Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1878 / 79
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Chubbuck, Austin E. (Chubbuck & Co.), h 713 E Church

Chubbuck, Charlotte L., teacher, bds 713 E Church

Chubbuck, E. Hibbard, jeweler, bds 713 E Church

Chubbuck, Hollis S., physician, 258 Baldwin, h do

Chubbuck, Manley T. (Chubbuck & Co.), bds 713 E Church

CHUBBUCK & CO. (Austin E. and Manley T. Chubbuck), wood and coal, 104 Partridge and E Gray cor State

Church, Edwin F., clerk, 313 E Water, h do

Churchill, Cornelia, dressmaker, bds 307 Franklin

Churchill, Enoch, mason, bds 307 Franklin

Churchill, Fred., carriage painter, bds 228 Mt. Zoar

Churchill, George H., carriage ironer, bds 228 Mt. Zoar

Churchill, Jackson V., carriagemaker, h 228 Mt. Zoar

Churchill, Henry L. (E.H. Cook & Co.), h at Rochester

Churchill, Jackson V., foreman, E 5th bel Lake, h 611 Lake

Churchill, Jud., mason, bds 307 Franklin

Churchill, Thomas W., machinist, h 306 W Church

Churchill, William, policeman, h 307 Franklin

Churchill, William, jr., laborer, bds 307 Franklin

Clair, Belle, domestic, 909 Hoffman

Clancy, Edward, flagman, h 605 E Church

Clancy, James, foreman, Exchange Place n E Water, h 372 W 1st

Clancy, Maggie, widow Patrick, h 59 1st av

Clancy, Susan Mrs., h 369 W 2d

Clapp, Stephen G. (Clapp & Co.), h 363 W 4th

Clapp & Co. (Stephen G. Clapp), flour, feed and grain, Railroad av cor W 4th

Clark, Agnes L., teacher, bds 138 W Water

Clark, Alfred E., tanner, h 455 Sullivan

Clark Brothers (G.W. and Lugene B.), saloon, 404 E Water

Clark, Caroline, widow Isaac, bds 653 Dickinson

Clark, Catharine, widow Clarles N., h 200 DeWitt

Clark, Charles H., hammerman, bds 661 Park Place

Clark, Charles H., laborer, h 718 Oak

Clark, Edward L., h Pennsylvania av cor S Elm

Clark, Elisha, h Pennsylvania av cor S Elm

Clark, George, laborer, h Day bel Pratt

Clark, Glode N. (Clark Brothers), bds 200 DeWitt

Clark, Hattie, domestic, 601 Railroad av

Clark, Henry, laborer, h 359 W 5th

Clark, Henry A., dairyman, h Fulton n Franklin

Clark, Horace, laborer, h Day n Sullivan

Clark, James, bricklayer, h 515 Elizabeth

Clark, James, engineer, 651 Baldwin, h do

Clark, James, marble cutter, bds 707 John

Clark, James E., laborer, h 654 Baldwin

Clark, Jefferson, laborer, h 707 E 5th

Clark, Joel N., cooper, 304 Sullivan, h do

Clark, John, engineer, h 707 John

Clark, John, roller, h 112 Partridge

Clark, John C., real estate, h 402 W 1st

Clark, Joseph, laborer, h r 423 W 4th

Clark, Joseph G., carpenter, h 962 East av

Clark, Julia, widow Charles, h 556 E Clinton

Clark, Julia, widow J.B., h 311 W Church

Clark, Leslie, farmer, bds East av ab Beach

Clark, Lugene B. (Clark Bros.), 404 E Water

Clark, Mary, domestic, 357 Columbia

Clark, Samuel W., grain dealer, 200 E Water, h Maple av cor Catharine

Clark, Sarah M., widow William B., h 505 Magee

Clark Square, meat market, 116 W 5th, h at Big Flats

Clark, Susan Mrs., h 718 Oak

Clark, Ward W., helper, bds 718 Oak

Clark, William, guard Reformatory, bds do

Clark, William, laborer, h East av ab Beach

Clark, William, manager Elmira Iron and Steel Rolling Mill Co., h 661 Park Place

Clark, William, jr., timekeeper, bds 661 Park Place

Clarke, John (J. & S.M. Clarke), h 709 Park Place

Clarke, J. & S.M. (John and Sylvanus M.), carpenter, 712 Park Place

Clarke, Samuel T. Rev., pastor Lake Street Presbyterian Church, h 407 E Church

Clarke, Sylvanus M. (J. & S.M. Clarke), architect and builder, 101 E Church, h 110 W Church

Clatworthy, James, farmer, 901 W Water

Clatworthy, James H., carriagepainter, 225 W Water, h 503 Sullivan

Clearbeck, James, laborer, h 500 High

Cleary, Patrick, boilermaker, h 112 S 2d

Clements, James, steamfitter, h 321 S Broadway

Clemmens, Jacob, butcher, bds 709 E Oak

Clendenney, Harriet A., widow Theodore, h 720 Walnut

Clendenney, Lewis F., fireman, h 854 Magee

Clendennin, Henry H., foreman, h Giltinan cor W South av

Cleveland, Frank E., baggage agent, h 457 E Water

Cleveland, Henry E., clerk, 175 Lake, bds 708 E Market

Cleveland, Ida, domestic, 856 N Main

Cleveland, J. Lillie, bds 437 E Water

Cleveland, James H., foreman, h 708 E Market

Cleveland, Morgan R., tanner, h 913 E Market

Cleveland, William, architect, h 409 W 2d

Clinch, Mary, dressmaker, bds 559 E Water

Clinch, Peter, tinsmith, h 559 E Water

Cline, Caleb A., upholsterer, h 308 W 4th

Cline, Elisha, jr., carpenter, h 308 W 4th

Cline, Katie, domestic, 118 N Main

Cloake, Lizzie, domestic, 222 W Church

Cloke, John, laborer, h 956 Magee

Clopp, George M., shoemaker, h 116 Orchard

CLOSE, R.H. Mrs., matron Southern Tier Orphans Home, Franklin cor Fulton, h do

Close, Reuben H. Rev., bds 370 S Main

Clowley, Ellen, domestic, 246 Lake

Club House, Joseph Siegfried, Elmira Driving Park

Cluga, Fritz, tailor, bds 311 Baldwin

Clum, Annie E. Mrs., dressmaker, 153 Lake, h do

Clum, Henry A., scientist, h 153 Lake

Clurty, John, helper, h 614 S Main

Coakley, Mary, domestic, 402 W Church

Cobb, Eben, painter, bds 200 E Water

Cobb, Marietta S., teacher, bds 518 W Gray

COBURN, PARLY, principal School No. 3, h 215 Pennsylvania av

Coddington, M. Wesley, engineer, Tuttle av n Water, h 50 E Water

Coffee, John, laborer, h 713 Canal

Coffin, Will H., salesman, 133 E Water, bds 403 W Water

Coffin, William B., roadmaster Erie depot, bds 657 Park Place

Cohen, Abraham F., notions, 304 E Water, h 558 E Water

Cohen, Levi, peddler, bds 111 Washington

Cohen, Manuel, clothing, h 115 Washington

COKE, FREDERICK, baker, confectioner and grocer, 318 E Water, 1207 Hall

Coke, Fred Mrs., dressmaker, 318 E Water, h 1207 Hall

Coke, Levi, baker, h 609 N Main

Coke, William, cabinetmaker, 309 Davis, h 401 W 1st

Colbert, William, stonemason, h 427 Pleasant

Cole, Benjamin W., shoemaker, h 240 Lake

Cole, David, bds 213 Madison av

Cole, Elizabeth, widow Silas, bds 203 S Elm

Cole, Emma, seamstress, h 407 Railroad av

Cole, Florence, dressmaker, bds 1216 Maxwell av

COLE, HENRY J., saloon and restaurant, 201 W Water, h 149 W Water

Cole, Lafayette, laborer, h 150 Fox

Cole, Lucy, domestic, 1019 College av

Cole, Mary, domestic, 517 W 1st

Cole, Samuel R., farmer, h 424 Balsam

Cole, Thomas, shoemaker, bds 508 College av

COLE, WEBSTER J., dry goods, groceries, flour and feed, 600 Pennsylvania av, h do

Colegrove, Frank, shoemaker, h 226 S Chestnut

Coleman, Betsey, dressmaker, r 120 E S Water, h do

Coleman, Eliza B., widow John, h 306 W 1st

Coleman, George R., barber, bds 556 John

Coleman, Hugh, laborer, h 317 Hathaway

Coleman, Isaiah B., principal foreman Reformatory, bds 1305 College av

Coleman, John, roller, h 215 Broadway

Coleman, Margaret, domestic, 360 W Clinton

Coleman, Stephen, machinist, bds 1305 College av

Coles, Sheridan E., printer, bds 426 Pleasant

Colkeen, Thomas, laborer, h Maxwell av n Washington av

Collar, Anna, widow Harvey, h 150 Madison av

Colligan, Mary, domestic, 1124 Lake

Colligan, Michael, foreman, S Broadway opp Coburn, h 416 Balsam

Colligan, Nora, widow Michael, bds 115 High

Collin, Charles A. (Rockwell & Collin), h 115 Walnut

Collin, Dennis, laborer, h 705 E Water

Collin, Frederick (Reynolds & Collin), h 864 N Main

Collingwood, Robert, jeweler, 213 E Water, h 113 W S Water

Collins, Annie, domestic, 404 Sullivan

Collins, Dennis, foreman, h 710 Magee

Collins, Dennis, laborer, h 705 E Water

Collins, Ella, chambermaid Elmira Surgical Institute

Collins, Ella, dressmaker, bds 605 Beach

Collins, Harrison, painter, h 605 Beach

Collins, Isaac, laborer, h 662 Dickinson

Collins, Jacob, hostler, 351 N Main

Collins, James, laborer, h Davis n Reformatory

Collins, James, milkman, h Lake ab Thurston

Collins, James E., milkman, h Lake ab Thurston

Collins, Jared N., brakeman, h 511 Herrick

Collins, Jeremiah, laborer, h 306 S Broadway

Collins, John, farmer, bds Lake ab Thurston

Collins, John, hostler, 534 W Church

Collins, John, laborer, h 209 E South av

Collins, John, stoves and tinware, 505 N Main, h 609 Magee

Collins, Julia, domestic, 303 N Main

Collins, Junius T., clerk, 434 E Market, bds 458 E Clinton

Collins, Kate, domestic, 230 Lake

Collins, Kate, domestic, 507 W Water

Collins, L.B., carpenter, h 410 Pleasant

Collins, Maggie, domestic, 359 W Church

Collins, Maggie, laundress Delavan House

Collins, Mary, cook Elmira Surgical Institute

Collins, Mary, domestic, 615 Park Place

Collins, Michael, varieties, Washington av cor Lincoln, h do

Collins, Nicholas E. Rev., pastor Protestant Union M.E. Church, h 653 Dickinson

Collins, Nora, domestic, 515 William

Collins, Thomas, laborer, h 160 Harriet

Collins, William, tailor, h 207 Sullivan

Collins, William D., tailor, bds 207 Sullivan

Collins, William F., clerk, 505 N Main, h 609 Magee

Collom, Julia, domestic, 102 Harmon

Collson, Warren M., wagonmaker, h 910 Oak

Collson, William, insurance agent, h 524 Pennsylvania av

Colson, Alonzo, carpenter, h 209 Thurston

Colson, James, shoemaker, h 1310 Pratt

Colton, Stephen, augermaker, h 353 E Washington av

Comford, Hannah, widow James, h 422 W 2d

COMFORD, PATRICK, propr Reformatory Hotel, College av cor Reformatory

Comfort, Eli C., physician, h 750 John

Comfort, Ola B., student, bds 750 John

Comosh, Manwail, domestic, 108 Harmon

Compton, Carmy, florist, 1157 Hoffman, h do

Compton, Jacob, farmer, h Carr ab Hoffman

COMPTON, JOHN W., awning and tent maker, 160 Baldwin, h Carr ab Hoffman

Compton, Zera, carpenter, h Coates ab W Hill

Comstock, Malcolm M., salesman, 115 E Water, bds 315 Church

Comstock, Samuel G., hatter, 212 E Water, h 370 W Church

Conden, Sarah Mrs., h 720 E Oak

Condol, Jane, laundress, h 525 Pennsylvania av

Condol, William H., kalsominer, h 525 Pennsylvania av

Condol, William J., laborer, bds 525 Pennsylvania av

Condon, Burton, gardener, 404 Sullivan

CONDON, NICHOLAS, dining hall and boarding, 411 Railroad av, h do

Condon, Sarah, domestic, 380 Pennsylvania av

Conelly, Ellen, domestic, 356 W Water

Congdon, Charles F., laborer, h 1000 Sullivan

Congdon, George, maltster, E Market cor State, h 523 W Church

Congdon, James R., laborer, h 1000 Sullivan

Congdon, Joseph, hack driver, bds 506 W Gray

Congdon, Mary, domestic, 213 Columbia

Congdon, Tyler, clerk, h 363 Norton

Conklin, Charles M., brakeman, bds 229 Mt. Zoar

Conklin, David, farmer, h 1031 Hoffman

Conklin, Eliza, widow Walter W., h 103 E 2d

Conklin, George H., laborer, h 405 Walnut

Conklin, Ichabod, h 113 E Church

Conklin, Ida Mrs., cook Southern Tier Orphans Home

Conklin, Irving N., clerk, bds 1001 Hoffman

Conklin, James R., farmer, h 1001 Hoffman

CONKLIN, MELVIN M., baker and confectioner, 651 Lake cor E Fourth, h do

Conkling, Edward S., harnessmaker, h 330 E Water

Conklan, Thomas, blacksmith, h 770 S Main

Conley, Cornelius, bricklayer, h 109 E Henry

Conley, Cornelius, laborer, h E South av ab Maple av

Conley, Cornelius, jr., shoemaker, bds 109 E Henry

Conley, Dennis, laborer, h South n Hine

Conley, John, cutter, h 912 Stowell

Conley, Margaret, widow Thomas, bds 115 Harmon

Conley, Mary Mrs., domestic, 325 Lake

Conley, Timothy, cartman, h 157 Harriet

Conlin, Martin, laborer, h 402 S Magee

Connell, Anna, widow Patrick, h 502 College av

Connell, John, laborer, h 722 E Oak

Connell, John, painter, bds 502 College av

Connelly, John B., engineer, h 511 Jefferson

Connelly, Catharine, widow Timothy, bds 409 W Hudson

Connelly, Cornelius, laborer, h 409 W Hudson

Connelly, Dennis, laborer, h 218 S Walnut

Connelly, Daniel, laborer, 308 W Hudson

Connelly, Eliza A., domestic, 112 Pennsylvania av

Connelly, Georgie, domestic, 429 E Water

Connelly, Hugh, saloon, 805 Canal, h do

Connelly, James F., shoemaker, h 130 E Water

Connelly, Jeremiah, cigarmaker, h 452 W Hudson

Connelly, Jeremiah, grocer, 600 Jay, h do

Connelly, John, laborer, h 120 Fulton

Connelly, John, mason, h 224 Hine

Connelly, John, mason, h 224 South

Connelly, Maria L., domestic, 112 Pennsylvania av

Connelly, Mary, domestic, 247 W 1st

Connelly, Michael, laborer, h 200 Hine

Connelly, Nellie, domestic Homestead Hotel

Connelly, Norah, domestic, 219 W 1st

Connelly, Patrick, laborer, h 156 W Clinton

Connelly, Patrick, laborer, h 216 S Walnut

Connelly, Thomas, bds 156 W Clinton

Connelly, Thomas, blacksmith, h 770 S Main

Connelly, Timothy, laborer, h 309 W Hudson

Connelly, Timothy, student, bds 120 Fulton

Connelly, Timothy, cartman, h 157 Harriet

CONNER, HENRY C., agt Singer Sewing Machine, 134 W Water, h 127 W Market

Conner, Joseph H., clerk, bds 127 W Market

Conner, William W., meat market, 74 Pennsylvania av, h 113 E Henry

Conners, Michael, laborer, h 604 Jay

Connolly, Cornelius, mason, bds 815 John

Connolly, Jeremiah, bookkeeper, bds 815 John

Connolly, Thomas, laborer, h 815 John

Connor, Johanna, widow Bartholomew, h 407 Elm

Connor, John, doormaker, bds Troy House

Connor, John, laborer, h 412 E Washington av

Connor, Kate, domestic, 114 W 2d

Connor, Nellie Mrs., h 426 E Water

Connors, Timothy, laborer, h 514 South

Conroy, John, mason, h 266 W Henry

Conroy, Thomas, laborer, bds Mack House

Considine, Annie, dressmaker, bds 413 W 6th

Considine, Thomas, car inspector, h 807 Railroad av

Conspinester, Antonia, domestic, 371 W Church

Converse, Edwin, shoemaker, h 102 S Elm

Converse, Helen N., teacher Elmira Female College, bds 311 William

CONVERSE, M.S., commissioner Elmira Female College, h 311 William

Converse, Phebe, bds 311 William

Converse, William W., shoemaker, h 102 S Elm

Conway, Michael, laborer, h E South av ab Maple av

Cook, Alice Mrs., bds 104 College av

Cook, Annie, domestic, 115 E S Water
Cook, Catharine E., widow Horace, h 160 W Clinton

COOK, E.H. & CO. (Henry L. Churchill), plumbers and gasfitters, 122 Lake

Cook, Edmund E., carpenter, h 404 W 3d

Cook, Elisha H. (E.H. Cook & Co.), h 315 Baldwin

Cook, Elizabeth, bds 104 College av

Cook, Frederick, butcher, bds 206 Madison av

Cook, Jennie, widow Edgar, h 314 Pennsylvania av

Cook, Martin V.B., shoemaker, h 214 College av

Cook, Mary, widow James, h 413 Madison av

Cook, Mary, widow Michael, h 138 W Water

Cook, Mary L., saleslady, bds 160 W Clinton

Cook, Phebe, widow John, bds 554 E Church

Cook, Robert D., shoemaker, bds Fox cor Carroll

Cook, Thomas, cigarmaker, bds Brooklyn House

Cooke, Frances C., widow George J., h 507 W Church

Cooke, Frederick J., collarmaker, 219 Sullivan

Cooke, Mary L., saleslady, 325 E Water, bds 160 Clinton

Cooke, T. Bates (Beadle, Palmer & Co.), h 114 E S Water

Cooklin, Thomas S., cigarmaker, bds Brooklyn House

Cooley, A. Jarvis, sashmaker, h 308 Washington

Cooley, Gilbert D., sashmaker, bds 308 Washington

Cooley, Jesse L., secy. and treas. Elmira Iron and Steel Rolling Mill Co., also county treas., 912 Lake

Cooley, Libbie, dressmaker, bds 654 College av

Coon, George W., saloon, 703 Railroad av, h do

Coon, Isaac, engineer, h S Broadway cor Balsam

Cooney, Annie, dressmaker, bds 505 Park Place

Cooney, Norah, dressmaker, bds 3 Erie

Cooney, Patrick, shoemaker, bds 373 W Water

Cooney, Thomas, blacksmith, h 3 Erie

Cooper, Allen (Cooper & Sperl), h Plank road

Cooper, Cornelia Mrs., domestic, 653 Park Place

Cooper, Ella, widow George K., h 340 E Water

Cooper, George M., moulder, h 1215 Hall

Cooper, George W., printer, h 611 Lewis

Cooper, John, laborer, h 420 W 5th

Cooper, John L., blacksmith, 209 S Main, h 112 W Hudson

Cooper, John N. (Reed & Cooper), h 322 William

Cooper, Josiah, foreman, Washington av cor Canal, h 319 Hathaway

Cooper, Mary Mrs., h 380 W 1st

Cooper, William R. (Cooper & Simpson), h 905 Lake

COOPER & SIMPSON (William R. Cooper and Henry Simpson), agricultural implement manufrs., 361 Washington av

COOPER & SPERL (Allen Cooper and John Sperl), meat market, 144 E Water

COPELAND, I. SEYMOUR, city editor Advertiser, h 107 E Hudson

Copley, John G., h 259 Baldwin

Corcoran, Johanna, widow Thomas, saloon, 803 Canal, h do

Corcoran, John, laborer, h r 859 Railroad av

Corey, Margaret, widow A.F., h 524 W Water

Corey, Thomas S., printer, h 657 Lake

Corey, William F., cashier Second National Bank, h 524 W Water

Corkery, Johanna, domestic, 218 W 1st

Corkery, Margaret, widow Dennis, bds 505 College av

Cornell, Charles, shoemaker, bds 630 William

Cornell, Edward R., clerk, bds 407 DeWitt

Cornell, Edward S., billiard clerk Rathbun House, bds do

Cornell, James S., farmer, h Maple av n city limits

Cornell, John, carpenter, h 113 E South av

Cornell, Judson L., mail carrier, h 149 W Water

Corner, Jennie, domestic, Baty n Pennsylvania av

Cornish, Francis L., laborer, bds 412 S Broadway

Corrigan, Bernard, laborer, bds 400 S Broadway

Cortright, Albert A., salesman, 107 E Water, h 108 W Hudson

Cortright, Mark P., cartman, h 640 W Gray

Corwin, Andrew D., sander, bds 431 Standish

Corwin, Henry H., carpenter, h 431 Standish

Cosgrove, Michael J., salesman, 205 E Water, h 158 Washington

Cosloe, Daniel, trackman, bds 406 S Magee

Costello, Bridget, domestic, 114 W Gray

Costello, Bryan, wiper, h S Main beyond city limits

Costello, James, laborer, h 266 W Henry

Costello, James H., plumber, h 569 E Water

COSTELLO, JOHN B., boots and shoes, 103 E Water, h 115 High

Costello, Maggie, domestic, 703 Park Place

Costello, Maggie, domestic Delavan House

Costello, Mary, domestic Delavan House

Costello, Michael, plumber, bds 267 W Henry

Costello, Patrick, engineer, bds 508 College av

Costello, Patrick, laborer, h 267 W Henry

Costello, Stephen, machinist, h 435 W 4th

Costo, James, laborer, h 265 W Henry

Cotter, Mary M., domestic, 413 Lake

Cotter, Richard, coachman, 211 Lake

Cotter, William, teamster, 112 E 2d

Cotton, George H., drayman, h 72 Pennsylvania av

Cotton, Maria A., teacher, bds 72 Pennsylvania av

Cotrell, Stephen H., carpenter, State cor E 2d, h 715 College av

Couch, Arthur S., speculator, bds 160 Washington

Couch, Charles W., carpenter, h 710 E Water

Couch, Stephen B., speculator, h 160 Washington

Coughlin, Annie, widow Dennis, h 462 W 2d

Coughlin, James, laborer, h 321 Roe av

Coulson, Robert, janitor, h 704 E Clinton

Coulton, Edward V., shoemaker, bds 217 High

Courson, Allie Mrs., dressmaker, bds 115 Columbia

Courtright, Robert, clerk, h 108 W Hudson

Covell, Georgiana, widow Edward, h 312 William

Covell, Henry C., practical accountant, h 437 E Water

Covell, James, h Maple av n E South av

Covell, Lyman, h 441 E Water

Covert, Henry C., sashmaker, h 125 E S Water

Covert, Seward T., printer, bds 125 E S Water

Covert, Sidney, commercial traveler, h 213 Madison av
Cowan, Dell, bds 213 W S Water

Cowan, Nelson, treas. Buttler Colliery Co., h at Corning

Cowen, Edwin M., clerk, 200 E Water, bds 120 W 2d

Cowen, H. Seaver, auctioneer, 200 E Water, h do

COWEN, THADDEUS C. (E.D. York & Co.), also auction and commission, 200 E Water, h 120 W 2d

Cowles, Augustus W. Rev. D.D., prest. Elmira Female College, h 855 College av

COWLES, EDWARD H., pianos and organs, 124 Lake, bds 701 E Market

Cox, Delos M., mason, h Washington av cor Davis

Cox, George H., express messenger, h 511 College av

Coykendall, Andrew J., livery, 109 S Main, h do

Coykendall, Emma A., clerk, 417 S Main, bds 618 Pennsylvania av

Coykendall, Isaac, machine operator, bds 109 S Main

Coykendall, Moses, h 417 S Main

Coykendall, William, stable boss, bds 109 S Main

Coykendall, William S. (Coykendall & Hunt), h 417 S Main

Coykendall & Hunt (William S. Coykendall and Norton Hunt), grocers, 417 S Main

Coyne, Patrick, shoemaker, h 801 McDonald

Craig, James, tinsmith, h 370 Thurston

Craig, Robert B., tinsmith, 115 S Main, h 131 W Henry

Craig, Wilson, bds 156 W 3d

Cramer, William E.F., music teacher, h 357 W 4th

Cramp, Margaret, widow Robert, bds E Clinton n Tuttle av

Crandal, Experience, widow Ira, h 712 W Water

Crandal, George, doormaker, h 307 E Clinton

Crandal, Mary, widow Erastus, h 857 John

Crandall, Spicer T., clerk, Delavan House, bds do

Crane, Anna M., bds 364 W 1st

Crane, Bertha A., teacher, bds Pennsylvania av n S Water

Crane, Cyrus C., h 959 College av

Crane, Sarah, widow Abijah, bds 510 De Witt

Crane, Theodore W. (J. Langdon & Co.), bds 303 N Main

Cranmer, Hannah, widow Jeremiah, h Roe av n Walnut

Cranmer, Issac, mason, bds Roe av n Walnut

Cranska, Calvin, cutter, h 628 William

Cranston, Charles, painter, h 211 Thurston

Crans, Sophie, dressmaker, bds 508 College av

Craven, Stephen, cooper, bds Mansion House

Crawford, Alexander, carpenter, n Tuttle av ab East av

Creaton, Hannah, widow Owen, h 211 Sullivan

Creeman, James, shoemaker, bds r 256 W Hudson

Creeman, Alice, widow Matthias, h r 256 W Hudson

Creeman, William, laborer, h r 256 W Hudson

Criddle, James W., clerk, 340 E Water, h 516 Madison av

Crise, Peter, commercial traveler, h 610 N Main

Crittenden, Albert W., engineer, h 1126 Oak

Crittenden, Richard G., drayman, h 1128 Oak

Croak, Bridget, domestic Elmira Female College

Croak, John, laborer, h Reformatory n Davis

Croak, Mary, domestic Elmira Female College

Crocker, David (A.D. Slosson & Co.), h junction E Union and Baldwin

Croft, Marion E., teacher, bds 501 Lake

Croft, William F., mason, h 703 Lake

Crogan, John, shoemaker, h 106 Lake

Croger, George M., hostler, bds Pattinson House

CROGHAN, JOHN A., publisher Daily Evening Herald, 421 Carroll, h Lake

Cronan, Daniel, puddler, bds 914 Stowell

Cronan, Ellen, widow John, h 914 Stowell

Cronan, James, laborer, h 413 High

Cronan, James, jr., laborer, bds 413 High

Cronan, Jane, domestic Elmira Female College

Cronan, Jeremiah, cigarmaker, h 802 Hatch

Cronan, John, shoemaker, bds 413 High

Cronin, Julia, domestic, 310 Pennsylvania av

Cronin, Mary, domestic, 110 W Market

Cronkright, Clara, widow Grant, h 124 Lake

Cronkright, Minnie V., hairdresser, bds 124 Lake

Crook, Harry B., shoemaker, 116 W 5th, h 105 Washington av

Crook, Lizzie, domestic, 52 S Main

Crook, William H., puddler, bds 105 E Washington av

Croop, Josiah K., sashmaker, bds 715 Baldwin

Cropsey, Charles A., drug clerk, 435 Railroad, bds 160 W Clinton

Cross, Annie Mrs., h 158 Baldwin

Cross, Charles, livery, 200 E Gray, h 506 W 1st

Cross, Elisha R., commercial traveler, h 211 Madison av

Cross, George, laborer, bds 610 Baldwin

Cross, Joshua W., car repairer, h 516 W 2d

Cross, Mary A., teacher, bds 409 W Clinton

CROSS, SAMUEL, coal and lumber, 513 Park Place, h 409 W Clinton

Cross, William, teamster, h 411 W 4th

Crossman, Calvin, clerk, bds 336 E Water

Crout, Frederick, laborer, h 1019 Oak

Crow, Michael, laborer, h Division n E. R. R.

Crow, William, cigarmaker, bds Brooklyn House

Crowe, John, cigarmaker, bds Brooklyn House

Crowe, John, shoemaker, h 302 Fulton

Crowe, Richard, shoemaker, 203 Clinton, bds 509 Park Place

Crowley, Ellen, domestic, 246 Lake

Crowley, Jeremiah, wiper, h 520 Perine

Crowley, John, laborer, h 615 Jay

Crowley, Maggie, domestic, 714 College av

Crowley, Michael, cooper, h 361 Columbia

Crowley, Norah, widow Dennis, h 951 Magee

Crowley, Thomas, laborer, h 514 Perry

Cruikshank, Charles S., bookkeeper, 414 and 416 E Market, h 111 Pennsylvania av

Cruikshank, Martha Mrs., bds 319 William

Cruise, Anna J., saleslady, 316 E Water, bds 311 6th

Cruise, George W., clerk, 325 E Water, h 311 W 6th

CRUISE, JAMES H., florist and gardener, 311 W 6th, h do

Cruise, John M., telegrapher, bds 311 W 6th

Crutty, Maggie, cook Delavan House

Cuddington, Jane, widow Peter B., h 709 N Main

Cuddington, Samuel, clerk, bds 709 N Main

Cuddington, Sarah, dressmaker, bds 709 W Main

Cullen, Patrick, helper, h 450 W 2d

Cullinan, John, heater, h 108 Washington av

Culliney, Bridget, domestic Elmira Female College

Culp, F.C. Mrs., bds 336 E Water

Culp, Harriet, h 116 Fox

Culp, James, keeper Reformatory, bds do

Culp, James, overseer, bds 103 Pennsylvania av

Culp, John, blacksmith, h 600 Baldwin

Culp, Sophia, h 116 Fox

Cumming, William, carpenter, h 116 Partridge

Cummings, Bridget, teacher, bds 750 Jay

Cummings, Fred M., clerk billiard room Wyckoff House, bds do

Cummings, James, clerk, bds 323 Railroad av

Cummings, James, mason, h 108 W 1st

Cummings, Kate B., teacher, h 366 W 6th

Cummings, Mark, grocer, 750 Jay, h do

Cummings, Mary, widow Edward, h 323 Railroad av

Cummings, Morris, mason, h 527 W 1st

Cummings, Nellie, dressmaker, bds 323 Railroad av

Cunningham, Isaac, carpenter, h 202 E Water

Cunningham, Joseph, bell boy Delavan House, bds do

Cunningham, Mary, housekeeper, 168 High

Cunningham, Michael Rev., bds 168 High

Cunningham, Samuel L., carpenter, h 269 W Henry

Cunningham, Thomas, blacksmith, h S Main bel N. C. R. R.

Cunningham, Thomas Rev., pastor St. Peter and St. Paul's R. C. Church, h 168 High

Cunningham, William, bell boy Delavan House, bds do

Curley, Bridget, widow John, h 805 McDonald

Curley, John, laborer, h 213 Harriet

Curley, John, jr., hostler, bds 213 Harriet

Curley, Michael, hostler, bds 213 Harriet

Curley, Patrick, hotel, 161 E Washington av

Curley, William, shoemaker, bds 805 McDonald

Curran, Joanna, domestic Rathbun House

Curran, John, cigarmaker, bds 501 Clinton Place

Curran, Kate, widow Daniel, h 501 Clinton Place

Curran, Mary, widow Thomas, h Baldwin n Hathaway

Curran, Michael, laborer, h h 700 Jay

Curran, Sarah, domestic, 468 E Church

Curry, James, engine hostler, bds S Main n city limits

Curry, Michael, helper, h S Main n city limits

Curry, Patrick, cigarmaker, bds S Main n city limits

Curtin, Andrew, salesman, h 450 W Clinton

Curtin, Annie, tailoress, bds 567 E Water

Curtin, Annie, tailoress, bds 171 Railroad av

Curtin, Charles, laborer, h 110 Spring

Curtin, Daniel, laborer, bds 110 Spring

Curtin, Ellen, widow Stephen, bds 110 Spring

Curtin, John, laborer, bds 110 Spring

Curtin, Katie, domestic, 209 W S Water

Curtin, Maggie, domestic Arbor Hotel

Curtin, Mary Ann, domestic, 371 W Church

Curtis, Charles H., newsagent, bds 109 W Church

Curtis, Dexter D., division clerk Erie depot, h 350 W Water

Curtis, Frank T., crimper, h 529 E Union

Curtis, John J., h 401 W Gray

Curtis, Laty, widow Elda, h 375 W Church

Curtis, William M., h 109 W Church

Cushing, John, clerk, 104 Lake, bds 125 E S Water

Cushing, Joseph W., shoemaker, h 420 College av

Cusick, John, tanner, h 411 Powell

Cusick, John, tinsmith, bds 365 Railroad av

Cusick, Patrick, saloon, W South av cor N. C. R. R., h do

Cuykendall, Catharine, bds 505 Madison av


Dabelstein, Carl, painter, bds 111 DeWitt

Dabelstein, Christina, widow Carl, bds 111 DeWitt

Dabelstein, Henry F., fresco painter, h 111 DeWitt

Dabelstein, Lena, domestic, 213 W 1st

Dacie, Mary, widow Michael, bds 125 Harriet

Dahon, Mary, widow Thomas, h 208 Harriet

Dailey, Bid, cook Wyckoff House

Dailey, Edith, domestic, 709 Kenyon

Dailey, Sarah, domestic Pattinson House

Daily, Dennis, laborer, h Jones bel Robison


Daily, James, music teacher, h 408 Walnut

Daily, Mary A., saleslady, 304 E Water, bds Jones n city limits

DAILY NEWS, George & Co., proprs, 136 E Water

Dale, George W., mail messenger, h 320 DeWitt

Dale, Mary A., widow John D., h 256 W 5th

Dale, William E., conductor, h 122 E Water

Daley, Daniel T. (Daley & Espenhain), h 670 Columbia

Daley, Dennis, engineer, h 116 Orchard

Daley, Dennis, jr., engineer, h 1317 Pratt

Daley, John, laborer, h 319 Railroad av

Daley, Kate, domestic, 510 Lake

Daley, Patrick, cleaner, h 614 E 3d

Daley, Thomas, shoemaker, bds 411 Railroad av

DALEY & ESPENHAIN (Daniel T. Daley and William F. Espenhain), editors and proprs Sunday Morning Times, 326 Carroll

Dalrymple, Silas, farmer, h 317 Fulton

Dalton, Michael, city expressman, h 659 Magee

Daly, Anna, widow Patrick, bds 208 S Walnut

Daly, Catharine, widow Patrick, bds 101 S Chestnut

Daly, Daly, engineer, 117 E Church, h 116 Washington

Daly, Matthew, furnaceman, h 208 Park

Danforth, Edward, 212 E Water, bds Rathbun House

Daniels, Albert J., cigarmanufr, Magee cor W 4th, h 312 S Main

Daniels, Henry, express messenger, h 818 W Church

Daniels, Jerome, engineer, 606 Penn av n city limits

Daniels, Mary, widow William H., h 818 W Church

Daniels, Walter J., carpenter, r 312 S Main, h do

Daniels, Wells, cigarmaker, h 73 Pennsylvania av

Danks, Edward S., hackman, bds 305 Carroll

Danks, Orris, livery, E Market n Baldwin, h 464 W First

DANN, AMOS B., cooper, 213 S Main, also Brooklyn House, 215 and 217 do

Dann, William L., cooper, h 215 S Main

Dannaher, Thomas, laborer, h 315 Webber Place

Darby, Elizabeth Mrs., h 244 W Water

DARBY, FRANK B., dentist, 126 and 128 E Water, h 418 W Church

Darling, Joseph L., salesman, 151 Baldwin, h 508 E Third

Darling, Willis, painter, h E South av cor N. C. R. R.

Darrin, Matthew K., h 108 Elm

D'Autremont, Charles, jr., lawyer, 312 Carroll, bds 210 E Water

Daved, Harriet A., vestmaker, h 103 E 2d

Davenport, D. Romayn, (Bement & Davenport), h 111 Madison av

Davey, Charles, auctioneer, bds 203 Railroad av

Davey, Martha Mrs., bds 513 Herrick

Davey, William M., brakeman, h W South av n Lewis

Davidge, John, laborer, h 215 Sullivan

Davidow, Henry, peddler, bds 120 E Water

Davidow, Samuel, peddler, boards 120 E Water

Davidson, Adam (Dey Brothers & Davidson), h 54 S Main

Davidson, Adam, salesman, 134 W Water, bds 54 S Main

DAVIDSON, JOHN T., lawyer, 114 and 116 Baldwin, h 222 Pennsylvania av

Davidson, Sarah, bds 160 High

Davie, Thomas A., physician, 500 Lake, bds do

Davies, Benjamin L., foreman Rolling Mill, h 666 Columbia

Davies, William (Bennett & Davies), h Webster House

Davis, Alvin, painter, h 656 Park Place

Davis, Annie, domestic, 236 Lake

Davis, Arthur W., iron wagons, Church h Maple av n Lormore

Davis, Benjamin F., engineer, h 428 Pleasant

Davis, Charles B., foreman N. C. R. R. Shops, h 225 Mt. Zoar

Davis, Charles H., bookkeeper, 119 E Church, h 509 S Elm

Davis, Clarence, tinsmith, bds 429 E Water

Davis, Daniel D., patent rights, h 401 Columbia

Davis, David W., barkeeper Dick's Place, 367 Railroad av

Davis, Etna, machinist, bds 114 W Church

Davis, Frank, bds 609 William

DAVIS, GEORGE L., lawyer, also justice of the peace, 7 and 8 Arcade Block, Lake, h 212 DeWitt

Davis, Georgiana, seamstress, bds 310 Washington

Davis, Gershom T., music teacher, bds 110 Broadway

Davis, Henry A., salesman, 119 E Water, h 310 Hine

Davis, Herman C., conductor, h 812 Lincoln

Davis, Ida, domestic, 314 W Clinton

Davis Iron Wheel Co., 100 E Church

Davis, James, hostler, 402 W Water

Davis, James, machinist, bds 114 W Church

Davis, John, boots and shoes, 168 Lake, h 751 E Water

Davis, John, laborer, h 710 Day

Davis, John, rail straightener, h Grant bel College av

Davis, John C., shoemaker, bds Pattinson House

Davis, John F., brakeman, bds 225 Mt. Zoar
Davis, John, jr., shoemaker, h 220 Harriet

Davis, Joseph, shoemaker, bds 127 Harriet

Davis, Joshua, helper, bds Grant bel College av

Davis, Julia, widow James, h 360 W 2d

Davis, Levi, rail straightener, h 110 Broadway