Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1878 / 79
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Hotchkiss, Annie E., teacher, bds 106 W Market

Hotchkiss, Thomas, lumber, h 221 Lake

Hotchkiss, Viola P., teacher, bds 106 W Market

HOUGHTALING, A.L., fine groceries and provisions, 667 Lake, h do

Houghtaling, Chloe E., widow John, bds 366 Diven av

Houghtaling, John H., law student, 333 E Water, bds 366 Lake

Houghton, Alexander, shoemaker, h 241 W Water

Houser, Christian, carpenter, h 357 E 5th

Houstine, Henry, butcher, h Maple av ab E South av

Hover, Sarah, dressmaker, bds 353 Norton

Hovey, James H., painter, bds 209 Fulton

Howard, Anthony, laborer, h 118 W 5th

Howard, Dennis, laborer, h 367 W 3d

Howard, Johanna, dressmaker, bds 367 W 3d

Howard, Johanna, widow James, h 721 Railroad av

Howard, John J., upholsterer, h 815 Walnut

Howard, Joseph, h 261 W Clinton

Howard, Kate Mrs., laundress Rathbun House

Howard, Maggie, domestic Rathbun House

Howard, Mary, dressmaker, bds Rathbun House

Howard, Mary, seamstress, 957 Lake

Howard, Nellie, domestic Frasier House

Howard, Rachel, widow John, h 714 Baldwin

Howard, Susan C., widow Erastus, dressmaker, h 906 Stowell

Howard, Thomas, h 510 Park Place

Howard, Thomas, laborer, bds 118 W 5th

Howard, William, clerk, bds 171 Lake

Howard, William P., salesman, 102 W Water, bds Hathaway House

Howe, Henry F., oil dealer at Foster Brook, h 404 W Clinton

Howe, Lizzie M., bookkeeper, 134 W Water, bds 404 W Clinton

HOWE MACHINE CO. (The), F.M. Jackson, manager, 118 Lake

Howell, B. Franklin, laborer, h 415 W 1st

Howell, Daniel E., cattle dealer, h 507 West Hill

Howell, Frank S., policeman, h 117 Grove

Howell, John V., engineer, h 106 W 4th

Howell, Sarah B., widow Asa R., h 503 Lake

Howells, Edward, clerk, 106 E Water, h 913 N Main

Howells, Evan, grocer, 913 N Main, h do

HOWES, EPHRAIM W., wines and liquors, 434 Carroll, h 108 Madison av

Howes, Lorenzo (Hudson & Howes), h 317 Madison av

Howland, Emily J., widow James B., h 508 E Clinton

Howland, Howard C., bookkeeper, 308 Carroll, h 206 Sullivan

Howland, Marietta, h 758 Jay

Howland, William D., laborer, h 328 Hine

Howley, Matthew, h 811 Canal

Hoyt, Edward, painter, bds 220 Ann

Hoyt, George, upholsterer, bds 220 Ann

Hoyt, Lottie, h 329 Railroad av

Hoyt, William, h 220 Ann

Hubbell, Charles, salesman, 129 E Water, bds 315 W 1st

Hubbell, Charles A., clerk, h 151 Baldwin

HUBBELL, E.S., wood and coal, 135 E 2d, h 403 W Gray

Hubbell, Samuel, salesman, 129 E Water, bds 315 W 1st

HUBBELL, SAMUEL B., furniture and undertaking, 129 E Water, h 315 W 1st

Huber, Anthony, butcher, bds Homestead Hotel

Huckell, Gerchum T., laborer, h 615 Lake

Hudson, Adelbert (Hudson & Howes), h 500 Baldwin

Hudson, Harriet, widow Dean, h 451 Pennsylvania av

Hudson, Richard B., h 500 Baldwin

HUDSON & HOWES, (Adelbert Hudson and Lorenzo Howes), boots and shoes, 331 E Water

Huegel, Edmund G., barkeeper, 140 E Water, bds do

Hughes, Edward J., blacksmith, h 663 College av

Hughes, Henry C., blacksmith, bds 663 College av

Hughes, James, student, bds 315 Hathaway

Hughes, John, blacksmith, h 714 Oak

Hughes, John, laborer, h 315 Hathaway

Hughes, Maria, dressmaker, bds 714 Oak

HUGHES, N.A. & CO. (Edward J. Wardwell), Rochester 99c. store, 112 W Water

Hughes, Nelson A. (N.A. Hughes & Co.), h 405 Columbia

Hughes, Patrick, clerk, h E 7th ab Canal

Hughes, Stephen H., salesman, 112 W Water, h 405 Columbia

Hughes, Thomas, laborer, h 162 Harriet

Hulbert, Ellen, dressmaker, bds 704 Benjamin

Hulbert, Mary J., widow George, h 704 Benjamin

Hulbert, Thomas, h 375 W 1st

Hulligan, Hugh, laborer, h 603 Howard

Hulligan, Thomas, laborer, bds 603 Howard

Hulse, Celia, widow Renseler, h 454 E Market

Humiston, Fannie E., tailoress, h 132 W Water

Humistone, David, carpenter, h 1126 Oak

Hummel, Charles, bartender, 503 Railroad av, bds do

HUMMEL, GOTTLEIB, Washington Hotel, 503 Railroad av

Humphrey, Clara, student, bds 861 East av

Humphrey, J. Sanford, shoemanufr, 114 Ferris, h 116 do

Humphrey, John, cabinetmaker, h 701 E 2d

Humphrey, John D., foreman, 114 Ferris, h 110 do

HUMPHREY, LUCIUS A., boots and shoes, 107 E Water, h 51 S Main

Hungerford, Elizabeth, widow John, bds 406 DeWitt

Hunshine, Martin, puddler, h 911 Magee

Hunt, Alfred, grocer, 71 Pennsylvania av, h do

Hunt, Charles D., roll turner, h 378 W 4th

Hunt, Charles W., roll turner, h 371 W Clinton

Hunt, Elizabeth A., widow William G., h 471 W Water

Hunt, Franklin K., nurse, h 206 College av

Hunt, George A., clerk, 104 Lake, bds 471 W Water

Hunt, John F., roll turner, bds 378 W 4th

Hunt, Julia, dressmaker, bds 471 W Water

Hunt, Norton (Coykendall & Hunt), h 618 Pennsylvania av

Hunt, Samuel D., roll turner, bds 378 W 4th

Hunt, William P., clerk Erie R. R. freight depot, h 268 W Henry

HUNTINGTON, DICK, propr Dick's Place, 367 Railroad av, bds 2d Ward Hotel

Huntley, Elias S., collector, h 511 Lake

Huntley, Ella, saleslady, 326 E Water, bds 418 Madison av

Huntley, George W., farmer, h 418 Madison av

Hurlburt, Luman D., bds 106 W Gray

Hurley, Daniel, helper, h South av n Fulton

Hurley, Dennis, puddler, h McGee n Roe av

Hurley, Ellen, domestic, 243 Lake

Hurley, John, laborer, h S Walnut n W Hudson

Hurley, Lawrence, laborer, h 416 W Hudson

Hurley, Noah, domestic, Elmira Female College

Hurley, Patrick, laborer, h 321 Roe av

Hurley, Patrick, shoemaker, bds 416 W Hudson

Hurley, Timothy, heater, h 1001 N Main

Hurth, Amand, tinsmith, bds 108 Orchard

Hurtv, Hiram, conductor, bds Rathbun House

HUSBANDMAN, THE, agricultural journal, Farmers' Club Hall, Hoffman n city limits

Husbands, Susie, domestic, 401 W Water

Huston, Charles J., clerk, 310 E Water, bds 313 do

Huston, James C., printer Advertiser, h 319 Sullivan

Huston, James C. Mrs., saleslady, 102 W Water, h 319 Sullivan

HUSTON, JOHN W., hats and furs, 310 E Water, bds 413 do

Huston, Prudence, widow Charles, h 659 N Main

Hutchinson, Edwin P., bookkeeper, 121 Baldwin, h 354 W Sixth

Hutchinson, Eliza, widow William, h 210 Orchard

Hyde, Abram T., clerk, 107 W Water, h 322 W Water

Hyde, Frank P., blacksmith, h 322 W Water

Hyde, Louise, stenographer, 218 E Water, bds 322 W Water

Hyde, William F., foreman, Railroad av cor W Church, h Advertiser building

Hylen, William L., clerk, 333 E Water, bds 304 Baldwin

Hylen, Robert F., h 304 Baldwin


Icke, William H., foreman Reformatory, h Davis n Reformatory

Impson, Elisha, laborer, bds 603 Hoffman

Impson, Elijah, laborer, h West Hill ab Hoffman

Impson, Jacob, bds Delavan House

Impson, Jacob, farmer, h 1101 Davis

Ingersoll, Fred H., engineer, bds 636 W Water

Ingersoll, Orissa N., widow Herman H., h 636 W Water

Ingersoll, Seely E., clerk 329 E Water, bds 636 W Water

INGHAM, JOHN Q., achitect, 158 Lake, h 417 Balsam

INGRAHAM BROTHERS (Clark S. and Francis) druggists, 100 W Water

Ingraham, Clark S. (Ingraham Brothers), h 308 W Church

Ingraham, David P., insurance agent, bds 661 Davis

Ingraham, Francis (Ingraham Brothers), h 352 W Clinton

Inman, Eugene, laborer, bds Pennsylvania av bel toll gate

Inscho, Obadiah, teamster, h 711 E Water

Inscho, P. Mrs., milliner, 316 E Water, h 713 do

Ireton, C. Ernest, brakeman, bds 413 S Magee

Ireton, Cynthia S. Mrs., dressmaker, 413 S Magee, h do

Ireton, Lottie E., dressmaker, bds 413 S Magee

Irvine, Orville G., h 407 W Gray

Irvine, William, lawyer, h 915 College av

Isaac, Dwight I., bookkeeper, bds 402 W Gray

Isbell, Edward, laborer, bds Sullivan ab Norton

Isham, Morris, shoemaker, h 758 Jay


Jackson, Benjamin, laborer, h 710 E Oak

Jackson, Clarissa, widow J.S., bds 160 Sullivan

Jackson, Daniel, tinner, h 160 Sullivan

Jackson, Edward, laborer, h 1305 Maxwell av

Jackson, Frances A., dressmaker, bds 403 Madison av

Jackson, Francis R., laborer, h 361 Railroad av

JACKSON, FREDERICK M., manager The Howe Machine Co., 118 Lake, h 308 DeWitt

Jackson, George W., drayman, h 652 Oak

Jackson, George W., harnessmaker, h 661 College av

Jackson, Harrison, laborer, bds Coates ab West Hill

Jackson, Henry, porter, bds 403 Madison av

Jackson, Henry, waiter, h 402 Perry

Jackson, Henry E., choreboy, 156 W 3d

Jackson, Hettie E., bookkeeper, 118 Lake, bds 308 DeWitt

Jackson, James, laborer, h 1118 Ovid

Jackson, Jason, coachman, 403 Lake

Jackson, John, laborer, h 500 West Hill

Jackson, John, whitewasher, h Coates ab West Hill

Jackson, John S., wood and lumber, 501 E Church, h 505 do

Jackson, Louis G., salesman, 135 E Water, bds 408 N Main

Jackson, Lucinda, widow Jacob, h r 1213 Hall

Jackson, Lucy, domestic, 380 W Gray

Jackson, Luther J., shoemaker, h 605 W 1st

Jackson, Phoebe, widow Nathan, bds 816 Factory

Jackson, Sarah Mrs., h 701 E Oak

Jackson, William, laborer, bds Jones' la n State

Jackson, William, laborer, bds 500 West Hill

Jacobs, Bernard, peddler, h 124 Harriet

Jacobs, Catharine Mrs., h 614 Baldwin

Jacobs, Edward, teamster, h 400 W Church

Jacobs, William E., saloon, 313 E Market, bds do

James, Elizabeth, h 815 Factory

James, Richard, h 724 Harper

James, Richard, jr., h 724 Harper

James, Susan, widow Edwin W., h 108 Spring

Jarvis, Frank A., clerk, 305 E Water, h 212 Ann

Jarvis, Joel, teamster, h 309 Washington

Jeffers, Samuel G., awning block manufr, Madison av ab Clinton, h 458 E Clinton

Jeffers, William E., painter, h 519 William

Jeffers, William M., h 519 William

Jenkins, Edward S., machinist, h 203 S Main

Jenkins, George A., painter, bds 355 Columbia

Jenkins, Harris W., brakeman, bds 110 W Henry

Jenkins, Isaac, laborer Rathbun House

Jenkins, John O., puddler, h 152 Canal

Jenkins, Lucinda, window Calvin, h 355 Columbia

Jenkins, Mary A., domestic, 360 W Water

Jenks, Robert B., physician, h College av cor W Church

Jennings, Marshall, h 918 College av

JENNINGS, WILLIAM H., physician; office hours afternoon, 918 College av, h do

Jennison, Nathan, shoemaker, h Hoffman n city limits

Jenusky, Frederick, farmer, h Robinson n Esty

Jervis, Clarissa, widow James W., bds 308 Washington

Jervis, Timothy Rev., h 915 Lake

Jessey, Henry W., cigarmaker, bds 615 Lake

Jewell, Margaret Mrs., bds 221 Lake

Jewett, W. Andrew, bookkeeper, 315 E Water, h 104 W Hudson

Jewitt, Arthur L., express messenger, h 701 College av

Jeorg, Herman, law student, 314 E Water, bds 456 Oak

Johansmeyer, Theodore C., fresco painter, bds 311 Baldwin

JOHNSON, ALONZO G., Clinton House, 601 Railroad av, h 904 N Main

Johnson, Andrew, clerk, bds 171 Lake

Johnson, Arthur, h 665 Dickinson

Johnson, Benjamin P., blacksmith, h 372 W 1st

Johnson, Catharine, widow Israel G., h 515 Walnut

JOHNSON, CHARLES B., dining rooms, 204 W Water, h 364 W Church

Johnson, Charles L., salesman, 101 E Water, h 703 E Market

Johnson, Clara M., dressmaker, bds 372 W 1st

Johnson, Edward, dyer, h 606 Jay

Johnson, Emily, Mrs., washerwoman, h Sullivan ab Norton

Johnson, Emily, widow David, bds 250 W S Water

Johnson, Emma, domestic, 125 E S Water

Johnson, Finley M., laborer, h 514 College av

Johnson, Franklin, barber, bds 101 E Henry

Johnson, Henrietta, widow Benjamin, h 606 Baldwin

Johnson, Herbert, druggist, 435 Railroad av, bds 113 W 2d

Johnson, Isabella, widow Arthur, bds 665 Dickinson

Johnson, James, mason, h 1320 Pratt

Johnson, James, widow Edgar, h 464 W 1st

Johnson, Jane, widow William, h 208 W Hudson

Johnson, John, laborer, h Magee ab blast furnace

Johnson, Julia, domestic, 413 Grove

Johnson, Lorinza C., bds 250 W S Water

Johnson, Mary E., laundress, bds 606 Baldwin

Johnson, Melissa J. Mrs., h 601 Railroad av

Johnson, Millard G., machinist, 119 E Church, h 736 W 1st

Johnson, Richard, driver, h 716 Dickinson

Johnson, Susan E., widow Elvin, h 101 E Henry

Johnson, Thomas, jewelry, 311 E Water, h 511 Lake

Johnston, Andrew, salesman, 134 W Water, bds Hathaway House

Johnston, John, hostler, 256 W 5th

Joist, William H., waiter, bds 711 Dickinson

Jolls, Jeremiah, dispatcher Erie depot, h 613 College av

Jolls, Mark, clerk Erie R. R. freight depot, h 613 College av

Jones, Add J., brakeman, h 320 W 3d

Jones, Albert, h 507 E Church

Jones, Amanda M., dressmaker, 612 E Water, bds do

Jones, Annie, widow Joshua, bds 154 Washington

Jones, Caleb, puddler, h 713 Lake

Jones, Charles, furnaceman, h 219 Park

Jones, Christian, domestic, 551 E Church

Jones, Elizabeth, dressmaker, 111 Catharine, h do

Jones, Elmor E., carpenter, h 418 E Water

Jones, Franklin F., barber, bds 309 Orchard

Jones, Henry B. (Haight, Jones & Co.), h 154 Washington

Jones, Henry B., saloon, 723 Lake, h do

Jones, Hervey E., engineer, h 147 W Water

Jones, Isaac, bds 723 Lake

JONES, J.R., BAKER & CO. (Asa L. Baker, Stewart Hastings and William H.W. Jones), wholesale dealers in Chemung Valley butter, 145 W Water, 3d door bel Main St. bridge

Jones, James, machinist, bds 114 W Church

Jones, John C., carpenter, h 518 Perry

Jones, John D., heater, h 913 Stowell

Jones, John R. (J.R. Jones, Baker & Co.), h at Waverly

Jones, John W., farmer, h 1259 College av

Jones, Joshua, steward Rathbun House

Jones, Leonard, h 111 Catharine

Jones, Priscilla M., widow George W., h 211 W 3d

Jones, Richmond, h 314 W Clinton

Jones, Solomon, train dispatcher N. C. R. W., h 202 Washington av

Jones, Susan, widow James, h 411 W 4th

Jones, Thomas, puddler, bds 841 Canal

Jones, Thomas B., barber, bds 218 Madison av

Jones, William, messenger, bds 913 Stowell

Jones, William, shoemaker, h Jones' la n E Church

Jones, William A., laborer, bds 211 W 3d

Jones, William D., clerk N. C. R. W., bds 408 N Main

Jones, William H.W. (J.R. Jones, Baker, & Co.), h at Waverly

Jones, William R., painter, bds 509 Park Place

Jordan, James, mason, h 314 Orchard

Jordan, John, shoemaker, h 106 E 2d

Jordan, William, shoemaker, bds 106 E 2d

Joslin, Florence E., domestic, 102 W Water

JOSLYN, JOHN R., lawyer, 338 E Water, h 758 E Church

Joyce, Frank, waiter, bds 317 Carroll

Judd, Charles, brakeman, h 509 Pennsylvania av

Judd, Hurd B., engineer, h 508 Pennsylvania av

Judd, Theodorus S., patent rights, h 356 W 6th

Judson, Grace L., widow Charles H., h 378 W 1st

Judson, Henry W., telegrapher, bds 408 N Main

Judson, Lois R., widow William E., h 408 N Main

Judson, William R., real estate, h Lake cor Diven av

Judson, William R., jr., clerk, bds Lake cor Diven av

JUNCTION CANAL Co., prest., M.H. Arnot; secy. and treas., S.T. Arnot; E Water n Lake


Kaermarouski, Michael, shoemaker, h 655 Dickinson

Kaier, Edward, grocer, 561 E 2d, h do

Kain, Martin, laborer, h 722 Davis

Kaleen, Bridget, domestic, 801 N Main

Kanary, Matthew, laborer, h 419 W 5th

Kanary, Patrick, laborer, h r 809 Railroad av

Kanary, Patrick, laborer, h 611 Lewis

Kane, Cornelius, tanner, h 106 Spring

Kane, Daniel, tanner, bds 106 Spring

Kane, Dennis, tanner, bds 106 Spring

Kane, Ellen, domestic, 424 W Gray

Kane, James, laborer, h 457 Pennsylvania av

Kane, Jeremiah, tobacco dresser, bds 63 Munroe

Kane, John, laborer, h 457 Pennsylvania av

Kane, Julia, domestic Mansion House

Kane, Margaret, widow Morris, h 63 Munroe

Kane, Mary, domestic, 311 Columbia

Kane, Mary, domestic, 359 N Main

Kane, Mary, domestic, 357 W 4th

Kane, Mary, dressmaker, bds 261 W S Water

Kane, Mary, widow Dennis, h 752 Jay

Kane, Patrick, blacksmith, h 163 Sullivan

Kane, Patrick, laborer, h 9 Junction

Kane, Simon, laborer, h 1011 N Main

Kane, Thomas, laborer, h 745 Day

Karney, Martha, domestic East av n limits

Kaufelt, Philip, shoemaker, h 830 W Church

Kavanagh, Andrew, laborer, h Lake av n College av

Kaven, Ann, widow Thomas, h 155 High

Kaven, Edward, laborer, bds 155 High

Kaven, Jennie, sewing machine operator, bds 155 High

Kay, John, blacksmith, h 507 Harper

Kazmarovski, Michael, shoemaker, 522 Lake, h Clinton ab Lake

Keannard, George W., carpenter, h 561 E Church

Keating, John, bds S Main n city limits

Keating, Patrick, bds S Main n city limits

Keating, Stephen, foreman, h S Main n city limits

Keating, Thomas, laborer, h Junction bel E South av

Keavin, Martin, servant, 235 Lake

Keef, Daniel, fireman, bds 105 S 2d

Keef, Jeremiah, tinsmith, bds E South av n E. R. R.

Keef, John, fireman, bds E South av n E. R. R.

Keef, Lizzie, milliner, bds 105 S 2d

Keef, Patrick, laborer, h 105 S 2d

Keef, Thomas, storeman N. C. R. R., h E South av n E. R. R.

Keef, William, bds E South av n E. R. R.

Keefe, Ann, domestic, 243 Lake

Keefe, Arthur, laborer, h 360 W 5th

Keefe, Daniel, h 218 Gregg

Keefe, James, laborer, h 819 Hatch

Keefe, James H., bookkeeper, 113 S Main, bds 105 S 2d

Keener, James P., bootmaker, 225 W Water, h 383 do

Keeton, Frank A., grocer, 325 Carroll, h 208 Madison av

Keifer, Samuel, cabinetmaker, bds 505 Magee

Keiffer, Samuel, hostler, 359 N Main

Keith, Charles S., laundry, 124 Lake, h 21 Opera House Block

Kell, Christina, domestic, 623 Mt. Zoar

Kell, John P., blacksmith, h 624 Baldwin

KELLER, WILLIAM, saloon, 406 E Water, h do

Kelley, John, stonecutter, h 1105 Davis

Kelley, Lizzie, domestic, 164 DeWitt

Kelley, Maggie, dressmaker, bds 114 Orchard

Kelley, Martin, bds 114 Orchard

Kelley, Michael, moulder, h 114 Orchard

Kelley, Michael, jr., tobacco stripper, bds 114 Orchard

Kelley, Susie, domestic, 454 Carroll

Kellogg, Edward L., clerk, 300 E Water, bds 1013 Lake

Kellogg, Eli, planer, h 111 Catharine

Kellogg, George W., student, bds 111 Catharine

KELLOGG, LOVELL, druggist, 300 Water, h 1013 Lake

Kellogg, Melzer, farmer, h 1003 Oak

Kellogg, Seth W., painter, h 211 Division

Kellogg, William W., oil tanks, 115 Lake, h 319 W Church

Kelly, Albert F., bookkeeper, 101 E Gray, bds 356 Columbia

Kelly, Bridget, domestic, 863 Lake

KELLY, GEORGE H., house and sign painter, 132 W Water, h 754 E Water

Kelly, James, policeman, h Walnut cor Logan

Kelly, James, tinsmith, bds Elmira House

Kelly, James M. (William M. Putnam & Co.), bds 206 W 5th

Kelly, Jennette, widow Luther, h 356 Columbia

Kelly, Joann, widow Seth, h 106 W Market

Kelly, John, engineer, h 408 E Washington av

Kelly, John, laborer, h 801 Lake

Kelly, John, shoemaker, bds Elmira House

Kelly, John, shoemaker, bds 171 Railroad av

Kelly, John, shoemaker, h 308 W Hudson

Kelly, John W., salesman, 103 E Water, bds 408 E Washington av

Kelly, Martin, heater, h 806 Magee

Kelly, Michael, clerk, bds 408 E Washington av

Kelly, Sarah, domestic, Rathbun House

Kelly, William D., McIntyre Coal Co.), h 393 W Water

Kelly, William E., clerk, 315 E Water, bds 315 E Church

Kelsey, John, machinist, h 309 S Main

Kemp, Christopher G., shoemaker, 321 E Water, h 217 High

Kendall, Horace S., brakeman, h 259 South av

Kendrick, Michael, laborer, h 152 Washington av

Kenfield, John, tinsmith, h 416 W 3d

Kenfield, L.D. Mrs., milliner, h 215 Franklin

Kenfield, Lorenzo D., tinsmith, 215 Franklin, h do

Kennedy, David, h 358 E Fifth

Kennedy, Isaac, porter Homestead Hotel

Kennedy, J.H., laborer, bds 358 E Fifth

Kennedy, James, laborer, h Clinton bel Oak

Kennedy, John, grocer, 106 E Water, h 102 do

Kennedy, John W., restaurant, Erie depot, h 852 N Main

Kennedy, Mary, domestic, 171 Lake

Kennedy, Michael A. (Kennedy & Hassett), h 158 Washington

Kennedy, Patrick, laborer, h 113 E 1st

Kennedy & Hassett (Michael A. Kennedy and Patrick Hassett), beer bottlers, 205 E Market

Kennett, Stephen (Ayers & Kennett), h 1112 Ovid

Kent, Augustus P., clerk, 325 E Water, bds 521 W 1st

Kent, Frank R., machinist, bds 521 W 1st

Kent, G.C.L., piano tuner, bds 505 Magee

KENT, HORACE M., clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 133 E Water, h 403 W Water

Kent, Margaret, widow Phineas L., h 521 W 1st

Kent, Oscar, auger maker, h 528 W 1st

Kent, Ralph, laborer, bds 521 W 1st

Kenyon, E.S. Mrs., bds 400 W Clinton

Kenyon, James, clerk Elmira Gaslight Co., E Water n Lake, bds do

Keogh, Sarah, domestic, Lake ab Thurston

Keoke, Anna, domestic, 171 Lake

Keough, Charles, saloon, 315 Railroad av, bds do

Keough, John, laborer, h 315 Railroad av

Keough, Patrick, shoemaker, bds 315 Railroad

KER, RICHARD, dentist, 110 N Main, h do

Kern, Thomas, mason, h 113 E South av

Kern, William P., clerk Eagle Hotel, bds do

Kerns, L., brakeman, bds United States Hotel

Kerny, Martin, laborer, h 257 W Henry

Kershner, William S., stenographer, 210 E Water, h do

Kersten, Frank J., upholsterer, h 550 E Church

Ketchum, Delia, dressmaker, bds 169 Baldwin

Ketchum, Elizabeth, widow Levi, h 169 Baldwin

Ketchum, Mary A. Mrs., housekeeper, Kenyon bel S Main

Ketley, Charles H., bookkeeper, 121 W Water, bds 211 Pennsylvania av

Keyes, Kittie, student, bds 501 Lake

Keyser, Tobias H., shoemaker, h 455 W Water

Kickbush, John, salesman, 137 E Water, bds 220 High

Kickbush, Mary, widow John, h 220 High

Kidder, Alonzo, foreman, 613 Baldwin, h 57 Orchard

Kidder, Annie E., widow George T., h 400 W Clinton

Kidder, H. Starr, clerk T. & E. S. L., bds 400 W Clinton

Kienzle, Lewis, barkeeper Brooklyn House, bds do

Kies, Fred W., bookbinder Advertiser, bds 210 High

Kies, Jennie L., bookbinder, bds 210 High

Kies, Louis, foreman Advertiser bindery, h 210 High

Kieshwky, Frank W., cigarmaker, bds 752 E 5th

Kieshwky, Peter, laborer, h 752 E 5th

Kiley, Maggie, domestic, 266 W Henry

Kimball, John H., salesman, h 523 W Water

Kimball, R. Jennie Mrs., shirtmaker, h 101 N Main

King, Edmund, laborer, h r 206 Mt. Zoar

King, Edward J., organbuilder, bds 208 College av

King, Ellan, domestic, 418 W Church

King, Enos, shoemaker, h 412 W Gray

King, Frederick H., shoemaker, bds 412 W Gray

King, George W., machinist, h 108 W Water

KING, GEORGE W. Mrs., dressmaker, 108 W Water, h do

King, John, letter carrier, h 104 E Henry

King, John, laborer, h 664 Dickinson

King, John C., machinist, h 121 Jacob

King, John R., photographer, bds 211 DeWitt

King, Joseph, shoemaker, h 50 Munroe

King, Kate, domestic, 459 W Water

King, Marietta, widow John, bds 105 E Henry

King, Martin E., shoemaker, bds 412 W Gray

King, Mary, laundress, bds 466 W 2d

King, Michael, shoemaker, h 407 Railroad av

King, Nellie, dressmaker, bds r 206 Mt. Zoar

King, Nelson, h 1329 College av

KING, RUFUS, lawyer, 306 E Water, bds Rathbun House

King, Theron, harnessmaker, h 211 DeWitt

King, Thomas, waiter Rathbun House

King, William, organmanufr, 107 E Church, h 208 College av

King, William, shoemaker, bds 50 Munroe

King, William E., hackman, h 214 College av

Kingman, William L. (McIntyre Coal Co.), h 213 W 1st

Kingsbury, Catharine, widow Horace, bds 662 N Main

Kinsbury, Emily, widow George W., h 317 W Water

Kingsbury, F.S., clerk, 409 Railroad av, bds 669 Columbia

Kingsbury, George A., farmer, h Reformatory n the Reformatory

Kingsbury, George W., foreman, 340 E Water, h 7 Caldwell av

Kingsbury, Henry F., clerk, h 221 W S Water

Kingsbury, Lucius S. (Kingsbury & Chapman), h 370 W Gray

Kingsbury, Mary M., milliner, bds 221 W S Water

Kingsbury, Sarah, widow John, bds 305 S Main

KINGSBURY, WILLIAM A., grocer, 124 W Water, h 122 W Market

Kingsbury & Chapman (Lucius S. Kingsbury and Charles E. Chapman), grocers, 136 W Water

Kingsley, Andrew, wagon builder, h 321 Washington

Kingsley, Edward, janitor, W Washington av School, h do

Kingsley, Ellen B., teacher, bds 321 Washington

Kingsley, Emma L., dressmaker, bds 413 Baldwin

Kingsley, Harriet E., dressmaker, bds 413 Baldwin

Kingsley, Ruth S., widow Isaiah, h 413 Baldwin

Kingsley, Sarah R., teacher, bds 321 Washington

Kingsley, Susan, widow John, bds 611 Pennsylvania av

Kingston, Mary, domestic Elmira House

Kinkade, Angelo, carpenter, h 607 N Main

Kinner, John V., machinist, h 416 College av

Kinney, Daniel, shoemaker, bds 400 Powell

Kinney, Elizabeth Mrs., h 719 Casey

Kinney, James, shoemaker, bds 400 Powell

Kinney, John W., barber, 721 Lake, h Magee n Park

Kinney, Thomas, laborer, h 400 Powell

Kinsbury, Oliver C., wool, h 406 W Gray

Kinyon, Almon C, farmer, h Pennsylvania av n toll gate

Kinyon, Clayton, teamster, bds 424 Herrick

Kinyon, Edith, teacher, bds 424 Herrick

Kinyon, Harrison A., farmer, bds Pennsylvania av n toll gate

Kinyon, Sarah E., domestic, Pennsylvania av n toll gate

Kinyon, William, teamster, h 424 Herrick

Kirk, James L., meat market, 529 Lake, h 238 Mt. Zoar

Kirk, Josephine, dressmaker, bds 917 E Church

Kirk, William G., policeman, h 917 E Church

Kirk, William M., brakeman, h 917 E Church

Kirkland, James (Kirkland & Casey), h 307 High

Kirkland & Carey (James Kirkland and William R. Carey), painters, 168 Lake

Kirsch, Matthew, shoemaker, h 102 S Elm

Klapproth, Catharine, widow August, h 162 Lake

KLAPPROTH, CHARLES, saloon, 162 Lake, h do

KLEIN, JACOB, coffees, 517 Baldwin, also saloon, 523 do, h 523 do

Klein, Margaretta, dressmaker, bds 523 Baldwin

Klines, John A., laborer, h 310 Clinton

Klippenstein, Emil, clerk, 246 W Water, bds 108 College av

Klock, George W., 2d Ward Hotel, 377 Railroad av

Klock, Jarvis L., mason, bds 516 Sullivan

Klock, Sanford, contractor, h 516 Sullivan

Kluge, Frederick E., tailor, bds Baldwin n E Church

Knapp, Augustus S., conductor, h 719 Columbia

Knapp, Calvin T., bakery, 75 Pennsylvania av, h do

Knapp, Clara, teacher, bds 217 Ann

Knapp, Daniel P., salesman, 111 Railroad av, h 71 W Clinton

Knapp, John M., painter, h 306 W 1st

KNAPP, JOHN S., chief of police, City Hall, h 160 W Clinton

Knapp, John W., laborer, h 719 Columbia

Knapp, L. Wellen, teamster, h 723 W 1st

Knapp, Margaret, tailoress, bds 306 W 1st

Knapp, Margaret, widow George, h 609 William

Knapp, Maria, widow William B., h 217 Ann

Knapp, William R., carriage painter, bds 217 Ann

Knary, Mary A., domestic, 112 Madison av

Knerr, Michael, tinsmith, h Baty n Herrick

Knickerbocker, Frederick, hackman, bds 154 High

Knickerbocker, James, hackman, h 154 High

Kniffin, Phoebe, widow Dennis, h 118 Baldwin ab Church

Knight, Benton, augermaker, bds 309 W 2d

Knight, John J., clerk, 363 Davis, h 309 W 2d

Knight, Desdemonda, dressmaker, bds 309 W 2d

Kniskern, Edward E., salesman, bds 368 W 1st

Knott, Alvin A., carpenter, bds 353 Norton

Knott, Christopher L., carpenter, h 107 W Market

Knott, George E., carpenter, h 353 Norton

Knott, Robert H., bds 310 Washington

Knott, William H., carpenter, bds 107 W Market

Knouff, Ella, tailoress, bds 113 W 1st

Knowles, Marcus M., laddermanufr, 414 College av, h do

Knox, Minnie A., teacher Elmira Female College, bds 419 William

Knox, Morris H., laborer, h 214 S Chestnut

Knox, William E. Rev., D.D., pastor 1st Presbyterian Church, h 410 William

Koch, Adam, boilermaker, h S Main beyond city limits

Koch, Karl, physician, 723 Lake, bds do

Kolb, Baldwin (Arnold, Kolb & Co.), also (Kolb & Snyder), h 400 E Water

KOLB, JACOB, propr Exchange Hotel, 513 Railroad av

KOLB & SNYDER (Baldwin Kolb and Louis Snyder), saloon, also billiards, 338 E Water

Kolbus, Bernard, finisher, bds 762 E 2d

Kolbus, Betty, domestic, 312 William

Kolbus, Ernst, finisher, bds 762 E 2d

Kolbus, Minnie, domestic, 311 Lake

Komagsky, Charles, cler 561 E Church, bds 602 do

Konieczny, Joseph, tailor, h 852 John

Koop, August, catcher, bds 654 Dickinson

Koop, Charles, saloon, 527 E Union, h do

Koop, Harrmann, carpenter, h 1006 Oak

Koop, Henry, carpenter, h 654 Dickinson

Koop, Wilhelm, heater, bds 654 Dickinson

Korcory, Norah, domestic, 400 William

Koroziozkei, Floryjan, laborer, h 730 Baldwin

Korts, Fannie, domestic, 210 Gregg

Korts, Mary L., dressmaker, bds 810 John

Koster, Augustus, cigarmaker, bds 124 Carpenter

KRACKOWIZER, EMIL W., physician, 215 W Church, h do

Krackowizer, Emily, widow Ernst, bds 215 W Church

Kraft, William, tailor, bds 263 Baldwin

Kramer, George, janitor, bds Elmira House

Krause, Katie, widow Henry, bds 556 John

Kreider, Matthew, carpenter, h 709 Baldwin

Kress, Margaret, widow Benjamin, bds 456 Sullivan

Kress, William B., insurance adjuster, h 112 Baldwin

Kreutter, Matthias, h 713 Baldwin

Krouse, Lewis, cigarmaker, bds 108 Harmon

Krowl, Abraham, veterinary surgeon, 418 E Market, h 218 Orchard

Krowl, Abram, clerk 121 Lake, bds 218 Orchard

Krowl, George, plumber, bds 218 Orchard

Kruedelbach, Charles, upholsterer, h 106 High

Krum, Abraham P., h 171 Lake

Krum, Catharine Mrs., boarding, 171 Lake

Krum, Dana L., conductor, bds 171 Lake

Kuhn, George, foreman, E Church cor Tuttle av, bds 1023 Church

Kuhn, Katie, domestic, 558 E Church

Kunes, Jacob, barber, bds 218 Madison av

Kuster, Frederick, h Carpenter bel Oak


LaBarr, Freeman D., carpenter, h 210 DeWitt

LaBarre, Phila, widow John, bds 801 E Market

Laburt, Charles, blacksmith, bds 760 E Water

LaBURT, JACOB, barber, 330 E Water, h 760 do

LaCava, Paschal, shoemaker, bds 709 E Church

Lachey, Daniel, shoemaker, h 850 E Market
Laduew, James F., cooper, h 505 Sullivan

Laffan, Kate, hairdresser, 328 E Water, bds 314 do

Lafever, Elsie, widow Rueben, h 211 W Gray

Laffey, Charles, h 456 Oak

Laffin, Philip, teamster, bds 518 Madison av

LaFleur, Frank, shoemaker, bds 107 W 2d

LaFrance, Everett, clerk, bds 113 S 2d

LaFrance, Lemuel L., watchmaker, 335 E Water, h 115 Catharine

LaFRANCE MANUFACTURING COMPANY, George M. Diven, prest., Henry R. Micks, sec'y, steam fire engines and power pumps, E. R. R junction N. C. R. R.

LaFrance, Olen, carpenter, bds ft John

LaFrance, Peter A., painter, h 209 W Hudson

LaFrance, Truckson E., clerk, 218 E Water, bds 116 S 2s

LaFrance, Truckson S., sup't LaFrance Manufr Co., h 113 S 2d

LaFrance, Willis B., carpenter, h ft John

Laging, Henry, upholsterer, h 601 E Water

Laidlaw, John, alderman 5th ward, h 217 W Hudson

Laidlaw, John F., plumber, h 128 E Hudson

Laidlaw, William, machinist, bds 208 E Water

Laidlaw, William W., insurance, bds 217 W Hudson

Laing, Eugene L., painter, h 452 South av

Lakotsky, Martin, laborer, h 831 Canal

Lamb, Harvey, conductor, h 263 W Clinton

Lambert, Mary, widow Matthew, h Sullivan cor E Clinton

Lamoureux, Anna, widow James, h 156 W 3d

Lamparter, Charles, saloon, 603 Railroad av, h do

Lamphier, Ambrosia, tobacco cutter, bds Pattinson House

Lampkins, Harry W., telegrapher, Erie Depot, h 207 W Sixth

Landers, Garrett, tailor, h 256 W Hudson

Landers, Margaret, grocer, 256 W Hudson, h do

Landy, Charles A., machinist, h 102 E Henry

Landy, William, student, bds 102 E Henry

Lane, Betsy, widow Harvey, bds 1013 Oak

Lane, Fanny M., domestic, 218 Madison av

Lane, Hannah, widow Peter, h 658 Baldwin

Lane, James B., supt Park Church, h do

Lane, Katie, domestic, 306 W Gray

Lane, Melville H., driver, h 521 Harper

Lane, Thomas, coachman, h 802 W Gray

Lane, Thomas, shoemaker, bds 850 E Market

Lane, William L., cook, 608 1/2 Baldwin

LANEY, SAMUEL H., tin, glass, earthen and woodenware, stoves, paper and paper stock dealer, 151 and 657 Baldwin, h 523 E Union

Lang, Ann E., widow John, h 375 W 1st

Lang, Kitty D. Mrs., h 608 Walnut

Langdon, Charles J. (J. Langdon & Co.), also prest McIntyre Coal Co., 110 Baldwin, h 303 N Main

LANGDON, J. & CO. (Charles J. Langdon, John D.F. Slee and Theodore W. Crane), miners and shippers of Anthracite Coal, 110 Baldwin

Langdon, Joseph, laborer, h 411 Elm

Langdon, Olivia, widow Jarvis, h 303 N Main

Langford, James, builder, 472 E Water, h 358 W Water

Langford, Sarah, widow Prentice, h 358 W Water

Langley, Araunah S., laborer, bds 814 W Church

Langley, Thomas E., shoemaker, h 814 W Church

Langstine, Charles, laborer, bds 213 Gregg

Langstine, Jacob C., iron inspector, h 213 Gregg

LA PIERRE L.H., manager Park Hotel, College av cor Reformatory

La Porte, John M., brakeman, bds 508 College av

Lappe, Charles G., bookkeeper, h 456 Oak

Lariew, Almeron, painter, h 811 E Church

Lariew, Alson, painter, 1024 Lake, h do

Lariew, Charles A., painter, bds 811 E Church

Lariew, John R., milkman, h 1020 Lake

Lariew, Porter, painter, h 375 Centre

Larison, Charles, tinner, bds Pattinson House

Larkin, Bridget, widow John, h Spring n John

LARKIN, JOHN E. (F.A. & W.H. Stowell & Co.), also photographer, 317 E Water, h 319 William

Lasher, Alonzo, shoemaker, h Lewis n W South av

Latimer, James, laborer, h 511 Sullivan

Latimer, Lizzie, domestic, 700 E Church

Latterman, William, cigar manufr, 171 Railroad av, h 420 W Third

Laury, Sarah, domestic, 109 Madison av

Lavin, John, laborer, h 525 Harper

Lawes, George W., carpenter, h 214 Park

Lawes, John, blacksmith, h 1126 Elm

Lawes, Louis, marble cutter, bds 363 W 5th

Lawler, Thomas H., salesman, h 422 W 2d

Lawrence, Ann, widow Aaron, h 217 W 3d

Lawrence, Henrietta, tailoress, bds 217 W 3d

Lawrence, Nelson J., carpenter, h 623 W Gray

Lawrence, Robert F., painter, bds 217 W 3d

LAWRENCE, THOMAS, confectionery, 138 W Water, h do

Lawrence, Warren, foreman, Railroad av cor E 2d, h 308 S Main

Lawrence, William D., clerk, 150 Baldwin, h 613 E 2d

Laws, Benjamin, teamster, h r 104 Partridge

Lawton, William H., machinist, h 107 E Church

Lawyer, David H., guard Reformatory, h Reformatory av n Davis

Layden, Maggie, domestic, 711 College av

Lazarus, Abraham, peddler, h 506 DeWitt

Leach, George, bds 215 High

Leach, Maggie, domestic, 322 Baldwin

Leach, Richard, peddler, h 215 High

Leach, Robert, bds 215 High

Leary, Arthur, grocer, 56 Pennsylvania av, h do

Leary, Bartholomew, cigarmaker, h 850 John

Leary, Bridget, domestic, 721 Columbia

Leary, Conrad, laborer, h Dickinson n Hathaway

Leary, Cornelius S., carpenter, h 553 E 3d

Leary, Daniel, shoemaker, h 367 Railroad av

Leary, Dennis, laborer, h 102 S Chestnut

Leary, Dennis, laborer, bds 204 Fulton

Leary, Eliza, domestic, Lake cor Division

Leary, Elizabeth, domestic, 305 William

Leary, Fenton, laborer, h 103 S Walnut

Leary, Johanna, domestic, 304 Pennsylvania av

Leary, John, stone quarries, h 616 E 3d

Leary, Margaret, domestic, 218 W Henry

Leary, Mary, domestic, 1004 Lake

Leary, Patrick, laborer, h r 360 W 5th

Leary, Timothy, wiper, h Giltinan n N. C. R. R. shops

Leavenworth, Sarah, widow Russell, bds 605 Magee

Leavitt, Charles, clerk 114 W Water, bds 112 William

Leavitt, John H., supt., 214 William

Leavitt, Milton T., engineer, h 353 Columbia

Lee, Alonzo, wool broker, 102 Lake, h 506 William

Lee, Arianna, domestic, 207 W Gray

Lee, Charles H., clerk 301 E Water, bds 506 William

Lee, Charles M., cement pipe manufr., Washington av cor Canal, h 900 Oak

Lee, James S., laborer, h 722 Columbia

Lee, John, machinist, bds 101 Park

Lee, Kate, saleslady, 325 E Water, bds 101 Park

Lee, Mary A., domestic, 214 W Henry

Lee, Mary E., domestic, 358 N Main

LEE, MORTIMER M., grocer, 100 Lake, h 621 W Water

LEE, PATRICK J., groceries and provisions, wines and liquors, also alderman 2d ward, 701 Railroad av, 101 Park

Lee, Sarah J., widow William P., h 654 E Clinton

Lee, William H., clerk 701 Railroad av, bds 101 Park

Lefevre, Andrew I., sewing machines, h 361 Norton

Lefever, Epenetus T., lumber dealer, h 361 Norton

LaGrange, Jennie M., h 507 E Church

Lehigh Valley R. R. freight depot, E 5th bet Erie R. R. and Baldwin

Lehle, Philip, basketmaker, h 223 W Water

Lehman, John, driver, bds 524 Lake

Lehnleitner, Marcus, foreman 857 East av, h 663 Lake

Lehr, James, brakeman, bds 508 College av

Leidy, William C., brakeman, bds 220 Mt. Zoar

Lejuski, Julius, mason, h 713 Dickinson

Lemunyan, Arthur M., teamster, bds 1306 Pratt

Lemunyan, Charles F., stonecutter, bds 1306 Pratt

Lemunyan, Henry J., painter, bds 1306 Pratt

Lemunyan, Philip, teamster, h 1306 Pratt

Lenhart, Ann Mrs., saloon, 325 Railroad av, h do

Lennon, Bernard, blacksmith, h S Main beyond city limits

Lennon, Harry, blacksmith, bds 511 Pennsylvania av

Lennon, James, foreman N. C. R. R. shops, h 511 Pennsylvania av

Lennon, James, jr., machinist, bds 511 Pennsylvania av

Lennox, James, laborer, h 663 Lake

Lennox, John T., laborer, bds 663 Lake

Leonard, Addie, dressmaker, bds 307 W 4th

LEONARD, EDWARD D., physician and surgeon, 433 E Water, bds do

Leonard, George C., confectionery, 115 Baldwin, h 212 Gregg

Leonard, James, mason, h 652 E Clinton

Leonard, John K., patents, h 328 S Broadway

LeValley, Fred, plumber, bds 412 W 2d

LeValley, Nathaniel L., cartman, h 412 W 2d

Leven, Simon, shoemaker, h 357 Railroad av

Leven, Minnie, widow Abraham, bds 367 Railroad av

Lever, Simeon, boilermaker, h 456 Franklin

Levi, Isaac, peddler, h 211 Gregg

Levi, Isaac, peddler, h 115 Harriet

Levi, Israel, peddler, h 211 Gregg

Levi, Leah, bds 211 Gregg

Levi, Marks, peddler, bds 211 Gregg

Levi, Moses, peddler, bds 211 Gregg

Levine, Huldah, domestic, 463 E Water

Levison, Jacob, peddler, h 659 E Water

Levison, Sarah, bds 659 E Water

Levitt, Charles, clerk, bds 218 E Water

Levy, Alexander, cigarmaker, bds 106 Pennsylvania av

Levy, Hannah, widow Maurice, h 106 Pennsylvania av

Levy, John, clerk, 114 Lake, bds 106 Pennsylvania av

Levy, Joseph, tobacconist and billiards, 111 Lake, h 205 DeWitt

Lewis, Albert E., brakeman, bds 508 College av

Lewis, Alfred, teamster, bds DeWitt cor John

Lewis, Alfred M., finisher, h 501 Davis

Lewis, Annie, domestic, 125 E S Water

Lewis, Arnold, grocer, 365 Davis, h do

Lewis, Edwin P., flour and feed, 159 Railroad av, h 105 W Gray

Lewis, Ella, dressmaker, bds 413 Standish

Lewis, Emil, baker, h r 555 E 3d

Lewis, Eugene D., finisher, h 701 Josephine

Lewis, Evan J., mason, h 504 Elizabeth

Lewis, Horace, conductor, h 611 S Main

Lewis, John, puddler, h 713 Walnut

Lewis, Joseph, clerk, 221 S Main, h do

Lewis, Lorenzo D., carpenter, h 509 W 3d

Lewis, Mary, widow John, h 454 W 1st

Lewis, Millie, widow Thomas, h 146 W Water

Lewis, Nelson, laborer, h DeWitt cor John

Lewis, Obadiah, clerk, h 652 Oak

Lewis, Richard, boilermaker, h 430 Pleasant

Leyden, Michael, laborer, h 807 Magee

Leydon, Sarah, domestic, 902 Lake

Libolt, Abraham M., carpenter, h 855 E Market

Liddell, Robert D., engineer, h W South av cor Casey

Liddy, Andrew, helper, bds Washington av cor Dickinson

Liddy, Jeremiah, shoemanufr, 113 S Main, h 521 Pennsylvania av

Liddy, Michael, grocer, 217 Fulton, h 215 do

Liddy, Michael, puddler, bds Washington av cor Dickinson

Liddy, Patrick, laborer, h E Washington av cor Dickinson

Liddy, Timothy, bds 521 Pennsylvania av

Liesler, Amelia Mrs., h 708 E Oak

Liesner, Amelia, domestic, 117 Sullivan

Lillis, Maggie, domestic, 701 College av

Lincoln, Allen B, farmer, 509 E Market

Lincoln, Josie, music teacher, bds 509 E Market

Lincoln, Nellie, widow Robert, milliner, h 112 W Water

Lincoln, William A., salesman, 134 W Water, bds 509 Market

Linderman, Ira M., carriage manufr, 153 Fox and 435 Carroll, h 151 Fox

Linderman, Ira M., carriage maker, h 153 Fox

Linderman, Ida, milliner, bds 153 Fox

Linderman, William T., blacksmith, bds 153 Fox