Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1878 / 79
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ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THIS DIRECTORY.---Ab, above; al., alley; av., avenue; bds., boards; bel., below; bet., between; cor., corner; do., ditto; E., east; ft., foot; h., house; la., lane; n., near; N., north; r., rear; rd., road; R.R. railroad; sq., square., S., south; W., west


ABBOTT, AARON B., real estate, 407 N Main, h do

Abbot, Catharine A., widow Charles R.R., h 102 W Hudson

Abbott, Charles, brakeman, bds 156 N 3d

Abbott, Charles, sexton Woodlawn cemetery, h do

Abbott, Francis L., clerk, 303 E Water, bds 230 W Water

Abbott, Fred, collector, h 355 Columbia

Abbott, James, conductor, h O'Gorman n N. C. R. R.

Abbott, James, foreman, h Diven av n Baldwin

Abbott, Orleana, widow Dr. Frank B., h 230 W Water

Abt, Joseph, shoemaker, 602 E Church, h 702 Dickinson

Academy of Our Lady of the Angels, under the Sisters of St. Mary, E Market n High

Achebach, Clarence, traveling agent, h 119 W Henry

Acker, Emma, domestic, 410 Baldwin

Ackerman, James B., h 303 E Water

ACKERMAN, SARAH A. Mrs., dressmaker, 303 E Water, h do

Adam, John Q., bookkeeper Climax tobacco works, bds 114 W 1st

Adams, Charles W., carpenter, bds 309 William

Adams, Cornelius, coachman, 325 Lake

Adams, George E., conductor, h 370 Pennsylvania av

Adams, J.J., guard N. Y. S. Reformatory, bds do

Adams, J.W. Mrs., bds 217 Mt. Zoar

Adams, Jacob J., waiter, bds 708 Baldwin

Adams, James A. (C.E. Vinton & Co.), bds Farmers' Home

Adams, John, bootmaker, h 507 W 2d

Adams, Laura E., propr. Elmira Enterprise, 400 High, bds do

Adams, Mary G., widow John T., bds 962 East av

Adams, Nancy R., laundress, bds 708 Baldwin

Adams, Oscar H., physician, 400 High, h do

Adams, Robert W., kalsominer, h 708 Baldwin

Adams, Samuel, laborer, h 408 DeWitt

Adams, Thomas, varnisher, bds 408 DeWitt

Adams, William, shoemaker, bds 107 W 2d

Addison, Washington, laborer, h 610 Baldwin

Albers, John, cabinetmaker, h 306 Orchard

Albert, Benjamin, peddler, h 54 Munroe

Albertson, Eugene, clerk, 117 E Water, bds 710 Benjamin

Albertson, George W., engineer, h 710 Benjamin

Albertson, John V., laborer, bds 521 Harper

Albertson, Virgil, carpenter, h 521 Harper

Albro, Walter H., clerk, 308 Carroll, bds 339 Maple av

Albro, William W., cigarmanufr, r 339 Maple av, h 339 Maple av

Alderson, Paul, carpenter, h r 423 W 4th

Aldrich, Albert A., carpenter, bds 718 College av

Aldrich, Anna M., milliner, bds 709 N Main

Aldrich, Charles D., foreman, h 850 N Main

Aldrich, Emma, hair worker, bds 709 N Main

Aldrich, Ethan, h 852 Magee

Aldrich, Ethan A., carpenter, h 718 College av

Aldrich, John E., carpenter, bds 718 College av

Aldrich, Oscar E., foreman, h 856 N Main

Aldrich, Rebecca, milliner, bds 709 N Main

Aldrich, Schuyler Rev., h 913 Lake

Aldrich, V., carpenter, h 709 N Main

Aldrich, Sarah, dressmaker, bds 320 W 1st

Alexander, Minor, watchman, h 108 Spring

Alfred, Mary C., widow James, h 707 Benjamin

Alington, Augustus, bds 608 Jay

Alington, Dellia, hat trimmer, bds 608 Jay

Alington, Elizabeth, widow John, h 608 Jay

Allen, Almina, widow Enos, h W 1st cor Wall

Allen, Andrew J., farmer, bds 1113 Elm

Allen, Andrew J., plumber, bds 112 Orchard

Allen, Annie, domestic, 713 Park Place

ALLEN, CHARLES A., marble and granite works, 111 S Main, h W 1st cor Wall

Allen, Clark H., farmer, bds 1113 Elm

Allen, Isaac S., conductor, h W South av bel Pennsylvania av

ALLEN, J.E. Mrs., clairvoyant, h 200 E Water

Allen, John L., shoemaker, bds 313 E Market

Allen, John S., farmer, h 1113 Elm

Allen, John S., printer Advertiser, h 215 Dewitt

Allen, Joseph, carpenter, h S Main beyond city limits

Allen, Lucy, milliner, bds S Main beyond city limits

Allen, Lucy E., widow Frank, bds 212 High

Allen, Nan, dressmaker, 120 W Water, bds S Main n limits

Allen, Peter, farmer, bds 1113 Elm

Allen, Ptolmey T., carriagemanufr, 450 E Water, h 554 E Church

Allen, Robert R., farmer, bds 1113 Elm

Allen, William H., farmer, bds 1113 Elm

Allen, William S., cashier Erie freight depot, h 158 W 3d

Allerton, Frank H., clerk, 327 E Water, bds 718 Columbia

Allerton, George C., machinist, h 718 Columbia

Allgaier, William, carpenter, 206 W Hudson

Alliger, Justus, mason, h 115 Sullivan

Allison, Oscar W., painter, h 516 W 1st

Alvord, Charles H., baker, 219 W Water, h do

Alvord, Lucy, widow Otis, bds 318 William

Alvord, Phebe, widow John, bds 219 W Water

Amann, Jacob, brewer, 121 E 2d, h 217 Gregg

Amann, Joseph, laborer, h 830 Walnut

Ambrose, Michael, laborer, h 518 College av

Amburg, Frederick, grocer, 601 Lake, h do

Amburg, Frederick, jr., bds 601 Lake

Amburg, Sophia, widow Clements, bds 601 Lake


Ames, LaMott, engineer, bds Delavan House

Amrhein, Eckhard, cigarmaker, h 550 E 2d

Anderson, Catharine, widow Thomas K., bds Lake cor Market

Anderson, John G., carpenter, h 708 E 2d

Anderson, Magnus, cabinetmaker, bds 613 Lake

Anderson, Mary, domestic, 205 Orchard

ANDERSON, MARY C., dressmaker, 173 Lake, bds 171 do

Anderson, Thadddeus, slater, h 55 Sullivan

Andrews, Benjamin (J. Andrews & Son), h 204 College av

Andrews, Benjamin, sawmaker, bds 463 W Water

Andrews, Edwin W., clerk, 155 Lake, bds 463 W Water

Andrews, Frank M., student, bds 463 W Water

ANDREWS, J. & SON (Benjamin), saw manufrs, 111 E Market

Andrews, John (J. Andrews & Son), h 463 W Water

Andrews, John H., sawmaker, bds 463 W Water

Andrews, Libbie, domestic, 320 DeWitt

Andrews, William, tanner, h 129 Judson

ANDRUS, GEORGE F., meat market, 208 W Water, h 309 W Gray

Andrus, Laura, widow Gideon H., h 510 Columbia

Andrus, Lemuel M., carpenter, h 316 W Centre

Andrus, William W., clerk, 208 W Water, bds 309 W Gray

Angell, Daniel W., music dealer, h 701 E Church

Angermeier, Augusta Mrs., grocer, 600 Church, h do

Ayers, John T. jr., telegrapher, bds 408 College av

Ayers, John G., (Ayers & Kennett), h 223 W Water

Ayers, Wilson D., blacksmith, h E 3d n DeWitt

AYERS & KENNETT (John G. Ayers and Stephen Kennett), practical house painting and decorative paper hanging, 217 W Water

Aymar, Bella, bds 500 E Water

Aymar, Maggie Mrs., h 500 E Water

Ayres, Darius S., (Hallock, Carey & Co.), h at Binghampton

Ayres, Decker E., salesman, h 420 Pleasant

AYRES, EDWARD H., jeweler, 308 E Water, bds 320 Lake

Ayres, John T., train agent, N. C. R. W., bds 403 William

AYRES, SOCRATES, insurance, 308 E Water, h 320 Lake


Babcock, Charles E., traveling agent, h 156 Judson

Babcock, Ellen Mrs., dressmaker, 651 Lake, h do

Babcock, Erastus F., lawyer, 175 Lake, h 322 W Chnrch

Babcock, John, teamster, h Lake n E 4th

Babcock, Laymon W., policeman, h 634 Josephine

Babcock, Lucy E., domestic, 325 Lake

Bachelor, Grace A., bds 323 W Church

Bachli, Jacob, saloon, 351 E 5th, h do

Bachman, Martin, shoemaker, h 820 Hatch

Backer, Jennie, dressmaker, bds 161 Washington

Backer, William W., clerk, 103 State, h 505 S Broadway

Backman, Charles M., bookkeeper, h 304 E Water

Bacon, Asa, clerk, 335 E Water, bds 442 E Washington av

Bacon, Elizabeth, clerk, bds 422 E Washington av

Bacon, Helen, bds 160 W 3d

BACON, HENRY L., cashier Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank, bds 122 E Water

Bacon, Henry L., banker, bds 417 E Market

Bacon, John L., banker, h 219 W 1st

Bacon, Kate M., drawing teacher Elmira Female College, bds do

Bacon, Libbie, saleslady, 326 E Water, bds 442 E Washington av

Bacon, Lucelia, seamstress, bds 422 E Washington av

Bacon, Mary A. Mrs., h 150 Madison av

Bacon, Patience, widow Bezera, h 422 E Washington av

Bacon, William H., hackman, h 160 W 3d

Bacorn, Ezra G., farmer, h 407 W 6th

Badger, H. Ida., dressmaker, bds 307 W 4th

Badger, Harwood M., farmer, h 901 East av

Badger, Lucius M., silver plater, h 307 W 4th

Badger, Minor C., bookkeeper, 340 E Water, h 307 W 4th

Badger, Rollo M., dispatcher, bds 616 College av

Badger, Russel M., contractor, h 616 College av

Badger, William L., bds 307 W 4th

Bagley, George, machinist, h 112 Ferris

Bagley, William A., blacksmith, 309 East Washington av, h 1314 Lake

Baham, Stephen, printer, bds 513 High

Bahan, Bridget, domestic, 416 W Water

Bahan, Martin, carpenter, h 3 Junction

Bailey, B.M. Mrs., dressmaker, 404 W Church, h do

Bailey, Charles L., messenger Erie depot, bds W 3d cor Walnut

Bailey, David, blacksmith, h 207 Thurston

Bailey, Emily, widow John, h 370 W Water

Bailey, Isaac H., painter, h 470 W 1st

Bailey, James, insurance agent, bds 309 S Main

Bailey, James E., wagonmaker, h Benton cor Stephen la

Bailey, John, engineer, h 552 S Main

Bailey, Romanzo C., mail agent, h 665 Park Place

Bailey, William G., brakeman, bds 709 Kenyon

Bailey, Zenas Y., bridge carpenter, h 309 Mt. Zoar

Baker, Abner K., axe maker, h 524 William

Baker, Amelia Mrs., h 108 Spring

Baker, Anna Mrs., grocer, 706 E 5th, h do

Baker, Asa L. (J.R. Jones, Baker & Co.), h at Waverly

Baker, Charles T., peddler, h 50 High

Baker, Delia, widow Josiah, h 381 W Church

Baker, Edmund C., carpenter, bds 371 W Water

Baker, Emery F., painter, h 164 Harriet

Baker, Eunice, widow William, h 380 W Gray

Baker, Frederick, carpenter, h 1020 Lake

Baker, Frederick, laborer, h 706 E 5th

Baker, Henry, stonecutter, bds 400 Powell

Baker, Hollis C. (Elmira Co-operative Co.), bds 112 Pennsylvania av

Baker, Howard E. (Preswick, Morse & Co.), h 1004 Lake

Baker, James F. (Elmira Co-operative Co.), bds W Water n city limits

Baker, James M., h W Water n city limits

Baker, Leroy A., lawyer, 312 E Water, h 211 W Hudson

Baker, Margaret, widow C. Hamilton, h 119 E Hudson

Baker, Margaret S., widow John S., h 371 W Water

Baker, Martin, clerk, 706 E 5th, bds do

Baker, Nathan, paver, h 1002 Lake

Baker, Nicholas, tanner, h 560 Beach

Baker, Richard, farmer, h 211 W Hudson

Baker, Richard, machinist, h S Main n W South av

Baker, Thomas E., augermaker, h 524 William

Baker, William R., traveling agent, h 502 Columbia

Bakhurst, Frank, bartender, 601 Railroad av, bds do

BALDWIN, ALEXANDER H., real estate, also justice of the peace, 310 E Water, bds 212 DeWitt

Baldwin, Alice, widow Isaac, bds 236 Lake

Baldwin, Anna E., widow Thomas D., h 372 W Water

Baldwin, Charles H., furnaceman, bds 104 Reformatory

Baldwin, Charles H., bookkeeper, 110 Baldwin, h 391 W Water

Baldwin, Elisha G. (Barney & Baldwin), h 375 W Church

Baldwin, Edwin J. (Baldwin & Brooks), h 266 W S Water

Baldwin, Francis E., law student, 208 E Water, bds 266 W S Water

Baldwin, Frank W., salesman, 134 W Water, bds 54 S Main

Baldwin, Fred, fresco painter, 126 E Water, bds 260 Baldwin
Baldwin, George, mason, bds 440 Mt. Zoar

Baldwin, Gordon W., real estate, 330 E Water, h 214 W 1st

Baldwin, Henry, weighmaster, h 104 Reformatory

Baldwin, J. Davis (J.D. Baldwin & Son), h 236 Lake

BALDWIN, J. DAVIS & SON (J. Scott Baldwin), coal dealers, 101 E Market

Baldwin, J. Scott (J.D. Baldwin & Son), h 401 W Water

Baldwin, James L., mason, h 440 Mt. Zoar

Baldwin, Martha F., bookkeeper, 301 E Water, bds Park av bel College av

Baldwin, Thomas W., mason, h 440 Mt. Zoar

Baldwin, William I., bds 215 High

Baldwin, William R., h 211 High

BALDWIN & BROOKS (Erwin J. Baldwin and Tracy B. Brooks), lawyers, 208 E Water

Bales, William S., joiner, h 115 Sullivan

Ball, Albert, augermaker, h 623 Baldwin

Ball, Alice J. Mrs., seamstress, bds 102 W Water

Ball, James, steward Delavan House, bds do

Ball, Mary L., h 657 Park Place

Ballard, William W., h 272 Baldwin

Bally, John, watchmaker, 308 E Water, h 311 Columbia

Bally, John E., music teacher, h 424 W Clinton

Bally, John, jr., clerk, bds Clinton ab Davis

Bally, Louis F., jeweler, 308 E Water, bds 311 Columbia

Bally, William J., clerk, 204 E Water, bds 311 Columbia

Baltz, Richard D., restaurant, 319 Carroll, h 309 do

Banfield, Hartman, farmer, h Davis bel Reformatory av

Banfield, Oscar F., milkman, h Davis ab Reformatory av

Banks, George W., dyer, bds 1329 College av

Banks, J. Edward, steam dyer, 123 W Water, h 1329 College av

BANKS, SAMUEL, carriage, sign and ornamental painter, h 316 E Market, h 123 Sullivan

Banks, Stephen E., student, bds 363 W 4th

Bannspack, Frederick, tailor, h Church cor High

BANTLEY, CONSTANTINE, wire cloth and wire goods manufr, 417 Carroll, h 500 Sullivan

Barber, Abbott, mason, h 403 W Church

Barber, Elemuel, mason, h 220 DeWitt

Barber, James W., mason, h 309 Orchard

Barber, Oliver A., mason, h 407 Davis

Bardissrilli, Albert, ice cream peddler, bds 3 W 5th

Bardwell, Mary Mrs., bds 807 Factory

Bardwell, Ransom P., steam fitter, h 507 E 2d

Bardwell, Wallace E., bookkeeper, 150 Lake, h 402 Madison av

Bardwell, Willis H., guard Reformatory

BARKER, DOUNCE, ROSE & CO. (Frederick Barker, Oliver H. Dounce, Stephen Rose, Stephen C. Gray and William J. Dounce), hardware, paints, oils and glass, 340 to 344 E Water

Barker, Frederick (Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co.), h 514 W Water

Barlow, James E., clerk, 106 E Water, h do

Barlow, Orman E., printer Free Press, bds 336 E Water

Barlow, Samuel A., carpenter, h 1314 Pratt

Barned, Robert J., h 406 Walnut

Barnes, Eugene, engineer, 601 S Main

Barnes, Floyd A., carpenter, h 317 W 4th

Barnes, Ulyses, shoemaker, h 373 W Water

Barnet, Jeremiah, laborer, h 58 Fulton

Barnet, John, laborer, h 820 Hatch

Barney, Joseph H. (Barney & Baldwin), also (Levi Averill & Co.), h 410 W Gray

Barney, Luther L., insurance adjuster, h 115 W S Water

Barney, Olive, widow Henry, h 115 W S Water

BARNEY & BALDWIN (Joseph H. Barney and Elisha G. Baldwin), insurance agents, 115 E Water

Barnhart, Alvin G., carpenter, h 1005 Oak

Barnum, Edward W., telegrapher, 150 Baldwin, h 613 E 2d

Barr, Nicholas, baker, h 806 E Market

Barrett, Katie, domestic Frasier House

Barrett, Maggie, waitress Water Cure, 1019 East av

Barron, Joseph H., shoemaker, 502 N Main, h 315 W 4th

Barry, Ann, domestic, 360 W 1st

Barry, Ann Mrs., h 406 W 6th

Barry, John, h 218 Orchard

Barry, John, lecturer, h 501 William

Barry, Kate, dressmaker, bds 815 E Church

Barry, Nellie, domestic Rathburn House

Barry, Robert, quarryman, h 815 E Church

Barry, Robert, jr., plumber, bds 815 E Church

Barry, William, machinist, h 418 Herrick

Bartell, George, saloon, 412 Carroll, h do

Barter, Richard H., foreman wrecker, h 522 Herrick

Barth, Ferdinand, carpenter, h 806 Madison av

Bartholf, Rachel, widow Henry, h 379 W Gray

Bartholf, William H., clerk, bds 379 W Gray

Bartholomew, Effie, milliner, bds 161 Orchard

Bartholomew, Elmira, widow Joseph, h 115 Columbia

Bartholomew, Jane, widow Josiah, h 310 Baldwin

BARTHOLOMEW, JOHN, druggist, 171 Baldwin, h 310 do

Bartholomew, John H., fireman, bds 115 Columbia

Bartholomew, Phebe, dressmaker, bds 115 Walnut

BARTHOLOMEW, URI, Frasier House, Railroad av cor W 3d

Bartles, Elen, brakeman, bds 505 Magee

Bartlett, C.C. Mrs., bds 657 Park Place

Bartlett, Emma, teacher, bds 401 W Clinton

Bartlett, Emma T., bds 657 Park Place

Bartlett, George L., clerk N. C. R. W. freight depot, bds 408 N Main

BARLETT, JOHN S., passenger agent Erie Depot, h 301 E Church

Bartlett, Nellie C., bds 657 Park Place

Barton, Jane A., widow Henry W., bds 305 William

Barton, Robert W. (Durland & Barton), h 374 W Church

Barton, William, farmer, h 521 Mt. Zoar

Bates, Emma, dressmaker, bds 212 Hoffman

Bates, Emma, milliner, bds 128 E S Water

Bates, James, paver, h 212 Hoffman

Battersby, Bridget, widow Frank, h Gatinan, n N. C. R. R. shops

Battersby, Patrick, clerk, h 219 Broadway

Battersby, Patrick, teamster, h 217 Broadway

Batterson, Edmund M., mason, h 372 S Main

Batterson, Horace B., mason, h 508 Herrick

Baty, Johiel A., machinist, h Baty n Pennsylvania av

Baty, Johiel A., jr., carpenter, h Baty n Pennsylvania av

Baudette, Godfrey, shoemaker, h 413 W 4th

Bauer, Charles, laborer, h 853 Dickinson

Bauer, Charles, jr., plumber, bds 853 Dickinson

Baumeyer, Henry, laborer, bds 524 Lake

Baumgardner, Otis, laborer, bds 605 Railroad av

Baxter, Archie, shoemaker, bds 411 Railroad av

Baxter, Nellie, dressmaker, bds 121 W Water

Bayard, Emery, shoemaker, h John cor Sullivan

Bayette, Moran M., cigar manufr, 153 Lake, h 807 do

Beach, Albert, brakeman, h 363 S Main

Beach, Carl, butcher, bds 113 E Henry

Beach, Charles, mason, h 600 Hart

Beach, J.H., yard keeper Reformatory, bds do

Beach, Jesse, marble cutter, h 331 S Broadway

Beach, Lewis L., physician, 800 John, h do

Beach, Wilbur A. (Stuart & Beach), h 108 Pennsylvania av

Beach, William, bds 308 William

BEADLE, CHAUNCEY M. (Beadle, Palmer & Co.), h 400 Lake

Beadle, Henry W., h 404 Lake

BEADLE, PALMER & CO. (Chauncey M. Beadle, Griff D. Palmer and T. Bates Cooke), hardware, paints, oils and glass, 307 E Water

Beadle, Tracy, banker, h 400 Lake

Beals, Albert, clerk, 319 E Water, h 373 W Gray

Bean, Ezra, hostler, bds 1st av bel E S Water

Bean, George, laborer, h 709 Oak

Bean, Peter, mason, h 1st av bel E S Water

Bean, Sarah E. Mrs., dressmaker, h 551 John

Bean, William H.S., clerk, 340 E Water, h 204 Madison av

Beardslee, David S., carpenter, h 160 W 5th

Beardslee, Drusilla Mrs., boarding, h 111 E Hudson

Beardslee, William C., carpenter, bds 160 W 5th

Beardsley, Albert H., engineer, 9 Arnot block, bds 850 E Church

Beardsley, Elias J., teacher, h 365 W 1st

Beardsley, Francis M., principal No. 5 school, h 366 W 6th

Beardsley, Harry, carpenter, h 850 E Church

Beardsley, Morton, carpenter, h Thurston n Grand av

Beardsley, Richard E., clerk, 101 E Church, bds 850 E Church

Beaty, Charles, saloon, 401 Railroad av, bds do

Beaumont, Ralph, shoemaker, 210 W Hudson

Bechtol, George T., machinist, h 378 S Main

Beck, Charles G., machinist, bds 355 E 4th

Beck, Levi, gardener Elmira Surgical Institute, bds do

Beck, Rosa, widow Henry, h 355 E 4th

Beck, Samuel, carpenter, h 1201 College av

Beckwith, Carl, butcher, h Turtle av bel E Church

Beckwith, Lon, bus driver, bds 413 E Market

Beckwith, Marvin, augermaker, h 500 E Water

Bedell, Albert, shoemaker, h 131 W Water

Bedwell, Thomas, bookkeeper, bds 657 Baldwin

Beebe, Oscar K., laborer, bds 909 Hoffman

Beecher, Bertha, domestic, 246 Lake

Beecher, Charles M., printer Advertiser, h 551 E Water

Beecher, Charles M., jr., printer, bds 551 E Water

BEECHER, THOMAS K. REV., pastor Park Congregational Church, h East av n limits

Beedie, Alice, widow George, bds 54 S Main

BEEKMAN, SAMUEL, Delavan House barber shop, h Park Place

Been, George W., boxmaker, h 100 Grove

BEERS, CHARLES G., freight agent Grand Trunk Railway, 517 Railroad av, h at Syracuse

Beers, Dell, bds 211 William

BEERS, EDMUND O., sheriff, Court House, h 211 William

Beers, George H., carpenter, h 410 Herrick

BEERS, IRA S., general ticket agent, 517 Railroad av, opp Erie R. R. Depot, h 256 W Fifth

Beers, Jacob H., turnkey county jail, h 520 W First

Beers, Johnson, deputy sheriff court house, h 302 W Water

Beers, Joseph, carpenter, bds 762 Jay

Beers, Joseph H., flour and feed, 412 E Market, h 762 Jay

Beers, Lester H., carpenter, h 110 E Hudson

Beers, Uri, clerk, 412 E Market, bds 762 Jay

Beers, William H., carpenter, h 419 W Water

Beger, Frank J., cigarmaker, 312 S Broadway

Behan, John, laborer, h 513 High

Behan, Stephen, printer, bds 513 High

Behmer, Henry, laborer, h 1321 Benton

Beirly, Alfred, shoemaker, bds 105 Columbia

Belden, Fannie, bds 551 E Church

Bell, Avilla F., widow Joseph W., h 802 Madison av

Bell, Caroline Mrs., h 754 E 5th

Bell, Christina J., widow Austin N., h 308 W Church

Bell, Ettie, milliner, bds 802 Madison av

Bell, Harry, plumber, h Lormore ab Maple av

Bell, M. Addison, builder, h 554 E 2d

Bell, Robert, civil engineer, Erie Depot, bds 111 E Hudson

Bell, Thomas, mason, bds 362 E Fifth

Belton, Samuel, blacksmith, h 406 High

Beman, John B., letter carrier, h 1005 Lincoln

Bement, Edward P. (Bement & Davenport), bds 315 E Church

Bement, Eliza W., bds 111 Madison av

Bement, Susan A., saleslady, 311 E Water, bds 111 Madison av

BEMENT & DAVENPORT (Edward P. Bement and D. Romayn Davenport), pictures, frames, toys and fancy goods, 311 E Water

Benedict, Charles, teamster, h 461 Mt. Zoar

Benedict, Charles A., watchmaker, 142 W Water, bds 336 E Water

Benedict, Hobart E., train agent, N. C. R. W., bds 311 William

Benedict, Jenie, domestic, 117 W Market

Benedict, John, carpenter, bds 106 W 2d

Benham, Emma, confectioner and baker, 103 E Church, h do

Benham, Farley (Benham & Co.), h 103 E Church

Benham, Lua H., widow Horace, h 304 E Water

Benham & Co. (Farley Benham and James J. Toles), confectioners, 103 E Church

Benight, Rheuby, widow Thomas, h 380 W Water

Benjamin, Hannah, widow Stephen, h 609 Dickinson

Benjamin, Joseph A., fruit dealer, E Water cor State, h 210 College av

Benjamin, Sarah A., dressmaker, bds 338 E Water

BENJAMIN, WILLIAM FRANKLIN, clerk and steward Elmira Female College, h 714 N Main

Bennet, Mary E. Mrs., h 253 W 6th

Bennett, Aaron F., sewing machine agent, h Wilcox Driving Park

Bennett, Andrew J., carpenter, h Lewis bel Pennsylvania av

Bennett, Catharine, widow Patrick, h 406 S Magee

Bennett, Emily, h Benton ab Washington av

Bennett, Frank, bookkeeper, bds 363 W 4th

Bennett, Hannah, widow Edwin, h 210 College av

Bennett, Isaac, laborer, h 101 E 7th

Bennett, Kingsbury M. (Bennett & Davies), h Webster House

Bennett, Michael, laborer, bds 358 Railroad av

Bennett, Thomas, stonecutter, h 711 Davis

Bennett, Thomas F., shoemaker, bds 223 Gregg

Bennett, Warren W., laborer, bds Wilcox Driving Park

Bennett & Davies (Kingsbury M. Bennett and William Davies), Webster House, 113 W 3d

Benspeck, Frederick, tailor, h 612 E Church

Bentley, Charles, carpenter, bds 102 W Water

Bentley, Florence S. (Hart & Bentley), h 255 W Henry

Benton, Ezra L., druggist, bds 109 W Gray

Benton, Henry P., civil engineer, 109 W Gray, h do

Bergan, Jeremiah, supervisor, h 260 Partridge

Bergman, William, foreman, Magee cor W Fourth, h 553 E 2d

Berhalter, Jacob, tailor, h 55 Sullivan

Berner, Adam, grocer, 601 E Water, h do

Berner, Frank A., clerk 601 E Water, bds do

Berry, Charles, barber, h 508 E Clinton

Berrry, David, carpenter, h 160 Sullivan

Berry, George, laborer, bds 160 Sullivan

BERRY, HIRAM B., sec'y Masonic Relief Association, 301 E Water, h 214 Washington

Berry, Isaac, tanner, h 969 East av

Berry, James W., tanner, h 622 Josephine

Berry, John, car inspector, h 102 W Henry

Berry, John A, carriage manufr, E 5th bel Lake, h 358 Diven av

Berry, William, mason, bds 600 Hart

Berry, William S., cigarmaker, h Advertiser building

Berthol, Henry, brakeman, h 214 Jacob

Bertholf, Fannie, milliner, bds 150 S 2d

Bertholf, William T., blacksmith, h 150 S 2d

Besom, Elnora C., domestic, 532 W Hudson

Besom, Tobias, laborer, h Wilcox Driving Park

Bessell, Frank, butcher, bds 319 Carroll

Best, Henry A., grocer, 513 E 3d, h do

Betson, Libbie, widow William, bds 1005 Lincoln

Bettridge, Alice E., dressmaker, bds 119 High

Bettridge, Edwin H., baker, h 119 High

Bettridge, Frank, bottler, bds 262 Baldwin

Betts, Azor, h 362 W Gray

Betts, Randolph, shoemaker, bds 362 W Gray

Betts, William, quarrymn, h Tuttle av ab East av

Betzhold, Nicholas, barkeeper, 140 E Water, bds do

Bewley, George (Tremain & Bewley), 450 Hart

Bialostoski, Philip, jeweler, h 114 Spring

Bice, Augustus, shoemaker, bds 127 Partridge

Bickerstaff, Agnes, domestic, 312 College av

Bidwell, Alice, widow Marshall S., h 209 W S Water

Bidwell, Gilbert, h 400 Pennsylvania av

Bidwell, Louisa, teacher, bds 209 W S Water

Bidwell, Martha L., teacher, bds 400 Pennsylvania av

Bidwell, Orlando, student, bds 209 W S Water

Bien, Catharine, widow George, h 708 E Oak

Bien, Edward, clerk, 1128 Lake, bds 1325 do

Bien, Jacob, clerk, 669 Lake, bds 708 E Oak

Bien, Martin, h 1325 Lake

Bierly, Alfred, shoemaker, bds 105 Columbia

Bierwiler, Kate A., domestic, 327 Baldwin

Bigelow, William A., bootmanufr, 114 E 2d, h at Fitch's bridge

Bigg, Edward C., laborer, h 422 S Broadway

Biggs, John, foreman, Baldwin cor E 5th, h 507 Baldwin

Biggs, John, jr. (Winkle & Biggs), bds 507 Baldwin

Biggs, Joseph, printer Gazette, bds 507 Baldwin

Biggs, Peter, soap manufr, Baldwin cor E 5th, h 414 Baldwin

Biglow, Julius, hostler Homestead Hotel

Bilc, Edward, laborer, bds 109 E 1st

Bilc, George, peddler, h 109 E 1st

Billette, Theodore, moulder, h 720 Walnut

Billettie, J. Frank, moulder, h 1118 Elm

Billings, Charity C., restaurant, 422 E Water, h do

Billings, David T., farmer, h 1118 Hoffman

Billings, Edgar E., shoemaker, h 760 E Market

Billings, Edward B., clerk, bds 1118 Hoffman

Billings, Hosmer H., clerk, 313 E Water, bds 1118 Hoffman

Billings, James D., shoemaker, h 109 Washington av

Billings, Orpha, bds 106 W Gray

Billings, Osman H., clerk, bds 1118 Hoffman

Bingham, Edward F., shoemaker, h 411 W 1st

Bird, Harriet, widow Gates, h 415 Pleasant

Bird, Isaac, caterer, h 507 Madison av

Bird, Maud, student, bds 415 Pleasant

Birdsall, Melissa Mrs., h 509 Lake

Birmingham, Annie, dressmaker, bds 8 E 3d

Birmingham, Daniel S., heater, h 715 McDonald

Birmingham, James, laborer, h 514 Baldwin

Birmingham, John, cigarmaker, h 612 E 3d

Birmingham, Mary, widow Michael, h 612 E 3d

Birmingham, Mary, widow Patrick, h 608 E 3d

Birmingham, Michael, saloon, 170 Lake, h 312 DeWitt

Birmingham, Morris, laborer, bds 608 E 3d

Birmingham, Nellie, domestic, Maple av cor Catharine

Birmingham, Timothy, laborer, h 809 McDonald

Bishop, James S., farmer, h 110 Reformatory

Bissell, William D., blacksmith, h 417 Davis

Bixby, Eliakim D., ice dealer, h 420 Carroll

Bixby, Josie, milliner, bds 420 Carroll

Bizan, Cornelia Mrs, h 705 Baldwin

Blackburn, Susan C., widow Thomas, bds 503 Lake

Blackman, George, painter, h 512 Jefferson

Blades, J., Pearse, bookkeeper, 157 Baldwin, bds 114 E S Water

Blades, James H., shoemaker, h 705 W Water

BLAIR, ADDISON D., lawyer, also notary public, 316 E Water

Blake, Elizabeth B. Mrs., bds 657 Park Place

Blake, Michael, laborer, h 206 Broadway

Blakeslee, David A., teacher, h 467 W 2d

Blampied, Benjamin, grocer, S Broadway cor Balsam, h 307 Mt. Zoar

Blampied, John G., salesman, h 621 W Church

Blampied, Samuel, baker Rathbun House, h 125 W Market

Blanchard, Edward S., switchman, h 713 Benjamin

Blanchard, John, butcher, h 418 W 2d

Blanchard, Miles F., laborer, h 309 E Washington av

Blatterman, Louis F., salesman, 115 E Water, bds 106 Madison av

Bleley, Levi, cooper, h 415 W 4th

Bliss, George W., shoemaker, bds 309 William

Bliss, Hattie, bds 500 Lake

Bliss, Melissa W., widow Edward, bds 500 Lake

Bliss, William, painter, bds 429 E Water

Bliven, Charles H., machinist, h 415 E Washington av

Bliven, George, machinist, h 422 E Washington av

Bliven, Hylus, laborer, bds 422 E Washington av

Bliven, Marshall M., h 308 E Water

Bliven, Martin, filemaker, bds 422 E Washington av

Block, Marx, peddler, h 119 Harriet

Blodgett, Gardner A., fruit dealer, h 423 Standish

Blondin, H.D. Mrs., bds 657 Park Place

Bloodgood, Dwight I., bookkeeper, 148 W Water, h 402 W Gray

Bloomer, Erastus, engineer, h 659 N Main

Bloomer, James J. Rev., pastor St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, h 375 W 4th

Bloss, Frank, shoemaker, 112 W 4th, h do

Bloss, George, grocer, 763 E Water, h do

Blossom, Frank M., teller Chemung Canal Bank, h 406 N Main