Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Deister Mary A., widow John, h 701 Jay

Deister Matthew, laborer, h 701 Jay

DEISTER MICHAEL, saloon, 322 E Water h do

Deister Nicholas, policeman, h 214 Harriet

Delam Charles A., cabinetmaker, h 107 Partridge

Delamarter Charles M. (E. Delamarter & Co.), h 509 E Market

DELAMARTER E. & CO. (Charles Delamarter), tinware manufrs., 323 E Water, also rag ware house, John cor DeWitt

Delamarter Eugene (E Delamarter & Co.), h 617 Lake

Delamarter William F., salesman, h 206 Hoffman

DeLancey Albert C., engineer, h 501 Columbia

DeLancey Maria, widow John, h 501 Columbia

DeLaney John, shoemaker, h 517 Oak

Delaney John, conductor, h 360 W 3d

Delaney Mary, widow Thomas, h 360 W 3d

Delaney Michael J., baggagemaster, h 546 S Main

Delaney Michael W., conductor, 151 Franklin

Delaney William, farmer, h 364 W 4th

Delano Sarah E. Mrs., h Bulkhead rd ab South av

Delant Lizzie, domestic, Haight’s hotel

Delant Mary, widow Dennis, h 416 DeWitt

Delant Thomas, hackman, h 210 Madison av

Delavan House, Cyrus T. Smith, Railroad av cor W Clinton

DeLavergne William, brakeman, h 716 Columbia

DeLay John, porter, h 311 W 2d

Delke Charles, laborer, h 113 High

Delo Thomas B. (W. S. Coykendall & Co.), h 310 Pennsylvania av

Deming Mariette, domestic, 106 Ferris

Dempsey Bartholomew, laborer, h 323 River

Dempsey Bartholomew jr., shoemaker, h 323 River

Dempsey Bartholomew, shoemaker, 208 W Hudson, h 123 do

Dempsey Daniel, laborer, h 906 E Market

Dempsey Dennis, laborer, h 323 River

Dempsey Dennis, laborer, h Jones bel Robinson

Dempsey Dennis, shoemaker, h 123 W Hudson

Dempsey Dennis, mason, h 265 W Hudson

Dempsey Ella, dressmaker, h 323 River

Dempsey Fenton, laborer, h 467 W Hudson

Dempsey James, machinist, h 368 Railroad av

Dempsey John, driver, h 368 Railroad av

Dempsey John, mason, h Jones bel Robinson

Dempsey John, teamster, h 368 Railroad av

Dempsey Julia, widow Michael, h 402 S Elm

Dempsey Julia, widow James, h 368 Railroad av

Dempsey Maggie, domestic, Rathbun House

Dempsey Mary, domestic, 113 W S Water

Dempsey Nellie, dressmaker, h 906 E Market

Dempsey Patrick M., cigarmaker, h 449 W Hudson

Dempsey Patrick jr., laborer, h 449 W Hudson

Dempsey Rick, laborer, h 368 Railroad av

Dempsey Thomas, blacksmith, h 467 W Hudson

Dempsey Thomas, laborer, h 906 E Market

Dempsey Timothy, laborer, h 906 E Market

Dempster Daniel, presser, h 906 E Market

Deneen John, laborer, h 206 S Chestnut

Denio Emery, fireman, h 430 Pleasant

Denison Frank B., h 906 East av

Denney Charles, waiter, h 720 Baldwin

Dennis Carrie Mrs., domestic, 129 N Main

Dennis Charles, laborer, h 430 S Broadway

Dennis Elizabeth, widow David, h 617 Lake

Dennis Perkins W., barber, h 430 S Broadway

Dennison Margaret, widow John, h 813 East av

Dennison Robert T., weaver, h 813 East av

Dennison Sarah A., weaver, h 813 East av

Denniston Elizabeth J., boxmaker, h 813 East av

Denniston Sadie M., weaver, h 813 East av

Densmore Joseph D., painter, 103 W Water, h 79 Walnut

Dent Alfred B., bookkeeper, 111 Railroad av, h 301 E Church

Denton Edgar, lawyer, 344 E Water, h 1001 Davis

Denton Julius S., jeweler, h 373 W Clinton

Denton Lucretia, widow Seymour F., h 373 W Clinton

DePeu Richard M., clerk, Erie R. R., h 151 W 3d

Derby Abner L., agent, 219 S Main, h 104 W S Water

Derby Alden, shoemaker, h 75 Walnut

Derby Charles S., meat market, 363 Davis, h 804 W 1st

Derby Elmer H., painter, h 309 Hine

Derby James L., operator, h 331 Centre

Derby John M., carpenter, h 309 Hine

Derby Loring W., foreman, h 331 Centre

Deroche Louis, shoemaker, h 704 John

Derth William E., shoemaker, h 110 Ferris

DeShilds Hester Mrs., h 715 Dickinson

Desky Isaac, clothing, h 119 High

Desment Nora, domestic, Pattinson House

Desmond James, mail messenger, h 606 E 2d

Desmond Maggie, domestic, 628 W Church

Deven Martin L., stonecutter, h 106 Ferris

Devener William, shoemaker, h Main cor Hudson

Devereaux R. M., bank examiner, h 505 Magee

Devine Edward, heater, h 415 Standish

Devine Maggie, dressmaker, h 415 Standish

Devine Robert, hooker, h 415 Standish

Devine William, hooker, h 415 Standish

Deviny Timothy, laborer, h 163 Harriet

Devlin John, puddler, h 809 Canal

DeVoe Benjamin T., grocer, 470 W 2d, h do

DeVoe Frederick A., h 315 Baldwin

Devoe James F., shoemaker, h 470 W 2d

DeVOE MARTIN, Pattinson House, 164 Baldwin

Devoe Thomas J., weaver, h 503 Sullivan

DeWaters Wright, (Grant & DeWaters), h 460 Franklin cor Jefferson

DeWitt Abram B., oil business, h 50 Pennsylvania av

DeWITT ABRAM M., groceries, 153 Baldwin, also stoves, crockery, tinware, wool, etc., 155 do, h 213 Washington

DeWitt Charles G., clerk, 152 Baldwin h 608 W Water

DeWitt Edgar L., clerk, E Market, h 159 Madison

DeWitt Harriet, domestic, 429 W Clinton

Dewitt Isaac T., clerk, 111 Railroad av, h 505 E Water

DeWitt I. T. Mrs., dressmaker, 505 E Water, h do

DeWitt Jacob B., h 217 DeWitt

DeWitt Maggie, widow James, h 200 W Water

DeWitt Roscious S., gunsmith, h 159 Madison av

DeWitt Stephen H., plumber, h 217 DeWitt

DeWITT SUTHERLAND, agent United States, also Central Express Co., 152 Baldwin, h 608 W Water

DeWitt William P., gunsmith, 418 E Water, h 159 Madison av

DeWitt Wyntje H., h 217 DeWitt

Dexter Charlotte, widow Aaron, h 322 W Gray

Dexter Hamilton P., h 322 W Gray

Dexter Harry A., student, h 207 W Gray

Dexter John M., china and glass ware, 327 E Water, h 207 W Gray

Dexter Seymour, county judge, court house, h 103 S Main

DEY BROTHERS & DAVIDSON, (Robert and Donald Dey and Adam Davidson), dry goods and notions, 134 W Water

Dey Donald (Dey Brothers & Davidson), h 262 W S Water

Dey James G., bookkeeper, 134 W Water, h 262 W S Water

Dey Robert (Dey Brothers & Davidson), h 262 W S Water

Deyo James H., cigarmaker, h 500 E Water

Dias Sidney S., painter, h 661 N Main

Dibble J. C., laborer, h 110 N Main

Dickerman William H., cutter, h 385 W Water

Dickinson Alexander B., switchman, h 421 W 4th

Dickinson Edward, organist, h 351 N Main

Dickinson Emily S. Mrs., vestmaker, h 150 Madison av

Dickinson George H., clerk, 159 Lake, h 305 William

DICKINSON GEORGE S., grocer, 159 Lake, h 305 William

Dickinson H. Burch, supt., 134 W Water, h 133 E Hudson

Dickinson Henry B., (Dickinson & Hoffman), h 501 Lake

Dickinson James A., shoemaker, h 105 Columbia

Dickinson Sarah E., boarding, 105 Columbia

Dickinson Sarah S., widow Aristarchus, h 375 W Water

DICKINSON & HOFFMAN, (Henry B. Dickinson and Edward M. Hoffman), saddlers and harnessmakers, 302 E Water

Dickison Catharine, laundress, h 604 Baldwin

Diedrich William F., grocer, 562 E Church, h do

Diehl Helena, dressmaker, h 153 Washington

DIEHL JACOB, bakery, 151 Washington, h do

Diehl Paul, butcher, h 156 W 3d

Dielk Charles, laborer, h 113 High

Dietzel Adam, driver, h 856 E Market

Dietzman Leonard, slateroofer, Sullivan n Market

Digby James, salesman, h 508 Madison av

Dignan Thomas, laborer, h 442 W Clinton

Dildine Henry H., laborer, h 561 Coburn

Dildine James, laborer, h 132 W Henry

Dildine Lydia, widow Dennis, h 132 W Henry

Dill Charles H. (Henry Gardner & Co.), h W Water n City limits

Dillisdin Edward E., farmer, h 315 Franklin

Dillman Cyrus, engineer, h 423 Railroad av

Dillon Daniel, helper, h Troy House

Dillon Edward H., Sunday Telegram, h 506 DeWitt

Dillon Edward W., shoemaker, h 804 Hatch

Dillon Lizzie, domestic, 322 W Clinton

Dillon Mary A., domestic, 404 Lake

Dilmore Lucinda, widow Richard, h 405 E Union

Dimond Reuben O., shoemaker, h 380 W 1st

Dineen Norah, domestic, h 361 W Clinton

Dininny Ferral C., prest. Butler Colliery Co., h 812 W Water

Dininny Ferral C., jr., sec. Butler Colliery Co., h 812 W Water

Dininny Harper J. (J. W. & H. J. Dininny), 866 N Main

Dininny J. W. & H. J., lawyers, 301 E Water

Dininny John W. (J. W. & H. J. Dininny), h at Addison

Dion Martin, wiper, h 955 Oak

Disbrow Isabella S., teacher, h 755 E Market

Disbrow Noah, cutter, h 755 E Market

Dismore James A., cutter, h Gray cor Baldwin

Dismore William A., clerk 313 E Water, h Gray cor Baldwin

Disney James, clerk, 213 Baldwin, h 109 Spring

Disney Thomas S., shoemaker, h 418 Elm

Dittman Jacob, laborer, h 401 Railroad av

Ditzmtan Leonard, slater, roofer, h 164 Sullivan

DIVEN ALEXANDER, mayor, Masonic Temple, also supt. La France Fire Engine Co., h 514 Lake

Diven Alexander S., prest. Elmira Water Works Co., also prest. Elmira and Horseheads Railway Co., 212 E Water, h Willow Brook Lake

Diven Eugene, (LaFrance Fire Engine Co.), h 502 W Church

DIVEN GEORGE M., (Diven & Redfield), also prest. LaFrance Fire Engine Co., also vice prest. Elmira Water Works, also prest. Elmira and Horseheads Railway Co., h 957 Lake

DIVEN JOHN M., sec. Elmira Water Works Co., also supt. Elmira and Horseheads Railway Co., h Willow Brook

Diven Martin L., marble cutter, h 106 Ferris

Diven William N., asst. supt., h 517 Harper

Diven & Redfield (George M. Diven & Henry S. Redfield), lawyers, 212 E Water

Doane Addison, lumberman, h 753 Day

Doane Clarissa C., widow Ezekiel P., h 418 W 2d

Doane David, blacksmith, h 406 DeWitt

Doane Madison, teamster, h 715 E Washington av

Doane Martha, domestic, 141 W Water

Doane Roberson, teamster, h 317 E Washington av

Doane Royal, wagonmaker, 357 E Washington, h 917 Benton

DOBBINS ANDREW J., pro. Frasier House, W 3d cor Railroad av

Dobell Stephen, teamster, h 1022 Oak

Doberstein August, laborer, h Robinson bel Esty

Dobson Margaret, widow Thomas, h 653 ½ Lake

Dobson Thomas W., laborer, h 653 ½ Lake

Dockstader Otis A., architect, 118 Lake, h do

Dodd Edward, moulder, h 506 E 3d

Dodd Edward K., toolmaker, h 124 Carpenter

Dodd James A., grinder, h 200 E Gray

Dodd Thomas A., conductor, h 218 Washington

Dodge Charles G., bookkeeper, 115 E Water, h Haight’s Hotel

Dodge Laura C., widow John, h 111 Columbia

Doherty Delia A., operator, h Junction cor Home

Doherty Frank, shoemaker, h 217 Harriet

Doherty John C., stone cutter, h Junction cor Home

Doherty Kate L., typesetter, h Junction cor Home

Doherty Mary A., operator, h Junction cor Home

Doherty Patrick, stone cutter, h Junction cor Home

Dohoney John E., foreman, h 523 Jefferson

Dolan David, laborer, h Dewitt

Dolan Ellen, widow Patrick, h 607 E 3d

Dolan John, stripper, h 607 E 3d

Dolan Thomas, cigarmaker, h 607 E 3d

Doloway George S., laborer, h 75 Pennsylvania av

DOLSON CHARLES A., lawyer, 4 Opera block, Lake, h 216 William

Domaille Jennie Mrs., saloon, 450 E Market h do

Donahue Denis, grocer, 301 S Broadway, h do

Donahue Florence, agent, h 156 DeWitt

Donahue Kate, domestic, 356 W Clinton

Donahue Margaret, widow Cornelius, h 233 Mt Zoar

Donahue Mary, domestic, 370 W Water

Donahue Michael, laborer, h 556 E Market

Donahue Nellie, domestic, h 651 College av

Donahue Timothy, domestic, 407 W Water

Donavan John, clerk, L. V. R. R. freight office, h 340 W 7th

Donlon Maggie, domestic, 521 Pennsylvania av

Donnell Julia A., widow William P., h 527 W 1st

Donnelly Luke, engineer, h 113 S 2d

Donnelly Peter, bookkeeper, h 459 Powell

Donohue Catharine, widow Patrick, h 375 W Clinton

Donohue Cornelius, helper, h 210 Broadway

Donohue Florence E., salesman 121 E 2d, h 156 DeWitt

Donohue James, laborer, h 554 E 3rd

Donohue John, laborer, h Luce bel Robinson

Donohue Katie, domestic, 233 Mt Zoar

Donohue Mary, domestic, Rathbun House

Donohue Patrick, laborer, h E R R. ab Centre

Donovan Hannah Mrs., h 721 Dickinson

Donovan Michael, shoemaker, h 505 E Market

Donovan Richard, laborer, h 615 Jay

Donovan Timothy, saloon, 365 Railroad av

DORMAUL ELIAS H., dry goods, carpets, 325 E Water, h 406 N Main

Dormaul Morris, bookkeeper, 325 E Water, h 132 do

Dorn Cornelia, domestic, 109 Columbia

Dorn Ella, h 367 Pennsylvania av

Dorn Frank E., bookkeeper, 156 Baldwin, h 376 Pennsylvania av

DORN GEORGE, wholesale butter dealer, 156 Baldwin, h 367 Pennsylvania av

Dorn Isaac, driver, h 913 E Market

Dorr David S., shoemaker, 103 E Water, h 206 DeWitt

Dorsey Henry, laborer, h 608 ½ Baldwin

Dorsey Maggie, domestic, 313 Lake

Dougherty Charles F., cigarmanfr, 319 Washington, h do

Dougherty Charles H., blacksmith, h 319 Washington

Dougherty Maggie, domestic, 302 W Clinton

Douglass Frank W., rougher, h 416 W 4th

DOUNCE FRED N., coal dealer, 208 E Market, h 514 W Church

Dounce George A., bookkeeper, 340 E Water, h 508 William

Dounce Oliver H., (Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co.), h 508 William

Dounce Will D. (William J. Dounce & Co.), h 522 William

Dounce William J. (William J. Dounce & Co.), also (Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co.), h 514 W Church

DOUNCE WILLIAM J. & CO. (Will D. Dounce), pig iron and coal, E 5th cor Railroad av

DOW ISAIAH C., magnetic physician, office hours 1 to 5 P. M., 1219 Lake, h do

Dowd Caroline, 763 E 2d

Dowling James, laborer, h 359 Roe av

Dowling Kate, dressmaker, h 359 Roe av

Dowling Mary, widow Laughlin, h 164 Orchard

Down George, carpenter, h 409 W 2d

Doxey Elizabeth, widow Augustus, h 655 N Main

Doxey Nicholas D., shipping clerk Rolling Mill Co., h 655 N Main

DOYLE GEORGE W., umbrella manufacturer, h 319 E Water

Doyle James, laborer, h 815 Magee

Doyle James jr., clerk, 815 Magee

Doyle Kate, domestic, 419 W Church

Doyle Michael, car repairer, h 660 Columbia

Doyle Nellie, domestic, 419 W Church

Draiss Adam, shoemaker, h 713 Dickinson

Drake Andrew J., carpenter, h 410 Pleasant

Drake Andrew J., h 367 W 4th

Drake C. C., general freight and passenger agent, T. and Elmira State Line Railroad, 501 Railroad av, h 756 Park pl

Drake David S., genl supt Blossburg Coal Co., h 423 W Church

Drake Francis H., wagonmaker, h 114 W Hudson

Drake Frank F., clerk T. & E S L R, h American hotel

Drake George E., conductor N C R W., h 114 W Hudson

Drake H. A. Dean Mrs., physician, 214 Baldwin, h do

DRAKE HENRY E., jeweler 335 E Water, h 417 E Market

Drake James H., carpenter, h 114 W Hudson

DRAKE LEON H., coal, wood and lumber W 4th cor Railroad av, h 902 College av

Drake Samuel, meat market 419 N Main, h 263 Church

DRAKE WILLIAM I., meat market 419 N Main, h 263 Church

Drake William J., carpenter, h 214 Baldwin

Drew Belle F. Mrs., millinery, 120 W Water, h 611 W 1st

DREW EBENEZER D., fancy goods, 120 W Water, h 611 W 1st

Drewer Lucas, painter, h 725 W 1st

Driggs Robert, laborer, h 267 W Hudson

Driscoll Cornelius, laborer, h 141 E Water

Driscoll Deborah, operator, h 358 Elm

Driscoll Johanna C., domestic, 117 W Market

Driscoll Mary, domestic, 213 College av

Driscoll Michael J., cigarmaker, h Homestead Hotel

Drummer John, shoemaker, h 510 Madison av

Drummer John J., shoemaker, h 510 Madison av

Drury Orlanda A., salesman, h 142 E S Water

DuBois John, painter, h Pattinson House

DuBois Olive J., operator, h Pattinson House

DuBois William M., h 316 Lake

Duggan John, printer, office Free Press, h Buckbee house

Duguid Henry L., (G. E. Plumb & Co.), h at Syracuse

Duhl Louis, ice dealer, h 950 Oak

Dukeman W. H., physician, h 363 College av

Dullin Emil, book binder, Advertiser, h 308 Orchard

Dullin Fred jr., bookbinder, Advertiser, h 304 Washington

Dullin Frederick, painter, h 304 Washington

Dullin George, tuner, 209 E Church, h 304 Washington

DUMARS JAMES H., bookseller and stationer, 142 W Water, h 718 do

Dumars Joseph, h 202 E Gray

DUMARS ROBERT R. R., editor, Advertiser, h 466 W Water

DUN R. G. & Co., mercantile agency, 338 E Water

Dunavon John E., fireman h 375 W Clinton

Duncan Howard, h 310 Grove

Duncan William D., western ticket agent, 156 W Clinton, h do

DUNDAS THOMAS A., physician and surgeon, 128 W Water, h do, office hours, 8 to 9 am., 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 pm

Dunfee Ellen, dressmaker, h 855 E Church

Dunfee Josephine, teacher, h 855 E Church

Dunfee Thomas, quarryman, h 855 E Church

Dunham George B., laborer, h 960 E Clinton

Dunham Joseph E., clerk, 156 Baldwin, h 536 Pennsylvania av

Dunham Marshal, commercial traveler, h 360 Franklin

Dunham Mary L., nurse, h 960 E Clinton

Dunham Roger, servant, h 960 E Clinton

Dunkel Harriet Mrs., h 701 Dickinson

DUNLAP BENJAMIN F., agent Singer Manf’g Co., 101 W Water, h 314 Baldwin

Dunlap James W., laborer, h 380 W 1st

Dunlap Maggie, widow John, h 380 W 1st

Dunn Bernard, machinist, h 653 Davis

Dunn Daniel, laborer, h 427 W 5th

Dunn Edward L., student, h 404 Madison av

Dunn Eliza T., saleslady, 115 E Water, h 509 Lake

Dunn Eliza T., widow James, h 410 N Main

Dunn Ellen, domestic, 511 W Water

Dunn James, carpenter, h 406 S Magee

Dunn James, machinist, h S 2d n N C R R

Dunn John, soda water, h 500 Oak, h do

Dunn Maggie, housekeeper, 379 W 4th

Dunn Mercy A., h 509 Lake

Dunn Owen, spinner, h 814 East av

Dunn Owen, jr., laborer, h 500 Oak

Dunn Patrick, foreman, h 404 Madison av

Dunn Patrick, shoemaker, h 218 Baldwin

Dunn William T., clerk, Elmira gas light Co., h 404 Madison av

Dunne Maggie, widow John, h 908 Magee

Dunning Amanda, widow Abram, h 414 Fulton

Dunning Eben, h 414 Fulton

Dunning Edward, farmer, h Luce bel Maple av

Dunning Elizabeth, nurse, h 511 E Union

Dunning Herman, baker, h 359 College av

Dunning Susan, widow Gabriel, h 217 DeWitt

Dunstone Lovedy A., dressmaker, h 171 Baldwin

Duppre Lettie, widow Nelson, h 218 E Market

Dupra Nelson, shoemaker, h 218 E Market

Durbon Augustua J., teacher, h 527 W Church

Durbon Julia C., teacher, h 527 W Church

Durkee John F., h 226 Mt Zoar

Durland Charles O. (Durland & Barton), h 617 W 1st

Durland Daniel T., (Durland & Pratt), h 628 W Church

Durland & Barton (Charles O. Durland and Robert W. Barton), spice mills, 107 E Church

DURLAND & PRATT, (Daniel T. Durland and Timothy S. Pratt), dry goods and carpets, 305 E Water

Duryea Virgil Y., harnessmaker, h 410 Fulton

Dutton Elwin, conductor, h 108 Lormore

Duval Francis M., druggist, 107 S Main, h do

Duval Julia., widow John, h 107 S Main

Dwan Ellen, domestic, 508 Columbia

Dyer Mary L. Mrs., h 606 Jay

Dyer Morgan, agricultural works, 208 E Market, h 459 W S Water

Dyer Winfield S., wood and coal, 208 E Market, h 459 W 3d

Dyke William, whitewasher, h 663 Dickinson

Dyott John C., foreman, h 701 Kinyon

Dysart Christ W., clerk, N. C. R. W., h 709 N Main


Earl Frank P., mason, h 908 Oak

Earl William D., mason, h 123 Judson

EARLE FREDERICA A., dep collector Internal Revenue, 150 Baldwin, h 122 W Hudson

Eastabrook Reuben B., shoemaker, h 376 W Water

Eastabrook Sylvanus, train agent N. C. R. R., h 707 N Main

Eastabrook William N., div. operator N. C. R’w, h 713 N Main

Eastern Hotel, Mrs. Rosa Snyder, 511 Railroad av

Eastman Eliab F., stovemounter, 151 Baldwin, h 412 Oak

Easton Albert J., laborer, h r 505 Sullivan

Easton Hattie L., h r 505 Sullivan

Easton James D., physician, 509 E Market, h do

Easton Mary, widow William, h 522 W Hudson

Eaton Bernice, domestic, 305 S Main

Eaton Nathan P., lawyer, h 700 E Market

Eaton Nat. L., flagman, h 514 Herrick

Eaton Nathaniel L., carpenter, h 514 Herrick

Eberle Peter, tanner, Judson n Church

Ebert Frederick, laborer, h 635 Josephine

Eckenberger Haman, miller, h 514 Pennsylvania av

Eckenberger Nellie C., h 518 Pennsylvania av

Eckenberger Sarah, widow Charles A., h 518 Pennsylvania av

Eckenberger William H., fireman, h 211 Franklin

Eckert Wallace B., clerk, 308 Carroll, h 315 do

Eckstein Killian, h 119 Orchard

Ecremont Josie, tailoress, h 124 Lake

Eddings Ella, domestic, 265 W Clinton

Eddy Catharine W., widow Nathan, h 515 Union

EDDY ERMINA C., physician, 515 Union, h do

EDDY SARAH M., physician, 515 Union, h do, office hours, 8 to 10 am, 3 to 5 and 7 pm

Eddy Sula S., teacher, h 515 E Union

Eddy Tillie, dressmaker, h 328 E Water

Edgcomb Hattie, student, h 559 Coburn

Edgcomb Thomas, gardener, h 119 Harriet

Edgerly Marie, music teacher, h 518 W 1st

Edgerly William, confectionery, 105 E Water, h 518 W 1st

Edgerton Frank, pattern maker, h 514 W 1st

Edmunds William, puddler, h 913 N Main

Edsall Francis Mrs., h 154 Hill

Edsall Jesse, fireman, h 552 S Main

Edwards Ernest C., salesman, 325 E Water, h 412 W 4th

Edwards Joseph, painter, h 520 Baldwin

Edwards Thomas P., carpenter, h 412 W 4th

Edwards William, laborer, h 115 High

Egan Millie, domestic, 110 W 2d

Egan Patrick J., tailor, 506 N Main, h 504 do

Egbert Isaac, car driver, h 410 Standish

Egbert William, architect, h 358 Columbia

Egger Albert (Schweppe & Egger), h 167 Baldwin

Ehrlich Charles E., tailor, h 550 John

Eisenacher August, machinist, h 605 E Water

Elder John S., carpenter, h 607 Walnut

Eldred Daniel L., stenographer, h 306 DeWitt

Eldred John E., physician, 206 S Main, h do

Eldridge Hannah, widow Edwin, h 52 S Main

Elias Louis, cigarmaker, h 311 Baldwin

Eliassof Levi Rev., h 714 John

Ellett Anna, widow Joseph H., h 712 Baldwin

Ellett William Y., policeman, h 712 Baldwin

Elliot James, carriage painter, h 216 Lormore

Elliot William H., laborer, h 801 Lake

Elliott Charles L., clerk, 157 Lake, h 859 E Market

Elliott James E., clerk, 148 W Water, h 316 Orchard

Elliott Margaret D., widow Isaac, h 859 E Market

Elliott Mary, domestic, 326 Baldwin

Ellis Amelia, domestic, h College av cor Broadway

ELLIS DANIEL M., carriagemaker, h 521 Harper

Ellis Elizabeth Mrs., dressmaker, h 104 Lake

ELLIS MELVINE R., groceries, 110 W Water, h 113 Walnut

Ellis Victor, barber, h 643 Baldwin

Ellis William, h 153 Lake

Ellis William, rag dealer, 464 E Water, h 653 Baldwin

Ellore Alexander, engineer, h 318 High

Ells James, machinist, h 425 Standish

Ells Warren M., carpenter, h 404 High

Elmendorf Bitruvius, painter, h 709 W Water

Elmendorf Charles L., clerk, 109 E 2d, h 208 Hoffman

Elmendorf George, painter, 209 W Water, h 709 do

Elmendorf Milton M., painter, h 709 W Water

Elmendorf William V., salesman, 151 Baldwin, h 610 W Gray

Elmer George W., tool grinder, h 506 E 3rd

ELMIRA ADVERTISER ASSOCIATION, Charles G. Fairman, prest.; R. R. R. Dumars, sec’y.; Robert T. Turner, treas., Lake cor Market

ELMIRA BELL TELEPHONE EXCHANGE, room 30 Masonic Temple, Lake

Elmira Business College, Augustus J. Warner, propr., E Water cor Lake

Elmira Farmers Club, Hoffman n City limits

ELMIRA FEMALE COLLEGE, N Main cor Washington av

ELMIRA FREE PRESS, Free Press Co., publishers, 326 Carroll


ELMIRA GAZETTE Co., (The) David B. Hill, prest.; R. R. Soper, treas., and business manager; H. S. Brooks, secy.; 123 Lake

ELMIRA HOUSE, Michael G. Casey, State n Water

ELMIRA IRON AND STELL ROLLING MILL Co., H. W. Rathone, prest.; Jesse L. Cooley, sec. and treas. 731 Canal

ELMIRA OIL Co., (J. Monroe Shoemaker and Henry P. Hand), oil dealers, 1 and 2 Arcade block, Lake

ELMIRA SURGICAL INSTITUTE, Thad. S. Up de Graff, M. D., propr.; John J. Up de Graff, M. D., resident physician, 111 and 113 W Hudson


ELMIRA WOOLEN MILL, (John W. Stitt and Austin Dall); William Clark, Manager; East av cor Sullivan

ELMIRA & HORSEHEADS RAILWAY Co., J. M. Diven, supt., 720 Lake

Elmore David, salesman, 131 E Water, h 109 W S Water

Elmore Orville D., grocer, 1055 Walnut, h do

Elmore Thaddeus O., clerk, 1055 Walnut, h 707 Park Place

ELMORE THADDEUS W., china, crockery and glass, 131 E Water, h 109 W S Water

Elston Emily G., saleslady, 115 E Water, h 217 Mt Zoar

Elston Freeman A., butcher, h 753 E 2nd

Elston J. M., salesman, 115 E Water, h 217 Mt Zoar

Elston James, carpenter, h Pratt n Mathews

Elston James C., teamster, h 217 Mt Zoar

Elston Jane V., h 456 Oak

Elston Mary A., seamstress, h 217 Mt Zoar

Elston Wilson, laborer, h 456 Oak

Elwood Martin V. B., glazier, h 153 Baldwin

Emblen J. William, carpenter, h 357 Norton

Emerson Charles N., railroader, h 122 W Henry

Emerson Joseph J., salesman, 161 Lake, h 378 W Church

Emery John W., manager, 108 W Water, h 105 Columbia

Emhoff LeRoy, laborer, h 217 Thurston

Emhoff Michael J., h 217 Thurston

Empire & Keystone Mining Co., 5 Opera block, Lake

Enbing Frank, cigarmaker, h American hotel

Enis Hannah, widow Levi, h 403 William

Ennis John, guard Reformatory, h do

Ennis John J., bartender, 114 W 5th, h 807 Railroad av

Enright James, laborer, h 563 E Water

Enright James J., porter, Wyckoff House

Enright Margaret, widow Michael, h 703 E 2d

Enright Patrick, clerk, h 155 High

Ensworth Arthur R., printer Gazette, h 415 N Main

Ensworth Elizabeth, widow Lorin A., h 407 Madison

Ensworth Joseph W. (Ensworth & Conkling), h 355 Division

ENSWORTH & CONKLING (J. W. Ensworth E. S. Conkling), harness makers, 166 Lake

Eppler Oscar, bartender, 406 E Water, h do

Eppler Peter, tanner, h 304 Sullivan

Erlich Barney, dry goods, 315 E Water, h 110 DeWitt

Erlich Harry, dry goods, 315 E Water, h 110 DeWitt

Erlich Jacob, clerk, 315 E Water, h 110 DeWitt

Ersly Charles, laborer, h 567 Coburn

Ersly Elmer, laborer, h 567 Coburn

Ersly Warren, blacksmith, h 567 Coburn

Ervin Bridget, widow Robert, h 518 S Broadway

Ervin David, butcher, h 518 S Broadway

Ervin John, foreman, 409 Railroad av, h 518 S Broadway

Ervin Patrick, laborer, h 729 S Main

Esbell Edwin E., farmer, h 701 Dickinson

Eschbaum John T., cabinetmaker, h 216 W 3d

Eschelberg Theodore, tobacco packer, h 112 Partridge

Eschelburg Jacob, upholsterer, h 112 Partridge

Eschenburg Frederick, cabinetmaker, h 112 Partridge

Espey Eliza, widow Daniel, h 558 E Clinton

Espey John H., salesman, 102 W Water, h 558 E Clinton

Espey Thomas, heater, h 657 Lake

Estherson Lazarus, grocer, 763 E Water h do

Estherson Lottie, widow Joseph, h 117 Harriet

Estis Rozelle, brakeman, h 604 Pennsylvania av

Ettelson Lewis, junk dealer, h 502 E Clinton

Ettelson Sophia, h 502 E Clinton

Ettenberger Charles W., machinist, h 1004 Sullivan

Ettenberger Frank, gardener, h 1004 Sullivan

Ettenberger George, moulder, h 1004 Sullivan

Etz Alfred E., grocer, 516 Park Place, h do

Etz John S., salesman, 121 E 2d, h Wyckoff house

Eustace Alexander C., lawyer, 334 E Water, h 331 Maple av

Eustace Christopher, cutter, h Maple av cor Lormore

Eustace Jennie A., teacher, h Maple av cor Lormore

Eustace Joseph P., clerk, 101 W Water, h Maple av cor Lormore

Eustace Markay S., student, h Maple av cor Lormore

Evans Charles E., switchman, h Burdick n N. C. R. R.

Evans Charles L., shoemaker, h 420 E Washington av

Evans Clarence H., moulder, h 509 Pennsylvania av

Evans Edward, puddler, h 369 W 5th

Evans James, puddler, h 900 Stowell

EVENS JACOB C., furniture, 206 W Water, h 361 W Gray

Evens Richard, brakeman, h 143 E Water

Everard Mary, h 323 Sullivan

Everard William. (Farrington & Everard), h 323 Sullivan

Everett Carlos G., salesman, 134 W Water, h 422 W Gray

Everett Frederica, milliner, 211 Lormore

EVERETT OLIVER, dining room, 317 Carroll, h do

Everhart Adam, h 807 W 1st

Everhart Andrew, h Mansion House

Everhart Aurelia, widow Nicholas, h 459 W 2d

Everitt Jacob L., M. D., druggist, 208 E Water, h 259 Baldwin

Everts Charles, carpenter, h 429 W 4th

Everts Joseph J., carpenter, h 429 W 4th

Every Emmet W., fireman, h 217 W 2d

Ewald John, barber, (Susemihl & Ewald), h 108 Orchard

Ewing James, carriages, Market cor William, h 206 William

Ewing James S., clerk, E Market cor William, h 206 William

Exchange Hotel, Jacob Kolb, 513 Railroad av


Fabian Adolph, cutter, h 218 Sullivan

Fabian Annie M., teacher, h 218 Sullivan

Fabinsky Frank, laborer, h 713 Dickinson

Fairlee Charles W., salesman, 135 E Water, h 395 W Water

FAIRLEE SIDNEY, men’s furnishing goods, hats and caps, 135 E Water, h 395 W Water

FAIRMAN CHARLES G., prest and chief editor Advertiser Association , Lake cor Market, h at Albany

Fairman Jared P., h 603 W Water

Fairman Lois M., widow Seymour B., h 219 W Church

Falck F. William, U. S. A., h 902 Lake

Falger William, teamster, h 524 Lake

FALLIHEE EDWARD, groceries and liquors, 703 Railroad av h do

Fallihee Ellen, widow William, h 381 W 3d

Fallihee John, driver, h 118 W 5th

Fallihee John J., (& Walsh), also saloon, 114 W 5th, h cor 5th & Magee

FALLIHEE JOHN W., groceries, also wine and liquors, 413 Railroad av, h do

Fallihee Magie, operator, h 15 Opera house building Lake

Falls Alexander, brakeman, h 709 Kinyon

Fancher Sutherland, h 709 E Market

Farley Ann, widow James, h 800 Madison av

Farley Bridget A., widow Matthew, h 416 Standish

FARLEY BROTHERS. (Jerome B. and Peter J.), groceries, 405 Railroad av

Farley Christopher, foreman, h 523 William

Farley Frank M., bartender, Western Hotel, h do

Farley Harriet, widow Joseph, h 919 Benton

Farley Jerome B., (Farley Bros.), h 405 Railroad av

Farley Julia, widow Michael, h 405 Railroad av

Farley Mary C., dressmaker, 102 Lake, h 405 Railroad av

Farley Mary J., teacher, h 523 William

Farley Nellie T., student, h 523 William

Farley Peter J., (Farley & Bros.), h 405 Railroad av

Farley Thomas H., tinner, h 523 William


Farnham George W., carriagetrimmer, h 355 Columbia

Farnham Whitfield, bookkeeper, h 119 E Water, h East Hill n Water Cure

Farnsworth Ella D., operator, 134 W Water, h 108 Hammond

FARR W. O., circulating library, 108 Baldwin, h 458 E Church

Farrell Lizzie, dressmaker, h 373 W 5th

Farrell Mary J., domestic, 401 N Main

Farrell Patrick, peddler, h 373 W 5th

Farren Burdett H., (J. S. Farren & Co.), h at Baltimore

Farren J. S., (J. S. Farren, & Co.), h at Baltimore

FARREN J. S. & Co., (John S. and Burdett H. Farren), oysters, and fruit, 114 W Water

Farrington Charles E., salesman, 203 E Water, h 807 John

Farrington Charles E., teamster, h 807 John

Farrington E. Ward, clerk, P. O., h 511 Baldwin

Farrington James B., (Farrington & Everard), h 558 E Church

Farrington Maggie, dressmaker, h 807 John

Farrington Peter J., salesman, h 807 John

FARRINGTON & EVERARD, (James B. Farrington and William Everard), firebrick manufrs, 900 E Church

Fassett J. Sloat, lawyer, district attorney, adjoining court house, h 464 W Church

Fassett Newton P., (Smith & Fassett), h 460 W Church

Faster John, butcher, h 508 Perry
Faucet Frank, brakeman, h 653 ½ Lake

Faulkner H. Porter, clerk, Erie freight depot, h 409 W 4th

Fausnaught Elizabeth, widow John, h 519 Harper

Fausnaught John, stone dealer, h 523 Harper

Faussett James M., printer, h West Hill ab Hoffman

Fay Clara, widow Cyrus W., h 420 W Water

Fay Hugh, puddler, h 710 Hatch

Fay James, puddler, h 710 Hatch

Fay John, fireman, h 106 W 2d

Fay Martin, h 715 McDonald

Fay Sarah, domestic, 460 Franklin

Fean John J., h 504 N Main

Fean Robert, laborer, h 812 Walnut

Fean Sarah M., cigarmaker, h 504 N Main

Fean Terrence, h 504 N Main

Featherman Bernard, peddler, h 115 Harriet

Featherman Jacob, engineer, h 500 Balsam

Featherman Julius, cigarmaker, h 115 Harriet

Feehan Patrick H., laborer, h 655 College av

Feeney Annie, dressmaker, h 313 Hathaway

Feeney Francis, puddler, h 313 Hathaway

Feeney James, laborer, h 313 Hathaway

Feeney John, laborer, h 105 E Market

Feeney John W., hooker, h 313 Hathaway

Feeney Michael, laborer, h 412 Standish

Feeney Michael, shoemaker, h 470 W 2d

Feeney Peter, shoemaker, h 406 Walnut

Feeney Thomas, hostler, h 105 E Market

Feeny Luke, laborer, h 912 Benton

Feeny Mary A., dressmaker, h 412 Standish

Felker Charles, laborer, h Day n Oak

Felter Charles B., carpenter, h College av n W Centre

Fennell Bridget, h 603 Railroad av

Fennell Katie, domestic, 465 W Church

Fennell Thomas J., engineer, h 213 Railroad av

Fennell Thomas McCarthy, Tioga hotel, 603 Railroad av h do

Fenner Benjamin P., grocer, 113 Lake, h 608 Park Place

Fenner Charles B., stenographer, h 608 Park Place

Fenner Charles O., engineer, h 656 Baldwin

Fenner Gilbert, shoemaker, h 102 S Elm

Fenniger Mary, domestic, 203 Pennsylvania av

Fenton Julia, domestic, 404 W 2d

Ferguson Charles, tinsmith, h S Main cor Haslett

Ferguson Clarence W., clerk, 131 W Water, h 600 W Gray

Ferguson Eber B., cartman, h 750 John

Ferguson Frank, student, h 600 W Gray

Ferguson Henry H., salesman, 611 Railroad av, h 507 Fulton

Ferguson William H. (Weaver & Ferguson), h 600 W Gray

Fernan Mary, domestic, 352 N Main

Ferrar Clara, student, h East av n city limits

Ferrar Julia, student, h East av n city limits

Ferris Charles, farmer, h 515 Mt Zoar

Ferris Frederick, salesman, 154 Baldwin, h E Water cor Lake

Ferris James F., laborer, h 515 Mt Zoar

Ferris Judson, farmer, h 515 Mt Zoar

Fess Jacob, tailor, h 551 John

Fester John, butcher, h 508 Perry

Fetigan Mary, domestic, 211 Baldwin

Field Benjamin F., machinist, h 451 Pennsylvania av

Field William A., machinist, h 451 Pennsylvania av

Fielding John S., hostler, h 238 W Water

Finch James M., printer, h 628 W Gray

Finch Martin J., salesman, h 405 W Gray

Finlay James, machinist, h 515 Fulton

Finlay John, engineer, h 309 Franklin

Finley William, shoemaker, 106 W Water, h 405 DeWitt

Finn Anna, domestic, 417 Railroad av

Finn Daniel, laborer, h 808 S Main

Finn Margaret Mrs., h 311 Railroad av

Finn Timothy, laborer, h r 220 W 3rd

Finne Honora, widow Patrick, h 808 S Main

Finnell Bridget, widow James, h 808 Magee

Finnel James, laborer, h 907 Railroad av

Finnell John, laborer, h 214 Park

Finnell Mary, domestic, 119 High

Finnell Thomas, shoemaker, h 214 Park

Finnell Thomas, laborer, h 808 Magee

Finnigan Ellen A., widow Thomas, h 407 High

Finnigan John B., clerk, 6 Arcade building, Lake, h 407 High

Finlay John, car dispatcher, E. R. R. depot, h 309 Franklin

Finlay William, laborer, h 309 Franklin

Finuken Patrick, laborer, h Hathaway ab Lake

First National Bank, E Water n Lake

Fish Alfred H., brakeman, h 708 Lake

Fish H. Matilda, h 854 N Main

Fish Wilbur W. (Fish & Holmes), h 520 W Water

FISH & HOLMES, (Wilbur W. Fish and Lemuel T. Holmes), wholesale dry goods, 115 E Water

Fisher Elisha D., h 79 Pennsylvania av

Fisher Flora, domestic, h 81 Pennsylvania av

Fisher Frank X., finisher, h 651 E Church

Fisher James A., clerk, 313 E Water, h 801 John

Fisher John V., bridge builder, h 125 E S Water

Fisher Mary F., dressmaker, h 718 Benjamin

Fisher Samuel S., brakeman, 301 South av

Fisher Stephen, piler, h 207 Park

Fishler Franklin, teacher, h 218 Washington

Fishler George W., architect, 701 E Market, h do

Fitch Albert M., h 865 Magee

Fitch Allen, teamster, h 560 E Clinton

FITCH ARTHUR S., books and stationery, 112 Baldwin, h 356 W 1st

Fitch Charles B., carpenter, h 753 E Market

Fitch Clara, saleslady, 200 S Main, h do

Fitch Cornelia, widow Erastus, h 207 W South av

Fitch Henry A., bookkeeper, 323 E Water, h 315 E Church

Fitch John, clerk, h 258 Partridge

Fitch John D., agent, h Partridge op No. 3 school building

Fitch Kate, asst secy Southern Tier Orphans’ Home, h do

Fitch Lewis W., bookkeeper, 112 Baldwin, h 356 W 1st

Fitch Oscar H., farmer, h 402 W Water

Fitch Town B., salesman, h 657 Park place

Fitten Michael, mason, h 407 Davis

Fitzgerald Daniel, laborer, h 1016 Lake

Fitzgerald Frank, cigarmaker, h 409 High

Fitzgerald Frank, cigarmaker, h 400 W Hudson

Fitzgerald John, cigarmaker, h 369 W 2d

Fitzgerald John, laborer, h E 7th ab Canal

Fitzgerald John, laborer, h 501 Oak

Fitzgerald John, shoemaker, h 407 Mt Zoar

Fitzgerald Katie M., dressmaker, h 501 Oak

Fitzgerald Lizzie, domestic, 312 Baldwin

Fitzgerald Maggie, tailoress, h 551 John

Fitzgerald Mary, widow Thomas, h 518 Clinton pl

Fitzgerald Mary, domestic, 855 College av

Fitzgerald Mary, domestic, Rathbun House

Fitzgerald Mary, widow Cornelius, h 801 Magee

Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, h 159 High

Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, h 7 Junction

Fitzgerald Minnie, tailoress, h 110 Fulton

Fitzgerald Nellie, domestic, 308 College av

Fitzgerald Nora, domestic, Rathbun House

Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, h 552 E 3d

Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, h 323 Webber pl

Fitzgerald Thomas, shoemaker, h 407 Mt Zoar

Fitzgerald Thomas, jr., shoemaker, h 110 Fulton

Fitzgerald Thomas P., shoemaker, h 110 Fulton

FITZGERALD WILLIAM K., grocer, 123 W Water, h do

Fitzgibbon Bridget, dressmaker, h 715 Railroad av

Fitzgibbon Catherine Mrs., h 958 N Main

Fitzgibbon Delia, tailoress, h 433 E Water

Fitzgibbon Frank E., telegrapher, h 715 Railroad av

Fitzgibbon Michael, laborer, h 715 Railroad av

Fitzgibbons Annie, domestic, 925 College av

Fitzgibbons Gerald, roller, h 258 Park

Fitzgibbons James, laborer, h Magee cor W 5th

Fitzgibbons Maggie, saleslady, 201 E Water, h 715 Railroad av

Fitzgibbons Mary J., dressmaker, h 958 N Main

Fitzgibbons Michael, h 258 Park

Fitzmartin James, clerk, 329 E Water, h W Water n limits

Fitzmartin James, coachman, W Water n limits

Fitzmartin Michael F., clerk, 381 W 2d, h 387 W 3d

Fitzpatrick Andrew L., plumber, h 569 E Water

Fitzpatrick Bridget, h 569 E Water

Fitzpatrick Charles, clerk, 751 Canal, h E 7th ab Canal

Fitzpatrick Charles, laborer, h 352 Railroad av

Fitzpatrick Edward, tanner, h 60 Munroe

Fitzpatrick Hugh, h 60 Munroe

Fitzpatrick James B., fireman, h 569 E Water

Fitzpatrick John, helper, h 801 Magee

Fitzpatrick John B., printer Sunday Telegram, h 352 Railroad av

Fitzpatrick John J., printer Gazette, h 60 Washington

Fitzpatrick John J., printer, h 60 Munroe

Fitzpatrick Maggie, domestic, h 558 E Church

Fitzpatrick Margaret, widow Patrick, h 805 Magee

Fitzpatrick Mary, dressmaker, h 805 Magee

Fitzpatrick Patrick, laborer, h 352 Railroad av

Fitzsimmons Ellen, h 1315 Lake

Flahave James, laborer, h E R R ab Centre

Flahave James, laborer, h 857 Railroad av

Flahave Julia, widow John, h E. R. R. ab Centre

Flahave Mary, h E. R. R. ab Centre

Flahave Patrick, laborer, h E. R. R. ab Centre

Flanagan Ann, widow Patrick, h 123 W 1st

Flanagan John J., (Flanagan & Heffernan), h 381 W Water

Flanagan Martin J., (Hogan & Flanagan ), h 758 E Water

Flanagan Mary, widow James, h 915 N Main

Flanagan Patrick, laborer, 916 N Main

Flanagan Michael, laborer, h 915 N Main

Flanagan & Heffernan (John J Flanagan and Thomas Heffernan), dry goods, 132 W Water

Flanagan Mary, domestic, 120 W 2d

Flanigan Lizzie, rag sorter, h Tuttle av n city limits

Flannery Thomas, laborer, h Luce bel Robinson

Fleman Henry, tailor, h 708 E Church

Fleck John B., (Robeson & Fleck), h at Ithaca

Fleming Robert J., cutter, h 403 Columbia

Fleming Mahala, widow Bunell, h 613 Dickinson

Flesh John E., blacksmith, h 207 E Gray

Flesk Mary, domestic, 914 Lake

FLETCHER OLIVER M., lumber, planing mill, State cor Gray, h 622 W Water

Flett Edgar R., clerk, 200 Baldwin, h 102 Ferris

Flett George, yardman, Rathbun House, h do

Flett Henrietta C., h 102 Ferris

Flett James C., h 102 Ferris

FLETT J. A., grocer, Baldwin cor E Market, h 102 Ferris

Flood Henry, physician, 135 E Water, h 501 do

Flood John M., physician, 312 E Water, h Haights hotel

Flood Patrick, laborer, h 161 E Washington av

FLOOD PATRICK H., physician and surgeon, 505 E Water, h 501 do

Flood Thomas S., druggist, 312 E Water, h 509 E Water

Flynn Daniel, h 617 E 3d

Flynn James, shoemaker, h 606 Jay

Flynn Jerome, laborer, h 813 Canal

Flynn Johanna, widow Thomas, h 58 Munroe

Flynn John, cigarmaker, h 617 E 3d

Flynn John, brakeman, h 103 E Hudson

Flynn John, laborer, h 58 Munroe