Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1878 / 79
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Linderman, William T., carriage maker, h 761 E Market

Lindsey, Ebenezer S., grocer, 200 E 5th, h do

Lindsey, Jennie, widow Joseph, dressmaker, h 423 N Main

Lines, Edwin B. (Lines & Son), h 464 W Gray

Lines, S.V. (Lines & Son), h at Canandaigua

LINES, S.V. & SON (S.V. and Edwin B.), boots and shoes, 137 E Water

Linneen, Ellen, widow Peter, h 439 W 4th

Linneen, Patrick, mason, h 439 W 4th

Lingle, Joseph, machinist, bds 518 Pennsylvania av

Lippee, Charles, shoemaker, h 114 E 2d

Litch, Benjamin (Pfohl & Litch), h 414 E Water

Little, Levi, bds Farmers' Home

Little, Wilson G., painter, h 403 Railroad av

Litts, Deforest, tinner, bds Pattinson House

Livingstone, Theola, shoemaker, h 509 Magee

Lloyd, Reese, roller, h 860 Magee

Lobdell, Elizabeth, widow Isaac, bds 313 Orchard

Lobdell, Philip F., butcher, h 313 Orchard

Locke, Emily, widow Hiram B., h 453 Maple av

Locke, Hiram B., bds 106 W 2d

Lockwood, Emmett, alderman 7th Ward, 411 Standish, h do

Lockwood, Frank, vestmaker, h 115 Lake

Lockwood, George, tinner, h 146 W Water

Lockwood, George E., h 112 Sullivan

Lockwood, Gideon, drayman, h 156 Washington

Lockwood, John, carpenter, h 611 William

Lockwood, Matthew, janitor, bds 611 William

Lodine, George, teamster, h 712 E Oak

Loewenthal, David E., professor languages, bds 211 Pennsylvania av

Loffler, Joseph, furniture, E Water, h 504 E Water

Loggie, Albert G., salesman, 132 W Water, bds 505 Park Place

Loggie, Albert J., clerk, bds 505 Park Place

Loggie, John H., engineer, h 505 Park Place

Loggie, Russell, machinist, h 607 Magee

Lohman, Benjamin, laborer, bds 624 Baldwin

Lohman, Harrison, watchman, h 624 Baldwin

Lohman, William, laborer, bds 624 Baldwin

Lombard, Eliza, domestic, 901 East av

Lombard, George, artist, bds Bowman House

Lombard, Rosa, widow Silsby, h 313 Columbia

Londergan, Daniel, laborer, h 615 W Water

Londergan, Garrett, saloon, 963 N Main, h do

Londergan, John, laborer, h 209 Park

Londergan, John, jr., h 217 Park

Londergan, Margaret, widow Darby, h 963 N Main

Lonergan, Ellen, domestic, 500 Lake

Lonergan, Mary, domestic, 521 W Water

Lonergan, Patrick, helper, h 456 W 2d

Loney, Annie, domestic, 317 Madison av

Loney, Annie, domestic, 607 W Church

Loney, Michael, laborer, 519 Mt. Zoar

Loney, Thomas, laborer, bds 519 Mt. Zoar

Long, Mary, widow Patrick, h 527 Harper

Long, Mary A., widow Richard, bds 108 Orchard

Long, Mary Mrs., domestic, 403 William

Long, Nancy K., widow Daniel, h 708 Oak

Long, Walter, quarryman, h 901 E Church

Longcoy, Enos, salesman, 313 W 5th

Longshore, William, shoemaker, bds 108 Spring

Look, Charles T., salesman 102 W Water, bds Hathaway House

Loomes, Edward, veterinary surgeon, 413 E Market, h 415 do

Loomis, B., widow Charles, h 601 S Main

Loomis, Cynthia D. Mrs., h 357 Walnut

Loomis, Eliza A., widow Seth, h 1018 Lake

Loomis, William C., salesman, 119 E Water, bds 417 E Market

Looney, Mary, widow John, bds 410 S Magee

Loonie, Annie Mrs., h 717 Columbia

Loonie, Jeremiah, mason, h 923 Lake

Loop, George, moulder, h 318 High

Loop, Hannah Mrs., h 203 Sullivan

Loop, Horace H., slater, bds 152 Fox

Loop, Jesse J., bds 203 Sullivan

Loop, John B., laborer, h 152 Fox

Loop, William A., laborer, h 358 Hoffman

Lord, Asa P., tinsmith, h 401 W Clinton

Lord, Willard J., engineer, h 504 N Main

Lorden, Michael, gardener, h 105 S Chestnut

Lore, Alexander, engineer, bds 318 High

Loring, Fanny T., widow James H., h 310 W Water

LORMORE BROTHERS (William J.), wholesale grocers, 308 and 310 Carroll

Lormore, Emily, widow Thomas J., h 510 W Church

Lormore, William J. (Lormore Bros.), h 456 Sullivan

Losch, Peter, mason, h Coburn n Pine

Losey, Amos, h 715 John

Losey, Rutherford M., traveling agent, h 302 W Clinton

LOSIE, J.M. & CO. (John M. Losie and George V.R. Merrill), real estate and insurance, 111 Lake

Losie, Jane, widow Abraham, h 310 Grove

Losie, John M. (J.M. Losie & Co.), h n Horseheads

LOSIE, THOMAS M., furnaces, &c., iron, tinware and slate, 157 Baldwin, h 319 Orchard

Lougher, William, roller, bds 107 E Washington av

Loughhead, James, bds 123 W Henry

Loughhead, John A., moulder, h 123 W Henry

Loughhead, Samuel H., bds 123 W Henry

Loughhead, William H., moulder, h 105 W Hudson

Loughhead, William H., jr., student, bds 195 W Hudson

Lounsberry, Andrew G., augermaker, h 207 DeWitt

Lounsberry, Norman, shoemaker, h 125 W Water

Loushay, Henry, fireman, h E South av bel E. R. R.

Love, Charles E., clerk, S Broadway cor Balsam, bds 162 Orchard

Love, James, laborer, 561 Coburn

Love, John, moulder, h 164 Orchard

Lovejoy, Robert H., h 628 W Church

Lovell, Amos B., janitor, h 410 Elm

Lovell, Byron, h 307 E Clinton

Lovell, Clara E., teacher, bds 410 Elm

Lovell, Eugene, driver, h 420 E Washington av

Lovell, Harrison T., engineer, h 308 E Clinton

Lovell, Ida, domestic, 119 E Henry

LOWE, URIAH S., lawyer, 300 E Water, bds Rathbun House

Lowman, Jacob (John Brand & Co.), h at Lowmanville

Lowman, Lyman L., teamster, h 611 Pennsylvania av

Lown, William, shoemaker, 110 S Main, h 112 do

Lowrey, Margaret, widow James, h 362 E 5th

Lowry, Mary, domestic, 302 William

Lucas, Richmond J., carpenter, h 416 Herrick

Luce, Hervey, bds 122 W Market

Luce, James R., bds 202 E Gray

Luce, Joseph D., machinist, h 752 Jay

Luce, Stephen S., bds 202 E Gray

LUCE, NILES D., photographer, 137 E Water, h do

Lucho, Mary, saleslady, 326 E Water, bds 713 Dickinson

Lucy, Celia, domestic, 861 East av

Lucy, Daniel J., mason, h 813 John

Lucy, John, machinist, bds 813 John

Lucy, Mary, domestic, 654 N Main

Lucy, Mary A., domestic, 317 DeWitt

Luffler, Joseph (E. Shidlen & Co.), h 504 E Water

Lumazette, Frank, shoemaker, bds 114 W Church

Lumbard, Azro C., printer Advertiser, h 551 John

Lumbard, James M., printer, h 1008 Walnut

Lumbard, Oril E., milliner, bds 551 John

Lunn, Caroline, bds 355 W Gray

Lupto, Henry, carpenter, h 447 W 5th

Luqueer, M.P.H., widow John, bds 320 Lake

Lurkins, Robert, express, bds 104 E Hudson

Luschko, Julia, domestic, 758 E Church

Lutes, Addie L., bds 631 W Water

Lutes, Ralsey, shoemaker, h 631 W Water

Lux, George F., tailor, h 757 E Water

Lybolt, Henry, carpenter, h 357 W 4th

Lydden, Sarah, domestic, 315 Baldwin

Lyddon, Mary, domestic, 308 William

Lyddon, Naomi, domestic, 315 Baldwin

Lyddon, Robert, puddler, h 909 Stowell

Lydon, Margaret, widow Daniel, h 752 E Water

Lynch, Daniel, laborer, bds O'Gorman n N. C. R. R.

Lynch, Daniel B., carpenter, h 301 Franklin

Lynch, Daniel J., student, bds Susquehanna Hotel

Lynch, Dennis, laborer, h McDonald n Washington av

Lynch, Edward, undertaker, bds 608 John

Lynch, Edward A., brakeman, h Pennsylvania av n W South av

Lynch, Johanna, widow Michael, h 214 W Water

Lynch, John, laborer, h 812 Magee

Lynch, John, undertaker, 422 Carroll, h 608 John

Lynch, John M., Troy House, 419 Railroad av

Lynch, Kate, domestic, 363 Fulton

Lynch, Lizzie, domestic Elmira House

Lynch, Martin, groceries, 712 Davis, h do

Lynch, Martin, laborer, h O'Gorman n N. C. R. R.

Lynch, Martin F., cigarmaker, h 809 John

Lynch, Mary, cook Arbor Hotel

Lynch, Mary, domestic, 509 E Water

Lynch, Mary, domestic, 463 W Gray

Lynch, Michael, stitcher, bds O'Gorman n N. C. R. R.

Lynch, Michael, watchman, h E South av ab Maple av

Lynch, Patrick P., laborer, h 363 Railroad av

Lynch, Patrick, laborer, h 803 Railroad av

Lynch, Patrick, helper, h 406 W 6th

Lynch, Pierce J., civil engineer, 615 Magee, h do

Lynch, Robert, veterinary surgeon, 456 E Water, h do

Lynch, Sarah E., saleslady, 327 E Water, bds 608 John

Lynch, Thomas, mason, h 808 John

Lynch, Timothy, cartman, h 364 W 3d

Lynes, Wilbur C., clerk, 340 E Water, bds 322 Baldwin

Lyon, Bradley C., carpenter, h 1215 Benton

Lyon, Charles B., carpenter, bds 1215 Benton

Lyon, Charles E., gardener, bds S Broadway n city limits

Lyon, Ella, domestic, 451 W 1st

Lyon, Joseph C., gardener, h S Broadway n city limits

Lyon, Mary A., domestic, 111 Pennsylvania av

Lyon, Silas, gardener, bds South av n Perine

Lyon, William, painter, bds 1215 Benton

Lyons, Abigail N., widow Joseph, h 514 W Gray

Lyons, Ella, domestic, 117 College av

Lyons, Jesse, carpenter, h 919 Stowell

Lyons, John, laborer, h 5 Erie

Lynch, John M., hotel 419 Railroad av


Maccallum, Erway, shoemaker, bds 512 W 2d

Maccallum, George W., carpenter, bds 512 W 2d

Maccallum, Thomas, carpenter, h 512 W 2d

MacGowan, Horace T., carpenter, h 210 Partridge

Mack, Anna, widow Frank, h E. R. R. ab Junction

Mack, Annie, broommaker, bds 706 Baldwin

Mack, Catharine, widow James, h S Main n city limits

Mack, Daniel, Mack House, 723 Giltinan

Mack, James, laborer, bds 713 Canal

Mack, James, shoemaker, h 724 W 1st

Mack, James, jr., shoemaker, bds 724 W 1st

Mack, Jennie, domestic, 202 W Washington av

Mack, John, laborer, h S Main bel N. C. R. R.

Mack, Kate, dressmaker, bds S Main n city limits

Mack, Margaret, widow Patrick, bds Mack House

Mack, Martin, laborer, bds 713 Canal

Mack, Mary, domestic, 374 W Church

Mack, Mary, dressmaker, bds 706 Baldwin

Mack, Michael, laborer, h 108 W Henry

Mack, Peter, laborer, h 427 Standish

Mack, Robert, actor, h 660 Dickinson

Mack, Thomas, brakeman, bds Mack House

Mack, Thomas, mason, h 706 Baldwin

Mack, Timothy, brakeman, bds Mack House

Mackesy, Kate, widow William, h 461 Mt. Zoar

Mackesy, Patrick, shoemaker, bds 203 Railroad av

Mackey, Daniel M., janitor, h r court house

MacNier, Andrew E., artist, h 200 Harmon

MacNier, Raphael G., painter, bds 200 Harmon

Macomber, Patience, tailoress, bds 1012 Oak

Madden, Annie, cook Delavan House

Madden, Ellen, domestic, 246 Lake

Madden, Libbie, domestic Rathbun House

Madden, Michael, plumber, h 752 John

Madden, Thomas, shoemaker, h 302 Fulton

Maddock, Elizabeth B., widow John, bds 105 S Walnut

Maddock, George C., blacksmith, bds 105 S Walnut

Madigan, Kate, domestic, 505 William

Madigan, Mary, washerwoman, h 907 Railroad av

Madigan, Mary, widow Michael, h 907 Railroad av

Magill, Susan A., widow John, h 514 High

Magowen, Horatio W., tinsmith, h 104 Sullivan

Magson, Benjamin F., marble polisher, h 105 S Walnut

Mahany, Patrick, laborer, h Jones bel Robinson

Maher, James, shoemaker, h E South av n E. R. R.

Maher, John, h 1104 Lake

Maher, John, shoemaker, h 122 Sullivan

Maher, Martin, brakeman, bds 205 W 3d

Mahoney, Ann, widow Thomas, h 315 W 5th

Mahoney, Ellen, saleslady, 139 E Water, bds 315 W 5th

Mahoney, James, boilermaker, bds Elmira House

Mahoney, John, rougher, h 209 Broadway

Mahoney, Matthew, hostler, 218 W 1st

Mahoney, Patrick, salesman, E Water, bds Elmira House

Mahoney, William, laborer, h 101 Railroad av

Mahony, Ellen, widow John, bds 853 Lake

Mahony, Michael, mason, bds 208 S Walnut

Mahony, Patrick, laborer, h 208 S Walnut

Mahony, Patrick, salesman, 133 E Water, bds Elmira House

Mailey, Patrick, machinist, h Giltinan bel W South av

Main, Catharine, widow Samuel, h 818 W Church

Main, Charles, building mover, h 161 Washington

Maine, Minnie, domestic, 260 W S Water

Mainey, Maggie, domestic, 862 N Main

Makimson, Sara E., seamstress, bds 310 Washington

Malone, John, laborer, h 712 Dickinson

Malone, John, carpenter, h 839 Canal

Malone, Michael, salesman, 105 E Water, bds 518 1st

Malone, Nellie, domestic, 304 N Main

Malone, Patrick, laborer, h 708 Benjamin

Maloney, Ann, saleslady, 132 W Water, bds W 4th cor Walnut

Maloney, Dennis, machinist, h 385 Pennsylvania av

Maloney, Horah, widow James, bds S Main bel E South av

Maloney, James, switchman, h S Main bel E South av

Maloney, John, expressman, h 154 DeWitt

Maloney, John, laborer, h 408 Madison av

Maloney, John, laborer, h 459 Oak

Maloney, John, stonecutter, bds 441 W 4th

Maloney, Thomas, clerk, 340 E Water, h 406 Madison av

Maloney, Thomas, laborer, h 441 W 4th

Maloney, William A., clerk, 340 E Water, bds 406 Madison av

Maloney, Winifred, dressmaker, bds 459 Oak

Malony, John, coachman, 235 Lake

Malony, Margaret, widow Timothy, h 760 E Market

Malony, Mary, widow Peter, h 805 Magee

Malony, Michael, laborer, h 212 Park

Malony, Patrick, polisher, h 857 Railroad av

Malory, Russell, candy dealer, h 313 W 4th

Maloy, Annie, domestic Rathbun House

Manchester, Matthew, basketmaker, bds 703 E 5th

Mander, Adam, brewery, E Church cor Tuttle av, h 1023 E Church

Mander, George, brewer, bds 1023 E Church

Mander, Henry, brewer, bds 1023 E Church

Mander, Jacob, brewer, bds 1023 E Church

Mandeville, Horace, teamster, bds 315 E Washington av

Mandeville, James, laborer, h 315 E Washington av

Mandeville, John, laborer, bds 315 E Washington av

Mandeville, Ke, bds 315 Washington av

Maneer, George, laborer, h 413 Powell

Maney, Ellen, widow Andrew, h 6th n Railroad av

Mangan, Daniel, laborer, bds 406 S Magee

Mangan, Morris, laborer, h 409 W 3d

Mann, George, hostler, 313 Columbia

Mann, James, student, bds 105 E 1st

Mann, John, hostler, Chemung county jail

Mann, Michael, laborer, h 105 E 1st

Manning, Hanna Mrs., h 100 Lake

Manning, Theron E. (Turner & Manning), h United States Hotel

Manns, Phebe, widow Hiram G., h 718 Day

Mansion House, J.T. Winslow, 400 Railroad av

Mantel, Paul, laborer, h 100 Park

Mantle, Maggie, domestic, 258 Baldwin

Manwaring, Sidney A. (Holmes & Manwaring), h 1013 Lincoln

Mapes, Elizabeth, widow Henry, bds 112 E S Water

Marden, George R., bonnet bleacher, h 220 W Gray

Maricle, Simeon F., stonecutter, h 1216 Baldwin

Marinan, Mary, domestic, 118 E S Water

Marion, Charles T., painter, bds 663 Magee

Marion, Frank, machinist, bds 663 Magee

Marion, William A., baggagemaster, h 663 Magee

Market Hotel, William Guthrie, 313 E Market

Markham, Dennis, laborer, h 339 W 7th

Markham, John, hostler, 703 Park Place

Markham, John, laborer, h 727 Lake

Marks, Bernard, peddler, bds 111 Washington

Marks, Isaac, peddler, bds 506 John

Marks, Joseph, peddler, bds 111 Washington

Marks, Levi, peddler, bds 111 Washington

Marks, Louisa, widow Samuel H., h 211 W 1st

Marks, Solomon, peddler, h 706 John

Maroney, Ellen, domestic Elmira Female College

Maroney, Hannah, domestic Elmira Female College

Maroney, Mary, widow Michael, h 709 McDonald

Marple, Isabelle, dressmaker, 117 E Water, h do

Marple, Samuel W., physician, h 117 E Water

Marsh, Aaron F., h 321 W 1st

Marsh, Frank G., machinist, h 446 W Clinton

Marsh, Frank S. (Mosher, Peters & Marsh), h 359 Davis Place

Marsh, Frederick, student, bds 364 W 5th

Marsh, Jacob, fireman, bds 411 Railroad av

Marsh, Michael H., painter, h 364 W 5th

MARSH, WASHINGTON, house and sign painter, 209 W Water, h 209 W S Water

Marsh, Willis J., student, bds 364 W 5th

Marshall, Frank P., foreman, Tuttle av n Water, h Water cor Sullivan

Marshall, Patrick, laborer, h 709 Davis

Marshall, Peter T., law student, 4 and 5 Opera Block, Lake, bds at Horseheads

Martin, Amelia, widow Josiah, h 1106 Lake

Martin, Charles H., carriage painter, bds 623 Lake

Martin, Charles W., carpenter, h 955 N Main

Martin, George W., engineer, h 659 Lake

Martin, John C., keeper Reformatory, bds do

Martin, Mary, domestic Delavan House

Martin, Samuel L., butcher, 623 Lake, h do

Marvin, Edward, salesman, 203 E 2d, h 409 DeWitt

Marvin, Lile E. Mrs., dressmaker, bds 504 Columbia

Mason, E. Mrs., bds 114 Columbia

Mason, James A., painter, bds 532 Pennsylvania av

Mason, Marcus L., conductor, h 319 W 6th

Mason, Sarah, domestic, 501 William


Masters, Julius, engineer, bds Mansion House

Masterson, Eliza, dressmaker, bds 123 Harriet

Masterson, Henry, car repairer, h 426 W Clinton

Masterson, James, shoemaker, h 123 Harriet

Masterson, John, shoemaker, bds 123 Harriet

Masterson, Joseph, shoemaker, bds 138 Harriet

Masterson, Oscar H., painter, h West Hill n Hoffman

Masterson, William, shoemaker, bds 123 Harriet

Mastin, W. Frank, law clerk, 201 E Water, bds 462 E Church

Mathews, Fletcher, watches, 914 College av, h do

Mathews, Fletcher H., clerk, h 914 College av

Mathews, John, blacksmith, 241 W Water, h 316 Railroad av

Matters, Simon W., blacksmith, h 206 Mt. Zoar

Matthew, Theresa, domestic, 524 Lake

Matthews, Fred, waiter Arbor Hotel, bds 652 Dickinson

Matthew, George, laborer, 652 Dickinson

Matthews, Joshua, laborer, bds 652 Dickinson

Matthewson, Lizzie, domestic, 114 W S Water

Maxfield, Sarah Mrs., bds Division ab Lake

Maxwell, Catharine Mrs., h 502 W Clinton

Maxwell, Catharine, widow William, h 156 DeWitt

Maxwell, Irene, widow Hector I., h 502 W Water

Maxwell, John C., tallyman Erie R. R. freight depot, h 406 Washington av

Maxwell, Sarah A., widow Thomas, h 129 E S Water

Maxwell, Spaulding, carpenter, h 206 College av

Maxwell, William, lecturer, h 209 E Gray

Maxwell, William M., painter, bds 203 Railroad av

May, Gilbert H., printer Advertiser, bds 115 Monroe av

May, Matthew, physician, bds 417 Columbia

Maycumber, Adelbert B., laborer, bds 653 Lake

Maycumber, Barney, larborer, h 653 Lake

Maycumber, Helen Mrs., h 417 N Main

Maycumber, John H., laborer, bds 653 Lake

Mayette, John, slater, bds 808 Hatch

Maynard, Frank H., engineer, h 712 Columbia

Maynard, Thomas A., foreman, 224 W Water, h do

Maynard, William H., clerk Frasier House, bds do

Mayo, William H., engineer, h 520 Jefferson

McAllester, Allen (A.S. Turner, Son & Co.), h bds 501 Baldwin

McAllister, Mary, widow Edward, h 121 W Water

McAlpin, William D., clerk Frasier House, 308 Columbia

McArdle, Norah, widow Patrick, h 110 Orchard

McBride, John, tollgate keeper, Pennsylvania av, h do

McBride, Kate, laundry, 108 E Water, bds 313 North

McBride, William, laborer, bds Pennsylvania av at tollgate

McBurney, Alice, h 225 William

McBurney, Carrie, h 225 William

McCaffery, Fannie, dressmaker, bds 358 S Main

McCaffery, Peter, shoemaker, h 358 S Main

McCafferey, Susie, domestic, 116 W 1st

McCaffrey, Ellen, domestic, 318 William

McCaffrey, John, cigarmaker, h 502 E Clinton

McCaffrey, Maggie, domestic, 807 Lake

McCaffrey, Mary Mrs., h 705 Lake

McCaffrey, Sarah, shoepaster, bds 705 Lake

McCaffrey, Susan, bds 705 Lake

McCaffrey, William, clerk, 314 E Water, bds 705 Lake

McCaliget, Edward, laborer, h 715 Davis

McCall, Edgar R., medical student, bds 258 Baldwin

McCann, Ann, widow Owen, h S Main n city limits

McCann, George S., farmer, h Davis ab Reformatory av

McCann, James, carpenter, h 953 Sullivan

McCann, James, farmer, h Davis ab Reformatory av

McCann, Joseph, carpenter, bds 953 Sullivan

McCann, Joseph P., traveling agent, h 361 W 5th

McCann, Kate, domestic Rathbun House

McCann, Patrick, laborer, h 327 Webber Place

McCann, Terrence, fireman, h Factory n the canal

McCann, William, overseer, h 516 DeWitt

McCanna, Ella, domestic, 754 Park Place

McCanna, James, shoemaker, h 561 E 3d

McCanna, James, jr., shoemaker, bds 561 E 3d

McCarrick, Frank, conductor, h 548 S Main

McCarthy, Annie, domestic, 417 E Market

McCarthy, Bridget, widow Daniel, h 860 Magee

McCarthy, Charles H., shoemaker, bds 410 Walnut

McCarthy, Daniel, cigarmaker, h 200 S Walnut

McCarthy, Daniel, tinsmith, bds 224 S Chestnut

McCARTHY, DENNIS, boot and shoemaker, 410 DeWitt

McCarthy, Eugene, tailor, bds S Walnut n South

McCarthy, Felix, laborer, h 410 Walnut

McCarthy, Jeremiah, laborer, h 204 Fulton

McCarthy, John, bricklayer, h 100 Park

McCarthy, John, laborer, h 224 S Chestnut

McCarthy, John, merchant tailor, 144 E Water, h 215 Walnut

McCarthy, John, shoemaker, h W Hudson cor Harmon

McCarthy, John, jr., tailor, bds S Walnut n South

McCarthy, Kate, domestic, 206 W Washington av

McCarthy, Mary, domestic Frasier House

McCarthy, Mary, domestic, 210 W 1st

McCarthy, Mary, domestic, 528 W Water

McCarthy, Matthew, painter, bds 410 DeWitt

McCarthy, Michael, laborer, bds 224 S Chestnut

McCarthy, Nellie, domestic, 500 Lake

McCarthy, Nora, dressmaker, bds 213 Railroad av

McCarthy, Patrick, laborer, h 402 S Magee

McCarthy, Patrick, moulder, h 213 Railroad av

McCarthy, Patrick K., policeman, h 504 College av

McCarthy, Peter, groom, h 413 E Market

McCarthy, Stephen, shoemaker, bds 410 Walnut

McCarthy, Thomas, laborer, bds 204 Fulton

McCartney, Kittie, domestic, 415 Lake

McCarty, Bridget Mrs., hotel, Lewis cor W South av

McCarty, Dennis, laborer, h 756 E Market

McCarty, Donald J., cigarmaker, h 710 John

McCarty, James, laborer, bds 756 E Market

McCarty, James, laborer, h 157 E Washington av

McCarty, John, laborer, h 159 E Washington av

McCarty, John, laborer, h 222 Sullivan

McCarty, Kate, domestic, 414 Lake

McCarty, Kate L., milliner, bds South av cor Lewis

McCarty, Maggie, dressmaker, bds 515 Dewitt

McCarty, Mary, domestic, 753 E Church

McCarty, Mary, saleslady, 106 W Water, bds 222 Sullivan

McCarty, Minnie, laundress, bds 515 DeWitt

McCarty, William, flagman, h 515 DeWitt

McCay, Katie V.D., bds 509 Lake

McClary, Timothy, laborer, h 223 W Water

McClelland, Frederick N., brakeman, h 426 Balsam

McClelland, Hyronimus, millwright, h 426 Balsam

McClelland, W. Penn, mason, h 219 W South av

McCloskey, Lucinda, widow Thomas, bds 260 Partridge

McClure, Carrie, tailoress, bds Lormore ab Maple av

McColl, Even, cabinetmaker, h 104 Fox

McConnell, Andrew J., car repairer, h 256 Partridge

McConnell, Ella, dressmaker, bds 1217 Benton

McConnell, George, wheelwright, bds 256 Partridge

McConnell, Henry E., coal, 1217 Benton, h do

McConnell, Patrick, laborer, h 309 Hathaway

McCoy, Lena, widow John, h 559 E 3d

McCracken, John, tailor, h 114 Orchard

McCRACKEN, JOHN R., gents' furnishing goods, 103 Baldwin, bds 114 Orchard

McCrea, Mary A., dressmaker, bds 415 Lake

McCrodden, James, laborer, h 220 Franklin

McCue, James, laborer, h 1008 Oak

McCuen, Margaret, widow John, h Baldwin n Thurston

McDonald, Daniel, cutter, 111 E Water, h 108 Lormore

McDonald, Ellie B., domestic, 652 E Market

McDonald, M., keeper Reformatory, bds do

McDonald, Robert, moulder, bds 611 Dickinson

McDONALD, STEPHEN, office 330 E Water, h 214 W 1st

McDonnell, Charles, laborer, h 801 Railroad av

McDonnell, James, baggage master, bds 508 College av

McDowell, Boyd, student, bds 408 W Water

McDowell, Clara, teacher, bds 214 Sullivan

McDowell, Clayton, carpenter, h 221 Park

McDowell, Fayette, painter, h 1002 Walnut

McDowell, Ferris W., planer, h 214 Sullivan

McDowell, Helen, teacher, bds 214 Sullivan

McDOWELL, JACOB L., insurance, 208 E Water, h 408 W Water

McDowell, James, carpenter, h 146 W Water

McDowell, Mary, dressmaker, 460 W 2d, h do

McDowell, Robert M., civil engineer, h 509 William

McDowell, Varnum, h 664 College av

McDuffee, Charles, painter, h 454 E Market

McElroy, James C., farmer, h Reformatory av bel College av

McElroy, John, lamplighter, bds Reformatory av n Davis

McElroy, William H., supt street lamps, h Reformatory av n Davis

McFarland, James, augermaker, h 511 W Clinton

McGarvey, Harry, cigarmaker, bds Pattinson House

McGary, Kate, domestic, 657 Park Place

McGibeny, Belle, student, bds 810 John

McGivney, Mary, domestic Frasier House

McGloin, James, stone paver, bds 505 Magee

McGlone, John, shoemaker, h 457 Sullivan

McGovern, James, laborer, h Maxwell av ab Washington av

McGovern, Lottie, teacher, bds 362 Columbia

McGovern, Michael, carpenter, h 362 Columbia

McGovern, Philip, laborer, bds Maxwell av ab Washington av

McGovern, William A., clerk, bds 362 Columbia

McGrath, Julia, domestic, 115 Washington

McGrath, Kate, domestic Rathbun House

McGrath, Michael H., architect, h 468 W Gray

McGrath, Patrick, teamster, h 554 John

McGraw, Dennis, carpenter, Jones' la n State, h 323 Webber Place

McGraw, Helen, dressmaker, bds 319 Carroll

McGraw, John, engineer, h 611 W Church

McGraw, Mary, domestic, 912 Lake

McGreevy, John, contractor, h 308 Orchard

McGreevy, Owen, h 654 E Market

McGuire, Jeremiah (McGuire & Faber), h 262 W 4th

McGUIRE & TABER (Jeremiah McGuire and Samuel Taber), lawyers, 335 E Water

McHenry, Abram, carpenter, h 506 Baldwin

McHugh, Ellen, domestic, 710 E Market

McInerney, Michael, laborer, h 335 W 7th

McInerney, Ellen, domestic, 235 Lake

McInerney, James, laborer, h 451 W 3d

McInerney, John, laborer, h 917 N Main

McInerney, John, laborer, h 326 W 7th

McInerney, Julia, widow James, h 918 Magee

McInerney, Margaret, domestic, 357 N Main

McInerney, Michael, saloon, E. R. R. cor E South av, h do

McInerney, Patrick, groceries and liquors, 422 W 5th, h do

McInerney, Thomas, hookerup, h 330 W 7th

McInerny, John, blacksmith, bds 117 Washington

McInerny, Kate, domestic, 211 Baldwin

McInerny, Martin, car repairer, h 317 W 4th

McInerny, Michael, flagman, h 112 W 5th

McInerny, Michael, blacksmith, 448 E Water, h 117 Washington

McInerny, Michael, jr., blacksmith, bds 117 Washington

McInerny, Susie, domestic, 211 Baldwin

McIntosh, Parker, engineer, h 451 Pennsylvania av

McINTYRE COAL CO., 110 Baldwin

McIntyre, Daniel H., meat market, 114 S Main, h do

McIntyre, Hamden, carpenter, h 515 Walnut

McIntyre, John, fireman, bds E South av n E. R. R.

McIntyre, Paul, laborer, h r 1311 Hall

McIntyre, Samuel W., painter, bds 112 E Water

McKay, Donald, machinist, h Fulton n Franklin

McKay, John C., engineer, h 513 Jefferson

McKay, Rosa, domestic, 2d Ward Hotel

McKee, Adelia, widow Thomas W., h Lake cor Norton

McKelvey, George, principal keeper Reformatory, h Davis n the Reformatory

McKenna, James S., bds Elmira House

McKevett, John, laborer, h 907 Magee

McKibben, Samuel, hostler Farmers' Home

McKibben, Samuel G., laborer, bds 217 Mt. Zoar

McKibbin, Harriet, widow George A., h 155 Madison av

McKILLOP, JOHN & CO., commercial agency, 338 E Water

McKinney, Angeline, widow Erastus, h 100 Lake

McKinney, Ann, stitcher, bds 100 Lake

McKinney, Hattie, domestic, 317 Carroll

McKinney, Jennie, domestic, 422 W Church

McKinney, Matthew J., carpenter, 206 Orchard, h do

McKinney, Michael, surveyor, bds Homestead Hotel

McKinney, Richard, carpenter, h 217 Judson

McKINNEY, W. ARTHUR, asst. city engineer, 9 Arnot Block E Water, bds 125 W Market

McKinstrey, Erastus F., blacksmith, h 1126 N Main

McKnight, Arthur, carpenter, h 520 W Clinton

McKnight, Dollie, domestic, 319 William

McKnight, Dollie Mrs., h 215 Sullivan

McKnight, George H.D.D. Rev., pastor Trinity Church, h 304 N Main

McKnight, Theodore M., clerk, 122 Lake, bds 304 N Main

McKnight, William P., lawstudent, 336 E Water, bds 304 N Main

McLain, Andrew, commission agent, h 1130 N Main

McLaughlin, Edgar, guard, h 361 Division

McLaughlin, Hiram P., express messenger, h 421 W Clinton

McLaughlin, Patrick, clerk, bds 171 Lake

McLaughlin, Patrick, laborer, h 104 Washington av

McLaughlin, Patrick, watchman Reformatory, h 315 W 5th

McLaughlin, Patrick C., salesman, 102 W Water, bds Hathaway House

McLaughlin, Silas H. (Teed & McLaughlin), h 402 W 2d

McLees, Jason, brakeman, bds 209 Fulton

McLees, Thomas J., conductor, h 209 Fulton

McMahan, Mary, widow John, h 527 Harper

McMahan, Michael, mason, bds 613 Lake

McMahan, Timothy, mason, h Junction cor E South av

McHahen, Hannah, domestic, 236 Lake

McMahon, Ann, domestic, 312 Columbia

McMahon, Anna, domestic, 112 W Church

McMahon, Anna, widow Thomas, h 334 W 7th

McMahon, Bridget, domestic, 357 College av

McMahon, Dennis, laborer, bds 812 Hatch

McMahon, James, hostler, h 520 W Water

McMahon, John, tinsmith, h 655 Magee

McMahon, John J., saloon, 431 W 4th, h do

McMahon, Kate, domestic, 763 E 2d

McMahon, Maggie, domestic, 108 Walnut

McMahon, Maggie, widow James, h 650 E Clinton

McMahon, Mary, domestic, 312 Lake

McMahon, Mary, domestic, 517 W Church

McMahon, Mary, domestic, h 356 W Clinton

McMahon, Michael, engineer, h 816 Hatch

McMahon, Michael, hostler, 168 High

McMahon, Michael J., machinist, bds 334 W 7th

McMahon, Murty, laborer, h 813 Hatch

McMahon, Patrick, blacksmith, bds 334 W 7th

McMahon, Patrick, blacksmith, h 374 W 3d

McMahon, Patrick C., carpenter, h 432 W 4th

McMahon, Patrick J., carpenter, h 433 W 4th

McMahon, Simon, teamster, h 559 Beach

McMann, Agnes, domestic, 510 William

McMann, Mary, domestic, 1003 Lake

McMann, Patrick, laborer, h 256 W Henry

McManus, James C. Rev., pastor St. Mary's Church, h 224 Franklin

McManus, John, tanner, h 122 Harriet

McManus, John T., cigarmaker, bds 122 Harriet

McManus, Kate, bds 224 Frankin

McMillen, Angus, salesman, 201 E Water, bds 624 Baldwin

McMillan, Frank, salesman, 201 E Water, h 624 W Gray

McMillan, Giles, quarryman, h 605 Beach

McMullen, Stephen, laborer, h 420 Standish

McNabb, George, helper, h Jacob n N. C. R. R.

McNall, George, brakeman, bds 220 Mt. Zoar

McNally, Rose, widow Thomas, h 301 Franklin

McNamara, Ella, milliner, bds 413 W 3d

McNamara, James, brewer, h 424 W 3d

McNamara, John, shoemaker, bds 413 W 3d

McNamara, Kate E., domestic, 511 E Union

McNAMARA, PETER, boots and shoes, 102 E Water, h 413 W 3d

McNamara, William, fireman, h 709 Railroad av

McNamee, Andrew, cartman, h 208 Franklin

McNamee, Anna S., milliner, bds 208 Franklin

McNamee, John, carpenter, bds 208 Franklin

McNamee, Mary, dressmaker, bds 208 Franklin

McNeely, John, blacksmith, bds 611 Pennsylvania av

McNeil, John, clerk, bds 356 W Water

McNeil, John H., h 356 W Water

McNeil, Leverett B., h 227 W Water

McNeil, Peter S.S., h 615 Park Place

McNeil, Rufus R., bookkeeper, 139 E Water, h 100 W S Water

McNeil, Thomas, salesman, h 651 E Church

McNerney, Mary, domestic, 352 N Main

McNerney, Minnie L., domestic, 122 W Market

McNerney, Thomas, hostler, 763 E 2d

McNerny, Mary, domestic, 558 E Water

McNevin, John, tailor, h 353 Railroad av

McNiel, Sarah, widow John, bds 119 High

McNierney, John, driver, h Park cor Stowell

McNierney, Mary, domestic Rathbun House

McNierney, Mary, widow Michael, h Park cor Stowell

McNiff, Maria, domestic, 402 Madison av

McPherson, John, furnaceman, h 1130 N Main

McQuhae, Azubah, widow John, bds 500 Lake

McQuinn, Hannah, domestic, 408 N Main

McSWEENEY, TIMOTHY J., lawyer, 216 E Water, bds 417 E Market

McVicker, Margaret J., widow William, h 369 W 2d

Mead, Carrie, widow Peter, h 416 W 3d

Mead, E.O. Mrs., dressmaker, 220 W Water, h do

Mead, Edward H., clerk, 414 and 416 E Market, h 521 E Union

Mead, Elizabeth, widow Isaac, h 420 W Water

Mead, Ellen, widow William, h 114 High

Mead, Frank, cigarmaker, bds 114 High

Mead, J.T. Mrs., druggist, 144 W Water, bds 115 N Main

Mead, John F., teamster, h 416 W 3d

Mead, Martin, laborer, h 951 Magee

Mead, Mary A., hair worker, bds 114 High

Mead, Morris, cigarmaker, bds 114 High

Mead, Sarah A., widow Henry, bds 357 S Main

Mead, William, cigarmaker, bds 114 High

Meade, Rachel, widow Franklin, bds 116 Harriet

Meadowcroft, Thomas, carpenter, h Diven av n Baldwin

Meany, James, laborer, h 300 E Washington av

Meany, Mary, domestic, 156 W 3d

Mear, Maggie, domestic, 463 E Water

Mear, Mary, domestic, 408 N Main

Mear, Thomas, switchman, h S 2d n Powell

Meddaugh, Belden, engineer, h 544 S Main

Meddaugh, Chauncey G., boarding, h 709 Kenyon

Meddaugh, Mary L., saleslady, 125 W Water

Meddaugh, S.L., guard Reformatory, bds do

Meeker, Charles, blacksmith, h W South av cor Giltinan

Meeker, Harry, clerk, 601 Pennsylvania av, bds W South av cor Giltinan

Meeker, J.W. Mrs., boarding, h 336 E Water

Meeker, John, news agent, bds W South av cor Giltinan

MEEKER, PHEBE E. Mrs., dressmaker, 202 E Water, h do

Meeker, Samuel, h S Main n W South av

Meeker, William H., teamster, h 202 E Water

MEISEL BROTHERS (Moritz Meisel), druggists, 157 Lake

Meisel, Moritz (Meisel Brothers), h 157 Lake

Meissner, Charles, harness manufr, 402 E Market, h at Buttonwoods

Melentz, William, bds 114 Spring

Miller, Jonas, engineer, bds Mansion House

Melville, John, law student, 340 E Water, bds 762 E Market

Melville, Martin, tailor, h 762 E Market

Mengle, Herman, cabinetmaker, h 821 Hatch

Menster, John, slater, h 616 Jay

Menzies, Frank B., shoemaker, h 751 E 2d

Merithew, Grant, repairsman, h 1308 Hall

Merkel, D.R., music teacher, 933 College av, h do

Merrell, Melville M., supt of Public Schools, 112 Baldwin, bds 503 Lake

Merrick, Clinton, telegrapher Erie Depot, bds at Horseheads

Merrickle, Lewis, laborer, h Lewis bel Pennsylvania av

Merrill, Abbie Mrs., cook Water Cure, 1019 East av

Merrill, Charles, medical student Water Cure, 1019 East av, bds do

Merrill, Edgar C., salesman, h 1124 Lake

Merrill, Eleazer E., clerk, 111 Railroad av, h 420 E Washington av

Merrill, George V.R. (J.M. Losie & Co.), h 447 W Fifth

Merrill, Renselaer, poultry raiser, h 305 Hine

Merritt, Peter A., laborer, h 210 W 3d

Mersereau, Emma, bds 523 E Union

Merwin, John W., insurance, E Water, 610 W Gray

Merwin, Mary, widow Lyman, bds 214 Washington

MERWIN & DICKINSON (Whiteman Merwin and Henry B. Dickinson), saddlers and harness makers, 302 E Water

Metzger, Jacob (Friend & Metzger), h at Southport Corners

Metzger, S.X. & Son (Seth X. and Theodore G.), meat market, 409 Railroad av

Metzger, Seth X. (S.X. Metzger & Son), h S Broadway n city limits

Metzger, Theodore G. (S.X. Metzger & Son), bds S Broadway n city limits

Meyer, Joseph, shoemaker, 706 John, h do

Meyer, Joseph, jr., druggist, 400 E Water, h 704 John

Meyer, Karl, shoemaker, h Robinson ab Esty

Meyer, Leo, laborer, bds 501 Railroad av

Meyer, Max, saloon, 605 Railroad av, h do

Meyer, Rosa, domestic Eastern Hotel

Michael, Mary Mrs., h 611 Dickinson

Michaelis, John H., carpenter, h 509 W 4th

Micks, Henry R., sec LaFrance Manufr'g Co., h 318 W Gray

Miedle, John, laborer, h 356 W 4th

Milford, Henry A., ticket agent Erie depot, bds Delavan House

Millard, Carroll A., conductor, h 714 College av

Millard, Edgar T., painter, h Clinton bel Oak

Millard, James M., carpenter, h 655 College av

Millard, Mary, domestic, 308 William

Millard, Mary G., widow Ambrose, h 655 College av

Millard, William, laborer, bds Clinton bel Oak

Miller, Addison, painter, bds 514 W Hudson

Miller, Alanson B., laborer, h 1351 Baldwin

Miller, Albert, butcher, h Burdick bel W South av

Miller, Albert, clerk, South av n Pennsylvania av, h at Southport

Miller, Alfred, car driver, h 804 Lake

Miller, Alfred L., bootmaker, bds 270 W S Water

Miller, Andrew, carpenter, h 368 Thurston

Miller, Annetta, widow Murrell, h 374 W 5th

Miller, Caroline, winow Stephen, bds 327 Baldwin

Miller, Charles A., shoemaker, h 415 W Water

Miller, Christina Mrs., Buffalo House, 501 Railroad av

Miller, Christopher, cabinetmaker, h 665 Columbia

Miller, Curtis, machinist, h 828 W Church

Miller, Della, domestic, 306 Lake

Miller, Eldred B., salesman, 113 Baldwin, h 111 W Market

Miller, Eliza J., saloon, 104 E Water, h do

Miller, Emma, widow George V., h 375 W 1st

Miller, Fannie Mrs., bds Tuttle av ab East av

Miller, George, engineer, h 356 W 5th

Miller, George B., mason, h 820 W Church

Miller, Hattie, domestic, 508 College av

Miller, Hector L., real estate, E Water, h 460 W Gray

Miller, J. Mrs., dressmaker, bds 110 College av