Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
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Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1878 / 79
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Governor---- Lucius Robinson

Lieutenant Governor---William Dorsheimer

Private Secretary--- David C. Robinson

Adjutant General----- Maj. Gen. Franklin Townsend

Engineer-in-Chief---- Brig. Gen. James B. Pearsall

Judge Adjutant General Brig. Gen. Chas. Hughes

Surgeon General--- Brig. Gen. Austen Flint, jr.

Quarter-Master General Brig. Gen. Samuel S. Ellsworth

Paymaster General-- Brig. Gen. Clarence Campbell

Commissary General of Subsistence Brig. Gen. Chas. Tracey

Military Secretary-- Col. A. N. DeVoe

Secretary of State--- Allen C. Beach Deputy---- George Moss

Comptroller----- Frederick P. Olcott Deputy---- Henry Gallien

Treasurer------- James Mackin Deputy ---- Joseph L. Hance

Attorney-General Augustus Schoonmaker Deputy—W.B. Ruggles

State Engineer and Surveyor—Horatio Seymour, jr. Deputy—Edward D. Smalley

Auditor Canal Department-- George W. Schuyler Deputy—William McGourkey

Superintendent Public Instruction—Neil Gilmour Deputy—Addison A. Keyes

Superintendent Bank Department—DeWitt C. Ellis Deputy—Henry L. Lamb

Superintendent Insurance Department—William F. Smyth Deputy—John A. McCall jr.


County Judge---- Thomas S.Spaulding

County Clerk---- Alexander Eustace

Deputy County Clerk-- Michael Quigley

District Attorney-- Archibald Robertson

Sheriff--- E. O. Beers

Deputy Sheriffs--- John Beers, D. J. Weyman

County Treasurer-- Jesse L. Cooley

Justices of Session-- J.W. Dilmore, Charles Evans

School Commissioner-- Robert P. Bush

Coroners--- J. N. Newman, A.D. Sullen, J. Stewart Hill

Loan Commissioner-- Paul Collson

Superintendent of the Poor-- Alfred Strader

Board of Commissioners of Excise--- Antone Romer, Jonathan Bunnell, and William

L. Kingman

Clerk---- Jacob Schwartz


Incorporated April 7th, 1864

Mayor---- Granville D. Parsons

Clerk----- Maurice S. Decker


First Ward---- William Pagett, R.R.R. Dumars

Second Ward-- P.J. Lee, John Clark

Third Ward--- J.S Thurston, W.F. Wentz

Fourth Ward—S.T. Arnot, L.Hogan

Fifth Ward--- John Laidlaw, V. Miller

Sixth Ward--- E. Wiseman, J. Mortimer

Seventh Ward- G.R.C. Holbert, J.E. Lockwood

City Chamberlain—J.J. O’Connor

City Attorney—E.F. Babcock

City Assessors-- O.N. Smith, W.A. Ward, and W.R. Cooper

Street Commissioner—D. Caldwell

Overseer of the Poor—W.E. Murphy

City Sealer--- Henry J. Reidinger

City Engineer—G.A. Worth

City Recorder—G.E. Pratt

Health Officer—C.M. Spaulding, M.D.

Assistant Health Officers—P.H. Flood, M.D., S.J. Hill, M.D., C.P. Godfrey, M.D.


Organized, April 1st, 1876

Granville D. Parsons, Mayor, President of the Board

Chief of Police—John S. Knapp

Captain of Night Watch—Nicholas Diester

Board of Health—Common Council constitutes the Board of Health.

Board of Education—Office, 110 Baldwin. President J.D. F. Slee; Commissioners at Large, J.D.F. Slee, M.H. Arnot, H.D. Pratt, J.L.Woods; No.1 District, Zalmon F. Chase,; No.2 District, Chauncey N. Shipman; No.3 District, Charles W. Brown; No. 4 District, Robert M. McDowell; No.5 District, Patrick Battersby; Secretary, M.M. Merrell.

Supervisors—First Ward, John S. Hoffman; Second Ward, C.C. Sullivan; Third Ward, J.D. Williams; Fourth Ward, Abraham Krowl; Fifth Ward, William H. Godfrey; Sixth Ward, Everet Green; Seventh Ward, W.H.S. Scott.


Department Headquarters, corner Baldwin and Market Streets. Chief Engineer, Miles Trout; First Assistant Engineer, Charles S. Goulden; Second Assistant Engineer, Moses F. Syppher; Fire Committee, S.F.Arnot, chairman; John Laidlaw and P.J. Lee.

Companies—Protection Hook and Ladder Co. No.1, Foreman, C.A.Landy.

Elmira Hose Co. No.1, Foreman, F.H. Pelham.

Neptune Hose Co., No.2, Foreman, James Callahan.


Academy—James R. Monks, A.M., Principal; Miss H.E. Munson, N.G., Miss Emily A. Nelson, Miss Cornelia S. Norman and Miss Hattie A. Bliss.

The Academy building is located on a lot bounded south by Clinton street, and extending from Lake to William street three hundred and twenty-one feet, and north two hundred and twenty-one feet on William, and two hundred and sixty feet on Lake street, containing about an acre and a half. This lot ( with the exception of a small parcel since purchased) was purchased from several owners by the corporation of the " Elmira Academy" in 1859, and in 1860 the said corporation conveyed it to the Board of Education for an Academy site.

The building is a substantial brick structure, two stories high, with a basement mostly above ground. The building will comfortably accommodate 150 pupils. It was completed in 1862, at a cost then of $12,000. In the basement are the boys’ and girls’ retiring rooms and wardrobes, the laboratory and society rooms. In the first story are the assembly room and teachers’ rooms. In the third story are reception rooms, library, philosophical apparatus and cabinet. Personal property of the Academy is worth $90,500.

School No.1—Mr. E.J. Beardsley, Principal; Miss Annie E. Hotchkiss, Vice Principal.

District bounded as follows: Beginning on the north bank of the Chemung River, at the bridge of the Erie Railway, thence north on the centre of said railway to East Second street; thence east on the centre of East Second to Madison avenue; thence north on the centre of Madison to East Third; thence east on the centre of East Third to High; thence north on High street to East Fifth; thence east on the centre of East Fifth to Sullivan street; thence north on the centre of Sullivan to Washington avenue; thence east on the centre of said eastern boundary to the Chemung River; thence west on the north bank of said river to the place of beginning.

The school building is located on the corner of Sullivan and Second streets, on a beautiful lot, with shrubbery and grass plot in front, and two large yards for play grounds in the rear, the whole lot containing about four acres.

The building is a substantial brick structure, 119 feet long by 80 wide, two stories in height, costing, with the furniture, $25,000. It was first brought into use in the fall of 1868.

In the building there are sittings for 640 pupils. Personal property belonging to the building valued at $3,500.

School No.2----D.A. Blakeslee, Principal; Miss Julia C. Durbon, Vice-Principal.

District bounded as follows: Beginning on the north bank of the Chemung River, at the bridge of the Erie Railway; thence north on the west side of said railway track to Clinton street; thence west on the centre of Clinton street; thence south following the city limits to the Chemung river; thence east on the north bank of said river to the place of beginning.

The school building is located on a beautiful, dry and airy lot, containing 3 ½ acres, on the corner of Davis and Second streets. The building is a brick structure, two stories in height, 119 feet long by 80 wide. Its internal arrangements, size of rooms, grade of pupils and number of seats are the same as in No.1. Personal property belonging to the building valued at $3,907.

School No.3--- Mr. P. Coburn, Principal; Miss Emily A. Weaver, Vice-Principal.

District bounded as follows: District No. 3 comprises all the portion of the city lying on the south side of the Chemung river.

The school building is located on a beautiful, elevated, dry lot of ground, containing 3 ¾ acres, on the south side of Partridge street, fronting Harmon street, in the Fifth ward.

The school building is an elegant substantial brick structure two stories high, with slate roof, 113 feet long by 70 feet wide, and is located on a beautiful, elevated dry lot of ground containing 3 ¾ acres of ground. The internal arrangements are the same as Nos. 1 and 2. The house was first occupied January, 1871. The entire cost of building, grounds, furniture, &c, was $37,000. Will seat 670 pupils. Personal property belonging to the building valued at $3,400.

School No.4---Mr. A.W.Norton, Principal. Miss J.B. Brook, Vice-Principal.

District bounded as follows: Beginning at the centre of East Second street, on the east side of the Erie Railway track, thence east on the centre of East Second street to Madison avenue; thence north on the centre of Madison avenue to East Third; thence east on East Third to High street; thence north on the centre of High street to East Fifth street; thence east on the centre of East Fifth street to Sullivan street; thence north on centre of Sullivan street to Washington avenue; thence east on centre of Washington avenue to the east bounds of the city; thence north on the east bounds of said city limits to the Erie Railway track; thence south on said railway to the place of beginning. The school building is located on a lot containing two acres, situate on the west side of Lake street, near the Junction canal.

The school building occupies a lot containing about two acres, bounded by Hall and Benton, and Crescent and Division streets. It is built of brick, three stories in height, with mansard roof, and cost $57,000. The personal property of the building, including furniture and heating apparatus is valued at $10,000, and the lot at $10,000. In arrangements for ventilation, comfort, and convenience for school purposes, the building has, probably no superior in the country, Its extreme measurements are 94 by 132 feet, and it has capacity for 900 pupils.

School No. 5—Prof. F.M. Beardsley, Principal; Miss Hulda R. Taber, Vice-Principal.

District bounded as follows: Beginning on the west side of the Erie Railway track on the centre of Clinton street; and thence west on the centre of Clinton to Hoffman street; and still in the direction of Clinton street to the city limits; thence north on said limits to the northwest corner of said city; thence east on the northern bounds of said city to the Erie Railway track; thence south on the centre of said railroad track to the place of beginning.

The building stands on elevated ground, with its main entrance looking toward the south. It is 134 feet long and 81 feet wide. It is erected on a lot containing about 2 ¾ acres. Will accommodate 700 pupils. It is, with the exception of No. 4, the handsomest school building in the city, presenting more the appearance of a college edifice than a common school building. It cost about $50,000.

Academy of Our Lady of the Angels, under the direction of the Sisters of St. Mary. East Market bet DeWitt and High.

Elmira Female College, N. Main cor Washington ave. Rev.A. W. Cowles, D. D., President; Hon. Howard M. Smith, Secretary.


First National Bank—Water near Lake. Capital, $100,000; S. T. Arnot, President: John Arnot, jr., Vice President; M. H. Arnot, Cashier; Hull Fanton, S. T. Arnot, John Arnot, jr, M. H. Arnot and L. Webber, Directors.

Second National Bank—Lake street cor Carroll. Incorporated 1863; capital $200,000; President ,D. R. Pratt, cashier. William F. Corey; Directors, Arthur Pratt, Daniel R. Pratt, George E. Pratt, C.F. Carrier.

Chemung Canal Bank—Water near Lake. Vice President, S.T. Arnot; Cashier, John Arnot, jr; Assistant Cashier, M. H. Arnot.

Farmers’ and Mechanics’ Bank—122 East Water. L.M. Smith, President; H. L. Bacon, Cashier.


110th Batallion N. G., S. N. Y.; Lieutenant-Colonel Com’dg Gabriel L. Smith; Major, R. P. Bush, (Horseheads); Adjutant, G. D. Palmer; Quartermaster, John E. Larkin; Com. Subsistence, John Greaves; Surgeon, Henry Flood, M. D.; Chaplain, Rev. Thomas K. Beecher; Ins. Rifle Practice, William M. DuBois; Armory Advertiser Building, Market st.; Rifle Range, Horseheads road.

Company B; Captain, Florence Sullivan.

Company D;Captain, E. O. Beers; First Lieutenant, J. M. Shoemaker; Second Lieutenant, E. M. Hoffman.

Company A; Captain, Eugene Root; First Lieutenant, E. A. Swan; Second Lieutenant, Daniel Mackey.

Battery, 20th Brig., 7th Division, N. G., S. N. Y. Military officers; Captain Emmon T. Walker;First Lieutenant, M. S. Decker, Second Lieutenant, Morris Decker.


Emmett Band: organized November 8th, 1872, James M. Daly, Leader. Meets in Hall, 656 Magee, Saturday and Wednesday evenings.

Pines’ Quadrille Band,414 South Main; Squire Pines, Leader.

Singerhoff Orchestra; meets at 158 Lake, Charles Singerhoff, Leader.

110th Regimental Band; Frederick Hager, Leader, meets 216 Baldwin, Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.


Park Church, Main cor Church organized 1846; 740 members, number of S. S. scholars, 702; Rev. Thomas K. Beecher, pastor.

First Baptist Church. Church S E cor Main; Rev. William T. Henry, pastor; Charles Brevier, clerk; Howard M. Smith, Supt. Sunday-school.

First Presbyterian Church. Church cor Baldwin; Rev. William E. Knox, pastor.

Second Presbyterian Church, Lake cor Church; Rev. S. T. Clark, pastor.

Free Will Baptist Church, Lake cor Standish. It was opened for service 30th July, 1869, and will seat 208; it cost about $1500; Rev. Samuel M. Broakman, pastor; J. William Emblen, superintendent Sunday-school.

Grace Church (Episcopal), Main ab Water; erected 1865. Rev. F.D. Hoskins, pastor; number of communicants, 184; building will seat 350;number of scholars, 220.

Hedding Methodist Episcopal Church, 318 Church. Rev. L.C. Queal, D.D., pastor; Charles H. Palmer, Sunday school superintendent; erected 1852; cost $30,000; will seat 700; number of members, 400; number of Sunday-school scholars, 300.

Jewish Synagogue—Bnai Isreal—No. 110 High; built in 1862; the congregation numbers 26 members. Rabbi Jacob Stahl.

First Methodist Episcopal Church, Baldwin bet Church and East Second. Organized 1819. Rev. Elijah Horr, jr. pastor; Prof. J. R.Monk, superintendent Sabbath-school.

Second Baptist Church, Church cor Madison av,; Rev. E. L. Mills, pastor.

South Main st Methodist Episcopal Church, South Main cor Pennsylvania av. Organized 1872. Rev. J. B. Sheerer, pastor; W. L. Moody, superintendent of Sabbath-school.

St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Franklin cor Fulton. Rev. James McManus, pastor.

St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Clinton bet Main and Park Place. Rev. J. J. Bloomer, pastor.

St. John’s German Catholic Church, Dickinson bet Fifth and Junction Canal. Rev. A. Geisenhoff, pastor.

German Evangelical Church, organized in October 1874; erected 1877; will seat 600; E. Church n William. Rev. William Kammerer, pastor.

St. Peter’s and Paul’s Roman Catholic Church, Market cor High. Rev. Thomas Cunningham, pastor.

Trinity Church (Episcopal), Main cor Church. Rev. George H. McKnight, D.D. pastor. Number of communicants, 268; 140 scholars.

Young Men’s Christian Association Chapel, Seventh.

Zion Methodist Episcopal Church (African), situated on the southwest cor of Dickinson and Fourth. Rev. S.H. Thompson, pastor.

American Union Methodist Episcopal Church (African), north west cor Dickinson and Fourth. Rev. Nicholas E. Collins, pastor.


Union Lodge, No. 95, F. and A. M. W.; George C. Moore, Master; R. B. VanGorder, S. W.; Charles VanWagoner, J. W.; Granville D. Parsons, Treasurer; Griff D. Palmer, Secretary; Charles D. Giles, S. D.; W. D. Patterson, J. D.; Louis Waldorf, S. M. C.; N. K. Boream, J. M. C.; Rev. William Garnett, Chaplain; A. Buck, Tiler. Regular communications, first and third Tuesdays in each month. Annual communication, December 17th.

Ivy Lodge, No. 397, F. and A. M. W.; S. D. Wadham, Master; C. N. Shipman, S. W.; E. O. Beers, J. W.; John Arnot, jr., Treasurer; N. D. Doxey, Secretary; J. V. Kinner, S. D.; S. S. Dias, J. D.; S. S. Stiles, S. M. C.; S. T. Seely, J. M. C.; Rev. C. Greatsinger, Chaplain; J. A. Baty, Tiler. Regular communications, first and third Thursdays in each month.

Elmira Chapter, No. 42, R. A. M.; J. E. Larkin, H. P.; N.D. Doxey, K.; D. R. Davenport, S.; John Arnot, jr, Treasurer; S. D. Wadham, Secretary; R. B. VanGorder, C. of H.; Alden Derby, P. S.; Herman Schuyler, R. A. C.; James W. Russell, M. 3d V.; William S. Allen, M. 2d V.; Conrad Wehnes, M. 1st V.; J. A. Baty, Tiler. Regular conventions, second and fourth Wednesdays in each month.

St. Omer’s Commandery, No. 19, Knights Templar; H. B. Berry, E. C.; E. T. Walker, Gen. C.; L. A. Hazard, C. G.; F. E. Cleveland, Prelate; C. S. Davison, S.W.; S. D. Wadham, J. W.; John Arnot, jr., Treasurer; F. D. Ramsdell, Recorder; R. B. Van Gorder, S. B.; C. H. Richards, S’d B.; C. L. Hart, Warder; Emt. John D. Williams, Armorer. Regular conclaves, first and third Fridays in each month.

Southern Tier Council, No. 16, R. and S. M.; S. D. Wadham, Master; C. H. Richards, D. M.; F. E. Cleveland, P. C. W.; G. D. Parsons, Treasurer; W. H. Browne, Recorder; L. A. Hazard, C. of G.; Alden Derby, C of C.; Herman Schuyler, Steward; J. A. Baty, Sentinel. Regular assemblies, third Mondays in each month.

Southern Tier Masonic Relief Association: incorporated under the laws of the State of New York; regular meeting of Directors, second Monday in each month. Officers: C. N. Shipman, President; John D. Williams, Vice President; G.D. Parsons, Treasurer; H. B. Berry, Secretary; office 301 E Water.


Augustus Voorhees, D. D. G. P.; J. T. Davidson, D. D. G. M. of Chemung.

Newtown Lodge, No. 89, I. O. O. F.; D. T. Winterstein, N. G. Fred. Fuller, V. G.; W. S. Rees, Recording Secretary; W. L. Gibson, Financial Secretary; James McCann, Treasurer. Meets in Odd Felloe’s Hall, 126 and 128 West Water, every Monday evening.

Donau Lodge, No. 363, I. O. O. F.; William Bower, O. M.; Charles Hopp, U. M; H. Volbrecht, Secretary; Jacob Schlosser,Treasurer; Joseph Crist, P. G. Meets in Southern Tier Hall every Wednesday evening.

Fort Hill Encampment, No. 18, I. O. O. F.; W. E. Dearth, C. P.; L.Redner, H. P.; Joseph Golden, S. W.; James McCann, Treasurer;T.G. Smith, Scribe. Meets 1st and 3rd Friday evening of each month.

Odd Fellows’ Relief Association; J.M. Tillman, President; H. T. Palmer, V. P.; W. L. Gibson, Secretary; James McCann, Treasurer; Directors, J. M. Tillman, E. W.Rutan, W. L. Gibson, James McCann, Jacob Schlosser, O. H. P. Kinney, C. G. Fairman, William Olivey, H. T. Palmer, Joseph Golden, C. S. Crane, James Baker, W. P. Dewitt.

Southern Tier Lodge, No. 344, I. O. O. F. . Instituted January 21, 1873, by O. H. P. Kinney, D. D. G. M. J. L. Cornell, N. G.; W.R.Ten Broeck, V. G.; W. D. Ayres, Secretary; D. R. Davenport, Treasurer. Meets in Southern Tier Hall every Tuesday evening.

Elmira Encampment, No. 86, I. O. O. F.; J. L.Cornell, C. P. C. Bently, H. P.; R. R. R. Dumars, S. W.; H. J. Reidinger, J.W.; J. S. Allen, Scribe; J. Kolb, Treasurer.


Elmira Temperance Union, meets every afternoon at 3 o’clock and Tuesday and Saturday evenings at 7 ½ o’clock, at Temperance Headquarters, S. W. corner Lake and Carroll streets. President, Rev. Elijah Horr, jr.; Secretary, Horace Paine; Treasurer, Will S. Carr.


R. R. R. Dumars, G. W. T.

Queen City Temple, No. 12,meets every Thursday evening at 120 Lake street. M.T. Chubbuck, W. C. T.; T. E. Laughley, W. R.; A. P. George, W. D. R.


Vulcan Division, No. 86, meets every Saturday evening in Knights of Pythias Hall. L.P. Turney, W. P.; G. W. Ford, W. S.; J.S. Ware, D.G. W. P.


J. B. Briggs, P. N. C. R.

Southern Tier Star Tent, No.______ meets every Monday evening in Knights of Pythias Hall. E. Delemarter, C. R. ; W. Squires, R. S.


Resident Grand Chapter Officers--- A. P. George, G. K.; T. E. Langley, G. R.; J. B. Briggs, G. W.; O. Haskins, G. M.; L. M. Andrus, G. T.

Perseverance Chapter No. 1, meets every Tuesday evening at 120 Lake street. T. E. Langley, K.; Mrs. T. E. Langley,Q.; Mrs. Mary E. Havens, L. R.; M. T. Chubbuck, M.; Mrs. A.P. George, L. of H.; L. M. Andrus, T.


  1. P.George, G. W. A. S
Chemung County Lodge, No. 27, meets quarterly at Knights of Pythias Hall. A. G. Steen, C. C. T.; Mrs. M. B. Wilkin, C. T. V.; G. W. Ford, C. S.

Olive Lodge, No. 127, meets every Wednesday evening t No. 1058 Walnut street. Z. Compton, G. D.; William Thurston, W. C. T.; R. A. Randall,W. S.

Elmira Encampment, No. 49,K. T., meets monthly. T. E. Langley, E. C.; John B. Briggs, E.S.

New Era Juvinal Temple,No. 97, meets every Saturday afternoon in Knights of Pythias Hall. J. McB. R. Scott, Supt.; Mrs. Julia E.Smith, W. C. ; Frank Pratt, Secy.

Joy Lodge, No. 149, meets every Monday evening in Knights of Pythias Hall, 112 Lake street. J. McB. R. Scott, D.; S. T. Moore, W. C. T.; W. Van Gorder, W. S.

Bellefont Lodge, No. 355, meets every Monday evening in Hall No. 661 Dickinson street. Wm. McCoudel, sr.D.; W. A. Jones, W. C. T.; WM. McCoudle, jr., W. S.

Our Neighbors’ Lodge, No. 393, meets every Friday evening, South av cor Pennsylvania av. L.M. Andrus, D.; Emerson Orvis, W. C. T.; John Peterman, W.S.

Star Lodge, No. 394, meets every Tuesday evening in Red Men’s Hall, No. 109 Main street. C. M. Backman, D.; G. D. Parsons, W. C.T.; G.W.Ford, W.S.


James Mungovan, C.V.P.

Young Men’s Catholic Benevolent and Total Abstinence Society, meets second and fourth Friday evenings of each month in Knights of Pythias Hall. William M. Howard, Prest.; O. Maloney, Secy.

Father Matthews’ Temperance Society, meets first and third Sunday in each month in the Free School Building of St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Church. J. J. Hannifan, Prest.; James McCarthy, Secretary.

St. Patrick’s Temperance Society, meets in Magee St. Catholic Hall. James Claney, Prest.; William Collins, Secy.


Branch No. 8, Catholic Knights of America. President, Dennis Daly, jr.; Rec. Secy. Charles A.Landy; Financial Secy, John Callahan; Treasurer, Henry Baker; Physician, Dr. Jno. Moroney; Sergeant-at-Arms, Henry F. Armes. Meets every Sunday,cor Lake and Water.

Catholic Young Men’s Literary Association, meets O’Connor’s Hall every second Sunday. J. J. O’Connor, Prest.; Peter McNamara, Vice Prest.; Thomas Murray, Treas.; P. J.Lee, F. S.; John B. Sullivan, R. S.

A. J. O. K. S. B., Aaron Lodge, No. 29, meets in Bush’s Hall, Water street, first and third Sunday evenings. L. Holtzheimer, Prest.; F. Wiener, Vice Prest.; Joseph Wittenberg, Secy.; Rev. J. Stahl, asst. Secy.; A. Sebersky, Treas.

Elmira Saengerbund, meets every Monday and Thursday evening, Academy of Music building, Baldwin street; Frank Karsten, sec.; William Stuevinger, leader.

Elmira Turnverein, meets in their hall, Carroll street; Fred Wagner, prest.; Fred, Kluga, sec.; Henry Dabelstein, treas.

Knights of Pythias, Elmira Lodge, No. 81,meets every Wednesday evening, in their new hall, Lake street, near Water; J. S. Ware. C.C.; N. K. Boeram, V.C.; W. D. Earl, P.; D. W. Munson, K. of R. and S.; John A. Bartholomew, M. of F.; W. H. Stowell, M.of E.; C. W. Hunt, M. at A.

Elmira Farmers’ Club, meets Saturday evenings at their hall, Hoffman street, near W. Hill road. Officers, G. W. Hoffman, prest.; James McCann, vice prest.; W. A. Armstrong, sec.; Charles Heller, treas.; M. H.Thurston, librarian.

Elmira Academy of Medicine. Organized 29th June, 1852; meets on the first Tuesday of each month at its rooms in the Chemung Canal building; officers elected every year; number of members, 50. Officers of the present year: Prest. William Woodward, ; Sec. C. W. Brown; Treas., I.F. Hart; Drs. T. H. Squire, W. Woodward, H. S. Chubbuck, Censors. This society presents a grand array of medical talent, and ranks among the first organizations of its kind in the State.

Chemung County Medical Society, meets quarterly. Officers, Dr. J. F. Smith, Prest.; Dr. William Woodward, Treas,; Dr. C.W. Brown, Sec.; Drs. H. S. Chubbuck, W. C. Wey, J. R. Stanchfield, T.H. Squire, Z. F. Chase, Censors. Delegate to the New York State Medical Society, Dr. I. F. Hart.

Elmira Lodge of Harugari, No. 90, D.O.H. Fred Vockeroth, D. D.; Peter Georgeus, O.B.; Frank Yenger, U. B.; Fred Wagner, Sec.; Adam Mender, Sch. M. Meets in Bush’s Hall,Water street, every Thursday evening.

Elmira Mechanics’ Society, instituted January 15th, 1831; 8 Opera Block. Abel Stowell, Pres.; Norris North, V. P.; R. R. R. Dumars, Sec,; J. S. French, Treas.

Elmira Lodge, A. U. O. W., No. 150, meets in Knights’ of Pythias Hall, every Wednesday evening. J. L. Cornwell, P.M.W.; E.S. Hubbell, M.W.; A. B. Dickinson, G.F.; L.A. Turner, Rec.; C.D. Davidson, Fin.; Uri Bartholomew, Receiver.

Division No.1, Ancient Order Hibernians, organized May, 1875. Meets first and third Friday of each month at Knights of Pythias Hall. J. B. Castello,Prest.; Lawrence Murray, Treas.; William Walsh, Rec.Sec.

German Library Association. Jacob Weyer, Prest.; L. Holzheimer, Sec.; Gottleib Hummel, Treas.; Albert Wageman, Ernst Shindlen, John Young and Philip Weir, Trustees; Joseph Surganty, Librarian.

Massasoit Tribe, No. 14, I.O.R.M., meets 9 N Main, every Monday evening. M.J. Carey, Prophet; H.E. McConnell, Sachem; William Edgerley, Sen. Sagamore; William Weaver, Jun. Sagamore; F. A. Bugbee, C. of R.; James Digby, K. of W.; William Lawlor, G.of F.

Empire Lodge, No. 53, Knights of Honor; A.F. Gibson, G.D.; H.J. Riedinger, P.D.; G.V.R. Merrill, D; W.W. Brook, V, D.; J. M. Craig, assistant D.; J.R. Braden, chaplain; M. Kirsch, reporter; A. F. Gibson, fin., reporter; E. Kellogg, guardian. Meets Monday evenings, in Southern Tier Lodge Hall.

Empire Sate Lodge, No. 199, I.O.B.B., meets in Bushs’ Hall, Water street, every second and fourth Sunday in each month. A Wolheim, prest.; Meyer Friendly, vice prest.; Samuel Strause, fin. Sec.; M. Rosenbeck, cor. Sec.; Joseph Whittenberger, treas.

Orphans’ Home---Fulton cor Franklin. Incorporated 1864, as The Ladies Relief Association; in 1867 name changed to Southern Tier Orphan’s Home. Newton P. Fassett, treas.; contains about 55 orphans.

Post Baldwin, No.6 G.A.R., Department of New York. Comrade H.H. Rockwell, commander; C.R. Wallace, S.V.C.; J. H. Smith, J. V.C.; Theodore G. Smith, adj’t.

Elmira German Dramatic Club, meets every second Sunday, Academy of Music Building, Baldwin st.; Herman Susemihl, prest.; Adolph Rachel, sec.; Fred Schweppe, treas.

Seventh Ward National Club, meets every Thursday evening at 856 Lake st.; Charles H. Bliven, prest.; Judson Brown,sec.;S.A. Hosford, quartermaster; A. S. Fitch, chaplain; E.O. Beers, O. G.; A. Ogden, O.D. Meets first Thursday in each month.

Southern Tier Soldiers’ Relief Association; meets 1st Monday of each month, in G.A.R. rooms; R.R.R. Dumars, prest.; A. S. Fitch, vice prest.; J.L. Connell, sec.; John G. Copley, treas.


St. Peters’ and St. Paul’s Benevolent Society. Officers; Daniel McCarthy, prest.; Lawrence Murray, vice prest.; T.O. Leary,rec. sec.; James Carroll, cor. Sec.; Patrick McInerny, treas.

Chemung Valley Grange, No. 57. Patrons of Husbandry, meets in Farmer’s Club Hall, Hoffman street, the first and third Thursday evenings of each month; William A. Armstrong, master; Miss Libbie J. Carpenter, sec.; George Harris,Treas.

Hope Council, No.5, Sovereigns of Industry; Wm. B. Wilkins, prest.; Charles D. Shaw, sec.; Err Stone, treas.

Christe-delphian Society meets every Sunday at 11 A.M. in Y. M.C.A. parlors. J.F. Sykes, prest.; Andrew Hall, sec.

Young Men’s Christian Association--- The Association was established 1858, with the following officers and additional members at its first Board of Managers; H. M. Partridge, prest.; S.B. Fairman, vice-prest.; A.R. Wright, cor. Sec.; S.Van Campen. Rec.; S. Ayres, treas.; Additional Members, F. Collingwood, D. Thompson Dunn, I. F. Hart, J. R. Ward. Its leading object is the moral and intellectual well-being of young men. It sustains prayer meetings, out of door meetings and three mission Sunday-schools. It has a chapel in the Second Ward, erected at a cost of $2,500, for Sunday and week day services. The Association provides a City Missionary to attend to its benevolent and religius work; expending several thousands of dollars yearly for the poor. He looks after the employment of those in want of work. The circulating and reference library of the Association, number about 6,000 volumes. The library table is supplied with all the leading magazines and quarterlies. The reading room contains on file the prominent journals. The use of the circulating library costs to members one dollar; to all others, two dollars per year, payable quarterly, semi-annually or annually. The reading room or reference library are free. The Association sustains an annual course of lectures and monthly literary meetings and reunions, a Palestine class for the higher study of the Scriptures; Bible class meetings of Christian Workers and home entertainments. The present Board of Managers are E. A. Scott, prest.; A. P. George, vice prest.; H. E. Cleveland; rec. sec.; Ira T. Hart, cor. Sec.; J. Q. Ingham, treas.; C.L. Shattuck, Chairman Church Committee; J.J. Whitney, B.M. Nichols, Clayton Gerrity, S.S. Stiles, Jesse Covley, N. P. Fassett, William Beach, John J. Nicks, and T. W. Elmore, trustees.


Elmira Gaslight Company. Office Chemung Canal Bank Building; incorporated 1852; capital, $50,000. M.H. Arnot, Pres.; S.T. Arnot, Sec., Treas. and Supt.

Elmira Water Works. Office 212 E. Water; organized April, 1869; Pres.Alexander S. Diven; Vice Pres., G. M. Diven; Treas. Alexander Diven; Sec. John M. Diven; Superintendent, John H. Leavitt; capitol, $50,000.

Elmira Iron and Steel Rolling Mill Co., H. W. Rathbone, Pres.; S.T. Reynolds, Vice Pres.; Jesse L. Cooley, Sec. and Treas.; capital $500,000. Office 731 Canal.

Junction Canal Company. Office Chemung Canal Bank Building; M. H. Arnot, Pres.; Sec. and Treas.,S. T. Arnot.

McIntyre Coal Company. Organized January 1870. Pres. C.J. Langdon; Treas. W. L. Kingman; Sec., W. D. Kelly. 110 Baldwin.

Elmira and Horsehead Railway. Pres. A. S. Diven; Sec. and Treas. G. M. Diven; Supt. J. E. Westgate. Office 212 E Water.

The Husbandman Association. Incorporated August 1874; Chas. Heller,Prest.; J. S. Van Duser, Sec. and Treas.

American District Telegraph Company. Incorporated 1877; office 150 Baldwin st.; G.M. Diven, Pres.; F.H. Atkinson, Sec. and Treas.; M.S. Palmer, manager.

LaFrance Manufacturing Company. Office, Junction cor LaFrance, capital, 100,000. Georgo M. Divin, pres; Eugene Divin, treas.; Henry R. Mix, sec.


Elmira Daily and Weekly Advertiser, published by the Elmira Advertiser Association. Charles G. Fairman, President; R.R.R. Dumars, Treasurer and Superintendent; Lake cor Market. Daily, $10; Weekly, $2.

Elmira Daily and Weekly Gazette. Daily published every afternoon at 3 o’clock by the Gazette Company, No. 123 Lake st.; is served to cit subscribers for 65 cents per month or $8 per annum, Weekly, published every Friday. Terms, $2 per year, payable in advance.

Daily Evening Herald. Published daily by John A. Croghan, at 421 Carroll st., Price, $5.50 per year.

The Bistoury, (Quarterly Medical Journal), Thad. S. Up de Graff, editor and publisher, 111 and 113 W Hudson.

Weekly Free Press, published every Friday at 326 Carroll street., by Horace H. Purday, at $1.50 per year.

Chemung County Journal, published weekly by Fred Wagner, at $2.00 per year.

Sunday Morning Times, published every Sunday morning at 326 Carroll street, by Daley & Espenhain, at $2.00 per year.

The Elmira Enterprise, published 15th of each month. Fifty cents per year in advance; Miss Laura E. Adams, proprietress; 400 High.

The Husbandman, published by the Husbandman Association. Charles Heller, President; J. S. VanDuzer, Secretary and Treasurer.


The incorporation papers for the Association of the Home for Aged Men and Women, in the city of Elmira, Chemung county, N.Y., were executed April 14th, 1874. Completed by Judge Balcoms’ signature and filed in the clerk’s office June 14th, 1874, recorded June 18th, 1874.

The Association having received a deed from Dr. E. Eldridge and wife of four acres of ground, located in Eldridge Park, have commenced erecting a suitable building fronting on Broad av., to accommodate a large number of aged men and women. The work is conducted by a most energetic, earnest working association of ladies who have received large subscriptions from the public.

The corporate name of this association is,"Home for the Aged".

The directresses or officers who are to manage the affairs of this association area; Mrs. Richmond Jones, Pres.; Mrs. George Hoffman, Vice Pres.; Mrs. E. A. Mitchel, Sec.; Mr. Chauncey N. Shipman, Treas.