Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Moss Charles T. Rev., pastor, South Main M. E. Church, h 404 S Main

Moss George, laborer, h 400 Railroad av

Moss M. Frankie, h 404 S Main

Moss Nellie L., teacher, h 404 S Main

MOSS ROSWELL R., lawyer, room 2 Opera Block, Lake, h 114 Columbia

Mowbray George W., bootmaker, h 424 Pleasant

Mowry Delia, cook, Buckbee House

Mowry Delos C., clerk, West End Hotel, h do

Mowry Gilleon D., carpenter, h 408 W 2d

Mowry Hattie, milliner, h Buckbee House

Mowry Thirza, widow David, h 308 E Water

Moxley James, laborer, h 374 W 1st

Moynahan Mary, widow Thomas, h 612 E 3d

Mudrack Emma, domestic, 437 E Water

Mulcahey Morris, laborer, h 908 N Canal

Mulcahy Abbie G., h 908 N Canal

Mulcahy Annie, domestic, 115 N Main

Mulcahy Daniel, helper, h Southport ab S Broadway

Mulcahy Michael, laborer, h Southport ab S Broadway

Mulcahy Michael, jr., laborer, h Southport ab S Broadway

Mullen John, shoemaker, h 404 W 3rd

Mullen Ellen, domestic, 300 W Church

Muller William L., lawyer, 308 E Water, h 217 Washington

Mullins Patrick, carpenter, h 380 W 3rd

Mungovan Honora, widow Anthony, h 380 W 3rd

Mungovan James, blacksmith, h 422 W 2d

Munroe John, car builder, h 530 W Gray

Munroe John T., carpenter, h 617 Magee

Munroe Robert, carpenter, h 617 Magee

Munsell Charles, engineer, h 217 W South av

Munski John, laborer, h 114 Spring

Munson David W., salesman, 205 lake, h E Water

Munson Almira C., widow Edwin, h 308 Columbia

Munson Eunice Miss, h 112 W 1st

Munson Henrietta E., teacher, h 114 W 2d

Munson Lydia Miss, h 112 W 1st

Munson Mary, widow Joseph, h 514 W Gray

MURDOCH ALEXANDER V., lawyer, 344 E Water, h 159 Madison av

Murdoch John, lawyer, 344 E Water, h 306 W Gray

Murdock Milton L., sash and doors, 147 W Water, h 711 N Main

Murdock Sarah N., widow Luther N., h 713 N Main

Murphey Charles A., brakeman, h 211 Gregg

Murphey True J., ticket clerk, 709 N Main

Murphy Anderson, laborer, h 652 Baldwin

Murphy Charles, clerk, h 329 Railroad av

Murphy Charles T., salesman, h 405 W 1st

Murphy Charles F., machinist, h r 610 S Main

Murphy Cynthia, widow John B., h 405 W 1st

MURPHY DANIEL, grocer, also wines and liquors, 514 and 516 N Main, h 159 W Clinton

Murphy Darwin D., agent, h 113 Washington

Murphy Dennis, carpenter, h 410 W 3rd

Murphy Edmund, laborer, h 808 Lincoln

Murphy Eliza, domestic, 758 E Church

Murphy Frank, cigarmaker, h 914 N Main

Murphy Frank, boot fitter, h 957 E Clinton

Murphy Fred R., clerk, h 113 Washington

Murphy George E., carpenter, h Burdick n N. C. R R.

Murphy Harry S., foreman Gazette, h 860 Magee

Murphy James, laborer, h 703 E 2d

Murphy James, laborer, h 552 E 3d

Murphy James, machinist, h 518 Pennsylvania av

Murphy James F., constable, h Burdick n N. C. R. R.

Murphy Jeremiah, carpenter, h 511 Davis

Murphy Jeremiah, carpenter, h E South av cor Erie

Murphy John, laborer, h 318 W 7th

Murphy John, roller, h 914 N Main

Murphy John, shoemaker, h 200 Fulton

Murphy John H., shoemaker, h 308 Harmon

Murphy Lewis E., laborer, h E South av, cor Erie

Murphy Margaret, grocer, 200 Fulton, h do

Murphy Maria, domestic, 103 S Main

Murphy Maria, domestic, 102 West Water

Murphy Martin, hostler, h 352 N Main

Murphy Mary, dressmaker, h Lake n Market

Murphy Mary A., domestic, 505 E Church

Murphy Mary E., dressmaker, h E South av, cor Erie

Murphy Michael, carpenter, h Troy House

Murphy Michael, laborer, h 459 Sullivan

Murphy Michael, laborer, h 857 Lake

Murphy Miles, stonecutter, h Logan ab Walnut

Murphy Nelson R., student, h 113 Washington

Murphy Owen, h 914 N Main

Murphy Patrick, laborer, h 328 Webber Place

Murphy Patrick, shoemaker, h 850 E Market

Murphy Peter, clerk, 516 N Main, h 159 W Clinton

Murphy Peter, machinist, h 420 W 3d

Murphy Robert T., mail clerk Gazette, h 203 Railroad av

Murphy Samuel, laborer, h E South av n E R R

Murphy Sarah, millinery, 100 Lake, h do

Murphy Thomas, h 100 W South av

Murphy Thomas, blacksmith, h 914 N Main

Murphy Timothy, laborer, h 224 W 3d

Murphy Timothy, shoemaker, h 308 Harmon

Murphy William, blacksmith, h 808 Lincoln

Murphy William, switchman, h 373 W 3d

Murphy William E., overseer of poor h r Court House

Murphy William J., brakeman, h 707 Casey

Murray Agnes, shoecutter, h 366 W 3d

Murray Alfred, machinist, h S Broadway n city limits

Murray Alexander, jr., carpenter, h 418 Fulton

Murray Alexander, sr., laborer, h 373 Centre

Murray Alfred, machinist, h 530 S Broadway

Murray Bridget, domestic, 310 Pennsylvania av

Murray Ellen, domestic, 219 W 1st

Murray James, cigar maker, h 751 Oak

Murray James, machinist, h 707 E Church

Murray James J., brickmason, h 861 Railroad av

Murray John, laborer, h 655 Lake

Murray John, student, 344 E Water, h Jones bel Robinson

Murray John, stonemason, h 423 Railroad av

Murray John, teamster, h 655 Lake

Murray Kate, tailoress, h Jones bel Robinson

MURRAY LAWRENCE, wines and liquors, also sample room, 103 State, h 217 Orchard

Murray Mary J., laundress, h 413 Madison av

Murray Michael, laborer, h Jones bel Robinson

Murray Michael, jr., bricklayer, h Jones bel Robinson

Murray Nicholas P., engineer, h 210 Giltinan

Murray Patrick, builder, h 861 Railroad av, h do

Murray Patrick, moulder, h 605 S Main

Murray Patrick, switchman, h 358 Railroad av

Murray Patrick, tinsmith, h 811 John

Murray Robert B., dentist, 317 High, h do

Murray Schuyler R., carpenter, h 408 Fulton

Murray Theron L., machinist, h 1217 Hall

Murray Thomas, clerk, 327 East Water, h 207 W Gray

Murray Thomas, mason, h 366 W 3d

Murray Timothy, shoemaker, h 408 High

Murray Timothy, jr., shoemaker, h 408 High

Murray Walter, butcher, h 530 S Broadway

Murray Walter, laborer, h 751 Day

Murray Walter, jr., butcher, h 530 S Broadway

Murray W. Eugene, cigarmaker, h 751 Oak

Murtaugh Michael, grocer, 400 S Broadway, h do

Musgrave Hathaway, carpenter, h 50 Harmon

Mutchler Joseph, planer, h 217 Ann

Mutchler Robert, cabinetmaker, h 217 Ann

Mutschler Joseph, cabinetmaker, h 217 Ann

Mutschler Louis A., upholsterer, h 217 Ann

Myer William, train agent, h 213 Mt Zoar

Myers Ada M., h 705 E Church

Myers Allen L., traveling agent, h 511 Columbia

Myers Anna, dressmaker, h 132 W Water

Myers Frederick, tanner, h 710 E Clinton

Myers George, carpenter, h 148 W Water

Myers Charles, furniture finisher, h 710 E Clinton

Myers George, furniture finisher, h 705 E Church

Myers John, tanner, h 903 John

Myers John J., miller, h 859 E Water

Myers Milton T., clerk, 320 E Water, h 705 E Church

Myers Peter, barber, h 212 Madison av

Myers Thaddeus W., furniture finisher, h 705 E Church

Myers William, tanner, h 710 E Clinton

Mygatt Harriet, widow Horace, h 202 W Washington av


NAFE WILLIAM F., painter and paper hanger, 115 W Gray, h do

Nagle Bridget, widow Patrick, h 800 Magee

Nagle James, puddler, h 800 Magee

Nagle John, carpenter, h 608 E Water

Nagle John, jr., gas fitter, h 608 E Water

Nagle Katie L., dressmaker, h 800 Magee

Nagle Patrick J., inspector, h pump house city water works

Naglee Joseph C., teamster, h Baty n Herrick

Nailetz Michael, brickmaker, h 209 Judson

Naismith Lizzie, domestic, 214 Washington

Nalen James, tanner, h 562 E Clinton

Nalen Mary, dressmaker, h 562 E Clinton

Nalen Michael, tanner, h 311 W 2d

NARES JAMES D., detective, also dept. U S marshall, 116 Baldwin, h Wyckoff House

Nash Frank, brakeman, h 604 Pennsylvania av

Nash Harvey, watchman, h 213 W 3d

Nash Patrick, varnisher, h 712 McDonald

Neagle Michael T., policeman, h 704 John

Nealon Mary, laundress, h 562 E Clinton

Nearing Frank, assistant city engineer, Masonic Temple, h Lake, cor E Water

Neckermann Lewis, tailor, h 405 Railroad av

Negus Angeline Mrs., dressmaker, 143 E Water, h do

Negus Isabella, dressmaker, h 143 E Water

NEILSON ROBERT, supt E. and C. division N. C. R. W., h 703 Park Place

Neily George, carpenter, h 559 Coburn

Neish John, painter, h 123 Harriet

Neish William H., carpenter, h 123 Harriet

Nelson D. Brainard, h 328 Baldwin

Nelson Emily A., teacher, h 328 Baldwin

Nelson John, machinist, h 707 Kinyon

Nelson Lizzie Mrs., stitcher, h College av, cor Reformatory

Nelson Margaret S., h 61 1st av

Nelson Patrick, laborer, h 215 Thurston

Neubauer Julius H., carver, h 416 E Water

Neuer Eliza, widow Charles, h 408 Madison av

Neuer Jacob, tailor, h 456 E Clinton, h do

Neur Louis A., barber, h Madison av ab 3d

New Ella I., carder, h 652 Oak

New George, laborer, h 652 Oak

Newark William H., barber, h 716 Dickinson

Newcomb Emma P., domestic, 413 Lake

Newcomb Peter, tanner, h 106 High

Newcomer Daniel S., mason, h 238 S Main

Newcomer John, mason, h 538 S Main

Newell Baker, boilermaker, h 406 Powell

Newell David, mason, h 663 Columbia

Newhall Ellen, widow Frank J., domestic, Club House

Newkirk Lucy, widow Jacob, h 102 E Hudson

Newkirk Luman, carpenter, h 102 E Hudson

Newman Albert, engineer, h 820 Lincoln

Newman Claude H., telegrapher, 150 Baldwin, h 218 William

Newman Henry, blacksmith, h 101 E 7th

NEWMAN JAMES M., physician and surgeon, 617 Lake, h do

Newman Thadeus, telegraph operator, h 218 William

Newsom Thomas H., hammerman, h 808 N Main

Newton Charles F., carpenter, h 335 S Broadway

NEW YORK STATE REFORMATORY, Z Reed Brockway, gen’l supt., Davis beyond limits

Nichols Charles, painter, h 309 S Main

Nichols Charles L., bookkeeper, 2 Arcade block, Lake, h 417 E Market

Nichols Charles O., brakeman, h 509 W 2nd

Nichols Charles W., brakeman, h 122 Partridge

Nichols Daniel M., bookkeeper, 340 E Water, h 517 W 2d

Nichols Eliza J., widow Myron H., h 302 W 1st

Nichols Fred C., printer Advertiser, h College av cor 1st

Nichols George, machinist, h American Hotel

Nichols John Q. A., cutter, h 416 W Clinton

Nichols Julia F., h 409 N Main

Nichols Matilda, domestic, 703 Josephine

Nichols Samuel T., burnisher, h 408 DeWitt

Nicholson Ralph, peddler, h 510 W 1st

Nicks John E., tobacconist, h 451 W Gray

NICKS JOHN I., manufr. tobacco and segars, 615 Railroad av, h 358 N Main

Niland John C., peddler, h 409 W Clinton

Niles Hiram F., laborer, h 458 Hart

Nilets Michael, laborer, h 209 Judson

Nimbs William M., express messenger, h 425 W Clinton

Nish Charles, brakeman, h 552 S Main

Niver Charles, laborer, h 722 Oak

Niver Charles, machinist, h 718 Oak

Niver Flora, milliner, h 722 Oak

Niver Flora L., domestic, 106 W 2d

Nixon Elizabeth, widow Dennis, h 807 Magee

Nixon James, h 910 Stowell

Nixon John, laborer, h 910 Stowell

Nixon Patrick, helper, h 910 Stowell

Noble Edward M., printer Gazette, h 312 W 1st

Noble Julia, widow William, h 312 W 1st

Noble Mary, dressmaker, h 312 W 1st

Nolden Frank, tanner, h 600 E Church

Nolton Amasa K., blacksmith, Benton n E Washington av

Nolton Amsi, blacksmith, h 307 E Clinton

Nolton Ida, h 307 E Clinton

Nonn Frank, tanner, h Church n High

Noonan Catharine Mrs., laundress, h 204 Broadway

Noonan Julia, domestic, Lake cor Division

Noonan Maggie, domestic, Haight’s Hotel

Nooney Annie, dressmaker, h 100 E Water

Norman Charles P., clerk, h 550 E Market

Norman Cornelia, teacher, h 210 Sullivan

Norman George M., broom manufr, 310 Washington, h do

Norman Jennie, housekeeper, h 210 Sullivan

Norman John G., livery, 432 E Market, h 550 do

Norman Mary A., widow Prentice, h 210 Sullivan

Norman M. Alice, milliner, h 310 Washington

Norman Prentice P., bookkeeper, h 412 Sullivan

Normile John, shoemaker, 721 Lake, h do

North Ann B., widow Theodore, h 527 W Water

North Kate, domestic, ft. E Water

North Norris, tinsmith, h 216 W Gray

Northrup Clara, widow Nelson H., h 106 S Main

Northrup Benjamin, blacksmith, h 758 E Water

Northrup Florence, teacher, h 113 W S Water
Northrup John T, bootmaker, h 110 N Main

Northrup Lansing, shoemaker, h 807 W 1st

Northrup Phay S. (Northrup & Carey), h 147 W Water

Northrup & Carey (Phay S Northrup and Edward E. Carey), painters, 422 E Water

Norton Addison M., bartender, 124 W Water, h W 1st cor College av

Norton A. Wellington, principal school No. 4, h 801 N Main

Norton Alfred F., freight agent N. Y. L. E. & W. R. R., also U. I. & E. and Tioga R. R., h 152 W 5th

Norton Charles B. M., painter, h 401 Railroad av

Norton Charles D., clerk E. R. R., freight depot, h 152 W 5th

Norton Charles D., student, h 152 W 5th

Norton Ellen, widow Patrick, h 117 W 1st

Norton Elmer K., secy. The Husbandman, h 1003 Walnut

Norton Emma L., h 801 N Main

Norton James E., clerk, h 160 W 5th

Norton Jane E., widow Philander, h 1003 Walnut

Norton Mary, domestic, 322 W Church

Norton Mary F., widow Jabez, h 760 E Church

Norton M. Emily, teacher, h 2d cor College av

Norton Norman R., supt. At Canada, h 226 W 2d

Norton Theo., teacher, h 152 W 5th

Norwood Clarence L., tinsmith, h 105 Partridge

Nourse Charles, blacksmith, Lake, h 908 Benton

Nowak Adam, tanner, h 211 Ann

Nugent James E., blacksmith, h 770 S Main

Nurss Maria, domestic, W Water n limits

Nurss Solomon, laborer, h r 430 S Broadway

Nye George B., commercial traveler, h 470 W Water

Nye George M., h 470 W Water


Oakes Peter, shoemaker, h 203 Railroad av

Oaks Leander, shoemaker, h W Gray cor Railroad av

Obalt John, tailor, h 126 Harriet

Oberholser Frank P., salesman, 115 E Water, h 422 W Gray

Obertin Adolph D., shoecutter, h 213 Orchard

Obertin Adolph J., shoecutter, h 213 Orchard

O’Brien Anna E., domestic 509 Pennsylvania av

O’Brien Cornelius, mason, h 261 W S Water

O’Brien Daniel, laborer, h E. R. R. ab Centre

O’BRIEN DANIEL, grocer, 450 High, h do

O’Brien David, shoemaker, h 214 Harmon

O’Brien Dennis, laborer, h Pine n Franklin

O’Brien Dennis J., tailor, 158 Baldwin, h 433 E Water n Fox

O’Brien Edward, stonecutter, h 401 Railroad av

O’Brien Ellen, widow Daniel, h 450 High

O’Brien Fanny W., widow William, h 321 Orchard

O’Brien Humphrey, mason, h 261 W S Water

O’Brien James, drayman, h 383 W 1st

O’Brien James, mason, h 309 Norton

O’Brien Jeremiah, laborer, h 107 Fulton

O’Brien John, cabinetmaker, h 383 W 1st

O’Brien John, marble works, 432 E Water, h 758 E Market

O’Brien John, mason, h 224 Chestnut

O’Brien John, jr., mason, h 261 W S Water
O’Brien John, shoemaker, h 524 William

O’Brien Julia, domestic, 363 W 4th

O’Brien Julia, domestic, 107 Fulton

O’Brien Kate, shoe paster, h 383 W 1st

O’Brien Lizzie, domestic, 315 E Church

O’Brien Lizzie, domestic, 401 W Water

O’Brien Maggie, weaver, h 450 High

O’Brien Margaret Mrs., h 650 E Clinton

O’Brien Mary, h 383 W 1st

O’Brien Michael, laborer, h 107 Fulton

O’Brien Nora, domestic, 402 E Union

O’Brien Patrick, laborer, h E. R. R. ab Centre

O’Brien Peter, laborer, h 826 Lincoln

O’Brien Thomas, clerk, h 383 W 1st

O’Brien William, bookbinder, h Lake

O’Bryon Elijah, stonecutter, h 401 Railroad av

O’Bryon L. E., stonecutter, h 203 Railroad av

O’Bryon Lida A., widow Lyman, h 448 W 5th

Ocobock Clarence, agent, h 119 W Henry

Ocobock Emma Mrs., h 119 W Henry

O’Connell Anna, widow Patrick, h 367 W 3d

O’Connell Daniel, painter, h 367 W 3d

O’Connell James H., shoemaker, h 713 E Market

O’Connell William, shoemaker, h 264 W Henry

O’Conner Daniel, laborer, h 803 Magee

O’Conner James, foreman, h 720 S Main

O’Conner Minnie A., h 803 Magee

O’Connor Timothy, laborer, h 533 Harper

O’CONNOR BROS. (Jeremiah J.), wholesale wines and liquors, 414 and 416 Carroll

O’Connor Charles, laborer, h 720 S Main

O’Connor Jeremiah J. (O’Connor Bros.), h 150 Washington

O’Connor John, clerk, 142 E Water, h 111 Sullivan

O’Connor Julia, h 803 Magee

O’Connor Margaret, tailoress, h 111 E Hudson

O’Connor Mary, widow David, h 371 W 2d

O’Connor Patrick, laborer, h 373 W 2d

O’Daniels Jerome, engineer, h 606 Pennsylvania av

O’Dea Andrew, blacksmith, h 117 Washington

O’DEA ANDREW, grocer, 658 E Water, h do

O’Dea Cornelius, h 458 Powell

O’Dea Jennie, shoe operator, h 114 W Henry

O’Dea John, clerk, 106 E Water, h do

O’Dea John, laborer, h 111 S 2d

O’Dea Kate, domestic, 364 W 1st

O’Dea Kate, dressmaker, h 324 W 7th

O’Dea Maggie Mrs., 502 W Church

O’Dea Maggie C., domestic, 220 William

O’Dea Mary, h 458 Powell

O’Dea Mary, widow Michael, h 114 W Henry

O’Dea Michael, laborer, h 328 W 7th

O’Dea Michael, laborer, h 612 Jay

O’Dea Michael, tinner, h 114 W Henry

O’Dea Patrick, laborer, h 111 S 2d

O’Dea Patrick, switchman, h 414 Powell

O’Dea Simon, stonecutter, h 369 W 5th

O’Dea Thomas, laborer, h 458 Powell

O’Dea Thomas, laborer, h 324 W 7th

Odell Abram, mason, h 316 W 5th

Odell Adaline, widow William, h 730 Hatch

Odell Isaac, grocery, 316 W 5th, h 312 do

Odell James, shearsman, h 709 Baldwin

Odell Jennie, h 129 W Water

Odell John W., fireman, 1217 Benton

Odell Vincent, engineer, h 220 W 3d

O’Donnall Arthur, laborer, h Junction bel E South av

O’Donnell Annie, domestic, 509 William

O’Donnell Arthur, jr., laborer, h Junction bel E South av

O’Donnell Bridget, domestic, Maple av n City limits

O’Donnell Bridget, widow John, h 420 S Main

O’Donnell Bryan, shoemaker, h 753 E Market

O’Donnell Charles, piler, h 165 E Washington av

O’Donnell Charles, laborer, h 165 E Washington av

O’Donnell James, laborer, h 307 Hathaway

O’Donnell James, roller, h 165 E Washington av

O’Donnell Mary, seamstress, h 420 S Main

O’Donnell Matthew, laborer, h Dickinson n Hathaway

O’Donnell Matthew, jr., laborer, h n Dickinson r rolling mill

O’Donnell Maurice, driver, h Dickinson n rolling mill

O’Donnell Patrick, laborer, h Junction bel E South av

O’Donnell Patrick, shoemaker, h 420 S Main

O’Donnell Richard, brakeman, h Junction bel E South av

O’Donnell William, shoemaker, h 420 S Main

O’Donohue Bart, coachman, 419 W Church

O’Driscoll Debby, widow Patrick, h 358 W 1st

O’Driscoll Michael, h 655 Lake

O’DWYER MICHAEL REV., pastor St. Mary’s R. C. Church, h 224 Franklin

Oelschlaeger Frank, domestic, 850 N Main

O’Farrell Emma J., teacher, h 422 Herrick

O’Farrell John, laborer, h 422 Herrick

O’Farrell Kate L., teacher, h 422 Herrick

O’Farrell Mary, seamstress, h 422 Herrick

O’Flaherty John, lawyer, 210 E Water, h 433 do

O’Flaherty John, lawyer, 460 W Church

Ogden Alexander, h 317 Baldwin

Ogden Grace, h 406 Lake

Ogden William, h 406 Lake

O’Gorman Mary, dressmaker, h 350 Railroad av

O’Gorman Thomas, h 350 Railroad av

O’Hanlon Hugh, h 109 Grove

O’Hare Dennis, carpenter, h 420 Balsam

O’Hare Ellen, domestic, 312 Lake

O’Hare Mary, domestic, 439 W 5th

O’Hare Michael, saloon, 151 E Washington av

O’Hare Thomas, mason, h 916 E Market

O’Harra Julia C., dressmaker, h 104 E Henry

O’Harra Sarah, domestic, 505 Baldwin

O’Keefe Ellen, widow Cornelius, h 663 Magee

O’Leary Anna, dressmaker, h 561 E 3d

O’Leary Daniel, h 919 Stowell

O’Leary John, watchman, h 119 W South av

O’Leary Keady, stonecutter, h 919 Stowell

O’Leary Patrick, carpenter, h 320 Webber Place

O’Leary Timothy, boilermaker, h 212 Giltinan

O’Leary Timothy O., stripper, h 623 Baldwin

Oliver George, roller, h 408 Standish

Oliver Thomas, h 702 Oak

Oliver Thomas, jr., driver, h 702 Oak

Olivey John, laborer, h 56 Munroe
Olivey William, tailor, h 56 Munroe

Olivey William A., tailor, h 56 Munroe

Olsen John, tailor, h 112 Ferris

Olsen Lilly, student, h 112 Ferris

Oltz Ella, student, h 210 Mt Zoar

Oltz Ida L., student, h 210 Mt Zoar

O’Maher James, Sherman House, 372 Railroad av

O’Neil Annie L., dressmaker, h 101 Chestnut

O’Neil Bridget, dressmaker, h 728 Lake

O’Neil Bridget, domestic, Rathbun House

O’Neil Mary, domestic, 703 Park pl

O’Neil Michael, farmer, h 101 Chestnut

O’Neil Michael J., teamster, h 122 Harriet

O’Neil Owen, saloon, 705 Railroad av, h do

O’Neil Thomas, watchman, h 101 S Chestnut

O’Neill Annie, operator, h 101 W S Water

O’Neill Hattie O., teacher, h 657 Magee

O’Neill Mary A., operator, h 101 W S Water

O’Neill William, engineer, h 657 Magee

O’Niel Daniel, laborer, h 727 Lake

O’Niel Daniel, boilermaker, h 606 S Main

O’Niel Ella, widow Michael, h 606 S Main

O’Niel Jeremiah, engineer, h 109 S 2nd

O’Niel Johanna, domestic, 707 Kinyon

O’Niel Nellie, h 606 S Main

O’Niel Owen, laborer, h 509 High

Opdyke Mary, widow William, h 208 W S Water

Opdyke Sarah, h 208 W S Water

O’Regan John, watchman, h 315 W 5th

O’Reilly Dennis, stonecutter, h 961 Oak

O’Riley John, roller, h 150 E Washington av

O’Riley Michael, shoemaker, h 853 E Market

O’Riley Patrick, shoemaker, h 858 E Market

O’Riley William, shearsman, h 150 E Washington av

Orr Levi J., sashframer, h 718 College av

Orvis Emerson, gardener, h Perine n South av

Osborn Adelia, milliner, h 760 E Water

Osborn George, painter, h 413 Davis

Osborn John E., shoemaker, h 109 S Main

Osborn Oscar H., tailor, h 324 E Water

Osborne Sylvester, carpenter, h 223 Thurston

Osborne David M., shoemaker, h 350 E Centre

Osborne Eliza, widow John, h 350 Centre

Osborne John H., shoemaker, h 350 Centre

Osborne Kate M., milliner, h 350 Centre

Osborne Mary A., dressmaker, h 350 Centre

Osburn Charles S., shoemaker, h 458 W 1st

Osburn Emily, widow Levi, h 458 W 1st

O’Shaughnessey Ann, widow Luke, h 850 Magee

O’Shaughnessey John, laborer, h 859 Railroad av

O’Shaughnessey Patrick, blacksmith, h Homestead Hotel

O’Shaughnessey Michael, track repairer, h 859 Railroad av

O’Shea John, grocer, 727 S Main, h do

O’Shea Timothy, carpenter, h N. C. R. R., beyond city limits

Osman James K. P., blacksmith, h 127 W Water

Osmun M. Alice, dressmaker, 400 S Main, h do

Osmun Maria, widow John B., h 400 S Main

Ostrander Charles, brakeman, h 162 Sullivan

Ostrander Cornelia A. Mrs., h Jones’ la n E Church

Ostrander Nancy M., domestic, 658 N Main

O’Sullivan Timothy, shoemaker, h 305 Fulton

Otto Arthur, butler, Maple av ab City limits

Outt John L., finisher, h 148 W Water

Outts Theodore, fireman, h 901 John

Overhiser Sadie, operator, h 111 W 1st

Overton G., Bleasdale, land agent, h 128 N Main

Owen Ann, widow Richard, h 450 Oak

Owen Edward, spinner, h 450 Oak

Owen George H., h 316 Lake

Owens Alice, milliner, h Plank rd ab Southport Corners

Owens Ann, widow Valentine, h Plank rd ab Southport Corners

Owens Annie Mrs., h 106 W Church

Owens George H., grocer, 559 E Church, h do

Owens Henry W., h 410 W Church

Owens John, laborer, h 223 W Water

Owens Joseph, janitor school No. 1, h 709 E Oak

Owens Morris, heater, E Washington av ab Canal

Oxford Moses, coachman, r 115 N Main


Pack John, helper, h 1306 Baldwin

Pack Robert, catcher, h 1306 Baldwin

Packard Anna E., milliner, h 308 W Gray

Packard Hattie, dressmaker, h 308 W Gray

Packard Hobart H., internal revenue, N York, h 348 W 4th

Padden Edward, tanner, h Tuttle av n Church

PAGETT THOMAS A., musical instruments, 145 W Water, h 407 do

PAGETT WILLIAM, tanner, h 407 W Water

Paige Sarah, widow Elliott, h 507 DeWitt

Pain Sandy, bell boy, Rathbun House, h 311 E 5th

Paine Cora, cook restaurant, Erie depot, h Dickinson

Paine Horace A., secy Temperance Union, h 203 DeWitt

Paine John, laborer, h 855 Dickinson

Paine Samuel H., bootmaker, h 508 John

Paine Thomas, laborer, h 721 Baldwin

Palleren Tophile, shoemaker, h 809 E Market

Palmer Avery M., carpenter, h 356 Walnut

Palmer Charles H., clerk postoffice, h 131 Lormore

Palmer Charles W., moulder, h 360 Diven av

Palmer Eden, h 812 John

PALMER EDWARD H., (Palmer & Decker), h 360 W Water

Palmer Edwin P., watchman, h 504 Columbia

Palmer Erastus S., U. S. gauger, 120 Lake, h 110 W Gray

Palmer Fanton M., foreman, 203 E 2d, h 330 Centre

Palmer George A., painter, 212 W Water, h 424 W Gray

Palmer George A., shoemaker, h 504 Columbia

Palmer George N., stove mounter, h 106 Orchard

Palmer George W., carpenter, State cor E Gray, h 206 E Church

Palmer Griff D., clerk, 414 E Market, h Lormore cor Spaulding

Palmer Hannah, widow Wilson, h 360 Diven av

PALMER HENRY T., house and sign painter, 212 W Water, h 424 W Gray

Palmer John A., farmer, h 909 Hoffman

PALMER M. DWIGHT, blacksmith, 311 W Water, h 312 do

PALMER MARTIN S., manager Western Union also American District Telegraph Co., h Plank Road beyond limits

Palmer Martin W., wheelwright, h 312 do

Palmer Orson W., insurance 342 E Water, h 500 Lake

Palmer Sarah, widow William E., h 109 W Market

PALMER & DECKER (Edward H. Palmer and Casper S. Decker), tanners, Pennsylvania av cor Ann

Pangborn William, carpenter, h 403 Railroad av

Papineau Augustus, shoemaker, h 317 W 4th

Papineau John, shoemaker, h 409 High

Paquette Otis, shoemaker, h 401 Railroad av

Pardoe Jennie E., dressmaker, h 953 Oak

Pardoe Thomas, gardener, h 953 Oak

Park Edward J., printer, Free Press, h at Horseheads

Park Hotel, Thomas Rollet, College av cor Reformatory

Park Wat (Park & Van Norman), h at Horseheads

PARK & VAN NORMAN, (Wat Park and S. S. Van Norman), feather renovators, spring bed manufrs. and upholsterers, 517 Baldwin

Parkell Sarah Mrs., h 712 E Market

Parker Clarence L., salesman, 143 E Water, h Market cor Lake

Parker Daniel D., carpenter, h 624 Baldwin

Parker Edmund V., salesman, h 604 W Gray

Parker Ella J., student, h 513 Herrick

Parker George E., brakeman, h 513 Herrick

Parker Jennie, dressmaker, h 513 Herrick

Parker John, laborer, h Tuttle av n Church

Parker Mary A., widow Edward, h 367 Pennsylvania av

Parker Richard T., carriagemaker, h 402 Hoffman

Parkes Sanford, fish peddler, h 722 E Oak

Parkhurst Gabriel H., salesman, 115 E Water, h 417 E Market

PARKHURST LEWIS D., physician, 332 E Water, h Rathbun House

Parkinson James G., augermaker, h 513 W 4th

Parkinson Thomas, clerk, h 407 W 3d

Parks George M., salesman, 134 W Water, h 505 Baldwin

Parks Susan E., h 807 E Washington av

Parmenter Charles H., clothier, 106 W Water, h 257 Baldwin

Parmenter Maggie, domestic, 902 College av

Parmenter Robert N., hats and caps, 106 W Water, h 458 W 1st

Pary Anna D., dressmaker, h 115 High

Pary Philip, puddler, h E. R. R. n Stowell

Pary Thomas, puddler, h E. R. R. n Stowell

Parshall Carrie A., student, h 460 Maple av

Parsons Eliza, widow James, h 312 William

PARSONS GRANVILLE D., clerk, 152 Baldwin, h 321 W 4th

Parsons Janet, widow George W., h 669 Park Place

Parsons Marcus M., dispatcher N. C. R. W., h 661 Davis

Parsons Theodore, laborer, h 713 Davis

Partridge Charles R., student, h 311 Lake

Partridge Emma, widow Hardin, h 333 Webber pl

PARTRIDGE HENRY M., lumber, 117 E Church, h 311 Lake

Partridge Samuel, h Maple av n city limits

Patrons Aid Society, insurance, Hoffman ab city limits

Pattengill A. A., conductor, h 363 College av

Panttengill Nellie, widow Milton R., h W 3d ab Main

Patterson Abel, laborer, h 107 E 2nd

Patterson Betsey, h 150 W 5th

Patterson Electa, widow Reuben, h 211 Judson

Patterson Francis, laborer, h 714 E Clinton

Patterson James, laborer, h Haselett ab S Main

Patterson James L., cooper, h 717 McDonald

Patterson Obadiah, laborer, h 509 Park pl

Patterson William E., laborer, h 503 Columbia

PATTINSON HOUSE, Martin De Voe, 164 Baldwin

Pattinson Thomas S., farmer, h 222 Baldwin

Pattinson William B., clerk, 329 E Water, h 222 Baldwin

Paulman Charles, printer Gazette, h 415 Powell

Pautz Lewis, tanner, h St. James Hotel

Pautz William, tinner, h 102 W Water

Paxson John, puddler, h 701 Davis

Paxson Joseph, bricklayer, h 701 Davis

Payne Matilda, widow Joseph, h 610 E Clinton

Payne Sandy, bell-boy Rathbun House

Payne Wm. H., strap cutter, h 128 W Water

Paynton George, machinist, Plank rd ab toll gate

Paynton William C., sailmaker, h 200 Harmon

Peabody Anna, widow Blaisdel, h 315 Railroad av

Pearne Nellie J., teacher, h 614 Park Place

Pearsall E. B. Mrs., dressmaker, 215 Baldwin, h do

Pearse Charles W., foreman, h 359 College av

Pearse Franklin, polisher, h 359 College av

Pease Daniel W., tinsmith, h 716 Walnut

Pease Samuel W., printer, h 1113 Elm

Pearson Charles E., printer Advertiser, h 44 1st av

Pease Willeston, painter, h 510 Jefferson

Peck Kate A., teacher, h 614 Park Place

Peckham Aaron, carpenter, h 306 Sullivan

Peckham Edward W., laborer, h 928 Maxwell av

Peckham George W., machinist, h 306 Sullivan

Peckham G. William, machinist, 312 Sullivan

Peester George S., moulder, h 208 Gregg

Pelbrough Gaymer S., clerk, 309 W 4th, h 311 do

Pelbrough Thomas G., grocer, 309 W 4th, h 311 do

Pelham Austin, carpenter, h 320 W 3d

Pelham F. Harvey, carpenter, h 813 W Church

Pelham Henry, carpenter, h 744 W Church

Pelham Isaac R., carpenter, h 606 Walnut

Pellerin Theophilus, shoemaker, h 809 E Market

Pelta Henry J., clerk, 138 W Water, h 359 Railroad av

Pelta Joseph, furniture, 359 Railroad av, h do

Pelton Aaron, express messenger, h 308 W 3d

Penny Ira, farmer, h College av ab Reformatory

Penny Lizzie Mrs., h 447 W 5th

Penny Lucinda E., tailoress, h College av ab Reformatory

Penny Lydia J., widow George, h 508 Pennsylvania av

Penrith Adelia E., widow Isaac, h 300 E Water

Percival Alexander W., blacksmith, h 856 Magee

Percival Thomas A., blacksmith, h 856 Magee

Perkins Charles P., assistant engineer, Maintenance of Way, N. C. R. W., h 350 W 4th

Perkins Maggie, domestic, 422 W Church

Perkins Margaret, widow Richard, h 408 Walnut

Perkins Susan, widow William, h 412 S Broadway

PERRAULT MITCHELL G., saloon, 420 E Water, h 100 do

Perry Ann K., h 160 High

Perry Edward, puddler, h E Washington av ab Canal

Perry Helen J., music teacher, h 211 Pennsylvania av

Perry Henry, laborer, h 714 Walnut

Perry John K., druggist, 317 E Water, h 211 Pennsylvania av

Perry Nathan, teamster, h 714 Walnut

Perry Robert, laborer, h 109 W 5th

PERRY THEODORE B., druggist, 317 E Water, h 211 Penna av

Perry Thomas, (Perry & Scott), h 160 High

Perry William H., music teacher, h 211 Pennsylvania av

PERRY & SCOTT, (Thomas Perry and Edwin A. Scott), insurance and real estate agents, 342 E Water

Peterman Hiram M., clerk, 600 Pennsylvania av, h 502 do

Peterman James C., jr., train dispatcher, h 455 Pennsylvania av

Peterman Lizzie V., h 502 Pennsylvania av

Peters Franc L., dressmaker, h 103 Columbia

Peters George, jr., expressman Erie depot, h 1219 Hall

Peters George C., salesman, 110 W Water, h 610 W Gray

Peters George W., engineer, h 1219 Hall

Peters Harry, machinist, h 518 Pennsylvania av

Peters Harvey C., blacksmith, h 320 E Water

Peters Henry W., mason, h 430 W Clinton

Peters Horace H., conductor, 430 W Clinton

Peters Peter, weaver, h 503 Sullivan

Peters Sarah J., paster, h 103 Columbia

Peters William H., conductor, h 430 W Clinton

Peters William H., division clerk, Erie depot, h 515 W Clinton

Peterman James C., dispatcher, h 502 Pennsylvania av

Peterman James C. jr., dispatcher, h 455 Pennsylvania av

Peterman John B., clerk, 502 Pennsylvania

Peterson Catharine, domestic, h 550 E Church

Peterson Charles A., tailor, h 509 Park Place

Peterson Gaylord V. Rev., h 416 Perry

Peterson George B., cigarmaker, h 51 1st av

Peterson Mary, domestic, h 224 DeWitt

Peterson Robert, tanner, h 51 First av

Peterson Samuel, stripper, h 51 First av

Peterson Sarah E., widow Silas, h 1114 Walnut

Petrie William E., clerk Erie R. R. freight depot, h 510 DeWitt

Pettingill Charles S., bookkeeper, h 618 Pennsylvania av

Pettingill Monroe, blacksmith, h 221 S Main

Pettengill Nellie, widow Milton, h 209 W 3d

Pettengill Philander L., conductor, h 458 South av

Pettit Susan J. Mrs., h 210 W 1st

Pfeffer Rose Mrs., Giltinan n R R Shops

Pfohl Peter, saloon 119 Lake, h do

Phelps Frederick, foreman, h 457 Sullivan

Phelps Henry A., bookkeeper, 308 Carroll, h 112 Orchard

Phillips Althea M., widow H. A., nurse, h 557 Coburn

Phillips Charles A., salesman, 133 E Water, h 651 E Church

Phillips Edith M., dressmaker, h 409 W 5th

Phillips James B., clerk, Erie R. R. freight depot, h 206 W 5th

Phillips James L., h 409 W 5th

Phillips John, salesman, 118 W Water, h 391 do

Phillips Mary H., student, h 208 W South av

Phillips Shedrick R., conductor, h 208 W South av

Phillips William, saddler, 426 E Water, h 54 Orchard

Phillips William, roll turner, h 107 E Washington av

Philips William, jr., salesman 118 W Water, h 391 do

Phillips William U., student, h 208 W South av

Phillips William H., train agent, h 518 William

Pickering Adele, widow James W., h 358 Columbia

PICKERING DANIEL F., postmaster, Market cor Lake, h 260 Baldwin

Pickering Edmund, carpenter, h 500 E Church

Pickering John, carpenter and builder, 216 Madison av, h 500 E Church

Pickley Margaret, widow _____, h r 859 Railroad av

Pickwick Jesse, weaver, h 455 Sullivan

Pierce A. Elmira, widow George, h 609 William

Pierce Anna, widow Billings, h 310 W 1st

Pierce Crawford H., clerk, 112 N Main, h do

Pierce C. P. Mrs, millinery, 112 N Main, h do

Pierce H. G., salesman, 308 Carroll, h at Waverly

Pierce Ichabod M., carpenter, h 703 W Water

Pierce John C., carpenter, h 411 W 2d

PIERCE JOSEPH R., hat and bonnet bleacher, 112 N Main, h do

Pierce Minerva, widow Peter, h 108 Madison av

Pierce Rebecca A., vestmaker, h 102 W Hudson

Pierce Samuel P., carpenter, h 703 W Water

Pierson Amanda M., widow Cyrus, h 554 E Church

Pierson Charles E., clerk, 312 E Water, h 1105 Benton

Pierson Charles S., laundryman, 9 1st av

Pierson George S., carpenter, h 1015 Maxwell av

Pierson Silas J., collarironer, h 9 1st av

Pike Alvah N., engineer, h 455 Franklin

Pike Charles A., painter, h Market cor Railroad av

Pines Charles O., machinist, h 414 S Main

Pines Squire, musician, h 414 S Main

Piper Mary, domestic, W Water n limits

Pitcher Henry F., painter, h 66 Pennsylvania av

Pitcher Maria E., milliner, 418 E Water, h 66 Pennsylvania av

Pitkin Lucian, agent, 101 W Water, h 406 W Church

Pitts Samuel, engineer, h 620 W Gray

Platt Eloise, h 608 William

Platt George H., eng. and gen’l supt. McIntyre Coal Co, h 714 N Main

Platt Harry D., meat market, 1132 Lake, h Sullivan n city limits

Platt Hosea, butcher, h Sullivan n city limits

Platt LeGrand, engineer, 608 William

Platt Minerva, widow Elijah H., h 380 W 3rd

Plowman Hannah, widow Peter, h 419 W Gray

Plowman William H., salesman, h 419 W Gray

Plumb G. E. & Co. (Henry L. Duguid, J. Emmet Wells and Gilbert W. Lyon), saddlery hardware, 120 Lake

Plumb George E. (& Co.), h 502 E Church

Plum Hiram A. (Plumb & Pulford), h 502 E Church

PLUM & PULFORD. (Hiram A. Plum and Charles A. Pulford), contractors and builders, 128 E Hudson

Plum John, carpenter, h 128 E Hudson

Polak Isaac, cigar manufr, r 72 Pennsylvania av, h First av n Water

Polak Judah, cigarmaker, h 72 Pennsylvania av

Pollak Julius L., traveling agent, h 608 E Church

Pollack Lewis (Hart & Pollack), h 106 Pennsylvania av

Pollock Robert, foreman blast furnace, h 158 Broadway

Pollock William, furnaceman, h McGee cor Centre

Pollock William, jr., helper, h McGee cor Centre

Polly Patrick, laborer, h 603 Railroad av

Polton William, moulder, h 1404 N Baldwin

Pond Ashley, train agent, h 657 Park pl

Poole Orline, widow John L., h 458 W 1st

Pope George H., cigarmaker, h 518 Madison av

Pope Joseph T., signs, 313 W Water, h 387 do

Pope Joseph, h 910 Magee

Pope Louise, widow Henry, h 518 Madison av

Poppino Frank, puddler, h 910 Magee

Poppino Richard, driver, h 910 Magee

Poppino William, puddler, h 910 Magee

Porter Daniel, engineer, h 610 S Main

Porter Tabitha, widow March, h Dickinson cor 4th

Post Adolph, tailor, 551 John, h do

Post David, h 206 W S Water

Post Garry H., 101 E Market, h Pattinson House

Post Jacob N., carpenter, h 1008 Walnut

Post James H., conductor, 719 Columbia

POST OFFICE, Daniel F. Pickering, postmaster, Masonic Temple, Lake cor E Market

Post William H., salesman, 120 W Water, h 113 Grove

Post William T., real estate, 101 E Market, h 118 W Market

Potter Aaron F., bookkeeper, 101 E Gray, h 364 W 1st

Potter Albert B., h 100 Lake

Potter Alfred, farmer, h 715 E Clinton

Potter Betsy, widow Charles, h 715 E Clinton

Potter Charles H., h 715 E Clinton

Potter Cranston T., livery, 430 Carroll, h 411 William

Potter Edward C., bookkeeper, 127 Lake h 411 William

Potter Elizabeth, widow Henry, h 651 E Market

Potter Elmer E., conductor, h 409 W 5th

Potter Fernando D., clerk county clerk’s office, h 651 E Market

Potter Henry W., machinist, h 651 E Market

Potter John G., bartender Rathbun House, h 651 E Market

Potter John M., packer, h 411 William

Potter Lydia S., h 651 E Market

Potter Mary A., teacher, h 651 E Market

Potter Sallie A., widow Bradford A., h 411 William

Poulton William, foreman, h Baldwin c Diven av

Pound William H., carpenter, h 359 Norton

Powell Burt, clerk, 353 Davis, h 402 W 1st

Powell Catharine, widow Patrick, h r 318 W 4th

Powell Charles, puddler, h 851 Railroad av

Powell Ellen, widow Michael, h 851 Railroad av

Powell James, tinsmith, h 656 Columbia

Powell James L., laborer, h 155 E Washington av

Powell John, tanner, h 916 E Church

Powell John, laborer, h 908 E Church

Powell John C. Mrs., h 607 Jay

Powell John H., clerk, 138 E Water, h 318 W 4th

Powell John M., driver U. S. Ex. Co., h 318 W 4th

Powell Kate, domestic, h 362 Hoffman

Powell Kate, dressmaker, h 916 E Church

Powell Lizzie, dressmaker, h 851 Railroad av

Powell Maggie, tailoress, h 656 Columbia

Powell Margaret, widow John, h 318 W 4th

Powell Martin, clerk, 142 E Water, h 318 W 4th

Powell Martin, laborer, h 916 E Church

Powell Mary, domestic, 350 W 4th

Powell Mary, widow Cornelius, h 458 Powell

Powell Mary A., milliner, h 318 W 4th

Powell Michael, laborer, h 428 W 5th

Powell Patrick, laborer, h 851 Railroad av

Powell Susan, domestic, 350 W 4th

Powell William H., engineer, h 916 E Church

Powell William H., puddler, h 851 Railroad av

Powers Michael, laborer, h 213 O’Gorman

Praeger Abraham, bristlemaker, h 506 John

Prall Benjamin F., delivery clerk, 152 Baldwin, h 421 W Church

Prall Justus H. R., stair builder, h 421 W Church

Pratt Arthur, clerk, 306 Carroll, h 326 W 1st

Pratt Charles R., cashier Second National Bank, h 318 William

Pratt Chauncey B., agent, h 370 W Water

Pratt Daniel T., student, h 413 Lake

Pratt Daniel M., student, h 413 Lake

PRATT DANIEL R., prest Second National Bank, also (Pratt & Co.), h 413 Lake

Pratt Elizabeth D., widow Hector W., h 462 E Church

Pratt Frank D., printer, h 361 W Clinton

Pratt Gaylord A., clerk, 126 Lake, h 462 E Church

Pratt George D., lineman, h 462 E Church

Pratt George E., city recorder, City Hall, h 326 W 1st

Pratt George E., cutter, h 361 W 1st

Pratt Harden DeV., h 652 Park Place

Pratt Harden DeV., jr., student h 652 Park Place

Pratt Harriet, widow Daniel, h 415 Lake

Pratt Harry W., clerk billiard rooms Wyckoff House

Pratt James P., h 367 W Gray

Pratt Lycurgus D., (Pratt & Sturdervant), also real estate, h 360 W Clinton

Pratt Sarah, widow Ransom, h 318 William

Pratt Sarah E., physician, 367 W Gray, h do