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1872 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1872.

1872 Elmira Directory

Page 168 - O

Norman Charles P, clerk, bds 99 Church

Norman George N, h 58 Washington

Norman John G, livery Market foot, William, h 99 Church

Norman Mary A, widow Prentiss, h 34 Sullivan

Norman P. P. bookkeeper Second N Bank, bds 34 Sullivan

North Ann B, widow Theodore, h 351 Water

North Kate, cook Pattinson House

North Mary, domestic, 257 Church

North Norris, tinsmith, h 30 Gray

NORTHERN CENTRAL R R office, Fifth n R R

Northrup Flavius W, salesman, bds 12 Hudson

Northrup Nelson H, h 4 S Main

Northrup Phay S, grainer, h 34 First

Northup Eliza, widow Orrin, bds 31 S Water

Norton Edward J, clerk, 4 Lake, bds 115 Church

Norton Norman R, iron inspector, h 941Second

North Philander, gen'l ticket agent, Lake Shore R R, h 66 Clinton

Norwood Clarence L, tinsmith, h 348 Water

Norwood William H, lime burner, h Church n Judson

Novak Adam, laborer, h Ann n Pennsylvania ave

Nugent Nettie, dressmaker, h 244 Water

Nunan Maggie, domestic, Walnut c Roe av

Nurss Solomon, teamster, h Broadway bel Franklin

Nye George M, clerk, post office, h 33 Main


Obertin Adolphus D, shoemaker, h 31 Orchard

O'Brien Christopher, clerk, bds 60 First

O'Brien Daniel, laborer, bds Magee n Washington

O'Brien Daniel, mason, h 72 High

O'Brien Davis, shoemaker, h 20 Harmon

O'Brien Ellen, waitress, Homestead Hotel

O'Brien Ellen, widow Daniel, h 70 High

O'Brien Humphrey, stonemason h 51 S Water

O'Brien James, stonemason h Clinton c DeWitt

O'Brien Jeremiah, laborer, h 3 Fulton

O'Brien John (O'Brien & Costello) h 37 Market

O'Brien John, plumber, bds 33 Clinton

O'Brien John, stonemason h 55 S Water

O'Brien John, upholsterer, bds 60 First

O'Brien Margaret, widow, h Clinton Place

O'Brien Mary, domestic, 48 Gray

O'Brien Peter, laborer, h Davis n Seventh

Page 169 - 0

O'Brien Thomas, drayman, h 60 First

O'BRIEN & CASTELLO (John O'Brien and J. B. Castello) marble dealers and workers, 73 Water

O'Connell James, shoemaker, bds Oak n Washington ave

O'Connell Maggie, domestic, 202 Water

O'Connell Paul, shoemaker, h Oak n Washington ave

O'Connell William, shoemaker, h 50 Henry

O'Conner Daniel, carpenter, h 43 Magee

O'Conner David, laborer, h 117 Second

O'Conner Dennis J, (O'Maher & Co.) h 58 Railroad av

O'Conner John, policeman, h Water ab Columbia

O'Conner Patrick, freight hand, h 119 Second

O'Day Andrew, blacksmith, bds 20 Washington

O'Day Cornelius, laborer, h Powell n S Second

O'Day Mary, widow, h 22 Henry

O'Day Simon, mason, h 91 Fifth

O'DEA ANDREW, grocer, 69 High, bds E Second c High

O'Dea John, laborer, bds Seventh n College av

O'Dea Michael, laborer, h 21 Jay

O'Dea Michael, laborer, h Seventh n Davis

O'Dea Thomas, laborer, h Seventh n College av

Odell Abraham, mason, h Fifth c Magee

Odell Isaac, grocer, 78 Fifth, h 76 do

Odell James, ironworker, h Fifth c Magee

Odell Jennie Miss, h 340 Water

Odell Vincent, h Perry bel Clinton

O'Donahoe John, mason, bds 31 Market

O'Donnell Bryan, shoemaker, 104 Water, h 44 Market

O'Donnell Charles, laborer, h Washington ave n Canal

O'Donnell James, machinist, bds 105 Railroad av

O'Donnell John, boots and shoes, 67 railroad ave, h 62 S Main

O'Donnell Matthew, laborer, h Baldwin n Canal

O'Donohoe Dennis, laborer, bds Broadway ab Fulton

O'Donohoe John, laborer, h Broadway ab Fulton

O'Driscoll Michael, laborer, h 125 Lake

O'Farrell Michael, laborer, h Walnut n Millard

Ogden Will D, clerk, 1 Baldwin, bds 90 Lake

Ogden William, (William Ogden & Co. (h 90 Lake

Ogden William & Co, (S. D. Wadham,) druggists, 116 Water

O'Gorman Cornelius, clerk, 116 Water, bds First cor Railroad ave

O'Gorman James, iron worker, h Main n Park

O'Gorman John M, salesman, 36 lake, bds 31 John

O'Gorman Thomas, laborer, h First n Railroad ave

Page 170 - O

O'HANLON GEORGE, sheriff, Court House, h r do

O'Hara Mary, widow Michael, h Washington ave cor Stowell

O'Hara Matthew, laborer, bds Washington ave cor Stowell

O'Hara Michael, laborer, bds Washington ave cor Stowell

O'Hare Dennis, laborer, h 119 Lake

O'Hare Thomas, stonemason h 25 John

O'Haron Bridget, domestic, 298 Water

O'Harra John, wool-spinner, h 85 High

Olcott Hiram, horse-dealer, h 17 Fulton

Oliver George, iron-roller, h 13 Standish

OLIVER THADDEUS E. C. oyster saloon, 28 Carroll also printer h 27 Orchard

Oliver Thomas, teamster, h 90 Baldwin

Olivey William, tailor, 38 Lake, h 7 Munroe

Olsen John, tailor, h Ferris ab Main

O'Maher James, (O'Maher & Co.) h 58 Railroad av

O'Maher & Co. (James O'Maher and D. J. O'Connor,) liquors, 58 Railroad ave

O'Malley Bridget, domestic, 82 Lake

O'Neal Thomas, laborer, h 15 Third

O'Neil Daniel, watchman, h Lake ab Canal

O'Neil Owen, laborer, h 77 High

O'Neil Thomas, laborer, h 142 Second

O'Neill Michael, saloon; 191 Railroad av

O'Neill Michael J, laborer, h Tuttle av n Water

O'Neill Owen, laborer, bds 191 Railroad av

O'Neill William, engineer, h 23 Magee

O'Ragen John, carpenter, h 69 Fifth

O'Riley Dennis, laborer, h Oak cor Maxwell Place

Orvis Emerson, gardener, h Perine ab Franklin

Orwan Charles, clerk, h 42 Washington

Orwan Charles F, lumber inspector, h Lake cor Diven av

Osborn Elias, expressman, h 11 Fox

Osborne Eliza, widow John, dressmaker, h Centre cor Benton

Osborne H. R. jr. clerk, Elmira Car Shop, h 64 Main

Osborne John, shoemaker, bds Pennsylvania House

Osborne John H, shoemaker, bds Centre cor Benton

Osborn J. P. (Osborn & Parmenter) h Newark, N. J.

Osborne Mary A. dressmaker, bds 194 Lake

Osborn & Parmenter, (J. P. Osborn and Charles H. Parmenter) merchant tailors, 151 Water

Ostrander Charles, brakeman, h Harriett ab Market

O'Sullivan James W, clerk, h 66 Columbia

Page 171 - P

O'SULLIVAN MAKR, hotel, 209 Water

Out Jeremiah, laborer, bds Woodlawn n Elizabeth

Overack James, laborer, h First av n S Water

Owen Edward, spinner, bds 26 Oak

Owen George H, (Owen & Morse) h 82 Lake

Owen Henry, cloth dresser, bds 26 Oak

Owen James H, express clerk, h 240 Church

Owen Jesse, farmer and lumberman, h 240 Church

Owen Joseph, wool-spinner, bds 40 Oak

Owens Morris, iron worker, h Park n Main

Owen Richard, weaver, h 26 Oak

OWEN & MORSE, (George H Owen and Henry C Morse) druggists, 134 Water


Pack John, laborer, h 37 Washington av

Packard Abel O, lumberman, h 47 Henry

Packard Allan, furniture finisher, h 142 Sullivan

PACKARD H HOBART, butter, flour, produce, & c. 167 Water h 230 Church (See adv)

Packard Sherman H, machinist, bds 47 Henry

Pade Thomas, laborer, h Baldwin cor Canal

Padden Edward, engineer, h Tuttle av n Water

Pagan Rudolph, jeweler, 176 Water, h 189 do

Page Elliott, shoemaker, h 69 DeWitt

Page J. Hamilton, shoemaker, h 246 Water

Pagett William, h 317 Water

Pain John, puddler, h Seventh n Canal

Paine Emma, domestic, 49 Baldwin

Paine Horace, clerk, bds 100 Market

PAINE SAMUEL H, hotel, 100 Market

Painton George, laborer, h Partridge opp school house

Painton Lewis, fireman, bds Partridge opp school house

Painton Richard, laborer, bds Partridge opp school house

Palen Arthur, tanner, at Limestone, h 19 S Water

Palmer Aden, h 78 John

Palmer Avery M. (A. M. Palmer & Co.) h 80 Clinton

PALMER A. M. & CO. (M. S. Palmer,) grocers, 49 Main, (See adv)

Palmer Charles, tanner, bds 76 Gray

Palmer Charles F, bookkeeper, 129 Baldwin, bds 119 Market

Palmer Edwin D, shoemaker, h 50 Main

PALMER ERASTUS S. deputy collector internal revenue, 159 Water h 14 Gray

Palmer Edward H, (Palmer & Decker.) h 8 Pennsylvania av

Palmer George W. (Palmer & Fenner.) h 74 Gray

Palmer Griffin D. clerk, 130 Water, bds 76 Gray

Palmer Henry T, painter, Elm, h 67 Gray

PALMER MARTIN S, (A. M. Palmer & Co.) also telegrapher, Rathbun House, h 44 S Water

Palmer Martin W. (Trout & Palmer,) h 119 Market

Palmer Morris W. machinist, bds 119 Market

Palmer M. Dwight, blacksmith, Water h 43 Gray

PALMER & DECKER (E. H. Palmer and C. A. Decker) tanners, Pennsylvania av

Palmer & Fenner (G. W. palmer and B. P. Fenner) carpenters, 8 Gray

Papnouo John, shoemaker, h Harriett bel John

Pardoe Thomas, laborer, h Day n Oak

Parker Daniel D, grocer, 105 Baldwin, h do

Parker Edward V, salesman, 5 Railroad Ave, h 88 Gray

Parker John E., conductor, h 125 Henry

Parker Richard T., carriage builder, 255 Water h 337 Do

Parkes Samuel, milk peddler, bds n Willow Brook

Parkes Susan, dressmaker, bds 147 Lake

PARKHURST L. D. physician, 116 Water, bds 122 Market

Parkinson Alexander C. supervisor, h 26 Fourth

Parkinson James G. auger-maker, h Fourth n Woodlawn

Parkinson Thomas, store-keeper E R W depot, h r 20 Thirds

Parks Sarah domestic, Elmira House

Parmelee Libbie, teacher bds 58 Washington

Parmenter Charles H. (Osborn & Parmenter) h 43 Washington

Page 173 - P

Parratt Charles H. barkeeper, S end Lake street bridge

Parry Davis, puddler, bds Oak n Washington ave

Parry Hannah, dressmaker, 1 Pennsylvania av

Parry Philip, puddler, bds Oak n Washington av

Parry Thomas, puddler, h Oak n Washington av

Parsons Annie, widow James, bds 34 Hudson

Parsons Eliza, widow James, bds 26 William

Parsons Granville D, clerk, U S express office, h 41 Fourth

Parsons Henry, tailor, h 15 Orchard

Parsons Jeanette, widow George, h 33 Park Place

Parsons Marcus M. clerk, N C R W 46 Fifth bds 79 Main

Parsons Theodore S, painter, h 35 Davis

PARTRIDGE HENRY M, lumber, 166 Church h 71 Lake

Partridge Samuel, h 72 Lake

Patchen Sarah M, widow John, h Grove c First

Patrick Chester, painter, bds 50 Third

Patrick Seabert, soap manfr, 50 Third h do

Pattengill A. A. conductor, h 54 Fourth

Patterson Electa, widow Reuben, bds Walnut c Millard

Patterson Frank, wood sawyer, h High n river

Patterson James, iron worker, h 95 Fifth

Patterson John, teamster, h 2 Fifth

Patterson Varnum, teamster, h Third c Woodlawn

Patterson William, h 42 Gray

PATTINSON HOUSE, Thomas Reed, Baldwin c Market (See adv)

Pattison Thomas S. h 34 Baldwin

Patton Madge M. patterns, Lake bds 95 do

Patton Madge M. Butterick's patterns, 23 Lake bds 95 do

Pautz Augustus, grocer, 31 Jay h do

Pautz Charlotte, widow William, h N Oak n E Fifth

Pautz Fredricka, widow Carl, h William c Fifth

Paxson Joseph W, bricklayer, h 29 Davis

Pearce Julia, domestic, 37 Main

Pearse Charles W. confectioner, h 50 College av

Pease Daniel, tinsmith, bds Sullivan n Pattinson

Pease Salmon D. farmer, h Sullivan n Pattinson

Pease Samuel W. shoemaker, bds Sullivan n Pattinson

Pease Solomon, teamster, h Gray bel Hoffman

Pease Williston, fruit dealer, 36 Carroll h 12 Gregg

Peck Albert, painter, bds 363 Water

Peck Frank A, clerk, 115 Water, bds 92 Market

Peck Jacob S, boiler maker, h Franklin ab Fulton

Peck Mary A, widow John E, h 16 Sullivan

Peckham Aaron, bookkeeper, h 48 Sullivan

Peckham Edward W, hostler, bds Central House

Pelbrough Thomas, grocer, 33 Fourth, h do

Pelham Austin C, carpenter, h 75 Fourth

Pelham Harvey, box maker, bds 271 Church

Pelham Henry, box factory, Market c Fox, h 271 Church

Pelham Isaac, carpenter, h 92 Clinton

Pelham Louicia Mrs, domestic, Fulton c Franklin

Pellet John, carpenter, h 5 Henry

Pelta Joseph, clothier, 59 Railroad av, h do

Pelton Aaron, express messenger, bds 42 Main

Pendar Sallie, widow John, bds 191 Railroad av Railroad av

Pengbourn William, carpenter, h 6 Perry

PENNSYLVANIA HOUSE, 215 and 217 Water

Penny L. J. widow George, bds Penn'a av ab Franklin

Penrith A. E. widow Isaac, h 29 Lake

Penrose William, carpenter, bds 3 Park Place

Penyear Laurence, bookkeeper, Baldwin, bds Clinton ab College av

Percival Alexander, blacksmith, bds 2 Jay

Percival Thomas, helper, h 2 Jay

Perigo George N, laborer, h 57 Factory

Perine Clara, widow Robert, h Penn'a av ab Franklin

Perkins George C. painter, bds 1 Woodlawn

Perkins Richard, machinist, h Woodlawn n Second

Perry Albert, conductor, h 54 South Main

Perry Ann K Miss, bds 70 Water

Perry Asnieth, widow Robert, h Woodlawn n Logan

Perry A. A. carpenter, bds Mansion House

Perry Henry, engineer, bds water cure, East Hill

Perry John K, druggists, 118 Water, h 70 do

Perry Theodore B, clerk, 118 Water, bds 70 do

Perry Thomas (Perry & Scott) h High n Market

Perry William H, clerk, bds 50 Clinton

Perry & Co, druggists, 118 Water

PERRY & SCOTT (Thomas Perry and Edwin A Scott) insurance and real estate, 103 Water

Persall Julia Mrs, hair goods, 45 Main, h do

Peters Charles B, painter, bds 192 Lake

Peters George C, clerk, 129 Water, h 98 Clinton

Peters George W, engineer, h Center cor Hall

Peters Henry W, mason, h 98 Clinton

Peters John, laborer, bds Gray bel Hoffman

Page 175 - P

Peters William H, conductor, bds 98 Clinton

Peterson Gaylord V. Rev. h Dickinson ab Fourth

Peterson Robert, currier, h John n Harriett

Petre William, freight agent, depot, bds 18 First

Pettengill Nellie, widow Milton R, bds 8 Third

Petty Ellen, widow Sylvester, h 17 Fulton Fifth

Pfeiffer Charles, stone cutter, h 17 E Fifth

Phelps Frank, patent agent, h 296 Water

Phelps Mary, widow Sylvester, bds 1 S Main

Philips Belinda, widow John W, h 57 S Water

Philips Mary, widow Bedford, h 26 Fifth

Phillips John, porter, bds 39 Railroad av

Phillips Thomas, student, bds Stowell cor Washington ave

Phillips William, roll turner, h Stowell cor Washington ave

Phillips William, jr, clerk, 216 Water, bds Wash'n av c Stowell

Piat Mary Mrs, h 199 Water

PICKERING DANIEL F, livery stable, Market cor Lake, h 38 Baldwin

Pickering Edwin B, carpenter, bds Conongue cor Church

Pickering Frank, clerk, bds 38 Baldwin

Pickering James, bookkeeper, bds 22 Columbia

Pickering John, carpenter and builder, Conongue cor Church, h do

Pickering J. W. clerk, bds 22 Columbia

Pickering Silas W, clerk, bds 57 Lake

Pickering William E, clerk, 132 Water, bds Church c Conongue

Pierce Almira W, widow Joel, h 70 William

Pierce George C, salesman, 32 Lake, bds 40 First

Pierce John C, builder, bds 93 Market

Pierson Cyrus, blacksmith, h 111 Church

Pine Squire, musician, h 58 S Main

Pippitt James, bridge builder, bds Pennsylvania House

Pitney Luke, painter, bds 192 Lake

Pitts Samuel, engineer, h 116 Gray

PITTSTON AND ELMIRA COAL CO. E. M. Frisbie, prest; F. H. Atkinson, sec and treas. 10 and 12 Baldwin

Pixley Charles L. (Pixley & Snedeker) bds Hathaway House

Pixley Clara M. sewing machine operator, bds Hathaway House

Pixley & Snedeker, (Charles L. Pixley and Charles C. Snedeker) Wheeler & Wilson sewing machine, 47 Lake

Plate William, saloon; 3 Pennsylvania ave, h do

Platt LeGrand, engineer, h 124 Lake

Plowman William H. (Stowell, Plowman & Co.) h 77 Gray

Plum Charles, carpenter, bds 8 Third

Plum Emma, dressmaker, h 26 Lake

Page 176 - P

Plum Hiram A, carpenter, First cor Elm, h 70 Elm

Plum William H, salesman, 202 Water, h 109 Gray

Poillon William, fire-brick, & c., n city limits, bds 332 Water

Polak Isaac, cigar manufacturer, 118 1/2 Water, h First av n S Water

Polak Levy, cigar maker, bds 1 First av

Pollack Louis, clerk, 8 Baldwin, bds 1 First av

Pollak Julius L. (Johnson & Pollak,) h 13 High

Pomeroy Horace, banker, at Troy, Pa, h 214 Church

Pool John L, asst foreman N C R R shops, h 80 First

Poole John, painter, h 57 Columbia

Pope Fannie, domestic, Hathaway House

Popp Charles, shoemaker, bds 24 Dickinson

Popp Henry, carpenter, h 24 Dickinson

Popp William, heater, bds 24 Dickinson

Poppino Richard, teamster, h Canal opp rolling mill

Porter Charles H. carpenter, h 126 Second

Porter Henry, painter, h 230 Church Washington

Posner Charles, dry goods, bds 4 DeWitt

Post David, h 40 S Water

Post Joseph, laborer, bds Canal opp rolling mill

POST WILLIAM T, real estate, Market c Railroad av, bds W Water n city limits

Potter Aaron F. bookkeeper, h 50 First

Potter Cranston T, livery, 5 Carroll, h 33 William

Potter Elizabeth, widow Henry, h 62 Market

Potter F. D. clerk News depot, post-office, bds 62 Market

Potter Harriet Mrs. h 85 Clinton

Potter John, clerk, bds 62 Market

Pound William H, carpenter, h 34 First

Powell Ellen, widow Michael, h 219 Railroad av

Powell James, laborer, bds Hatch bel Seventh

Powell John, clerk, 31 Fourth, bds 40 First Fourth

Powell John, mason, h 28 E Second

Powell John, teamster, h Church bel Canal

Powell John G, cartman, h Church n Canal

Powell John M. laborer, 38 Fourth

Powell Martin, laborer, h Church n Junction canal

Powell Michael, stonemason, h 40 Fourth

Powell Martin, laborer, h Fifth n Woodlawn

Powell Thomas, iron worker, h 42 Fourth

Powers Michael, laborer, h 41 Magee

Poyneer L. E. bookkeeper, 6 Baldwin, bds 19 Clinton

Prall Benjamin F. dentist, bds 245 Church

Prall Frederick G, dentist, bds 39 Main

Page 177 - P

Prall J. H. R. stair builder, h 245 Church

Pratt Arthur S, salesman, 32 lake, bds 44 First

Pratt Charles, laborer, bds 123 Baldwin

Pratt Charles R, (Collin, Atwill & Pratt) h 28 William

Pratt Daniel (F. A. Stowell & Co.) h 93 Lake

PRATT DANIEL R, president Second National Bank, Lake, h 8 E Union

Pratt Deloss, teacher h Walnut n Hart

Pratt E. L. gardener, h West End trotting Park

Pratt Gaylord, student, bds 36 Baldwin

Pratt George E. (F. A. Stowell & Co.) h 44 First

PRATT H. D. V. sup't E. R. W., E. R. W. Pass. Depot, h 26 Park Place

Pratt Phillmon, h 63 Gray

Pratt Sarah, widow Ransom, h 28 William

Pratt S. E. Mrs. physician, 63 Gray, h do

Pratt Timothy S. (Durland & Pratt) h 24 William

Presler Anthony, butcher, 105 Lake, h do

Preston Charles, peddler, bds Harriett n Church

Preston Lizzie, dressmaker, bds 9 Penn'a av

Preston W. Andrew, laborer, h Main c Water

Preswick Christopher, (Preswick, Morse & Co) h 6 S Main

Preswick E. T. carpenter, h 56 Washington

PRESWICK, MORSE & CO, (C. Preswick, R. Morse jr. and H. E. Baker.) booksellers and stationers, 114 Water

Prescott Frank W. clerk, 13 Baldwin, bds 40 Carroll

Prescott Gardner H, clerk, bds 40 Carroll

Prescott Joseph S. h 27 Conongue

Prescott William H, liquor dealer, 40 Carroll, h do

Price Ada, domestic, 190 Water

Price George, laborer, h Market bel Baldwin

Primmer Hattie, teacher, bds 58 Washington

Primmer Judson, fireman, h 63 Main

Prince George, blacksmith, bds 66 Columbia

Prody Thomas, laborer, h High bel E Third

Pross Joseph W, carpenter, h 106 Second

Pryke Arthur C, laborer, h 56 Third

Puller Charles, gardener, h Lake n Washington av

Purcell John, h 35 Water

Purcell Patrick B, h DeWitt bel Clinton

Purcell Stephen, cigarmaker, h 40 Conongue

Purdy Henry H, physician, 31 Baldwin, h 33 do

Purple William L, drug clerk, Frasier House block, bds Delevan House

Page 178 - Q, R

Purtell John R. clerk, 155 Railroad av, bds 92 Gray

Purtell Robert N, hackman, h 92 Gray

Purtin Martin, laborer, bds Seventh n Davis

Purtin Patrick, laborer, h Seventh n Davis

Putnam Elizabeth A, dressmaker, 125 Water, h do

Putnam George A, telegrapher Rathbun House, bds 119 Market

Putnam John, boot fitter, bds 202 Water

Putnam William M, mattress manufr. Main cor Fifth, h do

Putney Jeddiah M, engineer, h 44 Fourth

Pyman Henry, laborer, Rathbun House


Qualey James, laborer, h First n Railroad ave

Quely Mary, domestic, 226 Church

Quick Frederick, bds 43 Railroad av

Quigley Martin, shoemaker, h Oak n Washington av

Quigley Michael, machinist, h Pennsylvania av cor S Second

Quigley Sarah, domestic, Rathbun House

Quinn Morris, brakeman, bds 21 Third

Quinn Samuel, puddler, h Sixth n Hatch

Quinn Simon, stone mason, h 31 John

Quinn William, laborer, h 21 Third


Radey John, laborer, h 106 Partridge

Radway Albert R, carpenter, h 3 Orchard

Rae James M, express agent, h 30 Orchard

Rae John C, express messenger, bds 30 Orchard

Rafter Thomas, iron worker, h 120 Lake

Ragan Dennis, clerk, Delevan House

Ragan Richard, laborer, h Park cor Main

Ragen Mary, widow Cornelius, bds Elm ab Fulton

Ragen Patrick, laborer, bds Magee n Washington

Ragen Thomas, laborer, h Chestnut n Elm

Ragen Timothy, carpenter, h Johnson cor Washington ave

Rambar Marks, peddler, h 12 DeWitt

Ramsdell Frederick D, bookkeeper, Second c Canal h 5 DeWitt

Randall A. W. Hon. h Water n city limits,

Randall Catharine, widow Richard, h Hart c Elm

Randall John, h College av ab Washington av

Randall Joseph, carpenter, h Walnut n cemetery

Randall Laban, bds Hart c Elm

Randall Reuben W, bookkeeper, bds College av ab Washington av

Randall Richard A, painter, h Woodlawn n cemetery

Randalls Peter, laborer, bds 16 Dickinson

Page 179 - R

Rank James, printer, bds Homestead Hotel

Ransom Henry V, bookkeeper, Southern Tier Savings Bank, h 331 Water

RANSOM REUBEN H, lawyer and justice of the peace, 139 Water h 331 do

RAPELYEA CHARLES E, ladies furnishing goods, 123 Water bds 92 Market

Rapp August, supt Elmira Sleeping Car Co. h Magee n Clinton

RATHBONE HENRY W. supt rolling mill, h 48 Gray

Rathbone William H, bookkeeper, rolling mill, bds 48 Gray

Rathbun Frank, sash maker, bds Pennsylvania House

Rathbun John, mason, 29 DeWitt

RATHBUN JOHN T, real estate, Rathbun Block h 94 Lake

Rathbun Orlando, carpenter, h 11 Mt Zoar

Rathbun Peter, fireman, bds Pennsylvania av n S Second

Rathbun Simeon B, clerk, 112 Water, bds 94 Lake

Rauber Nicholas, cigarmaker, h Harriet n Church

Rausenbaum Abraham, clerk, bds 14 DeWitt

Ray James, laborer, h 7 Pennsylvania av

Raymond Ester Mrs. milliner, 117 Water, h do

Raymond John H, machinist, h 117 Water

Rayner Rebecca, domestic, 55 Baldwin

Read Virgil B, grain and produce, r Union Block h 319 Water

Read, see also Reed, also Reid

Reade Lola, widow Merrick, bds 288 Water

Reader Mary, domestic, 62 Clinton

Reagen Ellen, domestic, 31 Fulton

Reall Elizabeth, widow John, h 63 Columbia

Reall Henry, tinsmith, h 63 Columbia

Reardan Thomas, engineer, h 3 Henry

Rearodon Ann, washerwoman, h 20 Third

REDDER DAVID W. hair dresser, over 167 water h do

Redder Sophia, widow Jacob, h 8 Market

Reddy Hannah, domestic, 18 Clinton

Reddy Leander, h 31 Park Place

Redfed Frank, brickmaker, h Sullivan n brickyard

Redfield Davis S, h 65 Columbia

Redfield Henry S, student, bds 34 Park Place

REDFIELD JARED A. asst genl supt N C R W, 46 Fifth, h 34 Park Place