Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Chapman George M., butcher, h 156 W 3d

Chapman James J., machinist, h 110 W Henry

Chapman J. B., keeper Reformatory, h do

Chapman Louisa, widow Benjamin, h 404 W 3d

Chapman Mary, widow George, h 110 W Henry

Chapman & Hays (Andrew F. Chapman and Daniel S. Hays), meat market, 164 Lake

Chase Cornelius B., machinist, h 609 Lewis

Chase Frederick M., clerk, 115 E Water, h 461 W Church

Chase Walter P., salesman, 121 Lake, h 113 Fox

CHASE ZALMON F., physician, 760 E Church, h do


Chemung Dressing Works, bristle makers, E Clinton n Madison av

Chelwinski Katrina, widow ____ h 103 W 1st

Cherry Annie, domestic, 262 W 4th

Cherry Electa, widow William, restaurant, 218 E Market, h do

Cherry Patrick, policeman, h 757 E Market

Chester Jennie, widow William, h 310 Elm

Chevalier Alphonso, shoemaker, h 815 E Market

Chidester Adolphus E., carpenter, h 327 Centre

Chidsey George W., agent, 114 W Water, h 366 W Gray

Choate L. Frank, fireman, h 421 W Clinton

CHRISLER HIRAM, blacksmith, 409 S Broadway, h 410 do

Christ Augustus, shoemaker, h 708 E Water

Christ William, laborer, h 907 John

Christen Charles, barber, h 306 Sullivan

Christen Edward, bartender, 143 E Water, h 563 do

Christen George, tanner, h 569 E Water

Christen Joseph, restaurant, 143 E Water, h do

Christen Joseph, tailor, h 565 E Water

Chrootowski Mary, domestic, 215 Lormore

Chubbuck Austin E. (Chubbuck & Co.), h 713 E Church

Chubbuck Charlotte L., teacher, h 713 E Church

Chubbuck E. Hibbard, jeweler, h 713 E Church

CHUBBUCK HOLLIS S., physician, 258 Baldwin, h do

Chubbuck Manley T. (Chubbuck & Co.), h 713 E Church

Chubbuck & Co. (Austin E. and Manley T. Chubbuck), coal agents, 207 E Church

Churchill Cornelia, h 307 Franklin

Churchill Enoch, mason, h 307 Franklin

Churchill Jud., mason, h 313 Market

Churchill Marcia, dressmaker, h 531 Pennsylvania av

Churchill Thomas W., machinist, h 306 W Church

Churchill William, policeman, h 307 Franklin

Churchill William, jr., laborer, h 307 Franklin

Cilly Joseph G., machinist, h 705 Kinyon

Clafflin George M. D., boot treeer, h 112 E Water

Claflin Eliza J., domestic, 717 Park Place

Clancy Bridget, h 508 E 3d

Clancy Daniel J., shoemaker, h 260 W Henry

Clancy Edward, flagman, h 508 E 3rd

Clancy James, foreman, 615 Railroad av, h 372 W 1st

Clancy Susan Mrs., h 368 W 2d

Clancy Thomas, painter, h 369 W 2d

Clapp Edward, shoemaker, h 256 W Hudson

Clapp George M., shoemaker, h 116 Orchard

Clapp G. Stephen, salesman, h 363 W 4th

Clapp Henry J., shoemaker, h 123 W Water

Clapp James H., cutter, h 123 W Water

Clapp Stephen G. (Clapp & Co.), h 363 W 4th

Clapp & Co. (Stephen G. Clapp), flour, W 4th cor Railroad av

Clark Agnes L, teacher, h 138 W Water

Clark Alfred E., saloon, 412 E Water, h do

Clark Anna V., milliner, 707 John

Clark Catherine, widow Charles W., h 200 DeWitt

Clark Charles H., helper, h 529 Harper

Clark Clara, widow William, h 381 W 4th

Clark Daniel, trav. Agent Advertiser, h Davis

Clark Earl J., barber, h 765 E Water

Clark Edward L., commission merchant, 373 Pennsylvania av, h do

Clark Elisha, h Pennsylvania av cor S Elm

Clark Eugene, brakeman h 54 Pennsylvania av

Clark Fanny, h 311 W Church

Clark George D., clerk, United States Hotel, h Davis ab 6th

Clark George W., laborer, h Day bel Pratt

Clark Henry A., carpenter, h 230 Mt Zoar

Clark Henry H., laborer, h 359 W 5th

Clark Henry L., grain agent, h 304 E Clinton

Clark Horace, laborer, h Day n Sullivan

Clark Ira J., laborer, h 657 Baldwin

Clark Isabella, h 450 Sullivan

Clark Jacob, teamster, h 1309 Hall

Clark James, bricklayer, h 515 Elizabeth

Clark James E., laborer, h 663 Baldwin

CLARK J. N., cooper, Exchange n Market, h 603 E Church

Clark John, cigar maker, h 657 N Main

Clark John, engineer, h 707 John

Clark John C., real estate, h 122 S E Water

Clark John S., cigar maker, h 809 Davis

Clark John S., clerk, h 450 Sullivan

Clark Joseph, laborer, h r 423 W 4th

Clark Joseph G., house mover, h 217 W Henry

Clark Josephene, h 311 W Church

Clark Julia, widow Charles, h 375 W 1st

Clark Leslie, tanker, h 952 East av

Clark Mary, h 450 Sullivan

Clark Mary, domestic, 357 Columbia

Clark Nellie, h 352 Maple av

Clark Peter S., mason, h 753 Harper

Clark Samuel, laborer, h 130 W Henry

Clark Samuel J., salesman, 151 Baldwin, h 130 W Henry

Clark Samuel W., grain dealer, 200 E Water, h 352 Maple av

Clark Sarah M., widow William B., boarding, h 505 Magee

Clark Susan Mrs., h 529 Harper

Clark Ward W., blacksmith, h 529 Harper

Clark William, butcher, 809 Davis

Clark William, manager Elmira Woolen Mill, h 450 Sullivan

Clark William, manager Elmira Iron and Steel Rolling Mill Co, h 661 Park Place

Clark William B., barber, h Homestead hotel

Clark William, Jr., upholsterer, h 809 Davis

Clark William M. Jr., time keeper, h 661 Park Place

Clarke John (J. & S. M. Clarke), h 709 Park Place

Clarke J. & S. M. (John and Sylvanus M.), carpenter, 712 Park Place

Clarke Samuel T. Rev., pastor Lake Street Presbyterian Church, h 407 E Church

Clarke Sylvanus M., (J. & S. M. Clarke), architect and builder, h 110 W Church

Clarkson James, laborer, h 449 W 5th

Clatworthy James, (James Clatworthy & Son), h 901 W Water

Clatworthy James H., (James Clatworthy & Son), h 905 W Water

Clatworthy James & Son, (James H.), carriage painters, 225 W Water

Cleeves Elizabeth A., widow, h Park Church

Clemens Jacob, butcher, h E 5th cor Oak

Clendenney Harriet A., widow Theodore, h 720 Walnut

Clendennie Lewis F., fireman, h 423 W 5th

Clendennin Henry H., foreman, h 201 Giltinan

Cleveland Edward, (Cleveland & Son), h 504 Sullivan

Cleveland Er., farmer, h 504 Sullivan

Cleveland Frank E., baggage agent, h 457 E Water

Cleveland Henry E., clerk, 175 Lake, h 708 E Market

Cleveland Ida E., domestic, 800 N Main

Cleveland J. Lillie, h 437 E Water

Cleveland James H., foreman, h 708 E Market

Cleveland Morgan R., tanner, h 213 Judson

Cleveland Thurlow W. (Cleveland & Son), h 504 Sullivan

Cleveland William, architect, h 413 Davis

CLEVELAND & SON, (E. Cleveland and T. W. Cleveland), grocers, 167 Lake

Cline Caleb A., upholsterer, h 308 W 4th

Cline Elisha, jr., carpenter, h 308 W 4th

Clinton Adel, widow William, h 652 N Main

Cloak Anna, domestic, Elmira Female College

Cloak Katie, domestic, Elmira Female College

Clock Jarvis L., farmer, h 506 Sullivan

Clock Sanford, farmer, h 506 Sullivan

Cloke Bridget, widow John, h 964 Magee

Cloke Lizzie, h 956 Magee

Cloke Matthew, filler, h 917 N Main

CLOSE R. H. Mrs., matron Southern Ter Orphans Home, Franklin cor Fulton, h do

Close Reuben H. Rev., h 370 S Main

Cluga see Kluga

Clum Henry A., scientist, h Opera block, Lake

Clurty John, helper, h 614 S Main

Coakley Ellen, domestic, 517 W 1st

Coakley Mary, domestic, 861 College av

Coates David, farmer, h West Hill n City limits

Coburn Parly, principal School No. 3, 1215 Pennsylvania av

Cocoman Mary, domestic, 303 N Main

Cocomb Bridget, cook Arbor Hotel

Coe Walker R., painter, h Pratt ab Matthews

Coffee John, laborer, h 713 Canal

Coffey John, clerk, 414 Carroll, h 612 John

Coffin William B., roadmaster Erie dept, 657 Park Place

Cohen Abraham F., notions, 304 E Water, h 558 E Water

COKE FREDERICK, baker, confectioner and grocer, 318 E Water, h 1207 Hall

Coke Frederick Mrs., dressmaker, 318 E Water, h 1207 Hall

Coke Levi, baker, h Elm cor 1st

COKE WILLIAM, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, 309 Davis, h 401 W 1st

Colbert William, stonemason, h 711 Benjamin

Colburn M. J. Mrs., dressmaker, h 403 W Water

Cole David, clerk, 203 E Water, h 213 Madison av

Cole Elizabeth, widow Silas, h 203 S Elm

Cole Ella, domestic, 405 Lake

Cole Florence L., dressmaker, h 1216 Maxwell av

Cole Jane, widow David, h 766 S Main

Cole Jerushia, widow George, h 223 Mt Zoar

Cole Lucy, domestic, 1019 College av

Cole Lyman, carriage trimmer, h 612 E Water

Cole Samuel R., farmer, h 424 Balsam

COLE WEBSTER J., dry goods, groceries, flour, feed, boots and shoes, 600 Pennsylvania av, h do

Cole William, brakeman, h Baty, n Pennsylvania av

Colegrove Emma R., music teacher, h 1312 Benton

Colegrove William N., carpenter, h 1312 Benton

Coleman Betsey, dressmaker, r 124 E S Water, h do

Coleman Eliza B., widow John, h 360 Columbia

Coleman Hugh, laborer, h 317 Hathaway

Coleman Isaiah B., foreman Reformatory, h Davis, n Reformatory av

Coleman James, laborer, h 603 Hoffman

Coleman John, roller, h 215 Broadway
Coleman Josie, domestic, 385 W Water

Coleman Margaret, domestic, 207 W Gray

Coleman Mary, domestic, 56 Pennsylvania av

Collar Anna, widow Harvey, h 150 Madison av

Colligan Maggie, domestic, 519 W Clinton

Colligan Michael, foreman, h 371 Fulton

Collin Charles A., (Rockwell & Collin), h 117 Walnut

Collin Frederick, (Reynolds & Collin), h 117 W Market

Collingwood Robert, jeweler, 129 E Water, h 113 W S Water

Collins Annie E., dressmaker, h 112 S 2d

Collins Delilah R., tailoress, h 210 Ann

Collins Dennis, laborer, h 212 W 3d

Collins Hannah, domestic 404 Sullivan

Collins Harrison, painter, h 210 Ann

Collins Isaac, laborer, h 707 Dickinson

Collins James, laborer, h Davis, n Reformatory

Collins James, saloon 329 Railroad av, h do

Collins James E., milkman, h Lake ab Thurston

Collins Jared N., brakeman, h 511 Herrick
Collins Jeremiah, laborer, h 306 S Broadway

Collins John, hostler, 517 W 1st

Collins John, laborer, h 420 Standish

Collins John, laborer, h 209 E South av

Collins John, plumber, h 212 W 3d

Collins John, stoves, 505 N Main, h 417 Railroad av

Collins John W., harnessmaker, h 504 E Church

Collins Julia, domestic, 303 N Main

Collins Julia A., domestic, 417 E Market

Collins Junius T., clerk, n Baldwin n Market

Collins Katie, domestic, 909 Hoffman

Collins Kate, domestic, 507 W Water

Collins Lewis B., florist, h Grand Central av n Thurston

Collins Maggie, domestic 359 W Church

Collins Maggie, laundress, Delavan House

Collins Mary, cook, Willow Brook Farm, Lake

Collins Michael, varieties, Washington av cor Lincoln, h do

Collins Nicholas E. Rev., pastor Protestant Union M. E. Church, h 653 Dickinson

Collins Norah, domestic, 110 DeWitt

Collins Nora, domestic, 414 N Main

Collins Thomas, laborer, h 160 Harriet

Collins William, tailor, h 102 Lake, h 207 Sullivan

Collins William D., tailor, h 605 E Church

Collins William F., saloon 417 Railroad av, h do

Collom Julia, domestic, 380 W Gray

COLLSON WARREN M., wagon maker, 241 W Water, h 411 Balsam

Collson William, insurance agent, h 411 Balsam

Colman Eliza B., widow John, h Columbia n W 2d

Colson Alonzo P., carpenter, h 209 Thurston

Colson James, shoemaker, n Baldwin n Market

Colson _____, shoemaker, h 100 Lake

Colton Stephen, augermaker, h 905 Benton

Comford Hannah, widow James, h 422 W 2d

Comfort Eli C., physician, 317 E Water, h 750 John

COMFORT OLA B., dentist, 317 E Water, h 750 John

COMFORT PATRICK, propr Reformatory Hotel, College av cor Reformatory

Compton Carmy, florist, h 1157 Hoffman, h do

Compton Jacob, farmer, h Carr ab Hoffman

Compton John W., farmer, h Carr ab Hoffman

Compton Levi, salesman, r Grand Central av n Thurston

COMPTON ZERA, awning and tent maker, music and musical instruments, 411 Carroll, h Hoffman n City limits

Comstock John D., clerk, 154 Lake, h 102 W Water

Comstock Malcolm M., salesman, 201 E Water, h 109 W Market

Comstock Samuel G., hatter, 212 E Water, h 669 Columbia

Condol Festus A., stripper, h 525 Pennsylvania av

Condol William H., kalsominer, h 525 Pennsylvania av

Condon John, quarryman, h 720 E Oak

Condon Mary, domestic, 318 William

Condon Minnie R., paster, h 514 W 2d

Condon Sarah, widow Patrick, h 720 E Oak

Coneely S. M., milliner, h 102 W Water

Conelly Daniel, salesman, 108 W Water, h 372 Pennsylvania av

Coney Annie, dressmaker, h 505 Park pl

Congdon Albert D., coachman, h Hoffman ab Carr’s cor

Congdon Anna, saleslady, 116 Baldwin, h 523 W Church

Congdon Burdette, driver, h 430 Carroll

Congdon Charles F., laborer, h 818 Walnut

Congdon George, malster, E Market cor State, h 523 W Church

Congdon James R., laborer, h 818 Walnut

Congdon Joseph, hack driver, h 506 W Gray

Congdon Lafayette, pipemaker, h 818 Walnut

Congdon Maurice, shoemaker, h 121 Sullivan

Congdon William, shoemaker, h 510 W 2d

Conklin Charles M., flagman, h 370 Pennsylvania av

Conklin David, farmer, h 1031 Hoffman

Conklin Eliza, widow Walter W., h 103 E 2d

Conklin George H., laborer, h 405 Walnut

Conklin Irving N., h 1001 Hoffman

Conklin Jacob, laborer, h 358 Norton

Conklin James R., farmer, h 1001 Hoffman

CONKLIN MELVIN M., baker and confectioner, 651 Lake cor E 4th h do

Conkling Edward S. (Ensworth & Conkling), h 330 E Water

Conkling Frank, hostler, h 352 Maple av

Conkling Samuel, brakeman, h 212 W South av

Conlan Thomas, blacksmith, h 770 S Main

Conley Cornelius, laborer, h E South av bel Erie

Conley Dennis, laborer, h 209 E South av

Conley Dennis, laborer, h 511 S Elm

Conley John, cutter, h 912 Stowell

Conley Kate, domestic, 310 Hine

Conley Kate, milliner, h E South av bel Erie

Conley Honora, dressmaker, h E South av bel Erie

Conley Margaret, widow Thomas, h 115 Harmon

Conley Michael, brakeman, h E South av bel Erie

Conley Timothy, laborer, h 309 W Hudson

Conlin Bridget, widow Michael, h 721 Railroad av

Conlin Margaret, h 721 Railroad av

Conlin Martin, laborer, h 713 Railroad av

Conlin Michael H., cigarmaker, h 721 Railroad av

Conlin Peter S., stripper, h 721 Railroad av

Conlon Kate, dressmaker, h 321 Railroad av

Connell John, painter, h 371 W 2d

Connell Thomas, laborer, h 379 W 4th

Connelly Catharine, widow Timothy, h 409 W Hudson

Connelly Cornelius, bricklayer, h 372 Pennsylvania av

Connelly Cornelius, student, h 216 S Walnut

Connelly Cornelius, jr., shoemaker, h 372 Pennsylvania av

Connelly Cornelius, laborer, h 409 W Hudson

Connelly Daniel, laborer, h 452 W Hudson

Connelly Dennis, laborer, h 218 S Walnut

Connelly Daniel, laborer, h 308 W Hudson

Connelly Eliza, clerk, h 372 Pennsylvania av

Connelly Eliza A., clerk, 324 E Water, h 372 Pennsylvania av

Connelly Ellen, domestic, 359 N Main

Connelly Georgie, domestic, American Hotel

Connelly Hannah, domestic, 612 John

Connelly Hugh, saloon, 805 Canal, h do

Connelly Hannah, dressmaker, h 216 S Walnut

Connelly Jeremiah, cigarmaker, h 452 W Hudson

Connelly Jeremiah, driver, h E Church cor Tuttle av

Connelly Jeremiah, grocer, 563 E Church, h do

Connelly Jeremiah, salesman, 108 W Water, h 815 John

Connelly John, laborer, h 120 Fulton

Connelly John, mason, h 224 Hine

Connelly John B., engineer, h 511 Jefferson

Connelly John H., laborer, h 373 Pennsylvania av

Connelly Kate, domestic, 124 E Hudson

Connelly Maria, dressmaker, h 372 Pennsylvania av

Connelly Maria L., domestic, 112 Pennsylvania av

Connelly Mary, domestic, 217 W 1st

Connelly Michael, laborer, h 200 Hine

Connelly Michael, shoemaker, h 309 Hudson

Connelly Nellie, domestic, 118 N Main

Connelly Nellie, domestic, ft E Water

Connelly Norah, dressmaker, h 200 Hine

Connelly Patrick, shoemaker, h 120 Fulton

Connelly Patrick, laborer, h 216 S Walnut

Connelly Timothy, stripper, h 120 Hudson

Connelly Thomas, driver, h 605 Magee

Connelly Timothy, laborer, h 309 W Hudson

Connelly Timothy, cartman, h 157 Harriet

Conner George M., agent, 101 W Water, h 365 Davis

Conner Henry C., h 361 W 1st

Conner Joseph H., (Kingsbury & Conner), h 361 W 1st

Conner Josie E., operator, 134 W Water, h W 1st cor Davis

Conner William W., meat market, 74 Pennsylvania av, h 113 E Henry

Connerton Patrick, picture dealer, h 434 E Water

Connolly Cornelius, mason, h 815 John

Connolly Mary, domestic, 401 Columbia

Connolly Thomas, laborer, h 815 John

Connolly William, weaver, h 814 East av

Connor Kate, domestic, 415 N Main

Connor Johanna, widow Bartholomew, h 407 Elm

Connor John, laborer, h 412 E Washington av

Connor Nellie Mrs., h 353 Railroad av

Connor William, engineer, h 653 ½ Lake

Connors Timothy, laborer, h 514 S Elm

Conrad John, bricklayer, h 109 Washington

Conray P. A., foreman, h Homestead hotel

Conroy John, mason, h 808 Magee

Conroy Peter, weaver, h 425 E Water

Conroy William J., shoemaker, h 204 E Gray

Considine Annie, dressmaker, h 711 Davis

Considine Thomas, laborer, h 807 Railroad av

Converse Charles, shoemaker, h 102 S Elm

Converse Edwin, shoemaker, h 102 S Elm

Converse Helen N., teacher Elmira Female Colleg, h do

CONVERSE M. S., collector Elmira Advertiser, h 311 William

Converse Phebe, h 311 William

Converse William W., shoemaker, h 102 S Elm

Conway Michael, laborer, h E South av n Erie

Cook Abbie, teacher, h 301 E Church

Cook Alice, dressmaker, h 314 Pennsylvania av

Cook Catharine E., widow Horace, h 415 N Main

Cook Charles C., painter, h 415 N Main

COOK E. H. & CO. (J. H. Stedman), steam heating, plumbing, &c., 122 Lake

Cook Elisha H. (E. H. Cook & Co.), h Rathbun House

Cook Ella, domestic, 407 E Church

Cook George W., harnessmaker, h 209 DeWitt

COOK G. NEWTON, fancy goods, 128 W Water, h 208 Columbia

Cook Henry H., treas Tioga & Elmira State Line R. R., also Blossburg Coal Co., h at Bath

Cook Jennie, widow Edgar, h 314 Pennsylvania av

Cook Mary A., widow James, h 413 Madison av

Cook Mary, widow Michael, h 138 W Water

Cook Phebe, widow John, h 554 E Church

Cook Robert D., shoemaker, h Fox cor Carroll

Cooke Frances C., widow George J., h 507 W Church

Cooke Frederick J., collarmaker, h 219 Sullivan

Cookling Thomas S., cigarmaker, h Homestead Hotel

Cooley A. Jarvis, sashmaker, h 308 Washington

Cooley Gilbert D., engineer, h 308 Washington

COOLEY JESSE L., secy and treas. Elmira Iron and Steel Rolling Mill Co., h 912 Lake

Coon Isaac P., engineer, h E Washington n Church

Coon Louisa, h 1023 Benton

Cooney Charles, laborer, h 3 Erie

Cooney Nora, dressmaker, h 3 Erie

Cooney Thomas, blacksmith, h 3 Erie

Cooney Thomas B., h 3 Erie

Cooper Carrie, student, h 108 W Hudson

Cooper Casper C., h 500 High

Cooper Ella M., widow George K., h 131 W Water

Cooper George M., moulder, h 706 E 2nd

Cooper John, laborer, h 420 W 5th

COOPER JOHN L., blacksmith, 209 S Main, h 361 do

Cooper John N., (Reid & Cooper), h 322 William

Cooper Mary, dressmaker, h 109 N Main

Cooper Mary J., domestic, h 950 Oak

COOPER WILLIAM R., wood and coal also agricultural implement manufr, 361 E Washington av, h 905 Lake

COPELAND I. SEYMOUR, city editor Advertiser, h 107 E Hudson

Copes Charles, malster, h 521 W 2nd

COPLEY JOHN G., real estate and loan agent, 305 Carroll, h 259 Baldwin

Corcoran Johanna, widow Thomas, saloon, 803 Canal, h do

Corcoran John, laborer, h r 859 Railroad av

Corcoran Nellie, dressmaker, h 803 Canal

Corey Margaret, widow A. F., h 524 W Water

Corey Thomas S., printer Free Press, h 551 E Water

Corey William F., h 524 W Water

Corkery Johanna, domestic, 218 W 1st

Corkery Margaret, widow Dennis, h 505 College av

Corkery Nora, domestic, 400 William

Cornell Charles, shoemaker, h 411 DeWitt

Cornell Edward R., clerk, h 407 DeWitt

Cornell, James S., farmer, h 232 Mt Zoar

Cornell Judson L., machinist, h 1204 Baldwin

Cornell Willie J., hostler, h 232 Mt Zoar

Cornish Francis L., switchman, h 412 S Broadway

Corran Edward, tanner, h 426 Balsam

Corran Edward T., currier, h 426 Balsam

Corran T. Harry, currier, h 426 Balsam

Corrigan Bernard, laborer, h 400 S Broadway

Cortright Albert A., salesman, 107 E Water, h 312 W Gray

Cortright Margaret, widow Jacob, h 103 E 2d

Cortright Mark P., laborer, h 357 W 2d

Corwin Andrew D., blacksmith, h 431 Standish

Corwin Henry H., carpenter, h 431 Standish

Corwin Walter F., clerk, 423 N Main, h 156 W 3d

Cosgrove Michael J., salesman, 205 E Water, h 209 Washington

Costello Bridget, domestic, 114 W Gray

Costello Bryan, wiper, h 756 S Main

Costello James, laborer, h 266 W Henry

Costello James H., plumber, h 569 E Water

COSTELLO JOHN B., asst manager Free Press, h 106 E Water

Costello John F., peddler, h 605 Magee

Costello Maggie, domestic, Willow Brook Farm, Lake

Costello Maggie, domestic, Delevan House

Costello Mary, domestic, Delevan House

Costello Michael C., plumber, h 267 W Henry

Costello Norah, domestic, 654 College av

Costello Patrick, engineer, h 653 ½ Lake

Costello Patrick, laborer, h 267 W Henry

Costello Stephen, machinist, h 435 W 4th

Cotrell Jarvis V., carpenter, h 715 College av

Cotrell Stephen H., carpenter, State cor E 2d, h 715 College av

Cotten Maggie M., librarian, 108 Baldwin, h 458 E Church

Cotter John, hostler, h 852 Oak

Cotter Mary M., domestic, 500 N Lake

Cotter Richard, coachman, 211 Lake

Cotter Richard, hostler, h 852 Oak

Cotter William, coachman, 512 College av

Cotter William W., auger filer, h 852 Oak

Cotton George H., drayman, h 72 Pennsylvania av

Cotton George H. jr., salesman, h 72 Pennsylvania av

Cotton Maggie, librarian, h 458 E Church

Cotton Mary A., teacher, h 72 Pennsylvania av

Cotton Sarah, h 72 Pennsylvania av

Coubal Lyman, gardner, h S Main n Miller Farm

Couch A. S. & Co. (Arthur S and Lydia J. Couch), hair, Tuttle av n Church

Couch Charles W., carpenter, h 710 E Water

Couch Lydia J. (A. S. Couch & Co.), h 160 Washington

Couch Stephen B., speculator, h 160 Washington

Coughlin Annie, widow Dennis, h 462 W 2d

Coughlin John, filler, h 1130 N Main

Coulson Robert, janitor, h 860 East av

Coulton Edward V., shoemaker, h 217 High

Courson Allie Mrs., dressmaker, h 115 Columbia

Courtright Walter W., clerk, 357 W 2nd

Covell Georgiana, widow Edward, h 312 William

Covell Henry C., practical accountant, h 437 E Water

Covell James, bookkeeper, 111 E Water, h Maple av ab City limits

Covell Lyman, h 441 E Water

Covert Allis, dressmaker, h 148 W Water

Covert Elmer A., printer, h 1210 Maxwell av

Covert Henry C., sashmaker, h 1210 Maxwell av

Covert Seward T., printer Advertiser, h 1210 Maxwell av

Covert Sidney, (S. Covert & Co.), h 213 Madison av

COVERT S. & CO. (C. K. Hevener), grocers, 203 E Water

Cowan Dell, h 267 W S Water

Cowen Helen, seamstress, h 669 Baldwin

Cowen H. Seaver, auctioneer, h 315 Carroll

Cowen Sarah A., widow Thaddeus C., h 611 College av

Cowen William, clerk, h 141 W Water

Cowles Aaron F., salesman, h 754 John

Cowles Augustus, W. Rev. D. D., prest Elmira Female College, h 855 College av

Cowles Edward H., salesman, 204 Baldwin, h 555 E Church

Cowles Hattie M., milliner, h 754 John

Cox Delos M., mason, h Washington av cor Davis

Cox George H., express messenger, h 303 W Clinton

Cox Henry, foreman, h Reformatory n New

Coykendall Andrew J., livery stable, h 109 S Main h do

Coykendall Isaac B., shoecutter, h 109 S Main

Coykendall Jacob B., clerk, h 109 S Main

Coykendall William S. (William S. Coykendall and Co), h 203 W Henry

COYKENDALL W. S. & CO. (William S. Coykendall and Thomas B Delo), groceries, teas, spices &c., 300 S Main

Coyle Hugh, editor and propr. Daily Bulletin, 323 Carroll, h Lake cor E Water

Craig James, tinsmith, h 370 Thurston

Craig Robert B., tinsmith, 204 S Main, h 117 W Hudson

Cramer George M., janitor, h 220 E Water

Cramer May, domestic, 514 W Gray

Cramer William, music teacher, h 357 W 4th

Crandal Experience, widow Ira, h 712 W Water

Crandal Franklin, sashmaker, h 153 Baldwin

Crandal George, doormaker, h 1012 Walnut

Crandal Mary, widow Erastus, h 457 Sullivan

Crandall Erastus N., salesman, 134 W Watr, h 106 Ferris

Crandall Spicer T., clerk Delavan House, h do

Crane Anna M., h 364 W 1st

Crane Bertha A., teacher, h 111 W S Water

Crane Della, teacher, h 111 W S Water

Crane Ira, cupola tender, h 318 Hine

Crane Melvin M., Club House Elmira Driving Park

Crane Sarah, widow Abijah, h 510 DeWitt

Crane Theodore W. (J. Langdon & Co.), h 303 N Main

Cranmer Hannah, widow Jeremiah, h 1045 Walnut

Cranmer Isaac J., mason, h 1045 Walnut

Crary Daniel, tinner, h United States Hotel

Crawford Alexander, carpenter, n Tuttle av ab East av

Crawford Fannie R., h 51 Fulton

Crawford William H., operator, h 519 E Union

Crawley David, cloth finisher, h 455 Sullivan

Crawley Ellen, domestic, 211 Lake

Crawley Maggie, domestic, 211 Lake

Crawley Thomas, hostler, 401 Sullivan

Creaton Hannah, widow Owen, h 211 Sullivan

Creaton Mary, domestic, 208 E Church

Creed James A., painter, h 150 Madison av

Creeman James, shoemaker, h 252 W Hudson cor Harmon

Creeman Alice, widow Mathew, h r 252 W Hudson

Creeman John, shoemaker, h 252 W Hudson

Creeman William, laborer, h r 252 W Hudson

Criddle James, laborer, h 516 Madison av

Criddle James W., clerk, 340 E Water, h 516 Madison av

Crippen Ross, insurance agent, h 450 W Clinton

Crise Peter, commercial traveler, h 320 W 1st

Crispin George, miller, h 156 W 3d

Crispin George A., miller, h 505 Magee

Crittenden Albert W., engineer, h 407 Davis

Crittenden Richard G., drayman, h 351 E 5th

Crocker David, (A. D. Slosson & Co.), h junction E Union and Baldwin

Crocker Margaret, h 414 College av

Croft John S., polisher, h 106 Ferris
Croft Marion E., teacher, 501 Lake

Croger George M., whitewasher, h 664 ½ Baldwin

CROMER AUGUSTUS, hackman, h 516 N Main

Cronan Daniel, puddler, h 1001 Main

Cronan Ellen, widow John, h 914 Stowell

Cronan James, laborer, h 413 High

Cronan Jane, domestic, Elmira Female College

Cronan John, helper, h 914 Stowell

Cronan John, shoemaker, h 413 High

Cronan Murt, tel operator N. C. R. W., h 914 Stowell

Cronan Stephen, shoemaker, h 413 High

Cronin James jr., cigarmaker, h 413 High

Cronin Jeremiah M., cigarmaker, h Washington av n Hatch

Cronin Mary, domestic, 663 Davis

Cronkright Clara, widow Grant, h 216 E Water

Cronkright Minnie V., h 216 E Water

Crook Harry B., puddler, h 913 Main

Crook William H., coachman, h 312 W Church

Croop Josiah K., sashmaker, h 408 E Clinton

Cross Charles, livery, 200 E Gray, h 506 W 1st

Cross Elisha R., commercial traveler, h 658 N Main

Cross Evangeline, widow Edward, h 409 W Clinton

Cross George, laborer, h 502 W Water

Cross George, laborer, h 502 W Water

Cross John, brakeman, h 158 Baldwin

Cross Joshua W., car repairer, h 516 W 2d

Cross Lydia H., teacher, h 409 W Clinton

Cross Mary A., teacher, h 409 W Clinton

CROSS SAMUEL, coal and lumber, 513 Park Place, h 409 W Clinton

Cross William T., teamster h 411 W 4th

Crossman Calvin, clerk, h 110 N Main

Crout Frederick, bottler, h 912 Carpenter

Crow Bridget, domestic, 703 Railroad av

Crow Margaret, domestic, 801 Railroad av

Crowe James, shoemaker, 1302 Fulton

Crowe John, laborer, h Reformatory n Davis

Crowe John, shoemaker, h 302 Fulton

Crowe Lizzie, tailoress, h 302 Fulton

Crowley Dennis, shoemaker, h 615 Jay

Crowley Hannah, grocer, h 207 O’Gorman

Crowley Jeremiah, wiper, h 520 Perine

Crowley John, laborer, h 207 O’Gorman

Crowley John, laborer, h 615 Jay

Crowley John, shoemaker, h 951 Magee

Crowley John Jr., mason, h 273 W S Water

Crowley Kate, domestic, 380 W Gray

Crowley Maggie, domestic, 754 Park pl

Crowley Michael, cooper, h 111 W Gray

Crowley Michael, laborer, h E R R ab Centre

Crowley Nora, widow Dennis, h 951 Magee

Crowley Thomas, laborer, h 514 Perry

Cruikshank Charles S., salesman, 416 E Market, h 306 S Main

Cruikshank Martha Mrs., h 319 William

Cruise Anna J., 315 E Water, h 311 W 6th

Cruise George W., clerk, 325 E Water, h 408 S Main

Cruise James H., florist and gardener, 311 W 6th, h do

Crundall Amie, widow Edward, h 306 W 3d

Crutty Maggie, cook, Delavan House

Cuddington Jane, widow Peter B., h 607 Magee

Cuddington Samuel, clerk, h 607 Magee

Culkeen Mary, widow David, h 918 Benton

Cullen Patrick, helper, h 450 W 2d

Cullinan Jemie E., domestic, 414 Lake

Cullinan John, heater, h 108 Washington av

Culliney Bridget, domestic, Elmira Female College

Culp F. C. Mrs., h 334 E Water

Culp Harrie, h 116 Fox

Culp James, keeper Reformatory, h E Water n Lake

Culp John, blacksmith, h Church cor Sullivan

Culp Sophia, h 116 Fox

Cumming George W., laborer, h 116 Partridge

Cumming William, carpenter, h 116 Partridge

Cummings Bridget, teacher, h 750 Jay

Cummings Elizabeth, domestic, 359 N Main

Cummings Fred M., clerk, Wyckoff House, h do

Cummings James, clerk, 130 E Water, h 323 Railroad av

Cummings James, mason, h 108 W 1st

Cummings Maggie M., tailoress, h 323 Railroad av

Cummings Mark, grocer, 750 Jay, h 752 do

Cummings Mary, widow Edward, h 323 Railroad av

Cummings Mary Mrs., h 546 S Main

Cummings Mead M., real estate, h 1217 Maxwell av

Cummings Morris, mason, h 856 N Main

Cunningham Andrew, crimper, h 267 W Henry

Cunningham Isaac H., carpenter, h 110 Baldwin

Cunningham John, carpenter, h 722 S Main

Cunningham Joseph, bell boy, Delavan House, h 611 Dickinson

Cunningham Mary, housekeeper, 168 High

Cunningham Michael Rev., h 168 High

Cunningham Michael, Elmira gaslight Co., h Buckbee house

Cunningham Seneca L., carpenter, h 514 Oak

Cunningham Sarah M., widow LeRue, h 204 Chestnut

Cunningham Thomas, blacksmith, h 718 S Main

CUNNINGHAM THOMAS Rev., pastor St. Peter and St. Paul’s R. C. Church, h 168 High

Cunningham William, bell boy, Delavan House, h 611 Dickinson

Curley John, laborer, 213 Harriet

Curley John F., clerk, 100 Lake, h 213 Harriet

Curley Michael, hostler, h 158 Washington

Curley Patrick, hotel, 161 E Washington av

Curran Hannah, domestic, 409 E Church

Curran James, laborer, h Canal n E Washington

Curran John, cigarmaker, h 613 E 3d

Curran Kate, widow Daniel, h 613 E 3d

Curran Mary, widow Thomas, h Baldwin n Hathaway

Curran Michael, laborer, h 612 E 3d

Curran Sarah A., widow Thomas H., h 407 W Gray

Curran Thomas, cigarmaker, h 652 E Clinton

Curran Thomas, salesman, 414 E Market, h at Watkins

Curran Thomas, stripper, h 558 Canal

Currie William, cloth finisher, h 409 Oak

Curry James, engine hostler, h 760 S Main

Curry Margaret B., housekeeper, 760 S Main

Curry Michael, helper, h 760 S Main

Curtin Andrew, salesman, h 654 College av

Curtin Annie, tailoress, h 114 E Water

Curtin Charles, laborer, h 110 Spring

Curtin Daniel E., shoemaker, 110 Spring

Curtin Ellen, widow Stephen, h 110 Spring

Curtin John, laborer, h 110 Spring

Curtin Maggie, domestic, 523 E Union

Curtin Mary Ann, domestic, 504 E Water

Curtis Charles H., news agent, h 409 Walnut

Curtis Dexter D., division clerk Erie depot, h 205 Columbia

Curtis Elizabeth R., h 354 W 6th

Curtis Franklin T., crimper, h 432 Carroll n Fox

Curtis John J., bookkeeper, 109 W Water, h 401 W Gray

Curtis Laty, widow Elda, h 117 Caldwell av

Curtis Mary A., h 421 Columbia

Curtis Sarah E., widow William M., h 409 Walnut

Cushing Albert, shoemaker, h 203 Railroad av

Cushing John, salesman, h 558 E Church

Cushing Joseph W., shoemaker, h 306 W Church

Cusisk John, tanner, h 411 Powell

Cusick Patrick, saloon, 700 S Main h do

Custer Kate, domestic, 522 William

Custer Mary E., trimmer, h 408 E Clinton

Cuykendall Catharine, h 505 Madison av


Dabelstein Christina, widow Carl, h 527 E Union

Dacie Mary, widow Michael, h West End Hotel

Dahon Mary, widow Thomas, h 208 Harriet

Dailey Bridget, cook, Wyckoff House

Dailey Nettie L., h 109 W Church

Dailey William H., conductor, h 420 College av

Daily Dennis, laborer, h Jones bel Robinson

Daily Eugene, engineer, h Jones bel Robinson

Daily Julia, saleslady, 108 W Water, h Jones n city limits

Daily Mary A., saleslady, 304 E Water, h Jones n city limits

Dale George W., mail messenger, h 320 DeWitt

Dale John G., baggage master, h 709 Kinyon

Dale Mary A., widow John D., h 256 W 5th

Dale Samuel S., asst. manager Elmira Woolen Mill, h 503 Sullivan

Dale William E., conductor, h 122 E Water

Daley Bridget, widow John, h 313 Railroad av

Daley Daniel T., printer, h 848 Railroad av

Daley Patrick, cleaner, h 614 E 3d

Daley William, laborer, h 614 E 3d

Dall Austin, (Elmira Woolen Mill), h N. Y.

Dalrymple Silas, teamster, h 238 Mt Zoar

Dalton Mary, domestic, 360 W Gray

Dalton Michael, city expressman, h 659 Magee

Daly Dennis, engineer, h 216 Washington

DALY DENNIS Jr., grocer, 806 Madison av, h do

Daly James M., musician, h 257 W 3d

Daly John, cigar maker, h 614 E 3d

Daly Matthew, furnaceman, h 908 Magee

Daly William P., cigarmaker, h 614 E 3d

Danforth Edward, secy., 212 E Water, h Rathbun House

Daniels Albert J., cigar manufr, Magee cor W 4th, h 312 S Main

Daniels Griffith R., tailor, h 110 W Market

Daniels Henry, express messenger, h 818 Church

Daniels Jerome, engineer, 606 Penna av, n city limits

Daniels Katharine A., teacher, Elmira Female College, h do

Daniels Mary, widow William H., h 818 W Church

DANIELS WALTER J., meat market, 116 S Main, h 312 do

Danks Edward S., foreman, h 211 William

Danks Orris, livery, E Market n Baldwin, h 464 W 1st

Dann Amos B., cooper, 207 W Water, h 234 do

Dannaher Kate, widow Hogan, h 315 Webber pl

Dannaher Thomas, laborer, h 315 Webber Place

Darby Elizabeth, widow Frederick, h r 107 W Water

DARBY FRANK B., dentist, 126 and 128 E Water, h 418 W Church

Darling Joseph L., salesman, 155 Baldwin, h 400 High

Darling Willis, painter, h W South av cor N C R R

Darrin Matthew K., h 108 Elm

D’AUTREMONT CHARLES Jr., lawyer, 206 E Water, h 321 Madison av

Daved Harriet A., vestmaker, h 302 E Water

Davenport D. Romayn, (Bement & Davenport), h 109 Columbia

Davey Martha Mrs., h W South Av n N. C. R. R.

Davey William M., conductor, h 230 W South av

Davidge John, laborer, h 215 Sullivan

Davidson Adam (Dey Brothers & Davidson), h 262 W South av

DAVIDSON JOHN T., lawyer, also U. S. Circuit Court Commissioner, 116 Baldwin, h 222 Pennsylvania av

Davidson Lillah, milliner, h 159 Madison av

Davidson Sarah, h 160 High

Davies Benjamin L. Mrs., groceries, h 666 Columbia

Davies Henry F., cigarmaker, h 381 W 3d

Davis Alvin, painter, h 656 Park Place

Davis Annie, domestic, 127 Harriet

Davis Arthur W., iron wagons, 110 E Church, h 253 Baldwin

Davis Benjamin F., engineer, h 428 Pleasant

Davis Benjamin L., printer Gazette, h 110 Broadway

Davis Benjamin O., carpenter, h 1125 Elm

Davis Charles B., foreman N. C. R. R. Shops, h 225 Mt Zoar

Davis Charles E., lamp lighter, h Reformatory av n Davis

Davis Charles H., bookkeeper, h 107 E 5th, h 509 S Elm

Davis Clarence S., tinsmith, h 429 E Water

Davis Daniel, iron wagons, 110 E Church, h 401 Columbia

DAVIS DAVID W., travelers home, 373 Railroad av

Davis Etna, machinist, 401 Columbia

Davis George L., lawyer, 7 and 8 Arcade Block, Lake, h 301 Church

Davis Georgiana, seamstress, h 605 E Church

Davis Gershom T., music teacher, h 110 Broadway

Davis Henry A., salesman, 119 E Water, h 310 Hine

Davis Herman C., conductor, h 812 Lincoln

Davis Ida, domestic, 314 W Clinton

Davis Iron Wagon Co., 110 E Church

Davis James, machinist, h 160 Baldwin

Davis James W., driver U. S. Ex. Co., h 416 W 5th

Davis John, boots and shoes, 168 Lake, h 751 E Water

Davis John, filler, h Davis n Centre

Davis John, laborer, h 710 Day

Davis John, rail straighteneR, h Davis n Noble

Davis John C., shoemaker, h 216 W Henry

Davis John F., brakeman, h 234 Mt Zoar

Davis Joseph, shoemaker, h 127 Harriet

Davis Julia, widow James, h 360 W 2d

Davis Levi, rail straightener, h 110 Broadway

Davis Levi M., laborer, h 966 Magee

Davis Manfard H., druggist, 312 E Water, h 314 Baldwin

Davis Maria E., widow Henry E., h 417 W 2d

Davis Martha E., h 606 Baldwin

Davis Mary, dressmaker, h 127 Harriet

Davis Mary Mrs., h 605 Beach

Davis Phillip T., clerk coal agts office Erie depot, h 751 E Water

Davis Reese, puddler, h 833 Canal

Davis Robert, shoemaker, h 127 Harriet

Davis Robert W., manager Davis Iron Wagon Works, h 113 E Church

Davis Russel M., carpenter, h 461 S Broadway

Davis William J., machinist, h 102 W Water

DAVISON CHARLES S., bookkeeper, also financier A. O. U. W., 121 E 2d, h 416 W Clinton

DAVISON ELMER, restaurant and milk depot, 408 E Market, h 508 Park Place

DAVISON JAMES B., prop’r American Hotel, 113 W 3d

Davison Maud, widow Albert, h 300 E Water

Dawes Elihsa A., carriage trimmer, h 612 E Water

Dawes T. Albert, painter, h 612 E Water

Dawes William H., carriage painter, h 612 E Water

Day Charles, engineer, h 262 Jones’ la

Day Stephen H., laborer, h 262 Jones’ la

Dayton Cenclare, h 860 E Church

Dean Anna, laundress, h 124 Lake

Dean Benjamin R., carpenter, h 662 Columbia

Dean Elmer, clerk, 115 E Water, h 662 Columbia

Dean Eugene, teamster, h Washington av cor Canal

Dean Lansing, switchman, h 654 Lake

Dean Lewis N., moulder, h 101 Washington av

Dean Nathan, teamster, h Washington av cor Canal

Dean Margaret, domestic, 56 Orchard

Decker Casper G., clerk, 507 W Water

Decker Casper S. (Palmer & Decker), h 507 W Water

Decker Charles E., laborer, h Washington av cor Canal

Decker Charles F., carpenter, h 354 Railroad av

Decker David, tanner, h 302 W Clinton

Decker Ernst O., boxmaker, h 511 W 3d

Decker George W., tobacco grower, h 103 Pennsylvania av

Decker Hiram, carpenter, h 609 S Main

Decker James R., gardener, h 103 Pennsylvania av

Decker John, laborer, h 210 Orchard

Decker Mary S., dressmaker, h 203 E Water

Decker Nicholas C., laborer, h Washington av cor Canal

Decker Peter, peddler, h 466 W 2d

Decker Philip, stable boss, h Washington cor Canal

Decker Samuel T., cigarboxmaker, h 511 W 3d

Decker Sarah, widow Simon, h 310 Elm

Decker Sethena M., dressmaker, 203 E Water, h do

Decker Simon, farmer, Maple av ab E Miller av h do

Decker William, tanner, h 710 E Clinton

Decker William A., farmer, Mt Zoar ab city limits, h do

Deckerman A., trav agent, Railroad av cor W Market h at Penn Yan

Dee James, blacksmith, h 414 Elm

Degen Sophia, widow Charles, h 304 High

Degen Sophia, teacher, h 304 High

DeGraw Andrew W., harnessmaker, h 423 Standish

Degraw Elizabeth, h Plank rd n Southport Corners

Deichert Henry, laborer, h 658 E Clinton

Deister Barbara, h 701 Jay

Deister Jacob, blacksmith, h 760 Jay

DEISTER JOHN jr., grocer, 801 E Church, h 803 do