Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1872 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1872.

Redner, Henry, shoemaker, h 13 Pennsylvania ave

Redner, Lansing, shoemaker, h 13 Henry

Reed, Augustus, boot-crimper, bds 202 Water

Reed, Charles E. clerk, 122 Water, h 88 First

Reed, Eliza C. widow Elbridge, h 88 First

Reed, Elbridge G. car trimmer, bds 88 First

Reed, G. Edward, jeweler, bds 88 First

Reed, Lizzie, widow Rial J. h 145 Water

Reed, Myron D., painter, 1 Opera Block, bds Church cor Linden av

Reed, Walter S., carpenter, bds Pattinson House

REED, THOMAS, propr. Pattinson House, Baldwin cor Market

Reed, see also Read, also Reid

Reedy, Anna, domestic, 5 S Main

Reedy, Eliza, domestic, 64 Baldwin

Reedy, James, laborer, h Broadway n Magee

Reedy, James, stonemason, bds 55 Washington av

Reedy, John, trackwalker, h Railroad n S Second

Reedy, Mary, domestic, 13 Clinton

Reedy, Mary, domestic, 56 Fourth

Reedy, Mary, domestic, 4 E Union

Reedy, Patrick, laborer, bds Woodlawn n Second

Rees, John W., carpenter, h 7 S Elm

Rees, William, roller, h 9 Dickinson

Rees, William H. tinsmith, h Franklin cor Fulton

Reese, Hannah, domestic, 228 Water

Reeve, Fanny, widow James, h 32 Sullivan

Regan, John, shoemaker, h 11 Sullivan

REGAN, JOHN G. grocer, 116 Railroad ave, h 69 Fifth

Regers, Stephen, stone-mason, h Alley ab Church

Rehrmann, F. cabinet-maker, bds 135 Railroad av

Reid, James R., (Reid & Cooper), 30 William

Reid & Cooper, (James R. Reid and J.N. Cooper), Elmira Foundry Washington av cor Canal

Reid, see also Read, also Reed

Reiff, Kate, domestic, 79 Baldwin

Reiley, Timothy, shoemaker, h Market cor Judson

Reilly, Edmund, grocer, 132 Lake, h do

Reilly, Ellen, domestic, 341 Water

Reilly, Patrick, shoemaker, h 30 Market

Reily, Kate, domestic, 279 Church

Reily, Mary, domestic, 203 Church

Reily, see also Riley

Reily, Michael Mrs. bds 105 Railroad av

Relyea, David, laborer, h Franklin c Balsam

Reuben, Isaac, peddler, h 83 Water

Reul, William, saloon, Water c College av, h do

Reynolds, Absalom G. constable, h 36 Henry

Reynolds, Adna, lumber dealer, h 61 Baldwin

Reynolds, Adna H. jr. clerk, bds 61 Baldwin

Reynolds, Alice, dressmaker, h 8 Fox

Reynolds, David S. axe maker, h 117 Church

Reynolds, Eugene, clerk, bds 36 Henry

Reynolds, G.G. (G.G. Reynolds & Co.) h 19 William

Reynolds, G.G. & Co. (S.T. Reynolds,) pork packers, 247 Water

Reynolds, Isaac S. druggist, 95 Railroad av, h 62 Third

Reynolds, Jane, widow William, bds 39 Baldwin

Reynods, John A. lawyer, 105 Water, h 80 Lake

Reynolds, S.T. (G.G. Reynolds & Co.) h 10 William

Reynolds, Samuel N. (E.B. Saterlee & Co.) bds 123 Market

Reynolds, Sophia, widow Hiram, h 253 Water

Reynolds, Stephen T. 155 Water, h Lake c Church

Reynolds, William B. axe maker, bds 117 Church

Rhieu, Frank, agent, bds Pennsylvania House

Rhine, Leopold, shoemaker, bds 204 Water

Rhodes, Anna, domestic, 42 William

Rhodes, Charles W. (Rhodes & Munson), bds Hathaway House

Rhodes, Sarah A. Mrs., h 55 Washington

Rhodes, William, carpenter, h 24 E Second

RHODES & MUNSON (Charles W. Rhodes and David W. Munson), dry goods, 34 Lake

Ribble, Gottlieb, laborer, h 17 Jay

Ribble, Jacob (Roof & Ribble), h 85 Water

Rich, Byron, shoemaker, bds 202 Water

Rice, Charles, shoemaker, h 253 Water

Rice, Daniel O. (Rice & Fitch), h 188 Church

Rice, Edward C. student, bds 25 William

Rice, Elijah J. carpenter, h Perine ab Franklin

Rice, Helen C. widow Lucian N. h 57 College av

Rice, Luman A. engineer, h 72 Fourth

Rice, Remick C. book-keeper, 12 Baldwin, h 25 William

RICE & FITCH, (Daniel O. Rice and Albert M. Fitch), grocers, Church cor Railroad ave

Rich, ____, furniture-trimmer, bds 28 Baldwin

Rich, Richard H. carpenter, h 80 Clinton

Richards, Charles, furnishing, Baldwin, bds 92 Market

Richards, Charles H. (Richards & Hill), bds 95 Church

Richards, David, puddler, h Davis n Sixth

Richards, Joseph, shoemaker, h 223 Water

Richards, Josiah H. machinist, bds 68 First

Richards, Richard, clerk, h 68 First

Richards, Samuel D. puddler, bds 104 Baldwin

Richards, Willard E. physician, h 19 College ave

Richards, William, machinist, bds 68 First

RICHARDS & HILL, (Charles H. Richards and John T. Hill), ladies furnishing and millinery goods, 11 Baldwin

Richardson, Daniel, shoemaker, 126 Water, h 46 Fulton

RICHARDSON, JACKSON, boot and shoe manufacuturer, 209 Water, h 215 Church

Richardson, Julia, domestic, 9 S Water

Richardson, M. & Co. (Michael Richardson, Benjamin W. Topping and George E. Carpenter), dry goods and notions, 6 & 8 Lake

Richardson, Margaret, domestic, 21 Main

Richardson, Michael (M. Richardson & Co.)h 29 Conongue

Richardson, Thomas A. salesman, 6 Lake, bds 42 Main

Richardson, William J. bookkeeper, 6 Lake, bds 29 Conongue

RICHARDT, GEORGE H. proprietor, U S hotel, 135 Railroad ave

Richart, Abner W. blacksmith, h 8 Main

Richie, Charles, shoemaker, h First ab Hoffman

Ridley, Barzelley, carpenter, h 40 Park place

Ridway, M.D. salesman, h Grove cor First

Ridy, Patrick, laborer, h Magee n Fifth

RIEDINGER, HENRY J. grocer, 123 Lake, h do

Riedinger, Joseph, mail agent, bds 123 Lake

Riedinger, Philip, clerk, bds 123 Lake

Riese, Frederick G. ornamental painter, h 36 First

Riff, Ann, widow Cornelius, h 54 Hudson

Riffe, Anna, domestic, Rathbun House

Riffe, Ellen, domestic, Rathbun House

Riffe, Maggie, domestic, Rathbun House

Riggs, Edward H. clerk, h 41 Henry

Riggs, William C. framemaker, h 111 Gray

Riker, Franklin, blacksmith, bds 59 First

Riker, John K. engineer, bds 46 Baldwin

Riker, Lorretto Mrs. h 59 First

Riker, Mary Mrs. 57 Railroad av

Riker, Samuel, h 46 Baldwin

Riley, Ann, domestic, 70 Water

Riley, John, carpenter, h 48 S Water

Riley, Orson, lumber measurer, h Norton n Lake

Riley, William, laborer, h 75 Washington av

Riley, William, stonecutter, bds 16 Davis

Riley, see also Reily

Rinker, Charles, laborer, h 46 Conongue

Rinker, Lucinda E. widow Elias, h Conongue n Clinton

Rinker, William, laborer, bds Conongue n Clinton

Ritz, Adam, tanner, h 6 Monroe

Roach, Mary, widow John, h 65 High

Roach, Michael, coach painter, h 88 Second

Robert, Charles V. carriage blacksmith, h 80 Baldwin

Robert, William, roller, h Woodlawn c Logan

Roberts, Albert, clerk, bds 68 Baldwin

Roberts, E.M. insurance agent, 50 William, h do

Roberts, Edward D. butcher, h 10 E Second

Roberts, Edward P. heater, h Magee c Broadway

Roberts, George C. laborer, h Clinton n Sullivan

Roberts, Henry, teamster, h Harriett bel John

Roberts, Henry S. blacksmith, h 21 Market

Roberts, Herald, cartman, h 10 E Second

Roberts, Isaac, cartman, h Oak c Pattinson

Roberts, James, cupola tender, h Church n Railroad av

Roberts, James F. carpenter, h 35 Fourth

Roberts, James H. shoemaker, bds 21 Orchard

Roberts, John, blacksmith, bds 21 Orchard

Roberts, Nathanael A. cartman, h Maxwell av n Division

Roberts, Sarah, domestic, 215 Church

Roberts, Shadrac, coachman, 82 Lake

Roberts, Silas B. freight hand, h 115 Second

Roberts, Stephen, laborer, h 54 Conongue

Roberts, William, steam dyer, 69 Water, h do

Robertshaw, Clement, expressman, h 27 Henry

Robertshaw, John, cook, Rathbun House

Robertshaw, Rebecca, widow John, bds 27 Henry

Robertshaw, Archibald A. (Smith, Robertson & Fassett) h 31 Fulton

Robertshaw, Henry V.B. carpenter, bds 31 Fulton

Robertshaw, Newton P. student, bds 31 Fulton

Robertson, William B. real estate, Market cor R R av, h 89 Gray

Robins, Amos S. boot-crimper, bds 202 Water

Robins, Emma Dell Miss, bds 185 Church

Robinson, David C. (L. & D.C. Robinson) Maple av, h Southport

Robinson, George, carpenter, bds 24 Fourth

Robinson, George M. (J.M. Robinson & Sons) bds 20 William

Robinson, George T. carriage trimmer, bds Homestead Hotel

Robinson, George T. clerk, bds 92 Lake

Robinson, Hattie, widow Richard, h 17 E Union

ROBINSON, J.M. & SONS, (John M., William H., George M. and Lucius D.) furniture dealers, 41 and 43 Lake

Robinson, Jennie, domestic, Hathaway House

Robinson, John B. clerk, bds 92 Lake

Robinson, John M. (J.M. Robinson & Sons) h 20 William

ROBINSON, L. & D.C. (Lucius and David C.) lawyers, 2 Opera Block

Robinson, Lucius, (L. & D.C. Robinson) h Maple av, Southport

Robinson, Lucius D. (J.M. Robinson & Sons) bds 20 William

Robinson, N.H. Mrs. h 92 Lake

Robinson, Newell D. salesman, 55 First

Robinson, Orrin, (Robinson & Burt) h Maple av, Southport

Robinson, William H. (J.M. Robinson & Sons) h Market c Sullivan

Robinson & Burt, (Orrin Robinson and Mark A. Burt) insurance agents, 2 Opera Block

Rock, Andrew, stonemason, h Elm ab Hart

Rockwell, Cyrus B. butcher, h 53 Orchard

Rockwell, Esther A. (Labar & Rockwell) bds 53 Orchard

ROCKWELL, HOSEA H. lawyer, 12 Baldwin, h Columbia n Clinton

Rodgers, John, laborer, h First n Main

Rodgers, Maria, domestic, 95 College av

Rodgers, Peter, carriagemaker, bds 78 John

Rodgers, Maria, widow Peter, h 5 Fulton

Rodgers, William, laborer, h 13 Fifth

Roe, Charles F. machinist, bds 35 Main

Roe, David E. wire worker, h Harriett cor John

Roe, Edward D. farmer, h College av n city limits

Roe, Frank Captain, U. S. N. h College av n city limits

Roe, John C. h 35 Main

Roe, Joseph M. drug clerk, 95 Railroad av, h 35 Main

Roe, William M. gardener, h 329 Water

Roesenbloom, Jacob, peddler, bds 193 Water

Rogers, George, laborer, Jones' la

Rogers, George W. h 260 Church

Rogers, Louisa, domestic, 190 Water

Rogers, Nathaniel C. clerk, 108 Water h DeWitt n Church

Rohan, Norah, saleslady, 158 Water bds Penna av n S Elm

Rohen, J. clerk, bds Homestead Hotel

Rogen, John, blacksmith, bds First n Railroad av

Rohn, John, tinsmith, bds Pennsylvania av n Elm

Rohn, Martin, laborer, h Pennsylvania an v Elm

Roland, Charles C. hardware, Water h Water c Fox

Rolb, Baldwin, h 15 Lake

Roll, M. Luther, h 35 Carroll

Roll, Manning R. painter, h 90 Third

Romer, Antony, (Bower, Romer & Co.), h 7 College av

Romer, Peter, dyer, bds Fulton opp cemetery

Ronan, Patrick, grocer, Water c High h do

Ronan, Roger, h S Second c Railroad

Roof, John, (Roof & Ribble) h 33 Water

Roof, John J. pressman, h 331 Water

Roof & Ribble, (John Roof and Jacob Ribble) meat market, 85 Water

Rooney, Thomas, painter, bds 1 Magee

ROOSA, AUGUSTUS P. temple of art, 232 Water h 324 Water

Roosa, William P. guilder, h 28 S Main

Root, C.J. Mrs., milliner, 129 Water h do

Root, Eugene, carpenter, h 5 Mt Zoar

ROOT, J. SPENCER, dentist, 115 Water h 5 do

Root, ______, paver, h 25 S Main

Roper, Edwin, lawyer, h 8 Harriet

Roper, Fordyce, farmer, h 8 Harriet

Roper, Merrick, clerk, 101 Water h 8 Harriet

Rose, Alice, dressmaker, h Main c Water

Rose, Clark, brakeman, bds 8 Third

Rose, Enoch L. engineer, h 54 Orchard

Rose, J.M. bookbinder, bds 12 Main

Rose, Richard, shoemaker, h 88 Second

Rose, Stephen, (Booth, Dounce, Rose & Co.) h 27 DeWitt

Rosebrook, A.R. widow Emory, h 102 College av

Rosebrook, Frank, salesman, bds 33 Main

ROSENBACK, MOSES, merchant tailor and clothier, 156 Water h 14 do

Rosenbaum, Abram, clerk, 113 Water bds 14 DeWitt

Rosenbaum, Lehman, (Guttenberg, Rosenbaum & Co.), h 53 Baldwin

ROSENKRANS, HENRY O. mineral water manufacturer, Ferris ab S Main, h do

Rosenthal, Levi, peddler, h 83 Water

Ross, Charles D. traveling agent, h 72 Sullivan

Ross, Elmira J. widow Abner C. h 39 Hudson

Ross, George W. lime burner, h Church n Creek

Ross, Melissa, widow Alfred D. bds 20 Henry

Ross, Sarah J. domestic, 70 Sullivan

Ross, Thomas, laborer, 46 Dickinson

Ross, William, teamster, 45 Dickinson

Rossel, Louis, bds 140 Railroad av

Rothchild, Abraham, clerk, h Union block, bds 56 Water

Rothchild, Moses (Rothchild & Hurvich), bds Rathbun House

Rothchild & Hurvich (M. Rothchild and M. Hurvich), dry goods, 139 Water

Rothchild, Harris, peddler, h 18 Washington

Rourke, Mary, widow James, h 47 Third

Rowland, Charles H. (Rowland & Hall), h 60 Water

ROWLAND & HALL (Charles H. Rowland and Henry M. Hall), wire goods manufacturers, 27 Carroll

Rowley, Franklin, stonemason, bds 104 Hudson

Rowley, Nimrod, stonemason, h 104 Hudson

Roy, John, laborer, h 7 Dickinson

Rulapaugh, John W. carpenter, h 51 Orchard

Rulapaugh, William, cartman, h 24 E Second

Rumsey, Alice, dressmaker, bds 43 Clinton

Ruppersberry, Conrad, farmer, h West Hill beyond city limits

Russell, Adabell, sewing-machine agent, bds 66 John

Russell, Alonzo, laborer, h Woodlawn n Second

Russell, Eliza Mrs. h Powell n S Second

Russell, Florentine, printer "Advertiser," bds 66 John

Russell, Franklin P. carpenter, bds 11 Mt Zoar

Russell, James W. bookkeeper, 3 Opera block, h 258 Water

Russell, Mary, widow John, bds 191 Railroad av

Russell, Mary A. widow Solomon, bds 258 Water

Russell, Minear, laborer, h Powell n S Second

Russell, Peter R. mason, h 66 John

Rutan, Enos W. carpenter, h Hine c Broadway

RUTAN, JAMES C. carpenter, joiner and jobber, h 6 Gray

Rutan, Smith, clerk, bds Pennsylvania House

Rutan, Wilbur, painter, bds 77 Mt Zoar

Rutledge, James, laborer, h Dickinson C Hathaway

Rutter, William E. sup't car repairs E R W, h 40 Main

Ryan, Anthony, laborer, h 221 Railroad av

Ryan, Edward (Ryan & Toole) h 79 John

Ryan, Edward M. blacksmith, h Conongue c E Third

Ryan, Ellen, domestic, Rathbun House

Ryan, Ellen, widow John, h 30 Willow

Ryan, Francis, iron dealer, bds 16 Gregg

Ryan, George, policeman, h First av n S Water

Ryan, George W. second-hand store, 79 Water, h 16 Gregg

Ryan, James, turner, bds 30 Willow

Ryan, Jennie, domestic, 54 Water

Ryan, John, car builder, h 51 Water

Ryan, Maggie, domestic, 60 Church

Ryan, Michael, laborer, h 7 E Third

Ryan & Toole (Edward Ryan and John B. Toole) grocers 171 Water

Ryon, Hannah, domestic, Market bel High

Ryon, Margaret, domestic, Church c Columbia

Ryon, Mary, domestic, 213 Church

Rynn, Michael, blacksmith, h 193 Railroad av


Sacken, Wasa, painter, bds 135 Railroad av

Sackett, Clarissa, widow Caleb, h 28 High

Sackett, Frank E. clerk, 10 Baldwin, bds 28 High

Sackett, J.H. builder, 106 Church, h 43 Washington

Sackett, Richard, h 15 Gregg

Sacres, Freeman, carpenter, h Gray bel Hoffman

Sadler, John, plumber, bds 4 Washington

Sadler, Timothy, butcher, h 4 Washington

Sadtsfield, Charles, stonemason, bds 116 Baldwin

Salmons, Mary, h 17 Washington

Saltzman, Morris, peddler, h First bel Railroad av

Sample, Guy, blacksmith, h 25 Jay

Sample, Robert, blacksmith, Washington av n Lake, h do

Sampson, Joseph C. book-keeper, h 79 Main

Sampson, William L. clerk, 6 Baldwin, bds 79 Main

Samuel, Aaron, peddler, h 19 Orchard

Samuel, Albert (Strauss & Samuel) h 6 Conongue

Samuel, Jacob, tailor, h 90 Church

Sanborne, George G. clerk, 132 Water, bds 17 William

SANDERS, WAYLAND M. music teacher and agent for Steinway's Pianos, h 4 E Union

Sanderson, C.M. (M.C. Mercur & Co.) h at Newark, NJ

Sanford, Percil L. augermaker, h Fourth bel Woodlawn

Sargeant, Thomas, fruit dealer, h 74 Fifth

Sarsfield, Michael, shoemaker, h 40 Orchard

Satterlee, Albert S. (E.B. Satterlee & Co.) h 39 Baldwin

Satterlee, Elias B. (E.B. Satterlee & Co.) h 123 Market

Satterlee, E.B. & Co. (Elias B., Albert S. Satterlee, and Samuel N. Reynolds) dry goods and clothing, 19 and 21 Lake

Saul, Augustus, carpenter, bds Clinton ab College av

Saulter, Charles H. laborer, h Fourth ab Baldwin

Saunders, Frederick, carpenter, bds 1 Dickinson

Sauvey, Alexis, painter, h Sullivan bel Water

Savage, Henry, hostler, bds Homestead Hotel

Savey, Seth, carpenter, h 3 Partridge

Savoey, Mathias, farmer, h Mt Zoar n race course

Savy, Paul J. teamster, h 114 Hudson

Sawyer, Almon, fireman, h Penn'a av ab S Second

Sayer, Sarah, widow Gabriel, bds 11 E Union

Sayles, Guy, law student, bds 35 Baldwin

Sayles, Henry, physician, 35 Baldwin h do

SAYLES, HENRY H. dentist, Stancliffe Hall, Baldwin bds 35 do

Saylor, John, laborer, h Fifth ab Davis

Scales, Thomas, shoemaker, h 43 Henry

Scanlon, Simon, laborer, h Seventh n College av

Scears, James, laborer, h 8 Fifth

Schaaffe, Sylvester, blacksmith, h 29 Jay

Schard, Edward, butcher, h 1 E Third

Scheinstainer, Conrad, milkman, h Wall n city limits

Schimp, Mary, domestic, 21 William

Schlosser, Charles, barkeeper, 140 Railroad av

Schlosser, Jacob, blacksmith, h 7 Columbia

Schlutter, Minnie Mrs. saloon, Railroad c Market h do

Schmidt, John, cabinetmaker, bds 135 Railroad av

Schmidt, Lizzie, domestic, 12 S Main

Schmidt, William, shoemaker, bds 244 Water

Schmidt, William, upholsterer, h 106 Clinton

Schoeller, Christian, laborer, bds 192 Lake

Schoeneman, Louis, tailor, h 39 Water

Schofield, Harry, engineer, bds Baldwin c Clinton

Schornstheimer, Peter (Schornstheimer & Stampp) h 110 Lake

Schornstheimer & Stampp, (Peter Schornstheimer and Adam Stampp) grocers, 110 Lake

Schraoeder, Mina, domestic, Hathaway House

Schroeder, George, music teacher, h 44 Oak

Schusler, George F. bricklayer, h Chestnut n Elm

Schwenke, Frederick W. furniture dealer, h 260 Water

Schwenke, George W. hotel, Railroad av bel Third

Schwartz, Albert, peddler, bds High ab Water

Schwartz, George, shoemaker, h 204 Water

Schwartz, Jacob, law student, bds 45 Market

Schwartz, John, laborer, h Oak n Carpenter

Schwartz, Martin, shoemaker, bds 202 Water

Sclales, Joseph, shoemaker, h Walnut bel Hudson

Scoble, Sampson, carpenter, bds 155 Railroad av

Scofield, Franklin A. bookkeeper, 122 Water h 14 Penna av

Scofield, Herman W. carpenter, h Carpenter n Oak

Scofield, Lewis D. driver, h 2 S Magee

Scott, Alfred, mason, h 80 High

Scott, Edwin A. (Perry & Scott) h Lake n Crescent av

Scott, Leander, agent, h 6 Lake

Scott, Leonard, salesman, 5 Railroad av, h 67 Fifth

Scott, Thomas, spinner, bds 2 Clinton

Scudder, Daniel C. h College av opp Broadway

Scudder, Maciah, bds College av opp Broadway

Seaman, Alfred F. bds 94 Clinton

Seaman, D.E. carpenter, bds Homestead Hotel

Searles, E. porter, bds Homestead Hotel

Searles, Frank H. clerk, 110 Water, bds Homestead Hotel

Searles, George, clerk, bds Homestead Hotel

Searles, John, carpenter, h Balsam ab Mt Zoar

Sears, Mary, widow Henry L. h Howard n Factory

Sebersky, Abraham, cutter, 194 Water, h 14 High

Sebersky, Isidor, clerk, 158 Water, bds 14 High

Sebersky, Julius, clothier, 192 Water, bds 14 High

Sechler, Jacob E. printer "Gazette," h 34 Henry

Seeley, John C. (Herrick & Seeley), h 85 Lake

Seeley, Morris (O.C. Kingsbury & Co.) h 54 High

Seeley, N.R. physician, 132 Church, h do

Seeley, Rollin, painter, bds 27 Gray

Seely, Absalom, soda water manufacturer, Penna av c Hudson, h do

Seely, Charles, salesman, bds Pennsylvania av c Hudson

Seely, Rollin, clerk, 223 Water, bds 54 High

Seely, Tuttle, clerk, bds 36 Main

Seely, W. Carlton, clerk, 26 Lake, bds 54 High

Selaway, George, roller, h 124 Baldwin

Sellen, A.S. dentist, 118 Water, h 224 Church

Sellner, Ezra, clothing, 75 Railroad av, h do

Sellner, Rosa, domestic, 45 Market

Selner, Bernard, tailor, h 65 Railroad av

Selover, John, h 6 Harmon

Selover, John D. h 76 Fourth

Selover, William, laborer, bds 45 Clinton

Selway, James, cooper, h 114 Baldwin

Selway, James jr. fireman, bds 114 Baldwin

Semple, James (Semple & Hay), h 71 Church

SEMPLE & HAY (James Semple and John Hay), plumbers, steam and gas fitters, 45 Lake

SERAT, M.W. division clerk E R W passenger depot, h 209 Church

Sergeant, Stephen B. (Sergeant & Woolley), h Baldwin c Second

SERGEANT & WOOLLEY (Stephen B. Sergeant and Thomas T. Woolley), groceries, Baldwin c Second

Sess, Philip, barber, bds 3 Park Place

Seymour, Edwin C. scroll sawyer, h Fourth c Woodlawn

Seward, Hector M. h 80 Market

Seward, Phoebe, widow Hector, bds 80 Market

Shackels, R.L. barber, Water, h 17 Railroad av

Shahan, Ellen, domestic, 34 Baldwin

Shahan, John, laborer, bds 103 Railroad av

Shaltz, Christopher, laborer, bds 36 Dickinson

Shanahan, Ann, widow Patrick, h Harriett ab Market

Shane, John, laborer, h Baldwin n Canal

Shanley, James, laborer, h 100 Hudson

Shanley, Patrick, bricklayer, h Walnut n Elm

Shannon, John, iron worker, bds 85 Fifth

Shannon, Martin, iron worker, bds 201 Railroad av

Shannon, Patrick, freight hand, bds 85 Fifth

Shannon, Patrick, laborer, h 201 Railroad av

Shannon, Timothy, iron worker, h 85 Fifth

Shappee, Jacob V. tanner, h 67 Sullivan

Shappee, Joel, carpenter, bds 8 Harriett

Shappee, Knap, hotel, Lake cor junction canal

Shappel, Samuel, carpenter, bds 12 E Third

Sharp, John, moulder, h 11 Partridge

Sharpe, Rosa, domestic, 53 Lake

Sharpsteen, Seneca, clerk, h 105 Water

Shaunessy, John, policeman, h 103 Second

Shaw, Guy R. carpenter, h 10 Henry

Shaw, James E. laborer, h 17 E Fifth

Shay, Mary, domestic, Delevan House

Shay, Robert, carpenter, h 32 Henry

Shay, Timothy, laborer, h 28 Water

Shea, John, shoemaker, h Fulton n Hudson

Shea, Maggie, waitress, Homestead Hotel

Shea, Mary, domestic, Sullivan cor E Second

Shea, Philip, laborer, h 32 First

SHEAFE, JAMES S. freight agent L V R R depot, Fifth, h 65 Columbia

Shearer, John H. asst train master N C R W bds 79 Main

Sheckels, Richard L. barber, 219 Water, h Railroad n Market

Sheehan, Daniel, heater, h Railroad av n Park

Sheehan, Margaret, widow Timothy, h Railroad av n Park

Sheehan, Peter, laborer, h 223 Railroad av

Sheely, Frederick C, hides and leather, h 10 Harmon

Sheely, Isaac, carriage maker, bds 78 John

Sheely, Isaac W. wagonmaker, bds 10 Harmon

Sheerer, William, sup't furnace, h Broadway cor Main

Sheffield, Chester C. city express, h 33 Lake

Shehan, Ellen, widow John, h Elm cor Walnut

Sheilds, Hester Mrs. h 38 Dickinson