Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1878 / 79
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Blossom, Harriette, widow Enos, h 406 N Main

Blum, Joseph, tailor, h 605 Dickinson

Blye, George H., book-keeper, 327 E Water, bds 678 Elm

Boak, James C., yardmaster Erie R. R. freight depot, h 222 W 2d


Boardley, Adam, barber, 418 Perry

Boardly, Catharine, widow Adam, h 418 Perry

Boardman, John, mason, h 804 John

Bocarde, Caroline Mrs., h 718 W Church

Bocarde, Joseph, foreman, 107 W Water, h 718 W Church

Boder, Edward, plater, 130 W Water, h 507 Park Place

Bodine, Robert W., dentist, 220 E Water, h 369 W Water

Boediker, Delia, domestic, Maple av, n city limits

Boerem, Catharine, widow Townsend, h 214 W Henry

Boerem, Hannah A., dressmaker, bds 214 W Henry

Boerem, Harvey T., machinist, bds 214 W Henry

Boerem, Nathaniel K., machinist, bds 214 W Henry

Borgardus, Calvin J., painter, h 127 Judson

Bogardus, John C., carpenter, h 762 E Water

Bogardus, Levi, h 203 De Witt

Bogardus, William N., engineer, h 859 Magee

Bogart, George W., watchman, h 1057 Walnut

Boland, John, agent, bds 204 E Gray

Boland, Mary Mrs., h 108 Railroad av

Bolt, Henry D., commercial traveler, bds 209 Gregg

Bolt, Henry D., salesman, 340 E Water, h 116 Harriet

Bolt, Marlin S., h 209 Gregg

Bolton, Bridget, widow James, h 326 Webber Place

Bolton, John, carpenter, h 108 W Fourth

Bolton, Patrick, laborer, h 326 Webber Place

Bond, Washington, shoemaker, h 310 Elm

Bonnell, Jonathan, commission, h 404 S Main

Bonville, Mary, cook, Maple av n city limits

Boon, Samuel T., machinist, bds 509 Pennsylvania av

Booth, Emma, domestic, 207 E Gray

Booth, Hannah, domestic, W 6th cor Davis

Booth, Henry D., machinist, h 501 W 4th

BOOTH, IRVING D., glass and heavy hardware, 611 and 613 Railroad av, h 463 W Gray

BOOTHE, ABIGAIL, widow Elijah D., pension agent, 380 W 5th, h do

Boothe, Hibbert W., dentist, bds 380 W 5th

Bopp, Jacob, h 122 N Main

Bopp, Rosa, bds 132 N Main

Bosley, Edward, engineer, bds Mansion House

Bosley, Nellie A., dressmaker, 151 Baldwin, h do

BOSTON DRY GOODS STORE, Dey Bros. & Davidson, proprs, 134 W Water

Botsford, Josiah, grocer, 806 Madison av, h do

Bottger, William, carpenter, h 602 Dickinson

Boughton, Annie, dressmaker, bds 262 Baldwin

Boughton, Charles H., shoemaker, h 551 John

Bourgeois, D. & Co. (Louis Schlosser), saloon, 135 W Water

Bourgeois, Dolphis (D. Bourgeois & Co.), h 135 W Water

Bourgeois, Eliza, h 135 W Water

Bovey, Ann, widow Joseph, h 800 Magee

BOVIER, CHARLES B., paper and cigar box manufr, also propr American Waterproof Compound, 173 Lake, h 215 Lormore

Bovier, James M., boxmaker, h 369 Pennsylvania av

Bowe, William, car repairer, h 416 W 5th

BOWER, GEORGE, clothing, 301 E Water, h 763 E 2d

BOWER, WILLIAM H., meat market, 323 Carroll, bds 317 do

Bowler, Bridget, domestic, 815 College av

Bowles, Solomon, h 381 W Church

Bowman, Charles L., shoemaker, bds 221 Mt. Zoar

Bowman, Emily L., widow Henry, h Wall cor W 1st

Bowman, George H., farmer, h Wall cor W 1st

Bowman, George R. (Friendly & Bowman), h 507 Park Place

Bowman House, Miles V. Bowman, 413 Railroad av

Bowman, James W., lumberman, h 221 Mt. Zoar

Bowman, Louie W., clerk, 216 Baldwin, bds 507 Park Place

Bowman, Miles V., Bowman House, 413 Railroad av

Bowman, Nathan, hostler, bds 353 Railroad av

Bowman, Wallace E., shoemaker, bds 221 Mt. Zoar

Bowman, William N., baker, h 217 DeWitt

Bowne, William A., salesman, 137 E Water, h 464 W Water

Boyce, George N., painter, h 406 Elm

Boyer, Elizabeth, widow William, h 612 Dickinson

Boyer, Joseph, fireman, bds 516 Herrick

Boyle, Lizzie, domestic, 316 Lake

Boyne, Simon, junk, 524 DeWitt, h do

Boynton, LeRoy, butcher, bds 509 Pennsylvania av

Boynton, Oscar, mail agent, bds Homestead Hotel

Braden, James R., mason, h 164 Sullivan

Bradford, Louisa M., seamstress, bds 510 E Church

Bradford, Margaret Mrs., sick nurse, bds 510 E Church

Bradley, Edwin W., farmer, h 623 Mt. Zoar

Bradley, Frank, brakeman, h 363 College av

Bradley, Lucia, bds 527 W Water

Bradley, Mary, h 209 Harriet

Bradley, Rose, widow Mark, h 122 E Hudson

Bradley, Thomas, laborer, bds 122 E Hudson

Bradley, William B., iron worker, bds 808 Hatch

Bradshaw, Alfred, paver, h Sullivan ab Norton

Bradshaw, Eunice, widow Henry, h 531 Pennsylvania av

Bradshaw, Fannie E., teacher, bds 531 Pennsylvania av

Bradshaw, Floyd M., machinist, bds 531 Pennsylvania av

Bradshaw, George S., engineer, h 122 Railroad av

Brady, Isabella B., milliner, bds 124 W 2d

Brady, Mary, widow James, h 106 E Water

Brady, Peter, foreman, h 101 W S Water

Brady, Rose, saleslady, 304 E Water, bds 106 do

Brady, Thomas, blacksmith, bds 118 W S Water

Brady, Thomas, painter, bds 559 E 3d

Bramhall, Walter M., bookkeeper, 303 W Water, h 813 Church

Branasham, Jeremiah, laborer, bds 530 Elizabeth

Branasham, John, helper, h 530 Elizabeth

Brand, John (John Brand & Co.), h 335 Maple av

Brand, John jr., salesman, Railroad av cor W 4th, bds 335 Maple av

BRAND, JOHN & CO. (Jacob Lowman), leaf tobacco, Railroad av cor W 4th

Brasted, John, h 111 E Hudson

Bratt, George E., shoecutter, h 127 W Market

Bravo, Elizabeth S, teacher, bds 211 W Gray

Breathwate, Jacob, cutter, h 704 Oak

Breen, Margaret, widow Thomas, h 208 Orchard

Brees, Alexander M., carpenter, h 757 Sullivan

Breese, Herbert N, student, bds 253 Baldwin

Breese, Lemoyne, blacksmith, 722 Lake, h 253 Baldwin

Breese, LeMoyne Mrs., boarding, h 253 Baldwin

Breisler, George F., coach painter, h 508 Sullivan

Breiss, Adam, shoemaker, h 656 E Clinton

Breitung, Emil, cabinetmaker, h 408 Hart

Brennan, Patrick, laborer, h 708 Davis

Brenner, Frederick G., printer Free Press, bds 1117 Elm

Brenner, Mary, domestic, Lake cor Diven av

Breslin, Mary, domestic, 502 W Church

Bressat, Nettle, shoemaker, h 717 Davis

Bressler, Anthony, meatmarket, 721 Lake, h 1315 Benton

Brew, Michael, laborer, h S Main n city limits

Brewer, Aaron J., shoemaker, h 711 W Water

Brewer, Harry F., express messenger, h 502 W Clinton

Brewer, Helen, dressmaker, h 132 W Water

Bricker, Charles W., shoemaker, h 218 W Gray

Brickwedde, Ferdinand (H. & F. Brickwedde), h 652 E Market

BRICKWEDDE, H. & F. (Ferdinand), stoves and tinware, 116 Lake

Brickwedde, Henry J.B. Mrs., h 650 E Market

Brickwedde, J. Jacob, student, bds 652 E Market

Brickwedde, John J., tinsmith, h 400 W Church

Brickwedde, Joseph, grocer, 400 W Church, h do

Bridgeman, Lucinda M., widow Orlando, h Coates ab W Hill

Bridgeman, Edward P., bds 909 Hoffman

Bridgeman, Ella A., saleslady, 327 E Water, bds 360 W Water

Bridgeman, John, farmer, h 909 Hoffman

Bridgewater, Mary E. Mrs., h 361 Columbia

Briesler, George F., painter, h 508 Sullivan

Briggs, Hannah R., widow I.P., h 308 W Water

Briggs, John B., bookkeeper Advertiser, h 212 High

BRIGGS, T. & CO. (Thomas Briggs and John Arnot, jr.), brewers and maltsters, 121 E 2d

Briggs, Thomas (T. Briggs & Co.), h 327 Baldwin

Briggs, William G., carpenter, h 420 Standish

Briles, Preston, kalsominer, h 621 E 3d

Brill, Abraham H., clerk, 325 E Water, bds Rathbun House

BRINK, ALFRED C., marble maker, 222 to 226 W Water, h 607 Church

Brink A.J., shoemaker, bds 505 Magee

Brink, Andrew, engineer, h S Main beyond city limits

Brink, Franklin H., butcher, 422 Fulton

Brink, Harrison F., traveling salesman, h 422 Fulton

BRINK, JAMES H., Farmers' Home, 232 and 234 W Water

Brink, Mary A., h 703 E Market

Brink, Mary F., saleslady, 106 Lake, bds 358 W Water

Brink, Stephen, student, bds Farmers' Home

Brinkmeier, Robert, upholsterer, bds Exchange Hotel

Brister, Linus, salesman, h 210 W Henry

Bristoll, James A. (S.D. Fraser & Co.), h at Athens, Pa

Britton, Charles, brakeman, bds 205 W 3d

Broakman, Charles M., clerk, bds 1214 Maxwell av

Broakman, Light, carpenter, h Lake n city limits

Broakman, Samuel M. Rev., pastor Free Will Baptist Church, h 1214 Maxwell av

Broakman, Thomas M., carpenter, bds 1214 Maxwell av

Brock, Charles, commission, bds 253 Baldwin

Brockway, H.B., storekeeper Reformatory, bds do

Brockway, Ira H., farmer, h 1104 Walnut

Brockway, Rebecca Mrs., h Esty bel Robinson

BROCKWAY, Z. REED, gen. supt N. Y. S. Reformatory, h do

Broderick, Peter, tailor, bds Homestead Hotel

Brodie, Mary, teacher, bds 417 High

Brodie, Thomas, mason, h 417 High

Brodman, Catharine Mrs., saloon, 827 Canal, h do

Brodman, Frank, laborer, bds 827 Canal

Brody, Annie, domestic, 220 William

Brody, Patrick, laborer, h 411 Pennsylvania av

Brogan, Joseph, shoemaker, h 102 S Chestnut

Broich, Cornelius, machinist, h 112 Partridge

Bronson, Anna M., principal teacher Elmira Female College, bds do

Bronson, Henry, brakeman, h 305 W Clinton

Bronson, Mary A., widow Henry L., h 316 W Gray

Brook, Jennie B., vice principal School No. 4, h 518 W Gray

Brook, John, h 518 W Gray

Brook, William W., carpenter, h 315 Hine

BROOKLYN HOUSE, Amos B. Dann 215 and 217 S Main

Brookman, Elisha T., carpenter, h 1210 Hall

Brookman, Lucy Mrs., music teacher, bds 520 W Clinton

Brookman, William A., carpenter, h 520 W Clinton

Brooks, Charles S., traveling agent, h 815 College av

Brooks, Chloe, widow Bertus M., bds 357 Norton

Brooks, E.D. Mrs., bds 210 William

Brooks, Eliza J., widow Jerome, h 413 Columbia

Brooks, George, laborer, h 511 Clinton Place

Brooks, Harry S., sec Elmira Gazette Co., bds 503 E Union

Brooks, Henry, laborer, h Harper bel Oak

Brooks, Henry, porter Wyckoff House, h Place cor Clinton

Brooks, Homer, carpenter, h 741 W Church

Brooks, P.A., widow Elijah P., h 815 College av

Brooks, Phoebe L., widow Henry S., bds 510 Lake

Brooks, Porter D., carpenter, h 423 E Washington av

Brooks, Seely, laborer, h 429 Standish

Brooks, Solon, carpenter, h 1216 Maxwell av

Brooks, Tracy B. (Baldwin & Brooks), bds 815 College av

BROOKS, WILLIAM A., butter, 160 Baldwin, h 503 E Union

Brophy, Patrick, h 212 W 2d

Brosnal, Eugene, laborer, h 106 W Church

Broughan, Carrie, domestic Delavan House

Brougham, William, clerk, 413 Carroll, bds 429 Water

Brower, Peter, engineer, h 452 W 1st

Brown, Alfred O., bartender, bds 125 W Water

Brown, Amelia J., widow Charles, bds 110 W Market

Brown, Andrew J., clerk, 333 E Water, h 807 E Market

Brown, Anna M., domestic, 106 W 2d

Brown, Annie, domestic, 318 W Church

Brown, Bridget, domestic, 957 Lake

Brown, Cage, laborer, h 417 Standish

Brown, Charles W., carpenter, h 257 South av

BROWN, CHARLES W., physician and surgeon, 312 W Church, h do

Brown, Clarence A., bookkeeper, bds 110 W Market

Brown, Daniel D., carpenter, h S Main beyond city limits

BROWN, DANIEL J., saloon and restaurant, also boarding day or week, 139 W Water, bds 125 do

Brown, David B., insurance agent, 100 Lake, h 367 W Church

Brown, DeWitt C. (Casterline & Brown), h 118 Harriet

Brown, Edwin (J.L. Brown & Co.), h 709 E Water

Brown, Edwin H., student, bds 110 N Market

Brown, Emma, teacher, bds 204 High

Brown, F.M., keeper Reformatory, bds do

Brown, Frank L., commercial traveler, bds 105 W Gray

Brown, Franklin C., clerk, bds 367 W Church

Brown, Frederick, hostler, 115 E S Water

Brown, Frederick, teamster, bds 622 Baldwin

Brown, Frederick A., h 1213 Hall

Brown, George, carpenter, bds 263 Baldwin

Brown, George, laborer, 533 Harper

Brown, Guy, butcher, h 366 Pennsylvania av

Brown, Henrietta, widow Silas, bds 713 Benjamin

Brown, Henry W., farmer, h 601 West Hill

Brown, Horace H., mason, h 162 Orchard

Brown, Huldah S., widow Comfort S., bds 110 W Market

Brown, J.L. & Co. (Edwin Brown), tobacconists, 203 E Water

Brown, J. Lewis (J.L. Brown & Co.), h 422 W Church

Brown, Jacob C., carpenter, h 204 High

Brown, James, laborer, bds 604 Baldwin

Brown, James, laborer, bds 618 Baldwin

Brown, James L. (C.W. Holmes & Co.), h 422 W Church

Brown, James L., switchman, bds 654 Baldwin

Brown, Jeremiah, porter, h 505 E 3d

Brown, Johanna, domestic, 221 Lake

Brown, John, butcher, h 406 DeWitt

Brown, John, carpenter, 713 Railroad av, h do

Brown, John, laborer, h 705 E 5th

Brown, John W., h 419 Standish

Brown, Judson E., machinist, h 419 Standish

Brown, Lafayette, carpenter, h 363 Division

Brown, Lendall, shoecutter, h 419 Davis

Brown, Lewis, architect, h 906 Oak

Brown, Louis H., clerk, bds 422 W Church

Brown, Martha Mrs., h 662 Baldwin

Brown, Mary Mrs., h 1059 Walnut

Brown, Mary E., h 601 West Hill

Brown, Mary G., widow J. Smith, h 380 W Gray

Brown, Michael, helper, bds 110 S 2d

Brown, Michael, laborer, h r 363 W 5th

Brown, Oscar Z., conductor, h 667 College av

Brown, Reuben, laborer, h Benjamin ab Clinton

Brown, Samuel, clerk, 200 W Water, h 110 Columbia

Brown, Sarah, domestic, 206 Madison av

Brown, Stephen A., insurance agent, 100 Lake, bds 417 E Market

Brown, Thomas, cleaner, h 110 S 2d

Brown, Thomas, jr., bds 110 S 2d

Brown, William A., janitor, h 1213 Hall

Brown, William D. (Brown & Roy), h 208 Columbia

Brown, William L., laborer, h 811 W Gray

BROWN & ROY, (William D. Brown and Charles H. Roy), agricultural implements, State n E Water

Browne, Anna T., dressmaker, bds 211 W 1st

Browne, William H., engineer, h 211 W 1st

Brownell, Elias J., fireman, bds Lewis, n W South av

Brownell, Joel G., mason, h Lewis n W South av

Brownlow, James, carriage ironer, h 224 DeWitt

Bruckler, Andrew F., telegrapher, bds 661 Baldwin

Bruckler, John B., blacksmith, h 661 Baldwin

Bruen, John H. (Elmira Oil Co.), h 369 W Fourth

Brush, George A., lawyer, 100 Lake, bds 173 do

Bryan, Abigail M., widow Allen, bds 200 S Main

Bryan, Frances E., bds 200 S Main

Bryan, Hiram R., meat market, 116 S Main, h 128 W Hudson

Bryan, John, laborer, h 809 E Washington av

Bryan, L. Jackson, teamster, h 718 Baldwin

Bry, Mabel A., widow Allen B., bds 200 S Main

Bryan, P.V., bookkeeper, Elmira Gaslight Co., h 653 Park Place

Bryan, Squire J., carpenter, h 807 E Washington av

Bryan, Ward R., laborer, bds 718 Baldwin

Buater, E., guard Reformatory, bds do

Buchanan, Frank D., clerk, 421 N Main, bds 415 Elm

Buchanan, James F., grocer, 421 N Main, h 415 Elm

Buchanan, John, marble cutter, h r 215 College av

Buchanan, Nelson G., clerk, 421 N Main, bds 415 Elm

Bucher, L.N., guard Reformatory, bds do

Buck, Aholiab, carpenter, h 126 W Henry

Buck, Frank M., mail agent, bds 508 College av

Buck, Osmer, laborer, bds 502 Tuttle av

Buck, William C., paymaster Towando Coal Co. h 852 N Main

Buckbee, Alexander, engineer, h 214 Lormore

Buckbee, Elven D. (M. Buckbee & Son), h 429 E Water

Buckbee, Joseph M., farmer, h West Hill ab Hoffman

Buckbee, M. & Son (Elven D.), hotel, 429 E Water

Buckbee, Samuel P., manager, 429 E Water, bds do

Buckley, Aggie, domestic, 809 Davis

Buckley, Julia, widow Patrick, h 200 Harmon

Buckley, Sarah Mrs., h 618 Baldwin

Buckout, John, carpenter, h 373 Centre

Budd, Caroline D., widow Bryon, bds 109 West Gray

Budd, Celestia, widow Albion, h 609 W Water

Budd, David M., driver, h 962 East av

Budd, Elijah, carpenter, h Lake ab Thurston

Budd, George, carpenter, bds 203 E Gray

Budd, Henry, drug clerk, bds Lake ab Thurston

Budd, Henry E., clerk, 171 Baldwin, bds n Horseheads

Budd, Joseph, h 562 Beach

Budd, Loudon (A.B. Austin & Co.), h 609 W Water

Budd, Oscar H., painter, 316 E Market, h 120 E S Water

Budzikowski, Michael, shoemaker, h 356 Railroad av

Buffalo House, Christina Miller, 501 Railroad av

Bugbee, Dexter, shoemaker, h 607 Magee

Bugbee, Frank H., shoemaker, bds 607 Magee

Bugbee, Frederick E., shoemaker, h 107 N Main

Bugbee, Mary Mrs., sewing machine operative, bds 317 W Water

Bugshi, Joseph, laborer, h 551 Day

Buille, Andrew, stonecutter, h 1313 Benton

Bull, William Y., agent, h 417 W 2d

Bullard, Almon B. (Bullard, Farwell & Co.), h 501 W Water

Bullard, Almon M. (Bullard, Farwell & Co.), bds 501 W Water

Bullard, C.M. Mrs., h 404 Hoffman

Bullard, Dela R., widow Edwin D., bds 363 Fulton

Bullard, Farwell & Co. (A.B. Bullard, S.P. Farwell and A.M. Bullard), leather, hides and findings, 103 W Water

Bullard, George A., salesman, bds 529 W Water

Bullard, George W., drygoods, 146 W Water, h 529 W Water

Bullard, Louisa E., teacher Elmira Female College, bds 529 W Water

Bullock, Egbert, teamster, h r 518 Baldwin

Bullock, Horace E., teamster, h Sullivan cor Harper

Bump, Oscar W., superintendent, h 370 W Water

BUNDY BROTHERS (Oscar F. and Jabin A.), grocers, 127 Lake

Bundy, Frank E., clerk, 127 Lake bds 267 Baldwin

Bundy, Jabin A. (Bundy Bros.), h 269 Baldwin

Bundy, Lois Miss, bds 267 Baldwin

Bundy, Oscar F. (Bundy Bros.), h 267 Baldwin

Bunnell, David K., shoemaker, h 512 John

Bunto, Effie E., domestic, 501 Lake

Bunto, John F., butcher, h 604 E Water

Bunto, Myra Mrs., h 925 E Church

Burbage, Elizabeth, widow Joseph, h 357 W Gray

Burbage, John, shoemaker, Lewis cor Jacob, h do

Burbage, Joseph, h Lewis cor Jacob

Burbage, William, plumber, bds 357 W Gray

Burchall, Arthur, farmer, h Esty bel Robinson

Burchell, Arthur M., clerk 326 E Water, bds Esty bel Robinson

Burchell, Hattie, drygoods and millinery, 326 E Water, bds Esty bel Robinson

Burchell, Mary, bookkeeper, 326 E Water, bds Esty bel Robinson

Burchell, Thomas H., clerk 326 E Water, bds Esty bel Robinson

Burdick, Frank, laborer, h 853 Davis

Burdick, William P., real estate, h 210 W South av

Burgess, Benjamin, watchman, h 5 Erie

Burgess, Frederick, tinsmith, h 309 Orchard

Burgess, Millard F.D., mason, bds 336 E Water

Burgett, Albert, conductor, bds Rathbun House

Burhans, Lina, teacher, bds 209 W S Water

Burk, Edward, ironworker, h E 7th ab Canal

Burk, Eli, carpenter, h Thurston n Sullivan

Burk, Patrick, brakeman, bds Mack House

Burke, Bartholomew, cigarmanufr, 314 Washington, h do

Burke, John, laborer, h 312 Washington

Burke, Kittie, hairworker, bds 372 Railroad av

Burke, Mary A., widow William, h 372 Railroad av

Burke, Patrick, cigarmaker, bds East av ab Beach

Burki, Jacob, fresco painter, h 561 E Water

Burley, Sarah, widow Ebenezer, h 146 W Water

Burnett, Anna Mrs., bds 207 DeWitt

Burnett, Catharine, dressmaker, bds 515 High

Burnett, Edwin L., penman, 118 W Water, bds do

Burnett, Thomas, mason, h 515 High

Burnett, Willard W., physician, 118 W Water, h do

Burnette, Charles R., printer Gazette, h 53 Orchard

Burnham, Edward, painter, bds 204 E Gray

Burnham, Kinney, oiler, h 219 Franklin

Burnham, Nellie, bds 102 W Water

Burns, Annie, domestic, 56 Pennsylvania av

Burns, Dennis, laborer, h 823 Hatch

Burns, Ella A., domestic, 218 Washington

Burns, Ellen, domestic, 410 W Gray

Burns, Frank, plumber, bds 116 W South av

Burns, Henry, laborer, h 501 Pennsylvania av

Burns, Henry, jr., laborer, bds 501 Pennsylvania av

Burns, James, teamster, bds 501 Pennsylvania av

Burns, John, clerk, 334 E Water, bds 116 W S Water

Burns, Maggie, domestic, 322 W Clinton

Burns, Mary, domestic, 412 N Main

Burns, Mary, domestic, Pattinson House

Burns, Michael, clerk, 414 E Market, h 808 E Market

Burns, Michael, laborer, h 507 High

Burns, Patrick, bds 501 Pennsylvania av

Burns, Patrick, laborer, h 458 High

Burns, Patrick, jr., cigarmaker, h 458 High

Burns, Sarah, domestic, 413 Lake

Burns, Thomas, h 320 Webber Place

BURNS, THOMAS, grocer, 334 E Water, h 116 W S Water

Burns, Thomas G., blacksmith, h 856 John

Burr, Esther Mrs., h 451 Pennsylvania av

Burr, Frank, printer, bds 916 Benton

Burr, Juliet Mrs., bds 914 Benton

Burrell, Jacob, barber, bds 201 E Market

BURROWS, JABEZ T., tobacconist, restaurant and barber, 407 Railroad av, h do

Burrows, Sarah E., saleslady, 306 E Water, bds 128 S E Water

Burt, Byron, gardener, h Luce bel Robinson

Burt, George J., tannery, at Wellsville, h 112 Pennsylvania av

Burt, Henry J., conductor, h 622 Pennsylvania av

Burt, Isaac N., brakeman, h 517 Herrick

Burt, John B., grocer, 64 Pennsylvania av, h Lewis bel Maple av

Burt, Mark A., bookkeeper, h 119 Pennsylvania av

Burt, Mary Mrs., h 714 E Clinton

Burthoff, Edward, h W South av bel Casey

Bush, Charles W., fireman, h N. C. R. R. n E South av

Bush, Daniel B., carpenter, h 112 Orchard

Bush, Esther, saloon, 116, 118 and 120 E Water, h do

Bush, Henry, barkeeper, 120 E Water, bds do

Bush, James J., manager, 338 E Water, bds 417 E Market

Bush, Sarah A., widow William, bds 213 Orchard

Bush, William, car repairer, h 607 N Main

Bush, Wolf, manager, 120 E Water, h do

Bushby, Thomas, painter, bds 106 W 2d

Butcher, Annie, domestic Club House

Butcher, Charles, painter, h 809 Factory

Butcher, Daniel E., clerk, h 509 N Main

Butcher, Edward, boots and shoes, 140 W Water, h 205 Gregg

Butcher, Edward, jr., salesman, 140 W Water, bds 205 Gregg

Butcher, Frederick, painter, h 815 Factory

Butcher, George, tailor, bds 420 E Market

Butler, Ann, domestic, 140 E Water

Butler, Bridget, domestic, 501 Baldwin

Butler, Bridget, domestic, 419 W Church

BUTLER COLLIERY CO., coal miners and shippers, 315 E Water, Ferral C. Dininny, prest

Butler, Cornelius, mason, h 262 Patridge

Butler, Edward, brakeman, bds Mack House

Butler, Edward, clerk, 149 W Water, bds 310 W 4th

Butler, James, laborer, h 926 Maxwell av

Butler, Mary, domestic, 461 E Water

Butler, Mary, widow John, h 310 W 4th

Butler, Mary E., widow Hezekiah, bds 616 Dickinson

Butler, Patrick, blacksmith, h 359 W 3d

Butler, Patrick J., salesman, 132 W Water, bds 310 W 4th

Butler, William, pianomaker, bds 150 Fox

Butler, William F., h 312 Sullivan

Butman, George W., shoemaker, bds Fox cor Carroll

Butman, William H., shoemaker, h Fox cor Carroll

Byle, Ansty, cook, 235 Lake

Byo, Emery, shoemaker, bds 759 John

Byrne, Anna, domestic, 407 N Main

Byrne, Anna F., teacher, bds 113 W Gray

Byrne, Emma J., teacher, bds 113 W Gray

BYRNE, GEORGE W., cooper and tank builder, 521 Baldwin, h 519 do

Byrne, James S., ironworker, h 808 Hatch

Byrne, John C., clerk N. C. R. W. freight depot, h 424 W 4th

Byrne, Mary A.C., teacher, bds 519 Baldwin

Byrne, Sarah, widow John, h 113 W Gray

Byrne, Thomas G., blacksmith, 413 E Market, h 856 John

Byrnes, Martin, laborer, 964 Magee

Butterfield, David, physician, h 118 Ferris

Byrns, James, laborer, h 360 W 3d


Cable, Edgar R., student, bds 124 W 2d

CABLE, ROBERT B., division supt. N. Y. L. E. and Western R. R. Co., bds Rathbun House

Cable, Sarah E., widow Agur, h 124 W 2d

Cadmus, Unice Mrs., bds 708 College av

Cadoo, James H., carpenter, h Jacob n S Main

Cadwell, Guy C., musician, 318 E Water, h do

Cahaley, Daniel, cigarmanufr, 376 W 1st, h do

Cahan, James, laborer, bds Division n E. R. R.

Cahan, Michael, laborer, h Division n E. R. R.

Cahill, Edward, car repairer, h 425 W 4th

Cahill, Frank, machinist, bds 363 Fulton

Cahill, Katie, domestic, 201 Columbia

Cahill, Katie, domestic, 441 E Water
Cahill, Lizzie, domestic, 113 W 2d

Cahill, Maggie, domestic, 858 N Main

Cahill, Martin, laborer, h 462 W 6th

Cahill, Mary, domestic, Grove n Woodlawn Cemetery

Cahill, Michael, laborer, h Division bel Baldwin

Cahill, Michael, laborer, bds 462 W 6th

Cahill, Nellie D. Mrs., dressmaker, bds 102 W Water

Cain, Dennis, express messenger, h 661 Columbia

Cain, Nellie, domestic, 505 Magee

Cain, Patrick, laborer, h 313 W Hudson

Cake, Jacob, machinist, bds 522 Pennsylvania av

Caldwell, David, grocer, 210 W Water, h 78 Pennsylvania av

Caldwell, David, street commissioner, h 127 Partridge

Caldwell, Guy C., violinist, h 318 E Water

Caldwell, Lewis D., bds 200 Baldwin

Caldwell, Lizzie, milliner, 78 E S Water

Caldwell, Luther, h 200 Baldwin

Caldwell, Luther S., bds 200 Baldwin

Caldwell, Samuel T., clerk, 200 W Water, bds 78 Pennsylvania av

Cale, John, local mail agent, h 606 E 2d

Calkins, Benjamin E., clerk, 516 Park Place, bds do

Calkins, John W.D., bookkeeper, bds 313 College av

Calkins, Nathan S., clerk, 315 E Water, h 313 College av

Call, Purington B., carriage trimmer, h 520 W Church

Callahan, Catharine, tailoress, bds 109 Franklin

Callahan, Cornelius, laborer, h Jones bel Robinson

Callahan, James H., printer, h 703 Market

Callahan, John, salesman, 139 E Water, bds 109 Franklin

Callahan, Julia, tailoress, bds 109 Franklin

Callahan, Lizzie, domestic, 504 Columbia

Callan, John J., shoemaker, bds Mansion House

Callans, Thomas, stonecutter, bds 108 Spring

Calligan, Katie, teacher, bds 454 South av

Calligan, Patrick, laborer, h 454 South av

Callinan, Kate, domestic, Elmira Female College

Callinan, Mary, domestic, Elmira Female College

Calloran, Ellen, domestic, 205 DeWitt

Calloway, Lewis, gardener, College av cor Fayette

Calman, Charles, laborer, bds 203 E Gray

Cameron, Emma Mrs., dressmaker, bds 417 N Main

Camp, Fred A., civil engineer, h 360 Norton

Campbell, Abijah, laborer, h Sullivan n Factory

Campbell, Alfred T. (H. Campbell & Co.), bds 861 East av

Campbell, Andrew, bds 118 W S Water

Campbell, Anna, teacher, bds 424 Gray

Campbell, Annie, saleslady, 139 E Water, bds 118 W S Water

Campbell, A. Owen, clerk, h 502 W 1st

Campbell, Bernard, laborer, h 957 N Main

Campbell, Catharine Mrs., h Powell cor E. R. R.

Campbell, Charles (H. Campbell & Co.), h 861 East av

Campbell, Charles, shoemaker, h 509 Park Place

Campbell, Charles C., farmer, bds 603 Howard

Campbell, Duncan P., carriage painter, h 559 E Church

Campbell, Edgar, bds 861 East av

Campbell, Frank, artist, bds 157 High

Campbell, Frederick, laborer, h 507 Clinton Place

Campbell, Gabriel, bds Tuttle av ab East av

Campbell, George, laborer, h 352 Railroad av

Campbell, George H., watchman, h 313 Roe av

Campbell, H. & Co. (Henry, Charles and Alfred T. Campbell), tanners, 857 East av

Campbell, Harriet B., widow Duncan, h 208 Dewitt

Campbell, Henry (H. Campbell & Co.), h 504 Sullivan

Campbell, Henry L., blacksmith, h 414 E Washington av

Campbell, Horace, barber, bds 109 S Main

Campbell, James, laborer, h 605 E 2d

Campbell, James A. (Richards & Campbell), h 504 E Church

Campbell, James E., farmer, h 605 E 2d

Campbell, Jefferson, laborer, 816 Factory

Campbell, Jesse, carpenter, bds 269 W Henry

Campbell, John, laborer, bds 103 E Washington av

Campbell, John, laborer, bds 802 Hatch

Campbell, John A., plumber, bds Pattinson House

Campbell, Joseph, machinist, bds Pattinson House

Campbell, Lucius, farmer, bds 605 E 2d

Campbell, Margaret, domestic, 168 High

Campbell, Mary, domestic, 203 E Gray

Campbell, Michael, laborer, h 802 Hatch

Campbell, Michael B., car inspector, h 118 W S Water

Campbell, Patrick, shoemaker, 107 Sullivan

Campbell, Richard, laborer, h 352 Railroad av

Campbell, Richard, bds 605 E 2d

Campbell, Rose, widow John, h 103 E Washington av

Campbell, Sarah, domestic Homestead Hotel

Campbell, Theodore, laborer, bds 414 E Washington av

Campbell, William, fireman, h 604 Pennsylvania av

Campbell, William, laborer, h Tuttle av ab East av

Campbell, William H., farmer, bds 603 Howard

Campbell, William Rev., pastor German Lutheran Church, bds 757 E Water

Canan, John, laborer, h 265 W Henry

Canfield, Frederick, coachman, 401 Sullivan

Canney, Kate, domestic, 367 W Water

Canney, Mary, domestic Rathbun House

CANNON, GEORGE B., coal dealer, Railroad av cor W 4th, bds 517 W 1st

Cannon, Hugh, laborer, h 212 W 2d

Cannon, James, clerk, h 517 W 1st

Cannon, Mott D., bookkeeper, Railroad av cor W 4th, bds 517 W 1st

Card, Mary, widow Primus, bds 658 Dickinson

Carey, DeForrest B., shoemaker, h 519 Harper

Carey, Edward, painter, bds 422 E Water

Carey, Francis W., tailor, h 316 Orchard

Carey, Francis, shoemaker, h 1311 Hall

Carey, Malcolm J., augermaker, h 418 E Washington av

Carey, Michael, carpenter, h 363 W 3d

Carey, William R. (Kirkland & Carey), h 607 E 2d

Cargill, R.G., organist Trinity Church, bds 129 N Main

Carl, Patrick, laborer, 451 Franklin

Carle, Nellie, widow Harry, milliner, 335 E Water, h do

Carley, Thomas, tinner, bds 359 Centre

Carman, Gabriel S., carpenter, h S Broadway n Hine

Carman, John F., tinsmith, h 504 N Main

Carman, Samuel E., carpenter, bds S Broadway n Hine

Carman, William H., carriagemanufr, 241 W Water, h 439 W 5th

Carmody, Bridget, widow Daniel, h 717 McDonald

Carmody, Cornelius, laborer, h 516 Elizabeth

Carmody, Edward, carpenter, h r 106 W Church

Carmody, John, saloon, 313 Railroad av, h do

Carmody, Kate, domestic Rathbun House

Carmody, Michael, expressman Erie depot, h 912 Johnson

Carmody, Simon, laborer, bds 761 Jay

Carmody, Simon, laborer, h East av ab Beach

Carney, Martin, laborer, h 257 W Henry

Carney, Patrick, shoemaker, O'Gorman n N. C. R. R., h do

Carney, Thomas, shoemaker, 507 Columbia, h do

Carpenter, Andrew J., asst. postmaster, bds 260 Baldwin

Carpenter, Amos G., teamster, h 429 Standish

Carpenter, Carrie, seamstress, bds 108 W Water

Carpenter, Charles, clerk, h 410 E Washington av

Carpenter, Daniel, teamster, h Thurston n Lake

Carpenter, Edward G., laborer, bds 229 Mt. Zoar

Carpenter, George, turner, bds Pattinson House

Carpenter, George E. (M. Richardson & Co.), h 400 Williams

Carpenter, George M., salesman, bds 203 Pennsylvania av

Carpenter, James, carriage painter, h 806 E Church

Carpenter, John B., switchman, h 714 E Oak

Carpenter, John L., clerk, 600 Pennsylvania av, bds do

Carpenter, John Y., letter carrier, h 907 Lake

Carpenter, Mary, domestic, 222 Pennsylvania av

Carpenter, Minnie, clerk P. O., bds 260 Baldwin

Carpenter, Nelson E., hats and caps, 209 E Water, bds 203 Pennsylvania av

Carpenter, Sarah J., widow John Y., bds 907 Lake

Carpenter, William, commission merchant, h 405 E Union

Carpenter, William D., laborer, bds 229 Mt. Zoar

Carpenter, Zenas R., woodturner, h 229 Mt. Zoar

Carr, Austin A., clerk, h 520 W 1st

Carr, Bernard, blacksmith, h 726 Hatch

Carr, Betsey, widow Austin, h 411 Baldwin

Carr, Elizabeth, domestic, 129 E S Water

Carr, Fannie E., teacher, bds 411 Baldwin

Carr, Fletcher, printer, bds Carr ab Hoffman

Carr, Kate, domestic, 661 Park Place

Carr, Mary, domestic, 126 N Main

Carr, Mary, domestic, 203 Pennsylvania av

Carr, Matthew, laborer, bds 808 Hatch

Carr, Mollie, bds 161 Washington

Carr, Samuel M., justice of the peace, Carr ab Hoffman, h do

Carr, Silas T., carriagebuilder, h 705 Jay

Carr, Stephen, laborer, h 807 Hatch

Carr, Thomas, clerk, 400 W Church, bds do

Carr, Thomas, laborer, bds 807 Hatch

Carr, Thomas F., cigarmaker, bds 726 Hatch

Carr, William, brakeman, bds 217 W 2d

Carr, William S., bookkeeper, Baldwin cor Carroll, h 909 W Water

Carrier, Cortland F. (Pratt & Co.), h 511 E Union

Carrier, Joseph, h 518 Lake

Carrier, Lavina Mrs., bds 521 E Union

Carrigan, Helen, widow James, h 311 Canal

Carrigan, James, laborer, h Maxwell av n Stephen la

Carrigan, Miles, ironworker, bds 711 Canal

Carrigan, Thomas, ironworker, bds 711 Canal

Carroll, Hugh, shoemaker, bds 107 N 2d

Carroll, John, laborer, h O'Gorman n N. C. R. R.

Carroll, Mary, domestic, 410 N Main

Carroll, Patrick, laborer, h 451 Franklin

Carroll, Patrick, teamster, h 261 W Hudson

Carruthers, Robert, gardener, bds 619 Hart

Carruthers, William, gardener, h 619 Hart

Carter, Albert F., shoemaker, h 375 W Water

Carter, Alvah S., clerk, 901 Lake, h 502 Washington av

Carter, Alvah S. jr., law student, 300 E Water, bds Oak cor Washington av

Carter, Elizabeth, widow Edward, h 222 W 1st

Carter, Ella Mrs., bds 604 Baldwin

Carter, George, servant, 303 N Main

Carter, John, laborer, h 852 Oak

CARTER, J.F. & CO. (M.E. Havens), groceries and provisions, 901 Lake

Carter, Joseph F. (J.F. Carter & Co.), bds Washington av cor Oak

Carter, John E., bds 222 W 1st

Carter, Levi, laborer, h 604 Baldwin

Carter, Mary E., milliner, bds 624 Josephine

Carter, Thomas O., shoemaker, h 703 Josephine

Carter, Zeno A., shoemaker, h 624 Josephine

Cartledge, James C., stonecutter, h 354 Pennsylvania av

Cartledge, Joseph, foreman, 446 E Water, h 754 John

Cartwright, Stephen, iron worker, h 716 Hatch

Cary, James S. (Hallock, Cary & Co.), h at Bingampton

Cassady, George B., blacksmith, h 148 W Water

Casbeer, Flora, teacher, bds 407 W Water

Case, George, laborer, bds 456 Oak

Casey, Daniel, laborer, h 802 Sullivan

Casey, Daniel, teamster, h 515 Fulton

Casey, James S., clerk, Erie Depot Restaurant, bds W Third

Casey, Michael, laborer, h Harmon n W Henry

CASEY, MICHAEL G., propr Elmira House, State n E Water

Casper, George W., carpenter, h 110 W Water

Cass, John, bookkeeper, h 122 W Hudson

Cassal, Charles M., watchmaker, 105 E Water, bds 709 E Church

Cassal, Henry M., jeweler, 105 E Water, h 709 E Church

Cassiday, John S., shoemaker, h Harper cor E Oak

Cassidy, Thomas, shoemaker, h 409 High

Cassin, Martin, janitor, h 4 Erie

Casterliene, Ellimina, widow Jacob, h 711 John

Casterliene, Jacob, cigarmaker, bds 711 John

Casterliene, Jennie, dressmaker, bds 711 John

Casterline, Horace A. (Casterline & Brown), h 851 E Water

CASTERLINE, ISAAC, gunsmith, 329 Carroll, h 206 W Hudson

Casterline & Brown, cigar manufrs, 142 W Water

Catlin, Jane, widow Lucius, bds 616 Columbia

Caulking, Hiram L., printer, bds 426 Pleasant

Caulking, Hiram W., collector, h 426 Pleasant

Caulking, Kittie D., music teacher, bds 426 Pleasant

Caulking, Willard W., printer Gazette, h 59 Orchard

Cavanaugh, Jeremiah, teamster, h 515 Harper

Cavanaugh, Michael, gardener, 957 Lake

Cavanaugh, Patrick, laborer, h 1204 Baldwin

Caven, John, engine hostler, h 260 Henry


Chadbourne, Joseph K., clerk Erie R. R. freight depot, bds 124 W Second

Chadbourne, William T., clerk Rathbun House, bds do

Chalker, Jane Mrs., h 500 High

CHAMBERLAIN, ASAHEL B., supt. Towanda Coal Co., Erie depot, h 713 Park Place

Chamberlain, Guy, student, bds 433 E Water

Chamberlain, Horace E., boarding, h 433 E Water

Chamberlain, John, student, bds 433 E Water

Chamberlain, Rosa, domestic, 375 Centre

Chamberlin, Charles D., clerk, h 912 College av

Chamberlin, John W., h 212 W Gray

Chambers, James, hostler, bds 604 Beach

Chandler, Irene, bds 306 W 4th

Chandler, Russell, sashmaker, bds 360 W 2d

Chapin, Laura B., domestic, 713 N Main

Chapin, Zachariah, laborer, h 509 Madison av

Chapins, Jason W., h 826 Lincoln

Chapman, Charles E. (Kingsbury & Chapman), h 382 W Water

Chapman, George M., butcher, bds 1161 Hoffman

Chapman, James, foreman, h 110 W Henry

Chapman, Julia, bds 104 E Hudson

Chapman, Luie, domestic, 115 Madison av

Chapman, Louisa, widow Benjamin, h 404 W 3d

Chapman, Mary, widow George, bds 110 W Henry

Chapman, Mary, widow Thomas, bds 813 Factory

Chapman, Philinda Mrs., h 318 W 3d

Chappell, Elizabeth, widow Byron, h 411 W Water

Chay, Lawrence, h 110 Partridge

Chase, Cornelius B., machinist, h 609 Lewis

Chase, Elizabeth Mrs., h 711 Benjamin

Chase, Frederick M., clerk, h 119 E Henry

Chase, Walter P., salesman, 126 W Water, h 423 do

Chase, Zalmon F., physician, 760 E Church, h do


Chemung County Journal (German), Fred Wagner, publisher, E Market cor Baldwin

Cherrey, Leonard K., carman, h 410 Standish

Cherry, Annie, domestic, 262 W 4th

Cherry, Electa, widow William, restaurant, 218 E Market, h do

Cherry, Patrick, mason, h 104 Orchard

Chester, Jennie, widow William, h 310 Elm

Chevalier, Alphons, shoemaker, h 815 E Market

Chidester, Adolphus, carpenter, h 327 Centre

Chidsey, George M., agent, 114 W Water, h 366 W Gray

Christ, William, watchmaker, h 209 Judson

Christen, Charles, barber, bds 565 E Water

Christen, Edward, cigarmaker, bds 565 E Water

Christen, Joseph (Garlinghouse & Christen), h 140 E Water

Christen, Joseph, tailor, h 565 E Water

Christian, Charles, shoecutter, h 216 W Church

Christison, John C., physician, 102 W Water, bds do