Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1878 / 79
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Fennell, Thomas J., engineer, h 213 Railroad av

FENNER, BENJAMIN P., grocer, baker and confectioner, 113 Lake, h 608 Park Place

Fenner, Charles B., stenographer, bds 608 Park Place

Fenner, Lois Mrs., dressmaker, bds 512 Perry

Fenner, Lucinda, widow Henry, h 460 E Water

Fenner, Philip, farmer, h 512 Perry

Ferguson, Charles, tinsmith, h S Main beyond city limits

Ferguson, Clarence W., clerk, 214 E Water, bds 600 W Gray

Ferguson, Dora, widow Henry, h 556 E Market

Ferguson, Eber B., stableman, bds 236 W Water

Ferguson, William H. (Weaver & Ferguson), h 600 W Gray

Ferguson, William S., clerk, 159 Lake, bds 600 W Gray

Fernan, Mary, domestic, 352 N Main

Ferris, Charles, farmer, bds 515 Mt. Zoar

Ferris, James F., laborer, h 515 Mt. Zoar

Ferris, William, farmer, bds 515 Mt. Zoar

Fester, John, butcher, h 661 Lake

Fetigan, Mary, domestic, 506 W Water

Field, Benjamin F., machinist, h 405 Pennsylvania av

Finch, James M., printer, h 1118 Walnut

Finch, John, shoemaker, bds 702 Dickinson

Finch, Martin J., salesman, h 405 W Gray

Finlay, James, machinist, bds 309 Franklin

Finlay, John, engineer, h 309 Franklin

FINLEY, WILLIAM, boots and shoes, 106 W Water, h 407 DeWitt

Finn, Anna, domestic, Farmers' Home

Finn, Daniel, laborer, h 5 Junction

Finn, Margaret Mrs., h 311 Railroad av

Finn, Timothy, laborer, h r 220 W 3d

Finnell, Bridget, widow James, h 808 Magee

Finnell, James, laborer, h 808 Magee

Finnell, John, laborer, h 859 Railroad av

Finnell, Kate, domestic, 524 W Water

Finnell, Thomas, laborer, h 808 Magee

Finnigan, Ellen A., widow Thomas, h 407 High

Finnken, Patrick, laborer, h Hathaway ab Lake

Firman, Charles, cigarmaker, bds 108 Harmon


Fish, Alfred, milkman, h 408 E Matthew

Fish, Wilbur W. (Fish & Holmes), h 520 W Water

FISH & HOLMES (Wilbur F. Fish and Lemuel T. Holmes), wholesale dry goods, 115 E Water

Fisher, Allie, clerk, 311 E Water, bds 511 Lake

Fisher, Frank, furniture finisher, h 306 Orchard

Fisher, Harris, peddler, h 115 Harriet

Fisher, James A., painter, h 801 John

Fisher, Mary, domestic, 265 W Clinton

Fisher, Samuel S., carpenter, h South av n Fulton

Fisher, Sarah, domestic, 110 Madison av

Fisher, Stephen, piler, h 207 Park

Fishler, Frank, printer, bds 121 W S Water

Fishler, George W., architect, 121 W S Water, h do

Fitch, Albert B., manager, E 5th cor Canal, h 1007 Walnut

Fitch, Albert M., salesman, 117 Baldwin, h 867 Magee

Fitch, Allen, teamster, h 503 Clinton Place

FITCH, ARTHUR S., books and stationery, 135 E Water, h 654 College av

Fitch, Charles B., butcher, 609 E Market, h do

Fitch, Ellery F., dispatcher, h 363 Davis

Fitch, Emma J., dressmaker, bds 370 S Main

Fitch, Erastus, h W South av n N. C. R. R.

Fitch, Francis E., train master, h 663 Davis

Fitch, Harry S., clerk, South av n Pennsylvania av, bds 370 S Main

Fitch, Henry A., bookkeeper, 323 E Water, bds 465 W Church

Fitch, John D., miller, h 370 S Main

Fitch, Kate, asst. sec'y Southern Tier Orphans' Home, bds do

Fitch, Lewis, bookkeeper, 135 E Water, h 356 W 1st

Fitch, Oscar H., farmer, h 402 W Water

Fitch, Town B., clerk, E 5th cor Canal, bds 403 William

Fitten, Michael, mason, h 407 Davis

Fitzgerald, Catharine, domestic, 269 Baldwin

Fitzgerald, Daniel, laborer, h 1016 Lake

Fitzgerald, David, laborer, h Clinton Place n E Clinton

Fitzgerald, Frank, cigarmaker, h 905 John

Fitzgerald, Frank, cigarmaker, bds Clinton Place n E Clinton

Fitzgerald, John, cigarmaker, bds Clinton Place n E Clinton

Fitzgerald, John, laborer, h E 7th ab Canal

Fitzgerald, John, laborer, h 501 Oak

Fitzgerald, John, shoemaker, bds 400 W Hudson

Fitzgerald, Lizzie, domestic, 106 DeWitt

Fitzgerald, Maggie, domestic, 208 E Church

Fitzgerald, Mary, domestic, 855 College av

Fitzgerald, Mary, domestic Rathbun House

Fitzgerald, Mary, widow Cornelius, h 806 Magee

Fitzgerald, Michael, laborer, 159 High

Fitzgerald, Michael, laborer, h 7 Junction

Fitzgerald, Nora, domestic Rathbun House

Fitzgerald, Patrick, laborer, h 552 E 3d

Fitzgerald, Patrick, laborer, h 323 Webber Place

Fitzgerald, Sarah, domestic, 406 N Main

Fitzgerald, Thomas, shoemaker, h 407 Mt. Zoar

Fitzgibbon, Catharine Mrs., h 958 N Main

Fitzgibbon, James, laborer Elmira Female College

Fitzgibbons, Annie, domestic, 933 College av

Fitzgibbons, Bridget, dressmaker, bds 715 Railroad av

Fitzgibbons, Frank, telegrapher, bds 715 Railroad av

Fitzgibbons, Gerald, roller, h 258 Park

Fitzgibbons, James, laborer, bds Magee cor W 5th

Fitzgibbons, Maggie, saleslady, 201 E Water, bds 715 Railroad av

Fitzgibbons, Mary, domestic, 54 S Main

Fitzgibbons, Michael, laborer, h 715 Railroad av

Fitzpatrick, Bridget, bds 569 E Water

Fitzpatrick, Edward, laborer, bds 569 E Water

Fitzpatrick, Hugh, laborer, bds 569 E Water

Fitzpatrick, James B., fireman bds 569 E Water

Fitzpatrick, John J., printer Gazette, bds 569 E Water

Fitzpatrick, Maggie, domestic, bds 500 Lake

Fitzpatrick, Maggie, domestic, 158 W 4th

Fitzpatrick, Margaret, widow Patrick, h 808 N Main

Fitzpatrick, Mary, dressmaker, bds 808 N Main

Fitzpatrick, Mary Mrs., h 569 E Water

Fitzpatrick, Mary A. Mrs., bds 569 E Water

Flahave, Julia, widow John, h E. R. R. ab Centre

Flahave, Mary, h E. R. R. ab Centre

Flahave, Patrick, laborer, E. R. R. ab Centre

Flahive, James, laborer, h 412 E Washington av

Flanagan, Ann, widow Patrick, h 123 W 1st

Flanagan, John J. (Flanagan & Hefferman), h 381 W Water

Flanagan, Martin J., shoemaker, h 166 DeWitt

Flanagan, Mary, widow James, h 916 N Main

Flanagan, Michael, laborer, h 915 N Main

Flanagan, Rosanna Mrs., h 916 N Main

Flanagan & Hefferman (John J. Flangan and Thomas Hefferman), dry goods, 132 W Water

Flanagan, Mary, domestic, 407 W Church

Flanigan, Annie, domestic, 203 Baldwin

Flannery, Thomas, laborer, h Jones bel Robinson

Flanigan, Theresa, domestic, 357 N Main

Fleming, Mahala, widow Burrell, bds 613 Dickinson

Fleming, Robert J., cutter, bds 455 W Gray

Flesh, John, blacksmith, h 218 Baldwin

Fletcher, Oliver M., planing mill, 622 W Water, h do

Flett, Alexander, plumber, bds 102 Ferris

Flett, George, clerk, bds 102 Ferris

FLETT, JAMES C., meat market, 161 Baldwin, h 102 Ferris

Flood, Charles F., clerk Frazier House, bds do

Flood, Henry, physician, bds 501 E Water

Flood, John M., physician, 125 W Water, h do

Flood, Patrick, ashman, h 918 Stowell

FLOOD, PATRICK H., physician and surgeon, 505 E Water, h 501 do

Flood, Thomas S., druggist, 312 E Water, h 509 E Water

Flucker, Honora, widow David, 111 W Gray

Flucker, James, painter, bds 111 W Gray

Flynn, Daniel, h 617 E 3d

Flynn, Hannah, dressmaker, bds 617 E 3d

Flynn, James, shoemaker, h 606 Jay

Flynn, Jerome, bds 813 Canal

Flynn, Jerome, hooker, bds 352 Railroad av

Flynn, Johanna, widow Thomas, h 58 Munroe

Flynn, John, cigarmaker, bds 617 E 3d

Flynn, John, laborer, bds 103 E Hudson

Flynn, John, laborer, bds 58 Munroe

Flynn, John, laborer, h 213 Park

Flynn, John, laborer, h 501 Sullivan

Flynn, John J., cigarmaker, bds Bowman House

Flynn, Kate, domestic, 433 E Water

Flynn, Maggie, domestic, 315 E Church

Flynn, Martin, striker, h 371 W 3d

Flynn, Mary, domestic Elmira House

Flynn, Mary, domestic, 106 Madison av

Flynn, Mary, dressmaker, bds 103 E Hudson

Flynn, Michael, janitor, h 103 E Hudson

Flynn, Patrick, bds 501 Sullivan

Flynn, Patrick, laborer, bds 617 E 3d

Flynn, Patrick, shoemaker, h 608 Jay

Flynn, Stephen, laborer, h 813 Canal

Foist, Alfred, carpenter, h 621 E 3d

Folber, Herman, shoe &c., h 708 E Water

Foley, Catharine, widow Jeremiah, h 717 Columbia

Foley, John, laborer, h 717 Columbia

Foley, John, shoemaker, bds 507 E Water

Foley, Maggie, domestic, 108 Pennsylvania av

Foley, Mary, domestic, 322 W Church

Foley, Nellie, domestic, 453 Maple av

Foley, Patrick F., shoemaker, h 507 E Water

Foley, Sarah Mrs., milliner, 507 E Water, h do

Follet, Oscar, h E 1st n Baldwin

Follett, Ralph, h E 1st n Baldwin

Foltze, Eliza J., widow Christian, h 418 Walnut

Foote, Rosina, widow Henry, bds 415 E Church

Force, Clarance A., clerk, 303 E Water, bds Benton cor Crescent av

Ford, Anthony, laborer, h 513 Harper

Ford, Darius R. Rev. D.D., teacher Elmira Female College, bds do

Ford, Edward, laborer, h 928 Maxwell av

Ford, Ellen, domestic Rathburn House

Ford, George W., shoemaker, bds 508 College av

Ford, John, carpenter, 819 Benton

Ford, John, laborer, h 557 E 3d

Ford, John J., stripper, bds 557 E 3d

Ford, Kate, domestic Rathburn House

Foresyth, Sarah, bds 124 E Hudson

Forker, Samuel, policeman, h 857 E Water

Forman, Samuel W., h Maple av n Jones

Forrest, Thomas, heater, h 905 Stowell

Forrest, William, framemaker, h 112 W Water, bds Pattinson House

Ferrester, J. Henry, salesman, 111 Railroad av, h 504 Pennsylvania av

Forrester, Sue M., widow George, bds 118 E S Water

Fortner, Lewis B., drug clerk, 111 W 3d, bds 402 W Gray

Foster, Charles M., dentist, 106 W 2d, bds do

Foster, Chester, carpenter, h 718 Benjamin

Foster, Joseph B., carpenter, h 106 W 2d

Foster, Martin L., artist, bds 106 W 2d

Foster, Myron, h 1219 Lake

Foster, William R., h 858 N Main

Foster, William W., carpenter, h 668 Baldwin

Foster, Winfield S., printer, h 162 Sullivan

Fountain, Emma, widow Peter, h 158 Lake

Fountain, Jabez H., h 955 College av

FOUNTAIN, JAMES H., hay, flour and feed, 434 E Market, h 914 Lake

Fowler, Harriet, widow Joseph H., h 410 E Washington av

Fowler, Harry, bookkeeper, 122 W Water, bds 126 N Main

FOWLER, JOHN H., saloon, 122 W Water, h 126 N Main

Fowler, Joseph, machinist, h 400 E Water

Fowler, Mattie, dressmaker, bds 220

Fowler, Olive S., dressmaker, h 146 W Water

Fox, Phebe A., widow Alanson, h 53 Orchard

Fox, Rosetta Mrs., cigar manufr, 615 Lake, h do

Fox, Simeon D., engineer, h 615 Lake

Foy, Thomas, laborer, 432 Herrick

Frahley, Bridget, widow Patrick, h 351 Railroad av

Francis, David S., roller, h 966 Magee

Francis, Thomas S., hammerman, h 101 Broadway

Frank, Barney, peddler, bds 120 E Water

Frankenstein, Aaron, clothing, 138 E Water h do

Frankenstein, Benjamin, second-hand goods, 319 Railroad av, h do

Frankenstein, Elias, clothing, 116 E Water, h 551 E 2d

Frankenstein, Isaac, laborer, h 468 E Water, h do

Franklin, Henry M., barber, 630 Lake, h 130 William

Franklin, John, hostler, 112 Pennsylvania av

Franklin, John M.C., barber, bds William cor E Fifth

Franklin, Polly Mrs., cook, 303 N Main

Frantz, John P., car repairer, h 505 College av

Fraser, George O. (S.D. Fraser & Co.), h at Bethel

FRASER, S.D. & CO. (George O. Fraser, James A. Bristoll and John C. Thurston), notions, wholesale, 152 Lake

Fraser, Schuyler D. (S.D. Fraser & Co.), h 611 W 1st

Frasier, Frederick A., h 418 N Main

FRASIER HOUSE, Uri Bartholomew, Railroad av cor W 3d

Frasier, William, mason, h Davis cor Washington av

Frawley, Bridget, widow Patrick, h 353 Railroad av

Frawley, Henry, tinsmith, bds 322 Pennsylvania av

Frawley, Martin, watchman, h 322 Pennsylvania av

Frazier, Lizzie, h 313 Railroad av

Fredericks, Charles A., stonecutter, bds 613 Lake

FREE PRESS (The), 326 Carroll

Freedman, Henry, tailor, h 708 E Church

Freelander, Adah, widow Israel, bds 361 Railroad av

Freeman, Ada, domestic, 120 E Water

Freeman, Caroline, widow Edward, h 604 Dickinson

Freeman, Charles, bds Frazier House

Freeman, Charles H., foreman, Reformatory, bds do

Freeman, J.W. Mrs., dressmaker, 114 Lake, h do

Freeman, John W., correspondent, h 114 Lake

Freeman, William, hostler, 502 W Water

Freeman, William, shoemaker, bds 601 Hart

French, Edna E., saleslady, 120 W Water, bds 209 Hoffman

French, Ephraim, blacksmith, h 214 W 2d

French, Horace C., clerk, N. C. R. W., h 657 Davis

French, James S., treas. Mechanics Society, h 200 Madison av

French, John, clerk N. C. R. R. shops, h Kenyon bel S Main

French, Joseph, mason, h 760 John

French, Margaret M., widow Benjamin, h 119 W Henry

French, Norman B., mason, h 1210 Baldwin

French, Philip, tinner, h 852 Factory

French, Robert, police constable, h 209 Hoffman

Freudenheim, L. & Bro. (Lewis and Marks), dry goods and notions, 137 W Water

Freudenheim, Lewis (L. Freudenheim & Bro.), h 8 High

Freudenheim, Marks (L. Freudenheim & Bro.), h 108 High

Friday, William, finisher, h 719 E Oak

Fridy, Lizzie, domestic, 418 N Main

Friedman, Rieman, brickmaker, h Sullivan ab Norton

Friend, John (Friend & Metzger), h Plank rd beyond city limits

FRIEND & METZGER, (John Friend and Jacob Metzger), meat market, 116 W Water

Friendly Brothers, (Theodore and Myer), carriages, 114 Lake

Friendly, Myer (Friendly Brothers), bds 657 E Market

Friendly, Sampson J. (Friendly & Bowman), h 753 E Church

Friendly, Theodore (Friendly Brothers), h 657 E Market

Friendly & Bowman, (Sampson J. Friendly and George R. Bowman), boots and shoes, 216 Baldwin

Frisbie, Carrie, widow W.R., h r 117 N Main

Frisbie, Eaton N., coal agent N. Y. C. & H. R. R., h 115 N Main

Frisbie, Helen, widow John, bds 1309 College av

Frisbie, Joseph A., lawyer, h 854 N Main

Fritz, William, tanner, h 605 John

Fromberg, Simon, peddler, h 111 Washington

Frommel, Edward, piano tuner, h 761 E Market

FROST BROTHERS & SMITH (William H. and Frank P. Frost and Theodore G. Smith), insurance agents, 108 Baldwin

Frost, Eli C, h 313 W 5th

Frost, Florus H., clerk, bds 313 W 5th

Frost, Frank P. (Frost Brothers & Smith), h at Chemung

Frost, Horton, real estate, 108 Baldwin, h 700 E Church

Frost, James L., h 405 W Clinton

Frost, Stark K., bds 405 W Clinton

Frost, William H. (Frost Brothers & Smith), bds Arbor Hotel

Frowley, Mary, domestic, 378 W Church

Frunkelstein, Dora Mrs., h E 2d n High

Fry, Joel, shoemaker, h r 211 Ann

Frydenborg, Christian, carpenter, h 917 Davis

Frye, Joel E., shoemaker, h 211 Ann

Fudge, Albert W., machinist, bds 453 Franklin

Fudge, James, machinist, h 218 Mt. Zoar

Fudge, Lizzie, dressmaker, bds 453 Franklin

Fudge, Luke, machinist, h 453 Franklin

Fudge, William, machinist, h 212 Mt. Zoar

Fuhrman, Martin, conductor, h 521 Jefferson

Fuller, Ann, widow William H., h 217 W S Water

Fuller, D. Webster, clerk, bds 113 W 2d

Fuller, Daniel, carpenter, 114 W 1st, h 113 W 2d

Fuller, E.W., welldriver, h 239 W Water

Fuller, Edward, shoemaker, bds r 211 Ann

Fuller, Emma, domestic, Broadway cor College av

Fuller, Frederick, miller, h 514 Herrick

Fuller, George, laborer, h N Main ab blast furnace

Fuller, Kate, widow John, h 219 Franklin

Fuller, William, boxmaker, h 217 W S Water

Fuller, William, carpenter, bds 171 Lake

Fuller, William L., laborer, h r 1213 Hall

Fuller, William M., planer, h 753 E Market

Furey, Bridget, domestic, 256 W 5th

Furey, Emma, widow George, h 508 E Clinton

Furman, Edgar, bds 906 Stowell

Furman, Samuel B., laborer, h 358 Fulton

Fury, Patrick, laborer, h 702 Jay

Fybush, Abraham, salesman, h 760 E Water


Gabbil, James, farmer, h ft E Water

Gabriel, Benedict, carpenter, 376 W Clinton, h do

Gabriel, DeJa, clerk, bds 376 W Clinton

Gage, Adaline, milliner, 153 Baldwin, h do

Gage, David B., carpenter, h 153 Baldwin

Gage, Eunice A., dressmaker, bds 408 E Market

Gage, Lewis J., blacksmith, bds 153 Baldwin

Gage, Susan A., widow George, h 408 E Market

Gager, Annie, dressmaker, h 220 W Gray

Gahan, Michael, boilermaker, h 723 Casey

Gait, Mary A., widow Sydenham, h 114 W 2d

Galatian, Andrew B., lawyer, h 413 Standish

Galatian, Cornelia, teacher, bds 305 W Clinton

Galatian, Frances J., teacher, bds 305 W Clinton

Galatian, Hattie B., bds 305 W Clinton

Galavan, Edward, laborer, bds 829 Canal

Galavan, James, laborer, h 829 Canal

Galavan, John, mason, h 208 Fulton

Galavan, John, shoemaker, bds Mansion House

Galavan, Julia Mrs., bds 327 River

Galavan, Matthew, blacksmith, h 210 Fulton

Gale, John B., h 240 W Water

Gallagher, John, machinist, bds 711 Railroad av

Gallagher, Mary, milliner, bds 711 Railroad av

Gallagher, Michael, car repairer, h 801 Magee

Gallagher, Timothy, h 711 Railroad av

Gallavan, James, laborer, h 264 W Hudson

Gallavan, James, jr., grocer, 149 W Water, bds 264 W Hudson

Gallavan, Matthew, engineer, h 374 Fulton

Gallager, Mollie, domestic, 102 W Water

Galusha, Urena, h 515 N Main

Galvin, Bridget, domestic, 120 W S Water

Galvin, Edward, laborer, h 115 Harmon

Galvin, John, car inspector, h S Main beyond city limits

Gamper, G.A., widow John A., grocer, 156 Sullivan, h do

Gamper, Madeline Mrs., grocer, 156 Sullivan, h do

Gamper, Mary, seamstress, bds 156 Sullivan

Gamper, William C. (Elmira Co-operative Co.), h 156 Sullivan

Gamwell, John C., tailor, h 705 E 2d

Ganan, Mary, domestic Rathbun House

Gannon, Dennis, laborer, h College av ab Reformatory

Gannon, Maggie, domestic, 657 E Market

Gannon, Richard, shoemaker, h 416 Standish

Ganung, Charles C., printer, bds 508 College av

Garahy, Bartholomew, heater, h 806 N Main

Garborinni, Vincent, scissorgrinder, bds 354 Railroad av

Gardiner, Elizabeth D., widow Nelson W., h 452 W Water

Gardiner, Francis H., printer, h 108 W Water

Gardiner, Jane H., widow Louis, h 371 W Church

Gardner, Chauncey W., superintendent, h 404 W 2d

GARDNER, EDWARD B., beerbottler, 420 Carroll, h 422 do

Gardner, Henry, barkeeper, 122 W Water, bds 126 Main

Gardner, Horatio, brakeman, h E South av n. E. R. R.

Gardner, Ida, domestic, 609 W Water

Gardner, Katie, bds 205 Gregg

Gardner, Kittie Mrs., bds 218 Madison av

Gardner, Lyman D., student, bds 612 E Water

Gardner, Lysanda B., cartman, h 612 E Water

Garlinghouse, Charles (Garlinghouse & Christen), h 140 E Water

GARLINGHOUSE & CHRISTEN (Charles Garlinghouse and Joseph Christen), Star Restaurant, 140 E Water

Garlock, Charles H., jeweler, bds 141 W Water

Garlock, Cora, widow Edward, h 141 W Water

Garnham, George P., clerk, 112 Lake, bds 211 Pennsylvania av

Garpey, Matthias, brickmaker, h 103 N 1st

Garr, W. Scott, conductor, h 376 Norton

Garrabrant, Fannie W., dressmaker, bds 218 Baldwin

Garrett, James, carpenter, h 409 Walnut

Garrison, William L., sign painter, bds 509 Park Place

Garritt, Albert C., finisher, h 651 E Church

Garritt, Edward, mason, h 923 E Church

Garritt, Jacob, carpenter, h 851 E Church

Garritt, Jane, widow Truman, bds 651 E Church

Garritt, Kate, bakery, 851 E Church, h do

Gartenschlager, Charles, tailor, bds 605 Dickinson

Gartland, Annie B., teacher, bds 716 Baldwin

Gartland, James, cooper, h 716 Baldwin

Garvey, John, blacksmith, h 222 W 1st

Garvin, John, saloon, 417 Railroad av, h do

Goskill, Lorentus J., carpenter, h 514 Perry

Gates, Henry P., salesman, 119 E Water, bds 403 William

Gaudreau, Louis, shoemaker, h 107 W 2d

Gaylor, Samuel, engineer, h Powell bel S 2d

Gaylord, Samuel C., h 225 William

Geary, John, brickmaker, bds 763 E Market

Geary, Michael, laborer, h 763 Market

Geary, Rose, domestic, 711 N Main

Geary, William, brickmaker, bds 763 E Market

Gebhard, Lucinda K., widow Philip A., h r 120 E S Water

Geiger, Frederick, tailor, h 600 Dickinson

Geisenhoff, Anthony, pastor St. John's A.C. Church, h 717 Benjamin

Geisenheimer, Oscar, barkeeper, 132 E Water, bds do

Geist, Joseph, painter, h E South av, cor N. C. R. R.

Genan, Kate, domestic, 235 Lake

George, Augustus P. (George & Co.), h 168 Orchard

George, Edward C., bds 315 E Church

George, Henry, saloon, 658 E Water, h do

George, Jeremiah (George & Hardy), h 709 Benjamin

George, Susie, domestic, 397 W Water

GEORGE & CO., job printer, 136 E Water

George & Hardy (Jeremiah George and William H. Hardy), shoemakers, 307 E 5th

Georgia, Roswell S., hackman, h 607 Tuttle av

Georgia, Saphonia, waitress Water Cure, 1019 East av

Georgia, William W., hackman, h 1006 East av

Gerin, James, saloon, 351 Railroad av, h do

Gerity, Clayton R., bookkeeper, 126 Lake, bds 258 Baldwin

Gerity, Thomas, mason, h 511 Baldwin

Gerity, William S. (Gerity & Morrell), h 510 Baldwin

GERITY & MORRELL (William S. Gerity and Isaac Morrell), wholesale druggists, 126 Lake

Germon, Emma Mrs., h 505 College av

Germand, Philip, cabinetmaker, bds 613 Lake

Gerow, Gardner A., machinist, h 503 Park Place

Gerow, Hannah, widow James, h 503 Park Place

Gerveis, Joseph, shoemaker, h 805 Magee

Getchell, Earl, teamster, h 208 Orchard

Getchell, Earl S., teamster, h 503 Sullivan

Getchell, Edwin L., clerk, 127 Lake, h 751 E Market

Gettler, John, carpenter, h W South av bel Burdock

Geyert, Rose M., dressmaker, bds 520 Jefferson

Gianbastiani, George, plaster images, 3 W 5th, h do

Gibbons, Thomas, laborer, h 708 McDonald

Gibbs, Benjamin R., roller, h 123 Partridge

Gibbs, Eber N., shoemaker, h 368 W 5th

Gibbs, Florence E., bds 657 Park Place

Gibbs, Lucius S., printer, bds 368 W 5th

Gibbs, Mary, widow Levi, h 316 W 1st

Gibbs, Mary E. Mrs., h 672 Baldwin

GIBBS, THOMAS O.S., blacksmith Exchange Place n E Market, h 209 E Gray

Gibson, A. Fowler (William L. Gibson & Son), bds 409 Baldwin

Gibson, John, laborer, h 3 South av ab Maple av

Gibson, Katie, saleslady, bds 101 Park

Gibson, Phebe, widow Allen, h 320 W 1st

Gibson, William A., job printer, 134 W Water, bds 320 W 1st

Gibson, William L. (William L. Gibson & Son), also agent Elmira Ice Co., h 409 Baldwin

GIBSON, WILLIAM M. & SON (A. Fowler), insurance, 152 Baldwin

Giddings, Albert C., clerk, h 312 High

Gifford, Charles H., tailor, bds Elmira House

Gilbert, E.C., stonepaver, bds 505 Magee

Gilbert, George W., saloon 329 Railroad av, h do

Gilbert, Henry, mason, bds 717 Columbia

Gilbert, Henry K. (H.K. Gilbert & Co.), h 454 W Gray

GILBERT, H.H. & Co. (Henry S. Gilbert), groceries and provisions, also foreign and domestic fruits, 143 W Water

Gilbert, Henry S. (H.K. Gilbert & Co.), h 459 W Church

Gilbert, O.H., stonepaver, bds 505 Magee

Giles, Charles, machinist, bds 309 S Main

Giles, Charles D., finisher, h 112 E Hudson

Giles, Joseph W., carpenter, h Division ab Lake

Gill, Christopher Mrs., h 214 W Water

Gill, Elizabeth, domestic, 322 William

Gill, James, tobacconist 113 W Water, h do

Gill, John, express, 609 E 2d, h do

Gill, William, clerk 516 N Main, h 113 E Church

Gilldea, Irwin B.W., cartman, h r 369 W 5th

Gillett, Lewis W., bookkeeper, 601 Baldwin, bds 208 E Church

Gillet, Solomon L. (Gillet & Co.), h 208 E Church

GILLET & Co. (Solomon L. Gillet and Robert T. Turner), manufrs, augers, bits, &c., 601 Baldwin

Gillett, Abbie Miles, bds 901 East av

Gilligan, Ann, widow Michael, h 805 McDonald

Gillis, William, tailor, bds 554 John

GILMORE, JOHN, saloon, 114 E Water, h do

Gilmore, Lewis C., clerk, 148 W Water, h 516 DeWitt

Gilmore, Mary, domestic, 312 W Church

Gilmore, Mary, domestic, 452 W Water

Gilmore, Mary A., domestic, 211 W Hudson

Gilmore, Mattie A., bds 521 E Union

Gilmore, Norval, salesman, 102 W Water, h 118 College av

Gilmore, William, brakeman, h 131 W Water

Gilner, Frederick, driver, bds 730 Hatch

Gilrai, Mary, widow Stephen, h 236 Mt. Zoar

Gilsdorf, Anton, tailor, h 759 E Water

Gilson, James, h 219 Ann

Ging, Lawrence, blacksmith, h 603 S Main

Gining, Bridget Mrs., domestic, 407 E Church

Ginjgray, John, shoemaker, h 556 E Market

Githler, Carrie, domestic, 352 W Clinton

Givens, Jesse B., salesman, 108 W Water, bds 201 Columbia

Givens, Jesse S., salesman, 108 W Water, h 201 Columbia

Gladke, Henry J., clothing, 332 E Water, bds 164 DeWitt

Gladke, Joseph, h 164 DeWitt

Gleason, Adele A., physician, Water Cure, 1019 East av, bds do

Gleason, Bridget, saleslady, 106 W Water, bds 209 Harriet

Gleason, Edward B., business manager Water Cure, 1019 East av, bds do

Gleason, Hettie B. Mrs., bds Water Cure, 1019 East av

Gleason, John, h 209 Harriet

Gleaeon, Lawrence, shoemaker, bds 209 Harriet

Gleason, Maggie, domestic Western Hotel

Gleason, Myrian E., dressmaker, h 124 Lake

Gleason, Patrick H., stonecutter, bds 663 College av

Gleason, Peter, shoemaker, bds 101 W S Water

Gleason, Rachel B. (S.G. & R.B. Gleason), h 1019 East av

Gleason, Silas O. (S.O. & R.B. Gleason), h 1019 East av

GLEASON, S.O. & R.B. (Silas O. and Rachel B.), physicians, Water Cure, 1019 East av

Glines, Helen, widow Zina B., h 215 Gregg

GLOBE HOTEL, George A. Struppler, 505 Railroad av

Glynn, Simon J., clerk, bds 211 Sullivan

Glynn, William, cooper, h 108 W Hudson

Goalbas, Nathan, peddler, h 60 Munroe

GODDARD, EDWARD, dentist 310 E Water, h 662 N Main

Goddard, Levi, shoemaker, h 662 College av

Godfrey, Charles P., physician, 113 E Water, h do

Godfrey, George L., bootmaker, h 308 W 3d

Godfrey, John H., machinist, h 712 E Church

Godfrey, William H., machinist, h 206 Mt. Zoar

Goergens, Peter, car repairer, h 373 W 3d

Goett, Michael, bds 106 High

Goff, Emmett S., clerk, 315 E Water, bds 207 W Gray

Gohring, George E., tailor, h 112 E S Water

Golden, Ella, domestic Farmers' Home

Golden, James, carpenter, bds 516 Herrick

Golden, Mary, widow Patrick, h 609 Walnut

Goldsbury, Harriet Mrs., bds 712 E Oak

Goldsmith, Charles, mason, h 166 Harriet

Goldsmith, Franklin, carpenter, h r 118 E Hudson

Goldsmith, George H., mason, bds 702 E Water

Goldsmith, John J., clerk 159 Lake, bds 702 E Water

Goldsmith, Margaret, widow John J., h 702 E Water

Goldsmith, Mary, domestic Frasier House

Goldsmith, Richard, blacksmith, h 103 E Henry

GOODELL, DeB., general foreman N. Y. L. E. & W. R. R. Co. repair shops, h 429 W Clinton

Goodenough, Edmund, poultry dealer, h Oak bel Lake

Goodman, David, blacksmith, h 515 Madison av

Goodman, Jane Mrs., h 664 Dickinson

Goodman, Lizzie, domestic, 410 Lake

Goodman, Millie, bread and cakes, h E 5th n Dickinson

Goodman, William F., physician, 750 E 5th, h do

Goodrich, Alvin, clerk 200 W Water, bds 218 do

Goodrich, Charles F., clerk Erie R. R. freight depot, h 375 W Clinton

Goodrich, Chauncey S., pickdresser, h 374 W Gray

Goodrich, Dwight A. (Goodrich & Hendrick), h 465 W Church

Goodrich, O'Meara (A.B. Austin & Co.), h 218 W Water

Goodrich, Urana, widow O'Meara, h 218 W Water

GOODRICH & HENDRICK (Dwight A. Goodrich and Burr Hendrick), hardware, 323 E Water

Goodwin, Francis R., watchman, h 709 Canal

Gordon, John, blacksmith, h 151 High

Gorman, Edward, h 408 S Magee

Gorman, Ella, domestic, 515 Walnut

Gorman, Eugene, salesman, 134 W Water, bds Hathaway House

Gorman, James, puddler, h 956 N Main

Gorman, John, student, bds 408 S Magee

Gorman, John, clerk, 356 E Water, bds 823 John

Gorman, John, laborer, h 811 Hatch

Gorman, Kate, domestic, 464 W Gray

Gorman, Maggie, domestic, 253 W 6th

Gorman, Mary, widow James, h 956 N Main

Gorman, Nellie, domestic Frasier Hause

Gorman, Patrick, laborer, h 451 W 6th

Gorman, Patrick, puddler, bds 813 Hatch

Gorman, Sarah, domestic, 501 W Water

Gorman, Simon, laborer, h 812 Hatch

Gorman, Simon, laborer, 207 E South av

Gorman, Thomas, grocer, 519 Oak, h do

Gorman, Cornelius, engineer, h 753 E 2d

Gornee, William H., carpenter, h 238 Mt. Zoar

Gorsline, Ambrose R., salesman, 134 W Water, bds Hathaway House

Gosson, Belle, clerk, 331 E Water, bds Lormore n Maple av

Gosson, Lena, machine operator, bds Lormore n Maple av

Gould, Francis H., clerk, bds 300 S Main

Gould, Maria B., widow Frank, h 357 Walnut

Gould, Seward F., 364 Diven av

Gould, Talcott W., grocer, 300 S Main, h do

Goulden, Charles S., printer, bds 204 E Gray

Goulden, Ella, bds 221 Gregg

Goulden, Joseph, cabinet maker, h 221 Gregg

Goulden, Lydia, widow Harvey, bds 221 Gregg

Grace, Michael, carpenter, h 719 Casey

Grace, Patrick, laborer, bds 651 E Water

Gradey, Bridget, domestic, W Water n city limits

Gradwell, Bridget, widow Thomas, h 606 E 3d

Gradwell, Charles, stripper, bds 606 E 3d

Gradwell, Robert, finisher, bds 606 E 3d

Gradwell, Thomas, bricklayer, h 519 Oak

Grady, Ellen, domestic, 414 Baldwin

Grady, Joseph, painter, bds Second Ward Hotel

Grady, Michael, helper, h 804 McDonald

Grady, Michael, stone cutter, h 711 Davis

Grady, Richard, cigarmaker, h 113 E Church

Grady, Thomas, contractor, h 1411 Baldwin

Graham, Edward W., confectioner, h 857 John

Graham, Henrietta, domestic, 412 W Gray

Graham, John, stonemason, bds 427 Pleasant

Grambs, Eliza, domestic, 760 E Water

Grant, Israel P. (Grant & DeWaters), h at Horseheads

Grant & DeWaters (Israel P. Grant and Wright DeWaters), agricultural implements and carriages, 160 Lake

Grandin, James L.S. Rev., h 123 W Henry

Granteer, George W., flagman, h 460 South av

Graves, Nellie C., music teacher, bds 112 E Water

Gray, Charles T., silver plater, h 1110 Ovid

Gray, Elizabeth E., bds 205 High

Gray, Guy H., carpenter, h 359 Grove

Gray, Henrietta, dressmaker, 136 E Water, h do

Gray, Hiram, lawyer, h W Water n city limits

Gray, John, foreman N. C. R. R., h Giltinan n N. C. R. R. shops

Gray, John, polisher, h 258 W Hudson

Gray, John H., clerk, 340 E Water, bds W Water beyond limits

Gray, Kate, domestic, 500 William

Gray, Stephen C. (Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co.), h 353 W 4th

GRAY & BADGER, showcase makers and platers, 310 E Water

Gray, Truman, carpenter, bds Giltinan n N. C. R. R. shops

Greatzinger, Eliza, bds 751 E 2d

Greatsinger, William, h 751 E 2d

Greek, Charles, laborer, h 603 Howard

Greeley, Joseph, laborer, h 107 W 1st
Green, Annie, widow William G., h canal bank ab E 2d

Green, Ellen, dressmaker, bds 150 W 5th

Green, Elnathan J., h 356 W Gray

Green, Evvert, car builder, h 507 W Clinton

Green, George G., car repairer, bds 150 W 5th

Green, George H., janitor, h 524 Baldwin

Green, Hannah Mrs., bds 964 East av

GREEN, HENRY C., seed grower and florist, E Water cor State h Maple av n Catharine, Fifth Ward

Green, Hezekiah W., coachman, bds 524 Baldwin

Green, Horace A., wheelwright, h 150 W 5th

Green, John F., porter, h 112 W Water

Green, Norah, domestic, 211 Pennsylvania av

Green, Patrick, shoemaker, h Lewis n W South av

Green, Samuel, mason, h 607 John
Green, Silas, brakeman, bds 156 W 3d

Greene, Adelbert, mason, h Roe av n Walnut

Greene, James W., carpenter, bds 442 Mt. Zoar

Greene, Theodore, clerk, bds 800 N Main

Greene, Wardell, carpenter, h 442 Mt. Zoar

Greener, Augustus, clerk, 209 E Church, bds do

Greener, G. Charles, bookkeeper, 209 E Church, bds do

GREENER, JACOB, pianomanufr and music dealer, 209 E Church, h do

GREENOUGH, DANIEL S., sec'y U. I. & E. Railway, Delavan Block opp Erie passenger depot, bds 417 E Market

Greenwalt, Louis, baker, bds 651 Lake

Gregg, Betty, bds 456 Sullivan

Gregg, Byron, mason, h 359 Centre