Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Pratt Timothy S. (Durland & Pratt), h 308 William

PRATT & STURDEVANT, (Lycurgus D. Pratt and Lewis J. Sturdevant), insurance agents, 212 E Water

PRATT & CO., (Daniel R. Pratt and Courtland F. Carrier), wholesale hardware, 414 and 416 E Market

Prechtl Bartholomew, laborer, h Sullivan n city limits

Prechtl Frances, domestic, 357 W 4th

Prechtl Henry, milkman, h Sullivan n Matthews

Predmore John H., express messenger, h 307 W Clinton

Pregor Abram, brushmaker, h 506 John

Preger Isaac, clothing, 102 E Water, h 506 John

Prescott Joseph S., liquor, also tobacconist, 309 Carroll, h 307 Madison av

Prescott Rosa L. Mrs., h 116 E 2d

Prescott William H., h 113 DeWitt

Preston Benjamin G., shoemaker, h 133 W Water

Preston Charley A., sign writer, h 133 W Water

Preston Eveline, tailoress, h 133 W Water

Preston George J., shoemaker, h 133 W Water

Preston Lucy, h 126 N Main

Preston Lucy M., operator, h 126 N Main

Prewick Edmund T., engineer, h 308 Washington

Preswick Christopher (Preswick, Morse & Co.), h 102 S Main

PRESWICK, MORSE & CO., (Christopher Preswick, Roscius Morse and Howard E. Baker), books, stationery and wall papers, 313 E Water

Price Albert A., salesman, 134 W Water, h 509 College av

Price Dorcas, widow John, h 604 Baldwin

Price Edward F., shoe burnisher, h 606 E 3d

Price Margaret, h E. R. R. n Stowell

Priest William R., h 212 Hoffman

Prime William E., dyer, h 44 Railroad av

Pringle Lizzie, h 657 Lake

Proctor William H., fireman, h 209 W South av

Pross Joseph, carpenter, h 356 W 2d

Prudhomme Edward, shoemaker, h 813 E Market

Prudhon Joseph, cooper, h 208 W Hudson

Pugh Daniel E., salesman 308 Carroll, h 309 S Main

Pulford Arthur, carpenter, h 309 S Main

Pulford Charles A. (Plum & Pulford), h 128 E Hudson

Pull Lydia A., h 210 W 6th

Pullar Rebecca, widow Charles, h 711 N Main

Puller Rebecca, widow Charles, h 310 W 1st

Pullman’s Palace Car Co., Elmira Car Works bet N. Y. L. E. & W. R. R. and State and E 4th and E 5th

Purcell, John, real estate, h 468 W Gray

Purcell John H., student, h 468 W Gray

Purcell P. Barton, shoemaker, h 714 Park Place

Purcell Stephen, policeman, h 362 E 5th

Purdy Clarence M., salesman, 129 E Water, h 401 W Water

Purdy Fred L., printer, Free Press, h 401 W Water

PURDY HENRY H., physician, 201 Baldwin, h 203 do, office hours 8 to 9 am, 12 to 2 and 5 to 8 pm

Purdy Horace E., h 401 W Water

Purple Jessie C., student, h 611 Pennsylvania av

Purple Julia, widow Gerald, h 611 Pennsylvania av

Purple William W., fireman, h 611 Pennsylvania av

Purtell Fannie, music teacher, h 506 W Gray

Purtell John R., clerk, 213 Baldwink, h 506 W Gray

Purtell Robert M., livery, 506 W Gray, h do

Putman Elizabeth A. Mrs., dressmaker, 855 Magee, h do

PUTNEY JEDEDIAH M., engineer N. Y. L. E. & W. R. R., h 354 W 4th

Putney William W., student, h 354 W 4th

Pyman Henry, carver Rathbun House


Qualey Cassie, domestic, American Hotel

Queal Luke C. Rev., pastor Hedding Methodist Episcopal Church, h 318 W Church

Queal Arthur D., student, h 318 W Church

Quetchenback Joseph, cigarmaker, h 202 E Water

Quigley Michael, shipping clerk, Reformatory, h 383 Pennsylvania av

Quinn Ellen, widow William, h 221 W 3d

Quinn Morris, laborer, h 221 W 3d

Quinn Samuel, puddler, h 906 N Canal

Quinn Simon, mason, h 803 John


Rachel Adolph, fresco painter, h 115 Madison av

Racklyeft Samuel, shoemaker, h 124 E S Water

Radeker John H., agent, h 1305 College av

Radey Patrick J., laborer, h 706 Magee

Radin Joseph L., cigar manufr, 714 John, h do

Radway Albert R., carpenter, h 328 E Water

Rae James M., express agent Erie depot, h 168 Orchard

Rae John C., express messenger, h 413 Walnut

Rafter Thomas, iron worker, h 959 N Main

Rahally Maggie, domestic, 211 High

Rainow James, fireman, h 653 Lake

Ramsdell Frederick D., bookkeeper, 409 Railroad av, h 357 Grove

Ranck James C., printer, Advertiser, h Pattinson House

Randall Benjamin L., painter, h 1122 Walnut

Randall Catharine, widow Richard, h 1109 Elm

Randall David, carpenter, h 126 W Water

Randall George, carpenter, h 670 Columbia

Randall George M., printer, Sunday Telegram, h 220 High

Randall John, millwright, h 925 College av

Randall Lydia J. Mrs., dressmaker, h 126 W Water, h do

Randall R. Abram, printer, h 450 Hart

Randall Reuben W., bookkeeper, 301 W Water, h 925 College av

Randall Yuba, tanner, h 514 W Hudson

Randolph John B., baggage master, h 653 Lake

Randolph Milton F., clerk, 111 Railroad av, h 505 Park Place

Ransom Henry V., justice of the peace, also notary public, 304 E Water, h 459 W Water

RANSOM REUBEN H., lawyer, 304 E Water, h 459 W Water

Rapelyea Charles E., bookkeeper, E 5th cor Canal, h 322 W Clinton

Rapelyea Caroline M., widow Daniel, h 322 W Clinton

Rathbone Henry W., prest. E. I. & S. R. Mill Co., h 352 N Main

Rathbone James B., supt. Furnace Rolling Mill, h 352 N Main

Rathbone William H., clerk, Rolling Mill Co, h 357 College av

Rathbun House, George Hayt & Son, h 211 E Water

RATHBUN JOHN T., real estate, 121 Baldwin, h 414 Lake

Rathbun Louis G., clerk, 121 Baldwin, h 414 Lake

Rathbun Philetus P., shoemaker, also postmaster Southport, h plank rd ab Southport Corners

Rathbun Olive, h 318 William

Rathbun Orlando, carpenter, h Pland road ab Southport Corners

Rathbun Simeon B., medical student, h 414 Lake

Rathbun William, clerk, Southport P. O., h Plank rd ab Southport Corners

Rathbun William R., h 465 W Church

Rauck James, printer, h Pattinson House

RAWSON GROVE P., florist, 107 and 109 W Market, h 102 W Water

Ray David, engineer, h 813 Canal

Ray James, tinsmith, h 404 E Market

Raymond Abraham, laborer, h 466 Franklin

Raymond Elizabeth, h 408 E Clinton

RAYMOND J. H. MRS., millinery 328 E Water, h 408 E Clinton

Raymond John H., machinist, h 408 E Clinton

Razey James, artist, 110 Gray, h 110 N Main

Read Virgil B., h 411 W Water

Ready Maggie, domestic, h 501 E Water

Ready Margaret, domestic, 114 E Water

Ready Terrence, switchman, h 751 S Main

Reagan Cornelius, laborer, h 721 Kinyon

Reagan Fanny, h 721 Kinyon

Reagan Jeremiah, painter, h 721 Kinyon

Reagan Mary Mrs., h 721 Kinyon

Reagan Mary, widow Cornelius, h 308 W Hudson

Reagan Patrick, laborer, h 529 S Broadway

Reagan Thomas, helper, h 213 Chestnut

Reagen Ellen, domestic, 108 E South Water

Reagen Mary, dressmaker, h 604 S Main

Reagen Patrick, engineer, h 604 S Main

Reagen Richard, laborer, h 200 Park

Reardon Ann, widow Daniel, h 704 Hatch

Reardon Anna, music teacher, h 106 E Henry

Reardon Jeremiah, engineer, h 509 Jefferson

REARDON JOHN F., groceries, wines and liquors, 381 W 2d, h 387 W 3d

Reardon Maggie, domestic, Homestead Hotel

Reardon Thomas, engineer, h 106 E Henry

Reasor Jennie, dressmaker, h 108 E Water

Recker Charles, cigarmaker, h 204 Fulton

Reddy Leander, notary, 816 N Main, h do

Reddy Sophie P., dressmaker, 816 N Main, h do

Redfield Calvin W., carpenter, h 553 E 2d

Redfield Estelle M., h 668 Park Place

Redfield Henry S. (Diven & Redfield), h 668 Park Place

Redington Edward Lee, bottler, h 209 Madison av

Redington John, farmer, h 209 Madison av

Redington John Mrs., boarding, h 209 Madison av

Redington Volney, blacksmith, h 209 Madison av

Redner Henry B., shoemaker, h 106 Lake

Redner Lansing, bootmaker, h 314 Harmon

Reed Andrew, agent, h 413 S Magee

Reed Eldridge G., letter carrier, h 109 W 2d

Reed Eliza C., widow Elbridge G., h 405 W Clinton

Reed Ellen, washing, h 754 E 5th

Reed Frederick W., bitmaker, h 405 W Clinton

Reed James, waiter, h 720 Baldwin

Reed Lizzie, widow Rial J., dressmaker, h 421 N Main

Reed Mary, domestic, 368 W Clinton

Reed Roxana, h 121 W S Water

Reed Sarah, domestic, 460 Franklin

REED THOMAS, West End Hotel, 232 & 234 W Water h do

Reed Walter S., carpenter, h 205 S Elm

Reeder Cornelius W. (Beers & Reeder), h 520 W 1st

Reedy Bridget, domestic Rathbun House

Reedy Mary, domestic, h 113 Walnut

Reel Henry, tinsmith, h 423 Railroad av

Rees Ellen, widow John, h 117 Orchard

Rees John W., carpenter, h 227 Franklin

Rees William H., tinsmith, h 227 Franklin

Reese Maggie, dressmaker, h 919 Stowell

Reese William, laborer, h 919 Stowell

Reeve Fannie, widow James, h 206 Sullivan

REFORMATORY HOTEL, Patrick Comfort, College av cor Reformatory

REGAN JOHN G., grocer and agent for Canandaigua ales and lagers, 429 Railroad av, h do

Regan Maggie, domestic, 128 E S Water

Regan Timothy, carpenter, h 914 Walnut

Reid Andrew F., traveling salesman, h 413 S Magee

Reid Jane E., widow James B., h 1003 Lake

Reid James R. (Reid & Cooper), h 243 Lake

Reid William D., h 1003 Lake

REID & COOPER, (J. R. Reid and John N. Cooper), iron and brass founders and machinists, W Church cor Railroad av

Reidy Daniel, laborer, h 511 Logan

Reidy Hanora, domestic, 668 Park Place

Reidy James, laborer, h 511 Logan

Reidy James, mason, h 308 E Washington av

Reidy Maggie, dressmaker, h Jones n river

Reidy Mary, dressmaker, h 121 W South av

Reidy Mary, widow Timothy, h 121 W South av

Reidy Michael, hostler, h 668 Park Place

Reidy Michael H., laborer, h Jones n river

Reidy Patrick T., painter, h 121 W South av

Reidy Timothy, laborer, h 663 Magee

Reilly Agnes, laundress, Giltinan n R. R. Shops

Reilly Alice Mrs., grocer, 804 Lake, h do

REILLY EDMUND MRS., groceries &c., 804 Lake

Reilly Edmund, jr., medical student, 804 Lake, h do

Reilly Edmund, h 804 Lake

Reilly John, machinist, h Giltinan n N. C. R. R. shops

Reilly Roe, foreman, h 804 Lake

Reinsmith Mary, shoe trimmer, h 320 E Water

Reitenbach Brother & Mink, (John M. and Frederick Reitenbach, and Louis Mink), tanners and curriers, Tuttle av n Water

Reitenbach Frederick (Reitenbach, Brother & Mink), h at Somersville, Mass.

Reitenbach J. M. (Reitenbach, Brother & Mink), h at Somersville, Mass

Reitzel Charles, laborer, h 209 Fulton

Remarchik Augusta, widow Thomas, h ft Esty

Remington John C. (C. Bennett & Co.), h at Horseheads

Renney Mary, domestic, 630 W Water

Rennie Kate, widow William J., h 428 W 5th

Retan David M., laborer, h 613 Lewis

Retan Edward A., clerk, 601 Pennsylvania av, h 213 Lewis

Rew James, jr., printer, h 56 Orchard

Rew James, tailor, h 56 Orchard

Rew Samuel B., barber, h 210 W Water

Reynolds Adna H., lumber, h 323 Baldwin

Reynolds Artemus, student, h Southport bel Plank rd

Reynolds Augusta, h 604 Baldwin

Reynolds Charles E., clerk, 332 E Water, h 110 Ferris

Reynolds Charles K., clerk, 423 N Main, h W 6th n Davis

Reynolds Edwin, gardener, Southport bel Plank rd, h do

Reynolds Harriet A., widow Absalom, h W 6th cor Davis

Reynolds Hattie, domestic, 515 W Water

Reynolds Hiram, carpenter, h 219 Park

Reynolds Hiram C., h 220 W 2d

Reynolds Isaac H., bookkeeper, 141 W Water, h 220 W 2d

Reynolds Isaac S., druggist, 715 Lake, h Madison av cor Harper

Reynolds Isidora, music teacher, h 219 Park

Reynolds Jane, widow William, h 223 Baldwin

Reynolds John A. (Reynolds & Collin), h 312 Lake

Reynolds Milton H., banker at Addison, h 351 N Main

Reynolds Peter, laborer, h 670 Baldwin

Reynolds Samuel N., grocer, h 428 W 4th

Reynolds Samuel T., capitalist, 306 Carroll, h 246 Lake cor Church

Reynolds Sarah J., h 401 N Main

REYNOLDS SCHUYLER C., lawyer, 301 E Water, h 351 N Main

Reynolds Sophia, widow Hiram, h 800 Madison av

Reynolds Wilber S., clerk 107 W Water, h 202 High

Reynolds Stephen T., capitalist, 306 Carroll, h Lake cor Church

Reynolds William A., clerk, 423 N Main, h W 6th n Davis

Reynolds William B., edge tool maker, h 659 Lake

Reynolds William R., bookkeeper, h 323 Baldwin

REYNOLDS & COLLIN. (John A. Reynolds and Frederick Collin), lawyers, 340 E Water

Rhines Mary Mrs., h 325 Railroad av

Rhinesmith Mary A., stitcher, h 322 E Water

Rhoades Isaac E., machinist, Burdick, n N. C. R. R.

Rhoades Stephen G., laborer, h Railroad av n Church

Rhoades William B., machinist, h Burdick n N. C. R. R.

Rhoads Christian G., cartman, h 913 E Church

Rhoads Franklin, painter, h 615 Lake

Rhoads Nathaniel, h 422 S Broadway

Rhoads Nathaniel, jr., fireman, h 422 S Broadway

Rhoads Sarah A. Mrs., h 317 Baldwin

Rhoads Stephen G., hostler, h 213 Railroad av

Rhode Frank. (Rhode & Strader), h Carrs Corners

Rhode & Strader, (Frank Rhode and Alfred Strader), meat market, 116 W 5th

Rhodes Silas R., carpenter, h 54 Hoffman

Rhymer Henry, tanner, h 706 John

RHYMER HIRAM B., filemanufr, State cor E Church, h 261 Baldwin

Ribble Emma, nurse, h 1019 East av

Rice Charles D., shoemaker, h Davis n Washington av

Rice Daniel E., clerk, 101 E Church, h 112 W Church

RICE DANIEL O., teas, coffee, spices and groceries, 101 E Church cor Railroad av, h 112 W Church

Rice Edward C., bookkeeper, Baldwin cor E Water, h 323 William

Rice Edward W., laborer, h 209 Harmon

Rice Elijah J., carpenter, h 530 Perine

Rice Frank S., lawyer, 336 E Water, h 323 William

Rice George H., student, h 323 William

Rice George J., prest. U. I & E. R. and C. C. & D. R., 601 Railroad av, h at Horseheads

Rice Irvin, brewer, h 530 Perine

Rice Irwin, laborer, h 500 Oak

Rice Johnson, laborer, h 530 Perine

Rice Lewis E., carpenter, h 505 S Broadway

Rice Mary E., house keeper, 209 Harmon

Rice Remick C., h 323 William

Rice Ross, domestic, 652 E Market

Rice T. Fitz Roy, asst. to prest. U. I. & E. R. and C. C. & D. R., 601 Railroad av, h Rathbun House

Rich Frank C., cook Reformatory, h do

Rich Richard H., carpenter, h 743 W Church

Richards Annie, widow George, h 450 Oak

Richards Arthur, clerk, 416 E Market, h 414 W 1st

Richards Josias, machinist, h 412 W 1st

Richards Philip, brakeman, h 653 Lake

Richards Richard, clerk, h 414 W 1st

Richards William A., machinist, h 511 W Clinton

Richardson Amanda, tailoress, h 219 W Water

Richardson Caroline O., widow William, h 395 W Water

Richardson Clinton W., h 113 E Church

Richardson Daniel, shoemaker h 368 Fulton

Richardson Daniel, jr., salesman, 139 E Water, h 368 Fulton

RICHARDSON J. & CO., (Jackson Richardson, Carlton H. Hawkes and Arthur M. Westlake), boot and shoe manuf’rs, Railroad av cor E Market

Richardson Jackson (J. Richardson & Co.), h 359 W Church

Richardson James, laborer, h 368 Fulton

Richardson John, laborer, h 368 Fulton

Richardson Julia, h 368 Fulton

Richardson Margaret Mrs., nurse, h 406 S Magee

Richardson Michael, h 311 Madison av

Richardson Thomas A., cigar dealer, h Rathbun House

Richardson William, h 404 W 2d

Richardson William C., h 129 E S Water

Richardson William J. (M. Richardson & Sons), h 425 E Market

Richart Abner W., blacksmith, h 308 W 3d

Richmond Seelye (A. Heath & Co.), h 519 E Union

Rickert George, laborer, h 724 Hatch

Rickey James T., business manager Free Press, h 218 William

Riddle Charles F., clerk, h 250 W S Water

Rider Sarah A., h 614 Lewis

Rider Sarah E., widow Nelson, h 614 Lewis

Ridgeway Martha, seamstress, h 604 Dickinson

Ridley Barzellay, carpenter, h 714 Park Place h do

Riebel Jacob, meat market, 414 E Water, h do

RIEDINGER HENRY J., sample rooms, 140 E Water, h do

Riedinger Joseph, postal clerk, h 317 High

Reidinger Philip F., clerk, 157 Baldwin, h 550 E Church

Riese Frederick G., foreman Pullman car shops, h 1122 Elm

Riffe Maggie, domestic, 359 W Church

Riggs Charles H., augermaker, h 603 Dickinson

Riggs Edward H., fireman, h 113 Partridge

Riggs William C., framemaker, h 331 S Broadway

Riker Frank, blacksmith, h 156 W 3d

Riker John K., engineer, h Day n Sullivan

Riker Samuel, h 308 Baldwin

Riley Charles, laborer, h 1553 Lake

Riley John, carpenter, h 250 W S Water

Riley John E., telegrapher, h 250 W S Water

Riley Mary A., widow Timothy, h 858 E Market

Riley Mary A., domestic, 356 W 4th

Riley Michael, shoemaker, h 202 Harriet

Riley Michael, shoemaker, h 400 W Hudson

Riley Newton L., operator Telephone Exchange, Lake, h 360 E 5th

Riley Norah, domestic, 236 Lake

Riley Orson F., janitor, h 360 E 5th

Riley Patrick, shoemaker, h 858 E Market

Riley Patrick, shoemaker, n 400 W Hudson

Rinker Frank, shoemaker, h 514 Madison av

Rinker William, lather, h 514 Madison av

Riordan James, shoemaker, h 204 E Gray

Ripley Phebe B. Mrs., h Park Church

Ritchie Charles H., shoemaker, h 510 Logan

Ritchie David A., conductor, h 416 Herrick

Ritchie Jennie, domestic, 502 W Church

Ritz Adam, janitor, h 59 Munroe

Roach Mary, widow John, h 600 Jay

Roan John, engineer, h 221 W South av

Roark Mary E., operator, h 371 W 3d

Robbins Clement, salesman, 325 E Water, h 762 Jay

Robbins Harriet M., widow Russel, h 357 Columbia

Robbins Josephine E., cashier, 134 W Water, h 509 College av

Robbins Luther, traveling agent, h Western Hotel

Robbins Robert L., messenger, 134 W Water, h 509 College av

Robbins Sarah, nurse, h 406 Powell

Roberts Adeline, h 311 Orchard

Roberts Albert E., storekeeper, E. R. R., h 322 W 5th

Roberts Alice, fancy work, h 755 E 2d

Roberts Amaziah H., laborer, h Clinton cor Lake

Roberts Charles V., carter, h 518 Baldwin

Roberts Edward D., butcher, h 755 E 2d

ROBERTS EZRA M., money broker and general insurance, 121 Baldwin, h 164 Diven av

Roberts George C., actor, h 317 Railroad av

Roberts Harriet Mrs., grocer, 105 E Washington av, h do

Roberts Henry, drayman, h 125 Harriet

Roberts Henry S., upholsterer, h 159 Orchard

Roberts Herald, drayman, h 909 E Church

Roberts Isaac, drayman, h 1012 Oak

Roberts James, farmer, h 311 Orchard

Roberts John, foreman Pullman Car Shops, h 408 Oak

Roberts Lillie M., student, h 909 E Church

Roberts Nathaniel, driver, h 1207 Maxwell av

Roberts Orselos B., carpenter, h 1012 Oak

Roberts Silas B., tallyman N. C. R. W. freight depot, h 806 N Main

ROBERTS WILLIAM, Jr., Queen City Dye Works, 213 W Water, h 508 Park pl

Roberts William, dyer, 436 E Water, h do

Robertshaw Anderson, laborer, h 209 W Henry

Robertshaw Clement, laborer, h 209 W Henry

Robertshaw John, cook, Rathbun House h do

Robertshaw Rebecca, widow John, h 209 W Henry

Robertson Andrew J. (Smith & Robertson), h 206 Washington av

Robertson Edward, hostler, h 216 DeWitt

Robertson Henry B., 363 Fulton

Robertson Hollis C., student, h 363 Fulton

Robertson Lewis A., bookkeeper, 627 Railroad av, h 363 Fulton

Robertson Martha D., widow Archibald, h 363 Fulton

Robertson Newton P., postal clerk, h 452 W Church

Robertson Samuel S., shoemaker, h 216 DeWitt

Robertson William B., real estate, 117 Lake, h W Water, beyond city limits

Robeson Millard F., (Robeson & Fleck), h 313 Grove

Robeson & Fleck (M. F. Robeson & John B. Fleck), meat masticators, Railroad av cor 4th

Robinson Abbie W., widow Noah H., h 410 Lake

Robinson Chauncey N., carpenter, h 121 Jueson

Robinson Cornell D. C., lawyer, h Maple av ab city limits

Robinson David C., lawyer, 175 Lake, h 503 Maple av

Robinson Frank P., agent h Delavan House

Robinson George, laborer, h Jones’ la, n E Church

Robinson George M. (J. M. Robinson & Sons), h 302 William

Robinson Harriet R., h 410 Lake

ROBINSON J. M. & SONS (George M. and Lucius D.), manufrs of and dealers in furniture, 161 and 163 Lake

Robinson John A., carpenter, h 121 Judson

Robinson John B., h 410 Lake

Robinson John M. (J. M. Robinson & Sons), h 302 William

ROBINSON JOSEPH, grocer, 257 W 4th, h 419 do

Robinson Lucius, lawyer, 175 Lake, h Maple av beyond city limits

Robinson Lucius D. (J. M. Robinson & Sons), h 302 William

Robinson Newell D., clerk, 214 W Water, h 371 W 1st

ROBINSON ORRIN, insurance agent, 175 Lake, h Maple av beyond city limits

Robinson Philip, farmer, h 507 Clinton pl

Robinson Shadrach F., tanner, h 514 W Hudson

Robinson Walter H., bookkeeper, 122 W Water, h 371 W 1st

Roby Mary, domestic, 223 W South av

Roche Michael, saloon, 416 E Water, h do

Rochford John, salesman, h 111 Pennsylvania av

Rock Nellie, domestic, 371 W Church

Rockwell Cyrus B., butcher, h 315 Orchard

Rockwell Hosea H. (Rockwell & Collin), h 508 Columbia

ROCKWELL & COLLIN (Hosea H. Rockwell and Charles A. Collin), lawyers, 314 E Water

Rockwell Samuel, upholsterer, h 108 College av

Rodbourn Mattie, dressmaker, h 112 E Water

Rodgers John, laborer, h 121 W 1st

Rodgers Maria, widow Peter, h r 109 Fulton

Roe Charles F., machinist, h 401 N Main

Roe Edward D., farmer, h 1151 College av

Roe Edward D., jr., student, h 1151 College av

Roe Francis A., Commodore U. S. Navy, h College av cor Fayette

Roe John C., h 401 N Main

Roe Joseph M., liquors, 154 Baldwin, h 211 W Hudson

Roeder Frank J., brewer, h Tuttle av n Church

ROEMMELT FRANK, beer bottler, r 531 Lake, h do

ROEMMELT S., lager beer saloon and bottler, E Water, bel Lake

Rogan Michael, hostler, 224 Franklin

Rogers A. Maria, washing, h 109 Fulton

Rogers Deborah, dressmaker, h 385 Pennsylvania av

Rogers Ellen, widow Stephen, h 385 Pennsylvania av

Rogers Elsie D., widow George W., h 721 College av

Rogers Jane, dressmaker, h 385 Pennsylvania av

Rogers Kate, widow Daniel D., h 410 W 1st

Rogers Louisa, domestic, Rathbun House

Rogers Maria, widow Peter, h 109 Fulton

Rogers Matilda, domestic, Rathbun House

Rogers Nathaniel C., clerk, 305 E Water, h 310 Dewitt

Rogers Orlando, carriagemaker, h 658 E Water

Rogers Theresa, dressmaker, h 385 Pennsylvania av

Rogers William J., furnaceman, h 1025 College av

Rohan Martin, h 381 Pennsylvania av

Rohan Michael, laborer, h Reformatory n Davis

Roick Ida, domestic, 389 W Water

Roll Carrie, domestic, h Washington Hotel

Roll Manning R., painter, h 455 W 3d

Roll Martin L., h 218 William

Rollet Arthur W., brushmaker, h College av n Reformatory

Rollet Thomas, hostler Rathbun House, h Park Hotel

Rollin Manton, laborer, h 416 Powell

ROMER ANTOINE, merchant tailor, 216 E Water, h 115 College av

Ronan John J., clerk, 569 E Water, h do

Ronan Mary, domestic, Diven av cor Lake

Ronan Patrick, grocer and livery, 569 E Water, h do

Ronan Roger, engineer, h E South av cor Junction

Ronan William H., law student, h 569 E Water

Roock Andrew, mason, h 1315 Benton

Rood Marcus F., h 759 E 2d

Roof John (Friend, Metzger & Co.), h 566 E Water

Roosa Augustus, picture frames, h 470 W Water

Roosa William P., letter carrier, h 212 W S Water

Root Andrew W., news agent, h 405 Railroad av

Root Esther M., h 214 W Water

Root Eugene, livery, 208 Mt Zoar, h 210 do

Root Julia A., widow Solomon, h 654 E Church

ROOT JULIUS S., dentist, 328 E Water, h 654 E Church

Root Marilda Mrs., h 916 College av

ROPER EDWIN K., lawyer, 336 Water, h 166 Harriet

Roper Merrick J., clerk 340 E Water, h 314 Orchard

Rose Alice, dressmaker, h 101 W Water

Rose Clark P., brakeman, h 209 W 3d

Rose E. Lewis, engineer, h 318 Orchard

Rose Eliza H., boarding, 302 W Water

Rose Enoch L., laborer, h 318 Orchard

Rose James M. Mrs., h 240 W Water

Rose John, agent, h 302 W Water

Rose Stephen (Barker, Dounce, Rose, & Co.), h 866 Magee

Rosebrook Amanda, widow Emory W., h 925 College av

Rosebrook Frank, salesman, h 312 Columbia

Roseberry Nathan J., carriagemaker, h 125 Judson

Rosecrance Jesse, h 701 E Church

Rosemann Abram, peddler, h 507 E Water

Rosenback Fannie, grocer, 713 E Market, h do

Roseback Moses, h 713 E Market

Rosenbaum Henry L. (L. Rosenbaum & Sons), h 313 Baldwin

ROSENBAUM L. & SONS (Martin and Henry L.), dry goods and millinery, 201 E Water

Rosenbaum Lehman (L. Rosenbaum & Sons), h 313 Baldwin

Rosenbaum Martin (L. Rosenbaum & Sons), h 355 W Gray

Rosenstein Jacob, clerk, 325 E Water, h 406 N Main

Rosenthal Levi, peddler, h 701 E Water

Rosenthal Nathan, boots and shoes, 202 E Water, h 109 High

Rosenthal Rebecca, grocer, 701 E Water, h do

Rosinski Andrew, shoemaker, h 703 Lake

Rosinski John, laborer, h 703 Lake

Ross Alonzo D., clerk 400 S Main, h Jefferson n Franklin

Ross Anna, rag inspector, h 452 Carroll

Ross Annie, widow Stephen, h 720 Benjamin

Ross Beverly W., laborer, h Southport ab S Broadway

Ross Bridget, widow Patrick, h 807 Magee

Ross Charles D., traveling salesman, h 321 Orchard

Ross Frank, laborer, h 520 W Clinton

Ross Frank W., medical student, h 321 Orchard

ROSS GEORGE W., meat market, 223 Sullivan, h 925 E Church

Ross Joseph, laborer, h 318 Orchard

Ross Jewitt M., brakeman, h 509 Fulton

Ross Minnie, domestic, Haight’s Hotel

Ross Thomas, farmer, Mt Zoar ab city limits, h do

Ross Thomas, laborer, h 717 Baldwin

Ross William H., clerk, 305 E Water, h 321 Orchard

Ross William J., laborer, h 720 Benjamin

Rossiter Lawrence, brakeman, h 212 W South av

Roth Lizzie Mrs., overseer of clothing Orphan’s Home, h do

Roth Mabel, chambermaid Orphan’s Home, Franklin cor Fulton

Rothchild Abraham, clothier, 320 E Water, h 323 do

Rothrock George, brakeman, h 653 Lake

Rothwell Edwin, cooper, h 509 E 3d

Rothwell Frank, cooper, h 509 DeWitt

Rothwell Josephine, h 509 DeWitt

Rothwell William, painter, h 509 DeWitt

Roughan John, helper, h 380 W 3d

Roughen Bridget, widow Thomas, h 360 W 2d

Rouke Charles, laborer, Josephine cor Grove

Rouke James, laborer, h 371 W 3d

Rouke Mary, widow James, h 371 W 3d

Rourick William, laborer, h 500 Baldwin

Rowan Anna, dressmaker, h 361 Reformatory av

Rowe Kate Mrs., nurse Orphans’ Home, Franklin cor Fulton

Rowland Charles H., salesman, 340 E Water, h Haight’s Hotel

Rowland Jennie, domestic, 112 Pennsylvania av

Rowland Michael, fireman, h Home cor E. R. R.

Rowland Stephen, laborer, h 101 E 7th

Rowlands William W. (Mayott & Rowlands), h 218 Baldwin

Rowley Ebenezer, carpenter, h 413 S Magee

Rowley Mary A., h Plank rd ab Southport Corners

Roy Charles H. (Brown & Roy), h 312 W Water

Roy John, laborer, h E 5th n Dickinson

Royer William S., brakeman, h 653 Lake

Royle Ralph, gardener, h Lake ab Thurston

Rozelle Charles W., fishmarket, 217 W Water, h 408 S Main

Rozelle Clara M., dressmaker, 108 Main, h do

Rozelle Edward J., jeweler, h 408 S Main

Rozelle Francis, salesman, 217 W Water, h 408 S Main

Ruch Maria, widow S. W., h 759 E 2d

Ruger Morgan A., watchmaker, 218 E Water, h 511 Lake

Ruggles Clarence E., machinist, h 309 S Main

Rulapaugh Clara, h 115 E Henry

Rulapaugh John, cartman, h 850 E Church

Rulapaugh William, carter, h 115 E Henry

Ralapaugh William E., broom maker, h 23 Grant

Rumsey Hattie, domestic, 131 Lormore

Rumsey Ida M., h 308 E Clinton

Rumsey Jennie, dressmaker, h 210 Washington

Rumsey Obadiah S., h 355 Centre

Rundle Aaron W., h 508 Park pl

Rupersberger Lena., operator, h w Hill n Hoffman

Ruppersberger Conrad, farmer, h West Hill n Hoffman

Rusco Philip, patent rights, h 450 W Clinton

Rush Joseph F., fireman, h 607 S Main

Russell Ada, dressmaker, h 213 Washington

RUSSELL CHARLES N., tea and coffee, 112 Lake, h 102 Fox

Russell David, h State cor E 1st

Russell Eliza Mrs., h 413 Powell

Russell Frank N., clerk, 112 Lake, h 102 Fox

Russell Philip H., bookkeeper, Railroad av cor W Market, h 415 W 1st

Russell Robinson, laborer, h 413 Powell

Rust Mary P., widow Elam, h 412 W Clinton

Rutan Enos W., carpenter, 336 S Broadway, h 342 do

RUTAN JAMES C., carpenter and builder, h 109 Grove

Rutan Joel, farmer, h Mt Zoar ab City limits

Rutan Mary, housekeeper, Mt Zoar ab City limits

Rutan Peter, farmer, Mt Zoar ab City limits, h do

Rutan Peter B., carpenter, h 334 S Broadway

Rutan Smith, policeman, h 314 S Broadway

Rutan Wilbur, painter, h Mt Zoar ab City limits

Rutledge James, laborer, h r 918 Stowell

Rutter William E., car agent, h 412 N Main

Ryan Anna, operator, h 1205 Hall

Ryan Annie, dressmaker, h 216 Harmon

Ryan Anthony, car inspector, h 853 Railroad av

Ryan Ella Mrs., saloon, 321 Railroad av, h do

Ryan Ellen, shoe sewer, h 1205 Hall

Ryan Ellen, widow John, h 461 W 6th

Ryan Edward, fireman, h 216 Harmon

Ryan Edward (Ryan & Toole), h 205 Orchard

Ryan Francis A., h 222 Gregg

Ryan George W., h 222 Gregg

Ryan George W. jr., clerk, 126 Lake, h 222 Gregg

Ryan Jack L., brakeman, h 604 Pennsylvania av

Ryan James, carpenter, h 461 W 6th

Ryan James, hostler, h 216 Harmon

Ryan John, horse trainer, h Club House Elmira Driving Park

Ryan John, brakeman, h 216 Harmon

Ryan John, saloon, 60 Pennsylvania av, h do

Ryan Joseph, laborer, h 704 Magee

Ryan Joseph, jr., peddler, h 704 Magee

Ryan Maggie, domestic, 534 W Church

Ryan Margaret, h 111 Sullivan

Ryan Mary Mrs., h 711 Canal

Ryan Mary, domestic, Elmira Female College

Ryan Mary, domestic, 355 W Church

Ryan Mary A., domestic, 316 S Main

Ryan Michael, laborer, h College av n Reformatory

Ryan Patrick, laborer, h W South av n E. R. R.

Ryan William, shoemaker, h 704 Magee

Ryan & Toole (Edward Ryan and estate of John B. Toole), grocers, 142 E Water

Rymer Henry, tanner, h 706 John
Rynn Michael, blacksmith, h 709 Railroad av


Sackett Frank E., bookkeeper, 150 Lake, h 204 High

Sackett John H., carpenter, h 304 Orchard

Sackett Nancy, widow Elisha, h 411 Baldwin

Sadisfield Charles, hostler, h 456 Sullivan

Sadler Edward P., bootmaker, h 114 W 1st

Sadler Elizabeth, dressmaker, h 112 Lormore

Sadler Harriet, widow Timothy, h 112 Lormore

Sadler John T., foreman, 122 Lake, h 112 Lormore

Sadler Margaret, dressmaker, h 112 Lormore

Sadler William H., steam fitter, h 1005 Oak

Sage Hiram G., bookkeeper, 154 Lake, h 762 E Water

Sailor Frank, hackman, h 569 E Water

Salmon Alice, dressmaker, h 762 E 2d

Salmon Mary, domestic, 415 E Church

Salmon Stephen, h 611 Pennsylvania av

Sammons Edward, teamster, h 569 E Water

Sample Guy, blacksmith, h 553 Washington av

Sample Mary, domestic, 114 Columbia

Sample Nancy S. Mrs., dressmaker, h 353 E Washington av

Sample Norah, h Oak n Pattinson

Sample Robert, teamster, h 353 E Washington av

Sample Samuel, cradlemaker, h 353 E Washington av

Sampson Joseph C., bookkeeper, h 801 N Main

Sampson William L., bookkeeper, 110 Baldwin, h 801 N Main

Samuels Aaron, puddler, h 206 High

Samuels Albert. (Strauss & Samuels), h 110 Madison

Samuels Jacob, tailor, h 107 High

Sanborne George G., clerk, 305 E Water, h 657 Park pl

Sanborne Lewis W., clerk, 305 E Water, h 317 Carroll

SANDERS WAYLAND M., teacher of piano and organ, h 402 E Union

Sanders William A., car repairer, h 224 Sullivan

Sanford Percil L., organmaker, h 424 W 4th

Sanick John W., h 519 Madison av

Sargent Frank, machinist, h lane between 4th and 5th n Columbia

Sarrin George, car driver, h 700 Lake

Sarsfield Maggie, saleslady, 304 E Water, h 216 Orchard

Sarsfield Michael, shoemaker, h 216 Orchard

Sarsfield William H., shoemaker, h 216 Orchard

Satterlee Albert S., bookkeeper, 305 E Water, h 223 Baldwin

SATTERLEE ELIAS B., groceries, 423 N Main, h 414 do

Saul A. P., carpenter, h 156 W 3d

Sauter Jacob, painter, also (Sauter & Miller), h 171 Railroad av

SAUTER & MILLER. (Jacob Sauter and Charles Miller), saloon and tobacco retailers, 171 Railroad av

Savage Catharine, domestic, 155 Madison av

Savage Henry G., hostler, Elmira House, h do

Savage Maggie, domestic, 455 W Gray

Savage Mary, domestic, 514 W Church

Savey Edmund G., carpenter h 103 Partridge

Savey Hattie, domestic, 416 Powell

Savey John, driver, h 806 Madison av

Savey Seth M., carpenter, h 103 Partridge

Savey William D., carpenter, h 103 Partridge

Savy Paul J., laborer, h Junction cor Home

Savy Stephen, carpenter, h Junction cor Home

Sawyer Gertrude, widow F., Addison, h 402 W Church

Sawyer Susan, widow Volney, h Pratt ab Matthews

Sawyer William H., carpenter, h Pratt ab Mathews

Saxton William D., physician, 114 Baldwin, h do

Sayles Alice, h 78 Pennsylvania av

Sayles Emma H. Mrs., (Simons, Sayles & Co.), h 211 Baldwin

Sayles Guy, salesman, 213 Baldwin, h 211 Baldwin

Sayles Henry H. (Simons, Sayles & Co.), h 211 Baldwin

Sayles John, locksmith, h 78 Pennsylvania av

Sayles Lemuel A., carriagemaker, h 78 Pennsylvania av

Sayles Lewis P., carriage trimmer, h Pennsylvania av cor S Water

Sayles Louis P., carriagemaker, h 78 Pennsylvania av

Sayles Philip H., conductor, h 213 W South av

Sayles William C., carriage trimmer, h 358 Diven av

Saylor George, machinist, h 605 S Main

Scales Joseph, shoemaker, h 207 S Chestnut

Scales Kitty, domestic, 367 Pennsylvania av

Saylor William, jr., laborer, h 432 W 5th

Saylor William, glass blower, h 432 W 5th

Scanlon Ann, widow John, h 856 John

Scanlon Ellen, domestic, 115 W S Water

Scanlon Simon, laborer, h 322 W 7th

Schaple Emil, foreman, Pattinson cor Sullivan, h 743 Day

Scharf Edward, butcher, h 618 E 3d

Scharf Elizabeth, widow Edward, h 618 E 3d

SCHEFFER CHARLES A., manager A. & P. Tel. Co., 103 Baldwin, h 111 W Market

Scheffer Eugene, telegrapher, h 111 W Market

Scheirer James W., clerk, Exchange Hotel, h do

Schell Harvey S., painter, h Luce bel Robinson

Schiller Christian, tanner, h 219 Harriet

Schimpf Frank, painter, h 121 Jacob

Schlosser Jacob, blacksmith, h 614 E Water

Schlosser Louis (D. Bourgeois & Co.), h 135 W Water

Schlosser Margaret, widow Charles D., h 614 E Water

Schlutter Lillie, widow Frank, h 1124 Oak

Schlutter Minna, widow Ernst, h 1124 Oak

Schmidt Charles H., cabinetmaker, h 61 1st av

Schmidt Henrietta, domestic, 306 Lake

Schnaebly Kate, domestic, Exchange Hotel

Schnaebly Mary, domestic, Exchange Hotel

Schneider William K., laborer, h 536 W Hudson

Schoenemann Louis, tailor, h 817 E Water

Schoenemann Louis, jr., tailor, h 817 E Water

Scholl Julius, laborer, h Southport Corners

Schornstheimer Conrad, milkman, h Wall cor W Church

Schornstheimer Frederick, clerk, 526 Lake, h 524 do

Schornstheimer Henry, farmer, h 524 Lake

Schornstheimer Peter (Schornstheimer & Stampp), also bone factory, Sullivan beyond city limits, h 524 Lake

SCHORNSTHEIMER & STAMPP, (Peter Schornstheimer and Adam Stampp), grocers, 522 & 524 Lake

Schuffreiter Joseph, bristlemaker., h 821 Canal

Schufreida Mary, h 821 Canal

Schultz Frederick, laborer, h 816 East av

Schumaker Peter (Yenger & Schumaker), h 657 Lake

Schusler George A., clerk, h 244 W Water

Schusler George F., mason, h 369 Fulton

Schusler John A., drug clerk, 319 E Water, h 369 Fulton

Schusler William, laborer, h Elmira Female College

Schusler William J., hostler, h 369 Fulton

Schutt Louis E., telegrapher U. I. & E. R., h 415 N Main

Schuyler Herman, farmer, Maple av ab E Miller av

Schuyler John, farmer, h Maple av ab E Miller av

Schuyler Libbie, h Maple av ab E Miller av

Schuyler Orrin A., farmer, Maple av ab E Miller av

Schwartz Fabian, wool, 139 W Water, h 710 E Market

Schwartz Jacob, lawyer, 300 E Water, h 710 E Market

Schwenke Frederick, real estate, h 105 College av

Schwenke Frederick, jr., student, h 105 College av

Schweppe Frederick (Schweppe & Egger), h 608 John

Schweppe & Egger (Frederick Schweppe and Albert Egger), painters, 423 Carroll

Scofield Mary, h 361 W 5th

Scope Charles, brewer, h 521 W 2d

Scott Alfred, laborer, h Baldwin cor E 4th

Scott Charles C., dispatcher Erie depot, h 206 W 6th

Scott Eda L., teacher, h 304 Pennsylvania av

Scott Edwin A. (Perry & Scott), h Crescent av n Benton

Scott Edward, farmer, h 4th cor Grove

Scott Emma H., widow David, h 321 Madison av

Scott James McR. B., cutter, 309 E Water, h 706 E Church

Scott Lewis, telegrapher, h 415 N Main

Scott Robert C., telegrapher, h 304 Pennsylvania av

Scott Samuel W., laborer, h 914 Benton

Scott William, carpenter, h 304 Pennsylvania av

Scott William, laborer, h 304 Pennsylvania av

Scott William H., clerk, 154 Lake, h 304 Pennsylvania av

Scott William H. S., lawyer, 335 E Water, h Crescent av n Benton

Scott Wisner G., student, h Crescent av n Benton

Scudder Aaron M., clerk, 257 W 4th, h 355 Davis

Scudder Abraham, salesman, h 355 Davis

Scudder Clarence A., clerk, 110 W Water, h 355 Davis

Scudder Daniel C., clerk, W 4th cor Railroad av, h 253 W 6th

Scudder David W., clerk, 110 W Water, h 355 Davis

Scudder Mack, clerk, h 366 W 6th

Seaman Foster M., carpenter, h 704 Josephine

Seamans Henry, moulder, h 309 S Main

Searles Carrie F., teacher, h 413 N Main

Searles Frank H., salesman, 102 W Water, h 118 College av

Searles Mary F., widow James H., h 413 N Main

Searles Nellie, teacher, h 111 W S Water

Sebastian Herzog, cabinetmaker, h 217 Ann

Sebersky Abraham, cutter, 109 E Water, h 560 do

Sebersky Brothers (Julius and Isadore), clothiers, 109 E Water

Sebersky Isadore, clothier, 109 E Water, h 560 do

Sebersky Julius, manager, 109 E Water, h 560 do

Sechler Jacob E., foreman Free Press, h 314 S Main

SECOND NATIONAL BANK, D. R. Pratt, prest, Charles R. Pratt, cashier, 150 Lake

Secor Annie, widow William H., h 166 Harriet

Secor Charles A., clerk, 213 E Water, h 510 E Church

Secor Clara M. Mrs., boarding, h 510 E Church

Secor Jabin A., clerk, 127 Lake, h 510 E Church

See Ida M., bookkeeper, Masonic Relief Asso., h 315 Orchard

See James L., keymaker, h 315 Orchard

See John B., butcher, 307 E Clinton

Seebich George H., bartender, 114 Lake, h do

SEELEY JOHN C., carriagemanufr, E Church cor William, h 403 Lake

Seeley J. J., shoemanufr, h West Hill beyond City limits

SEELEY NATHANIEL R., physician, 306 Lake, h do

Seely Absalom, h 115 E Hudson

Seely Albert, h 1130 Hall

Seely Charles F., mineral waters, 115 E Hudson, h do

Seely Edwin L., peddler, h 1130 Hall

Seely Joel J., operator, h at Carr’s Corners

Seely John R., salesman, h 115 E Hudson

Seely Jonas S., shoemaker, h 261 Baldwin

Seely Mary E., h 314 High

SEELY MORRIS, produce commission, 127 W Water, h 314 High

Seely Rollin S., bookkeeper, 127 W Water, h 315 Washington

Seely Selah T., ticket clerk, Erie Depot, h 408 N Main

Sellen Amos S., dentist, 109 W Water, h 929 College av

Sellers Amandus, painter, h 708 E Water

Sellner Augustus (A. Sellner & Co.), h 116 High

Sellner Augustus & Co. (Aaron Wollheim), clothiers, 101 E Water

Sellner Barney, tailor, h 105 W 1st

Sellner Sallie, dressmaker, h 116 High

Selover Abram, h 102 Harmon