Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Selover John, h 102 Harmon

Selover John, h 102 Harmon

Selway George, ironworker, h 416 Standish

Serat M. W., treas. and gen’l freight and passenger agent U. I. & E. Railway, 601 Railroad av, h 657 Park pl

Serat Mortimer E., clerk, 601 Railroad av, h 657 Park pl

Serat Seth S., student, h 657 Park pl

Sergeant Henry W., car repairer, h 255 W Henry

Seward Phebe, widow Hector, h E Market cor Madison av

Seymour Edwin C. (Whelpton, Seymour & Co.), h 311 Norton

Seymour Howard L., turner, h 305 Hine

Seymour James D., clerk, 112 Lake, h 169 Baldwin

Seymour William, laborer, h 420 Standish

Seymour William, tailor, h 107 E 2d

Shaffer Charles F., engineer, h 963 N Main

Shager Harseg, peddler, h 115 Elm

Shahan John, laborer, h Dickinson n Hathaway

Shahan Patsy, cigarmaker, h Baldwin n Rolling Mill

Shanahan Ann, widow Patrick, h 209 Harriet

Shanley Mary J., h E South av n E. R. R.

Shanley Michael, bricklayer, h E South av n E. R. R.

Shanley Patrickk, bricklayer, h E South av n Junction

Shannon Bridget, domestic, 220 William

Shannon John, roller, h 101 Park

Shannon Martin, roller, h 717 Railroad av

Shannon Mary, widow Martin, h 415 W 5th

Shannon Michael M., dispatcher, h 717 Railroad av

Shannon Nellie J., milliner, h 717 Railroad av

Shannon Patrick, laborer, h 717 Railroad av

Shannon Patrick jr., laborer, h 101 Park

Shannon Timothy M., hookerup, h 415 W 5th

Shapcott William, shoemaker, h 216 W Henry

Shappee Jacob V., tanner, h 710 John

Shappee Knapp, teamster, h 910 Maxwell av

Shappee Lafayette, h 910 Maxwell av

Shappee Mary, dressmaker, h 161 Washington

Shappee Thomas B., laborer, h 429 Standish

Sharkey Peter, h stonecutter, h 203 Railroad av

Sharman James, cabinetmaker, h 214 W 2d

Sharp Anna, domestic, 520 W Water

Sharp Benjamin, machinist, h 204 E Gray

Sharp Edward W., butcher, h 618 W 3d

Sharp Eunice, h 217 Mt Zoar

Sharp George W., h 220 W 3d

Sharp Le Grand D., clerk, h 709 N Main

Sharpe Benjamin F., barber, h 109 Partridge

Sharpe John, moulder, h 109 Partridge

Shartoe Sarah, housekeeper, 118 W Water

Shattuck Levi H., supt Tioga & Elmira State Line R. R., h at Blossburg

Shattuck Smith M., traveling agent, h 265 W Clinton

Shaunessey John, expressman Erie depot, h 315 W 2d

Shaw Alexander jr., express messenger, h 208 W 6th

Shaw Charles, cigar maker, h Homestead Hotel

Shaw Charles E., cigar maker, h Homestead Hotel

Shaw Cornelius, porter, h 822 Lincoln

Shaw Delinda Mrs., h 235 Lake

Shaw Fred M., shoemaker, h Market Hotel

Shaw John H., tinsmith, h 507 E Union

Shaw Daniel, cigar maker, h 651 E Water

Shay David T., mason, h 108 Spring

Shay Ella, domestic, 603 Hoffman

Shay Fannie, dressmaker, h 273 W S Water

Shay Jeremiah, mason, h 422 Standish

Shay John, mason, h 151 High

Shay John, shoemaker, h 273 Fulton

Shay Kate, domestic, 380 Pennsylvania av

Shay Maggie, domestic, Buckbee House

Shay Margaret, h 801 E Washington

Shay Philip, laborer, h 302 W 1st

Shay Robert, carpenter, h 440 Mt Zoar

Shay Timothy, h 651 E Water

Shay William H., shoemaker, h 651 E Water

Shea Fannie A., dressmaker, h 273 W S Water

Shea Katie, domestic, 418 W Church

Shea Mary, domestic, 159 Madison av

Shea Michael, laborer, h 159 High

SHEAFE JAMES S., freight agent L. V. R. R. freight office, h 502 Baldwin

Shearer Alexander A., railroader, h 114 S Main

Shearer Anton, laborer, h 711 E Oak

Shearer Cash, brushmaker, h 404 E Washington av

Shearer David, foreman, h Chemung Canal Bank bldg

Shearer John H., train dispatcher N. C. R. W., h 1013 Benton

Shearer Vance, brakeman, h 306 S Main

Shearer William, clerk, h 53 Orchard

Sheedy Eliza E, domestic, h Sullivan ab Norton

Sheedy Maggie, domestic, Rathbun House

Sheehan Bridget, dressmaker, h 855 Railroad av

Sheehan Bridget, dressmaker, h 408 S Elm

Sheehan Bridget, seamstress, h 855 Magee

Sheehan Daniel, helper, h 915 Railroad av

Sheehan Daniel, salesman, 139 E Water, 408 S Elm

Sheehan Katharine, widow Peter, h 855 Railroad av

Sheehan Maggie, domestic, 110 Madison av

Sheehan Margaret, widow Timothy, h 915 Railroad av

Sheehan Thomas, cigar maker, h 855 Railroad av

Sheehan Timothy, cigar maker, h 855 Railroad av

Sheehan William, puddler, h 855 Railroad av

Sheehan William, clerk, h 408 S Elm

Sheehan William, teamster, h 151 High

Sheehy Anna M., widow John, h 164 Orchard

Sheeley Mary, domestic, 315 W Church

Sheely Edwin V., tanner, h 500 W Hudson

SHEELY FRED, tanner, Hine cor Hudson, also hides, leather and shoe findings, 129 W Water, h 500 W Hudson

Sheely George K., tanner, h 500 W Hudson

Sheely John C., tanner, h 500 W Hudson

Sheely William T., tanner, h 500 W Hudson

Sheely Charles, clerk, Railroad av cor Market, h St. James Hotel

Sheely Daniel, currier, h 602 W Hudson

Shehan Patrick, cigarmaker, h Baldwin ab 5th

Sheldon Fanny, music teacher, h 389 W Water

Shell Abraham N., painter, h 307 W 1st

Shell Absalom, engineer, h 408 Herrick

Sheltz Fred H., engineer, h 816 Factory

Shepard Christopher C., salesman, 111 E Water, h 750 Park Place

Shepard George S., h 752 Park Place

Sheppard John, gardener, h 303 E Clinton

Sheppard John, porter, h 608 Baldwin

Sheppard Sarah, domestic, 518 Lake

Sheppard David, waiter, h 663 Dickinson

Sherman Cyrus A., augermaker, h 1205 Hall

Sherman House, James O’Maher, 372 Railroad av

Sherry Lawrence, h 110 Partridge

Sherwin Marshall P. W., clerk, 102 W Water, h 315 Baldwin

SHERWIN WILLIAM F., pass. agent Michigan Central R. R., 152 Baldwin, h Rathbun House

Sherwood Ira B., laborer, h 500 High

Sherwood Ida M. G., teacher, h 712 E Church

Shewell John, laborer, h 820 Lincoln

Shidlen Ernst, clerk, 132 E Water, h 132 E Water

Shidlen L. (Shidlen & Wiegand), 132 E Water

SHIDLEN LOUIS, sample rooms, 132 E Water, h do

SHIDLEN & WIEGAND. (L. Shidlen and George C. Wiegand), furniture and upholstery, 132 & 134 E Water

Shiedt John, tailor, h 454 E Market

Shields Kate, dressmaker, h 508 Oak

Shields Peter, mason, h 508 Oak

Shields Peter, jr., mason, h 508 Oak

Shields William, mason, h 508 Oak

Shimpf Francis, laborer, h 121 Jacob

Shinn Ellen, domestic, 360 W 1st

Shipman Chauncey N., accountant, 110 Baldwin, h 517 W Church

Shiren Carrie, domestic, 506 W Water

Shives George, real estate, h 208 S Main

Shives William E., builder, h 210 W Henry

Shoeler John M., painter, 661 Magee, h do

Shoemaker J. Monroe (Elmira Oil Co.), h 505 Lake

SHOEMAKER JAMES M., Delavan Sample Rooms, also billiards, 519 Railroad av, h 151 W Clinton

SHOEMAKER LEW H., Western Hotel, 515 Railroad av

Shoemaker Lida, saloon, 353 Railroad av

Shores Ethlin Mrs., h 800 John

Short Allen, laborer, h 502 E 3d

Short Charles, laborer, h 502 E 3d

Short Ellen, widow Jeremiah, h 502 E 3d

Short Pauline, dressmaker, h 502 E 3d

Shreffler Levi S., wood carpet manufr, State cor Gray, h 372 W 1st

Shultz John Mrs., h 219 Harriet

Shuman Lewis, butcher, h Lake cor E Clinton

Shumway Frederick A., machinist, h 261 W Clinton

Shumway Hannah, widow Nelson, h 261 W Clinton

Shumway James C., traveling agent, h 408 W Clinton

Shurtz William H., teamster, h 509 Magee

Sickels Daniel, carpenter, h 719 Dickinson

Sickels Emma, seamstress, 135 W Water

Sickles Frank, barber, 404 E Market, h 700 Jay

Sickles Charles, boatman, h 406 Standish

Siegfried Charles A., fireman, h 505 Pennsylvania av

Siegfried Edward F., hostler, Club House

Siegfried Joseph, h 711 E Market

Sigison Maria, widow William, h 327 Lake

Sigison William R., clerk, h 327 Lake

SILVA ALBERT P., merchant tailor, 167 Baldwin, h 714 College av

Silva Vasco A., dentist, 126 and 128 E Water, h 714 College ave

SILVERNAIL ALFRED J., ticket broker, also accident insurance, Western Hotel, 515 Railroad av, h 415 N Main

Silwood Eliza, widow James, h 710 Baldwin

Simanight Joseph, bottler, h 508 Perry

Simmons Alfred C., teacher, h 1001 Davis

Simms Susan M., widow Samuel L., h 127 W Market

Simon Morris, clothing, 375 Railroad av, h 551 E 2d

Simons Josiah C. (Simons, Sayles & Co.), h 368 W 1st

Simons Joseph, peddler, h 508 Perry

Simons Noah W. (Simons & Carey), h 458 Franklin

Simons Richard M., grocer, 504 E 3d, h do

SIMONS, SAYLES & CO. (Josiah C. Simons, Henry H. Sayles and Emma Sayles), wholesale grocers, 213 Baldwin

Simons & Carey (Noah W. Simons and William R. Carey), painters, 421 Carroll

Simpson Henry, dep collector, h 863 Magee

Simpson Thomas, hostler, West End Hotel, h do

Simspon William, clerk Erie R. R. freight depot, h 1011 Oak

SINGER MANUFACTURING CO., B. F. Dunlap, agent, 101 W Water

Singerhoff Charles, manager music hall and saloon, 114 Lake h do

SINGERHOFF E., music hall and saloon, 114 Lake h do

SINGERHOFF’S HOTEL, William Singerhoff, 431 and 433 Railroad av

Single Rebecca, widow Daniel, h 717 Dickinson

Sinsabaugh Noah, farmer, h Pratt n Lake

Sipher Moses, fireman, h r 356 W 3d

Sisk David J., engineer, Reformatory, h do

Sisk John, blacksmith, Reformatory, h do

Sisk Michael, helper, h 833 Canal

Sittenfield Joseph (Sitttenfield & Son), h 113 High

Sittenfield Solomon (Sittenfield & Son), h 113 High

Sittenfield S. & Son (Solomon & Joseph), hides, 110 E Water

Skehan Annie, domestic, 413 Railroad av

Skehan Edward F., laborer, h 810 Walnut

Skehan James, laborer, h 101 W Henry

Skidmore George H., express messenger, h 110 College av

Skinner C. Lewis, bookkeeper, 415 Carroll, h 224 DeWitt

SKINNER CHARLES W., wholesale wines and liquors, 413 and 415 Carroll, h Rathbun House

Skinner William, driver, h 411 William

Slade Mary J., widow Franklin, h 812 John

Slaier George W., conductor, h 201 Giltinan

Slater Annie, nurse, h 657 Davis

Slater Annie, dressmaker, h 466 W Hudson

Slater Catharine, widow Isaiah, h 466 W Hudson

Slater James, hostler, 316 Lake

Slater James, laborer, h 466 W Hudson

Slatteary John H., shoemaker, h 904 E Market

Slatteary Lizzie M., domestic, 109 Madison av

Slattery John, blacksmith, h 356 W 3d

Slattery Mary, dressmaker, h 356 W 3d

Slattery William, blacksmith, h 356 W 3d

Slee John D. F. (J. Langdon & Co.), h 218 W 1st

Slocum Augustus F., printer Free Press, h Buckbee House

Slocum Maggie Mrs., boarding, h 110 W Market

Slosson A. D. (A. D. Slosson & Co.), h junction E Union and Baldwin

SLOSSON A. D. & CO. (David Crocker), groceries, provisions, fruit, flour and feed, Baldwin cor E. Union and 2d

Sly Catharine M., h 300 Maple av

Sly George W., clerk, 404 E Water, h 116 W S Water

Sly James, insurance agent, h 453 Maple av

Sly Lizzie, domestic, S. T. Orphans’ Home

Sly Sarah, h 110 E Water

Sly Susan, widow Robert, h 106 W Church

Smalley Lydia J., dressmaker, h 126 W Water

Smead Maria, widow Edwin M., h 315 Baldwin

Smedes Frank W., helper, h 652 Lake

Smedes Hattie, tailoress, h 652 Lake

Smedes Helen J., seamstress, h 652 Lake

Smedes Lucy, dressmaker, h 652 Lake

Smedes Sarah, widow Levi, h 652 Lake

Smith Addison, h 615 Pennsylvania av

Smith Amanda Mrs., h 408 W 2d

Smith Amanda C., widow David, h 357 W 4th

Smith Andrew, cigarmaker, h Homestead Hotel

Smith Anna C., dressmaker, h 111 Caldwell av

Smith Annie C., dressmaker, 111 Caldwell av

Smith Augustus B., grocer, S Broadway cor Balsam, h 217 Henry

Smith Benjamin D., laborer, h 1315 Hall

Smith Benjamin F., carpenter, h 654 N Main

Smith Catharine, dressmaker, h 108 E Hudson, h do

Smith Charles, fireman, h 423 Railroad av

Smith Charles A. Rev., pastor Zion A. M. E. Church, h 706 Dickinson

Smith Charles J., brakeman, h 653 Lake

Smith Chauncey L., oil driller, h 214 W Hudson

Smith Charles H. T., cabinetmaker, h 61 First av

Smith Charles, laborer, h 524 DeWitt

Smith Charles B., shoemaker, h 111 College av

SMITH CYRUS T., Delavan House, Railroad av cor W Clinton

Smith Daniel G., carpenter, h 516 William

Smith Daniel, confectionery, 106 Lake, h 351 Grove

Smith Delia, widow Frank, h 213 Judson

SMITH DIX W., lawyer, 312 E Water, h 514 W Gray

Smith Edgar C., clerk, 305 E Water, h 604 do

Smith Elijah B., h 360 W Church

Smith Elizabeth Mrs., h 657 Dickinson

Smith Ellen J., domestic, 211 Pennsylvania av

Smith Emily E., widow Andrew S., h 369 W Water

Smith Emma J., h 111 Caldwell av

Smith Emory, farmer, Plank rd ab toll gate

Smith Ernest A., clerk, 317 E Water, h 369 W Water

Smith Ezekiel, driver, h 376 W Water

Smith Ezra J., carpenter, h 652 N Main

Smith Florence L., teacher, h 357 W 4th

Smith Frank, bartender, 119 Lake, h 117 John

SMITH FRANK E., manager American Union Telegraph Co, 213 E Water, h 714 N Main

Smith Fred M., salesman, 331 E Water, h 750 Park Place

Smith Gabriel, laborer, h Southport ab S Broadway

Smith Gabriel L., (Smith & Robertson), h 404 Sullivan

Smith George B., carpenter, h 416 Powell

Smith H Boardman (Smith & Fassett), h 380 Pennsylvania av

Smith Harriet E., student, h 118 E Hudson

Smith Harriet M., widow Martin, h 950 Oak

Smith Harrison J., carpenter, h 113 Madison av

Smith Harvey, clerk, 159 Lake, h 106 S Main

Smith Henry, h 530 W Church

Smith Henry B., railroader, h 913 Lake

Smith Henry B., (Ayers & Smith), h 158 W 4th

Smith Henry B., carpenter, h 1313 Hall

Smith Hiram T., foreman, E 5th cor Canal, h 304 E Clinton

Smith Hiram W., driver, h 422 Tuttle av

Smith Huron O., architect, 257 W Clinton, h 206 Harmon

Smith Isaac S., carpenter, h 108 E Hudson

Smith J Kirk, salesman, 131 E Water, h 109 W S Water

Smith James, laborer, h 959 E av

Smith James A., bookkeeper, 617 Railroad av, h 509 Magee

Smith James H., quarryman, h 961 E av

Smith James J., carpenter, h American Hotel

Smith Jemima Mrs., housekeeper 413 Grove

Smith Jesse, saleslady, h 108 E Hudson

Smith Jesse T., saleslady, 134 W Water, h 108 E Hudson

Smith John, coachman, 502 W Church

Smith John, gardener, 1019 College av

Smith John, laborer, h 616 Dickinson

Smith John G., shoemaker, h 117 Partridge

Smith John E., laborer, h 466 Franklin

Smith John S., farmer, h 226 Mt Zoar

Smith John T., carpenter, h 121 Harriet

Smith John W., cartman, h 604 E Water

Smith Josephine E. Mrs., h 516 William

Smith Lettie G., teacher, h 516 William

Smith Lewis M., prest. Farmers’ and Mechanics’ Bank, h 313 Columbia

Smith Lillah, widow Frank V., h 159 Madison av

Smith Lina, domestic, 111 W S Water

Smith Louis B., dentist, 310 E Water, h 408 N Main

Smith Maggie M., dressmaker, h 1215 Hall

Smith Maria J., widow Lewis L., h 502 College av

Smith Mary Mrs., h 320 Lake

Smith Mary, widow Robert, h 512 Perry

Smith Minerva K., dressmaker, h 108 E Hudson

Smith Myron A., auditor U. I. & E. R., h 710 N Main

Smith Nancy D., widow Hiram F., h 118 E Hudson

Smith Nellie F., teacher, h 114 E S Water

Smith Oliver, painter, h 210 Ann

Smith Orlando H., bookkeeper 118 Lake, h 211 Pennsylvania av

Smith Orlando N., bookkeeper, h 114 E S Water

Smith Owen, laborer, h Hathaway n Dickinson

Smith Perry W., fireman, h 554 S Main

Smith Philip, laborer, h 1215 Hall

Smith Ralph, carpenter, h 712 W Water

Smith Robert, carpenter, h 319 Hathaway

Smith Robert E., clerk, 150 Baldwin, h Delavan House

Smith Robert S., porter, h 120 E Water

Smith Robert T., machinist, h 1128 Oak

Smith Robert V., porter, h 106 E 2d

Smith Rose, widow Daniel, h 700 E 3d

SMITH & FASSETT, (H. Boardman Smith and Newton P. Fassett), lawyers, Masonic Temple

Smith Ruth, widow Orwin, h 110 E Water

Smith Salmon, h 655 Columbia

Smith Samuel S., clerk, h r 109 S Main

Smith Sarah C., teacher, h 413 Baldwin

Smith Sarah M., widow John F., h 512 Perine

SMITH SEYMOUR, master carpenter, N. C. R. W., 111 E 5th, h 658 College av

Smith Solomon P., fireman, h 312 W 3d

Smith Stephen H., h 1215 Hall

SMITH THEODORE G., County Clerk, Court House, h 124 E Hudson

Smith Thomas, clerk, 106 Lake, h 351 Grove

Smith Thomas, blacksmith, h 715 Walnut

Smith Thomas S., shipping clerk, h 700 E 2d

Smith W. Charles, bill poster, h 114 W Market

Smith Walter Lloyd, lawyer, also notary public, Masonic Temple, h 380 Pennsylvania av

Smith W. Hudson, bookkeeper, 122 E Water, h 118 W 2d

Smith William A., baker, h 330 Centre

Smith William B., h 118 W 2d

Smith William H., fireman, h 1217 Benton

Smith William S., wheelwright, 229 W Water, h 111 Caldwell av

Smith Wilton M., student, h 380 Pennsylvania av

SMITH & ROBERTSON. (Gabriel L. Smith and Andrew J. Robertson), lawyers, 216 E Water

Snell William, laborer, h 619 Lewis

Snover Ernest C., carriage trimmer, h 510 E Church

Snowden John, driver, h 714 Baldwin

Snowden John W., coachman, 355 E 5th

Snowden Mary Mrs., h 657 Dickinson

Snowden Philip, laborer, h 509 Clinton pl

Snyder Aloyse (Snyder Brothers), h 808 Market

Snyder Andrew J., brakeman, h E South av n E. R. R.

Snyder Barney L., laborer, h 513 Railroad av

Snyder Benjamin, farmer, 600 W Hudson

Snyder Benjamin F., salesman, 209 E Church, h 203 E Gray

SNYDER BROS. (Aloyse & Derry), carriage painters, 452 E Water

Snyder Charles, restaurant, 511 Railroad av, h do

Snyder Derry (Snyder Brothers), h 709 John

Snyder Elias, h 600 W Hudson

Snyder Elijah, carpenter, h 359 College av

Snyder George W., blacksmith, h 359 College av

Snyder Helen, domestic, 359 College av

Snyder Jacobina, widow Louis, h 753 E Water

Snyder John, weaver, h r 505 Sullivan

Snyder Maggie, widow William, h 467 W Water

Snyder Mariana, widow John, h 709 John

Snyder Peter, laborer, h Robinson cor Esty

Snyder Rosa Mrs., Eastern Hotel, 511 Railroad av

Snyder Russell W., agent, 173 Lake, h Pattinson House

Soble Barnett L., salesman, h 81 Pennsylvania av

Soloman Saba, peddler, h 53 Munroe

Soper Arabella, dressmaker, h 913 S Main

SOPER DARIUS, carpenter, h 913 S Main

Soper Ivan, brakeman, h 913 S Main

Soper Ivaldia, brakeman, h 913 S Main

Soper Mattie J., student, h 913 S Main

SOPER ROYAL R., treas. And business manager Elmira Gazette Co., h 364 W 6th



Southwick Thomas T., shoemaker, h 514 W 2d

SOUVEY ALEXIS, carriage painter, 501 College av and W 3d, h 57 Sullivan

Sovereigns’ Distribution Store Co., grocers, 109 N Main

Spalding Clarence M., physician, 389 W Water, h do

Spaulding Charles C., painter, h r 411 William

Spaulding Frank M., carpenter, h 355 Norton

SPAULDING HENRY C., lumber, sash, blinds, &c., E 5th cor Canal, h 357 N Main

Spaulding Mary C., widow Charles H., h 203 Pennsylvania av

Spaulding Rosa, widow Isaac, h 650 Dickinson

SPAULDING THOMAS S., lawyer, 302 E Water, h College av cor Broadway

Spaulding William W., carpenter, h 331 Norton

Speiers Anthony, laborer, h 1024 Lake

Spence David, shoemaker, h 117 Grove

SPENCE THOMAS, City Clerk, Masonic Temple, h Wyckoff house

Spencer Annis, widow William, h 206 Baldwin

Spencer Burdett, guard Reformatory, h 1212 Hall

Spencer Charles M., clerk, W 4th cor Railroad av, h 422 W 4th

Spencer Emma P., milliner, h 357 W Gray

Spencer Ernest D., tinsmith, h 206 Baldwin

Spencer Fanny, cook, 706 Baldwin

Spencer George S., carpenter, 422 W 4th, h do

Spencer Henry F. Rev., pastor, 1st M. E. Ch., h 322 Baldwin

Spencer Jesse M., carpenter, 234 Mt Zoar

Spencer John Lincoln, printer Advertiser, h 108 W 4th

Spencer Lizzie, milliner, h 58 Orchard

Spencer Newell H., painter, 15 Opera Block, h 58 Orchard

Spencer Theodore C., carpenter, h 1307 Pratt

Sperl John (Cooper & Sperl), h 704 E Clinton

Spickerman Levi B., carpenter, h 223 DeWitt

Spiers Mary L. Mrs., h 1310 Benton

Spillane Cornelius, laborer, h 104 S Walnut

Spillane David, clerk, 106 E Water, h 104 S Walnut

Spillane Ella, housekeeper, 104 S Walnut

Spillane Ellen, widow John, h 256 W Hudson

Spillane Jeremiah, laborer, h 104 S Walnut

Spillane Jeremiah, laborer, h 256 W Hudson

Spillane William, laborer, h 256 W Hudson

Spink George C., carpenter, h 106 W 2d

Sprague H. Oscar, clerk, N. C. R. W. freight depot, h 853 Magee

Sprague Marena, widow Donald, h 121 Judson

Sprigg Charles B., carriagemaker, h 208 Orchard

Spring Madison T., enameler, h 355 Reformatory

Springer Ann, widow Vincent, h 719 Dickinson

Springer Sylver, brewer, h 561 E Water

Springer Theresa, widow Laurent, h 118 W Henry

Sprow Julia A., domestic, 111 N Main

Squire Charles L., physician, 409 E Church, h do

Squire Evaline M., widow Reuben F., h 517 W 2d

SQUIRE TRUMAN H., physician, 409 E Church, h do

Squire William F., policeman, h 517 W 2d

Squire Montgomery N., coal agent, 221 W S Water

Squires Hannah W., h Elmira Female College

Squires Mary, domestic, 382 W Water

Squires Montgomery N., coal agent, 104 Partridge, h 221 W S Water

Stage Charles, brushmaker, Washington av n Grove

Stage Chauncey, teamster, h 1109 Davis

Stage Clarke, slater, h 50 High

Stage Converse (Bosworth & Stage), h 413 Columbia

Stage Everett, baggagemaster, h 505 Park pl

Stage Isaac H., carpenter, h Sullivan cor Thurston

Stage James H., barber, h 857 John

Stage James M., carpenter, h 1112 Ovid

Stage LeGrand, laborer, h 1016 Hoffman

Stage Rexford, wagonmaker, h 1051 Lincoln

Stagg Charles E., telegrapher, 150 Baldwin h 213 W S Water

Stagg William E., jr., fruit, 334 E Water, h 312 College av

Stagg William E., sr., bookkeeper, h 960 Oak

Stahl Bros. (Solomon J. and Nathan J.), tobacconists, 165 Lake

STAHL NATHAN J. (Stahl Bros.), also tobacconists and dealer in the celebrated Diamond cigars, 138 W Water, h 213 Gregg

Stahl Solomon J. (Stahl Bros.), h 112 High

Stamp Peter P., barber, Wyckoff House, h 425 Railroad av

Stampp Adam (Schornstheimer & Stampp), h 524 Lake

Stanchfield Edward E., clerk, 119 E Water, h 120 h do

Stanchfield J. King, physician, 111 N Main, h do

Stanchfield John B. (Hill & Stanchfield), h 111 N Main

Stancliff Edwin C., h Lake cor Church

Standard Hattie, domestic, 901 East av

Stanley Fidelia E., matron Elmira Female College, h do

Stanley George E., conductor, h 109 W 2d

Stanley Mary, domestic, 308 William

Stanley Nellie, domestic, 106 Madison av

Stanton Victoria, dressmaker, h 19 Opera House block, Lake

Stanton Wilber F., carpenter, 1207 Benton, h do

Staples Ella, domestic, 164 DeWitt

Stapleton John, tanner, h 102 S 2d

Stapleton Louise, h 102 S 2d

Stapleton Michael R., plater, 130 W Water, h 102 S 2d

Stapleton Patrick, driver, h 463 Powell

Stapleton Patrick H., plater, h 102 S 2d

Stapleton Thomas, teamster, h 125 Carpenter

Stapleton William, fireman, h 102 S 2d

Stark Byron, bristlemaker, h 613 Lake

Stark Mary E., sick nurse, h 257 S av

Starke Carl, foreman Pullman car shops, h ______

Starkes Frederick, painter, h 718 Oak

Starkey Charles C., physician, h 260 W S Water

Starks Charlotte, widow Washington, h 718 Oak

Starks Edward, painter, h 375 W 1st

States Mary E., shoedresser, h 812 John

States Sylvester M., physician, Buckbee House, h do

Staub John, painter, h 121 W Water

Staunch George H., clerk, 400 S Main, h 569 Coburn

Staunch Maggie E., music teacher, h 569 Coburn

St Clair Fannie, dressmaker, h 119 W S Water

Stearns Peter, carder, h 706 Jay

Stedge Howard, slate roofer, h High n Water

Stedge Jacob, drayman, h W 1st, n Railroad av

Stedman James W., carpenter, h 509 W 2d

Stedman J. Harry (E. H. Cook & Co.), h at Rochester

Stedwell Frank W., salesman, 134 W Water, h 373 W Clinton

Steege Charles F., tailor, 55 Sullivan, h do

Steele Frederick C., h 355 W Church

Steele J. Dorman, author, h 352 W Clinton

Steele Mary E., widow Daniel, h 367 Railroad av

Steen Arminius G., bookkeeper, 150 Lake, h 557 E 2d

Steeples Martha, widow John, h 605 E Church

Steere Charles S., boot treer, h 550 E 2d

Steger Michael, hotel, 507 Railroad av

Steiger Matthew, laborer, h 656 E Clinton

Stempfle Fred, machinist, h 512 DeWitt

Stephens Carrie B., h 208 E Water

Stephens Charles A., h 331 E Water

Stephens Daniel, h 230 Lake

Stephens Henry, fireman, h 423 Railroad av

Stephens Hezekiah, brakeman, h 203 E Gray

STEPHENS ROBERT, lawyer, 336 E Water, h 404 Lake

Stephens Sadie E., widow Charles, h 331 E Water

Stephens William H., clerk Rathbun House, h 752 E Church
Stephenson Helen I., widow John L., h 417 E Market

Stephenson William J., fireman, h 417 E Market

Sterling Charles H., teamster, h Hoffman cor West Hill

Sterling Henry H., salesman, 308 Carroll, h 217 W Henry

Sterling James W., gardener, h 319 Maple

Sterling John, fireman, h 216 Giltinan

Stermer Mary J., domestic, 211 W 1st

Stevens Charles, cutter, h 79 Walnut

Stevens Charles E., brakeman, h 801 Railroad av

Stevens Della, waitress, 1019 East av

Stevens Elizabeth, domestic, 44 Railroad av

Stevens Frank, civil engineer, 601 Railroad av, h 315 E Church

Stevens James P., laborer, 752 E 5th

Stevens John L., clerk, 107 W Water, h 202 High

STEVENS LAFAYETTE, chiropodist, 416 W Gray, h do

STEVENS MILES, druggist, 107 W Water, h 202 High

Stevens Thaddeus J., laborer, h 656 Dickinson

Stevens William, laborer, h Jones’ la cor E 1st

Stevenson Laura, h 505 William

Stevenson Leander, laborer, h 1010 Oak

Steward Mary F., domestic, 865 Magee

Stewart Albert, helper, h 241 W Water

Stewart Alexander, waiter, h 322 W Church

Stewart James, musician, h Jones’ la n E Church

Stewart James, engineer, h 469 W Gray

Stewart Martin, laborer, h 710 Dickinson

Stewart Mary A., cook, 317 Carroll, h 658 Dickinson

Stewart Theodore, porter, h 607 Dickinson

Stewart Thomas H., sexton, h 607 Dickinson

Stewart William, boatman, h 216 W Church

Stewart William, paper hanger, h 210 W 6th

Stewart William C., dentist, 310 E Water, h 106 Madison av

Stewart William E., architect and builder, 214 Franklin, h do

Stewart William J., clerk, h 469 W Gray

Stichout Sarah, h 652 Oak

Stickels Clinton E., conductor, h 652 N Main

Stickler Albert, laborer, h 903 Benton

Stiles George, brakeman, h 102 S Elm

Stiles Isaac, bootmaker, 207 W Water, h 102 S Elm

Stiles Isaac P., shoemaker, h 102 S Elm

Stiles Louisa, milliner, h 611 W 1st

Stiles Maria Mrs., h 119 W Henry

STILES OLIVER D., practicing physician and druggist, S W cor W 2d and Davis, h do

Stiles Samuel S., printer Gazette, h 158 DeWitt

Stiles William O., mason, h 44 Railroad av

Still Addie, housekeeper, 511 E Union

Still Charles E., pressman, h 710 Baldwin

Stillman Claude L., clerk, 110 Baldwin, h 700 E Market

Stilson William, clerk, 108 W Water, h 307 William

Stitt Charles C., fireman, h 524 Pennsylvania av

Stitt John W. (Elmira Woolen Mill), h New York

St John, Edgar, insurance agent, h 407 W Church

Stobo John, boots and shoes, 207 E Water, h 111 Harmon

Stock Fannie, domestic, 702 E Market

Stoddard Robert L., clerk, 342 E Water, h 705 Davis

Stoddard George H., buggyman, h 705 Davis

Stoddard Holmes, roller, h 705 Davis

Stoll Aaron C., carpenter, h 813 E Church

Stoll Adam B., shoemaker, h 459 Oak

Stoll Donlevey F., foreman, h 813 E Church

Stoll Elizabeth, dressmaker, 950 Beach cor East av

Stoll Frank, shoemaker, h 459 Oak

Stoll George C., shoemaker, h 226 Chestnut

Stoll Joseph, laborer, h 409 High

Stone Clara S., widow Henry S., h 621 W Gray

Stone David J., car repairer, h 405 W 2d

STONE ERR, sup’t Pullman car shops, h 703 Columbia

Stone Lorin J., foreman, h 369 W 1st

Stone Martha W., teacher, h 621 W Gray

Stone Myron C., machinist, h 357 Walnut

Stone Newton A., carpenter, h 466 W 1st

Stone Rollin L., machanic, h 703 E Market
Stone Russel O., carpenter, h 373 W 1st

Stone Thomas J., saloon, 430 E Water, h 421 N Main

Stone Wyatt C., bookkeeper Pullman Car Shops, h 703 Columbia

Stonemets Elizabeth A., widow Jacob, h 119 Judson

Storey Sarah A., cook, h 656 Dickinson

Story Charles F., builder, h 115 Fox

Stoughton Peter, bookkeeper, h 510 E Church

Stoughton Peter D., foreman, h 510 E Church

Stover Nancy, widow William, h 108 Harriet

Stover William B., undertaker, h 755 Jay

Stow Delia, widow Charles W., h 403 DeWitt

Stow Minnie, teacher, h 403 DeWitt

Stowell Abel, h 319 William

Stowell Alexander, h 919 Stowell

Stowell Charles, carpenter, h 319 William

Stowell Charles M. (F. A. & W. H. Stowell & Co.), h 319 William

Stowell Delos B. (Stowell & James), h 210 W 2d

STOWELL F. A. & W. H. & CO., (Francis A., William H. and Charles M. Stowell and John E. Larkin), hardware, paints, oils and glass, 121 Lake

Stowell Francis A. (F. A. & W. H. Stowell & Co.), h 551 E Church

Stowell Henry C., h 651 College av

Stowell James H., h 710 N Main

Stowell John E., clerk, 121 Lake, h 319 William

Stowell Rufus R., traveling agent, h 553 E Church

Stowell William H. (Stowell & Young) also (F. A. & W. H. Stowell, & Co.), h 319 William

STOWELL & JAMES, (Delos B. Stowell and John James), grocers, bakers and confectioners, 421 Railroad av

STOWELL & YOUNG, (William H. Stowell and John Young), merchant tailors, 155 Lake

Strachen Esther, widow Thomas, h 603 Dickinson

Strachen Robert L., mason, h 603 Dickinson

Strader Alfred, grain cradles, 1554 Lake, h 1553 do

Strader Alfred (Rhode & Strader), h Carr’s Corners

Strader Rachel, dressmaker, h 153 Broadway

Straight Anna, domestic, 712 Columbia

Straight David, teamster, h 261 Baldwin

Straight James W., agent, h 261 Baldwin

Strang Henry W., bookkeeper, 335 E Water, h 397 W Water

Stray Mary A., widow Frederick, h 415 E Market

Stratchen John, blacksmith, h 1124 Lake

Strauss Herman, clothier, 205 E Water, h 112 Madison av

Strauss Louis (Strauss & Samuels), h 463 E Water

STRAUSS & SAMUELS (Louis Strauss and Albert Samuels), dry dry goods, 139 E Water

Stringer Charles, laborer, h 419 Pleasant

STRODE JAMES, master mechanic N. C. R. W. shops, h 410 S Main

Stroman Charles P., painter, h 858 John

Strong George, laborer, h 416 Perry

Strong Sarah, widow Dennis, h 311 E 5th

Strong William, laborer, h 417 Standish

Strothers Daniel, waiter, Lake ab Thurston

Strouse George, laborer, h 154 Judson

Strouse Harvey H., farmer, h 521 West Hill

Strouse Jacob, laborer, h 417 Standish

Strouse Joseph, carpenter, h 154 Judson

Strouse Joseph V., farmer, h 521 West Hill

Struppler George A., h 1126 Oak

Struppler George L., polisher, h 1126 Oak

Struthers Robert, hooker, h on canal n East av

Stryker Catharine, widow Conrad, h 108 Orchard

Stryker Samuel, upholsterer, h 108 Orchard

Stryker Samuel G., commercial traveler, h 410 College av

Stuart Charles B. (Stuart & Beach), h 418 William

Stuart Ryerson H., conductor, h 863 Lake

STUART & BEACH, (Charles B. Stuart and Wilbur A. Beach), merchant tailors, also hats and caps, 309 E Water

Stuber Laura Mrs., h 558 Coburn

Stuebinger Wilhelm, music teacher, h 759 E Church

Stull William H., salesman, h East av n Water cure

Stumpfle Frederick, machinist, h 512 DeWitt

Stumpfle John, blacksmith, h 512 DeWitt

Sturch William, boilermaker, h 605 S Main

Sturdevant Charles A., shoemaker, h 131 W Water

Sturdevant Lewis J., h 755 E 2d

Sturdivant Alvin B., car builder, h 419 Herrick

Sturdivant Stephen W., inspector, h 422 S Broadway

STURGES DON L., fruits and groceries, 146 W Water, h 369 W Clinton

Sturges J. Ranney, clerk, 146 W Water, h 367 do

Sturges William R., salesman, 146 W Water, h 367 do

SUESS PHILIP, barber, 165 Lake, h 214 Orchard

Suffern James E., traveling agent Free Press, h 423 E Washington av

Suffrins John M., clerk coal agent’s office, Erie depot, h 651 College av

Sugden James, cabinetmaker, h 419 W 4th

Sullivan Andrew, laborer, h 409 High

Sullivan Ann Mrs., h 723 Dickinson

Sullivan Anna, domestic, 700 E Church

Sullivan Bartholomew, laborer, h 311 S Broadway

Sullivan Bridget, domestic, 210 W 1st

Sullivan Bridget, domestic, Rathbun House

Sullivan Briget, dressmaker, h 327 River

Sullivan Bridget, widow John, h 216 S Chestnut

Sullivan Bros. (Dennis and Patrick), 908 N Main

Sullivan Cassie R., dressmaker, h S Main n city limits

Sullivan Catharine, domestic, 159 W Clinton

Sullivan Catharine, widow John, h 110 W Hudson

Sullivan Cornelius, sr., grocer, 851 Dickinson, h do

Sullivan Cornelius jr., printer Gazette, h 851 Dickinson

SULLIVAN CORNELIUS, stoves and tinware, 512 N Main, h do

Sullivan Cornelius C., watchman, 156 Washington av

Sulllivan Daniel, laborer, h 403 Elm

Sullivan Daniel, helper, h Reformatory n Davis

Sullivan Daniel J., tailor, h 115 Madison av

Sullivan Dennis (Sullivan Brothers), h 908 N Main

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, h 337 S Broadway

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, h 703 S Main

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, h Washington av cor McDonald

Sullivan Dennis, jr., blacksmith, h 337 S Broadway

Sullivan Ellen, domestic, 511 Baldwin

Sullivan Ellen, domestic, 429 W Clinton

Sullivan Florence, books, 321 E Water, h 710 E Church

Sullivan Henry C., glazier, h 963 Davis

Sullivan James W., policeman, h 670 Columbia

Sullivan Jeremiah, painter, h 216 S Chestnut

Sullivan Jeremiah, watchman, h 508 Elizabeth

Sullivan John, blacksmith, h 463 W 3rd

Sullivan John, blacksmith, 657 Columbia

Sullivan John, laborer, h 824 McDonald

Sullivan John, laborer, h 409 High

Sullivan John, machinist, 719 Kinyon

Sullivan John, mason, h 509 Harper

Sullivan John, shoemaker, h 110 Fulton

Sullivan John, shoemaker, h 500 E Clinton

Sullivan John, shoemaker, h 319 River

Sullivan John C., tinsmith, h 512 N Main

Sullivan John D., clerk, 414 Carroll, h 210 W Hudson

Sullivan Julia H., dressmaker, h 719 Kinyon

Sullivan Julia T., dressmaker, h 403 S Elm

Sullivan Kate, tailoress, h W 4th n Columbia

Sullivan Kate, widow Timothy, Dickinson n Hathaway

Sullivan Lizzie, domestic, 112 Madison av

Sullivan Lucy, domestic, 355 W Gray

Sullivan Maggie, tailoress, h 611 Magee

Sullivan Margaret, h 311 S Broadway

Sullivan Mark, bricklayer, h 110 W Hudson

Sullivan Mark J., student, 719 Kinyon

Sullivan Mary, domestic, 312 W Church

Sullivan Mary, domestic, 609 W Water

Sullivan Mary, domestic, 461 E Water

Sullivan Mary A., domestic, 217 W Gray

Sullivan Mary, tailoress, h 110 Fulton

Sullivan Mary, dressmaker, h 337 S Broadway

Sullivan Mary, housekeeper, 403 S Elm

Sullivan Mary, milliner, h 611 Magee

Sullivan Mary, widow Michael, h 314 W 4th

Sullivan Mary, widow Patrick, h 516 Elizabeth

Sullivan Mary A., dressmaker, h 719 Kinyon

Sullivan Mary A., housekeeper, 500 E Clinton

Sullivan Mary E., domestic, 856 N Main
Sullivan Matthew, cigarmaker, h Dickinson and Baldwin

Sullivan Michael, shoemaker, h 500 E Clinton

Sullivan Michael, ass’t pressman Elmira Gazette, h 851 Dickinson

Sullivan Michael, glass blower, 902 East av

Sullivan Michael, stripper, h Baldwin head Dickinson

Sullivan Michael, tanner, h 327 River

Sullivan Michael H., carpenter, h 611 Magee

Sullivan Michael, jr., shoemaker, h 500 E Clinton

Sullivan Michael J., printer Free Press, h 610 E Water
Sullivan Michael T., machinist, h 728 S Main

Sullivan Minnie, dressmaker, h 725 Dickerson

Sullivan Mortimer, student, h 212 W Hudson

Sullivan Murty, watchman, h 719 Kinyon

Sullivan Nellie, tailoress, h 610 E Water

Sullivan Nora Mrs., saleslady, 201 E Water, h 381 Pennsylvania av

Sullivan Patrick (Sullivan Brothers), h 156 Washington

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h 611 Magee

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h 327 River

Sullivan Patrick, yardmaster, h 370 W 3d

Sullivan Patrick J., telegrapher, 109 W Water, h 851 Dickinson

Sullivan Patrick K., mason, h 408 Mt Zoar

Sullivan Patrick R., laborer, h 1007 N Main

Sullivan Rodger, cartman, h 200 W Water

Sullivan Thomas, bristle maker, h 314 E 4th

Sullivan Thomas, laborer, h 463 W 3d

Sullivan Thomas, laborer, h 319 River

Sullivan Thomas, trackman, h 370 W 3d

Sullivan Timothy, laborer, h 511 Oak

Sullivan Timothy J., saloon 369 Railroad av

Sullivan Timothy O., shoemaker, h 305 Fulton

Sullivan William, tinsmith, h 611 Magee

Sullivan William, wheelwright, h 610 E Water

Sullivan William, blacksmith, h 327 River


Surganty Augusta, tailoress, h 433 E Water

Surganty Frederick, carriage painter, h 433 E Water

Surganty Gussie, tailoress, h 433 E Water

Surganty Hortense T., boarding house, h 433 E Water

Surganty Joseph, tailor, 112 E Water, h 433 do

Susemihl Charles (Susemihl & Ewald), h 120 W S Water

SUSEMIHL HERMAN, bottler Aerated beverages, mineral waters and lager, 100 E Water, h 120 W S Water

Susemihl Minnie, housekeeper, 120 W S Water

Susemihl Robert (Susemihl & Arnold), h 556 John

SUSEMIHL & ARNOLD. (Robert Susemihl and Jacob F. Arnold) hair dressers, 169 Baldwin

Susemihl & Ewald. (Charles Susemihl & John Ewald), barbers, 100 E Water

Suttner Wolfgang, laborer, h 317 Clinton

Sutton Amery N., woolfinisher, h 223 Gregg

Sutton Arnold, engineer, h Haselett ab S Main

Sutton Carrie, boxmaker, h 223 Gregg

Sutton Cassius L., clerk, 212 W Water, h 214 Do

Sutton David, carpenter, h 624 W Gray

Sutton Henry, machinist, h 407 W 4th

Sutton John, fireman, h Haselett ab S Main

Sutton Lida M., saleslady, 139 E Water, h 223 Gregg

Sutton M. L. Mrs., h 218 Washington

Sutton William W., carpenter, h 622 W Water

Suydam Anna A., widow Frederick W., h 511 W 1st

Swails Johanna, widow Peter, h 610 Jay

Swails Minnie A., h 710 E Oak

Swain George, brickmason, h Pattinson House

Swain M. D., driver, h Homestead Hotel

SWAINSON GEORGE M., star builder, 401 Grove, h do

Swan Anna M., teacher, h 364 Fulton

Swan Charles (& Son), h 463 W Church

Swan Charles & Son, (Charles, jr.), insurance agents, E Water cor Lake

Swan Charles C., bookkeeper Chemung Canal Bank, h 421 E Washington av

Swan Charles, jr., (Charles Swan & Son), h 463 W Church

Swan Emma F., teacher, h 364 Fulton

Swan Erastus A., builder, 613 Baldwin, h 419 E Washington av

Swan Hannah, widow William, h 463 W Church

Swan Henrietta M., widow Rufus, h 421 E Washington av

Swan John V., ticket agent Southport Station, h 364 Fulton

Swan Maggie, housekeeper, 309 S Main

Swan Mary A. Mrs., h 111 W S Water

Swan Matthew V., h 309 S Main

Swan Robert B., teacher, h 1306 Hall

Swank John H., salesman, 308 Carroll, h 411 Pleasant

Swart Robert R., bridge builder, h 411 Railroad av

Swartout Augustus J., laborer, h 702 Dickinson

Swartout Catharine, h 420 College av

Swartout Catharine, widow Munson, h College av c 3d

Swartout James, clerk, h 511 Lake

Swartout Ella, domestic, Homestead Hotel

Swartout Ida, binder, h Day n Sullivan

Swartout Kossuth, clerk, Homestead Hotel

Swartz Alfred T., bookkeeper, 102 State, h 203 E Gray

Swartz Emanuel, boilermaker, h 203 E Gray

Sweeney Ella M., domestic Elmira Female College

Sweeney James, wire worker, h 759 Jay

Sweeney Josephine, domestic, 501 Lake, h Jay n Sullivan

Sweeney John, laborer, h 600 Beach

Sweeney Maggie, laundress, 1019 East av

Sweeney Maggie, dressmaker, h 261 W Hudson

Sweeney Mary, widow Patrick, h 400 W Hudson

Sweeney Patrick, laborer, h 753 S Main

Sweeny Annie, weaver, h 759 Jay

Sweeny Hannah, weaver, h 759 Jay

Sweeny Daniel, stonecutter, h Troy House

Sweeny Edmund, wire worker, h 759 Jay

Sweeny James, wire worker, h 759 Jay

Sweeny Josephine, weaver, h 759 Jay

Sweeny Owen, laborer, h 759 Jay

Sweet Carrie E., music teacher, h 458 Mt Zoar

Sweet William F., shoemaker, 458 Mt Zoar, h do