Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Kain Mary, widow Martin, h 722 Davis

KAMMERER WILLIAM, pastor, German Lutheran church, h 605 E Water

Kanary Mary, domestic, American hotel

Kanary Matthew, laborer, h 419 W 5th

Kanary Patrick, laborer, h 819 Hatch

Kane Cornelius, tanner, h 106 Spring

Kane Daniel, tanner, h 106 Spring

Kane Dennis, tanner, h 106 Spring

Kane Ellen, domestic, 815 College av

Kane James, laborer, h 457 Pennsylvania av

Kane James, jr., boilermaker, h 457 Pennsylvania av

Kane Jeremiah, tobacco dresser, h 63 Munroe

Kane Johanna, domestic, 323 W Church

Kane Johanna, domestic, 464 W Church

Kane John, laborer, h 457 Pennsylvania av

Kane Julia, cook, Pattinson House

Kane Katie, domestic, 399 W Water

Kane Katie, tailoress, h 106 Spring

Kane Maggie, dressmaker, h 261 W S Water

Kane Margaret, widow Morris, h 63 Munroe

Kane Margaret, widow Patrick, h 313 W Hudson

Kane Mary, domestic, 399 W Water

Kane Mary, domestic, 311 Columbia

Kane Michael H., tel repairer, h 106 W 2d

Kane Nellie, domestic, 464 W Church

Kane Norah, domestic, 313 Columbia

Kane Patrick, blacksmith, h 163 Sullivan

Kane Simon, laborer, h 1011 N Main

Kane Susan, domestic, 109 W S Water

Kane Thomas, laborer, h 745 Day

Karger Ferdinand J. G., cabinetmaker, h E Clinton n Lake

Kast John, tailor, 123 Partridge, h do

Kaufelt William, clerk, h 669 Columbia

Kaufman William, clerk, h 669 Columbia

Kavanagh Andrew, laborer, h 718 Benjamin

Kavanagh James, puddler, h 823 Canal

Kaven Margaret F., h 524 William

Kaven Martin, laborer, h 703 S Main

Kazmarovski Michael, shoemaker, 523 Lake, h 310 W Clinton

Keane Michael, laborer, h 603 Railroad av

Keannard Jennie, widow George W., h 110 E Water

Kearn Josephine, h 517 N Main

Kearns Thomas H., mason, h r 610 S Main

Keating Catharine C., h 719 S Main

Keating Patrick, h 719 S Main

Keating Stephen, foreman, h 719 S Main

Keating Thomas, laborer, h Junction bel E South av

Keavin Edward, laborer, h 235 Lake

Keck Jacob S., boilermaker, h 524 Pennsylvania av

Keef Daniel, fireman, h 105 S 2d

Keef Ellen, domestic, 301 E Church

Keefe Ann, domestic, 243 Lake

Keefe Anna, dressmaker, h 105 S 2d

Keefe Arthur, laborer, h 360 W 5th

Keefe Daniel, saloon, h 218 Gregg

Keefe Ellen, widow Cornelius, h 663 Magee

Keefe James H., bookkeeper, 113 S Main, h 105 S 2d

Keefe Jeremiah, fireman, h 102 W South av

Keefe John, engineer, h 102 W South av

Keefe Maggie, housekeeper, 102 W South av

Keefe Patrick, h 105 S 2d

Keefe Thomas, h 102 W South av

Keefe William, storeman N. C. R.R., h 102 W South av

Keegan Catharine, h 461 Stowell

Keel Hans, laborer, h 356 E 4th

Keeley M. T., h 102 W Water

Keener Benjamin F., baggagemaster, h 653 Lake

Keener James P., bootmaker, h 375 W Water

Keeton Frank A., grocer, 157 Lake, h 702 E Market

Keister John, laborer, h 951 Sullivan

KEITH CHARLES S., laundry 153 Baldwin h do

Keel Hans P., blacksmith, h 356 E 4th

Keel John O., teamster, h 902 College av

Keel Kate, domestic, 410 N Main

KELLER WILLIAM, Continental saloon, 408 E Water, h do

Kelley Benjamin, painter, h Pattinson House

Kelley John, stonecutter, h 1105 Davis

Kelley Josephine A., seamstress, h 220 W Water

Kelley Maggie, dressmaker, h 114 Washington

Kelley Michael, moulder, h 114 Washington

Kelley Michael, jr., clerk, h 114 Washington

Kelley Patrick, moulder, h W South av n Giltinan

Kelley William, clerk, 308 Carroll, h 114 Washington

Kelley William, shipping clerk, h 114 Washington

Kellogg Eli A., turner, h 111 Catherine

Kellogg George W., burnisher, h 111 Catherine

Kellogg Leah, dressmaker, h 1020 Lake

Kellogg Melzar N., hostler Buckbee House

Kelly Anna J., h 408 E Washinton av

Kelly Albert F., clerk 110 Baldwin, h 356 Columbia

KELLY GEORGE H., house and sign painter, 130 W Water, h 754 E Water

Kelly Helena, domestic, 464 W Gray

Kelly James, policeman, h 751 Walnut

Kelly Jennette E., widow Luther, h 356 Columbia

Kelly Joann, widow Seth, h 106 W Market

Kelly John, bolt cutter, h 301 Franklin

Kelly John, engineer, h 408 E Washington av

Kelly John, laborer, h 315 Hathaway

Kelly John, shoemaker, h 105 E 1st

Kelly John G., shoemaker, h 211 Fulton

Kelly John J., shoemaker, h 260 W Henry

Kelly John W., salesman, h 408 E Washington av

Kelly Maggie, domestic, 916 Magee

Kelly Martin, shoemaker, h 105 E 1st

Kelly Mary A., domestic, 303 N Main

Kelly Michael, hostler, h 306 Lake

Kelly Michael, moulder, h 114 Washington

Kelly Michael A., clerk, h 408 E Washington av

Kelly Sarah, domestic, E 4th n Baldwin

Kelly Simon, fireman, h r 806 Magee

Kelly Simon, teamster, h 806 Magee

Kelly William D., treas. McIntyre Coal Co., h 375 W Church

Kemp Christopher G., shoemaker, 321 E Water, h 217 High

Kemp W. E. B., student, h 217 High

Kempton Frank, shoemaker, h 304 High

Kendall Horace S., conductor, h 519 Jefferson

Kendrick Michael, laborer, h 152 Washington av

Kenfield A. A., agent, h 160 W Clinton

Kenfield Lorenzo D., tinsmith, h 509 E Market

Kennedy Bridget Mrs., h 533 Harper

Kennedy Charlotte, widow David, h 358 E 5th

Kennedy Edward, packer, h 701 E Clinton

Kennedy Edward, shipper, h 650 E Clinton

Kennedy Edward, shipping clerk, 161 Lake, h Market Hotel

Kennedy Isaac, patent rights, h Fox cor Carroll

Kennedy Jacob H., plumber, h 358 E 5th

Kennedy James, laborer, h 701 Clinton

Kennedy John, fireman, h 423 Railroad av

Kennedy John, grocer, 106 E Water, h do

Kennedy John W., restaurant, Erie depot, h 606 N Main

Kennedy Lucy, domestic, Plank rd bel toll gate

Kennedy Mary, domestic, 701 Clinton

Kennedy Michael A. (Kennedy & Hassett), h 158 Washington

Kennedy Patrick, laborer, h W 5th cor Magee

KENNEDY & HASSETT (Michael A. Kennedy and Patrick Hassett), beer bottlers, 205 E Market

Kennen Sarah, domestic, 210 High

Kenning Charles W., hardware, h 650 E Market

Kent Augustus P., clerk, 134 W Water, h 521 W 1st

Kent Frank R,. machinist, h 655 College av

KENT HORACE M., clothing and gents’ furnishing goods, 133 E Water, h 403 W Water

Kent James O., sawyer, h 606 Walnut

Kent Margaret, widow Phineas L., h 521 W 1st

Kent Oscar, augermaker, h 606 Walnut

Kent Ralph, laborer, h 521 W 1st

Keough Charles, saloon, 315 Railroad av, h 104 Church

Keough John, laborer, h 104 W Church

Keough Patrick, shoemaker, h 104 W Church

KER RICHARD, dentist, D. D. S., 135 E Water, h 117 W Hudson

Kern Thomas, mason, h 113 E South av

Kern William P., bartender, 132 E Water, h do

Kerney Martha A., domestic, East av n city limits

Kersher Albert F., barber, h American hotel

Kershner William S., stenographer, 210 E Water, h Haight’s Hotel

Ketch Eliza A., widow William, h 720 Walnut

Ketchum Edward C., machinist, h 375 W Gray

Ketchum Elizabeth, widow Levi, h 169 Baldwin

Ketley Charles H., bookkeeper, 116 E Water, h 115 Fox

Kickbush Albert A., salesman, 137 E Water, h 220 High

Kickbush John, salesman, h 220 High

Kickbush Mary, widow John, h 220 High

Kidder Alonzo, foreman, 613 Baldwin, h 57 Orchard

Kidder Annie E., widow George T., h 372 W Clinton

Kiddder H. Starr, clerk, T. & E. S. L., h 372 W Clinton

Kiefer John, cigarmaker, h 211 Judson

Kies Fred W., bookbinder, h 210 High

Kies Jane S. Mrs., dressmaker, 244 W Water, h do

Kies Jennie L., bookbinder, h 210 High

Kies John H., printer, Daily Bulletin, h 244 W Water

KIES LOUIS, foreman, Advertiser bindery, h 210 High

Kies W. Wallace, h 244 W Water

Kilburn Kate E., colorer, 317 E Water, h 111 Madison av

Kiley Marion L., tailoress, h 656 Lake

Kimball John H., salesman, h 523 W Water

Kimball Noah, cabinetmaker, h 309 S Main

Kimmick Louisa, domestic, 1023 E Church

King Edward J., organbuilder, h 208 College av

King Emily, widow George L., h 383 W Water

King Enos, salesman, h 412 W Gray

King Frederick H., shoemaker, h 412 W Gray

King George W., engineer, h 111 W Water

King John, laborer, h 664 Dickinson

King John C., machinist, h 206 Mt Zoar

King John D., letter carrier, h 220 High

King John J., fireman, h 359 Grove

King John R., photographer, h 713 Davis

King Joseph, shoemaker, h 50 Munroe

King Joseph, jr., shoemaker, h 50 Munroe

King Kate, domestic, 459 W Water

King Maggie, operator, 134 W Water, h 206 Mt Zoar

King Marietta, widow John, h 212 W S Water

KING RUFUS, lawyer, 306 E Water, h Rathbun House

King Samuel, musician, h Jones’ la n E Church

King Theron, harnessmaker, h 713 Davis

King William, organ manufr, 107 E Church, h 208 College av

KING WILLIAM E., livery and boarding stables, 153, 155 and 157 W Clinton, h 212 College av

Kingsbury Catharine, widow Horace, h 662 N Main

Kingsbury George W., foreman, 340 E Water, h 114 Caldwell av

Kingsbury Henry F., h 221 W S Water

Kingsbury Lucius S., (Kingsbury & Conner), h 370 W Gray

Kingsbury Mary, milliner, 120 W Water, h 221 W S Water

Kingsbury Oliver C., speculator, h 406 W Church

Kingsbury Sarah, h 305 S Main

Kingsbury Sarah, widow John, h 305 S Main

Kingsbury William A., h 118 W Market

Kingsbury & Conner (Lucius S Kingsbury and Joseph H. Conner), grocers, 136 W Water

Kingsley Andrew, wagon builder, h 321 Washington

Kingsley Ellen B., teacher, h 321 Washington

Kingsley Harriet E., dressmaker, h 308 W Water

Kingsley Sarah R., teacher, h 321 Washington

Kingsley Susan, widow John, h 307 Mt Zoar

Kingsman Belle, domestic, Maple av ab James

Kingston Jane, domestic, Troy House

Kingston Mary, domestic, 657 Park pl

Kinkade Angelo, carpenter, h 523 W Clinton

Kinner Asa, broommaker, h 357 Elm

Kinner John V., machinist, h 416 College av

Kinney Daniel H., shoemaker, h 400 Powell

Kinney James, shoemaker, h 400 Powell

Kinney John W., barber, 721 Lake, h Hathaway n Lake

Kinney Mary, domestic, 102 W Water

Kinney Mary A., domestic, 367 W Church

Kinney Thomas, laborer, h 400 Powell

Kinsman Emma M., dressmaker, h 411 Fulton

Kinsman Julia, domestic, 666 Columbia

Kinsman Merritt D., teamster, h 411 Fulton

Kinsman Merritt J., teamster, h 411 Fulton

Kinsman Sheldon, cardwriter, h 812 W Gray

Kinyon Almon C., farmer, h Pennsylvania av n toll gate

Kinyon Annette, h 424 Herrick

Kinyon Clayton, teamster, h 424 Herrick

Kinyon Edith, teacher, h 424 Herrick

Kinyon Frances, teacher, h 424 Herrick

Kinyon Harrison A., farmer, h Pennsylvania av n toll gate

Kinyon Sarah E., domestic, Pennsylvania av n toll gate

Kinyon William, teamster, h 424 Herrick

Kirby George T., Genl. U. S. A., h 218 Washington

Kirk Viola, h 917 E Church

Kirk William G., policeman, h 917 E Church

Kirk William M., laborer, h 654 Baldwin

Kirking William, laborer, h 315 Hathaway

Kirkland James, painter, h 557 E Church, h 307 High

Kirkland Jane, widow James, h 309 High

Kirsch Matthew, shoemaker, h Mt Zoar n Pennsylvania av

Klopproth Catharine, widow August, h 162 Lake

KLAPPROTH CHARLES, saloon, 162 Lake, h do

Klein Joseph, laborer, h 713 Dickinson

Klein Margaret, widow Jacob, saloon, 623 Baldwin, h do

Klein Margaretta, dressmaker, h 523 Baldwin

Kline Edward S., carpenter, h Southport, bel Plank rd

Kline Samuel, milk dealer, h 720 Walnut

Klines John A., laborer, h 508 E Clinton

Klippenstein Emil (Grumme & Klippenstein), h 108 College av

Klock George W., 2d Ward Hotel, 377 Railroad av

Klock Sanford, contractor, h 516 Sullivan

Kluge Frederick E., tailor, h 115 Madison av

Knapp Daniel P., packer, 111 Railroad av, h 723 W 1st

Knapp George W. Rev., pastor Free Will Baptist Church, h 1206 Pratt

Knapp John M., painter, h 211 W 2d

KNAPP JOHN S., chief of police, City Hall, h 316 Baldwin

Knapp L. Wellen, teamster, h 723 W 1st

Knapp Margaret, widow George, h 609 William

Knapp Maria, widow William B., h 200 DeWitt

Knapp Martha C., h Park Church

Knapp Richard B., h 616 Columbia

Knapp William R., carriage painter, h 200 DeWitt

Knapp Wilmot E., law student, 216 E Water, h at Wellsburg

Knerr John V., carpenter, h 621 Lewis

Knerr John V. jr., boilermaker, h 621 Lewis

Knerr Julia, milliner, h 621 Lewis

Knerr Maggie A., dressmaker, h 621 Lewis

Knerr Michael, tinsmith, h Baty n Herrick

Knickerbocker Charles H., hackman, h 104 Fox

Knickerbocker James, hackman, h 104 Fox

Kniffin Herbert P., confectioner, 500 N Main, h 428 W 4th

Kniffin Phoebe R., widow Dennis, h 310 Baldwin

Knight Benton, h 309 W 2d

Knight John J., clerk, 363 Davis, h 309 W 2d

Knight Desdemonda, dressmaker, h 309 W 2d

Knight Mary, widow E. A., h 115 N Main

Knight Orrin B., clerk, Arbour Hotel, h do

Knipp Charles H., clerk, 126 Lake, h 258 Baldwin

Kniskern Edward H., salesman, h 368 W 1st

Kniskern Jennie M., dressmaker, h 203 E Gray

Knoff Ella, tailoress, h 806 E Church

Knott Christopher L., carpenter, h 110 W Water

Knott Robert H., h 310 Washington

Knott William H., carpenter, h 402 S Magee

Knowles Marcus M., laddermanufr, 414 College av, h at Horseheads

Knox Minnie A., teacher, Elmira Female College, h 419 William

Knox Morris H., laborer, h 214 S Chestnut

Knox Robert, law student, Masonic Temple, h 410 William

Knox William E. Rev., D. D., pastor 1st Presbyterian Church, h 410 William

Knuar Mary E., milliner, h 621 Lewis

Koch Adam, boilermaker, h 768 S Main

KOLB BALDWIN, propr. Queen City Palace Hotel, 117 Lake, h 400 E Water

KOLB JACOB, propr. Exchange Hotel, 513 Railroad av

Kolb Magdalena, housekeeper, h 400 E Water

Kolb Marie, widow Theobald, h 400 E Water

Kolbus Bernard, finisher, h 202 E Gray

Kolbus Minnie, domestic, 311 Lake

Konieczny Joseph, tailor, h 852 John

Koop August, catcher, h 428 Standish

Koop Charles, h 527 E Union

Koop Emma E., domestic, 109 High

Koop Harrmann, cabinetmaker, h 1000 Sullivan

Koop Henry, carpenter, h 654 Dickinson

Koop Wilhelm, heater, h 654 Washington

KRACKOWIZER EMIL W., physician, 215 W Church, h do

Kraft William, (Kraft & Gilleis), h 169 Lake

Kraft & Gilleis (William Kraft and M. W. Gilleis), tailors, 154 Baldwin

Krause Louis, cigarmaker, h 211 Gregg

Kreutter Matthias, cabinetmaker, h 712 Baldwin

Kromer William, hooker, h E 5th n William

Krowl Abraham, veterinary surgeon, 418 E Market, h 218 Orchard

Krowl Abraham jr., plumber, h 218 Orchard

Krowl Abram, plumber, 121 Lake, h 218 Orchard

Krowl C. Frederick, clerk, h 218 Orchard

Krowl George, plumber, h 218 Orchard

Krueger William, laborer, h 711 E Oak

Kuhn Joseph F., cigarmaker, h 102 W Water

Kuren Charles, carpenter, h 510 Columbia

Kuster Augustus, cigarmaker, h E 5th, cor E Oak

Kuster Frederick, laborer, h Southport Corners

Kuster Joseph, laborer, h Southport Corners

Kyrk Sarah, widow Thomas, h 212 W South av


LaBarr Freeman D., carpenter, h 210 DeWitt

Laburt Charles, blacksmith, h 107 Madison av

LaBurt Jacob, barber, 124 Lake, h do

Lacey Sanford E., cigarmaker, h 202 E Water

LaCava Paschal N., shoemaker, h St James hotel

Lachaunme August, guard Reformatory, h do

Lachey Daniel, shoemaker, h 112 E 2d

Laduew James F., cooper, h 505 Sullivan

Laduew Lydia, h 525 Sullivan

Laffan Kate, hairdresser, 328 E Water, h E Clinton

Lafever Elsie, widow Reuben, h 211 W Gray

Lafever Eugene S., carriage painter, h 762 E 2d

Laffan Kate, hairdresser, 328 E Water, h 408 E Clinton

Laffin Kate, hairdresser, h 408 E Clinton

LaFrance Ella, h 209 W Hudson

LaFrance T Everett, machinist, h 112 W Hudson

LaFRANCE FIRE ENGINE COMPANY, George M. Diven, pres, Eugene Diven, sec. and treas., E. R. R., junction N. C. R. R.

LaFrance Lemuel L., watchmaker, 355 E Water, h 115 Catharine

LaFrance Olen, carpenter, h Day n Sullivan

LaFrance Peter A., painter, Exchange pl n E Market, h 209 W Hudson

LaFrance Truckson S., master mechanic LaFrance Fire Engine Co., h 112 W Hudson

LaFrance Willis B., carpenter, h Day n Sullivan

Lagrange Emma, domestic, Baldwin, cor E Union and 2d

Lagrange Julia, widow John, h 105 E 1st

Lahey Daniel, shoemaker, h 112 E 2d

Laidlaw John, shoemaker, h 217 W Hudson

Laidlaw John F., plumber, h 123 E Hudson

Laidlaw Margaret D., fine sewing, h 123 E Hudson

Laidlaw Wm. W., insurance, h 217 W Hudson

Laing Eugene L., painter, h 452 South av

Lake, Kate, nurse, h 381 W 4th

Latotsky Martin, laborer, h 315 Hathaway

Lamb Harvey, conductor, h 369 W Clinton

Lamoureax P. Anna, widow James, h 156 W 3d

Lamphier Ambrose S., tobacco cutter, h 608 Magee

Lampkins W. Harry, telegrapher, Erie Depot, h 708 College av

Landers Augusta, housekeeper, 418 N Main

Landers Garrett, tailor, h 256 W Hudson

Landers Margaret, grocer, 256 W Hudson, h do

Landgraf Charles, bristlemaker, h E Clinton n Madison av

Landy Catharine, h 102 E Henry

Landy Charles A., machinist, h 102 E Henry

Landy William, clerk, h 102 E Henry

Lane James B., supt. Park Church, h do

Lane Katie, domestic, 306 W Gray

Lane Melville H., driver, h 521 Harper

Lane Thomas, coachman, h 808 W Water

LANEY SAMUEL H., tin, glass, earthen and woodenware, stoves, paper and paper stock dealer, 151, 605 and 657 Baldwin, h 523 E Union

Lang Ann E., widow John, h 417 W 2d

Langdon Charles J. (J. Langdon & Co.), also prest Mc Intyre Coal Co., 110 Baldwin, h 303 N Main

LANGDON J. & CO. (Charles L. Langdon, John D. F. Slee and Theodore W. Crane), coal miners and shippers, 110 Baldwin

LANGDON OLIVIA, widow Jarvis, h 303 N Main

Langford James, builder, 472 E Water, h 358 W Water

Langford Sarah, widow Prentice, h 358 W Water

Langley Thomas E., shoemaker, h 814 W Church

Langstine Charles, laborer, h 371 W Clinton

Langstine Jacob C., iron inspector, h 371 W Clinton

Lappe Charles G., bookkeeper, h 456 Oak

Lariew Almeron, painter, h 811 E Church

Lariew Charles A,. painter, h 811 E Church

Lariew H. Porter, painter, h 375 Centre

Lariew John R., milkman, h 1020 Lake

Lariew Matilda, widow Alson, h 1024 Lake

Larison Charles, tinner, h 156 W 3rd

Lark Emily Mrs., h 453 Maple av

Lark John B., student, h 453 Maple av

Larkin Bridget, widow John, h Spring n John

LARKIN JOHN E., (F. A. & W. H. Stowell & Co.), also photographer, 317 E Water, h 319 William

Larry Mary, domestic, 312 William

Lathrop Alphonso, laborer, h Lake n Boulevard

Lathrop Harry E., clerk, 517 Railroad av, h 110 N Main

Latimer James, laborer, h 511 Sullivan

Latterman William, cigar manufr 420 W 3d h do

Lattimore Eliza, trimmer, h 706 Benjamin

Lattimore Mary J., dressmaker, h 312 Reformatory

Lavin John, laborer, h 525 Harper

Lawes John, blacksmith, h 1120 Elm

Lawes Louis, marble cutter, h 1120 Elm

Lawler Thomas H., salesman, h 422 W 2d

Lawlor Bartholomew, laborer, h 370 W 3d

Lawrence Annie E., widow Abraham h 440 E Water

Lawrence Jennie K., h 307 High

Lawrence Nelson J., carpenter, h 954 East av

Lawrence Robert F., painter, h 440 E Water

LAWRENCE THOMAS, confectionery, 138 W Water, h do

Lawrence William D., clerk, 303 E Water, h 606 John

Lawton Helen F., widow William H., h 107 E Church

Lawyer David H., coachman, Reformatory, h Reformatory av n Davis

Laycox Charles, shoemaker, h 408 Walnut

Layden Michael, buggyman, h 807 Magee

Layton Delia M., student, h 364 W 6th

Lazarus Abraham, peddler, h 506 DeWitt

Leach George, h 215 High

Leach Richard, peddler, h 215 High

Leach Robert, hostler, h 112 Pennsylvania av

LEARY ARTHUR, grocer, 56 Pennsylvania av, h do

Leary Arthur C., bookbinder, h 553 E 3d

Leary Bartholomew, cigarmaker, h 850 John

Leary Conrad, laborer, h Dickinson n Hathaway

Leary Cornelius S., carpenter, h 553 E 3d

Leary Dennis, laborer, h 204 Fulton

Leary Elizabeth, domestic, 305 William

Leary Fenton, laborer, h 103 S Walnut

Leary Isabella, domestic, 304 E Clinton

Leary John, teamster, h 616 E 3d

Leary Josie, domestic, 210 Gregg

Leary Kate, domestic, Rathbun House

Leary Kate, dressmaker, h 103 Walnut

Leary Patrick, laborer, h r 360 W 5th

Leasney Karl, laborer, h 708 E Oak

Leatherby George J., laborer, h 518 William

Leavenworth Sarah, widow Russell, h Columbia cor 5th

Leavitt Charles, clerk, 114 W Water, h 353 Columbia

Leavitt John H., machinist, h 858 Lake

Leavitt Milton T., engineer, h 353 Columbia

Lee Almira, widow Alonzo, h 506 William

Lee Augusta, widow Nat., h American hotel

Lee Charles H., clerk, h 506 William

LEE CHARLES M., cement pipe manufr., Washington av cor Canal, h 900 Oak

Lee David, bartender, 519 Railroad av, h 151 W Clinton

Lee David Y., bartender, h 106 W 5th

Lee Frances, h 416 Perry

Lee James S., laborer, h 722 Columbia

Lee John, machinist, h 701 Railroad av

Lee John C., soap manufr., h 169 Lake

Lee Kate, saleslady, 325 E Water, h 701 Railroad av

Lee Lina Mrs., h 509 Clinton pl

Lee Mary, domestic, 368 W 1st

Lee Mary, saleslady, 120 W Water, h 5th cor Railroad av

Lee Mary A., domestic, 645 Clinton

Lee Mary A., milliner, h 701 Railroad av

Lee Mary E., domestic, 410 Lake

LEE PATRICK J., groceries and provisions, wines and liquors, 701 Railroad av, h do

Lee Thomas F., clerk, 701 Railroad av, h do

Lee William F., laborer, h 654 E Clinton

LeFevre Andrew I. (E. T. & A. I. LeFevre), h 361 Norton

LeFevre Epenetus T. (E. T. & A. I. LeFevre), h 361 Norton

LeFevre E. T. & A. I., sewing machines, 361 Norton

LeFevre Sophie, dressmaker, h 402 Baldwin

Lefler David D., produce, h 513 College av

Lehle Philip, basketmaker, h 428 E Water

Lehman John, coachman, 957 Lake

Lehnleitner Marcus, foreman, 857 East av, h 657 Lake

Lehr James, brakeman, h Wyckoff House

Leisner Charles W., salesman, 216 E Water, h 115 College av

Lemmons Rosanna, widow Thomas, h 512 Perry

Lemunyan Arthur M., stonecutter, h 1306 Pratt

Lemunyan Charles F., stonecutter, h 1306 Pratt

Lemunyan Henry J., laborer, h 1306 Pratt

Lemunyan Philip, constable, h 1306 Pratt

Lenard Ada, h 217 W 2d

Lenheim Lewis H. (Wise & Co.), h 153 Lake

Lennon Bernard, blacksmith, h 750 S Main

Lennon Harry, blacksmith, h 511 Pennsylvania av

Lennon James, foreman N. C. R. R. shops, h 511 Pennsylvania av

Lennon James, jr., machinist, h 511 Pennsylvania av

Lennon Sarah, widow Patrick, h 511 Pennsylvania av

Lennox James, laborer, h 663 Lake

Lennox John T., laborer, h 663 Lake

Leonard Addie, dressmaker, h 119 W 2d

LEONARD EDWARD D., physician and surgeon, 220 E Water, h do

Leonard Frank, laborer, h 721 E Oak

Leonard George C., confectionery 303 E Water, h 212 Gregg

Leonard James, mason, h 652 E Clinton

Leonard John K., patents, h 328 S Broadway

Leonard Kate, domestic, 209 College av

Leonard Michael B., clerk, coal agent’s office, Erie depot, h 115 Madison av

Leonard Solomon, laborer, h 721 E Oak

Leonard Sherman C., clerk, 417 S Main, h 618 Pennsylvania av

Lepper Delia, tailoress, h 550 E Water

Leshere Frank, brakeman, h 316 South av

LeValley Demorest, porter, h 316 Baldwin

LeValley Fred, plumber, h 103 E Henry

LeValley Nathaniel L., cartman, h 101 E Henry

Leven Simon, shoemaker, h 361 Railroad av

Lever Simeon, boilermaker, h 456 Franklin

Levi Isaac, peddler, h 166 Harriet

Levi Moses, peddler, h 659 E Water

Levi Simon, peddler, h 508 DeWitt

Levine Huldah, domestic, 463 E Water

Levison Jacob, peddler, h 659 E Water

Levison Simon, peddler, h 659 E Water

Levy Alexander, cigarmaker, h 106 Pennsylvania av

Levy Hannah, widow Maurice, h 106 Pennsylvania av

Levy John, cigarmaker, h 106 Pennsylvania av

Levy Joseph, cigarmanufr, 136 E Water, h 214 High

Lewis Alfred, teamster, h 709 Harper

Lewis Alfred M., finisher, h 501 Davis

LEWIS ARNOLD, grocer, 353 Davis, h 402 W 1st

Lewis Cornelia E., cashier 210 E Water, h 105 W Gray

Lewis Edwin P., flour and Feed, 159 Railroad av, h 105 W Gray

Lewis Edward L., laborer, h 713 Walnut

Lewis Eugene D., finisher, h 701 Josephine

Lewis Evan J., mason, h 504 Elizabeth

Lewis Ellen, milliner, h 128 S E Water

Lewis Francis, domestic, h 1004 Walnut

Lewis Floret, teacher, h 716 Columbia

Lewis Hattie, h 136 E Water

Lewis Horace, conductor, h 109 W South av

Lewis Horace, laborer, h Day n Sullivan

Lewis John, puddler, h 713 Walnut

Lewis Lorenzo D., carpenter, h 509 W 3d

Lewis James T., pipe maker, h Day n Oak

Lewis Maggie, domestic, 1019 East av

Lewis Millie, widow Jabez, h 223 W Water

Lewis Nelson, laborer, h 709 Harper

Lewis Obadiah, peddler, h 750 John

Lewis Richard, boilermaker, h 415 Pleasant

Lewis May, teacher, h 716 Columbia

Lewis Sophia, dressmaker, h 508 Walnut

Lewis Valentine A., teacher, h Southport bel Plank rd

Libing Frank C., cigarmaker, h 113 W 3d

Libolt Abraham M., carpenter, h 855 E Market

Libolt William S., cabinetmaker, h 118 Ferris

Lichtman Samuel, peddler, h 701 E Water

Liddell Robert D., engineer, h 611 Lewis

Liddy Catharine, widow Jeremiah, h 521 Pennsylvania av

Liddy Michael, puddler, h Washington av cor Dickinson

Liddy Patrick, laborer, h E Washington av cor Dickinson

Liddy William, puddler, h 413 W 4th

Lieb Ambrose, tanner, h Southport

Liesner Carl, laborer, h 708 E Oak

Liesner C. Edward, laborer, 718 E Oak

Liesner Charles, clerk, h 115 College av

Liesner Edward, laborer, h 718 E Oak

Liesner Elvena M., domestic, h 115 High

Liesner William, laborer, h 718 E Oak

Lightner Noah J., cutter, 300 E Water, h 500 Columbia

Lilis Margaret, h 706 Magee

Lillis John, shoemaker, 6 Arnot’s block h 113 W 5th

Lincoln Hattie, student, h 116 W Hudson

Lincoln Ida, h 158 Baldwin

Lincoln Josie, music teacher, h 116 W Hudson

Lincoln Nellie, widow Robert, milliner, h 504 E Washington av

Lincoln William A., salesman, 134 W Water, h 116 W Hudson

Linderman Ira M., carriage manufr, 153 Fox and 435 Carroll, h 151 Fox

LINDSAY JOHN H., boot and shoe cutter, h 378 W 1st

LINDSEY EBENEZER S., grocer, 200 E 5th, h do

Lindsey Elizabeth, dressmaker, h 106 E 2nd

Lindsey Jennie, widow Joseph, dressmaker, h 423 N Main

Lines Edwin B., (Lines & Son), h 169 Lake

Lines Stephen V., (Lines & Son), h at Canandaigua

LINES S. V. & SON, (S. V. and Edwin B.), boots and shoes, 137 E Water

Lingel Lorenzo, foreman, h 309 S Main

Lingle George C., machinist, h 518 Pennsylvania av

Linneen Ellen, widow Peter, h 439 W 4th

Linneen Michael, mason, h 439 W 4th

Linneen Patrick, mason, h 439 W 4th

Lingle Joseph, machinist, h 518 Pennsylvania av

Lippee Charles M., shoemaker, h 752 John

Litch Benjamin, bartender, h Buckbee House

Litey Clara I. Mrs., h 501 Davis

Litle Elizabeth, widow Davis, h 211 William

Little Enoch M., deputy sheriff, court house, h 211 William

LITTLE LEVI D., sheriff, court house, h 211 William

Little Monroe S., turnkey county jail, 211 William, h do

Little Wilson G., painter, h 135 W Water

Liwen Essie, widow Abraham, h 311 Baldwin

Lloyd Charles, puddler, h 833 Canal

LLOYD REESE, roller, h 857 Magee

Lobdell Elizabeth, widow Isaac, h 313 Orchard

Lobdell Philip F., butcher, h 313 Orchard

Locke Emily Mrs., h 453 Maple av

Locke Hiram B., h 106 W 2d

Lockwood Abbie, seamstress, h 630 William

Lockwood J. Emmett, foreman Rolling Mill, h 730 Hatch

Lockwood George, tinner, h 373 W 2nd

Lockwood Gideon, drayman, h 156 Washington

Lockwood John, carpenter, h 630 William

Lockwood Louisa, widow Nathanial, h 373 W 2nd

Lockwood Matthew, bill poster, h 630 William

Lodine George, teamster, h 712 E Oak

Logan John H., engineer, h 726 S Main

Loggie Albert G., salesman, h W 3d ab Main

Loggie Charles A., fireman, h 209 W 3d

Loggie John H., engineer, h 209 W 3rd

Loggie Russell O., engineer, h 609 Magee

Loghy Isaac, shoemaker, h 365 W Gray

Loghry Mary J. Mrs., housekeeper, 371 W Gray

Londergan Daniel, laborer, h 615 W Water

Londergan Garrett, saloon, 963 N Main, h do

Londergan John, laborer, h 209 Park

Londergan John, jr., filler, h 217 Park

Londergan Maurice, laborer, h Jones n river

Lonergan Patrick, helper, h 456 W 2d

Lonergan William, shoemaker, h 456 W 2d

Loney Annie, domestic, 317 Madison av

Loney Esther, milliner, h 519 Mt Zoar

Loney Michael, laborer, h 519 Mt Zoar

Loney Thomas, laborer, h 519 Mt Zoar

Long Edward, rag dealer, h 106 W 2d

Long Mary, h 820 S Main

Long Mary A., widow Richard, h 108 Washington

Long Mary J., laundress, h 708 Oak

Long Nancy K., widow Daniel, h 708 Oak

Long Walter, quarryman, h 950 John

Longcoy Enos, laborer, h 313 W 5th

Longendike Luke, puddler, h 801 Hatch

Longstreet William H., (Frost & Longstreet), h 455 W Water

Look Charles T., salesman, 102 W Water, h 109 W Market

Loomes Edward, veterinary Surgeon, 413 E Market, h 415 do

Loomis Addie, domestic, 653 Lake

Loomis B., widow Charles, h 601 S Main

Loomis Cyntha T. Mrs., h 357 Walnut

LOOMIS EDWARD A., coal and wood dealer, 517 Baldwin, h 356 W 4th

Loomis Eliza A., widow Seth, h 1018 Lake

Loomis O. Elizabeth, widow Abel C., h 160 Baldwin

Loomis William C. (Wells & Loomis), h 417 E Market

Looney Mary, widow John, h 410 S Magee

Loonie Annie Mrs., h 717 Columbia

Loonie James J., salesman, 201 E Water, h 923 Lake

Lonnie Jerry, mason, h 923 Lake

Loop George, heater, h 318 High

Loop Hannah M. Mrs., h 901 E Market

Loop Jessie S., h 901 E Market

Loop John B., laborer, h 569 E Water

Loop Samuel, peddler, h 617 Lake

Loop William A., laborer, h 358 Hoffman

Lord Asa P., tinsmith, h 401 W Clinton

Lord Elmer A., clerk, 125 Lake, h 401 W Clinton

Lord Lewis F., miller, h ft E Water

Loring Fannie T., widow James H., h 318 W Water

Loring Henry R., student, h 318 W Water

Lormore William J. (Lormore & Tompkins), h 456 Sullivan

LORMORE & TOMPKINS. (William J. Lormore and Charles M. Tompkins), wholesale grocers, 308 and 310 Carroll

Losch Peter, barber, h 428 E Water

Losey Amos, farmer, h 715 John

Losey Rutherford M., traveling agent, h 302 W Clinton

Losie Chauncey B., bookkeeper, 157 Baldwin, h do

Losie Jane, widow Abraham, h 528 W 1st

LOSIE JOHN M., real estate and insurance agent, 305 Carroll, h 1105 Benton

LOSIE THOMAS B., furnaces, &c., iron, tinware, slate and slate roofing, 157 Baldwin, h do

Losie William, h 528 W 1st

Lott Martha P., domestic, 119 Sullivan

Lougher William, roller, h 912 Magee

Loughhead David P., shoemaker, h 309 E 5th

Loughhead William H., moulder, h 105 W Hudson

Loughhead William H., jr., student, h 105 W Hudson

Loughlin Patrick, laborer, h 104 W Washington av

Loughry Isaac, foreman, Railroad av cor E 2d, h 365 W Gray

Lounsberry Andrew G., augermaker, h 153 Baldwin

Lounsberry Norman, shoemaker, h 360 Pennsylvania av

Loushay Henry, fireman, h 425 Balsam

Love Charles E., clerk, 111 E Water, h 212 DeWitt

Love James, laborer, h 426 Pleasant

Love, John, moulder, h 212 DeWitt

Lovejoy Robert H., h 628 W Church

Lovell Amos B., janitor, h 410 Elm

Lovell Eliza M., widow Japhet, h 307 E Clinton

Lovell Eugene, driver, h 1124 Lake

Lovell Harrison T., engineer, h 306 E Clinton

Lovell John L., hostler, 404 Sullivan

Lowe Anna, 635 Josephine

Lowe Caroline F., h 126 N Main

Lowe Frank, harnessmaker, h 753 Day

Lowe Luther, hostler, h W Water ab Main

LOWE URIAH S., lawyer, 112 Baldwin, h Rathbun House

Lowman Charles, fireman, h 370 S Main

Lowman Grace, milliner, h 307 Mt Zoar

Lowman Lyman L., teamster, h 307 Mt Zoar

Lown Eugene A., shoemaker, h 112 S Main

Lown Fannie F., dressmaker, h 112 S Main

Lown William E., printer, h 112 S Main

Lown M. Alice, dressmaker, h 112 S Main

Lown William, shoemaker, 110 S Main, h 112 do

Lown William Jr., printer, Advertiser, h 112 S Main

Lowrey Margaret, widow James, h Dickinson n Washington

Lowrey Mary W., widow James, h 371 W Church

Lucas Morris H., barber, also saloon 600 Baldwin, h 612 Dickinson

Lucas Richmond J., carpenter, h 258 Partridge

Luce James R., h 202 E Gray

Luce Joseph D., machinist, h 508 Sullivan

Luce Martin, h 423 W Water

LUCE NILES D., photographer, 137 E Water, h 423 W Water

Luce William, farmer, h Lake n Boulevard

Luchko, Max, cigarmaker, h 207 Dickinson

Luchkowskie Julius, mason, h 702 Dickinson

Luchkowskie Mary M., milliner, h 702 Dickinson

Luchkowskie Max, cigarmaker, h 702 Dickinson

Lucy Daniel J., mason, h 813 John

Lucy Delia, domestic, 1003 Lake

Lucy Ella, domestic, 407 W Water

Lucy John M., farmer, h Sullivan ab Norton

Lucy Julia, milliner, h 108 N Main

Lucy Louisa, domestic, 453 Maple av

Lucy Mary, domestic, 462 E Church

Lucy Timothy F., coachman, 303 N Main, h 209 W 1st

Ludlum Robert E., manager, E Water, h 867 Magee

Ludlum Robert E., agent, Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., 332 E Water, h 867 Magee

Luding Max Mrs., _______, 627 W Gray

Luffler Henry, carver, h 146 E Water

LUFFLER JOSEPH, saloon, 146 E Water, h do

Lumbard Azro C., printer Advertiser, h 712 Oak

Lumbard James M., printer, h 1016 Teniete

Lumbard Oril E., milliner, h 712 Oak

Lundy Charles T., conductor, h 544 S Main

Lung Catharine M., widow Lewis, h 216 Pennsylvania av

Lung Fred J., carpenter, h 216 Pennsylvania av

Lung Sophia C., saleslady, h 216 Pennsylvania av

Lunger James M., laborer, h 367 Diven av

Lunigan Norah, domestic, 521 W Water

Lunn Caroline, h 464 W Gray

Lunn John W., cigar manufr, 500 E Water, h 464 W Gray

Lunner S. Edgar, laborer, h 603 Howard

Lunner William, laborer, h 603 Howard

Lupton Henry, carpenter, h 447 W 5th

Luqueer M P. H., widow John, h 320 Lake

Lush Louise, cook, Orphans Home, Franklin cor Fulton

Lutes Addie L., h 631 W Water

Lutes Ralsey, shoemaker, h 631 W Water

Lux Dora, tailoress, h 757 E Water

Lux George, h 757 E Water

Lux George F., tailor, h 757 E Water

Lux Magdalena, tailoress, h 757 E Water

Lybolt Henry, carpenter, h 357 W 4th

Lyddon Robert, puddler, h 912 Magee

Lydon Margaret, widow Daniel, h 752 E Water

Lyman George H., salesman, 414 E Market, h at Wellsville

Lynch Bridget, domestic, 719 Columbia

Lynch Daniel, laborer, h Chemung Canal n Centre

Lynch Daniel, laborer, h 215 O’Gorman

Lynch Daniel, jr., laborer, h Chemung Canal n Centre

Lynch Daniel B., carpenter, h 215 Giltinan

Lynch Dennis, laborer, h 916 Magee

Lynch Edward, undertaker, h 612 John

Lynch Jeremiah, laborer, h Chemung Canal n Centre

Lynch Johanna, h 223 W Water

Lynch John, laborer, h 812 Magee

Lynch John, undertaker, 422 Carroll, h 612 John

Lynch John D., miner, h 1351 N Baldwin

LYNCH JOHN M., Troy House, 419 Railroad av

Lynch Martin, groceries, 712 Davis, h do

Lynch Martin, laborer, O’Gorman n N. C. R. R.

Lynch Martin, laborer, h 215 O’Gorman

Lynch Mary, cook, Haight’s Hotel

Lynch Mary A., milliner, h 612 John

Lynch Mary A., domestic, 509 E Water

Lynch Michael, flagman, h E South av ab Maple av

Lynch Michael W., stitcher, h 215 O’Gorman

Lynch Patrick, laborer, h 803 Railroad av

Lynch Patrick, helper, h 406 W 6th

Lynch Patrick, saloon, h 363 Railroad av

Lynch Patrick H., laborer, h E South av ab Maple av

Lynch Pierce J., civil engineer, 615 Magee, h do

Lynch Robert T., veterinary surgeon, 456 E Water h do

Lynch Sarah E., milliner, 108 N Main, h 612 John

Lynch Thomas, mason, h 606 John

Lynch Thomas, stonecutter, h 712 Davis

Lynch Thomas Mrs., h Davis n Reformatory

Lynch Timothy, cartman, h 364 W 3d

Lynes Wilbur C., clerk, 340 E Water, h 412 W 2nd

Lynn George, tender, h 804 McDonald

Lynn Henry, laborer, h 804 McDonald

Lyon Bradley C., carpenter, h 1215 Benton

Lyon Charles, gardener, h Bulkhead rd ab South av

Lyon Charles B., carpenter, h 1215 Benton

Lyon Frances M., machine operator, h 118 E Hudson

Lyon Frank N., operator, h 118 E Hudson

Lyon Gilbert W. (G. E. Plumb & Co.), h at Syracuse

Lyon Gorden, gardner, Bulkhead rd ab South av, h do

Lyon Harriet E., vestmaker, h 118 E Hudson

Lyon Henry, gardener, h Bulkhead rd ab South av

Lyon Mary A., seamstress, h 5 Erie

Lyon Silas, gardener, h Perine, n South av

Lyon William E., painter, h 1215 Benton

Lyons Abigail N., widow Joseph, h 904 W Gray

Lyons Ella, domestic, 117 College av

Lyons Jesse, engineer, 317 W Water

Lyons Mary, widow John, h 5 Erie

Lyons Mary A., dressmaker, h 5 Erie

Lyons Nellie, domestic, Rathbun House

Lyons Thomas, laborer, h 5 Erie


Maberry William H., barber, h 716 Dickinson

Macauley Fannie L., domestic, 412 Carroll

Maccallum Erway, shoemaker, h 512 W 2d

Maccallum George W., carpenter, h 512 W 2d

Maccallum Thomas, h 512 W 2d

MacGowan Horace T., carpenter, h 554 S Main

MacGowan Louisa, boarding house, 554 S Main, h do

Mack Anna, widow Frank, h E. R. R. ab Junction

Mack Anna, h 103 W Henry

Mack Anna B., cook, h 706 Baldwin

Mack Bernhardt, h 222 W Church

Mack Bridget, domestic, 524 W Water

Mack Catharine, dressmaker, h 757 S Main

Mack Catharine, tailoress, h E. R. R. ab Junction

Mack Catharine, widow James, h 722 S Main

Mack Daniel, h 757 S Main

Mack James, brewer, h 424 W 3d

Mack James, laborer, h 713 Canal