Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1872 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1872.
Sheives George, h 16 S Main

Sheives William E., carpenter, bds 16 S Main

Shemway Frederick, auger polisher, h 43 Clinton

Shepard Eunice, widow Samuel, bds 22 Dewitt

Shepard John, laborer, h 45 Clinton

Sheppard Christopher C., h 227 Church

Sheppard Peter, waiter Frasier House

Sheppard William, hostler, 221 Church

Shepperd John, bell boy Frasier House

Shepperd William, waiter Frasier House

Sherman Cyrus, auger maker, h 7 Park Place

Sherman Eli B., mason, h 76 Second

Sherman Frank, carpenter, bds 76 Second

Sherman George W.,telegraph operator, bds 76 Second

Sherry Ira C., baggage man, bds Hathaway House

Sherry Lawrence, mason, h 8 Partridge

Sherwood Ira, laborer, h 76 High

Sherwood Mary, domestic Sixth cor Davis

Sherwood N.M., Rev., h 138 Carroll

Shewitt Jane Mrs., h Broadway n Hine

Shey John, mason, h 14 Market

SHIDLEN ERNST, furniture dealer 179 and 181 Water, h 185 do

Shilden Louis, clerk 179 Water, bds 185 do

Shields Alice, widow Michael, h 6 E Third

Shields John, mason, bds 14 Oak

Shields Peter, grocer 20 Oak, h 14 do

Shields Peter, machinist, bds 23 S Water

Shields William, clerk, bds 14 Oak

Shipman Abram, wheelwright, h 244 Water

Shipman Ansel, augermaker, h Columbia cor Fifth

Shipman Chauncey N., book-keeper 6 Baldwin, h 156 Church

Shockey Jacob, bds 59 High

Shoeler John, painter, h 25 Magee

Shoemaker James M., (Freeman & Shoemaker) h Fourth ab College ave

Shoemaker John H., (Bedell, Shoemaker & Co.) bds 57 Lake

Shoemaker Lewis, bartender Frasier House, bds do

Short Agnes, domestic 117 Lake

Short Jeremiah, laborer, h E Third cor Conongue

Showers Henry J., hairdresser, Pattison House, h 8 Baldwin

Shuhmann Louis, (Martin & Shuhmann) bds Fourth c Lake

Shultz Charles, baker, bds 45 Railroad ave

Shumway James C., hardware agent, h 39 Columbia

Sick Paul, laborer, h Carpenter n Oak

Sickles Charles, boatman, h 21 Standish

Sickles Daniel, carpenter, h 36 Dickinson

Sickles Frank, printer, bds 192 Lake

Sidles Mary, domestic 89 Church

Sigison Maria, widow William, h 83 Lake

Sigison William, bds 83 Lake

Sikes William, laborer, h Benjamin ab Fifth

Simberg Abram, peddler, h 83 Water

Simmons Nelson, shoemaker, h Partridge n school house

Simmons Richard, puddler, h Sixth n Canal

Simmons William, cabinet maker, bds 192 Lake

Simms Samuel L., engineer, h 67 Fourth

Simon Morris, h 32 E Second

Simons Austin, peddler, h Harriet n Church

Simons Josiah C., salesman 5 Railroad ave, h 66 Gray

Simons Noah, painter, h 5 Partridge

Simpkins Samuel, clerk 205 Water, bds Elmira House

Simpson James, laborer, h Hart n Woodlawn

Simpson John, porter, bds 43 Dickinson

Simpson Thomas, yardman, Hathaway House

Simpson William, clerk, bds 35 DeWitt

Sinot Thomas, laborer, h DeWitt n E Third

Sisk Eliza, widow Michael, h 73 Water

Sittenfield Solomon (Swartz & Sittenfield) h 11 High

Skahan Edward, laborer, h 54 Harper

Skank Samuel, barber, h 223 Water

Skeahan James, laborer, h 6 First

Skinner Charles W., (Skinner & Goodhue) h 1 DeWitt

Skinner E. V., salesman, bds Hathaway House

Skinner M. J. Mrs., bds 1 DeWitt

Skinner William, hostler, bds 33 William

SKINNER & GOODHUE, (Charles W. Skinner and Josiah C. Goodhue) liquor dealers, 2 and 3 Opera

Block, Carroll

Slack George W., teamster, h First ab Hoffman

Slade Mary , widow Frank, bds 78 John

Slater Catharine, widow Isaiah, h 92 Hudson

Slater Clara, domestic 44 S Water

Slattery William, blacksmith, h 42 Third

SLAUGHTER ARTHUR M., grocer 4 Lake, h 115 Church

Slee J. D. F., (J. Langdon & Co.) h 28 First

Slitely John, shoemaker, h Market n Judson

Slocum Calvin, wool spinner, bds 63 Factory

Slocum James C., contractor, h 46 Market

Sly Catherine Miss., h Maple av c Sly

Sly James M., (Sly & Straight) h 68 Second

Sly Matthew R., farmer, bds Male av c Sly

SLY & STRAIGHT (James M. Sly and William E. Straight) insurance agents 4 Baldwin

Small Lafayette, carpenter, bds Pennsylvania House

Smedes Ellen, domestic 84 Lake

Smedes Sarah, widow Levi, h Canal bel Washington ave

Smith Allen W., prison-keeper at Sing Sing, h 307 Water

Smith Amanda C., widow David, h 57 Washington

Smith Arnold, upholsterer, bds 5 Ann n Sly

Smith Benjamin A., h 75 Sullivan

Smith Benjamin D., brickmaker, bds Benton n Norton

Smith Benjamin F., carpenter, h 42 Main

Smith Charles, agent opera house, h 120 Market

Smith Charles, carpenter, h Penna ave c Partridge

Smith Charles, laborer, h 4 Dickinson

Smith Charles. Laborer, h Washington ave c Davis

Smith Charles B., shoemaker, h 5 College ave

Smith Charles E., clerk 161 Railroad ave, h 93 Market

Smith Chauncey, carpenter, h 44 Hudson

Smith Daniel (Smith, Lawrence & Co.) h 46 William

Smith Daniel G., carpenter, h 58 William

Smith David, carpenter, bds 62 Fourth

Smith David C., plumber, Water, h 1 College ave

Smith Delia, widow Franklin, bds 38 Fulton

Smith Edward, conductor, bds 57 Washington

Smith Elizabeth, domestic 20 William

Smith Elkanah, cooper, h 13 Partridge

Smith Ezekiel, teamster, h 33 Hudson

Smith E. B., baker at Corning, h 222 Church

Smith Fannie G., teacher, bds 19 Union

Smith Frederick W., book-keeper, Water opp College av, h 25 Conongue

Smith Gabriel L., (Smith & Hall) h 60 Sullivan

Smith George, laborer, h E Third c DeWitt

Smith George, porter, Homestead Hotel

Smith George S., (Smith & Elliott) h 9 High

Smith Harriet Mrs., h 42 S Main

Smith Harrison, cradle builder, bds 141 Lake

Smith Harvey, clerk, h 8 S Main

Smith Henry, carpet weaver 27 E Union, h do

Smith Henry, conductor, h 278 Church

Smith Henry, laborer, h E Union c Jones lane

Smith Henry B., farmer, h Benton n Norton

Smith Henry B., station agent E R W depot, h 74 College ave

Smith Henry B. jr., clerk E R W freight office, bds 74 College av

Smith Henry S. laborer, h Carpenter n Pratt

Smith Hiram F., tailor, h 20 Pennsylvania ave

Smith Hiram T., lumber inspector, h 45 Clinton

SMITH HOWARD M., wholesale dealer in coal, also secretary Elmira Slate Co.,

166 Church, h 247 do

Smith Huron O., carpenter, h 16 Harmon

Smith H. Boardman., (Smith, Robertson & Fassett) h Penna av c Mt Zoar

Smith Isaac S., carpenter, h 15 Hudson

Smith James, waiter 173 Water

Smith James H., tinsmith, h 7 Orchard

Smith Jane K., widow C. G., h Third c Main

Smith John, carpenter, h 8 Harriet

Smith John, coachman, bds 279 Church

Smith John, laborer, h 16 Dickinson

Smith John, teamster, h 31 Water

Smith John H., segarmaker, bds 115 Lake

Smith John S., farmer, h 13 Mt Zoar

Smith Joseph A. (Smith & Ward) h Clinton ab College ave

Smith Joseph H., salesman, h 66 Main

Smith Julia, domestic 21 Main

Smith Julius J., (Smith & Co) h at Waterloo

Smith Lewis, mattress manufacturer, 7 Sullivan, bds do

Smith Lewis M., (Smith & Hall) h Columbia c First

Smith Lucius M, sash, doors and blinds, William, h 46 Fourth

Smith Matthias (Hannah & Smith)

Smith Mary J., domestic, Lake c Oak

Smith Millie C. Miss, teacher Lake, bds 19 E Union

Smith Minnie E., hairdresser, h Day n Sullivan

Smith Nellie F., teacher, bds 13 S Water

Smith Norman, physician, bds 13 S Water

Smith Otis H. (Smith & Co) h Sixth c Davis

Smith Orlando N., city collector Water, h 13 S Water

Smith Philip, laborer, h Hall n Center

Smith Robert, carpenter, h 141 Lake

Smith Robert, mason, h 11 E Fifth

SMITH ROBERT T., machinist, also alderman 7th Ward, 194 Lake, h do

Smith Robert V., laborer, h 3 Jones’ la

Smith Ruth Mrs., h 79 Water

Smith Samuel B., bds 278 Church

Smith Samuel C., carpenter, h Elm n Hart

Smith Seymour, supt. Bridges N. C. R. W. h 62 College ave

Smith Simeon T., brick maker, bds Benton n Norton

Smith Susan Miss, bds 12 Main

Smith S. B. cooper 273 Water, h 274 do

Smith Theodore G., deputy County clerk, h 5 ½ Hudson

Smith Thomas, blacksmith, h Stowell

Smith Thomas, clerk, h 44 Conongue

Smith Timothy J., clerk 108 Water, bds 7 S Main

Smith Walter H., laborer, bds 14 Standish

Smith Wilbur N., upholsterer, bds 307 Water

Smith William K., farmer, bds 13 Mt Zoar

SMITH WILLIAM S., carriage maker, 65 Water, h 9 High

Smith W. B, h 74 Second

SMITH, LAWRENCE & CO., (Michael Richardson, Daniel Smith and Thomas Lawrence)

Confectionery manufacturers, 29 Lake

SMITH , ROBERTSON & FASSETT, (H. Boardman Smith, Archibald A. Robertson and Newton

P. Fassett) lawyers 4 and 5 Opera Block

SMITH & CO., (O.H. and J.J. Smith) tin, glass and earthenware, 161 Railroad ave

Smith & Elliott, (George S. Smith and George W. Elliott) grocers 188 Water

Smith & Hall,(Lewis M. Smith and Francis G. Hall) bankers 12 Baldwin

SMITH & HILL (Gabriel L. Smith and David B Hill) lawyers 149 Water

Smith & Ward, (J. A. Smith and W. A. Ward) curriers 39 Clinton

Smithers John J., moulder, h Hathaway cor Dickinson

Snedeker Charles C., (Pixley & Snedeker) bds Hathaway House

Snell Henry C., carpenter, h 323 Water

Snell William, hostler, 53 Lake

Snellegar John, carpenter, h 102 Church

SNOOK ALANSON L.,(Hart & Snook) bds Elmira House

Snow Martha, domestic 31 College ave

Snowden Mary, widow Philip, h Baldwin opp Bark Works

Snowden Philip, teamster, bds Dickinson ab Fourth

Snyder Aloise, barkeeper 139 Railroad ave

Snyder Henry S., carpenter, 283 Church

Snyder Jacob, hotel, 137 Railroad ave

Snyder John, gardener, h 56 John

Snyder Louis, (Snyder & Bloss) h 25 Carroll

Snyder Mary A., teacher, bds 283 Church

SNYDER & BLOSS, (Louis Snyder and George Bloss) music hall and billiards, Carroll cor Lake

Solomon Simon, peddler, h Spring n Water

Sopke William, upholsterer, bds 135 Railroad ave

Souders Samuel H., picture framemaker, bds 254 Water

SOULE ANDREW V., sewing machine agent 34 Baldwin ab Market, bds 11 Fox


Southwick Thomas, shoemaker, h 288 Church

Souvey Alexis, (Wallace & Souvey) h 5 Sullivan

Spangler Adam, artist, h 105 Lake

Spaulding Charles H., (Spaulding & Son) h 31 Main

SPAULDING H. C. & SON, (C H Spaulding) lumber and coal, 38 Fifth cor Canal

Spaulding Thomas S., county judge and surrogate, Court House, h College ave cor Broadway

Spaulding William, carpenter, h 12 Sullivan

Spencer Alice, domestic Water cor Fox

Spencer Dorinda, widow Edwin, h 24 Fourth

Spencer George S., carpenter, h 68 Fourth

Spencer Lydia F., widow Henry, bds 16 Gray

Spencer Orran D., carpenter, bds 2 Gray

Spencer Theodore C., carpenter, h 24 Third

Sperl John (M. Steger & Co) h 20 Conongue

Spickerman Levi B., carpenter, h 7 Water

Spillan John, shoemaker, h Church n Hoffman

Spillane Jeremiah, laborer, h Walnut n Hudson

Spires Anthony, laborer, h Benton n Center

Sprague Charles B., carriage builder, bds Homestead Hotel

Sprague Edward P., musician, h 21 Conongue

Sprigg Charles B., carriage maker, bds Homestead Hotel

Springer James, laborer, h 51 Dickinson

Sproul Ann, widow Charles, bds 23 Orchard

Squires Montgomery N., tobacconist, h 47 S Water

Squires Truman H. physician, 126 Church, h do

Stabler John F. A., tailor 161 Water, h do

Stacker E. M., insurance agent, bds Homestead Hotel

Stage Chauncey, laborer, h Hart n Davis

Stage Clark, slater, h Spring n John

Stage Converse, brakeman, bds Washington n Hoffman

Stage Isaac, carpenter, Washington n Hoffman

Stage Jacob, carter, h Munroe n the river

Stage Martha, domestic, 14 Gray

Stage Rexford, wheelwright, bds Washington n Hoffman

Stagg William E., h 56 William

Stagg William E., fruit dealer, h 26 College ave

Stahl Charles, laborer, 2 S Main

Stahl Jacob Rev., h 10 High

Stahl Nathan J., barkeeper, E R W pass depot,,bds 10 High

Stampp Adam, (Schornstheimer & Stampp) h 110 Lake

Stanchfield John K., physician, Main ab Water, h do

Stanley Fidelia E. Mrs., matron Elmira Female College , h do

Stanley Hoyt, salesman, h 38 Water

Stanley Lawrence, h 48 Third

Stanley Star, shoe maker, bds 38 Water

Stanton Wilber F., carpenter, h Benton n Division

Stanwood E Harriet, teacher Elmira Female College, h do

Stapleton John, laborer, h S Second c Railroad

Stapleton Patrick, laborer, h Powell n Franklin

Stark Chandler H., grainer and decorator, 1 Opera Block, h do

Starks Charlotte, widow Washington, h 154 Water

Stasch Emmel, tinsmith, bds 2 DeWitt

Stauch Lewis, (Stauch & Hitt) h 25 Henry

Stebbins Rosa, domestic Elmira House

Steele Frederick C., (F.C. Steele &Co.) h 213 Church

STEELE F. C. & CO., (Jackson Richardson) boot and shoe factory, Church ab Baldwin

Steele Sophia M Mrs., asst matron Elmira Female College, h do

Steen A. G., book-keeper 147 Water, bds 30 E Second

Steen F. M., bds 30 E Second

Steeples Martha, widow John, h 104 Church

Steere Charles, shoe maker, h 253 Water

Steger Michael, (M. Steger & Co.) h 133 Railroad ave

STEGER M. & CO. (Michael Steger and John Sperl) meat market, 25 Carroll

Steiger Conrad, carpet weaver, h 51 Water

Steiger Matthew, laborer, h Sullivan n creek

Steinhauser George, tailor, h 14 Orchard

Stephens Daniel, h 68 Lake

Stephens Lafayette, pipe, tubes &c., Railroad ave, h 72 Gray

Stephens Robert (Murdock & Stephens) h 68 Lake

Stephens Sarah, widow Charles, h 104 Water

Stephens______, mason, bds 1 Magee

Stephenson Ellen Mrs., h 92 Market

Stevens Charles, bridge builder, bds Pennsylvania House

Stevens Charles F., clerk 222 Water, h Gray

Stevens George F.,clerk Rathbun House, bds do

Stevens Hannah, domestic Hoffman n Washington Ave

Stevens Mary, widow William , h 79 Church

Stevens Thomas P., painter, bds 79 Church

Stevens William H., bds 79 Church

Stevenson Hiram, blacksmith, h 20 First

Steves William, tinsmith, bds Sixth c Davis

Stewart Martin, laborer, h 42 Dickinson

Stewart Thomas H., laborer, h 5 Dickinson

Stewart William, boatman, h 200 Church

Stewart William, painter, h56 Market

Stilbo John, boots and shoes, Water, h 9 Harmon

Stiles Isaac, boots and shoes 236 Water, h 19 Mt Zoar

Stiles Samuel S., printer 26 Carroll, h 18 High

Stiles William, mason, h Clinton n E Fifth

Stilson Jennie, widow Lyman, bds 308 Water

Stilson William (Stilson & Fitch) h 109 Lake

STILSON & FITCH (William Stilson and William H. Fitch) boots and shoes 153 Water

Stilwell William M., grocer 41 Railroad av, h 60 W Third

Stirling John, coachman, Willow brook

St. John Edgar, book-keeper Elmira Car Works, h 235 Church

Stobo John, boots and shoes 152 Water, h Harmon

Stoch Ameul, tinner, bds 2 DeWitt

Stock David H., mason, h 80 High

Stoddard Holmes, roller, h 31 Davis

Stoll A. C., boatbuilder, Conongue n Canal, h 20 E Second

Stoll Adam, shoemaker, h 52 Henry

Stoll Donlevy, carpenter, bds 20 E Second

Stoll Joseph C., h 26 E Second

Stoll William, h E Union ab Second

Stoll William H., clerk, bds E Union ab Second

Stone Clara, widow Henry S., h 113 Gray

Stone Err, carpenter, h 35 Fourth

Stone Jerome D., carpenter, h 79 Mt Zoar

Stone J. K., insurance agent, 163 Water

Stone Larran J., carpenter, h 53 First

Stone Martha W., dressmaker, h 113 Gray

Stone Myron C., carpenter, h 75 Fifth

Stone Nathan, carpenter, bds 68 Baldwin

Stone Russell, engineer, h 85 Second

Stonemets Betsy A.,widow Jacob, h 9 Sullivan

Stonemetz John H., printer "Gazette", h 17 Gregg

Storm Albert, laborer, h Hart n Hoffman

Storms William, farmer, h W Hill n city limits

Story Charles F., carpenter, h 49 Baldwin

Stout John, painter, h 124 Baldwin

Stover William, teamster, h 12 Jay

Stowe Charles W., millwright h Dewitt ab E Second

Stowell Abel, carpenter, 21 William, h do

Stowell Alexander, bds 74 Main

Stowell Charles, carpenter,bds 21 William

Stowell Emery, clerk, bds 21 William

Stowell Francis A. (F. A. Stowell & Co) h 114 Church c DeWitt

STOWELL F. A. & CO. (Daniel and George E Pratt and C. F. Carrier) wholesale hardware 32 Lake

Stowell Henry C., book-keeper 112 Water, bds 21 William

Stowell James, conductor, h 74 Main

Stowell James H., (J.H. Stowell & Co.) h 74 Main

Stowell J. H. & Co. (James H Stowell and A W H Averill) lime kiln, Washington av n canal

Stowell John E. (Stowell, Plowman & Co) also assistant cashier Second National Bank, h 21 William

Stowell Rufus R. (Stowell, Plowman & Co) h 112 Church c DeWitt

Stowell William H. (Barney, Stowell & Davis) bds 21 William

STOWELL,PLOWMAN & CO., (Rufus R Stowell, William H. Plowman and John E Stowell)

Hardware and stoves 112 Water

Strachen Hester, widow Thomas , h 1 Dickinson

Strachen John, blacksmith, h 200 Lake

Strachen Robert, teamster, bds 1 Dickinson

Strader Alfred, cradlemaker, h Lake n Thurston

Strader Peter, cradlemaker , bds Lake n Thurston

Straight William E., (Sly & Straight) h Columbia c First

Strait David, teamster, h 62 Second

Strait Martin V. miller, h Magee n Park

STRANG HENRY W., jeweler 147 Water, h 41 ½ Main

Stratton George, laborer, h 57 Fourth

Strauss Herman, clerk, 3 Union Block, bds do

Strauss Louis, (Strauss & Samuel), h 54 Water

Strauss & Samuel ( Louis Strauss and Albert Samuel) dry goods, 3 Union Block

Strock Jesse K., (Strock & Westlake) h Hathaway House

STROCK & WESTLAKE, (Jesse K. Strock and Henry S Westlake) Hathaway House, Lake cor Market

Strode James, master mechanic, N C R W h 56 S Main

Stroman Charles P., painter, h 23 Market

Strong Eliza, widow Chester D., h 2 Hudson

Strong Pamelia M., teacher, h 66 Water

Strong Sarah Mrs., h 68 William

Strong William, teamster, h 12 Standish

Strouse Harvey H., teamster, h West Hill n Hart

Strouse Jacob E. laborer, bds West Hill n Hart

Strouse Joseph, carpenter, h Judson n John

Strouse Joseph V., laborer, h 98 Baldwin

STRUPPLER GEORGE A., hotel, 131 Railroad av

Struthers Robert, iron worker, h 80 Sullivan

Struthers Samuel, iron worker, bds 80 Sullivan

Stryker Mary, saleslady 189 Water, bds Water

Stuart Charles B. (Stuart & Ufford) h 44 William

Stuart Leslie, shoe cutter, bds 33 Railroad ave

Stuart Ryerson H., conductor, h Lake cor Washington av

STUART & UFFORD (Charles B. Stuart and Daniel E Ufford) merchant tailors 17 Lake

Stull Edward D.,painter, h 145 Second

Stumfle John, blacksmith, h DeWitt bel E Third

Sturdevant Alvin B., carpenter, h Herrick n Franklin

Sturdevant _________, shoemaker, bds 204 Water

Sturges Francis J., carpenter, h 20 Third

Suess Philip, barber Frasier House, bds College av n Third

Suffern Eliza Miss, h 86 Gray

Sugden James, carpenter, h Canal n Fifth

Sullivan Andrew, laborer, h 46 Sullivan

Sullivan Bartholomew, laborer, h Broadway ab Fulton

Sullivan Bartholomew, laborer, bds 49 S Water

Sullivan Catharine, widow Timothy, h Baldwin n Canal

Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, h Hathaway cor Dickinson

Sullivan Cornelius, watchman, h 76 Washington ave

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, h 7 Elizabeth

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, h Elm ab Fulton

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, h Broadway n Hine

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, h Jacob n Penna ave

Sullivan Ellen, domestic 81 Baldwin

Sullivan Ellen, domestic 97 Clinton

Sullivan Florence, news depot, post office, h 85 Church

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, h 3 Elizabeth

Sullivan Johanna, domestic 41 ½ Main

Sullivan John, h 57 Columbia

Sullivan John, blacksmith, h Third n Grove

Sullivan John, laborer, h Chestnut n Elm

Sullivan John, shoemaker, h 12 Fulton

Sullivan John D., peddler, h 30 Fulton

Sullivan Kate, domestic, 15 William

Sullivan Maggie, domestic, Market bel High

Sullivan Maggie, waitress Homestead Hotel

Sullivan Mark, bricklayer, bds 30 Fulton

Sullivan Mary, assistant cook, Frasier House

Sullivan Mary, domestic 49 First

Sullivan Mary, domestic 29 Gray

Sullivan Mary, domestic 72 Second

Sullivan Mary, widow Michael, h Elm cor Third

Sullivan Michael, bricklayer, bds River n Chestnut

Sullivan Michael, laborer, bds First n Railroad ave

Sullivan Michael, laborer, h 6 E Third

Sullivan Michael J., printer, Gazette, bds 25 Water

Sullivan Minnie, domestic 2 Conongue

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h Chestnut bel Hudson

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h 15 Magee

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h Main n Broadway

Sullivan Patrick K., stone mason, h 76 Mt Zoar

Sullivan Roger, teamster, bds Pattison House

Sullivan Thomas, laborer, h 53 Hudson

Sullivan Thomas, laborer, h River n Chestnut

Sullivan Timothy, laborer, h 15 Oak

Sullivan Timothy, shoemaker, bds Chestnut n S Elm

Sullivan William, wagonmaker, h 25 Water

Sultz Robert, peddler, h E Second c Conongue

Surbridge Frederick G., city missionary, h 38 Gray

Surgandy William, haircutter, bds 51 Water

Surganty Joseph, tailor, h 53 Water

Surganty Joseph, tailor, h 53 Water

Susbery Margaret, widow Willis, h 13 Dickinson

Susemihl Herman, barber 10 Baldwin, bds Ann n Sly

Sutherley Isaac N., farmer, h Water n Hoffman

Sutton Amery N., wool-spinner, h 63 Factory

Sutton Charles R., wool-spinner, bds 63 Factory

Sutton David, carpenter, h 34 Water

Sutton Henry, blacksmith, bds 65 College av

Sutton William, shoemaker, bds 146 Second

Swails Jesse A., porter, h 8 Oak

Swails Johanna, widow Peter, h 23 Jay

Swain George, stone mason, bds 38 Washington

Swan Charles, insurance agent 13 Baldwin, h 257 Church

Swan Charles C., book-keeper 101 Water, bds do

Swan Daniel N., clerk, bds 44 Fulton

Swan Erastus A., carpenter, h 26 Washington av

Swan Hannah, widow William, bds 257 Church

Swan John V., insurance agent, h 44 Fulton

Swan Matthew V., h 7 S Main

Swan Robert, clerk 13 Baldwin, h Penna av c Franklin

Swartout Mary A., h r 55 Baldwin

Swartz Emanuel, boilermaker, bds 98 First

Swartz Fabian (Swartz & Sittenfield) h 45 Market

Swartz & Sittenfield (Fabian Swartz and Solomon Sittenfield) hides, 199 Water

Swayze Wilson, mason, h 6 Penna av

Sweeney Annie, cloth worker, bds 6 Jay

Sweeny Daniel, stonecutter, bds 105 Railroad av

Sweeney Edward, cloth-worker, bds 6 Jay

Sweeny Felix, barber, h 47 John

Sweeney, John, laborer, h 6 Beach

Sweeney Mary, domestic High c Church

Sweeny Mary, widow Patrick, h Chestnut n S Main

Sweeny Michael, stonemason, bds 21 Third

Sweeney Owen, stonecutter, h 6 Jay

Sweeney Patrick, mason, h Factory c Howard

Swift E L., clerk E R W Pass depot, h 209 Church