh n Davis
McLarney Thomas, laborer, h Seventh n College ave
McLaughlin Edward, iron-worker, h Sixth cor Johnson
McLaughlin Frank, coachman, 51 Market
McLaughlin Hiram, iron-worker, h Sixth cor Johnson
McLaughlin Michael L.,fireman, bds Lake n Washington ave
McLaughlin Patrick, clerk, h 77 Fifth
McLaughlin Patrick, rail straightener, h Washington ave n Magee
McLaughlin Silas H., moulder, h 124 Second
McLoughlin Patrick (McNamara & McLoughlin) h 77 Fifth
McMahan Ann Mrs., h Seventh n Davis
McMahan Anna, domestic 74 Gray
McMahan Dennis, laborer, h 40 Hatch
McMahan John, carpenter, h 77 Fourth
McMahan John, tinsmith, h 10 First
McMahan Mary J., domestic 221 Church
McMahan Nellie, domestic 77 Baldwin
McMahan Patrick, laborer, h 46 Henry
McMahan Patrick C., carpenter, h 74 Fourth
McMahan Roxey, widow Michael, h Mt Zoar ab Fulton
McMahon Bridget, domestic 50 First
McMahon James, coachman, bds 38 Harper
McMahon Mary, widow John, bds 38 Harper
McMahon Michael, engineer, h 42 Hatch
McMahon Michael, laborer, h 12 Beach
McMahon Mortimer, laborer, h 112 Hatch
McMahon Roxie, widow Michael, h Church n Railroad ave
McMahon Simon, laborer, h 12 Beach
McManus James Rev., bds Pennsylvania  n Jacob
McMillan Frank, clerk 158 Water, bds Pennsylvania House
McMillan Henry, carpenter, h 23 Washington
McMillan Lucian, clerk Sec. Nat. Bank, bds Pennsylvania House
McMurray Charles W., clerk N C freight depot, bds 79 Main
McNally Thomas, teamster, h Franklin c Fulton
McNamara Michael, laborer, h 18 Henry
McNamara Peter (McNamara & McLoughlin) h 57 Third
McNAMARA & McLOUGHLIN (P. McNamara and P. McLoughlin) boots and shoes 198 Water
McNamee Andrew, drayman, h Franklin n S Main
McNamee William, puddler, h Park n College ave
NcNarney Maggie, domestic 8 S Water
McNearney John, laborer, h Stowell
McNearney Martin, painter, bds Stowell n Railroad
McNeil John H., h 278 Water
McNeil L.B., clerk, h 2 Railroad ave
McNeil Peter S.S., grocer 31 Fourth, h 23 Park Place
McNeil Rufus R., clerk 34 Lake, h 278 Water
McNerheny Kate, domestic 105 Railroad ave
McNerney Patrick, laborer, bds Woodlawn n Second
McNerry Michael, blacksmith, h 20 Washington
McNett John, conductor, bds Frasier House
McNevin John, tailor, h 59 Railroad ave
McPhalon Charlotte, domestic Hathaway House
McQuinn George, coachman, 8 S Water
McWilliams Joseph E., clerk E R W freight office, h 56 Magee
McWilliams J. A., life insurance agent, h 56 Magee
Mead Byron, mason, bds 12 Oak
Mead Elizabeth, widow Isaac H 306 Water
Mead Ellen, widow William, h 3 Monroe
Mead E. O.Mrs., dressmaker, h Main cor Water
Mead George, carpenter, bds 116 Railroad ave
Mead John,carriage painter,bds 3 Monroe
MEAD JOHN T., druggist and chemist, 242 Water, h 68 Gray
Mead Martin, laborer, bds 105 Railroad ave
Meade Peter B., cabinetmaker, h 66 Third
Meade Rachel, widow Franklin, bds Water cor Harriet
Mecan James, carpenter, h Sullivan n Carpenter
Meddaugh Andrew, boatman, h 28 E Second
Meddaugh Henry, switchman, bds 28 E Second
Meddicroft Thomas, carpenter, bds 3 Park Place
Medow John, laborer, h 24 DeWitt
Meehney James, laborer, h 59 Washington ave
Meeke William H., conductor, h 123 Lake
Meeker Sarah J., widow Samuel, dressmaker, h William c E Third
Meer Thomas, laborer, h R R, n Franklin
Meguyer Lewis, fireman, h 38 S Main
Mehan John, laborer, h 18 Sixth
Meisel Heinrich (Meisel Brothers) h 51 Baldwin
Meisel Moritz (Meisel Brothers) h 35 Lake
Meisel Brothers ( Moritz and Heinrich) druggists, 35 Lake
Melville Martin, tailor, h 37 Market
Meng John, shoemaker, bds 204 Water
Mengele Herman, cabinetmaker, h First av n S Water
Menster John, slater, h 15 Sullivan
Menzie Frank W., shoemaker, bds 61 Fourth
Mercur Mahlon C., (M.C. Mercur & Co) h at Towanda, Pa
MERCUR M. C. & CO.(C.M. Sanderson) coal dealers 60 Second
Mereil Kate, domestic 58 Water
Meres Walter F., milkman, h Factory c Fulton
Mericle Benjamin, stone mason, h Second bel Grove
Merithew Grant, fireman, h E Second n Railroad
Merrill Eleazor, carpenter, h First ab Hoffman
Merritt G. A., book-keeper 33 Lake, bds 14 W Third
Merritt John, teamster, h 104 Church
Merrill Luke, carpenter, bds 3 Park Place
Merrill L. P., carpenter, bds First ab Hoffman
Merriman L.L., book-keeper, bds 98 Clinton
Merwin J.W., (Ayers & Merwin) h E Second n Sullivan
Merwin Mary, widow Lyman, E Second n Sullivan
Merwin Wakeman (Merwin & Dickinson) h 42 Washington
MERWIN & DICKINSON (Wakeman Merwin and Henry B. Dickinson) saddlers and
                  Harness makers 141 Water
Messeran Samuel, carpenter, bds Conongue c Church
Metzger Daniel A., carpenter 243 Water, h 52 S Water
Metzger Jacob, butcher, bds 202 Water
Metzger Seth H., meat market 97 Railroad av, h Broadway
Meyer Charles, shoemaker, h 244 Water
Meyer Joseph, shoemaker, 57 John, h do
Meyer Joseph jr., clerk 81 Water, bds 57 John
Meyer Phronie, domestic 127 Railroad ave
Michaelis J.H., carpenter, h Fourth n Woodlawn
Michaels Henry, cigarmaker, bds Homestead Hotel
Middough B. F., sup’ Wyckoff Paving Co., 198 Water
Middough Benjamin, laborer, bds 74 DeWitt
Middough Levi, boat builder, h 74 DeWitt
Miles John, laborer, h W Elmira
Miles William, shoemaker, bds 69 Second
Milford H. A., ticketclerk E R Woods, Delevan House
Millage Viletta, domestic 125 Second
Millard Carroll A., conductor, h 72 College ave
Millard Edgar T. ( Millard & Gould) h 28 Market
Millard James, carpenter, h Tuttle ave n East Hill
Millard Mary G., widow Ambrose, h 61 College ave
Millard Willis H., salesman 36 Lake, bds 49 Baldwin
MILLARD & GOULD (Edgar T. Millard and Ralph W. Gould) house and sign painters 50 Lake
Miller Alfred, teamster, bds Tuttle n Church
Miller Caroline, widow Stephen, bds 63 Baldwin
Miller Charles,carpenter, bds Pennsylvania House
Miller Charles, laborer, h 55 Railroad ave
Miller Charles A., butcher, h 5 Standish
Miller Charles A., shoe maker, h Penna ave cor Railroad
Miller Curtis W., machinist, bds 30 Henry
Miller Edith A., domestic 132 Church
Miller Francis, laborer, h 26 Dickinson
Miller George, engineer, h 86 Fifth
Miller George, mason, h Penna ave n Railroad
Miller Hector L., insurance agent, Water, h 78 Gray
Miller Horace W., cigar box manufacturer, Market cor Canal h 17 Hudson
Miller Jacob, helper, h 19 Jay
Miller Jacob, maltster, bds 1 Church
Miller Jacob, shoemaker, h S Main cor Partridge
Miller James, candymaker, bds Penna ave ab Franklin
Miller James, engineer, h 103 Fifth
Miller James M., carpenter, h 70 Fourth
Miller James M., machinist, bds Penna ave n Franklin
Miller Jesse B.,clerk 3 Union Block, h 78 Gray
Miller John, brewer, h Tuttle ave n Church
Miller John, farmer,h Penna ave n city limits
Miller John, segar box manufacturer, bds 260 Water
Miller John A., shoemaker, bds 60 S Water
Miller John C., h 242 Church
Miller John H., roller, h 79 Fifth
Miller Lavinia, h 35 Clinton
Miller Marcus, grocer S Main cor Hudson, h do
Miller Peter W., agent, h 29 First
Miller Rosella E., widow William, h 30 Henry
Miller Samuel, shoemaker, h 60 S Water
MILLER SAMUEL C., restaurant 196 Water, bds do
Miller Squire, hostler, h 108 Hudson
Miller Valentine, grocer 17 S Main, h do
Miller Victor L., (McDowell & Miller) h 78 Gray
Miller William, hotel, 125 Railroad ave
Miller William, teamster, h 32 Market
Miller William L., blacksmith, h 52 Fourth
Millius Henry E., grocer Main cor Water, h 112 Gray
MILLIUS M. T., grocer Main cor Water, h 112 Gray
Millmore Libbie, dressmaker, bds 27 High
Mills Elizabeth, widow Richard, bds 4 S Main
Mills John S., clerk, 102 Water, bds do
Mills Joseph P., shoemaker, h Fifth n Oak
Mills J. C., root beer, h 71 Second
Millspaugh Giles, clerk 101 Water, bds Hathaway House
Millspaugh Leander M., clerk 101 Water, h 2 Harriet
Millspaugh Theodore M., salesman 209 Water, h 18 S Water
Minahan Maggie, domestic 123 Market
Minar Henry P., shoemaker, h Main c Water
Minch Gottieb, grocer and hotel, junction Lake and William h do
Minier Abraham, collector, bds Central House
Minier Charles W., telegrapher Rathbun House, bds 46 Market
Minier D. A. Mrs., h 46 Market
Minier Solomon, horse dealer, h 14 Hudson
Minks William, machinist, bds Hatch c Seventh
Mirteenes David C., grocer S Main c Partridge, h do
Mitchell Benjamin K., shoemaker, h Clinton n DeWitt
Mitchell Ebenezer W., division supt. U. S. express, Baldwin h 30 Park Place
Mitchell George, carpenter, h 22 E Second
Mitchell Jerome, laborer, h 39 Market
Mitchell John, laborer, h 26 Dickinson
Mitchell John, street sprinkler, h 23 Orchard
Mitchell William, carpenter, h Hall n Division
Misnor C.C., carpenter, h 36 Fourth
Moe Ezra, laborer, h 60 Second
Moe Mark, farmer, Wall n city limits
Moe Theodore, student, bds 82 Lake
Moffat William, carpenter, h College av ab Water
Moffat William, genl foreman Elmira car shop, h 3 College ave
Moffat William jr., carpenter, bds 3 College ave
Moffett James, machinist, bds Mansion House
Mohinin Bridget, domestic 17 College ave
Molyneaux Robert, cartman, h 36 Harper
Mona Frank, bricklayer, h Judson bel Church
Monell Elrude, plasterer, bds Balsam c Franklin
Monell George I., teamster, bds Balsam c Franklin
Monell Samuel, carpenter, h Balsam c Franklin
Mongovan James, blacksmith, h 136 Second
Monks Elizabeth, widow James, bds 2 College ave
Monks James L., teacher, h 2 College ave
Monks Thomas, engineer 39 Carroll, h 28 Fifth
Montmanrancy Samuel, shoemaker, bds 202 Water
Moody Jacob S., well-digger, bds 59 High
Moody Nelson N., shoemaker, h 133 Lake
Moody Samuel, laborer, h 59 High
Moody Warren L., harness maker, h Pleasant ab Mt Zoar
Moon Philemon F., laborer, h Perinea b Franklin
Moonan James, grocer, Hatch c Seventh, h do
Mooney James,car inspector, h 4 S Magee
Moore Alexander, grocer 123 Second, h do
Moore George, carpenter, h Clinton ab Columbia
Moore Henry, shoe fitter, h 33 Railroad ave
Moore Horace D., clerk 34 Carroll, h 57 Gray
Moore Hugh M., plasterer, h 1 Fulton
Moore James J., baggage master, bds 1 Fulton
Moore John, laborer, h 9 Jay
Moore John G., student, bds Franklin ab Broadway
Moore John M., laborer, h 196 Lake
Moore Michael, laborer, h Franklin ab Broadway
Moore Odell D., clerk 21 Lake, bds 23 Conongue
Moore Thomas, carpenter, h 41 Baldwin
Moore Timothy, laborer, h Magee n Sixth
Moran Bridget, domestic Rathbun House
Moran Edward, laborer, h Hatch belWashington ave
Moran James, laborer, h 97 Clinton
Moran Margaret, widow Patrick, h 28 Orchard
Moran Patrick, laborer, h Hatch n Fifth
Moran William, laborer, h 28 Orchard
Morden Edgar R., shoemaker, bds 115 Lake
Morden William S., shoemaker, h 115 Lake
More William, laborer, h Tuttle av n East Hill
Morey Andrew B., gilder, h 43 John
Morey Mattie J., clerk 33 Lake, bds DeWitt c Market
Morehouse James W., agent, h 38 East Hill Factory
Morgan Almon, fireman, h Mt Zoar n Broadway
Morgan David G., heater, bds 64 Columbia
Morgan Fay, laborer, bds 100 Baldwin
Morgan Mary E.,dressmaker, bds 56 Hudson
Morgan Oscar E., teamster, bds Mt Zoar n Broadway
Morissey Bridget, domestic, 92 Market
Moroney Thomas, engineer, h Lake n Standish
Morrell G. Orlando (Gerity & Morrell) bds 73 Lake
Morrell Isaac, druggist, Lake h 73 Lake
Morris Andrew T., tinsmith, h 63 Fourth
Morris Fred P.,clerk 159 Water, bds 15 Washington
Morris Jacob, carpenter, h Benjamin ab Fifth
Morris Melville E., photographer 158 Water, h 15 Washington
Morris R., grocer 102 Water, h do
Morse Augustus (Morse & Blampied) h 107 Second
Morse Barnett W., physician 70 Second, h do
Morse Charles H., candymaker, bds 39 Columbia
Morse Edward, paver, h 13 Davis
Morse Frank B., planer, h Hall cor Center
Morse Henry C., (Owen & Morse) bds 27 Main
Morse John, baker, bds 25 Columbia
Morse Joseph O., h 29 Columbia
Morse Nehemiah, engineer, h Benton n Norton
Morse Roscius, physician 27 Main, h do
Morse Roscius jr., (Preswick, Morse & Co.) bds 27 Main
MORSE & BLAMPIED (Augustus Morse and Samuel Blampied) bakers 34 Carroll
Mortimer Jacob, shoemaker, h Washington av n R R
Mortimer John, laborer, h 1 Penna ave
Mosher Albert F., (Mosher & Wyckoff) h44 Gray
Mosher Alvin J.,clerk 208 Water, bds 44 Gray
Mosher C. Mrs., bds 44 Gray
Mosher Edmund, agent, bds 49 Water
Mosher George, grocer 216 Water, h do
MOSHER HUMPHREY J., butcher 242 Water, bds 190 do
Mosher Lucy, milliner 3 Union Block, bds 44 Gray
Mosher William, shoemaker, bds Pennsylvania House
Mosher & Wyckoff ( A. F.Mosher and C. W. Wyckoff) grocers 208 Water
Mosier Alanson E., teamster, h Broadway n city limits
Mosley George, laborer, h Canal cor Seventh
Mosley John, laborer, bds Canal cor Seventh
Moulton William J., sewing machines, h 327 Water
Mowry George H., clerk 126 Water, bds 128 Second
Mowry Gileon D., carpenter, h 128 Second
Mowry Mrs., dressmaker, 6 Lake, h do
Mudrack Johanna, widow August, bds 17 Carroll
Mulcahey John, laborer, bds 10 Partridge
Mulcahy Maggie, dressmaker, 6 Lake, h do
Mulcahy Mary, domestic 68 Lake
Mucahy Maurice, laborer, h Benjamin n Canal
Mulcaty Johanna, domestic 139 Railroad ave
Mulchare Michael, shoemaker, bds 52 Railroad ave
Mullen John, shoemaker, h Seventh n Davis
Muller William L., lawyer also city recorder 135 Water, h 45 Washington
Mumgilave Maggie, domestic 42 Baldwin
Mumgavon Anthony, laborer, h Davis c Third
Munn Edward, railroader, bds 69 Second
Munroe John, carpenter, h 104 Gray
Munroe Robert, carpenter, h 19 Magee
Munroe William P., brakeman, bds 189 Water
Munson David W., (Rhodes & Munson) bds 23 Conongue
Munson Edwin, h 16 Columbia
Munson Henrietta, teacher, bds 16 Columbia
Munson Joseph, h 96 Gray
Munson J. A. Miss, teacher, bds 16 Columbia
Munson Lydia Miss, h 18 First
Murdoch Elizabeth, widow Rev. David, bds Lake ab Second
Murdock John (Murdock & Stephens) h 40 Gray
Murdock Luther N., sash, door &c, 243 Water, h 77 Main
Murdock & Stephens (John Murdock and Robert Stephens) lawyers 101 Water
Murphey Charles A., clerk 188 Water, bds 51 Church
Murphey Charles T., tea agent, bds 67 First
Murphey Cynthia, widow Dr. John B., h 67 First
Murphey Darwin D., painter, h 3 DeWitt
Murphey Harry, printer, bds Main ab Park
MurphyAnderson, janitor, h 102 Baldwin
Murphy Charles T., commercial agent 210 Water, h 82 Church
Murphy Christina, dressmaker,bds 2 Lake
Murphy Daniel, groceries and liquors 200 Water, h 126 Clinton
Murphy Dennis, carpenter, bds 105 Railroad ave
Murphy Edmund, laborer, h Lincoln ab Sixth
Murphy Emma, dressmaker, bds S Second, Southport
Murphy Frank, cigarmaker, bds 100 Main
Murphy Frank, shoemaker, h 8 Elm
Murphy James, laborer, h 16 E Second
Murphy James, laborer, bds 103 Railroad ave
Murphy John, packer 11 Railroad ave, h S Water
Murphy John, shoemaker, h 49 S Water
Murphy John D., book-keeper Waer, bds Clinton n Grove
Murphy Joseph H., engineer, h Hatch c Seventh
Murphy Lawrence, carpenter, h 51 John
Murphy Michael, laborer, h Lake bel Washington ave
Murphy Michael, laborer, h 71 Sullivan
Murphy Owen, h Main n Park
Murphy Patrick, brakeman, h 42 Third
Murphy Sarah, milliner, 2 Lake, h do
Murphy Timothy, laborer, h 18 First
Murphy Timothy, shoemaker, h Harmon n S Elm
Murphy William E.,policeman, h S Second n Powell
Murray Alexander, h Mt Zoar n Fulton
Murray Alexander, carpenter, h 42 Fulton
Murray James, shoemaker, bds 64 High
Murray John, shoemaker, bds 64 High
Murray John, teamster, h 125 Lake
Murray Lawrence, bartender, h 35 Orchard
Murray Maggie, domestic Lake n Oak
Murray Maurice, laborer, h 54 Washington ave
Murray Nicholas, engineer, h Powell n S Second
Murray Patrick, laborer, bds 1 Magee
Murray Patrick, laborer, bds 193 Railroad av
Murray Patrick, mason, h 227 Railroad ave
Murray Patrick, tinsmith, h 27 John
Murray Theron L., machinist, h 13 Third
Murray Thomas, clerk 8 Lake, bds Homestead Hotel
Murray Thomas, mason, h 227 Railroad ave
Murray Timothy, shoemaker, h 64 High
Murray Walter, laborer, h Day cor Pratt
Murray Walter McD., shoemaker, h 32 Baldwin
Murtch Michael, laborer, h 5 Fulton
Musgrave Hathaway, carpenter, h 1 Harmon
Mushroe George, laborer, bds Clinton ab Lake
Mussersol Jacob, peddler, h Spring n Water
MUTH CHARLES, bootmaker 44 Lake, bds 42 do
Myers George, furniture finisher, h 92 Church
Myers George W., pattern maker, h Railroad av cor Water
Myers Henrietta, widow George W., h 1 Penna av
Myers Jesse, laborer, h 12 Jay
Myers Maggie, teacher, bds 58 Washington
Myers M., painter, bds Homestead Hotel
Myers M.F., teacher, bds 58 Washington
Myers Willet, cabinet maker, h 7 S Water

Nafe William, painter, h 17 Gray
Nagle James, laborer, bds 77 Fourth
Nagle Mary, domestic Hathaway House
Nagle Mary, domestic Mansion House
Nalan James, grocer 9 Harper, h do
Nash Patrick, laborer, h McDonald n Sixth
National Bank of Chemung, Baldwin c Carroll, Tracy Beadle, prest., H. W. Beadle, cashier
Nauer Charles, laborer, h 107 Lake
Neagle John, carpenter, h 29 Water
Neagle Patrick, plumber, bds 29 Water
Nealy George, shoemaker, h 38 Hudson
Needham Charles, moulder, h Hathaway bel Lake
Neelin Michael, tanner, h 101 Second
Neil William G., shoemaker, bds 17 Mt Zoar
Nelson Alexander, tobacconist 14 S Main , h 27 Hudson
Nelson David B., h 109 Lake
Nelson Patrick, laborer, h Sixth n Canal
Nelson Robert, upholsterer, h 15 Orchard
Nelson Thomas, shoemaker Canal opp rolling mill, h do
Netth Conrad, peddler, h 109 Baldwin
Neuer Jacob, tailor, h 31 Clinton
New George, engineer, h 212 Water
Newcomb Bros., (Clay M. and Scott K.) boots and shoes 194 Water
Newcomb Clay M., (Newcomb Bros.) Elmira
Newcomb Emma, domestic Lake ab Second
Newcomb M.C., commercial agent 202 Water
Newcomb Scott K., (Newcomb Bros) bds 199 Church
Newlin Jeremiah, laborer, h Broadway n Main
Newman Albert, puddler, h Walnut n Sixth
Newman Joseph, h Main c Broadway
Newney Julia, domestic Clinton c College ave
Newsome Thomas, puddler, bds 69 Washington ave
Newton Charles F., carpenter, h Balsam ab Mt Zoar
Newton Squire, h 44 Main
NEW YORK STATE REFORMATORY, office Baldwin c Carroll, S..C. Taber, secretary
Nichols Amelia Miss, dressmaker, 26 Lake, h do
Nichols Eliza, widow Joseph, h 59 Columbia
Nichols Henrietta, dressmaker, bds 26 lake
Nichols John Q.A., foreman shoe factory, h High ab Market
Nichols Richard, gardener, h Oak c Fifth
Nicholson John, book-keeper, bds 49 Baldwin
Nicholson Ralph, peddler, h 92 First
Nicks John E., tobacconist 1 Union Block, bds 32 Main
NICKS JOHN I.,tobacconist 1 Union Block, h 32 Main
Nimbs William M., express messenger, h Sixth ab Columbia
Niver Annie, dressmaker, bds Factory
Niver Charles, finisher, h N Oak n Harper
Nico John, laborer, h Stowell n Washington ave
Noble Edward, printer “Gazette”, bds 38 First
Noble Julia, widow William, h 38 First
Nobles Milton, h DeWitt ab Church