Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1872 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1872.
Swift George, shoemaker, bds Pattison House

Sykes Jesse F., harness-maker 73 Water, h 29 Orchard

Symonds Abbie, widow Ebenezer, bds Tuttle av n Church

Symonds Alonzo D., stonecutter, h Tuttle ac n Church

TABER SAMUEL C., secty N. Y. State Reformatory also secty Elmira "Advertiser"

Association, h 252 Church

Tackman Caroline, widow Frederick, h 12 S Main

Tackman Charles, wireworker, bds 12 S Main

Tackman Lewis,wireworker, bds 12 S Main

Talcott Francis, shoemaker, h 253 Water

Tamley Everett, machinist, bds 192 Lake

Tandy Charles, mason, h 14 Standish

Tarbell Joseph, harness maker, h 367 Water

Tarbox Myron H., agent, bds 117 Lake

Tarington Alfred, barkeeper 173 Water, bds do

Tattersall John, sawmaker, h 119 Gray

Taylorson John, carpenter, bds 32 John

Taylor Abram J., tanner, h 18 E Third

Taylor Benjamin, well-digger, bds 81 Church

Taylor Benjamin W., h 123 Baldwin

Taylor Charity, widow James, bds 14 Perry

Taylor Charles, laborer, h Herrick n Franklin

Taylor Elias W.,livery stable Clinton r Delevan House, h 78 Fifth

Taylor Gabriel C., h 95 Railroad av

Taylor Henry L., clerk, 134 Water,bds 15 William

Taylor John, harness maker, bds 95 Lake

Taylor John W., teamster, h 78 Fourth

Taylor J. Wells, clerk 26 Lake, bds 15 William

Taylor Lewis P., heater, h 71 Main

Taylor Lodruell D., laborer, bds 123 Baldwin

TAYLOR MANSEL, oyster and fruit dealer, Third c Main h do

Taylor Margaret, domestic 32 Main

Taylor Nancy, domestic Hathaway House

Taylor N. Allen, h 34 Pennsylvania av

Taylor Richard, laborer, h 6 Dickinson

Taylor Rood, bds 78 Fifth

Taylor Samuel, boarding house, 15 William

Taylor Samuel B., auctioneer 165 Water, h 65 First

Taylor Sylvester S., lawyer, court house h 22 Washington

Taylor S. G., carman, h 81 Church

Taylor William, shoemaker, h 46 Dickinson

Taylor William D., cradle builder, h Benton c Norton

Teed Rodney A., clerk Elmira car shop, bds 94 Clinton

Teel Martha Mrs., h Benjamin ab Fifth

Teeter Sarah, widow Cornelius, bds Washington av n Lake

Teeter Smith, laborer, h Washington av n Lake

Temple Nancy C., widow , h 65 Gray

Tenbroech Peter, wheelwright, h 40 Washington

TenBroeck William R., clerk Baldwin c Market, h 44 Market

Tenny Martha, widow DeWitt C., h 42 William

Terneur Henry (Young & Terneur) h 38 Conongue

Thacher Charles C., printer, h 22 Market

Thickins John C., weaver, bds 63 Factory

Thomas Albert, brakeman, bds Second n Railroad av

Thomas A.A. traveling agent, bds 190 Church

Thomas Barbara Mrs., h Second n Railroad av

Thomas Dandige, gardener, h Hart n Grove

Thomas Daniel, carpenter, bds 155 Railroad av

Thomas David (Couch & Thomas) h 51 William

Thomas Edward, tanner, h 12 Harriet

Thomas Eliza Mrs., h Clinton ab Lake

Thomas Evan, laborer, h Fifth n Railroad av

Thomas Horace, machinist, bds 51 William

Thomas John H., h 28 Davis

Thomas John J., puddler, h 28 Hatch

Thomas Joseph, roller, h 69 Columbia

Thomas Margaret, domestic 363 Water

Thomas Maria, domestic 21 Main

Thomas Napoleon, machinist, h First ab Hoffman

Thomas Napoleon, machinist, bds Second n Railroad av

Thomas N. Spencer, extract of bark, at Painted Post, h 78 Clinton

Thomas Samuel, laborer, h 32 Dickinson

Thomas William, laborer, h 14 Dickinson

Thomas William, machinist, bds 51 William

Thomas William B., clerk, bds 51 William

Thompson Bradley, auger-polisher, h 31 Washington av

Thompson Charles, laborer, bds Baldwin c Clinton

Thompson Delia, widow James, h 99 Baldwin

Thompson Edward, blacksmith, h 14 First

Thompson Eugene, auger maker, bds 31 Washington av

Thompson George W., baggage master, bds Franklin n Fulton

Thompson Hannah, widow John, h 60 High

Thompson Henry, h Franklin n Fulton

Thompson James, laborer, h Benjamin ab Fifth

Thompson Jeremiah, carter, h 14 First

Thompson John, carpenter, bds N Carpenter n Oak

Thompson John, laborer, h Day cor Pratt

Thompson John, shoemaker, bds 13 Henry

Thompson John M., h Sixth cor McDonald

Thompson John R., shoe manufacturer, Second h Lake c Washington av

Thompson Joseph A., conductor, h 79 College av

Thompson Martha O., widow George, h 75 Main

Thompson Minerva, widow John R., bds Lake c Washington av

Thompson Nathan, laborer, bds Walnut n Washington av

Thompson Orpah W., teacher, Benjamin, bds 19 E Union

Thompson R. J., boot and shoe agent, Second n Baldwin, h Lake

Thompson Samuel J., telegrapher, bd Franklin n Fulton

Thompson Susan, grocer Fifth cor Dickinson, h do

Thompson Thomas, laborer, bds 123 Baldwin

Thompson William, heater, h Canal opp Rolling Mill

Thorne Mary J., clerk Post Office, bds 10 Penna av

Thorne Mary, widow Henry, h 10 Penna av

Thorne William, conductor, bds 10 Penna av

Thorniley George, augermaker, h Fourth cor Woodlawn

Thornton William, laborer, h Dickinson ab Fifth

Thorp John, teamster, h 125 Second

Thrall Corydon W., carpenter, h 50 College av

Thro Charles T. (C.& J. Thro) h 140 Railroad av

THRO C. & J, Western Hotel, 140 Railroad av

Thro David C., policeman, h 64 William

Thro F Joseph, (C & J Thro) h 118 Lake opp Fourth

Thro John J, grocer 13 Baldwin, h 31 High

Thurber Robert, laborer, bds Hatch cor Seventh

Thurstin Theodore W., laborer, h 5 Magee

THURSTON ARIEL S. lawyer 15 Lake, h 41 Main

THURSTON CHARLES P., lawyer 15 Lake, bds 41 Main

Thurston Clarissa Miss, bds 41 Main

THURSTON JAMES S. treas. Elmira Nobles Mfg. Co., h 54 William

Thurston Michael H., wheelwright, W Elmira, h do

Thurston Reuben, carpenter, h Elm n Cemetery

Thurston William K., carpenter, h Elm n Cemetery

Tice Elmira, domestic Tuttle av cor Water

Tice Fannie, teacher, bds 7 S Main

Tice Frances, domestic 54 Fourth

Tice James W., teamster, h Hart n Hoffman

Tice Joseph, h 62 Main

Tidd Charles, builder, h 23 S Main

TIDD HORTON, editor Elmira Gazette, Carroll, h 97 Lake

Tierney Maggie, domestic 72 Columbia

Till Frank, mason, bds 1 Magee

Tillman James A., h 40 High

Tillman John M Mrs., florist, h 40 High

Tillson James, machinist, h 113 Lake

TILLOTSON JAMES K., manager Weed Sewing Machine Co., 33 Lake, bds 23 Conongue

Tilly Arthur T., brakeman, h Partridge n S Main

Titley John, gardener, h 61 High

Toamy Thomas, gardener, h 61 High

Tobin Edward, laborer, h 76 Fourth

Tobin Edward R., cooper, h 1 Jones’ la

Tobin Patrick, carpenter, h Columbia cor Third

Todd Marquis J., turner, bds 202 Water

Todtman Julia, widow Isaac, h 87 Church

Todtman Meyer, clerk 156 Water, bds 87 Church

Todtman Nathan, clerk 191 Water, bds 87 Church

Toles James J., clerk 210 Water, h 8 Gregg

Toles Sarah M., widow James J., h 21 E Union

Tomlinson S. B. (Hart & Tomlinson) h 58 Main

Tomlinson William, turner, h 24 Third

Tompkins Cornelius B., book-keeper, 32 Lake, h 5 Hudson

Tompkins George, painter, bds 92 Third

Tompkins Solomon, painter, Main junc. Park Place, h 92 Third n Elm

Tompkins Tamerlane B., lumber, h College av cor North

Tompson George, bell bot Rathbun House

Tompson Ira M., carpenter, bds 36 Fourth

Tong Jonathan, carpenter, h Third n Main

Tongue Eli, laborer, h 29 Washington av

Tooker Hymon, tailor, 118 Water, bds Elmira House

Tooker Jeremiah, tailor, bds Elmira House

Toole John B., (Ryan & Toole) h 11 Water

Topping Benjamin W., (M. Richardson & Co.) h Odessa, NY

Tousey Thomas Rev., h 54 Main

Tousey Thomas E., bds 54 Main

Tourje Wilbur F., tinsmith, h Mt Zoar n Fulton

TOWNER JAMES A. associate editor Elmira Advertiser, Lake cor Market, h 19 William

Towner Maria, widow Dr. Daniel A., h 134 Church

Towner Thomas, blacksmith, h 3 Park Place

Tracy Francis M., brick mason, bds Elmira Hotel

Tracy Julia A Mrs., h 14 Third

Trainer James, laborer, h Canal c Sixth

Trainer Owen, heater, bds Canal c Sixth

Trapp Sarah, widow William, h 29 Park Place

Traver Kate, widow Solomon, h 5 Davis

Traver William, laborer, h 46 Dickinson

Tremain Warren, shoemaker, bds 38 Hudson

Trescott Jonathan W., harness maker, h 54 ½ Gray

Trickey Harry, blacksmith, bds 69 Second

Trigs Robert, laborer, h 59 Hudson

Trout George A., book-keeper 130 Water, bds 49 Baldwin

Trout Miles (Trout & Palmer) h 1 Conongue

Trout & Palmer (Miles Trout and M.W.Palmer) blacksmiths and carriage manufacturers 255 Water

TSCHAN PHILIP, saloon 87 Water, h do

Tubbs Sarah, domestic 21 Conongue

Tuch Isaac, peddler, h 125 Water

Tunison Lagrange, carpenter, h Water ab Harriet

Turk Martin, laborer, h 61 Factory

Turner A. S., lumber dealer, bds 50 Frost

Turner Charles, clerk, bds 54 Washington

Turner David, cartman, h Perine ab Franklin

Turner George, brakeman, h Main c Clinton

Turner Julia Mrs., milliner, h 54 Washington

Turner Robert T., (Turner, Dexter & VanDuzer) bds Hathaway House

Turner Thomas H., laborer, h 49 Dickinson

Turner William, shoemaker, h S Elm n School

Turner William J., laborer, h 15 Standish

TURNER, DEXTER & VAN DUZER, (Robert T Turner, Seymour Dexter and Edward VanDuzer),

Lawyers 151 Water

Tuthill David H., h 65 Lake

Tuton Anna J., widow George, h 13 Davis

Tware Louisa, domestic 15 College av

Twohey Catharine, widow Matthew, bds 57 Third

Twomey Patrick, laborer,h 16 Third

Tyler Asher, h 13 Main

Tyler Esther, domestic 4 Water

Tyler William, brakeman, bds 89 Clinton

Tyrrell Miles, carpenter, h 23 DeWitt

Ufford Daniel E. (Stuart & Ufford) h 31 Conongue

Underhill Henry C., book-keeper, 6 Baldwin, bds 28 First

Underwood A. H., conductor, h 347 Water

Underwood A W., traveling , bds 190 Church

Unger Joseph, shoemaker, bds High ab Water

Unger Simon, furnishing goods 241 Water, h do

Unger Solomon (Unger & Bauman) bds 10 High

Unger & Bauman, (Solomon Unger and Louis Bauman) tobacconists 161 Baldwin

UNITED STATES EXPRESS CO., Southernland DeWitt, agent 16 Baldwin

Up DeGraff Elbrige G., (Up DeGraff Bros) h 117 Church

UP DEGRAFF JACOB B. (Up DeGraff Bros) h 42 S Water

UP DEGRAFF THAD.S., physician and surgeon 153 Water, h 32 S Water

UP DEGRAFF BROTHERS (Jacob B and Elbrige G.) painters and paper hangers 22 Lake

UP DEGRAFF’S 110TH REGIMENT BAND, headquarters 22 Lake, up-stairs, Jacob B Up DeGraff leader

Updyke Lewis, drayman, h 92 Hudson

Updyke Mercy, h 24 S Water

Updyke Morgan, mason, h 35 Hudson

Upham Joseph, shoemaker, h Water ab Columbia

Upham Whited H., clerk Water cor Baldwin, bds 305 Water

Uredenburg G.C., sewing machine agent, Lake, bds 117 Church

Ustick William,( T. Briggs & Co) h 52 ½ Fourth

Vail Benjamin, h 120 Market

Vail Charles H., brakeman, bds Mansion House

Vail Dell, domestic 140 Railroad ave

Vail Phoebe, widow Aaron, h 85 Second

Vair James L., patent roofing, h 189 Water

Valentine James H., carpenter, h 31 Jay

Valley Hannah, widow William T., bds 40 Main

Valinskey Mendall, peddler, bds 193 Water

Valois August, barber 10 Baldwin, bds 17 Orchard

Valois Augustus, cabinet maker, h 17 Orchard

Van Allen Leonard R., grocer Third cor Main, h 57 S Water

Van Allen L.K., clerk 49 Main, h Main, Southport

VanAmburgh A.B., carpenter, bds 192 Lake

Vanclefe george, coachman, 215 Church

Van Curen C.P., carpenter, h 14 Third

Van Duzer Edward C.(Turner, Dexter & Van Duzer) bds 92 Market

Van Dyke James M., clerk 108 Water, h 15 Gregg

Van Dyne James A., carpenter, h 17 Gregg

Van Etten H.M., Mrs., milliner, 208 Water, h do

VanEtten Samuel, carpenter, h 208 Water

Vangilder Amos, carpenter, h 22 Sullivan

Vangorder John, lather, bds 43 Railroad av

Vangorder Selah T., mason, h Elm c Clinton

Vangorder Sarah, domestic 47 Baldwin

Van Inwegen Charles, h 60 Main

Van Kleeck Arthur A., book-keeper 209 Waer, bds 250 do

Van Kleeck Richard M., book-keeper 205 Water, h 244 do

Vanover George, engineer, h 3 S Elm

Vanpelt Aaron, shoemaker, h 17 Mt Zoar

Van Tassell Jane, shirt maker, bds 11 Fox

Van Tassel Richard W., blacksmith, h 86 First

Van Tassel Samuel, machinist, h 40 Penna av

Vantile Burt, carpenter, h 39 Fourth

Vantyne Chester W., coal oil, Second h 56 Main

Van Wagenen Edward, expressman, bds 72 Columbia

Van Wagenen William H., express messenger, h 72 Columbia

Van Wagoner Alvin, drayman, h 3 Grove

Van Wagner Charles, baggage master E R W pass depot, h 5 Grove

Van Wagoner Cornelius, carpenter, h 3 Grove

Van Wagoner Cornelius, sand dealer, h Hoffman n First

Van Wagoner Henry, laborer, h 96 Fifth

Vanwil Henry D., carpenter, h 37 DeWitt

Vanzandt Josiah W., painter, h 116 Baldwin

Varian Charles E., shoemaker, h 246 Water

Vaughn Julia, domestic 39 Baldwin

Vauseoy Jonas, h Broadway ab Franklin

Veazie Laban, h 43 Market

Velder Louis, physician 17 High, h do

Vell Robert, tailor, h Southport

Vermitya John J., tinsmith 112 Water bds 2 Columbia

Vermilyea Edgar D., engineer, h 12 College av

Vermilyea Hannah S., widow John T., h 12 College av

Vermilyea Jane, nurse, bds 28 Sullivan

Vernooy Charles, clerk, bds 4 Gregg

Vernooy Epenetus, coach builder, h 6 Gregg

Vernooy Samuel, carpenter, h 4 Gregg

Vernoy James E., carpenter, h 54 Washington

Veto Prince, laborer, h Broadway n Catholic cemetery

Vial Ethan, bds 94 Church

Vial William, lumber, Church, h 46 Gray

Vicker William, caulker, h 242 Water

Vickery Edward, shoemaker, bds 253 Water

Vickery Samuel, janitor, h Lake ab Fifth

VICTOR SEWING MACHINE, W. D. Lang, manager 34 Baldwin

Vincent Clayton, conductor, h 102 Clinton

Vincent James R., (Collingwood & Vincent) h 24 Park Place

Vincent Joseph, oil refiner, h Grove n Clinton

Vincent Rebecca Mrs., weaver, h Grove n Clinton

Vinton Charles E., ( C E Vinton & Co), bds 58 Fifth

Vinton C. E. & Co. (J.A. Adams ) liquors, Railroad av cor Market

Vischer John, proprietor Elmira Union Iron Works, h 270 Church

Vockeroth Fred, brewer, bds 1 Church

VOLBRECHT HERMANN, boot and shoemaker, 46 Lake n Market, h 15 Water

Vooreese Augustus, agent, h Church ab Hoffman

Voorhies Henry, laborer, h 33 Clinton

Vought Cornelius, laborer, h Hall n Norton

Vought John C., laborer, h Lake cor Standish

Vredenburg George C., clerk, bds 117 Church

Wade Harvey, shoemaker, bds 118 Market

Wade John S., carpenter, bds 2 Monroe

Wade Joseph, laborer, h 2 Monroe

Wadham S. D. (William Ogden & Co), bds 17 E Union

WADSWORTH SAMUEL H., proprietor Rathbun House, Water cor Baldwin

Wagner George, shoemaker, h 6 Monroe

Wagner John, carpenter, bds Pennsylvania House

Wagner John, tinsmith, bds 6 Washington

Wagner Peter, h 6 Washington

Wagner Peter jr., tinsmith, bds 6 Washington

Wagner Samuel W., shipping clerk 5 Railroad av, bds 6 Washington

Walch James, laborer, h 44 Hatch

Walch James, peddler, h 57 S Water

Walch William, clerk Seventh c Hatch, bds Hatch bel Washington av

Walden Jeremiah S (Walden & Losey) bds Arbour Hotel

WALDEN & LOSEY (J S Walden and R M Losey) Domestic Sewing Machine 163 Water

Waldo Lewis P., clerk, bds 66 Gray

Waldo Louis T., salesman 5 Railroad av, h 56 First

Waldorff George H., carpenter, h 102 First

Waldron David T., (Waldron & Griffes) h 31 College av

Waldron & Griffes ( David T. Waldron and Wilbur G Griffes) furnishing goods 7 Baldwin

Waldruff Lewis H., carpenter, h 102 First

Wales Eugene L. (Langley and Wales) h 121 Market

Walker Albert, carpenter, h 2 Woodlawn

Walker Ella, domestic Lake c Washington

Walker Emmon T. (E T Walker & Bro) h 27 High

WALKER E. T. & BRO., (J N Walker) dealers in all kinds of lumber and coal, Baldwin c Second

Walker James (E H Cook & Co) h 6 S Water

Walker James N. (E T Walker & Bro) bds 27 High

Walker John A., plumber bds 60 S Water

Walker Robert H., plumber, bds 113 Water

Walker Thomas, gardener, h 2 Davis

Walker Thomas, laborer, h 32 Dickinson

Walker Thomas jr., plumber, h S Second n Powell

Wall Joseph, shoemaker, bds 51 Water

Wallace Charles R., coach painter, 225 Water, bds 34 William

Wallace Dorcas, widow Richard K., h 34 William

Wallace George, eating saloon, 71 Water, h do

Wallace James, saloon, Dickinson ab Fourth, h do

Wallace Maria, widow, h 31 Water

Wallace Richard K., (Wallace & Souvey) h 34 William

Wallace William, mason, h Ann n Penna av

WALLACE & SOUVEY(R K Wallace and A Souvey) coach carriage and ornamental

Painters, Fox c Carroll

Wallis Thomas G., express messenger, h 6 College av

Walter Catharine E., widow O C., h 75 Second

Walter R. Edward, conductor, h 19 Sixth

Walter Sallie, widow John, bds 19 Sixth

Walter William M., machinist, h 14 S Main

Walzer Peter N., (Weyer & Walzer) h 262 Water

Wanamaker Manning F., butcher Lake, h 6 Ann

Ward Clarence, shoemaker, bds Washington av n R R

Ward Clarence H., clerk 28 Lake, bds 78 Baldwin

Ward Elton, shoemaker, h Ann n Penna av

Ward J B N., book-keeper, Baldwin ab Market, bds 2 Ann

WARD JABEZ R., lawyer 120 Water, bds Hathaway House

Ward Kate, domestic 134 Church

Ward Moses ,carpenter, h 75 Church

Ward William, engineer, h 106 Clinton

Ward William , laborer, h 11 Benton

Ward William A., (Smith & Ward) h 72 Clinton

Warden James, mason, bds 192 Lake

Ware James D., laborer, h 9 Standish

Ware John, teamster, h College av n N city limits

Ware John S., blacksmith, h 15 Standish

Ware Thomas, shoemaker, h 69 Second

Ware William M.,iron roller, h 116 Lake

Warner Augustus J., principal Elmira Commercial College, Water cor Baldwin, h Water w city limits

Warner Edwin, clerk, bds 55 Church

Warner Emma L., teacher Elmira Female College, h do

Warner E D., carpenter, bds Homestead Hotel

Warner Jacob, (Averill & Warner) h 55 Church

Warner Mary, waitress Pattinson House

Warner Spencer, bds 75 Main

Warner Uriah, carpenter, h 26 Hudson

Warren Archie J., laborer, h Diven av n Lake

Warren James H. saloon, Fifth c Dickinson, h do

Warren Smith, carpenter, 28 Third

Washer Wesley, laborer, bds 9 Mt Zoar

Washington Henry, barber, bds 28 Dickinson

Washington Hiram, teamster, h 26 Fifth

Washington James, laborer, h 30 Perry

Washington John, policeman, h 25 Dickinson

Washington Julia P., widow Isaac, bds 26 Fifth

Washington William, porter, bds 119 Baldwin

Waterhouse John R., carriage maker, Third c College av, h 68 Main

WATERS GEORGE W., artist 21 Opera Block, h 48 First

Waters Joseph, farmer, h n Willow Brook

Watkins John, laborer, h 4 Dickinson

Watrous John A., clerk, h Ann cor Sly

Watrous Justin S., auger maker, h 76 Baldwin

Watrous Richard N., foreman, h 75 Fifth

Watrous Riggs, agent 32 Carroll, h Ann c Sly

Watson Edwin H., sash factory William, h 1 Water

Watson Henrietta, widow William,H., h 108 Baldwin

Watson John H., laborer, h 38 Fulton

Watson Nettie, seamstress, bds 244 Water

Watts John, printer, bds 35 DeWitt

Watts Richard, carpenter, h 35 DeWitt

Watts Robert M., printer, h 1 S Water

Watts Stephen, blacksmith, bds 35 DeWitt

Watts William, clerk, h 73 Fourth

Waugh E R MRs., metallic plate cutter manufacturer 83 Second, h 71 Second

Wayan John, bricklayer, bds 105 Railroad av

Wear John, laborer, h Elm c Railroad av

WEAVER A.W., proprietor National Gardens 29 Carroll, h 30 DeWitt

Weaver Erastus K., tanner, 311 Water, h 195 Church

Weaver Henry ,laborer, h 31 Water

Weaver Jesse, carpenter, h 249 Water

Weaver Lizzie, domestic 24 College av

Weaver Louisa, domestic 140 Railroad av

Weaver Peter, shoemaker, h Church n Hoffman

Weaver William W., baker, bds 307 Water

Webb John, carpenter, h 2 Gray

Webb Mary Mrs., h 69 DeWitt

Webb William ( Jones & Webb) bds 103 Lake

Webber Lorenzo, h 47 Columbia

Webster Daniel, engineer, h 84 Baldwin

Webster Harry L., cloth-finisher, bds 63 Factory

Weed Isaac R., carpenter, h 130 Second

Weed Julia A., widow William, dressmaker, h 134 Water

Weed Phineas, express messenger, bds 134 Water

Weed Samuel E., contractor, h 59 College av

Weeks Charles, carpenter, h 16 Partridge

Wehnes Michael, saloon 109 Railroad av

Weick Frederick, barkeeper 185 Water, bds do

Weis Gustave, carpenter, bds 159 Railroad av

WEIBEL JOSEPH, restaurant Railroad av n Fourth, h do

Welby Martin, laborer, bds 105 Railroad av

Welch Albert, laborer, bds Seventh n College av

Welch Annie, saleslady 158 Water, bds 2 Seventh

Welch Catharine, widow Morris, h 37 Henry

Welch Grafton, laborer, h Benjamin ab Fifth

Welch James, brass worker, h Franklin n Fulton

Welch John, machinist, bds Franklin n Fulton

Welch John C., cartman, 32 Lake, h 14 E Third

Welch John E., engineer, h 64 First

Welch Maggie, saleslady 158 Water, bds 79 John

Welch Michael, laborer,h Seventh n College av

Welch Patrick, laborer, h Penna av n S Second

Welch William G., fireman. Bds 64 First

Weldner George, bootmaker, 73 Water, h 4 Munroe

Weldner george jr., bootmaker, bds 4 Munroe

Weldon James, carpenter, bds Clinton bel High

Weller James, barkeeper, E R W pass depot bds Clinton ab College av

WELLER LEROY, boots and shoes 128 Water, h 276 do

Welles Matthias H., h 101 College av

Wellington Gertrude, teacher, bds 17 William

Wells Arraspus, carpenter, h 17 Baldwin

Wells Benjamin, bds Clinton n Woodlawn

Wells Cassy, widow Henry M., h 200 Church

Wells George, gardener, S Water, c First av

Wells George, painter, bds 9 Penna av

Wells Horace D., insurance agent, h 294 Water

Wells H F., tanner, at Southport, h 29 William

Wells H Marvin, tanner at Southport, bds 29 William

Wells Isaac L., bds 324 Water

Wells James M., carpenter, h 12 Market

Wells Markle C., sewing machines Lake , h Clinton n Woodlawn

Wells Sarah, widow J H., h 9 Penna av

Wells William, carpenter, bds Clinton n Woodlawn

Welsh James, iron worker, h Park n Magee

Welsh John, laborer, h 33 Columbia

Welsh John, saloon, Canal c Washington , h do

Wendell William, porter, bds 10 Dickinson

Wentz W F., conductor, h 48 William

Wermer George, laborer, bds 94 Baldwin

Wescott Arthur, music dealer, Baldwin ab Market, h do

West Alonzo, hostler, Elmira House

WEST CHARLES F., flour mills, foot Water, h do

West Thomas D., carrier, h 15 E Third